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    Secrets/Sidequests FAQ by !.ACA.!

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    Final Fantasy X
    PlayStation 2 (2001) (North America)
    Secrets and Sidequests FAQ
    v2.3 [April 2, 2014]
    author:    Anthony Ambrose (ACA)
    email:     acax1985 [at] gmail [dot] com
    web:       http://sonicawareness.net
    Document © 2015. All Rights Reserved.
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                           T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
     One:          Ronso Rage <ID001>
                   "Every detail of the Ronso Rage Overdrive is covered here."
     Two:          Bushido and Jecht Spheres <ID002>
                   "Learn where to find all Jecht Spheres and the rest of Auron's
                   Bushido overdrive details."
     Three:        Jecht Shot <ID003>
                   "Teach Tidus Jecht Shot and Jecht Shot 2!"
     Four:         [Break HP Limit] <ID004>
                   "Learn how to get [Break HP Limit] on an armor."
     Five:         Al Bhed Passwords <ID005>
                   "Learn to crack the passwords youself.  A never before seen
                   feature on a GameFAQs guide."
     Six:          Dark Matter <ID006>
                   "Comprehensive guide on Dark Matter."
     Seven:        Hidden Coordinates <ID007>
                   "Each of the hidden coordinates for the airship."
     Eight:        Celestial Mirror <ID008>
                   "Walk-thru on how to get the Celestial Mirror."
     Nine:         [No Encounters] <ID009>
                   "Random encounters got you down?  Learn how to stop them."
     Ten:          Tidus's Celestial Weapon - Caladbolg <ID010>
                   "Learn exactly how to win at chocobo racing and get Tidus's
                   ultimate weapon!"
     Eleven:       Yuna's Celestial Weapon - Nirvana <ID011>
                   "Grab Yuna's Celestial Weapon quick and easy."
     Twelve:       Wakkas's Celestial Weapon - World Champion <ID012>
                   "Start winning blitzball games if you want this baby."
     Thirteen:     Lulu's Celestial Weapon - Onion Knight <ID013>
                   "Dodging lightning might seem tough, but it really just
                   requires a lot of discipline and patience."
     Fourteen:     Kimahri's Celestial Weapon - Spirit Lance <ID014>
                   "How to dodge the butterflies and get his weapon."
     Fifteen:      Auron's Celestial Weapon - Masamune <ID015>
                   "Learn what the Rusty Sword does, and view a complete list of
                   ways to unlock Auron's Sigil from the Monster Arena Owner."
     Sixteen:      Rikku's Celestial Weapon - Godhand <ID016>
                   "The Bikanel Cactuar game, the airship passwords, and more are
                   all revealed and detailed."
     Seventeen:    Valefor's Hidden Overdrive <ID017>
                   "Learn how to find Valefor's second overdrive."
     Eighteen:     Returning To Bevelle Temple <ID018>
                   "You cannot return to Bevelle Temple.  Never."
     Nineteen:     [Break MP Limit] <ID019>
                   "Learn how to break the MP limit of 999."
     Twenty:       Don Tonberry AP Trick <ID020>
                   "With this trick, you can gain up to 99 Sphere Levels in only
                   one two minute battle!"
     Twenty-One:   Magic Urn <ID021>
                   "A small section on Magic Urns, found in the Sunken Cave."
     Twenty-Two:   Overdrive Modes <ID022>
                   "An amazingly comprehensive section dealing with anything
                   related to overdrive modes."
     Twenty-Three: Overdrive Attacks <ID023>
                   "How to get each character's overdrive attacks."
     Twenty-Four:  Rikku's Mix <ID024>
                   "Perform any of Rikku's mixes with this huge chapter."
     Twenty-Five:  Trio of 9999 <ID025>
                   "How to get a Trio of 9999 and what it does."
     Twenty-Six:   Rare Items <ID026>
                   "Find out where to get ANY item you can imagine.  Especially
                   useful for Rikku's mixes and customizing armors and weapons."
     Twenty-Seven: Yojimbo <ID027>
                   "How to unlock Yojimbo, a secret Aeon.  Also, learn all about
                   his special Zanmato attacks and much, much more."
     Twenty-Eight: Anima <ID028>
                   "Unlocking Anima at the Baaj Temple."
     Twenty-Nine:  Magus Sisters <ID029>
                   "How to unlock the three Magus Sisters and add an extremely
                   capable aeon team to your repertoire."
     Thirty:       Earning Gil <ID030>
                   "Complete guide on how to gain extreme amounts of
                   gil in a short period of time."
     Thirty-One:   Item Checklist <ID031>
                   "Complete item checklist.  Using this list, you'll make
                   sure you get every item along the way.  Strongly recommended."
    To quickly find a chapter, simply press CONTROL and F, and then type the
    chapter's ID like so: <ID999>
    v2.3 [April 2, 2014]
         Beginning research into how to update this for the re-release!
    v2.2 [April 16, 2013]
         Added additional information about Valefor's hidden overdrive.
    v2.1 [October 7, 2008]
         Removed e-mail section. Updated contact information. Fixed formatting
         issues. Probable FINAL version unless I discover any factual mistakes.
    Chapter One: Ronso Rage                                                <ID001>
    This will cover how to get each one of Kimahri's Overdrives.
    First, to get any Ronso Rage Overdrive, you must use Lancet.  Lancet, when
    used by any Ronso, allows that Ronso to steal "enemy skills" or "blue magic"
    from an enemy.
    Once you've used Lancet on an enemy, you have a chance of learning one of their
    skills.  There are only twelve (bummer, I would have liked a lot more!) to
    learn.  If you suceed at learning one of these enemy skills, your Overdrive
    bar will instantly fill up, allowing you to use the new skill right away.
    Check out the below table for a listing on how to acquire each of Kimahri's
    Ronso Rage attacks.  I haven't seen a guide on where to find all the enemies
    that you need, so this will probably prove to be quite useful:
    Skill               Use Lancet On                 Find Enemy Here
    =====               =============                 ===============
    Jump                <none>
    Seed Cannon         Ragora                        Kilika Forest
                        Sandragora                    Sanubia Desert
                        Grat                          Mt. Gagazet
    Thrust Kick         YKT-63                        Bevelle Highbridge
                        YKT-11                        Yevon Dome
    Aqua Breath         Chimera                       Macalania Forest
                        Chimera                       Al Bhed Home
                        Chimera (2)                   Brain Calm Lands
    White Wind          Dark Flan                     Mt. Gagazet
                        Spirit                        Omega Ruins
    Mighty Guard        Behemoth                      Mt. Gagazet
                                                      Zanarkand Ruins
                        Behemoth King                 Inside Sin
    Fire Breath         Dual Horn                     Mi'hen Highroad
                                                      Mushroom Rock Road
                        Dual Horn (2)                 Al Bhed Home
                        Grendel                       Mt. Gagazet
                                                      Zanarkand Ruins
                        Valaha                        Sunken Cave
    Self Destruct       Bomb                          Mi'hen Highroad
                                                      Mushroom Rock Road
                        Bomb (2)                      Al Bhed Home
                        Grenade                       Mt. Gagazet
                        Puroboros                     Omega Ruins
    Stone Breath        Basilisk                      Djose Highroad
                        Anacondaur                    Calm Lands
    Doom                Ghost                         Sunken Cave
                        Wraith                        Inside Sin
                                                      Omega Ruins
    Bad Breath          Malboro                       Calm Lands
                                                      Sunken Cave
                        Great Malboro                 Inside Sin
                                                      Omega Ruins
    Nova                Omega Weapon                  Omega Ruins
                        Nemesis                       Monster Arena
    There you have it.
    There are a bunch of Ronso Rages you can learn from the Al Bhed home, but if
    you miss them there, don't worry.  Every Rage can be learned, at any time.
    Watch out for Malboro and Great Malboro, they are extremely annoying to fight,
    as they often confuse your characters.
    In addition to those monsters having learnable Ronso Rages, two other Ronsos,
    Yenke and Biran, also can teach you moves when you battle them on Mt. Gagazet.
    The moves the other Ronsos teach you:
    Biran                    Yenke
    =====                    =====
    Doom                     Aqua Breath
    Mighty Guard             Fire Breath
    Self Destruct            Stone Breath
    Thrust Kick              White Wind
    You'll notice you can grab EIGHT Ronso Rages in one battle by using Lancet on
    both Biran and Yenke.  And since your Overdrive bar immediatly charges after
    you steal an enemy skill, it is not a bad tactic to Lancet both Ronsos and then
    unleash their skills right back at them.
    You may be wondering what each of these moves do.  Here is a listing:
    Skill               Result
    =====               ======
    Jump                Non-elemental damage to one enemy
    Fire Breath         Fire damage to all enemies
    Seed Cannon         Non-elemental damage to one enemy
    Self Destruct       Non-elemental damage to one enemy; sacrifices Kimahri in
                        exchange to the large amount of damage done; Kimahri
                        is removed from battle (much like Self Destruct works
                        on Bombs, Grenades, Puroboros, etc)
    Thrust Kick         Non-elemental damage to one enemy; will not eject an enemy
    Stone Breath        Petrifies all enemies
    Aqua Breath         Water damage to all enemies
    Doom                Casts Doom on one enemy
    White Wind          Heals enetire party one half of Kimahri's current HP
    Bad Breath          Random status effects on all enemies
    Mighty Guard        Casts Protect, Shell, and Null-All on entire party
    Nova                Non-elemental damage to all enemies; most powerful Rage
    That is a list of all Ronso Rage skills and their effects.
    Now, for some frequently asked questions:
    Q: I missed Nova from Omega Weapon.  Can I get it again?
    A: Yes, you can get it from Nemesis.  Read on to another section to learn
       how to unlock Nemesis, the hardest enemy in the entire game.
    Q: What is Kimahri's best Ronso Rage?
    A: The most powerful Rage is Nova.  Mighty Guard is very useful, though, if
       you're characters have low defense.
    Q: Do I get anything for unlocking all twelve Ronso Rages attacks?
    A: No.
    That covers Ronso Rages entirely.  Every single detail about them has been
    written down.
    If you have a question not answered by this section, you may e-mail me, but
    chances are it is in here.
    Chapter Two: Bushido and Jecht Spheres                                 <ID002>
    Auron's overdrive mode is Bushido.  He has the ability to unleash a set of
    powerful, one hit attacks, as Tidus collects Jecht Spheres around the world of
    Spira.  Auron's four attacks are inputted with the D-Pad, not the Analog Stick:
    Dragon Fang: Left Down Up Right L1 R1 X O
    This attack attempts to slightly delay all the enemies' next attack, while
    still inflicting damage.
    Shooting Star: Triangle O Square X Left Right X
    This attack attempts to eject one enemy from battle, while doing a lot of
    damage.  It becomes available after the Spherimorph battle at Macalania, when
    you view your first Jecht Sphere. 
    Banishing Blade: Up L1 Down R1 Right Left Triangle
    Auron's best overdrive attack.  Auron hits one enemy and adds four Break Status
    effects to that enemy: Power Break, Armor Break, Mental Break, Magic Break.
    These effects hit 100% of the time, unless a character is 100% resistant to a
    particular Break.  Extremely useful in the Monster Arena, against armored
    enemies.  Collect three Jecht Sphere to unlock Auron's Banishing Blade.
    Tornado: X Right R1 Left L1 Triangle
    Tornado sucks all enemies into a whirlpool of fire for massive damage.  Unlock
    this by collecting all ten spheres Jecht left around Spira.
    Jecht Sphere Locations
    Where you can find every Sphere left behind by Auron, Jecht, and Braska:
    01 - Macalania Lake, after Spherimorph battle.  Collecting this sphere allows
         you to collect the rest of the spheres.
    02 - Besaid Village, near the Besaid Temple, on the steps.  A dialog about
         Jecht wanting to eat an entire shoopuf.
    03 - SS Liki, bound to Kilika, in the cabin.  A dialog about navigating through
         the seas at night.
    04 - Luca Stadium Basement A, near a locker room.  Jecht's message to Tidus
         about blitzball.
    05 - Mi'hen Highroad, down below on the Lowroad or Oldroad.  Use chocobo
    06 - Mushroom Rock Road, near a rising platform.
    07 - Moonflow, near the Shoopuff boarding dock.  A conversation about Jecht's
    08 - Thunder Plains South, close to a lightning rod tower on the right side.
    09 - Macalania Forest South, right near the entrance.
    10 - Mt. Gagazet Mountain Road, on a trail that lead to a dead end.
    That's everything about Auron's Bushido overdrive that you could imagine.  Keep
    in mind, that when performing his attacks, if you fail to input the correct
    button sequence, your attack will not have the special effects, such as Break
    or an eject attempt, added to the attack.  The faster you press the buttons,
    the more damage Auron will deal.
    Chapter Three: Jecht Shot                                              <ID003>
    The Jecht Shot is Jecht's ultimate shot.  It is an amazing blitzball technique
    for Tidus to learn, as well.  When Jecht Shot is performed, Tidus will hit the
    ball off of two defenders (effectively stopping them from blocking his shot)
    and then add a few shot points onto the ball as it goes flying at the goalie.
    On your way to Luca, from Kilika, you'll have the chance to learn Jecht Shot.
    If you should fail, you can always board the boat towards Luca again.
    Find the blitzball on the ship's deck and interact with it.
    To learn the Jecht Shot, you need to press the D-Pad buttons in the direction
    the words appear on screen.  For example, if a comment appears on the top right
    corner of the screen, press up-right on your PS2 D-Pad.  It's not hard.
    Once you actually begin playing blitzball regularly in tournaments, you'll have
    a chance to learn Jecht Shot 2.  Jecht Shot 2 knocks away three defenders and
    then turns the ball invisible!  Once the ball is invisible, you can use the
    control stick to line up the ball (represented by a tiny purple dot) and aim
    the ball into the net, away from the goalkeeper.
    Before you can learn Jecht Shot 2, however, Tidus must have learned ALL of his
    Chapter Four:  [Break HP Limit]                                        <ID004>
    [Break HP Limit] allows a character to have up to 99999 HP when the
    auto-ability is on that user's current armor.
    To customize [Break HP Limit] onto an armor, you'll need 30 Wings To
    Discovery.  Read on to learn how to get Wings To Discovery:
    a) Overkill Shinryu: If you overkill Shinryu (an incredibly easy Monster Arena
    enemy), you'll get two Wings To Discovery.  This is the way I would strongly
    b) Open Three Chests During Remien Race: If you can open three chests, and beat
    the other chocobo to the end of the Remien Chocobo Race, you'll earn THIRTY
    Wings To Discovery. AWESOME! Too bad you can only do this once.
    c) Bribe Malboro: If you bribe Malboro for 540,000 gil you could get two
    Wings To Disovery. Be sure to save before you bribe, in case something
    goes wrong. You can also bribe Great Malboro, but it is certainly not
    worth the money. Malboro is the best to bribe.
