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    No Sphere Grid Monster Taming FAQ by Hyprophant

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 10/28/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    --Final Fantasy X No Sphere Grid Monster Taming FAQ 
    --By Hyprophant Hyproempress@yahoo.com  
    --Version 1.11, 10/28/02
    Legal Disclaimer: This FAQ is for personal use only, copyrighted 2002 to
    me, Hyprophant. Do not steal any information from this FAQ. Do not put
    anything from this FAQ on your magazines, websites or any other form of
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    you receive MY permission, and you will not be allowed to make any change
    in this FAQ. If you still want to make any change in this FAQ, it is not
    going to happen unless you have a very, very, and very good reason and I
    explicitly say YES, and then you may do so. If you dare to violate this
    legal disclaimer and I spot your actions, I will make you regret it.
    Note to Webmasters: If you receive MY permission to use this FAQ on your
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    get the most recent from GameFaqs.com periodically. If you don't want to
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    Translating this FAQ into any foreign language is absolutely forbidden 
    except these three following languages: Spanish, Japanese and Chinese, since 
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    add any new information that is not form the original FAQ no matter how 
    valuable it is, and do not argue with me, if you cannot agree the conditions 
    listed above, then don't use it, simple as that.
                              -Table of contents-
      I. Version History
     II. Preface
    III. General strategies
    a. Customizing proper equipments
    b. Combat formation
    c. Useful items for use/mix command
    d. Leveling up Aeons/Teaching your Aeons abilities.
    e. First places to go.
    IV. Step by step strategies of monster taming in a No Sphere grid game.
    a. Besaid Island
    b. Kilika Forest
    c. Mi'ihen Highroad
    d. Mushroom Rock
    e. Djose High Road
    f. Thunder Plain
    g. Macalania & Slow field
    h. Sanbuia Desert
    i. Calm Land
    j. Cave of Stolen Fayth
    k. Mountain Gagazet
    l. Inside Sin
    m. Omega Ruin
     V. Frequently asked questions
    VI. Credits/Thanks.
    --I. Version History
    Version 0.1 7/17/02: Began writing this FAQ.
    Version 0.9 7/20/02: Finished the FAQ. Not released to the public.
    Version 1.0 8/03/02: The original FAQ is released on GameFaqs.
    Version 1.1  8/16/02: Added new Zuu taming strategies; fixed some minor
    errors in Barbato, Larva and Chimera strategies; Added few frequently asked
    Version 1.11: Fixed the error of Sprit taming strategies, other minor 
    changes have also been made as well.
    I. Preface
    This FAQ is not a normal No Sphere Grid game FAQ; it is an in-depth strategy
    guide of how to complete the monster taming side quest in a No Sphere Grid
    game by leveling up aeons, customizing specific equipments and using
    effective tactics.
    The purpose of completing monster taming quest in a No Sphere Grid game
    is about the wonderful rewards you will receive after doing so. Capturing
    monsters allows you unlock bosses in monster arena, and every time you
    unlock a special boss in monster arena, you will receive many rare items
    from the owner; you can use those items for customizing rare equipments,
    or for Rikku's mixing, and it will definitely help you a lot in your No
    Sphere Grid game.
    For those elite FFX players, acquiring "Mark of Conquest" in a No Sphere
    Grid game is the highest achievement in FFX. To accomplish this ultimate
    goal, you will have to capture ten of every kind of monster first in order
    to unlock all bosses in monster arena before you can fight them. And since
    you can not use sphere grid at all, which means you have relatively low
    states compare to most of monsters, monster taming could be a hard, tedious
    quest. This FAQ will provide effective strategies of how to capture every
    monster safely and quickly, before you move forward to the battles in
    monster arena in a No Sphere Grid game. I will post another FAQ about how
    to conquer monster arena in a No Sphere gird game and acquiring "Mark of
    Conquest" after this FAQ is posted.
    If you wish to contact me, you may use my e-mail address listed above. 
    However, if you just have any game play question about a No Sphere Gird 
    game, please leave your question on GameFAQ's FFX message board, I will be 
    there often and I will answer your question there. Do not e-mail me in this 
    case, because I don't reply people's mail very often unless it is necessary, 
    I may ignore your messages, and you won't get your answer, which is the way 
    both of us don't like.
    II. General strategies
    a. Customizing proper equipments
    Since your characters are relatively weak in a No Sphere Grid game, you
    will have to rely on some abilities on your weapons and your armors in order
    to capture monsters.
    To tame monsters, first, you have to purchase special taming weapons from
    the owner of monster arena. This guy sells everyone's taming weapon, and
    on each weapon, there are only two slots, one is preoccupied by "capture"
    ability, which means you have only one empty slot to add a new ability on
    it, so you have no other choice but use this slot wisely.
    The most important ability in a No Sphere Grid game is "First Strike"; it
    allows you always moving first regardless your low agility, even if you
    are ambushed. You can customize a first strike weapon with a return sphere,
    which can be acquired from playing blitzball. Or Biran, Yanki and Sanctuary
    keeper normally drops return spheres, you should add this ability on Rikku,
    Tidus and Lulu's taming weapons.
    Second, you need at least one person with a "Stone Strike" taming weapon;
    this weapon will petrify a fiend, and you can capture the fiend in one shot
    with this ability on your taming weapon, if it is not immune to 
    You can customize a stone strike taming weapon with 60 petrify grenades,
    in order to get this many  petrify grenades, I recommend going to Omega
    Ruin and steal them from Zaurus, because they are pretty easy to find. Also,
    you can get 99 petrify grenades by unlocking Jormungand in monster arena.
    You should add "Stone strike" ability on either Wakka or Kimari's taming
    weapon, because they have higher accuracy than Yuna and Auron, and they
    will less likely miss fiends and be your major attackers during this quest
    in a No Sphere Grid game.
    The ability "Death strike" is just as fantastic as "Stone strike", it
    inflicts instant death on a monster and you can capture that monster in
    one turn with this ability on your taming weapon, if it is not immune to
    death. You can customize a death strike weapon with 60 farplain winds.
