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    Another Story FAQ by Mouse_Nightshirt

    Version: 1.9 | Updated: 02/01/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Final Fantasy X: Another Story Script;
    A complete lowdown to what happens.
    Written by and © 2002-2004 Andrew McKendry. (Mouse_Nightshirt or 
    Version 1.9 (01/02/04)
    E-mail: james@jmckendry.freeserve.co.uk
    Firstly, must get this out of the way. 
    This document and its entire contents are absolutely copyrighted to 
    Andrew McKendry. Under no circumstances is this document, in ANY 
    amount to be, including but not limited to: copied, published, 
    displayed or edited without prior consent to the author, me 
    (Andrew McKendry). 
    If you disregard this, I will give you casual
    notice. If this is not heeded, I will send you written notice, giving
    30 days to remove it. Once 30 days have expired, I will contact your
    host to get it removed, or your acount deleted. If this is not done,
    it will be taken up in a court of law.
    I am not and will not be resposible for any damage, loss or injury 
    caused by the reading and/or display of this document.
    This FAQ is currently only authorized to be shown on the following: 
    This FAQ must not be displayed anywhere else. If you wish to display 
    this FAQ on your website, or report any infringements of the legal notice,
    please contact me. (Contact details later).
    Final Fantasy X is a registered trademark of Squaresoft. 
    (Japan, Europe and America). All other trademarks acknowledged.
    Section 1.00 - Version history
                   .01 - Current version remarks
    Section 2.00 - Foreword
    Section 3.00 - The Key explained
    Section 4.00 - The Script
    Section 5.00 - Frequently Asked Questions
    Section 6.00 - Contact Info
    Section 7.00 - Credits and Thanks
    *SECTION 1.00 - Version History*
    (01/02/04) [1.9] - This will probably be the final update of this FAQ. It's
                       spanned a good year and a half or so already, and
                       I've had some really good feedback over the time
                       this FAQ has been on GameFAQs, Neoseeker and elsewhere!
                       The main update here was some fundamental news as
                       to the availability of Another Story! Head to the 
                       Q&A section to find out a good way to get it!
    (10/01/03) [v1.8] - An update based on the new info on the Spin-Off, 
                        Final Fantasy X-2. Yuna in hotpants!?
         -> (20/05/03) [v1.81] - A single error on the script fixed, and
                                 a new Q+A. Not worth a new version number
         -> (29/06/03) [v1.82] - Single typo. So little to do, so much time!
    (27/11/02) [v1.7] - A nice change to the Q+A's thanks to some info I was 
                        sent in. The layout change covers more of the FAQ now
                        than previously. Pretty nice eh? I'm coming up to the
                        final version now, so now is the time to get in your
    (26/09/02) [v1.6] - A few new FAQ Q+As. A few typos spotted and erased.
                        Change to the legal proceedings. A few errors spotted
                        by Libbie. Fixed :), and a new layout, as suggested by
                        Steven Scott. Phew! Must keep up to date!
    (26/08/02) [v1.5] - A few minor changes here and there.
    (13/08/02) [v1.4] - Allowance for display change, and a few changes to the
                        FAQ section.
    (05/08/02) [v1.3] - Minor changes, and a name change.
    (01/08/02) [v1.2] - New month, new version! Added an entire new section,
                        the Frequently Asked Questions Section. Suprising
                        how many e-mail I've been sent in 2 days. :)
    (31/07/02) [v1.1] - A few typos fixed, and a bit about the DivX codec 
                        added. A few other minor changes here and there.
    (30/07/02) [v1.0] - First release version. Contains script, legalities etc.
    (29/07/02) [v0.5] - First pre-release version. Includes script.
    Section 1.01 - Current Version remarks
    I had some really really important info as to the availability of this
    mini-movie. So fundamental was it, I decided to update this FAQ which I
    hadn't touched in months, so there!
    Scroll down to the FAQ section to find out more.
    *SECTION 2.00 - Foreword*
    Oyez! (Hello) This is my second FAQ, and delves into the much requested 
    script of Final Fantasy X: Another Story. Indeed, a very interesting 
    piece of work, set two years after the end of the game. It tells us what
    happens to the majority of the cast, and maybe a few others... And, 
    before you begin to read, I will note:
    So, don't complain to me if you read on and ruin your game. That's 
    entirely your fault, and entirely your problem. So bleah.