    [Break HP Limit] armors are also dropped by these enemies:  Omega (one time
    chance) or the ultimate monster creation, Nemesis.  Nemesis is extremely tough,
    tougher than any boss in the game, but he will often drop [Break HP Limit]
    armors with three other slots free.
    Onto some common questions:
    Q: If I have more than 9999 HP worth of Sphere Grid Nodes activated, but I do
       not have [Break HP Limit] yet, will the game remember the nodes that put me
       over 9999 HP, so that when I get [Break HP Limit] I will have more HP?
    A: Yes, the game 'remembers' your HP.  Don't worry.
    Q: How much HP can you max out with?
    A: The most HP any one character can have is 99,999.
    That's everything you could want about [Break HP Limit].
    Chapter Five: Al Bhed Passwords                                        <ID005>
    Most people have inputted the the three hidden Al Bhed passwords into the
    Airship Password Database. However, few people actually know how to get these
    passwords, other than reading a guide or FAQ. This will explain how to get the
    passwords yourself.
    If you're wondering what the three Al Bhed Passwords are, they're:
    They must be inputted with capital letters into the airship password system.
    If you're curious on how these passwords were cracked, check out the following
    areas.  It's all deeply explained.
    How VICTORIOUS Was Cracked
    First, you'll need to have most of the Al Bhed Primers.  If you don't have them
    all, you'll need to use an Al Bhed guide to translate things your missing.  The
    second step is to go to Besaid and read the clue there: 
    Kilika and Bikanel join as one.
    Then read the clue in the beginning for the Kilika forest:
    It makes little sense, right? Well go to the Sanubia Desert next. Read that
    hasod i 
    Put it together. You'll wind up with something weird looking:
    If you read it in a diaganol kind of way you'll end up with:
    Therefore: The password is VICTORIOUIS. Pretty neat, huh?  That one wasn't too
    hard to figure out.  Neither is the next one.
    How MURASAME Was Cracked
    To get the Murasame password, head to the Baaj Temple. It's the place where you
    get Anima. Head back to the area where you first find Tidus floating in the
    water. Find the clue that reads:
    In the land where bolts of light 
    Illuminate the blackest night 
    With Macalania behind 
    The fourth pillar you sight 
    Look not on the left 
    But on the right 
    The land where bolts of light illuminate the blackest night is, obviously, the
    Thunderplains. But Macalania at your back and then check out the fourth pillar
    on your right.
    Bingo. You'll find that the password is MURASAME.  The next one might be
    How GODHAND Was Cracked
    Stay focused, as this gets pretty complicated at parts.
    On the Highroad (closest to Luca), find this clue:
    There is a valley in a vast plain with a great thorn beside. 
    From the thorn look cross the vale to the other side.
    Head to the Calm Lands, the only plains with a thorn. Near the gorge you'll
    find this clue:
    With the Vale at your back go fortynine.
    Then seven to the right in the truest line.
    Now face south, which is opposite the vale. Do exactly as each instruction
    tells you:
    [A stone gives this clue]: Right sixteen and right four 
    [A stone gives this clue]: With me at your back go twenty, then twenty to the
    [A circle gives this clue]: Continue on. Find me.
    After that clue, go to the next circle. It's near the thorn.
    Time for the password: GODHAND. A lot of work, but not too hard. Just
    There you have it.  How to crack those mysterious Al Bhed Passwords you took
    for granted.
    Chapter Six: Dark Matter                                               <ID006>
    Many people wonder where they can get Dark Matter.  Read on.
    There are only a handful of ways to get Dark Matter. Other than the ways I
    list, there are no other "secret" ways I'm hiding from you. So if you
    absolutely need Dark Matter, this is how you'll HAVE to get it.  You can bribe
    Land Worms once you are inside Sin's very core, but you can't save once you get
    there, so I omitted that from this guide.
    a) Blitzball: Occasionally, and I do mean occasionally, you could win
    Dark Matter as a blitzball prize. Not very common. Very bad way of getting a
    lot of Dark Matters.
    b) Monster Arena Drops: Any of the Arena Creations have a very slim chance of
    dropping one Dark Matter after a fight. Luck Stat plays no part in the rarity
    of finding Dark Matter by killing Area Creations, and it seems that all area
    creations drop them with the same rarity. If you overkill the monster, and the
    monster drops a Dark Matter, you'll get an extra one, too. The best way to
    amass Dark Matters quickly if you're short on money. I find Sleep Sprout
    extremely easy to kill, so he'd be a good choice if you're attempting to get
    rarely dropped Dark Matter.
    c) 99 Free Dark Matters: Capture five of every monster in the game and
    then talk to the Monster Arena owner. He'll reward you with 99 Dark Matters.
    Truly awesome, but this can only be done ONCE.  You'll also unlock
    Ultima Buster.
    So what does Dark Matter do?  If you can acquire 60 Dark Matters, you can add
    them to a weapon for [Break Damage Limit] auto-ability.  Very good if you're
    never going to acquire Celestial Weapons.
    Dark Matter is very often used in Rikku's mixes.  Check out the Trio of 9999
    section for more.
    Dark Matter can also be used in battle, with USE.  It does nice damage.
    If you've got all the Celetial Weapons, Dark Matter is rather useless. It
    fetches some nice gil, if you should sell it. You cannot buy Dark Matter,
    period, so quit asking.
    Chapter Seven: Hidden Coordinates                                      <ID007>
    There are six hidden locations on the airship world map.
    Use the approximate X and Y coordinates below to unlock the location listed
    next to it.  You do not have to be exactly on the numbers specified: just be
    X   Y     Unlocks This Location
    14  57    Baaj Temple
    15  42    Sanubia Desert
    30  74    Besaid Falls
    34  56    Mi'ihen Ruins
    39  57    Battle Site
    72  34    Omega Ruins
    Chapter Eight: Celestial Mirror                                        <ID008>
    The Celestial Mirror is the most important item when it comes to powering up
    your Celestial Weapons.  Just how do you obtain it?  The following paragraphs
    should make it clear.
    Head to the center of the Calm Lands.  Talk to the chocobo trainer and ride a
    chocobo off to the far bottom right corner of the map.  You should see a small,
    yellow chocobo feather sitting on the ground.  Interact with the feather and
    you'll jump down to a hidden area below.
    You'll have to soon dismount the chocobo, don't worry, you don't need the bird
    anymore.  Cross the Remien Temple bridge and go right.  You'll get to play a
    chocobo racing game.
    Win the race by getting to the middle of the track before the other chocobo
    beats you to it.  Don't worry about grabbing any of the chests, they're
    nonessential for the task at hand.
    Once you win the race, you'll be rewarded a Cloudy Mirror.
    Your next destination is Macalania Forest.  Find a lonely mother standing about
    with her son, and continue to talk to her until she mentions her lost husband.
    Find the husband.  He's located off to the right and then north.  You'll have
    to leave Macalania Forest, kind of.  Once you've convinced the father to return
    to his wife and son, return to his wife and son yourself.
    But wait.  Now the son's gone!  Talk to the parents until they mention their
    missing son.  Find their son, he's atop a winding, sparkling path.  He'll help
    you obtain the the Celestial Mirror, and then he'll return to his parents.
    Thanks DJ4Nike for the slight correction.
    Remember this spot!  Write it down, if you have to.  You'll need to return here
    every time you want to power up a Celestial Weapon.
    When you first get your Celestial Weapons, they all will have:
    [No AP]
    You'll need to revisit this spot and power up the weapons.
    Power them up with a Crest for:
    [No AP] + [Double Overdrive]
    Once powered up with a Crest, a certain power might be unleashed.  For example,
    when Yuna is powered with her Crest, Valefor will be able to deal over 9999
    damage in one hit.
    Power them with a Sigil for:
    [Break Damage Limit] + [Triple Overdrive]
    Note, you'll get the two above abilities, plus TWO MORE other abilities, such
    as [One MP Cost] or [First Strike], depending on the character.
    Chapter Nine: [No Encounters]                                          <ID009>
    [No Encounters] is an armor auto-ability that allows the party to walk freely
    around the world without running into any random battles.  You'll still fight
    bosses, of course.
    To customize [No Encounters] onto an armor, you'll need 30 Purifying Salts.
    The only way to get Purifying Salts is to steal them from enemies.  Abadon, of
    the monster arena, will give up some if you steal from him.  Warrior Monks
    and Fallen Monks also give up Purifying Salts on occasion if try to steal from
    them, althought it is rare.  With [Master Thief] auto-ability on an armor, you
    will frequently steal Purifying Salts from Hornet, a monster in the arena.
    On a side note, Purifying Salts also can be used to teach an Aeon dispel.
    You'll also get 99 Purifying Salts should you unlock Fafnir in the monster
    arena.  To unlock Fafnir, you'll need to capture four of each Vouivre,
    Lamashtu, Kusariqqu, Mushussu, and Nidhogg.
    [No Encounters] armors are also dropped by Ghosts, Wraiths, or Demonoliths on
    occasion.  It is extremely rare.
    A glitch in the game: sometimes Geosgaeno (the Baaj Temple guardian) will drop
    [No Encounters] weapons!  I've gotten a ball for Wakka with No Encounters.
    That's everything you could want about [No Encounters].  Just remember that you
    realy only need one person with [No Encounters], so when you unlock Fafnir
    just use thirty of your Purifying Salts on one weapon, not on all your party
    members.  You'll want to save some Purifying Salts or teach all of your aeons
    Chapter Ten: Tidus's Celestial Weapon - Caladbolg                      <ID010>
    The Calabolg is a Celtic sword of mythology rumored to be so strong, it could
    cut the hills of Ireland in two.  If you're interested in the subject, there
    are A LOT of resources on the web that deal with Celtic mythology.  Just use
    The first step towards gaining the Calabolg, Tidus's ultimate weapon, is to get
    the Celestial Mirror.  Read an earlier portion of the guide if you need the
    mirror.  Make sure you have the airship.
    Next, head to the Calm Lands and beat the Chocobo Trainer in each of her four
    races.  When you've finished that, an extremely easy task, head to the 
    northwest part of the Calm Lands.  Walk down a cliff (a man was once guarding
    this cliff, now he's gone!) and then use the Celestial Mirror to get Tidus's
    weapon.  It's very weak right now, don't worry: we'll fix that.
    To get Tidus's Sun Crest, head to the area where you killed Lady Yunalesca.
    Walk up and down the stairs until you see a chest on the left side of the
    screen.  Open it and grab the Sun Crest.
    The Sun Sigil, however, is quite hard and frustrating.
    Return to the Calm Lands and talk to the Chocobo Trainer again.  Now it's time
    to beat her, and beat her badly.
    You'll need to score a time of BETTER THAN 0:0:0.  To do this, you'll need
    at least thirteen or fourteen balloons.  Use the other ride as a shield, if you
    must, to take the hits for you.  It's incredibly hard.
    Remember, there are a lot of 'invisible' boundaries throughout the track.  If
    you hit one of those boundaries, you'll bounce.  And bouncing is bad.
    Of course, you should never hit a bird, unless it means two or three baloons.
    You'll add about 1.5 to 2.0 seconds of time every time you hit them, plus, at
    the end of the race, the trainer will add three seconds to your time for every
    bird you hit!  You're almost losing five seconds per bird.  That's terrible.
    Don't flip out if you can't do this.  It's mostly skill, but luck is involved
    somewhat.  Just calm down and realize that you're not alone.  Most FFX players
    fail to complete this challenge, for some reason or another.
    Good luck.  There's really nothing else I can do to help you.
    Once you've gotten the three pieces, return to the Celestial Mirror spot and
    charge them up!
    Your new weapon will have:
    [Break Damage Limit] + [Triple Overdrive] + [Evade & Counter] + [Magic Counter]
    Congratulations.  There is also a special bonus associated with Tidus's
    weapon: when Tidus's HP is full, the weapon will deal more damage.
    Remember, you'll need a score BETTER THAN 0:0:0 to win the chocobo game.  If
    you JUST make 0:0:0, you won't get his Sigil.  So you have to race extremely
    Chapter Eleven: Yuna's Celestial Weapon - Nirvana                      <ID011>
    Yuna's Celestial Weapon is Nirvana. The name is obviously derived from the
    Buddhist faith. Nirvana is considered to be the ultimate state of happiness,
    only achieved after many reincarnations.
    The first step to gaining Nirvana is to to grab the Moon Crest.  It's actually
    on Besaid Island, and it can be grabbed the first time you visit the
    island--when Wakka first meets Tidus.  In the ocean Tidus swims in, check out
    the right side of the screen.  Look around for a treasure chest on a little
    cove.  Open it up, and you've got Yuna's Moon Crest.
    Next, you'll want to go to the Remien Temple (located near the Calm Lands) and 
    battle Belgemine's aeons.  You must have all of the aeons, including the extra
    aeons Yojimo, Anima, and Magus Sisters, to complete this task.
    Here's a guide to defeating each aeon and ultimately grabbing Yuna's Moon
    Valefor (20,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Summoner's Soul
            Second Time    - Lightning Gem x4
            All Others     - Power Sphere x4
    It's an easy battle.  Valefor is incredibly weak, and he has a low HP.  Not a
    problem here.  If you are having problems with Valefor, Yuna'a level is far too
    low to defeat the other aeons.
    Ifrit (28,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Aeon's Soul
            Second Time    - X-Potion x30
            All Others     - Mana Sphere x5
    Don't use fire attacks.  A nice dose of Ice attacks from Anima should eliminate
    him in no time at all.
    Ixion (30,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Chocobo Feather x10
            All Others     - Power Sphere x8
    Make sure you don't hit Ixion with Thunder attacks, as he absorbs them.  Water
    magic is your easiest option.
    Shiva (20,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Mega Potion x60
            All Others     - Star Curtain x6
    Shiva will dodge most physical attacks.  Use a steady dose of Firaga, and
    she'll be gone.  If you miss with too many physical attacks, she'll have an
    overdrive, Diamond Dust, ready to use on your aeon.
    Bahamut (35,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Flower Sceptor
            All Others     - Mana Sphere x8
    You'll get the Flower Sceptor the very first time you defeat Bahamut, which
    means you won't be getting it again.  You needed the Flower Sceptor to obtain
    the Magus Sisters, which I've already instructed you to do.  To defeat Bahamut,
    use another big gun aeon like Anima or even Shiva.
    Yojimbo (32,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Shadow Gem x8
            All Others     - Power Sphere x10
    Defeat Yojimbo with ease, as long as you're using attacks like Impulse, Pain,
    or Ultima.  He'll dodge a lot of physical attacks.
    Anima (54,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Stamina Spring x60
            All Others     - Mana Sphere x10
    Anima has the most HP of any single aeon, so this could be your first
    challenge.  Just make sure you use the Magus Sisters, Yojimbo, Shiva,
    or Bahamut and you'll be on your way to victory.  Valefor doesn't have
    enough HP for the fight, and Ifrit is not strong enough.