    However, acquiring this item is not easy. Personally, I would say the best
    way to get this item is to customize a "Master Thief" armor for Rikku first,
    then you can steal farplain winds from Master Coeurl and Wraith in Omega
    Ruin ( Wraith appears inside sin, too). If you don't have a master thief
    armor, most of time you will only be able to steal farplain "SHADOW" from
    them. You can steal some farplain winds from Varuna without master thief
    armor, but this fiend is not easy to find...or if you don't want to spend
    that much time to steal 60 farplain winds, you can wait until you catch
    one of each kind of fiend in calm land and unlock Chimerageist in monster
    arena, you will receive exactly 60 farplain winds from the owner as your
    reward. After you get the items you need, add "Death Strike" ability on
    either Kimari or Wakka's taming weapon.
    Some people suggested me adding "Evade and counter" ability on characters'
    taming weapons. In my opinion, I don't think it is necessary, however, it
    is a brilliant idea, so I will explain the use of this ability in the 
    monster taming quest in a No Sphere Grid game. This ability allows you 
    evading almost every fiend's physical attack and counter attack the enemies; 
    also, it will raise your agility a bit during battles. If you really want to 
    add this ability on Auron and Yuna's weapons, I don't see why not. This 
    ability will give those two people an easier time to survive, especially 
    Yuna. With her laughable 360 hp in a No Sphere Grid game, she will be killed 
    in one shot by most of fiends, and unfortunally, you have to use her often 
    because she is the only person can summon aeons., so adding the " Evade and 
    Counter" ability on Yuna's weapon is certainly a smart tactic. You can 
    customize an evade and counter weapon with a teleport sphere. And you can 
    find some of them in treasure boxes, or get them by playing blitzball.
    Now let's talk about armors. Basically, capturing monsters in a No Sphere
    Grid game requires proper weapons, armors are not THAT important. However,
    having your people equip good armor will help you complete this quest in
    your No Sphere Grid game a lot easier!!!
    The most important ability you can add on armors is "Master Thief"; this
    ability allows Rikku steal rare items EVERY TIME!!!! You will have a very,
    very, and very easy time to steal many useful rare items such as shining
    gems, blessed gems, or chocobo wings. You will need 30 pendulums to
    customize master thief armor for Rikku; however, you can not steal this
    item anywhere. The best way to get this item is playing chocobo race outside
    Reniem Temple. If you win the race with four boxes opened, you will receive
    30 pendulums as your reward. And please remember: Rikku is the only person
    can steal in a No Sphere Grid game, so you must add this ability on Rikku's
    armor!!! Some people are really DANZE.
    Adding SOS haste ability on your armors will help you out a lot, too. This
    ability allows your people fighting under "haste" status if there Hp is
    critical. In order to customize a SOS haste armor, you will need 20 chocobo
    feathers, and you can steal them from Cactuars or Qactuars w/o master thief
    armor. A master thief armor with SOS haste ability is a good combination.
    And you can let your characters enter every battle with  one Hp  by killing
    them and not healing them after battles. Don't worry, except Auron, having
    full Hp or having only one Hp are just about the same in a No Sphere Grid
    Auto-protect and Auto shell abilities are not ideal abilities in a No Sphere
    Grid game, but if you combine auto protect ability and Hp + 30% and add
    them on Auron's armor, Auron will survive just about every attack from
    monsters!!! (Except some really powerful attacks like meteor, karma or
    heave.) If you decide to make an armor with auto protect ability and Hp
    +30% for Auron, you will need 60 light curtains and one stamina tablet.
    You can steal light curtains from Iron giants and Geminis; and you can get
    60 stamina tablets by unlocking one-eye in monster arena.
    b. Combat Formation
    The most important fighting rule in a No Sphere Grid game is ALWAYS put
    people with first strike weapons in the front line. The second important
    fighting rule in a No Sphere Gird game is ALWAYS put people with first 
    strike weapons in the front line!!! With your pathetic low Hp and agility in 
    a No Sphere Grid game, if you are ambushed and you don't have any first 
    strike weapons with your active party, you can prepare to reset the game. So 
    ALWAYS put Rikku, Tidus and Lulu in the front line. If you followed part a 
    so far, these three people should have first strike weapons in their hands. 
    The main reason I pick those three people is because Tidus and Lulu's 
    overdrives are very effective with Rikku's mix "Trio of 9999", and Rikku is 
    the only person can mix and use items in a No Sphere Grid game.
    Most of fiends are vulnerable to petrifaction or instant death, so each
    time you encounter enemies, make sure if they are immune to both of them.
    If not, switch Lulu and Tidus to Kimari and Wakka and use their taming
    weapons to catch monsters, and Rikku can either steal or run away before
    Wakka and Kimari attack. I recommend having Rikku run away first if there
    are too many flying enemies in battles. Since you are not allowed to lay
    your fingers on the sphere grid, your characters' accuracy is relatively
    low, and they will most likely miss many flying fiends such as Floating
    death or Nebiros. Having Rikku run away before Kimari and Wakka will save
    your life often if Wakka and Kimari don't do their jobs well and miss the
    Some fiends are hard to capture unless you use overdrives or summon aeons,
    I will have more detailed descriptions about those monsters later. Also,
    every time anyone's overdrive gauge is empty, refill it before you try to
    catch next monster. You never know when you need your overdrives to save
    your life, especially in Omega Ruin or Inside Sin.
    Note: You can use overdrives to weaken a monster, but you CAN NOT capture
    monsters with overdrive!!! It will kill the monsters instead of capturing
    c. Useful items for use/mix command
    Since you don't have too much powerful magic in a No Sphere Grid game,
    Rikku's special command "use" is more vital because by using various of
    items, it could have the same affects as some good magic in a regular game
    such as dispel, flare, or ultima. And it will be one of your powerful melees
    to weaken your enemies. Another Rikku's command "Mix" is the key of winning
    just about every battle in the later of a No Sphere Grid game, especially
    "Trio of 9999" it allows everyone in your frontline party dealing 9,999
    damage per hit!!!!
    Here are some good items for "use":
    1. Grenade: 350 damage to all opposing targets. You can buy it in shops.
    2. Smoke bomb: 750+ damage to all opposing targets and inflicts darkness.
    You can steal it from Alcyones and Zuus.