    I'll also note a HUGE thanks to the GIA, who did the subtitles in the
    actual video. Without his translation, this wouldn't be here. So
    put thanks to him. Now he's (or she's) just on the entry page, so I
    don't know contact info. Ah well. Also note a thanks to Tenka for
    putting the translation onto the video in a readable way. Heh.
    I made a couple of changes (literally) to the scripting. You probably
    won't notice them if you had the real thing.
    You can get FFX: Another Story through a P2P program such as KaZaA.
    Simply Search for Final Fantasy X, and have the option set as video.
    It'll be there somewhere. It's a 104 MB Download, taking me around
    6 hours to download on my 56k. This FAQ is mainly for you, as most
    aren't patient enough to download it. :P
    Also, if you download it in .avi format, you may need the DivX Codec
    for it to work. This can be downloaded from download.com - just 
    search for DivX Codec. Thanks to a forgotten person on the GameFAQs
    forums for this info. If you ever read this, gimme a shout, and I'll
    add you to the credits.
    Rated: ELSPA - "11+"
           ESRB  - "Teen" (Blood, Violence)
    Format: DVD ROM
    Save Size: 64-78KB depending on version and content - base save 64KB
    Controllers: Basic Digital required (Dual Shock 2 recommended).
    Players: 1
    HDD Capabilities: Japaneese Version only 
    *SECTION 3.00 - Key*
    Now, there is a delicate way of me scripting this, as it's hard to 
    explain everything that's going on. So, a key was required. A few 
    different symbols have been used to denote different scene situations, 
    actions, thougths, and speech. Therefore, you should read this so you 
    understand what they mean!
    |                KEY                |
    |    | Denotes scene settings.      |
    | ^  | IE: Camera changes, and      |
    |    | actions by other characters. |
    |    | A thought. Only used by Yuna.|
    | *  | IE: *YUNA*: I think blah...  |
    |    |                              |
    |    | Character talk description.  |
    | () | IE: YUNA: (thoughtfully) blah|
    |    | blah blah.                   |
    |    | My thoughts.                 |
    | <> | IE: <That's stupid.>         |
    |    | Denotes character actions.   |
    | :: | IE: WAKKA: Hello! ::runs     |
    |    | towards Yuna, waving::       |
    *SECTION 4.00 - The Script*
    So here we be, the script! Read and enjoy, and remember to note that
    there are SPOILERS! And note down mistakes, criticism and all, and
    read the contact info, as I've got a message for you there. :P
    ^Camera in Underwater, in the viewpoint of someone, looking up towards 
    the sun.^
    *YUNA*: 37, 38, 39, 40, 41
    ^Yuna bursts to the surface of the water. She can see that sky is 
    cloudless, and sun glare covers half the screen. She takes deep 
    YUNA: (happily) Two minutes, forty one seconds, a new high!
    ^A shout is heard from behind Yuna^
    WAKKA: Yuna! C'mon!
    YUNA: Be right there!
    ^Wakka crosses his arms and looks out to Yuna. Yuna walks up the 
    beach. It's Besaid Beach.^
    WAKKA: (enthusiastically) Pretty good at holding your breath now, ya?
    YUNA: Not as good as you!
    WAKKA: (embarrisingly) Yeah, well, I haven't even practiced recently.
    YUNA: You sure look it.
    ^Yuna taps Wakka's stomach several times. A stereotypical "rubber 
    ducky" (ie, when you squeeze a squeaky thing) sound is heard when 
    she prods it. Wakka slaps his forehead.^
    WAKKA: Eh... ah...
    YUNA: (exclaiming) It's not like you're the one having a baby!
    ^Wakka turns round and runs off towards Besaid. Yuna watches 
    him run off, then turns and looks out towards sea.^
    *YUNA*: It's been two years since then. I can hold my breath 
            underwater for two whole minutes now. It takes more than just 
            physical strength, there's a few tricks to it that you need 
            to figure out. I didn't understand when it was explained in 
            words, but after a lot of practise, I finally got it. I'd 
            never thought there was any kind of trick to it. I couldn't 
            afford to think about anything back then.  