    Magus Sisters: Cindy (20,000 HP) / Sandy (35,000 HP) / Mindy (48,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Shining Gem x40
            All Others     - Power Sphere x12
            Sending        - Moon Sigil
    One overdrive from Anima or Bahamut will eliminate the Magus Sisters just as
    quickly as they came out.  If you don't want to use an overdrive, first take
    Cindy, because she is the healer.  Once you win this battle, send Belgemine and
    grab the Moon Sigil.  Almost time for Yuna's weapon.
    Back to the Calm Lands.  Capture at least one of every monster there.  Be sure
    the man who runs the arena acknowledge that you've capture at least one of
    each Calm Lands fiend.
    Open the treasure box, get the weapon, and head to Macalania to power it up!
    Once powered up, Nirvana will have:
    [Break Damage Limit] + [Triple Overdrive] + [Double AP] + [One MP Cost]
    As an added bonus, Valefor can now deal over 9,999 damage!  Yuna's Nirvana
    will inflict more damage when Yuna's MP is full, so keep a supply of ethers
    on hand, should your MP run extremely low.
    Special Effects: Does more damage when Yuna's MP is full, and allows Valefor 
    to exceed 9,999 damage.
    Chapter Twelve: Wakka's Celestial Weapon - World Champion              <ID012>
    Wakka's ultimate weapon is not that hard to attain.  You must have the
    Celestial Mirror, however.  Don't try to get Wakka's weapon from the bar until
    you have the Celestial Mirror.
    First, take your airship to Luca.  Check out the Besaid Aurochs locker room,
    and attempt to open all the lockers.  Inside one of the lockers is the Jupiter
    Next, head to the bar where Kimahri nearly gets into a large fight with Biran
    Ronso and Yenke Ronso.  Talk to the man behind the counter.  He'll give up
    Wakka's ultimate weapon.
    The last step is actually the most difficult.
    You must win each of Wakka's overdrives in the blitzball leagues and
    tournaments before you can get his Sigil.  Refer to another part of this guide
    for information about Wakka's overdrives and how to get them.
    After you've won Auroch Reels, Wakka's last overdrive, the Jupiter Sigil will
    be a prize in the League games.  It might not appear right away, so keep
    winning league championships.  If you're impatient, read on for a trick.
    There is a certain trick to help you gain Wakka's Jupiter Sigil faster.  After
    you've grabbed all his overdrives, keep using RESET TEAM DATA until Wakka's
    Sigil appears as a league prize.  Personally, I don't recommend this, because
    you'll lose all your blitzball stats, levels, recruitments, techs, etc.
    Take the weapon, crest, and sigil to the woods and power it up.  Wakka's
    new World Champion will boast:
    [Break Damage Limit] + [Triple Overdrive] + [Double AP] + [Evade & Counter]
    Also, after World Champion is powered up, Ifrit will be able to inflict over
    9,999 damage.  Wakka's World Champion deals extra damage when Wakka's HP is
    full, so heal him often.
    Chapter Thirteen: Lulu's Celestial Weapon - Onion Knight               <ID013>
    The Onion Knight returns from Final Fantasy III!
    Much like the moogles, moombas, cactuars, etc, all of Lulu's dolls seem to be
    from old Final Fantasy games.  Getting the Onion Knight isn't hard, it just
    requires patience.
    First thing's first: go to the Baaj Temple (Anima's Temple).  Dive down below
    and look around.  It's in a VERY well hidden treasure box, only accessible
    after you've defeated Geosgaeno, the temple's water boss.  The easiest way to
    get the treasure box is to look around in the southern part of the circle
    and just mash the X button like mad.  Soon you'll have her weapon.
    Like most of the Celestial Weapons, you'll need the Celestial Mirror to open
    the treasure box.  So don't bother, unless you have it.
    Next, get the Venus Crest.  Just head to the Farplane, you can't miss it.  From
    one extreme to the other, right?
    Now, it's back to the tedious work.  Off to the Thunder Plains.  It's time to
    do the fabled "Dodge 200 Lightning Bolts" quest.
    Here are the ten commandments for completing this challenge:
    1 - Thou shall not save in between; if you do, your counter resets.
    2 - Thou shall not leave the screen in between; if yo do, your counter resets.
    3 - Thou shall not use a turbo controller.  The game picks up on cheating.
    4 - Thou shall not mash X.  The game picks up on your cheating attempt.
    5 - Thou shall honor this map:
        < www.freewebs.com/acax1985/ps2_final_fantasy_x_thunder_plains_map.jpg >
    6 - Thou shall not throw any controllers or small animals in a fit of rage.
    7 - Thou shall concentrate and remain calm at all times.
    8 - Thou shall use [No Encounters] on an armor or a weapon.
    9 - Thou shall not complain it is not fair or it is impossible.
    10 - Thou shall be wished good luck.
    When using the map, be sure to try dodging the lightning bolts at places where
    you see THREE lightning bolts.  That's where the lightning strikes most
    If you follow those rules, you will soon have a fully charged up Onion Knight
    with the following abilities:
    [Break Damage Limit] + [Triple Overdrive] + [Magic Booster] + [One MP Cost]
    When Lulu's MP is full you'll deal extra damage with the Onion Knight.  Also,
    once powered up, the Onion Knight allows Shiva to break the damage limit.
    Alternative Methods
    If you're still having trouble, you can try some of these methods, contributed
    by fellow Final Fantasy X players.
    Shadow Conspiracy's Method
    First, go to the area just right north the rin travel agencey, that place has
    the most lightning bolts.  start the stopwatch and go for 5 minutes.
    stop it between 5-6 minutes.  pause and go watch tv for 5-10 minutes, or when
    the show ur watching begins a part that you dont like.
    switch back to the game and go for a minute.  keep doing this and around 14-17
    minutes you should have the sigil; i got 254 doing it this way.
    Mitchell Jackson's Method
    At a high volume (as my games usually are) the noise of the lightening
    and weather can be disconcerting and break your concentration.  At
    moderate volume, the sound is distracting and misleading.  The game tends
    to throw many more 'sounds' of lightening than actual lightening strikes.
    This can fool you into accidentally setting off the "mash" detection... by
    the noise luring you into attempting a dodge just a moment before a real
    strike, and then when you press X on the real strike the mash protection
    kicks in, and you get hit anyway.
    Anyway, I was having a horrible time dodging 200 strikes, because of the
    sound.  I even managed to get 199 at one point, before being hit.
    But, after turning the volume on the stereo down ALL THE WAY and just
    using the white flash on the screen as a dodge indicator, dodging hundreds
    of strikes in a row was easy as pie.
    Chapter Fourteen: Kimahri's Celestial Weapon - Spirit Lance            <ID014>
    Kimahri's Celestial Weapon, the Spirit Lance, is not too hard to obtain.  If
    you use the map I'm providing for the butterfly game, then you should be fine.
    Before the butterfly game, though, head to the Thunder Plains.  You may have
    noticed that their are several Qactuar stones in corners of the Thunder Plains.
    Pray at three stones, and then head back down to the southern part of the
    plains.  There will be a Qactuar Ghost floating around.
    It's a bit tricky to follow him, because it seems he is following you, but you
    have to try.  He'll lead you to an old, crumbled tower on the right side of the
    screen.  It's about in the middle of the screen, not too far north or south,
    but in the middle.
    You'll notice how destroyed the tower is.  Pray at this spot, with Celestial
    Mirror in hand, and you'll watch a short cutscene as Kimahri obtains his
    Kimahri's Saturn Crest is located on Mt. Gagazet.  Chances are you picked it up
    already, it's near a bunch of pillars near the Seymour fight.  It's not hard to
    find.  Open the box and get the Crest.
    The Saturn Sigil isn't hard to find, either, but it is quite hard to obtain.
    You'll need the map at:
    < http://www.freewebs.com/acax1985/ps2_final_fantasy_x_butterfly_map.jpg >
    Print it, if you need.
    Take the airship to Macalania and then begin the butterfly game.  You must
    complete both.  By using the butterfly map (see the link above), it should be
    much easier.  You'll need to grab all the blue ones, while avoiding the red
    ones.  It's frustrating, to say the least.  [No Encounters] on an armor is a
    must.  Even if you run into a red butterfly while [No Encounters] is equipped,
    you'll fight a battle.  Use this time to capture any monsters you need.
    If you try to do this before you have the airship, you will not get the items
    you are looking for.
    Once you power up Kimahri's Spirit Lance, Ixion will be able to break the
    damage limit of 9,999 damage.  The Spirit Lance, fully charged:
    [Break Damage Limit] + [Triple Overdrive] + [Double AP] + [Evade & Counter]
    So why is it called the Spirit Lance, when it has absolutely nothing to do
    with any sort of magic?
    According to what translations I can gather, the Japanese Final Fanstasy X game
    is deeply rooted in spiritual, holy, or religious matters, even more so than
    the American game.  The Crests and Sigils are actually called Scrolls and
    Holy Scrolls, respectively, in the Japanese release.
    In Japanese, Kimahri's Sigil was the Thursday Holy Scroll.  All of the
    characters had days, not planets (or satelites, YUNA!), assigned to them.
    Holy Thursday is a very special day in the Christian faith (which I'm not
    going to get into), and Kimahri's ultimate weapon was called Longinus in
    the Japanese edition.  Longinus is the suposed name of the Roman soldier who
    pierced Jesus Christ's side with a spear as he hung on the cross.
    Obviously, America is too fragile to include these "deep, dark elements of
    religion" in a game, so it was tuned down to Spirit Lance.
    Kawa Same adds this:
    "Also, if you pay attention to this kind of stuff, the Lance of Longinus is
    also the name of a Holy Lance in an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion. This
    anime was very popular when FFX was in it's production stages. Still is,
    Chapter Fifteen: Auron's Celestial Weapon - Masamune                   <ID015>
    Throughout the game, Auron is your fighter and strongest character.  I think
    the Mars Crest and Mars Sigil fit him well, as Mars was the Roman God of War.
    The steps to gaining Auron's Masamune are actually a bit longer than most other
    characters, because of the sheer ease of the process.
    First, take your Celestial Mirror with you to the Calm Lands.  Head down
    towards the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth and look around.  You'll see a rusty
    sword around there.  Take it with you to the Mushroom Rock Road.
    Once at Mushroom Rock Road, take your second left.  It should lead you to a
    lift.  Follow the obvious instructions of inserting the Rusty Sword, and you'll
    grab a powered down version of the Masamune.
    The Mars Crest is even easier to get.  Just ride a chocobo to the end of the
    Mi'ihen Highroad.  You'll notice another path, to the south.  It leads to the
    ruined Mi'ihen road.  Locate the chest and get ready to capture some monsters.
    To get the Mars Sigil, you'll need to unlock TEN Species Conquest or Area
    Conquest Monster Arena monsters.
    You have -no idea- how long this next chart took me to create, so please USE it
    and don't ask me questions.