    3. Sleeping powder: 750 + damage to a single target and inflicts sleep.
    You can steal them from sand wolfs or skolls.
    4. Dream powder: 900+ damage to all opposing targets and inflicts sleep.
    You can steal them from Bandersnatchs.
    5. Poison fang: 1,000+ damage to all opposing targets and inflicts poison.
    You can steal it from Nebiros.
    6. Purifying salt: 1,050+ damage to all opposing targets and also have the
    same affect as dispel. You can steal them from fallen monks in Zanarkand
    7. Shadow gem: A very good item. It reduces all opposing targets' Hp to
    1/2. You can steal them from sand worms, and you'd better steal them like
    8. Shining gem:  Around 6,000 damages to a single target. You can steal
    it from black elements and Varunas only if you have Rikku equip a "Master
    Thief" armor.
    9. Blessed gem: around 9,000 damages to a single target. You can steal them
    from Barbatos if Rikku equips a "Master Thief" armor.
    10.Supreme gem: Most likely deals 9,999 damage to all opposing targets.
    This item is hard to acquire. You can only steal a few from Sin or Seymour
    Omnis if Rikku equips a "Master Thief " armor. Also, you can acquire 60
    of them by unlocking greater sphere in monster arena, or you can win few
    by playing blitz ball, if you are that lucky.
    11.Sliver hourglass: Inflict slowness on a single target. You can steal
    it from Nidhoggs.
    12.Chocobo feather/ Chocobo wings: Cast haste on a single target/all
    targets in your party. You can steal both of them from cactuars. If Rikku
    is not equipped master thief armor, you will most likely steal chocobo
    feathers, if she is, then you will always steal chocobo wings.
    13.Elemental gems: Including fire, water, ice and lighting gems. The damage
    is based on your enemies' elemental resistance. However, it is good to use
    them in conjunction of "trio of 9999"; it will hit your enemies 5 times
    and deal a total 49,995 damages.
    And here are some good "mixes":
    1. Trio of 9999: It is useful, it is good, it is awesome, it is great, it
    is godly... no, it is the GOD in a No Sphere Grid game!!! This wonderful mix
    allows everyone in the from line dealing 9999 damage per hit.
    There are several ways to mix a trio of 9999:
    I.  Wings of discovery + Wings of discovery
    II. Doors to tomorrow + Doors to tomorrow
    III.Underdog's secret + a level 3/ level 4 key sphere
    IV. Gambler's spirit + a Gambler's spirit
    As you can guess, a great mix requires some insanely rare items. Here are
    some places you can get these items easily:
    --You can get 30 wings of discovery by playing chocobo race outside of 
    Remiem Temple. If you win the race and open three boxes, you will find 30 
    wings of discovery inside.
    --You can get 99 of doors to tomorrow by unlocking Catastrophe in monster
    --You can get 99 underdogs' secrets from Rin after you collect all 26 Al 
    Behd Primers. And you can get level 3 /level 4 key spheres from treasure 
    boxes and fighting some bosses.
    --You can get 99 gambler's spirit by unlocking Th'uban in monster arena.
    There are other ways to mix a trio of 9999, but I am not going to list all 
    of them because the ones shown above are good enough to carry you through 
    the NSG monster taming quest. If you want to know the details about Rikku's 
    mixing, Please check CB!'s mix FAQ.
    2. Chaos grenade: It deals around 7,000 damages (9,999 if it is a critical
    hit) and inflicts darkness, slowness; mental break and power break on all
    opposing targets. Actually, I have never used it after the battle against
    Evare, but I still think it is a good mix for taming monster in a No Sphere
    Grid game, especially against those monsters with Hp around 10,000~ 15,000.
    You can mix a chaos grenade with an Hp / Mp/ Str/ Def/ Magic/ Magic Def
    sphere plus a regular grenade. You can not steal any of these special 
    spheres from any fiend, the only ways to get them are from treasure boxes, 
    or randomly dropped by some bosses.
    3. Potato masher: Non-elemental 2,500+ damage to all enemies. You only need
    two maps to mix a potato masher, which can by bought in about any shop.
    It is an easy and effective mix.
    4. Supernova: Always 19,998 damage to all enemies. You can mix supernova
    with two underdogs' secrets or two dark matters. Dark matters can be
    acquired by playing blitzball or unlocking Ultima Buster in monster arena.
    This is a very expensive mix...but you can exactly control the amount of the
    damage since it always does 19,998.
    d. Leveling up you aeons/Teaching you aeons abilities
    During your monster taming quest in your No Sphere Grid game, you will
    sometimes encounter strong enemies come in a group, and they are immune
    to just about everything, in that case, you may need to summon aeons and
    weaken them first, so leveling up your aeons is necessary if you want to
    capture every kind of monster.
    First, you have to choose which aeon you are going to level up. I recommend
    choosing Anima as your best shot, since she is MUCH stronger than any other
    aeons, you will spend a shorter amount of time to level her up to a 
    reasonably strong state. Magus Sisters are a bit more powerful than Anima, 
    however, you cannot control them completely, and they may kill fiends in 
    accidents before you can tame them.
    Even Yuna never grows in a No Sphere Grid game, your aeons will still keep
    growing after around every 30 battles, it does not matter if you win or
    not, it does not even matter if Yuna is in the party, either. However, every
    Aeon has a growth limit, which means they stop growing after they reach
    certain level, if Yuna 's state keeps the same. After the limit is reached
    you will have to collect spheres to power up your aeons. After you fight
    Belgemine in Calm Land, whether you win or not, she will give you a 
    "summoner's spirit", and you will be able to raise your aeons' states by
    using spheres.