    ^Camera Zooms out, overlooking the bay. Yuna turns and walks towards 
    *YUNA*: The Eternal Calm. It's my two minutes and forty one seconds and 
            Wakka's pudgy stomach. It's not much, just a quiet kind of 
    ^FADE OUT^
    ^A large creaking door is heard^
    ^FADE into Yuna appears with a Yevon drape in the background. Camera zooms 
    in behind Yuna; she is at the door the Besaid Temple. She walks in. Wakka 
    and some man are talking to each other. They notice Yuna, and walk over to 
    OLD MAN: (awestruck) I saw you from a distance at the stadium two years
             ago... but I never thought I'd get to see you in person. You're as
             beautiful as ever... ::sigh::
    YUNA: Thank you.
    OLD MAN: (concerned) I have a favour to ask about my grandson. He's joined
             up with the Young Persons' Alliance. Now, not to say the Alliance
             is bad in and of itself... but me and the missus are both in New 
             Yevon, my son and daughter-in-law too. My grandson used to come to
             our meetings, but one day he just... There's a lot of young folks in 
             the Alliance, so I'm sure it's exciting for him, but still...
    ^Camera begins to circle the statue of High Summoner Braska.^
    *YUNA*: A number of groups have formed across Spira since then. How should 
            we build this new world? What should Spira be like in the future? 
            Everyone is looking for their own path.
    ^Camera goes back to watch the conversation.^
    OLD MAN: I feel that... my grandson and his companions are moving too 
    *YUNA*: With so many different ways of thinking, at times conflict is 
            inevitable. Some people are uncomfortable with the new way of 
            things. Honestly, I am too, sometimes... But this is good enough 
            for now. That's what I keep telling myself.
    YUNA: I understand your feelings. But try talking over with your grandson. 
          His actions may appear reckless to you, but his feelings for Spira
          are the same as your own.
    OLD MAN: ::sigh::
    ^Camera zooms out again. Yuna and the Old Man are talking, but cannot be 
    heard. FADE OUT^
    ^FADE into at a flyby shot of Rainbow Falls at Besaid. Yuna is walking 
    towards the camera <away from Besaid>, as it zooms to the bridge. Wakka 
    can be seen running towards Yuna from behind. Camera zooms to behind 
    Wakka, near normal game camera position.^
    WAKKA: (shouting) He-ey!
    YUNA: Who is it? A visitor?
    WAKKA: ::sounding tired:: <that run has worn him out!> Ya, you know how 
           it is. The village geezers are shooting their mouths off about that 
    YUNA: Who is it this time?
    WAKKA: The son of the head of New Yevon.
    YUNA: No way. I'd probably just end up being used by him.
    WAKKA: ::slaps forehead:: Man... sorry, Yuna.
    YUNA: I'll go turn them down
    WAKKA: No problem, I got it. I mean, you don't wanna hafta see their 
           frowning faces, do ya?
    YUNA: ...Right.
    ^Camera goes to the path, to see a young man, dressed in what appears to
    be a Crusaders uniform, runs towards Yuna and Wakka.^
    Young Man: Lady Yuna! ::does a Spira Salute:: Lady Yuna! I am Yeivel 
               of the Young Persons' Alliance! I have come today to deliver 
               a message from our leader Nurge!
    WAKKA: She's not joining the alliance.
    YEIVEL: But...
    YUNA: Is that why you came?
    YEIVEL: ...yes, it is.
    YUNA: I'm not going to join with any group.
    ^Yeivel runs towards Yuna, but is blocked by Wakka.^
    YEIVEL: Are you perhaps going to form your own group?
    ^Camera goes to Yuna, and begins to cirle her face.^
    YUNA: Please Leave.
    ^Camera zooms around the bend, and Rikku run round!^
    RIKKU: Yuna! Wakka!
    ^FADE OUT^
    ^Sea and seagulls can be heard.^
    ^FADE into Rikku's Salvage ship.^
    *YUNA*: Rikku sometimes comes to Besaid Island. She travels about Spira, 
    teaching people how to use machina, excavating old machina from underground 
    or underwater... She's awfully busy, but she seems to be enjoying herself.