    You must unlock any TEN of these monsters:
    Monster Unlocked              Monsters Needed               Location
    ================              ===============               ========
    Stratavis                     1 Dingo                       Besaid
                                  1 Condor                      Besaid
                                  1 Water Flan                  Besaid
    Malboro Menace                1 Killer Bee                  Kilika
                                  1 Ragora                      Kilika
                                  1 Dionix                      Kilika
                                  1 Yellow Element              Kilika
    Kottos                        1 Raldo                       Mi'ihen Highroad
                                  1 Mi'ihen Fang                Mi'ihen Highroad
                                  1 White Element               Mi'ihen Highroad
                                  1 Bomb                        Mi'ihen Highroad
                                  1 Dual Horn                   Mi'ihen Highroad
                                  1 Vouivre                     Mi'ihen Lowroad
                                  1 Ipiria                      Mi'ihen Lowroad
    Coeurlregina                  1 Thunder Fan                 Mushroom Rock Road
                                  1 Gandarewa                   Mushroom Rock Road
                                  1 Raptor                      Mushroom Rock Road
                                  1 Lamashtu                    Mushroom Rock Road
                                  1 Red Element                 Mushroom Rock Road
                                  1 Funguar                     Mushroom Rock Road
                                  1 Garuda                      Mushroom Rock Road
    Jormungand                    1 Bite Bug                    Djose Highroad
                                  1 Garm                        Djose Highroad
                                  1 Bunyip                      Djose Highroad
                                  1 Simurgh                     Djose Highroad End
                                  1 Snow Flan                   Djose Highroad
                                  1 Basilisk                    Djose Highroad
                                  1 Ochu                        Moonflow
    Cactuar King                  1 Aerouge                     Thunder Plains
                                  1 Buer                        Thunder Plains
                                  1 Melusine                    Thunder Plains
                                  1 Kusariqqu                   Thunder Plains
                                  1 Qactuar                     Thunder Plains
                                  1 Gold Element                Thunder Plains
                                  1 Larva                       Thunder Plains
                                  1 Iron Giant                  Thunder Plains
    Espada                        1 Wasp                        Macalania (Woods)
                                  1 Murussu                     Macalania (Woods)
                                  1 Blue Element                Macalania (Woods)
                                  1 Xiphos                      Macalania (Woods)
                                  1 Chimera                     Macalania (Woods)
                                  1 Evil Eye                    Macalania (Snowy)
                                  1 Snow Worlf                  Macalania (Snowy)
                                  1 Mafdet                      Macalania (Snowy)
    Abyss Worm                    1 Alcyone                     Bikanel
                                  1 Sand Wolf                   Bikanel
                                  1 Sand Worm                   Bikanel Very North
                                  1 Mushussu                    Bikanel
                                  1 Zuu                         Bikanel Very North
                                  1 Cactuar                     Bikanel Sand Storm
    Chimerageist                  1 Nebiros                     Calm Lands
                                  1 Skoll                       Calm Lands
                                  1 Flame Flan                  Calm Lands
                                  1 Anacondaur                  Calm Lands
                                  1 Shred                       Calm Lands
                                  1 Coeurl                      Calm Lands
                                  1 Ogre                        Calm Lands
                                  1 Malboro                     Calm Lands
                                  1 Chimera Brain               Calm Lands
    Don Tonberry                  1 Epaaj                       Sunken Cave
                                  1 Imp                         Sunken Cave
                                  1 Yowie                       Sunken Cave
                                  1 Thorn                       Sunken Cave
                                  1 Dark Element                Sunken Cave
                                  1 Nidhogg                     Sunken Cave
                                  1 Valaha                      Sunken Cave
                                  1 Ghost                       Sunken Cave
                                  1 Tonberry                    Sunken Cave
    Catoblepas                    1 Bandersnatch                Mt. Gagazet
                                  1 Grat                        Mt. Gagazet
                                  1 Grenade                     Mt. Gagazet
                                  1 Bashura                     Mt. Gagazet
                                  1 Ahriman                     Mt. Gagazet
                                  1 Grendel                     Mt. Gagazet
                                  1 Dark Flan                   Mt. Gagazet Cavern
                                  1 Mandragora                  Mt. Gagazet Cavern
                                  1 Behemoth                    Mt. Gagazet Cavern
                                  1 Splasher                    Mt. Gagazet Ponds
                                  1 Achelous                    Mt. Gagazet Ponds
                                  1 Maelspike                   Mt. Gagazet Ponds
    Abadon                        1 Exoray                      Inside Sin
                                  1 Gemini [with Club]          Inside Sin's City
                                  1 Gemini [with Sword]         Inside Sin's City
                                  1 Adamantoise                 Inside Sin's City
                                  1 Behemoth King               Inside Sin
                                  1 Wraith                      Inside Sin
                                  1 Great Malboro               Inside Sin's City
                                  1 Barbatos                    Inside Sin's City
                                  1 Demonolith                  Inside Sin's City
    Vorban                        1 Varuna                      Omega Ruins
                                  1 Floating Death              Omega Ruins
                                  1 Black Element               Omega Ruins
                                  1 Zaurus                      Omega Ruins
                                  1 Spirit                      Omega Ruins
                                  1 Halma                       Omega Ruins
                                  1 Machea                      Omega Ruins
                                  1 Master Coeurl               Omega Ruins
                                  1 Master Tonberry             Omega Ruins
                                  1 Puroburos                   Omega Ruins
    Fenrir                        3 Dingo                       Besaid
                                  3 Mi'ihen Fang                Mi'ihen Highroad
                                  3 Garm                        Moonflow
                                  3 Snow Wolf                   Macalania (Snowy)
                                  3 Sand Wolf                   Sanubia Desert
                                  3 Skoll                       Calm Lands
                                  3 Bandersnatch                Mt. Gagazet
    Ornitholestes                 3 Dionix                      Kilika Forest
                                  3 Ipiria                      Mi'ihen Lowroad
                                  3 Raptor                      Mushroom Rock Road
                                  3 Melusine                    Thunder Plains
                                  3 Iguion                      Macalania
                                  3 Yowie                       Sunken Cave
                                  3 Zaurus                      Omega Ruins
    Pteryx                        4 Condor                      Besaid
                                  4 Simurgh                     Djose Highroad
                                  4 Alcyone                     Sanubia Desert
    Hornet                        4 Killer Bee                  Kilika
                                  4 Bite Bug                    Moonflow
                                  4 Wasp                        Macalania (Woods)
                                  4 Nebiros                     Calm Lands
    Vidatu                        4 Gandarewa                   Mushroom Rock Road
                                  4 Aerouge                     Thunder Plains
                                  4 Imp                         Mt. Gagazet
    One-Eye                       4 Floating Eye                Mi'ihen Highroad
                                  4 Buer                        Thunder Plains
                                  4 Evil Eye                    Macalania (Snowy)
                                  4 Ahriman                     Mt. Gagazet
                                  4 Floating Death              Omega Ruin
    Jumbo Flan                    3 Water Flan                  Besaid
                                  3 Thunder Flan                Mi'ihen Highroad
                                  3 Snow Flan                   Moonflow
                                  3 Ice Flan                    Macalania (Snowy)
                                  3 Flame Flan                  Calm Lands
                                  3 Dark Flan                   Mt. Gagazet Cavern
    Nega Elemental                3 Yellow Element              Kilika
                                  3 White Element               Mi'ihen Highroad
                                  3 Red Element                 Mushroom Rock Road
                                  3 Gold Element                Thunder Plains
                                  3 Blue Element                Macalania (Woods)
                                  3 Dark Element                Sunken Cave
                                  3 Black Element               Omega Ruins
    Tanket                        3 Raldo                       Mi'ihen Highroad
                                  3 Bunyip                      Moonflow
                                  3 Murussu                     Macalania (Woods)
                                  3 Mafdet                      Macalania (Snowy)
                                  3 Shred                       Calm Lands
                                  3 Halma                       Omega Ruins
    Fafnir                        4 Vouivre                     Mi'ihen Lowroad
                                  4 Lamashtu                    Mushroom Rock Road
                                  4 Kusariqqu                   Thunder Plain
                                  4 Mushussu                    Sanubia Desert
                                  4 Nidhogg                     Sunken Cave
    Sleep Sprout                  5 Funguar                     Djose Highroad
                                  5 Thorn                       Sunken Cave
                                  5 Exoray                      Inside Sin
    Bomb King                     5 Bomb                        Mi'ihen Highroad
                                  5 Grenade                     Mt. Gagazet
                                  5 Puroburos                   Omega Ruins
    Juggernaut                    5 Dual Horn                   Mi'ihen Highroad
                                  5 Valaha                      Sunken Cave
                                  5 Grendel                     Mt. Gagazet Cavern
    Ironclad                      10 Iron Giant                 Thunder Plains
                                  10 Gemini [with Club]         Inside Sin
                                  10 Gemini [with Sword]        Inside Sin
    There you have it.  You must unlock any ten of those monsters, and I've even
    included how to do it.  Get the Mars Sigil from the man at the arena and then
    go power up your Masamune to full strength:
    [Break Damage Limit] + [Triple Overdrive] + [First Strike] + [Counterattack]
    Auron's Masamune, when powered up, allows Yojimbo to deal more than 9,999
    damage.  Also, as a neat little bonus, when Auron's is critical, he'll inflict
    more damage with the Masamune.  The extra damage is just a bonus, though, as it
    is on all Celestial Weapons.  You can still do 99,999 damage while being full
    on health.
    As you read this, the term 'masamune' may sound familiar to you, from other
    games such as Chrono Trigger.  Jim Kurrasch has written this about the history
    of the 'masamune', which you can find elsewhere in this guide.
    Chapter Sixteen: Rikku's Celestial Weapon - Godhand                    <ID016>
    The first to gaining Rikku's ultimate weapon is to input the password:
    You input the password onto the airship's password system.  It must be in all
    capital letters.
    Once you've inputted GODHAND, a new place on the airship map will open up.  Go
    to this new location and then open a treasure box found there.  It will contain
    Rikku's Godhand, her ultimate weapon.  In Final Fantasy VII, Tifa also had a
    weapon called the Godhand.
    If you're wondering how you're suposed to know to put in the GODHAND password,
    read the Al Bhed Passwords section of this guide.
    Rikku's Mercury Crest can be found in Sanubia Desert, on the far north screen
    in a northwestern alcove.
    The next step is to acquire the Mercury Sigil.  You'll need the airship for
    this, and I strongly recommend [No Encounters].  Learn more about [No
    Encounters] in another part of this guide, named, you gussed it, [No
    Encounters].  This is a rather complicated process, but it is not hard.
    RAGNAROK757 has written comprehensively on the topic.  It is his work you see
    here next, with permission.  Sections have been edited by myself, however, to
    make them easier to read in this guide and to cut down on the massive file size
    for you 28k AOL users.  Thanks RAGNAROK757, you're the man.
    Screen Number     Description                   In Game Menu Title
    ===========       ===========                   ==================
    SCREEN ONE        Contains a pond               Sanubia Desert--Oasis
    SCREEN TWO        A winding path with a save    Sanubia Desert--East
    SCREEN THREE      Open desert, ruins on left    Sanubia Desert--Central
    SCREEN FOUR       Last screen with sandstorm    Sanubia Desert--West
    NOTE: In the guide, north refers to UP, south to DOWN, etc.  So if it says
          "move south", it means go down.
    First, go to SCREEN FOUR.  On the right side there is a stone you need to
    interact with.  After you interact with it, you'll need to catch ten cactuars.
    It is also a good time to capture ten cactuars needed for the Monster Arena.
    Chocobo Feathers can be stolen from cactuars commonly.  Chocobo Wings are rare
    When you find a cactuar and win or lose, you'll be given a special sphere.  If
    you win, you'll get [Cactuar's Name] Sphere.  If you lose, you'll get Sphere
    del Perdedor, or Loser's Sphere.  Take the sphere, win or lose, back to the
    stone and you'll be given a new cactuar to find.
    Glyph Clue: Tomay's gone. Gone to fetch the water.
    Location: At the oasis in the first screen. He is toward the right side of that
    little shore, you really can't miss him.
    Traits: Duties: Fetching water. Takes his time and, as a result, is often left
            A little dim.
    Time: 10.0 seconds
    Course: You start off on a hill in the back left of the screen. Tomay is in the
    front right, under a tree.
    Difficulty/Tips: Easy. You just run straight toward him, watching his movements
    and stopping when he turns around. Or, instead of watching his movements, you
    can wait for the Al Bhed word "Needletime!" to appear onscreen. Stop when you
    see it, as this word means he is looking at you. However, I recommend watching 
    his movements as the best strategy. Time is not an obstacle.
    Glyph Clue: Rovivea's gone walkabout.
    Location: You will find Rovivea in Screen Two. When you enter from Screen Three
    there is a large open depression to the left side of the screen, it's not hard
    to see Rovivea.
    Traits: Has no patience for certain dim-witted friends.
            Not a progressive thinker.
    Time: 13.6 seconds
    Course: Rovivea is at the very front of the screen, you are at the far back.
    Setup is similar to Tomay.
    Difficulty/Tips: Easy. Same strategy as for Tomay.
    Glyph Clue: Little Chava likes big numbers.
    Location: There is a narrow point in Screen Four. On either side of this narrow
    area, there is a signpost facing each other horizontally. Go to the left sign
    and press X to read it; it should say something about an Al Bhed 20% off sale.
    (What a deal!) After you read the sign you will see little cutscene in which
    you find Chava.
    Traits: Recently learned to count to 50.
            A little needy.
            Attention deficit.
    Time: 13.0 seconds
    Course: You are at the back near one sign, Chava is in the front near another.
    A straightaway.
    Difficulty/Tips: Easy. Same strategy as for Tomay.
    Glyph Clue: Alek and Aloja play tag in the ruins of men.
    Location: They are running around in Screen Three, among the ruins on the far
    left side of the screen. You will easily spot them in the lowest part of the
    valley, running back and forth.
    Traits: Two brothers, rarely separated.
            They move as one, their closeness a paragon of brotherhood.
    Time: 13.0 seconds
    Course: The two brothers are at the front of the screen, you are in the far
    back. A straightaway course.
    Difficulty/Tips: Medium. Again, just run straight at them and watch their
    movements; this is a little more difficult than previous ones, you have to use
    your time to its fullest to reach them within the time period.
    Glyph Clue: Vachella seeks the shining blue.
    Location: The "shining blue" refers to a Save Sphere. Just go to the save point
    in Screen Two (it's approximately in the center of the area, under a tent) and
    examine the sphere. You will have the chance to save, etc. Once you cancel out
    of the Save Sphere menu, Vachella will appear.
    Traits: Loves new things.
            Hard on others, easy on self.
    Time: 14.0 seconds
    Course: You are standing by the Save point, Vachella in the front of the
    screen. Another pretty straight course.
    Difficulty/Tips: Medium. Vachella likes to turn around very quickly. After he
    turns for the first time, he will turn around three more times right in
    succession. If you want to win, you must take full advantage of your opening
    period to run, then take at least a small step between each of his next four
    turns. He makes 8 spins total during the time; you'll need quick reflexes.
    Glyph Clue: O, Robeya's stuck inside.
    Location: Robeya is in a treasure chest, in the far southwest corner of the 
    main desert area in Screen Three. Just follow the south wall westward, or
    follow the fence southward, it's up to you. Try to open the chest and Robeya
    will hop out.
    Traits: A real needle brain.
            Likes cramped spaces.
            Check out his great collection!
    Time: 14.0 seconds
    Course: A straightway course, but there are four treasure chests, two on each
    side. The back one on the left is open. The back right one contains two Shadow
    Gems. The front left contains two Shining Gems, and the front right a Blessed
    Gem. You can open the chests to get the prizes; if you lose a trial, you can
    still keep your prize, but you can only open each chest once.
    Difficulty/Tips: Easy. The challenge is to get all three items, and still beat
    Robeya. However, since this is quite difficult, I suggest you just choose two
    of the three prizes, get them, and then beat Robeya with trial #3. I usually
    grab the Shadow Gems and the Blessed Gem.
    BUG ALERT!! Apparently, if you do not leave Screen Four after giving the glyph
    Robeya's sphere, Isrra might not appear. However, don't worry, just leave the
    screen and come back, and all will be well. (Thanks to CB! for the solution to
    this bug, though I'm sure many others have discovered it as well.)
    Glyph Clue: A fiery description--The lord of the hole is gone, Isrra thinks.
    Location: In Screen Four, there are three antlion pits (little whirlpools of
    sand). You will find Isrra running around in the middle one of them.
    Traits: The philosopher about town. Today, he digs holes. Again.
            A cautious sort.
    Time: 15.0 seconds
    Course: The course is a basic Isrra front/Tidus back setup, however your vision
    is slightly hazy as it from the heat.
    Difficulty/Tips: Hard. Isrra looks at you for seconds at a time, so you must
    be very precise with starting and stopping--don't waste a single tenth of a
    second that he is looking away.
    There is a pit next to Tidus on the screen. Run into it when you first have a
    chance to move, and once you are in just keep running toward Isrra, even when 
    he is looking at you. Apparently there is a tunnel connecting the two pits,
    because after a few seconds you will be standing at the bottom left of the
    screen, right next to Isrra! Then just run over and touch him and you will
    have caught him. 
    Glyph Clue: Much-curious Elio has left on a journey.
    Location: Go to the pond in Screen One again. To find Elio, you must simply
    enter the pond area from the north (not the screen, just the area around the
    pond.) Basically, if you morph in at the Save point, you need to go up and then
    come back down again. After this, you will see a cutscene in which Elio beams
    up to the roof of the airship. Head to the airship roof to find him.
    (I love the cinematography, when you see Tidus' back, and then it rises up to
    show Elio. Sorry, back to the guide.)
    Traits: To what lies beyond the sands, he travels far to distant lands.
            Hyper-reactive and a bad poet.
    Time: 11.0 seconds
    Course: You are at the door of the roof, and Elio, in the forefront of the
    screen, is at the prow. Be warned, the ship will tilt when you are trying to
    get to him, so be prepared and keep your reflexes sharp.
    Difficulty/Tips: Hard. You just need to watch both Elio and the ship and
    pray you will succeed. Even I, having had a lot of practice, still sometimes
    fail to get him; 11 seconds is very short to achieve this in. Also, you
    don't actually fight Elio. If you reach him, he just falls off the edge, and
    apparently dies. Oh well.
    PROBLEM WITH ELIO: If you have gone to the "Sin" destination on the airship, 
    but have not fought the battle with Sin there, you will automatically be forced
    into that battle when you go outside to meet Elio. So, you have to fight Sin 
    and get that over with before you can continue with the sidequest. I don't know
    of any other solution.