    Here is Anima's growth limit in a No Sphere Grid game:
    HP: 5,090
    Mp: 130
    Strength: 65
    Defense: 74
    Magic: 66
    Magic defense: 69
    Agility: 30
    Luck: 17
    Accuracy: 44
    Evasion: 24
    Clearly, your Anima is not in a good shape in  No Sphere Grid game. In order
    to use her to weaken some powerful enemies, you will have to use spheres
    to let her become stronger, here is the recommend states for your Anima
    during this quest:
    Hp: 6,090
    Mp: 350+
    Strength: 85
    Defense: 90+
    Magic: 85
    Magic defense: 80+
    Agility: 60
    Luck: 17
    Accuracy: 50
    Evasion: 40
    This one is very close to the Anima I used in my No Sphere Grid game when
    I was trying to tame monsters. This Anima has medium strength and magic,
    and she will be able to weaken fiends with hp 20,000 or higher easily, but
    not kill them. Also, note that the higher your Anima's defense is, the
    merrier. However, I think your Anima's defense and magic defense should
    be at least as high as the one shown above, or she will have a hard time
    to survive some powerful attacks such as haymaker or heave.
    Mp is another important factor. Some magic like Demi or flare will cost her
    a lot of Mp each time she casts them. So having 350+ Mp is necessary. About
    agility, luck, accuracy, and evasion, umm...I don't think they are that much
    important, however, spending a bit time to raise those states is not a bad
    idea, except luck, raising aeons' luck in a No Sphere Grid game is pointless
    since you don't want too many critical hits (which usually kills fiends)
    and aeons can not steal, either. Plus you will need fortune spheres to raise
    luck, and you can only get them by killing Greater Sphere in monster arena
    over and over, I had tried to raise my Anima's luck to 30, it took me a
    long, long time...it was pointless plus monotonous, and you don't want that.
    You need power spheres to raise Anima's Hp, strength and defense; mana
    spheres to raise her Mp, magic; and magic defense; speed spheres to raise
    her agility, evasion and accuracy, and fortune spheres to raise her luck.
    For Anima's abilities, I recommend teaching her those following abilities:
    Haste, slow, dispel, cura, curaga, lancet, demi, protect, shell, and flare
    Here are several tips of how to use Anima to tame monsters:
    1. After you summon Anima, cast haste oh her first, protect and shell if
    2. Hit your enemies hard with pain (25,000+ damage) or physical attack.
    3. After your enemies' Hp is lower than 5,000, start using lancet (1,200
    4. After your enemies' Hp is below 1,000, keep abusing demi and try to bring
    their Hp down to two digits number, then dismiss Anima and capture the
    monsters. However, only dismiss Anima RIGHT AFTER your enemies turn,
    because dismissing will waste you a lot of turns. And if you do it right
    before your enemies moves, you won't be able to have any extra turn before
    your enemies wipe your party out.
    5. Cast cura or curaga on Anima when her Hp is low.
    6. Cast slow on your enemies if you have extra turns.
    e. First places to go
    Now you have about everything settled, it is about the time for real
    things!!!! But before you start, you have to decide which places you have
    to go first. Capturing monsters in different places will unlock different
    bosses in monster arena, and unlocking some of them will give you useful
    items during this quest, you would like to get these items first, wouldn't
    I recommend taming one of each kind of monster in these six areas first:
    1. Calm Land. You have to capture one of each kind of fiend there before
    the owner reopens his monster arena, you can unlock Chimerageist by doing
    so, and you will receive 60 farplain winds as your reward, here goes your
    death strike weapon.
    2. Sanubia Desert: you can unlock Abyss Worm in monster arena if you capture
    one of each kind of monster in Sanubia Desert, and you will receive 99 
    shadow gems from the owner of monster arena, now, here goes Anima's demi!
    Now you have conquered two areas, you will also unlock one of the "Original
    Creation" bosses: Earth Eater, and the owner of monster arena will give
    you 60 Three stars, I don't see how this item could be useful during this
    quest, but it is better than nothing, right?
    3. Thunder Plain: You can unlock Cactuar King if you tame one of each kind
    of monster in Thunder Plain, and you will receive 99 chocobo wings from
    the owner of monster arena, (!!!) If you are planning on fighting in monster
    arena after you complete this quest, then you'd better save these chocobo
    wings for your auto haste armors later!!!
    4. Kilika Forest: You can unlock Malboro Menace in monster arena if you
    capture one of each kind of monster there. The prize of unlocking Malrobo
    Menace is 99 poison fangs.
    5. Besaid Island: You can unlock Stratavis in monster arena if you capture
    one of each monster in Besaid Island, and you will receive 99 stamina tonics
    from the owner of monster arena, not a wonderful prize though. However,
    you would like to unlock Catastrophe as soon as possible because of the
    wonderful reward after you do so, and you are required to complete 6 areas
    in order to unlock Catastrophe. That's why I suggest you to go to Besaid
    Island earlier, since monsters here are so weak; you can capture one of
    each kind of fiend here in no time.
    6. Mountain Gagazet: You can unlock Catoblepa in monster arena if you
    capture one of each kind of fiend there, and you will receive a Blossom
    Crown as your reward, also you will unlock one of the original creation
    bosses" Shinryu". And you will be rewarded 30 megalixers, now you can teach
    your Anima curaga.
    You have conquered 6 areas, now you can unlock Catastrophe in monster arena,
    and the prize is....DOOR TO TOMORROW x 99 (!!!). By mixing two of them you
    can mix a trio of 9999, now you have almost everything you need to complete
    this quest!
    III. Step by step strategies of monster taming in a No Sphere Grid
    Note: I will ONLY post the Hp part of monsters that are particularly hard to
    capture in a No Sphere Grid game.
    a. Besaid Island
    You don't have to plave Rikku, Lulu and Tidus in the front line in Besaid
    Island and Kilika forest, because the fiends in these two places are slow
    and weak, and you will most likely be initiative in battles even if you
    don't have first strike weapons. Place Tidus, Auron and Wakka in the front
    line party instead.
    Note: In my game I had Wakka use a stone strike taming weapon, and I give
    Kimari a death strike weapon, however, you can switch their weapons if you 
    feel like it.
    1. Dingo: Have Tidus attack and capture him.
    2. Condor: Have Wakka attack and capture him.
    3. Water Flan: Have Auron attack him twice or more should do the job.
    b. Kilika Forest
    Keep the same combat formation you used in Besaid Island, this place is
    just a warm up.
    1. Dinonix: Have Tidus attacks and capture him.
    2. Killer Bee: Have Wakka attacks and capture him
    3. Yellow element: Everyone attacks him once, then have Auron attack and
    capture him.