    ^You can hear Rikku making strange noises. The camera zooms to Wakka's 
    belly. Rikku is elbowing it cheekily. It makes that strange Squeezy Toy 
    sound again every time she presses it.^
    WAKKA: Stop that!
    RIKKU: Quite the tummy you've got now. So how's Lulu? 
    WAKKA: She's in the village. Come say 'hi' later.
    RIKKU: Of course! ::Turns to Yuna:: And Yunie, same as always, huh?
    YUNA: That's right. Same as always.
    ^Yuna looks to the sky, shielding her eyes from the bright sunlight. The 
    camera goes to an angled birds-eye view of the ship. Seagulls <?> are 
    seen squawking past. Camera changes to long side view of the ship.^
    WAKKA: So Kimahri's still at Mt. Gagazet?
    RIKKU: You betcha! He's teaching the Ronso children tons of stuff. He's 
    really quite the teacher! ::fumbles in her pouch:: Anyway, I got something 
    from Kimahri for you. He said he found it up the mountain.
    YUNA: A sphere? <Movie btw>
    WAKKA: Weird shape, huh?
    RIKKU: ::with a hint of concern:: Look closely, Yuna. 
    ^Rikku turns the movie sphere on. The screen fades, and fades back into 
    something which looks like what you see on a poorly tuned, but nearly 
    there, TV. Strange rattling sounds can be heard. Suddenly, bars appear, 
    and a rattling sound... And someone familiar is behind them... Sound 
    quality is poor.^
    Tidus: What the hell do I get arrested for? Let me go already! You hear 
           me, don't you? What'd you think if she was your girl? Who cares 
           if I used the enemy's machina? It was the only way to save the 
           Summoner! What would you have done instead?! Let me out of here! 
           Let me see her!
    ^The movie sphere finishes, and the screen goes white, then back to the 
    *YUNA*: A voice... a voice that had been close by for what 
            seemed like forever...
    WAKKA: What's this about? What's he doing there? Is that really him? 
           What's this all about?
    RIKKU: I don't really know... but you want to find out, don't you?
    WAKKA: Well, yeah!
    YUNA: Yes.
    RIKKU: Then let's go!
    YUNA: Where to?
    RIKKU: No idea! Let's go talk to Kimhari first and think about it then, 
    WAKKA: But we don't know anything! <Wakka, take out the "we" and put 
           in "I", and you've hit the spot... :P My jokes are getting 
           worse...> Shouldn't we look into it a little first?
    RIKKU: And just who's gonna find it out for us?
    ???: Leave it to us!
    ^Yeivel bursts onto the scene. As in the one from earlier. And just 
    where did he get that RIDICULOUS hat?^
    YEIVEL: Our leader Nurge should agree as well! I'll convince him 
    WAKKA: Get outta here!
    YEIVEL: Y-yessir! I'll return as soon as something has been learned! 
            ::Bows and leaves::
    RIKKU: I think that Yunie ought to go herself.
    WAKKA: That's impossible.
    RIKKU: Why's that?
    WAKKA: The next three months are completely booked. Everyone wants to 
           meet Yuna.
    RIKKU: And what about what Yunie wants!
    WAKKA: Well, y'know... Someday, when the world's settled down and all... 
    RIKKU: Whaddya mean, someday!? What's the matter with you, Wakka? Yunie 
           always worked so hard, she should only have to worry about herself 
           now, so why!? Everytime I come here, I always think about how 
           everyone's busy finding their own happiness... except for Yuna.
    WAKKA: ::shrugs:: Well, that's...
    RIKKU: ::runs towards Wakka:: Has your head gone as soft as your belly!? 
    *YUNA*: I... I want to go. But if I leave, I may disappoint people.
    YUNA: I...
    ^YUNA has a memory of Tidus saying something from some time back...^
    Tidus: Well, if acting grown up means not being able to say what I 
               want, then screw it! Nothing'll change that way!
    YUNA:: ::nods, then turns to Wakka and Rikku:: I'll go.
    WAKKA: Yuna!!! 
    RIKKU <Same time as Wakka>: ::sighs with relief::
    YUNA: After all... this is my story.