    Glyph Clue: Flaile is always behind.
    Location: After you take Elio's sphere to the glyph, Flaile will automatically
    jump out and initiate the minigame.
    Traits: The guy you never invite but he always shows up anyway.
    Time: 13.0 seconds
    Course: A basic straightaway; you are standing be the glyph rock, he is in
    the front ground of the screen.
    Difficulty/Tips: Hard. Ignore the sounds and the words that appear onscreen, as
    they are meaningless for this one. However, it is not that hard to just look 
    at his movements and time your running. Flaile gives you a special red sphere
    when you are done with him.
    Once you beat Flaile, take the red sphere to the glyph and there will be a
    lengthy sequence in which the glyph repeats the clue for each of the 10
    Cactaurs' locations. Then, the sandstorm in the valley will disappear.
    Now that the sandstorm is gone, you can go get your prizes. There are two
    treasure chests in the area revealed by the sandstorm; both are toward the
    southern end of the valley. In the left one is the Mercury Sigil. The prize in
    the second chest varies, depending on how many Cactaurs you successfully
    1 Named Sphere=    Potion
    2 Named Spheres=   Potion
    3 Named Spheres=   Elixir
    4 Named Spheres=   Elixir
    5 Named Spheres=   Elixir
    6 Named Spheres=   Elixir
    7 Named Spheres=   Megalixir
    8 Named Spheres=   Megalixir
    9 Named Spheres=   Friend Sphere
    10 Named Spheres=  Friend Sphere
    None of these prizes could be classified as great, so don't feel a lot of
    pressure to beat every Cactaur, but it isn't difficult, and an extra Friend
    Sphere never hurt anybody.
    Thanks, RAGNAROK757.
    Power up your Godhand to the following abilities:
    [Break Damage Limit] + [Triple Overdrive] + [Double AP] + [Gillionaire]
    Rikku's Godhand is the only Celestial Weapon with Gillionaire.  When Rikku's
    HP is full, Godhand will inflict extra, bonus damage.
    Chapter Seventeen: Valefor's Hidden Overdrive                          <ID017>
    Valefor is the only aeon to have a second, hidden overdrive.
    To get the second overdrive, Energy Blast, immediately reenter the village
    the first time the party begins to leave. If you miss this oppurtunity,
    you will need to wait until you gain the airship.
    Once you've returned to Besaid, head to the village and talk to the woman and
    the dog on the left of the temple.  She'll tell you about her dog finding
    something soggy.. well, it's your new overdrive!  Congrats.
    Note that if you're playing the Japanese or American version of the game,
    you will have no trouble.  However, if you're playing the International or
    European version of the game, you'll have to fight Dark Valefor.  For a guide
    on Dark Valefor, check out a PAL FAQ.
    Chapter Eighteen: Returning To Bevelle Temple                          <ID018>
    You can not return to Bevelle Temple.  Never ever.  No chance.
    You can not miss the Destruction Sphere at Bevelle Temple.  In order to
    complete the Bevelle Temple puzzle, you MUST use the Destruction Sphere.  You
    also MUST grab the treasure chest in order to complete the puzzle.  It is
    absolutely MANDATORY that you GET THE CHEST and USE THE SPHERE.
    In case I am not being clear, THERE IS NO WAY TO RETURN TO BEVELLE!  NONE!  No
    matter what anyone tells you.  Anyone that says you can return is lying.
    Do not ask how to return.  If you e-mail me asking, I will ban your e-mail
    address.  If you instant message me, I will block your screen name.  Forever.
    Chapter Nineteen: [Break MP Limit]                                     <ID019>
    [Break MP Limit] allows a character to have up to 9999 MP when the
    auto-ability is on that user's current armor.
    To customize [Break MP Limit] onto an armor, you'll need 30 Three Stars.  Read
    on to learn how to get Three Stars:
    a) Steal From Shinryu and Jormungand: With [Master Thief] equipped, you'll
    often steal Three Stars from both of these Monster Arena fiends.  Without
    having [Master Thief] equipped, your chances are quite low. 
    b) Open Five Chests During Remien Race: If you can open three chests, and beat
    the other chocobo to the end of the Remien Chocobo Race, you'll earn SIXTY
    Three Stars.  Too bad you can only do this once.
    c) Unlock Two Area Creations: If you can unlock two area creation monsters at
    the arena, you'll be rewarded with SIXTY Three Stars.
    d) Bribe Behemoth King: If you bribe Behemoth King for 1,350,000 gil you
    could get fourteen Three Stars.  Be sure to save before you bribe, in case
    something goes wrong.
    [Break MP Limit] armors are also dropped by these enemies: Ultima Weapon (one
    time chance) or the Ultima Buster, on occasion.
    Onto some common questions:
    Q: If I have more than 999 MP worth of Sphere Grid Nodes activated, but I do
       not have [Break MP Limit] yet, will the game remember the nodes that put me
       over 999 MP, so that when I get [Break MP Limit] I will have more HP?
    A: Yes, the game 'remembers' your MP.  Don't worry.
    Q: How much MP can you max out with?
    A: The most MP any one character can have is 9999.
    That's everything you could want about [Break MP Limit].
    Chapter Twenty: Don Tonberry AP Trick                                  <ID020>
    The Don Tonberry AP trick is the most efficient way of gaining Sphere Levels.
    With a little work, you could be gaining 99 Sphere Levels per character in just
    under a minute or so.  Ryan Charles first came up with this theory. It is his
    work that allowed so many players to max their stats efficiently.  I'll break
    this down into steps, so that it is easy to follow.
    NOTE: When I refer to "AP Weapon", I'm talking about a weapon with the
    following abilities:
    [Triple AP] + [Triple Overdrive] + [Overdrive->AP]
    Your weapon could have another ability added, but an AP Weapon is essentially
    configured with the aforementioned abilities.
    Preperation Step One - Unlock One-Eye
    You can either choose One-Eye or Ultima Buster to unlock.  One-Eye is a lot
    easier to unlock; he is also a lot easier to consisently kill.  If you choose
    to unlock Ultima Buster, you must capture at least FIVE of EVERY monster.  If
    you kill Ultima Buster, though, he could drop a weapon with [Triple AP],
    [Triple Overdrive], and [Overdrive->AP], all abilities you will need anyway.
    If you already have Ultima Buster unlocked, and you can kill him, try doing
    that and seeing what you get.  You could get all the weapons you need right
    To unlock One-Eye, you need to capture:
    4 Floating Eye, found at Mi'ihen Highroad
    4 Buer, found at Thunder Plains
    4 Evil Eye, found at Macalania (Snowy)
    4 Ahriman, found at Mt. Gagazet
    4 Floating Death, found at Omega Ruins
    Preperation Step Two - Battle One-Eye
    When you battle One-Eye, you'll have a good chance of getting of getting
    weapons with [Triple AP] on them.  What you want is a weapon with [Triple AP]
    and two extra slots open.  Battle One-Eye until he gives you what you need.  Do
    this for as many characters as you want.
    Preperation Step Three - Customize [Overdrive->AP]
    Next, you'll need to use ten Doors to Tomorrow to customize [Overdrive->AP]
    auto-ability onto a weapon.  Luckily for you, these items are plentiful.  You
    can steal them from Ultima Weaponor bribe some mech warriors.  Bomb King in the
    Monster Arena will drop TWO Doors to Tomorrow if you overkill him.  My favorite
    way of getting Doors To Tomorrow: unlock six Monster Arena Area Creations.
    That is by the far the easiest way.  You'll get 99 Doors To Tomorrow from that,
    and it is considerably easy work.  Use ten Doors To Tomorrow and customize
    [Overdrive->AP] on all your [Triple AP] weapons.  There should now be one more
    slot open.
    Preperation Step Four - Customize [Triple Overdrive]
    This is by far the hardest part of the entire trick.  To customize [Triple
    Overdrive] onto a weapon, you'll need to use thirty Winning Formulas.  Winning
    Formulas can only be bribed from Sandworms or dropped by Ultima Buster.  If you
    plan to bribe a Sandworm, you'll need 900,000 gil for fifteen of them.  Make
    sure you save before you do it, incase something goes wrong.  Ultima Buster
    will drop two Winning Formulas for an overkill.  The easiest way to get a lot
    of Winning Formulas, although you can only do it once, is to unlock EVERY
    Area Creation in the Monster Arena.  It may take some time, but your reward is
    the much needed quantity of 99 Winning Formulas.  Use thirty Winning Formulas
    per weapon and customize three weapons (or more, if you can) with [Triple
    Overdrive].  Now at least three weapons should have:
    [Triple AP] + [Triple Overdrive] + [Overdrive->AP]
    Preperation Step Five - Setting Overdrive Modes
    Set all of your characters to Comrade overdrive mode.  If they do not have this
    mode, you will first need to earn it.  Check out the overdrive section of this
    guide for more.
    Preperation Step Six - Unlock Don Tonberry
    To unlock Don Tonberry, you'll need to capture at least one of each of the
    following enemies: Epaaj, Imp, Yowie, Thorn, Dark Element, Nidhogg, Valaha,
    Ghost, and Tonberry.  The Tonberry and Ghost could be considerably elusive, so
    don't give up.  For tips on catching some of these monsters, check out the
    Monster Arena section of the guide.
    Preperation Step Six - Preliminary Don Tonbbery Battle
    The first battle against Don Tonbery is for show, literally.  Equip your
    characters with their AP Weapons.  Then, take on Don Tonberry.
    Hit Don Tonberry with each of your characters.  After being hit, Don Tonberry
    counteracts with Karma.  Appropriately named, Karma deals 100 damage per enemy
    you've killed.  Sound confusing?
    For example:
    Tidus has killed 634 enemies.
    Tidus would be damaged with Karma for 63,400 damage (634 x 100 = 63,400).
    Wakka has killed 539 enemies.
    Wakka would be damaged with Karma for 53,900 damage (539 x 100 = 53,900).
    Yuna has killed 15 enemies.
    Yuna would be damaged with Karma for 1,500 damage (15 x 100 = 1,500).
    Now it's time to judge what character will be your sacrificial character.  This
    character will need to take about 80,000 to 99,999 damage from karma.  This
    character will also need to have a low HP, prefferably below 5000.
    Whatever character you choose to be your sacrifice, change that character's
    overdrive mode to Stoic.
    Preperation Step Seven - Raising Karma's Damage (OPTIONAL)
    If your charactes are not being hit for enough karma (you'll need to be hit
    for at least 80,000 damage on a LOW HP character), you will need to raise their
    kill count.  Now, you can either kill a lot of enemies normally, or you can use
    a trick.
    The trick is rather simple.  Choose the character that you want to raise the
    kill count on.  Make sure that person attacks first in battle, automatically.
    You do not want to have to cast Haste.  [Auto-Haste] would be splendid, as
    would [First Strike].
    Once you're sure that your character will attack first in every battle, talk to
    the Monster Arena Owner.  Continually press X.  A turbo controller would work
    wonders, taped down on X.
    So what does this do?
    Basically, you'll constantly fight and kill Dingo, the first enemy on the the
    Monster Arena list.  By mashing the X button, you'll be killing Dino over and
    over, raising your kill count.
    99 Sphere Level Battle
    Now it's time to gain 99 Sphere Levels in just one match, after all that
    one-time preperation.  Phew.  Luckily, the AP battles take only a minute or
    two.  Make sure your AP Weapons are equipped.
    With your sacrificial character on Stoic, and the other two characters on
    Comrade, start the bout with Don Tonberry.  The sacrificial character should
    attack Don Tonberry.
    The low HP sacrificial character should be dealt at least 80,000 damage.  By
    using Triangle, defend with the other characters.  Attack Don Tonberry five or
    six times.
    Once you've attack him five or six times, Flee from battle.  Watch the AP sore
    into 99 Sphere Levels.  Sweet.
    Why It Works
    Here's the obvious explanation to why this trick works.  Your character with
    low HP is being dealt a lot of damage.  Overdrive is figured out with this
    Damage Dealt / Maxmimum HP = Overdrive Charge
    So basically, being dealt a lot of damage, to very little HP, is a huge plus.
    In addition, your AP Weapons have [Triple Overdrive] and [Triple AP].
    With the AP Weapons, your overdrive charge is converted right into AP, instead
    of overdrive charge.  With three times the overdrive charge, and three times
    the final AP, you're really gaining a lot of AP!
    So how can you optimize this process?  There are a few solutions.
    a) Lower your maximum HP by deleting some Sphere Grid HP nodes, something you
    will need to do anyway if you plan on maxing your stats.  If you don't know
    what this means, check out the Stat Optimizing section of the guide.
    b) Increase your kill count.  Use the Dingo trick or just kill enemies the
    good, old fashioned way.  We didn't have AP tricks like these, back in the old
    SNES days, son.
    c) Use Rikku's mix, Eccentric and Hot Spurs.  Using one, or both, of these
    mix results, will DRASTICALLY increase your AP.  Try it, and see for yourself.
    d) Cut down the amount of times you hit Don Tonberry.  Try hitting Don Tonberry
    less times, if you are already gaining enough AP for 99 Sphere Levels.  You
    might only need to hit him two or three times to gain 99 Sphere Levels in one
    battle.  Toy with it.
    e) Using [SOS Overdrive], [Double Overdrive], or [Double AP] instead of the
    true, recommend abilities will seriously hurt this trick.  If you use any of
    those abilities, you may have to hit Don Tonberry a lot more times in battle,
    resulting in a lot more damage being dealt.  I strongly recommend that you do
    not use [SOS Overdrive], in any case.
    f) Using [Double AP] with [Triple AP] cancels out [Double AP].  Don't bother.
    The same thing applies to overdrives.. [Triple Overdrive] cancels any other,
    weaker overdrive setting such as [SOS Overdrive] or [Double Overdrive].
    There you have it.  A complete explanation and detail of the AP trick that
    many games so often use.  Make sure your overdrives are set correctly.  Make
    sure your weapons are set correctly.  I cannot tell you how many times that is
    the simple cause of error in this trick.
    OopsImABlueWaffle suggests this trick, as an alternative, in case your HP is
    too high for the other trick to work:
    "Get the AP Weapon.  Have your characters learn Loner overdrive.  Go into the
    Sunken Cave to battle a Magic Urn.  Have two members escape and then cast Haste
    on your remaing party member.  Sit back and read a book or something while
    continuously mashing Triangle.  Magic Urn never attacks, so you can do this
    for as long as you like until you get 99 S-lvls."
    Chapter Twenty-One: Magic Urn                                          <ID021>
    Older Final Fantasy fans will remember these magical pots.  Feeding them items,
    such as Elixirs, would result in amazing loads of free experience or AP.
    In Final Fantasy X, this is not the case.  Feeding items to Magic Urns does
    nothing, so don't waste your items or your time.
    Magic Urns have 999,999 HP.  They can be defeated with only one attack,
    Yojimbo's Zanmato.