    4. Ragora: Have Wakka attack with his stone strike taming weapon and petrify
    c. Mi'ihen Highroad
    Start from now on, the fiends become more dangerous. You should place Rikku,
    Tidus and Lulu in the frontline party, and make sure everyone equips their
    proper equipments. If you don't know what weapons your characters should
    use, refer to the "Customizing Proper Equipment" section for more hot info.
    1. Mi'ihen Fang: Switch to Wakka or Kimari and use their weapons and capture
    2. Ipiria: Same as above.
    3. Floating Eye: Switch to Wakka and capture him. Kimari will likely miss
    4. White element: Switch to Kimari and capture him, since White element
    is immune to petrifaction.
    5. Raldo: Same as the tactic you use to tame Mi'ihen Fang.
    6. Vouivre: Same as above.
    7. Bomb: Same as above.
    8. Dual Horn: Same as above.
    d. Mushroom Rock
    1. Raptor: Switch to Wakka or Kimari and capture him.
    2. Gandarewa: Switch to Wakka and capture him. Since he is a flying wizard
    monster, Kimari will have a harder time to hit him.
    3. Thunder Flan: Use the tactic you use to tame Raptor.
    4. Red element: Switch to Kimari and capture it. Just like other element
    enemies, Red element is immune to petrifaction.
    5. Lamashtu: Use the same tactic you use to tame Raptor.
    6. Funguar: Same as above.
    7. Garuda: Switch to Kimari and capture him, since Garuda is immune to
    petrifaction as well.
    e. Djose High Road
    1. Garm: Switch to Wakka or Kimari and tame him.
    2. Simurgh: Switch To Wakka and tame him. Kimari misses birds quite often.
    3. Bite Bug: Same as above.
    4. Snow Flan: Use the tactic you use to tame Garm.
    5. Bunyip: Same as above.
    6. Ochu: Same as above.
    7. Basilisk: Switch to Kimari and tame him. Basilisk is immune to
    f. Thunder Plains
    1. Melusine: Switch to Wakka or Kimari and capture him.
    2. Aerouge: Switch to Wakka and tame him. He is another flying wizard type
    enemy, and Kimari will miss him most of time.
    3. Buer: Same as above
    4. Kusariqqu: Switch to Wakka or Kimari to capture him.
    5. Gold element: Another element type enemy...you know what to do. Switch
    to Kimari and capture them in one shot since they are immune to 
    6. Larva: Switch to Wakka or Kimari to capture him.
    7. Iron Giant: Switch to Wakka or Kimari to capture him.
    8. Quctuar: Have Wakka attack and attempt to capture him since he is not
    immune to petrifaction. But don't be surprised if Wakka misses a lot.
    g. Macalania
    1. Snow Wolf: Switch to Wakka and capture him. Start from now on, all wolves
    and lizard enemies have high evasion and Kiamri won't do his job well 
    against them.
    2. Iguion: Same as above.
    3. Wasp: Same as above. Kimari misses flying insects a lot, too.
    4. Evil eye: Same as above.
    5. Ice Flan: Switch to Wakka or Kimari and capture him.
    6. Blue element: Switch to Kimari and tame him. Every time you see an
    "element" enemy, you know what you should do.
    7. Murusuu: Use the tactic you use to tame Ice Flan.
    8. Mafdet: Same as above.
    9. Xiphos: Same as above.
    10.Chimera: Same as above
    h. Sanubia Desert:
    1. Sand Wolf: Switch to Wakka and capture him.
    2. Alcyone: Same as above.
    3. Mushussu: Switch to Wakka or Kimari to capture it.
    4. Sand Worm, Hp: 45,000: Throw him a smoke bomb first so he will miss you
    about forever. After that, you can summon Anima, use pain once and hit him
    with regular attack once, then abuse demi. Try to bring his hp down to 200
    or below, then dismiss Anima, and switch to Auron to capture him. I don't
    think using shadow gems against him would be a good idea, because if you
    fight him for a long time, he sometimes swallows people, which won't be
    effected by darkness. Don't forget to steal some shadow gems from him.
    5. Zuu, Hp: 18,000: Again, give him a taste of a smoke bomb and blind him,
    then use a shadow gem (9,999 damage) and a shining gem (5,800+ damage).
    It will bring his hp down to around 2,200. Then you can use a shadow gem
    again, and followed by another smoke bomb (750 damage) and a grenade (350
    + damage), then you can capture him. Of course the amount of damage of a
    shining gem is quite vary, so depends on the situation, you may not always
    need extra grenades after the second smoke bomb.
    Baron's Wraith submitted an eaiser Zuu taming strategy, which I am going
    to do a bit change and post here: If you have Anima can deal more than 
    18,000 damage with pain attack, then you can just aummon Anima and use pain, 
    it won't kill Zuu immideately, it will force Zuu landing on the ground with
    Hp 1, and then you can have whoever you like to capture him. You can use
    Oblivion if your Anima is not strong enough.
    6. Cactuar, Hp: 800:  If you think he is easy to tame because their hp is
    low, then you are deadly wrong. His evasion is insanely high and you will
    miss him most of time, plus he has a special attack called 10,000 needles,
    which will kill a single character in one shot, the worst is: Cactuars are
    most likely come with a group with two or three of them, so if they launch
    an all-out attack, you are toast.