    RIKKU: Ha! I knew you'd say that, so I went ahead and brought some stuff
           for you. ::runs to the door::
    WAKKA: ::slaps forehead:: Oh, no...
    RIKKU: First off, we gotta get you into some new clothes! You're famous 
          after all, so you'd better go undercover!
    WAKKA: J--just a sec, ya? Lemme go get Lu.
    *YUNA*: The Eternal Calm. It's my two minutes and forty one seconds and 
            Wakka's pudgy stomach. It's a small and quiet kind of happiness...
            But... ::holds fist to chest:: I guess I can ask for a little 
            more, can't I?
    YUNA: Rikku, let's get going!
    ^Screen whites out, a ship horn is heard... and...^
    THE END. <Or FIN, whatever you prefer.>
    *SECTION 5.00 - Frequently Asked Questions*
    This ever expanding list of Question and Answers should be read by you!
    I still get questions, which will go in here. Thankfully, I have received
    very few questions which are answered here. Let's try and keep it that way!
    If a * is beside a question or answer, it means it has recently been
    Q: Where can I get it?
    *A: *BREAKING NEWS* Thanks to Jaz Hall:
       "Just to tell you that 'Another Story' is bundled with the UK version of 
       'Unlimited Saga', by SquareEnix. It has a choice of languages-English, 
        French, German, Italian & Spanish and the English version has subtitles 
        that can be turned on or off (I'm not sure if the other languages have 
        subtitles). However, as the DVD is official, you would expect good 
        graphics. This however, isn't the case. The graphics aren't bad but they 
        could be better."
       So there we have it, another way to get this mini-movie.
       If you're not going to go and buy it, or you already have FFX, I 
       reccommend that you use a P2P (Peer to Peer) program such as KaZaA or 
       Morpheus. Failing that, you could look around on some FFX fansites, but 
       I wouldn't be hopeful, and I don't know of any.
       It also comes bundled with FFX: International, but only in Japan,
       and there are no subtitles.
    Q: How big is the file?
    A: Thanks to Path2XTC for most of this info! 
       There are three known variations of this file. There are two .avi format
       ones, which are approximately 104MB, or 106,900KB to be more precise and
       the much much much larger 174MB (178,542KB) one. The .mpg file is 143MB 
    Q: Which do you recommend, the .avi one, or the .mpg one?
    A: Thanks to Path2XTC for most of this info!
       "Believe it or not the smallest AVI at 104MB (106,900KB) is the best of 
        the three at a resolution of 640 x 480. This is why DivX is ruling, it 
        IS the best ever. [I'll add that you need the DivX codec for this one to
        run, more on that later -Mouse] The largest is another AVI at 174MB 
        (178,542KB) that is only 512 x 368 and the subtitles aren't as good.
        The last, the MPG, is 143MB (145,903KB) with a pathetic resolution of 
        about 350 x 200 (I'm not sure on the specific resolution, because it
        never finished downloading), but the same subtitles as the good AVI."
        Yet again, thanks to Path2XTC for that info!
    Q: Is it worth downloading?
    A: It depends on a number of factors. If you have broadband,
       the real thing is a lot better than this script. If you're on
       dial-up, like me, I would say only if you really really want to,
       as 104MB is no easy feat on a 56k.
    Q: I have a P2P program, but can't find it amongst all the other FFX
    A: I suggest refining your search to movie files only, and searching
       for "Final Fantasy X". And if you're using KaZaA, check the 
       description to see if it is the subtitled one. I've heard rumours
       that there is a non-subtitled one floating about.
    Q: I'm on a modem, how do you suggest I download it?
    A: I would then reccommend a P2P program, as it saves download
       progress. If you've found a website, I suggest using a program
       such as Download Accelerator Plus. You can get these at
    Q: I downloaded the .avi version, and it's saying I need a codec!
    A: To run most .avi versions, you need the DivX Codec, available at
       download.com again.
    Q: I'm looking for a Real Player version, as it's smaller. Do you
       know of any?
    A: Nope, sorry. Gimme a shout if you find one.
    Q: I'm on a Mac, so KaZaA and Morpheus don't work. What can I do?
    A: From what I've heard, the P2P system for the Mac is rather ****.
       I suggest you try and find a website.