    Defeating them gives you nothing, however.  NOTHING.  Not a single point of AP
    or even an item.
    I recommend Fleeing from Magic Urn whenever you run into them.  They cannot
    be captured.  To "attack" the urn, choose one of its "eyes" and then hope for
    the best.  You will be rewarded an item if you choose the correct eye.
    Says Hikensasameyuki:
    "There is absolutely no evidence to indicate that there is a 1/5 chance of
    correctly choosing an eye. The most popular current theory supports a
    progressive probability of success based on the number of eyes already
    correctly chosen, thus increasing the difficulty of winning the 'seven prizes
    in all, while supplies last.' This would be something like 4/5 for the first
    two choices, 3/5 for the third and fourth, 2/5 for the fifth and sixth, and
    finally 1/5 for the final choice."
    Items you could get from a succesful attack:
    Phoenix Down, Lunar Curtain, Ether, Elixir, Silver Hourglass
    If you choose the wrong eye, which you will do most of the time, the urn will
    explode, dealing damage to your party.  This damage is done in relation to your
    Magic Defense, so if you have a high Magic Defense stat, you should be alright.
    I'd really like to thank Hikensasameyuki for keeping me in check with my
    information.  He provided a lot of corrections to some of my statements.
    Thanks a lot.
    Chapter Twenty-Two: Overdrive Modes                                    <ID022>
    Learn to get every overdrive mode in the game quickly and easily.  Each
    character has to fulfill the same criteria, but at different rates.  Strong
    characters, like Auron, usually learn the damage related overdrives first.
    Healers, such as Yuna, will learn healing overdrive modes first.  Thanks to
    Donnie Wells for some corrections.
    There are seventeen overdrive modes.  Each one is covered here:
    Description:        Receive damage from enemy
    Obtain It:          Automatically available on all characters
    Meter Increment:    Damage Received x 30 / Maximum HP
    Quickly Learn:      Automatically available on all characters
    Description:        Deal damage to enemy, without items or overdrives
    Obtain It:          Tidus          150 attacks
                        Yuna           200 attacks
                        Wakka          160 attacks
                        Lulu           300 attacks
                        Kimahri        120 attacks
                        Auron          100 attacks
                        Rikku          140 attacks
    Meter Increment:    Damage Dealt x 10 / Expected Damage .. (maximum is 16)
    Quickly Learn:      Attack weak, high HP enemies.  Heal them and yourself.
                        Keep doing this until you gain the Warrior mode.
    Description:        Heal ally HP
    Obtain It:          Tidus           80 turns of healing allies
                        Yuna            60 turns of healing allies
                        Wakka          110 turns of healing allies
                        Lulu           170 turns of healing allies
                        Kimahri        100 turns of healing allies
                        Auron          200 turns of healing allies
                        Rikku          170 turns of healing allies
    Meter Increment:    Amount Healed x 16 / Ally Healed Maxmimum HP
    Quickly Learn:      Get into a battle with a weaker enemy.  Cast Slow on the
                        enemies and then Haste on your party members.  Have each
                        member constantly using Pray.  If you use Cure, make sure
                        you do not run out of MP.
    Description:        Ally attacked by enemy
    Obtain It:          Tidus          300 turns of allies being attacked
                        Yuna           240 turns of allies being attacked
                        Wakka          100 turns of allies being attacked
                        Lulu           100 turns of allies being attacked
                        Kimahri        100 turns of allies being attacked
                        Auron          220 turns of allies being attacked
                        Rikku          100 turns of allies being attacked
    Meter Increment:    Damage Received x 20 / Ally Maxmimum HP
    Quickly Learn:      Get into a battle with a weaker, yet quick enemy.  Have
                        the characters not learning Comrade Provoke the enemy.
                        Haste the enemy and Slow your party.  Let your allies
                        get hurt, healing them as needed.
    Description:        Defeat an enemy
    Obtain It:          Tidus          100 enemies defeated
                        Yuna           110 enemies defeated
                        Wakka           90 enemies defeated
                        Lulu           130 enemies defeated
                        Kimahri        120 enemies defeated
                        Auron           80 enemies defeated
                        Rikku          200 enemies defeated
    Meter Increment:    20% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Continuously slaughter weaker enemies.
    Description:        Win a battle while in active three person party
    Obtain It:          Tidus          120 victories while active
                        Yuna           150 victories while active
                        Wakka          160 victories while active
                        Lulu           200 victories while active
                        Kimahri        120 victories while active
                        Auron          200 victories while active
                        Rikku          140 victories while active
    Meter Increment:    20% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Continuously slaughter weaker enemies.
    Description:        Inflict any negative status on enemy
    Obtain It:          Tidus           75 successful status inflictions
                        Yuna           100 successful status inflictions
                        Wakka           80 successful status inflictions
                        Lulu            75 successful status inflictions
                        Kimahri         60 successful status inflictions
                        Auron          110 successful status inflictions
                        Rikku           90 successful status inflictions
    Meter Increment:    16% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Battle weak, high HP enemies.  Continuously inflict
                        different status effects, like Armor Break, Poison, Sleep,
                        Silence, etc.  Use Esuna to heal the enemy when finished,
                        so you can continue to inflict more status changes.
    Description:        Defeat enemy by 20x expected damage or at least 10,000 HP
    Obtain It:          Tidus     50 enemies defeated by described conditions
                        Yuna      50 enemies defeated by described conditions
                        Wakka     50 enemies defeated by described conditions
                        Lulu      70 enemies defeated by described conditions
                        Kimahri   45 enemies defeated by described conditions
                        Auron     40 enemies defeated by described conditions
                        Rikku     50 enemies defeated by described conditions
    Meter Increment:    20% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Once you have [Break Damage Limit], continually slaughter
                        weaker enemies.  Personally, I find Slayer overdrive much
                        better, because you don't need to kill an enemy by so much
                        to get a 20% charge.
    Description:        On character turn
    Obtain It:          Tidus          600 turns
                        Yuna           500 turns
                        Wakka          350 turns
                        Lulu           480 turns
                        Kimahri        300 turns
                        Auron          450 turns
                        Rikku          320 turns
    Meter Increment:    4% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Battle a weak enemy.  Cast Slowga on the enemies and
                        Hastega on your party.  Repeatedly defend (using Triangle)
                        until Ally overdrive mode is learned.
    Description:        On character turn while in critical HP
    Obtain It:          Tidus          170 turns while in critical HP
                        Yuna            90 turns while in critical HP
                        Wakka          140 turns while in critical HP
                        Lulu           150 turns while in critical HP
                        Kimahri        200 turns while in critical HP
                        Auron          260 turns while in critical HP
                        Rikku          110 turns while in critical HP
    Meter Increment:    16% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Battle a weak enemy.  Cast Slowga on the enemies and
                        Hastega on your party.  Cast Demi on your party until all
                        characters' HP is critical (yellow).  Defend (using
                        Triangle) until Daredevil overdrive mode is learned.
    Description:        On character turn while alone in battle, others dead/fled
    Obtain It:          Tidus     60 turns alone in battle
                        Yuna     180 turns alone in battle
                        Wakka    110 turns alone in battle
                        Lulu      45 turns alone in battle
                        Kimahri  090 turns alone in battle
                        Auron     35 turns alone in battle
                        Rikku    170 turns alone in battle
    Meter Increment:    16% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Battle a weak enemy.  Have two party members escape,
                        leaving you alone.  Cast Haste on your lone party member.
                        The lone party member should constantly defend, or heal as
                        needed to remain alive.  Be careful not to get a Game Over.
    Description:        Escape or Flee from battle
    Obtain It:          Tidus          600 times Flee or Escape is chosen and works
                        Yuna           900 times Flee or Escape is chosen and works
                        Wakka          400 times Flee or Escape is chosen and works
                        Lulu           980 times Flee or Escape is chosen and works
                        Kimahri        700 times Flee or Escape is chosen and works
                        Auron         1000 times Flee or Escape is chosen and works
                        Rikku          450 times Flee or Escape is chosen and works
    Meter Increment:    10% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Continually battle a weaker enemy.  Escape using Flee.
                        Using Flee with the character who chose the command in
                        addition to the other two allies that escape.
    Description:        Evade an enemy attack
    Obtain It:          Tidus          250 enemy attacks evaded
                        Yuna           200 enemy attacks evaded
                        Wakka          200 enemy attacks evaded
                        Lulu           300 enemy attacks evaded
                        Kimahri        130 enemy attacks evaded
                        Auron          200 enemy attacks evaded
                        Rikku          200 enemy attacks evaded
    Meter Increment:    16% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Continually battle weak, low accuracy enemies.  Use Reflex.
                        Haste enemy, Slowga your party.  Enemy should continually
                        attack, and miss, your party members until they learn
                        Dancer overdrive mode.  Be sure to always Reflex each turn.
    Description:        Reduce or nullify enemy status or elemental attack
    Obtain It:          Tidus          120 status/element attacks reduced
                        Yuna           110 status/element attacks reduced
                        Wakka          120 status/element attacks reduced
                        Lulu           120 status/element attacks reduced
                        Kimahri        120 status/element attacks reduced
                        Auron          120 status/element attacks reduced
                        Rikku          120 status/element attacks reduced
    Meter Increment:    10% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Battle Water Flans over and over again.  Continually cast
                        Nul-Tide to block all water attacks until Rook overdrive
                        mode is learned.  Use Haste and Slow as needed.
    Description:        On character turn while still under negative status
    Obtain It:          Tidus          100 turns under negative status
                        Yuna            80 turns under negative status
                        Wakka          100 turns under negative status
                        Lulu           110 turns under negative status
                        Kimahri        130 turns under negative status
                        Auron          120 turns under negative status
                        Rikku           90 turns under negative status
    Meter Increment:    16% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Become dark, cursed, or another non-damaging status against
                        a weak enemy.  Cast Hastega on your party and continually
                        defend until Victim overdrive is learned.
    Description:        Receive negative status from enemy 
    Obtain It:          Tidus          120 turns of receiving negative status
                        Yuna           100 turns of receiving negative status
                        Wakka          110 turns of receiving negative status
                        Lulu           130 turns of receiving negative status
                        Kimahri        100 turns of receiving negative status
                        Auron          160 turns of receiving negative status
                        Rikku          125 turns of receiving negative status
    Meter Increment:    16% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Find an enemy that continually casts status magic on you,
                        and let him attack you over and over.  Make sure you can
                        survive the effects.
    Description:        Ally killed by enemy
    Obtain It:          Tidus          100 allies killed while in active party
                        Yuna            80 allies killed while in active party
                        Wakka          100 allies killed while in active party
                        Lulu           150 allies killed while in active party
                        Kimahri        100 allies killed while in active party
                        Auron          120 allies killed while in active party
                        Rikku           90 allies killed while in active party
    Meter Increment:    30% of meter
    Quickly Learn:      Fight a tough enemy that can only kill/damage one ally at a
                        time.  Careful to avoid the Game Over screen!
    That is all seventeen overdrive modes!  If you know a faster way to gain a
    particular overdrive, please e-mail it to me.
    Chapter Twenty-Three: Overdrive Attacks                                <ID023>
    This will explain how to get more overdrive attacks for each character.  Some
    characters are simple, but other characters require a little work to get.
    Tidus: Swordplay
    Tidus's overdrives are all basically sword attacks, with a neat surprise thrown
    in for extra damage.  To deal the most damage with his attacks, stop the moving
    cursor as quickly as you can on the center piece.  Tidus learns new attacks by
    using his old ones, succsessful or not.
    Spiral Cut
    Spiral Cut is Tidus's default overdrive.  You basically just swing your sword
    and damage one enemy.
    Slice and Dice
    Learn Slice and Dice by unleashing ten Sprial Cut overdrives.  Slice and Dice
    much better than Spiral Cut; you get six sword slashes, hitting one enemy
    each time with a slash.
    Energy Rain
    Energy Rain is more powerful than Slice and Dice, but it is not as effective
    against bosses.  To learn Energy Rain, perform twenty more overdrives with
    Tidus, for a total of thirty overdrives performed.  Energy Rain will deal a lot
    of damage to all enemies in one hit.  Slice and Dice will hit for six times,
    a better solution to bosses.
    Blitz Ace
    Tidus's ultimate overdrive is Bltiz Ace, learned after you perform fifty more
    overdrives, raising Tidus's total to eighty.  Blitz Ace unleashes eight slashes
    against the enemies and then tops it off with a blitzball kick at one enemy.
    Once your stats are maxed, Blitz Ace is the second best overdrive in the game,
    behind Wakka's Attack Reels.
    Yuna: Grand Summon
    The Grand Summon overdrive is extremely useful early in the game.  Yuna will
    summon an aeon and that summoned aeon will have a full overdrive meter!  If the
    aeon already had a full metter, then he will have two full meters.  Very cool.
    Wakka: Slots
    Wakka's overdrives are much like those of Setzer or Tifa, but they have been
    refined.  The most important thing to remember: you have a lot of time.  Take
    your time and line the slots up correctly.  To learn more overdrives for Wakka,
    you must win Blitzball League and Tournament games.  Wakka does not need to be
    playing on your blitzball team to learn them, however.
    Element Reels
    Wakka's basic overdrive attack is Element Reels.  By matching up the correct
    slots, you can unleash an attack of fire, ice, water, or lightning on all
    enemies.  Lining up two out of the three correct slots, you'll only hit one
    fiend with your attack.
    Attack Reels
    The best attack in the game, Wakka's second overdrive!  To gain this overdrive,
    you must win it as a prize in a random Blitzball Tournament.
    You get one hit on the enemy for every "Single Hit" you line up, and two hits
    on the enemy for every "Double Hit".  You'll get not hits for "Miss".  If you
    happen to line up three of the same items, you'll double your attacks.  Read
    these examples if you're having trouble understanding:
    SINGLE SINGLE MISS causes two hits, because 1 + 1 + 0 = 2
    SINGLE SINGLE SINGLE causes six hits, because 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 (x2 for match)
    DOUBLE SINGLE DOUBLE causes five hits, because 2 + 1 + 2 = 5
    DOUBLE DOUBLE DOUBLE causes twelve hits, because 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 (x2 for match)
    When Wakka hits for twelve hits, it is the best overdrive in the game.  Be sure
    to get it down, and you'll be doing a lot of damage.
    Status Reels
    Once you've been in a total of 250 battles with fiends, Status Reels could
    become a random Blitzball League Prize.  Status Reels has the possibility of
    inflicting different negative status effects.
    Aurochs Reels
    Once you've been in a total of 450 battles with fiends, Aurochs Reels could
    become a random Blitzball League Prize.  Aurochs Reels will hit all enemies for
    a massive amount of damage, one time, if you line up the blinking items.  To
    increase the amount of blinking items, and therefore increasing your chances
    of lining them up correctly, you must have Besaid Aurochs on your blitzball
    team, including Tidus, Wakka, Datto, Letty, Jassu, Botta, and Keepa.  Attack
    Reels still has better potential, because it hits TWELVE times, not just one.