    Some people kindly told me to tame cactuars in conjunction with Trio of
    9999, however, I think it is pointless, since you are probably going to
    miss them anyway, and if they don't run away, you will be dead after they
    attack. The best strategy to capture cactuars is still using a smoke bomb
    first-they are immune to darkness ( and probably immune to just about
    everything), however, a smoke bomb does damage b/t 750~790, and it will
    leave cactuars' hp 10~50 left, which means if you hit them, you can capture
    them. Use Wakka and Tidus to attack (those two guys have the highest 
    accuracy among all 7 characters) and pray that they will hit them hard. Even 
    if they missed, cactuars will "run away" instead of attacking you because 
    their hp is critical. This strategy is the best I can think so far, it does 
    not waste you any rare items, and it is safe, too. ^_^
    i. Calm Land
    1. Skoll: Switch to Wakka and capture him.
    2. Nebiros: Same as above.
    3. Flame Flan: Switch to Wakka or Kimari to capture him.
    4. Shred: Same as above.
    5. Anaconduar: Switch to Kimari and capture him. He is immune to
    6. Ogre: Switch to Wakka and capture him because he is immune to death.
    7. Chimera Brain: Same as above.
    8. Coeurl: Use the tactics you use to tame Anaconduar.
    9. Malboro Hp: 23,000: If you don't have any SOS haste armor or you do but
    everyone's hp is high, then use a chocobo wing on the frontline party. Rikku
    should have an extra turn.  Mix a Trio of 9999, and have Tidus and Lulu
    attack; you will tame him before he can even have a chance to move. Some
    people summon Anima and abuse demi on him, but I don't think this is a safe
    way to tame a Malboro, because sometimes he uses bad breath on your party
    right after Yuna dismisses Anima and you are really dead if you are hit
    by his bad breath. If you really want to use Anima so bad, I recommend 
    having some people equip SOS haste armors first, and be sure to keep their 
    Hp critical.
    Note: You have to capture at least one of each kind of monster in Calm Land
    before the owner of monster arena restores his business, so Calm Land is
    always the first place you have to go, and you may not have a death strike
    weapon to tame your first Anaconduar and Coerul, because it is hard to get
    60 farplain winds before you unlock Chimerageist. In this case, mix a trio
    of 9999 to tame these two kinds of monsters.
    j. Cave of Stolen Fayth
    1. Yowie: Switch to Wakka and capture him. Kimari misses him pretty often.
    2. Imp: Same as above.
    3. Dark element: Switch to Kimari to tame him. You have already known that
    he is immune to petrifaction.
    4. Nidhogg: Switch to Wakka or Kimari and capture him.
    5. Thron: Same as above.
    6. Valaha: Switch to Wakka and capture him because Valaha is immune to 
    7. Eppaj: Use the same tactic you use to tame Nidhogg.
    8. Ghost Hp: 9,999: You can just mix a trio of 9999 and let Tidus or Lulu
    to finish him, however, I don't like to waste two to doors tomorrow or some
    other rare items on him. I like to have Rikku use a shining gem first ( 
    6,000+damage) then followed by a shadow gem, a purifying salt ( around 1,050 
    damage) and a grenade will be enough to bring his Hp to very low. Ghost does 
    doom often and sometimes use elemental attacks, which only kill one person 
    at once, you can have Tidus or Lulu use phoenix downs to revive the dead 
    party member and you will find plenty of chances of using items on him.
    9. Tonberry Hp: 12,000. Have Rikku mix a trio of 9999, then have Tidus and
    Lulu attack and capture him.
    k. Mountain Gagazat
    1. Bandersnatch: Switch to Wakka and capture him. Kimari will have a hard
    time to hit him.
    2. Grenade: Switch to Wakka or Kimari to capture him.
    3. Grat: Same as above.
    4. Bashura: Switch to Wakka and capture him. Bashura is immune to death.
    5. Ahriman:  Use the tactic of capturing Bandersnatch.
    6. Dark flan Hp: 18,000: Have Rikku mix a trio of 9999, then let Tidus and
    Lulu attack and capture him.
    7. Mandragora: use the same tactic of taming Grenade.
    8. Grendel: Same as above.
    9. Behemoth Hp: 23,000: He is immune to both petrifaction and death, and
    sometimes he uses his tail attack, which will wipe out your entire party
    in one shot. In order to capture him both safely and quickly, use a sleeping
    powder/ dream powder first and put him into sleep, then mix a trio of 9999.
    Hold Tidus and have Lulu use fury and attack him ONLY twice (or you will
    kill him for good), magical attack won't wake him up, now you can let Rikku
    attack and capture him.
    10. Splasher/Achelous/Malespike: I put them together because they are all
    underwater fiends, and you can only use Tidus, Rikku and Wakka to capture
    those three kinds of monster. You will not be able to switch to other 
    people, which will make things harder.
    Since Wakka has stone strike weapon, he will not be able to move before
    any of these three kinds of monster unless you hit a preemptive strike.
    In this case, I provide two ways to solve this problem: One is to give Rikku
    a weapon bears " Initiative " ability, which raises your chance of hitting
    preemptive strikes in battles, and almost completely prevent your party
    being ambushed. You only need one chocobo feather to customize an initiative
    weapon, it won't be that hard. If you hit a preemptive strike in a battle,
    Wakka will at least have a turn before them, and he can use his stone strike
    weapon to capture them, and have Tidus and Rikku run away before Wakka so
    they won't be killed by those ugly.... fish? If you don't hit preemptive
    strikes, at least you won't be ambushed by them, with Tidus' first strike
    weapon, he can attempt to escape at least twice, so you probably won't be
    killed that easily, anyway.
    Another solution is having Wakka equip a SOS haste armor, and keep his Hp
    1 (you can do so by killing him first and never heal him after the battle);
    he will always have a turn or two before those fiends to do his job. But
    remember this: If you are ambushed, then Wakka won't be able to move before
    them since he does not have a first strike weapon.
    l. Inside Sin
    1. Exoray: Switch to Wakka or Kimari to capture him.
    2. Wraith Hp: 22,222: Wraith is weak against holy, so blessed gem is good
    in this battle. You can reduce his Hp quickly by using two blessed gems
    (always 9,999 damage per hit) and it will reduce his hp to 2,224, then a
    couple of shadow gems will bring his Hp low enough for you to capture him.
    Also you can summon Anima instead of using items. Her pain attack will do
    around 18,000 damage with magic 85, and then have Anima abuse demi until
    you think Wraith's hp is low enough. Wraith is a strong version of Ghost,
    he uses doom quite often, which will not kill you instantly, and sometimes
    uses elemental attack, which will only hit a single target and can be 
    revived by phoenix down easily.
    3. Gemini A & Gemini B Hp: 36,000: Those two iron giants always come with
    pair and each of them counts an individual kind of monster. If you want
    to tame both of them in one battle, it could be dangerous. I recommend every
    time you encounter them, kill one of them first, then capture another one,
    don't be too greedy.