    Q: What do you think happens after what we see?
    AA: I can't really say, apart from the upcoming FFX spin-offs are
       based on after this, or so I've heard.
    Q: What about this spin-off?
    A: Well, in my latest edition of UK Official PlayStation 2 Mag, it
        gives info about the new spin off, Final Fantasy X-2. It's getting
        a preliminary release date in the UK as September/October, but you
        might as well stick another few months, so Q3 2003 - Q1 2004. This
        is the extract from the magazine (Along with a nice pic of Yuna!)
        "For the first time, Square is reviving the story and characters
         from one of its Final Fantasy Titles, rather than ditching 
         everything and starting from scratch. Set two years after FFX,
         Final Fantasy X-2 follows the continuing adventurs of Yuna the
         Summoner. The cheeky minx has now developed a bit of Lara Croft
         attitude sporting hotpants (!!!) and a pair of pistols: she even
         has a few action scenes, leaping across chasms and climbing 
         rockfaces, usually Fona Fantasy Titles merely require characters
         to wander from one place to another. Exciting stuff for lovers of
         RPGs, not to mention lovers of girls in hotpants."
         So there you have it!
    Q: Will we get it in the US? We didn't get the Dark Aeons!
    A: To that, I have no idea, but I'm sure that you will. And probably
        before us Europeans too! 
    Q: Why did Lulu and Kimahri not make appearances?
    A: Kimahri didn't make an appearance because he was on Mount Gagazet,
       and there really was no need to include him. Lulu didn't make
       an appearance because she was quite well into pregnancy, if you 
       guess from Yuna's comments early on. It would be akward to alter
       her character model.
    Q: Wakka doesn't look fat! Why do they keep going on about it?
    A: As with Lulu, there's no point in altering the character model.
    Q: Is this a story-setter for the upcoming Yuna and Rikku spin-offs?
    A: The "spin-offs" are set just after this video. The added ending 
       which came on the extra DVD on the Japaneese International version
       is the prelude to the "spin-offs". No-one is sure at this point, 
       but I would think that this is the scene-setter for the Yuna and 
       Rikku versions.
    Q: Why was it never released in the English speaking world?
    A: Thanks to Angelus for the following answer!
       Well, since FFX: International wasn't released until after the 
       NTSC (American Version), the voice actors who played the parts 
       had no need to record this extra scene. Although over here in 
       PAL territory we received the international version, we still 
       had the American voice-overs, after-all it would be way to 
       expensive and kinda pointless for Square-Europe to re-record all 
       the voices. But, because the American production was already 
       complete Square weren't willing to get back the voice actors to 
       record a 10 minute scene, and is the main reason other territories
       did not receive the extra ending. It would have been possible for 
       them to release it with the Japanese voice-overs and use subtitles,
       but this would have made it look a little cheap, especially as 
       after several hours of gaming, you're used to hearing English 
       voice-overs. Instead of making it look incomplete Square decided 
       not to include the scene at all.
    Q: Will Final Fantasy X International work on my PAL PS2?
    A: No. The only difference between the PAL version and International
       version is the content of the extra DVD disc (And that you can
       play the game in Japaneese). It is better for you to download it
       than to buy it.
    Q: Will Final Fantasy X Internation work on my American NTSC PS2?
    A: No. If you want to import it, you either need a Japaneese PS2, or
       you will have to chip yours, which I severely do not reccommend. 
       Chipping is bad, and also runs a rather high risk of damaging your
       PS2. I know someone who chipped their PS2, and wrecked it. It was
       still under warranty, but it was voided. It cost him £125 pounds to
       get it fixed (Around $200). Don't do it.
    Q: I have Final Fantasy X International. I completed the game, and the
       extra ending didn't show! What's going on?
    A: I get this quite often. ;) The extra ending is on the extra DVD 
       disc, it is NOT in the game. You do NOT need to play the game to
       view the ending. Also, It only comes with the Japaneese version
       of Final Fantasy X International, not the generic Asian version.
       Many imported version come from Hong Kong - this version does NOT
       include the extra ening. I'm pretty sure of this. Correct me if
       I'm wrong.
    Q: I have Final Fantasy X International. The movie is not on the 
        bonus disc!