    Lulu: Fury
    Lulu's overdrive is dependent entirely on what Black Magic she currently has at
    her disposal.  Her Fury attacks do not use MP to run, and they can be used even
    while she is Silenced.  Fury attacks can not be reflected, either, which is
    very nice.
    With all those good points, there are bad points.  Each Fury spell is about 1/3
    as strong as a normal spell, which means you'll have to hit for THREE Fury
    attacks just to break even.  You'll need seven Fury attacks for the overdrive
    to be worth more a doublecast of your spell.
    Lulu's Magic stat directly affects how easy it is to spin the right analog
    stick to unleash Fury, so be sure to raise her Magic.  These are all of the
    Fury attacks that you can unleash:
    Unique Magic
    Death (possible instant death on enemies)
    Bio (possible poison on enemies)
    Drain (steals HP from enemies)
    Osmose (steals MP from enemies)
    Weak Magic
    Average Magic
    Powerful Magic
    Extreme Magic
    Flare (powerful non-elemental damage to one enemy)
    Ultima (powerful non-elemental damage to all enemies)
    Kimahri: Ronso Rage
    Ronso Rage is so complicated, it has its own section.  Please see Chapter One's
    section, dedicated entirely to Ronso Rage attacks!
    Auron: Bushido
    All of Auron's attacks are learned by collecting Jecht Spheres.  Check out
    Chapter Two of this guide for all the details.
    Rikku: Mix
    Rikku can mix and match two different items to create a unique attack.  There
    are sixty-four mixes to obtain.  Check out Rikku's own chapter on mixes.
    Chapter Twenty-Four: Rikku's Mix                                       <ID024>
    Rikku's overdrive allows you to Mix two items together for a unique result.
    Most of the best mixes require rare or expensive items to mix, so be sure to
    mix wisely.  Here are all of her mixes, and the least expensive ways to obtain
    each.  For the best mixes, such as Eccentric, I've included every possibility
    you can use.
    If you don't know where to get a certain item, such as Chocobo Feather or a
    Musk, check out the Rare Items section of this guide.  The Rare Items section
    will tell you where to get most of the items I'll tell you to use.
    I strongly recommend you stocking 99 Potions, 99 Maps, 99 Softs, etc.  These
    items are extremely cheap, but they are vital to mixes.
    Abaddon Flame
    - all enemies
    - fire damage
    - status effects
    - three bursts of large damage
    Fire Gem + Musk
    Fire Gem + Sleep Power
    Fire Gem + Chocobo Feather
    Aqua Toxin
    - all enemies
    - water damage
    - status effects
    - three bursts of large damage
    Fish Scale + Sleep Powder
    Fish Scale + Chocobo Feather
    Dragon Scale + Sleep Powder
    Black Hole
    - all enemies
    - HP reduced to 1/16th
    All Possibilities:
    Shadow Gem + Amulet
    Shadow Gem + Door To Tomorrow
    Shadow Gem + Gambler's Spirit
    Shadow Gem + Pendulum
    Shadow Gem + Underdog's Secret
    Shadow Gem + Wings To Disocvery
    Shadow Gem + Winning Formula
    Black Ice
    - all enemies
    - ice damage
    - status effects
    - three bursts of large damage
    Arctic Wind + Sleep Powder
    Arctic Wind + Chocobo Feather
    Arctic Wind + Musk
    Blaster Mine
    - all enemies
    - non-elemental damage
    - status effects
    - three bursts of weak damage
    Antidote + Grenade
    Soft + Grenade
    Power Sphere + Musk
    - all enemies
    - fire damage
    - status effects
    - three bursts of large damage
    Bomb Fragment + Sleep Powder
    Bomb Core + Sleep Powder
    Bomb Core + Musk
    Burning Soul
    - all enemies
    - fire damage
    - status effects
    - nine bursts of small damage
    Fire Gem + Level 1 Key Sphere
    Bomb Fragment + Pendulum
    Bomb Fragment + Underdog's Secret
    Calamity Bomb
    - all enemies
    - non-elemental damage
    - status effects
    - medium damage
    Grenade + Pendulum
    Level 1 Key Sphere + Musk
    Level 1 Key Sphere + Dream Powder
    Chaos Grenade
    - all enemies
    - non-elemental damage
    - status effects
    - large damage
    Pendulum + Pendulum
    Pendulum + Musk
    Petrify Grenade + Winning Formula
    Cluster Bomb
    - all enemies
    - non-elemental damage
    - large damage
    Arctic Wind + Shining Gem
    Fish Scale + Blessed Gem
    Frag Grenade + Pendulum
    Dark Rain
    - all enemies
    - water damage
    - status effects
    - three bursts of large damage
    Dragon Scale + Dream Powder
    Water Gem + Chocobo Feather
    Water Gem + Musk
    - all allies
    - overdrive guage increments twice as fast
    - can work in conjunction with [SOS Overdrive], [Double Overdrive], or [Triple
      Overdrive], allowing overdrive meter to fill much, much faster
    All Possibilities:
    Amulet + Amulet
    Amulet + Door To Tomorrow
    Amulet + Elixir
    Amulet + Gambler's Spirit
    Amulet + Mana Tablet
    Amulet + Mana Tonic
    Amulet + Mega Elixir
    Amulet + Stamina Tonic
    Amulet + Three Stars
    Amulet + Twin Stars
    Amulet + Underdog's Secret
    Amulet + Wings To Discovery
    Door To Tomorrow + Elixir
    Door To Tomorrow + Mana Tablet
    Door To Tomorrow + Mana Tonic
    Door To Tomorrow + Mega Elixir
    Door To Tomorrow + Pendulum
    Door To Tomorrow + Stamina Tonic
    Door To Tomorrow + Three Stars
    Door To Tomorrow + Twin Stars
    Elixir + Dark Matter
    Gambler's Spirit + Elixir
    Gambler's Spirit + Mana Tablet
    Gambler's Spirit + Mana Tonic
    Gambler's Spirit + Pendulum
    Gambler's Spirit + Stamina Tonic
    Gambler's Spirit + Three Stars
    Gambler's Spirit + Twin Stars
    Mega Elixir + Accuracy Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Agility Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Attribute Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Black Magic Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Clear Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Dark Matter
    Mega Elixir + Defense Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Evasion Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Friend Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Gambler's Spirit
    Mega Elixir + HP Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Level 1 Key Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Level 2 Key Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Magic Defense Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Magic Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Mana Tablet
    Mega Elixir + Mana Tonic
    Mega Elixir + Master Sphere
    Mega Elixir + MP Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Pendulum
    Mega Elixir + Return Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Skill Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Special Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Stamina Tablet
    Mega Elixir + Stamina Tonic
    Mega Elixir + Strength Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Teleport Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Three Stars
    Mega Elixir + Twin Stars
    Mega Elixir + Underdog's Secret
    Mega Elixir + Warp Sphere
    Mega Elixir + White Magic Sphere
    Mega Elixir + Wings To Discovery
    Mega Elixir + Winning Formula
    Underdog's Secret + Elixir
    Underdog's Secret + Mana Tonic
    Underdog's Secret + Pendulum
    Underdog's Secret + Stamina Tonic
    Underdog's Secret + Three Stars
    Underdog's Secret + Twin Stars
    Wings To Discovery + Elixir
    Wings To Discovery + Mana Tablet
    Wings To Discovery + Mana Tonic
    Wings To Discovery + Pendulum
    Wings To Discovery + Stamina Tonic
    Wings To Discovery + Three Stars
    Wings To Discovery + Twin Stars
    Winning Formula + Elixir
    Winning Formula + Mana Tablet
    Winning Formula + Mana Tonic
    Winning Formula + Pendulum
    Winning Forumla + Stamina Tonic
    Winning Formula + Twin Stars
    - all enemies
    - thunder damage
    - status effects
    - three bursts of large damage
    Electro Marble + Sleep Powder
    Electro Marble + Chocobo Feather
    Lightning Marble + Musk
    - one ally
    - fully heal HP/MP
    Antidote + Power Sphere
    Soft + Power Sphere
    Eyedrop + Power Sphere
    Final Elixir
    - all allies
    - also revives any dead allies, first
    - partial heal HP/MP
    - heal status effects
    Potion + Dark Matter
    High Potion + Amulet
    Eyedrop + Three Stars
    Fire Storm
    - all enemies
    - fire damage
    - six bursts of small damage
    Antidote + Fire Gem
    Al Bhed Potion + Bomb Core
    Fire Gem + Fire Gem
    Flash Flood
    - all enemies
    - water damage
    - six bursts of weak damage
    Antidote + Water Gem
    Al Bhed Potion + Fish Scale
    Grenade + Grenade
    Frag Grenade
    - all enemies
    - non-elemental damage
    - weak damage
    Power Sphere + Power Sphere
    Mana Sphere + Mana Sphere
    Ability Sphere + Ability Sphere
    - one ally
    - all MP costs are 0
    All Possibilities:
    Ether + Farplane Wind
    Ether + Mega Phoenix
    Ether + Remedy
    Freedom X
    - one allies
    - all MP costs are 0
    All Possibilities:
    Potion + Twin Stars
    Ether + Musk
    Fire Gem + Twin Stars
    - all enemies
    - non-elemental damage
    - weak damage
    Bomb Fragment + Anarctic Wind
    Fire Gem + Ice Gem
    Lightning Gem + Water Gem
    Hazardous Shell
    - all enemies
    - non-elemental damage
    - status effects
    - weak damage
    Grenade + Healing Water
    Grenade + Map
    Dream Powder + Musk
    Heat Blaster
    - all enemies
    - fire damage
    - five bursts of weak damage
    Fire Gem + Map
    Fire Gem + Arctic Wind
    Antidote + Bomb Core
    Hero Drink
    - one ally
    - high critical hit rate
    All Possibilities:
    Potion + Designer Wallet
    Potion + Fortune Sphere
    Potion + Luck Sphere
    Hot Spurs
    - one ally
    - overdrive guage increments twice as fast
    - can work in conjunction with [SOS Overdrive], [Double Overdrive], or [Triple
      Overdrive], allowing overdrive meter to fill much, much faster
    Elixir + Pendulum
    Fire Gem + Three Stars
    Water Gem + Three Stars
    Hyper Mana
    - all allies
    - double maximum MP, Focus
    Potion + Mana Tablet
    Potion + Mana Tonic
    Water Gem + Mana Tonic
    Hyper Mighty G
    - all allies
    - Protect, Shell, Haste, Regen, Auto-Life
    All Possibilities:
    Chocobo Wing + Amulet
    Chocobo Wing + Door To Tomorrow
    Chocobo Wing + Gambler's Spirit
    Chocobo Wing + Pendulum
    Chocobo Wing + Underdog's Secret
    Chocobo Wing + Wings To Discovery
    Chocobo Wing + Winning Formula
    Healing Spring + Amulet
    Healing Spring + Door To Tomorrow
    Healing Spring + Gambler's Spirit
    Healing Spring + Pendulum
    Healing Spring + Underdog's Secret
    Healing Spring + Wings To Discovery
    Healing Spring + Winning Formula
    Light Curtain + Amulet
    Light Curtain + Door To Tomorrow
    Light Curtain + Gambler's Spirit
    Light Curtain + Pendulum
    Light Curtain + Underdog's Secret
    Light Curtain + Wings To Discovery
    Light Curtain + Winning Formula
    Lunar Curtain + Amulet
    Lunar Curtain + Door To Tomorrow
    Lunar Curtain + Gambler's Spirit
    Lunar Curtain + Pendulum
    Lunar Curtain + Underdog's Secret
    Lunar Curtain + Wings To Discovery
    Lunar Curtain + Winning Formula
    Star Curtain + Amulet
    Star Curtain + Door To Tomorrow
    Star Curtain + Gambler's Spirit
    Star Curtain + Pendulum
    Star Curtain + Underdog's Secret
    Star Curtain + Wings To Discovery
    Star Curtain + Winning Formula
    Hyper Nul-All
    - all allies
    - Cheer, Focus, Nul-Blaze, Nul-Shock, Nul-Tide, Nul-Frost
    Lunar Curtain + Mana Spring
    Mana Spring + Mana Spring
    Hypello Potion + Hypello Potion
    Hyper Vitality
    - all allies
    - double maximum HP, Cheer
    Potion + Stamina Tonic
    Soft + Stamina Tonic
    Antidote + Stamina Tonic
    - all enemies
    - ice damage
    - six bursts of weak damage
    Ice Gem + Antidote
    Ice Gem + Echo Screen
    Ice Gem + Soft
    - all enemies
    - ice damage
    - status effects
    - three bursts of large damage
    Arctic Wind + Dream Powder
    Ice Gem + Dream Powder
    Ice Gem + Musk
    Lightning Bolt
    - all enemies
    - ice damage
    - status effects
    - nine bursts of weak damage
    Electro Marble + Amulet
    Electro Marble + Gambler's Spirit
    Lightning Gem + Teleport Sphere
    - one ally
    - double maximum MP
    Ether + Potion
    Ether + Soft
    Ether + Power Sphere
    Mega Elixir
    - all allies
    - fully heal HP/MP
    Antidote + Musk
    Eyedrop + Map
    Soft + Chocobo Feather
    Mega Mana
    - all allies
    - double maximum MP
    Ether + Ether
    Ether + Ice Gem
    Ether + Map
    Mega Nul-All
    - all allies
    - Nul-Blaze, Nul-Shock, Nul-Tide, Nul-Frost
    High Potion + Fire Gem
    Dream Powder + Light Curtain
    Map + Lunar Curtain
    Mega Phoenix
    - all allies
    - revives any dead allies to half HP
    Phoenix Down + Phoenix Down
    Phoenix Down + Potion
    Phoenix Down + Grenade
    Mega Vitality
    - all allies
    - double maximum HP
    Potion + Three Stars
    Potion + Stamina Tablet
    Map + Stamina Tablet
    Mighty G
    - all allies
    - Protect, Shell, Haste
    Al Bhed Potion + Musk
    Power Distiller + Power Distiller
    Remedy + Light Curtain
    Mighty Wall
    - all allies
    - Protect, Shell
    Antidote + Light Curtain
    Power Sphere + Power Distiller
    Soft + Lunar Curtain
    Miracle Drink
    - all allies
    - high critical hit rate
    Luck Sphere + Ether
    Luck Sphere + Chocobo Feather
    Fortune Sphere + Fire Gem
    Nega Burst
    - all enemies
    - HP reduced to 1/16th
    Shadow Gem + Map
    Shadow Gem + Grenade
    Shadow Gem + Fire Gem
    - one ally
    - Nul-Blaze, Nul-Shock, Nul-Tide, Nul-Frost
    Potion + Bomb Core
    Potion + Fire Gem
    Phoenix Down + Fire Gem
    - all allies
    - heal status
    Potion + Antidote
    Potion + Soft
    Potion + Eyedrop
    - all enemies
    - medium damage
    Map + Power Distiller
    Map + Power Sphere
    Fish Scale + Fire Gem
    Potato Masher
    - all enemies
    - large damage
    Fire Gem + Dragon Scale
    Water Gem +  Arctic Wind
    Map + Rename Card
    Quartet of 9
    - one ally
    - all actions become worth 9999 (see Trio of 9999 Chapter Twenty-Five for more
      information about how this works)
    Water Gem + Pendulum
    Fire Gem + Gambler's Spirit
    Bomb Core + Amulet
    Rolling Thunder
    - all enemies
    - thunder damage
    - six bursts of weak damage
    Lightning Gem + Antidote
    Lightning Gem + Soft
    Electo Marble + Healing Water
    Snow Flurry
    - all enemies
    - ice damage
    - five bursts of weak damage
    Soft + Arctic Wind
    Eyedrop + Antarctic Wind
    Map + Anarctic Wind
    Super Elixir
    - all allies
    - fully heal HP/MP and status
    Potion + Winning Formula
    Potion + Supreme Gem
    Potion + Pendulum
    Super Mighty G
    - all allies
    - Protect, Shell, Haste, Regen
    Chocobo Feather + Map
    Chocobo Feather + Musk
    Light Curtain + Light Curtain
    - all enemies
    - non-elemental damage
    - two hits of 9999
    Dark Matter + Fire Gem
    Dark Matter + Amulet
    Three Stars + Three Stars
    - all enemies
    - non-elemental damage
    - large damage
    Grenade + Gambler's Spirit
    Dream Powder + Supreme Gem
    Teleport Sphere + Pendulum
    - all enemies
    - thunder damage
    - status effects
    - three bursts of large damage
    Dream Powder + Lightning Marble
    Dream Powder + Lightning Gem
    Musk + Lightning Gem
    - all enemies
    - thunder damage
    - five bursts of weak damage
    Electro Marble + Antidote
    Electro Marble + Map
    Lightning Marble + Soft
    Tidal Wave
    - all enemies
    - water damage
    - nine bursts of weak damage
    Fish Scale + Door To Tomorrow
    Fish Scale + Pendulum
    Water Gem + Teleport Sphere
    Trio of 9999
    - all allies
    - all actions become worth 9999 (see Trio of 9999 Chapter Twenty-Five for more
      information about how this works)
    See Chapter Twenty-Five about Trio of 9999 for a complete guide to this awesome
    mix, including every possibility on how to make it.  Perfect for those trying
    to complete a No Sphere Grid Game.