    When battle starts, have Rikku use a smoke bomb, switch Tidus to Auron and
    defend, then switch Lulu to Yuna and summon Anima. Cast haste on Anima 
    first, Gemini A & B will both have a turn after Anima, however, they can not 
    hit her because they are blinded by your smoke bomb. You can use pain and 
    hit one of Gemini constantly, and you will kill him in two or three shots. 
    After you finish him, hit another one with pain once and regular attack 
    once, abuse "Lancet", it does around 1,200 damage per hit. Keep using it
    until Gemini's Hp is lower than 1,200, then you can abuse demi again and
    dismiss her ONLY after you bring his Hp down to 50 or below.
    After you dismiss Anima, Gemini will most likely have a turn before your
    character (sometimes Rikku will have a turn before Gemini, consider you
    are lucky if this happens to you and Rikku does not equip a SOS haste armor)
    he has a special attack called Rappel, it deals around 1,500 damage to all
    activate party member, and will not be influenced by darkness, however,
    since you have Auron defend before head, he will survive and have Auron
    attack Gemini and capture him. If Rikku has a turn before Gemini, let her
    attack and attempt to bring Gemini's Hp lower even more.
    4. Great Malboro Hp: 65,000: He always uses bad breath as his opening 
    attack, and you don't stand a chance against it. You have to tame him 
    quickly before he can move. Have Rikku mixes a trio of 9999, Tidus slice and 
    dice (9,999 x 6 = 59,994 damage) and Lulu attack again should capture him 
    w/o problem.
    Don't even bother summoning aeons to block his bad breath, he never uses
    bad breath against aeons, he will wait 'till you dismiss your aeons, then
    use bad breath, smart creature, isn't he? Good thing is that I am much
    smarter ^_^.
    5. Demonolith Hp:43,000 : This piece of ugly stone has an attack called
    breath, which will petrify and shatter the entire party, although he does
    not use this attack often, just beware of it. Start the battle by having
    one person run away first, then switching to Yuna and summon Anima. Hit
    him with pain once and followed by lots of lancet and demi, dismiss Anima
    after his Hp is 50 or below, if he does not use breath attack, switch to
    Auron or Kimari to capture him, if he does, since you have had one person
    ran away first, you will be fine.
    6. Adamantoise Hp: 54,400: He is not immune to petrifaction; however, the
    chance of petrifying him is very low. Start this battle by having Rikku
    use a sleeping powder or a dream powder and put him into asleep, and then
    switch Tidus to Wakka. Do not attack right now. Hold Wakka's chocobo and
    let Adamantoise sleep one turn, then have Rikku use a chocobo wing, now
    Wakka will have two turns before Adamantoise's next move, have him attack
    and see if you can petrify Adamantoise. If not, have Rikku use a sleeping
    powder again and put him into sleep again so he won't have any chance to
    do his evil, infamous earthquake attack. Repeat those steps 'till Wakka
    does his job.
    7. Behemoth King Hp: 67,000: The worst thing is after you capture him, he
    will counter attack with meteor and it will wipe out your party for sure,
    even if you let Auron equip an armor with Hp + 30%, Hp + 20%, Hp + 10%,
    and auto-protect.
    Here is how you can tame him quickly and safely: Have Rikku mixes a trio
    of 9999, and have Tidus run away first, then release Lulu's overdrive, but
    only hit him 6 times. After Lulu's attack, Behemoth King will always cast
    mighty guard on himself instead of attacking you because his hp is critical.
    Now you can let Rikku attack and capture him. He will counter attack with
    meteor and kill Rikku and Lulu, and Tidus avoids this attack successfully.
    Or if you are a Tidus fan, you can use Tidus slice and dice and let Lulu
    run away instead, the result is the same.
    8. Barbatos HP: 95,000: Have Rikku mix a trio of 9999, Tidus blitz ace 
    (9,999 x 9 = 89,991) then have Lulu finish him. Not too hard, not too soft.
    m. Omega Ruin
    1. Zaurus: Switch to Wakka and capture him. Kimari will most likely miss
    2. Flaoting death: Same as above.
    3. Black element: Switch to Kiamri to capture him.
    4. Halma: Switch to Wakka and Kimari to capture him.
    5. Puroboros: Same as above.
    6. Machea: Same as above.
    7. Master Coerul: Switch to Wakka and capture hi, since he is immune to
    8. Spirit Hp: 10,000: This fiend randomly counters your attack with poison
    mist, which will wipe out your entire party in one shot. When you encounter
    Spirit, mix a trio of 9999, and call any aeon you want and use his/her 
    weakest attack like fire, blizzard...etc. After dismissing your aeon, spirit 
    will use an elemental attack and kill a character, and then you can have 
    whoever attack and capture him.
    10.Varuna Hp: 56,000: This Diablo looking demon always casts haste on
    himself at the beginning of the battle, so you may want to finish him 
    quickly by mixing trio of 9999, or using a purifying salt to nullify his 
    haste spell's affect.
    You can mix a trio of 9999 first, don't let Tidus attack, and use Lulu's
    fury and hit him 5 times, he will use a " ga" spell or flare and kill a
    single person, sometimes he uses demi, which will kill no one, and you can
    tame him after he attacks. It is similar to the strategy I used to tame
    Master Tonberry.
    If you don't want to use any trio of 9999, Varuna is not immune to
    petrifaction, however, the chance you can petrify him is low. Unlike
    Adamantoise, Varuna is immune to sleep, so the sleeping powder trick you
    use on Adamantoise won't work against Varuna. Start the battle by using
    a purifying salt first, and switch to Wakka and attack, Varuna will most
    likely cast haste on himself again since he is not hasted, and then you
    can use purifying salt again and have Wakka attack again. However, sometimes
    he still attacks you even if he is not under the affect of haste spell,
    so if this happens, just blame yourself that today is not your day. Having
    Wakka and Rikku equip a SOS haste armor will be a grate help in this battle.