    A: This has kinda been answered earlier, but, the amount of e-mails I
        get about this is disturbing.
        *STRESS* You ONLY get it on the JAPANESE version of International.
        NO other version contains it, ONLY the Japaneese one!
    Q: Why on earth did you write this?
    A: Pity, boredom, and for something to contribute to GameFAQs.
    Q: Where do you live?
    A: In the middle of nowhere, Northern Ireland, UK.
    Q: How old are you?
    *A: At time of writing, 17 years, 1 week.
    Any questions with no answer? Send 'em in to me!
    Well you've read through my FAQ hopefully, and you hopefully haven't
    spotted any mistakes. But, as is traditional with my work, there will
    always be something wrong somewhere... so, if you have anything to add,
    just contact me using one of the following ways.
    Now please note that I get enough e-mail without getting extra, as I
    have no less that 5 addresses forwarding mail to my main account, so
    if possible, e-mail me only if necessary.
    Now if anyone does make an effect on this FAQ, I'll only be too happy
    to note your identity down, so the whole world can marvel at your
    kindness. :P Well, that doesn't include FAQ questions, as many people
    send them in. If you object, feel free. :)
    Now, to what I want, I what I don't want.
    -----I DON'T WANT-----
    Useless criticism; back it with a point, and a suggestive fix.
    Flaming; pointless, will just go to my recycle bin, with a possible
    note on the FAQ about who silly you've been.
    Co-author requests; This is my FAQ, and I've done most of it, so
    do your own.
    Questions that have been answered in the FAQ; I wrote those for your
    benifit, AND mine, so my mail-box is less choc-a-blok.
    ***!!!___PLEASE___!!!*** Do not send me questions relating to gameplay!
    I wrote this script, not as a walkthrough for the game, so PLEASE, do
    NOT send me questions on "How to get to X" or "I'm missing the treasure
    in X Temple! PLEASE!!!!!!
    -----I DO WANT-----
    CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism; IE, has a point, and a suggestive fix, and
    is in a NICE tone of language, or it gets labelled as Useless.
    Layout Suggestion; I haven't done a script before, so layout
    suggestions would be nice.
    Questions that haven't been answered; benifits you, as you get the
    answer, and benifits me, because my mail-box is less full.
    Error Reporting: I want this FAQ to be error free, so gimme all the 
    errors you can find. And please make sure you have seen the latest
    version @ GameFAQs.com before you mail me.
    Unauthorized FAQ possession reporting; if so, tell me, so I can sue
    their sorry ass ;). No, I mean after I ask them politely to take
    it down :)
    Money; Money is lovely, spare me a penny ;) j/k.
    E-mail: james@jmckendry.freeserve.co.uk
    ICQ: 26412513
    MSN: Mouse_Nightshirt
    Anyway, hope you've enjoyed this attempt at an FAQ. Who knows, I might 
    write another some day!
    And also, visit my X-Com Alliance Sim website @ www.x-com.co.uk/xcas
    and join up today!
    Andrew McKendry - Me. I wrote it, so I'm going to be number one on this
                      list. Yes, I did write this as I was bored. :P
    The GIA         - For doing the translations on the actual video clip.
                      Read the foreword for more info.
    Tenka           - For the subtitles.
    Steven Scott    - For giving me a nice new layout idea, which I used as
                      much as could be done on my limited time span. :P
    Jaz Hall        - 
    Path2XTC        - For some really nice and detailed info on the specifics
                      of each file version.
    Libbie          - For telling me of some script errors.
    Angelus         - For a very logical and useful answer to one of the FAQ
    Mucals          - For alerting me that Tenka did the subtitles, but the
                      GIA did the script.
    Various others  - For pointing out little typos, errors etc etc. Your work
                      is all appreciated!
    CJayC           - For letting this FAQ be put up at gameFAQs.com
    Neoseeker.com   - For letting this FAQ be put up at Neoseeker.com
    Squaresoft      - For making FFX.
    Unknown person  - Can't remember who it was, but amused me by sending me
                      an e-mail saying how stupid and bad my legal notice was,
                      and saying that Squaresoft were going to sue my ass.
                      He actually spent time reading it? My sister is a lawyer
                      mate, don't argue with me.

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