    Also you can summon Anima and hit him with pain couple times, and then abuse
    lancet, demi and dispel and dismiss her when you think Varuna's Hp is low
    enough, and cast curaga on Anima if she is in danger, this is a slow way
    to tame Varuna, but it is safe also.
    Remember: Always call aeons if you see Varuna uses "Mana Focus" because
    his next move after Mana Focus is always "Emblem of Fate". It is a powerful
    muti-target attack and you won't stand a chance against this attack with
    your weak characters and their low Hp.
    IV. Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: I use a/an [name of item] and the damage does not follow what you said
    in this FAQ, why?
    A: Only very few items exactly deal certain amount of damage. I can only
    tell you what item approximately deals how much damage. For example, I said
    smoke bomb can deal 750+ damage, it will actually do 750~ 790 damage,
    sometimes a bit less than 750.
    Q: Why don't you use auto haste armors instead of SOS haste armors?
    A: Yes, an auto-haste armor is much better than a SOS haste armors, it works
    regardless your Hp. However, an auto haste armor requires 80 chocobo wings
    to customize. I would recommend customizing auto haste armors only if you
    plan to fight in monster arena after you complete this quest, because you
    will need them later anyway, so why not do it now?
    Q: Are celestial weapons any useful in a No Sphere Grid game?
    A: Nope. They are useless. Since you cannot use sphere grid at all, I don't
    see why you want those abilities on the celestial weapons such as break
    damage limit (lol), magic booster, one Mp cost or something like these.
    Auron and Rikku's celestial weapons may be a bit useful because there are
    first strike and triple overdrive abilities on Auron's Masamune, and there
    is gillionaire ability on Rikku's Godhand, which will help you gain money
    in a No Sphere Grid game, other people's celestial weapons just suck.
    However, if you plan to fight in monster arena in your No Sphere Gird game,
    then those weapons will help you a bit because they allow all your aeons
    break damage limits, although you are probably going to use Anima or Magus
    Sister only anyway. I will have more information about aeons in a No Sphere
    Grid game in my next FAQ.
    The only exception is if you are playing a No Sphere Grid/No Summoning/ No 
    Customizing game, then you will definitely need Auron's Masamune because it 
    bears the ability "First Strike". It is one of the key to win a No Sphere 
    Grid/No Summoning/No customizing game. For more details about this challenge
    , please refer to Gestahl's NSGNSNC FAQ on GameFaqs FFX FAQ page for more 
    advanced information. 
    Q: How long will it take to tame 10 of each kind of monster in a No Sphere
    Gird game?
    A: It will take you around 40~ 50 hours to do this. But for an elite FFX
    player, 50 hours is nothing big deal, right?
    Q: I attacked a monster with a stone/ death strike weapon but the monster
    still stands there! What's happening?
    A: There are several possible reasons. First, the monster is immune to
    petrifaction/death, second, stone/ death strike " ALMOST always" inflict
    petrifaction/death, which means there is still a small chance that they
    might not work, although the odd is little. Plus as I mentioned before,
    some monsters have very high status abnormality resistance, although they
    are not immune to it.
    Q: I don't like your strategies, why don't you write a better one?
    A: Well, there are many ways to tame monsters in a No Sphere Gird game,
    this FAQ provides some efficient ways to capture monsters, but it does not
    mean that everything in this FAQ is absolutely the best strategy. You can
    use the information in this FAQ and crate your own strategies, of course!!!
    However, don't e-mail me and tell me "your guide is bad" or crap like that. 
    I don't see you wrote anything.
    Q: Can I just abuse Aeons /trio of 9999 to tame monsters? I really hate
    to make things so complex.
    A: Of course you can. But if you want to tame many monsters by using aeons,
    it will take you a lot of time. If you want to abuse trio of 9999, yes,
    it will be quick, but you will waste a lot of rare items as well. If you
    want to fight in monster arena later, you will be screwed because you will
    definitely need A LOT of trio of 9999!!!
    Q: I am playing a regular game, can I still make any good use of this FAQ?
    A: Yes and No. Since you can raise your state in a regular game, I don't
    see why you want to use trio of 9999 to tame monsters. You don't even have
    to spend spheres level up your aeons, as long as Yuna grows, your aeons
    grow as well. But customizing stone/death strike taming weapon will be a
    good idea even in a regular game, it saves your time to tame some strong
    Q: I have already captured 10 of each kind of monsters and unlocked every
    boss in monster arena except Nemesis, now I wonder if it is possible to
    defeat them in a No Sphere Grid game?
    A: Yes. They ALL can be defeated in a No Sphere Grid game. First, you can
    summon Yojimbo and use his special move "Zanmoto" to kill every boss in
    monster arena except Shinryu. Second, there is a way to defeat Shinryu,
    although it requires a lot of luck. Plus if you think Zanmoto is too cheap,
    it is still possible to defeat all of them w/o zanmoto, and many of them
    even w/o aeons. Best luck of your game!!!
    Q: What overdrive mode should I use for everyone?
    A: Basically, stoic and comrade are the two best overdrives in a No Sphere
    Grid game. Because of your low Hp, many fiends are good enough to refill
    your overdrive gauges with one or two shots.
    Q: What's your gender?
    A: There is no need for you to know.
    V. Credits/Thanks
    Thanks to CJayC first, for creating this wonderful site and posting this
    FAQ so I am able to share my knowledge with other FFX players all around
    the world.
    Thanks to Hyprophant, of course. Hyprophant is the one who gathered
    information on GameFaq's FFX message board and made this FAQ.
    Thanks to CB! / Ceebs and her monster FAQ. I did not take notes about some
    monsters' Hp. If it's not because of her, I would have had to spend much
    more time to memorize monsters' Hp myself, and it wouldn't be any fun.
    Thanks to Baron's Wraith, for correcting the Larva and Chimera parts for
    me and submitting another effective Zuu taming strategy.
    Thanks to my parents, they gave me a lot of support when I was writing this
    I especially thank those following people who gave me a lot of support when
    this FAQ was a topic on FFX message board: Bartman2890, Not3Not4, Prince
    Tidus, Omni Freak95, Rikkulu, DREMC, Gestahl, XayJ, Noneofyourbusiness and 
    other people who has participated any part of progress of this FAQ.

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