    Ultra Cure
    - all allies
    - fully heal HP, status
    Sleep Powder + Power Distiller
    Musk + Power Distiller
    Poison Fang + Power Distiller
    Ultra Nul-All
    - all allies
    - Nul-Blaze, Nul-Shock, Nul-Tide, Nul-Frost
    - all stats boosted
    Chocobo Feather + Healing Water
    Chocobo Feather + Tetra Elemental
    Musk + Healing Spring
    Ultra Potion
    - all allies
    - fully heal HP
    Potion + Potion
    Potion + Map
    Potion + Grenade
    - one ally
    - double maximum HP
    High Potion + High Potion
    X-Potion + X-Potion
    X-Potion + High Potion
    - all enemies
    - water damage
    - five bursts of weak damage
    Fish Scale + Antidote
    Dragon Scale + Soft
    Water Gem + Electo Marble
    Winter Storm
    - all enemies
    - ice damage
    - nine bursts of weak damage
    Anarctic Wind + Amulet
    Anarctic Wind + Gambler's Spirit
    Ice Gem + Teleport Sphere
    That covers all SIXTY-FOUR of Rikku's mixes.  If you don't have the items to
    mix, check out the Rare Items chapter of this guide.  Most of the items can
    be bought, so stock up on the cheap ones like Grenade, Potion, Eye Drop, etc.
    Chapter Twenty-Five: Trio of 9999                                      <ID025>
    Rikku's overdrive allows you to Mix two items together, for wacky and often
    unbelievable results.  One of these results is Trio of 9999.
    Trio of 9999, defined: When cast on your characters, every action your
    character is boosted up to do 9999 HP worth of healing or damage.  It will not
    lower your power, though, so if you are doing more than 9999 damage, you will
    still do more.
    Let's look at some examples.
    Example One: Tidus normally attacks for 7000 damage.  Rikku casts Trio of 9999
    on the party, so Tidus now does 9999 damage for the rest of the battle.
    Example Two: Yuna's Pray usually heals 1200 HP.  Rikku casts Trio of 9999 on
    the party, so now Yuna's Pray heals 9999 HP to all allies.
    Example Three: Auron normally attacks for 23,000 damage.  Rikku casts Trio of
    9999 on the party.  Auron continues to do 23,000 damage.
    Example Four: Kimahri has the USE command.  Rikku casts Trio of 9999 on the
    party.  When Kimahri uses the next Al Bhed Potion, it will heal for 9999 HP.
    Example Five: Wakka is ready to use his Attack Reels.  Rikku casts Trio of 9999
    on the party.  Each of Wakka's hits from the Attack Reels now do 9999 damage.
    Example Six: Lulu is ready to use a Phoenix Down to revive Tidus.  Rikku casts
    Trio of 9999 on the party.  Lulu uses a Phoenix Down, reviving Tidus and
    healing him 9999 HP.  Tidus does not have Trio of 9999 status on him, however,
    because he was dead while it was casted.
    That should perfectly illustrate what Trio of 9999 can do.  Now, you may be
    wondering what you have to mix to obtain this amazing status.  Well, read the
    next list.  Mix any of these combinations together to cast Trio of 9999 on the
    entire active party.  The rare items are generally listed first.
    If you die, all effects are negated.  Neoflip02, thanks.
    These are all the combinations:
    Amulet + Blessed Gem
    Amulet + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Amulet + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Amulet + Shining Gem
    Dark Matter + Arctic Wind
    Dark Matter + Bomb Core
    Dark Matter + Dragon Scale
    Dark Matter + Farplane Shadow
    Dark Matter + Farplane Wind
    Dark Matter + Lightning Marble
    Dark Matter + Mana Tablet
    Dark Matter + Mana Tonic
    Dark Matter + Pendulum
    Dark Matter + Stamina Tablet
    Dark Matter + Stamina Tonic
    Dark Matter + Twin Stars
    Door to Tomorrow + Blessed Gem
    Door to Tomorrow + Door to Tomorrow
    Door to Tomorrow + Gambler's Spirit
    Door to Tomorrow + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Door to Tomorrow + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Door to Tomorrow + Shining Gem
    Door to Tomorrow + Underdog's Secret
    Door to Tomorrow + Wings to Discovery
    Door to Tomorrow + Winning Formula
    Gambler's Spirit + Blessed Gem
    Gambler's Spirit + Blessed Gem
    Gambler's Spirit + Gambler's Spirit
    Gambler's Spirit + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Gambler's Spirit + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Gambler's Spirit + Shining Gem
    Master Sphere + Blessed Gem
    Master Sphere + Shining Gem
    Master Sphere + Supreme Gem
    Pendulum + Blessed Gem
    Pendulum + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Pendulum + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Pendulum + Shining Gem
    Pendulum + Supreme Gem
    Underdog's Secret + Blessed Gem
    Underdog's Secret + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Underdog's Secret + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Underdog's Secret + Shining Gem
    Warp Sphere + Blessed Gem
    Warp Sphere + Shining Gem
    Wings to Discovery + Blessed Gem
    Wings to Discovery + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Wings to Discovery + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Wings to Discovery + Shining Gem
    Wings to Discovery + Wings to Discovery
    Winning Formula + Blessed Gem
    Winning Formula + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Winning Formula + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Winning Formula + Shining Gem
    That is every possible mix to get Trio of 9999.
    Now, for some frequently asked questions:
    Q: Where can I get Dark Matter?
    A: Read the Dark Matter section of this guide.
    Q: Can I do Trio of 9999 on a No Sphere Grid game?
    A: Yes.  In fact, it's mandatory at some points in the game.
    Q: I mixed _____ and _____ but I got something else.
    A: Send me an e-mail, and I'll check into it.  But generally, these should be
       all correct.  Chances are you just messed up selecting the items.
    Q: Does Trio of 9999 work for Overdrives?
    A: Yes.  See examples above.
    So there you have it.  Everything possible about the Trio of 9999.
    Chapter Twenty-Six: Rare Items                                         <ID026>
    This chapter will explain in detail how to get any item you could possibly need
    for Rikku's mixes, customizing your weapons and armor, or simply for use
    against a powerful boss.  This list will not tell you what bosses drop what
    items--this will only tell you RELIABLE places to get each item.  Bosses can
    only be fought once, so listing them here is simply a waste of time.  Likewise,
    if you can steal an item, it is cheaper and more efficient to do so than
    bribing for that item.  If you don't like the methods listed below, check out
    an Item List FAQ.
    Please note:
    You must purchase Power Distillers, Mana Distillers, Speed Distillers, and
    Ability Distillers, they can not be stolen or bribed.  Use those purchased
    Distillers to take whatever sphere you want from Kottos (Monster Arena).  If
    you overkill Kottos, after he has been fed a Distiller, he will drop 40
    Valuable Spheres
    These spheres allow you to fill in a blank node on the Sphere Grid with a new
    node, such as HP+300 or Strength+4.  All of the enemies that drop these very
    special spheres are found at the Monster Arena, and they need to be unlocked
    before you can battle them.  Sometimes, instead of the designated sphere, a
    monster will drop Dark Matter.  If that happens, just fight him again until you
    get the sphere you need.
    Clear Sphere             purchase from Monster Arena owner for 10,000 gil each
                             after capturing five of ever monster
    HP Sphere                dropped by Ironclad, x2 for overkill
    MP Sphere                dropped by Vidatu, x2 for overkill
    Strength Sphere          dropped by Juggernaut, x2 for overkill
    Defense Sphere           dropped by Tanket, x2 for overkill
    Magic Sphere             dropped by Jumbo Flan, x2 for overkill
    Magic Defense Sphere     dropped by One-Eye, x2 for overkill
    Luck Sphere              dropped by Greater Sphere , x2 for overkill
    Evasion Sphere           dropped by Pteryx, x2 for overkill
    Accuracy Sphere          dropped by Hornet, x2 for overkill
    Fortune Sphere           dropped by Earth Eater, x2 for overkill
    Master Sphere            ten rewarded one time for unlocking Nemesis, only ten
                              can be obtained because this is the only way to
                              get Master Spheres
    Specialty Items
    These items cannot be used in battle, but they are usually the most important
    parts of Rikku's mixes or armor customizes.
    Amulet                   dropped by Stratavis (Monster Arena), x2 for overkill
    Designer Wallet          rare steal from Cactuar King (Monster Arena)
                             rare steal from Don Tonberry (Monster Arena)
                             dropped by Catastrophe (Monster Arena)
    Door To Tomorrow         dropped by Bomb King (Monster Arena), x2 for overkill
    Gambler's Spirit         dropped by Ornitholestes (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Earth Eater (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Greater Sphere (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Catastrophe (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Th'uban (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Neslug (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Ultima Buster (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Shinryu (Monster Arena)
    Hypello Potion           steal from Shred (Calm Lands)
                             steal from Halma (Omega Ruins)
    Map                      purchase for 50 gil
    Musk                     steal from Ahriman (Mt. Gagazet)
    Pendulum                 dropped by Neslug (Monster Arena), x2 for overkill
    Rename Card              dropped by Espada (Monster Arena)
                             dropped by Ornitholestes (Monster Arena)
    Shining Thorn            steal from Dark Element (Sunken Cave)
    Underdog's Secret        dropped by Th'uban (Monster Arena), x2 for overkill
    Wings To Discovery       dropped by Shinryu (Monster Arena), x2 for overkill
    Winning Formula          dropped by Ultima Buster (Monster Arena)
    Elemental Gems, Etc
    These items, such as Fire Gem, Anarctic Wind, or Electro Marble, are all
    extremely valuable items for mixes.
    Anarctic Wind            steal from White Element (Mi'ihen Highroad)
                             steal from Snow Flan (Moonflow)
    Arctic Wind              steal from Chimera (Macalania Woods)
                             steal from Ice Flan (Macalania Snowy)
    Blessed Gem              rare steal from Barbatos (Inside Sin's City)
                             rare steal from One-Eye (Monster Arena)
                             rare steal from Coerl Regina (Monster Arena)
                             dropped by Cactuar King (Monster Arena)
    Bomb Core                bribe 17,000 gil Red Element (Djose Highroad) for 16
    Bomb Fragment            steal from Red Element (Djose Highroad)
    Dragon Scale             bribe 4,000 gil Splasher (Mt. Gagazet Ponds) for 4
    Electro Marble           steal from Yellow Element (Kilika Forest)
                             steal from Gold Element (Thunder Plains)
                             steal from Aerouge (Thunder Plains
                             steal from Gandarewa (Moonflow)
    Fire Gem                 steal from Flame Flan (Calm Lands)
                             steal from Grenade (Mt. Gagazet)
                             steal from Puroboros (Omega Ruins)
                             steal from Bomb King (Monster Arena)
    Fish Scale               steal from Water Flan (Besaid)
                             steal from Blue Element (Macalania Woods)
    Ice Gem                  steal from Chimera Brain (Calm Lands)
    Lightning Gem            steal from Imp (Mt. Gagazet)
                             steal from Vidatu (Monster Arena)
    Lightning Marble         steal from Yellow Element (Kilika)
                             steal from Aerouge (Thunder Plains)
                             steal from Chimera (Macalania Woods)
    Shadow Gem               steal from Sand Worm (Sanubia Desert)
                             steal from Abyss Worm (Monster Arena)
    Shining Gem              steal from Coerl Regina (Monster Arena)
    Supreme Gem              dropped by Jormungand (Monster Arena)
    Water Gem                steal from Chimera Brain (Calm Lands)
                             steal from Archelous (Mt. Gagazet Ponds)
                             steal from Maelspike (Mt. Gagazet Ponds)
    Recovery and Status Enhancing Items
    Most basic curative items can be purchased from various stores, but they can
    also be stolen or dropped by enemies.  This will list the easiest and cheapest
    way of gaining items like potions, ethers, etc.
    Al Bhed Potion           purchase from Rinn (Airship) for 2000 gil
                             steal from almost any Machina monster
    Antidote                 purchase for 50 gil
    Chocobo Feather          steal from Fenrir (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Quactuar (Thunder Plains)
    Chocobo Wing             steal from Cactuar King (Monster Arena)
                             rare steal from Cactuar (Sanubia Desert)
                             rare steal from Fenrir (Monster Arena)
                             rare steal from Ornitholestes (Monster Arena)
                             bribe 360,000 gil Machea (Omega Ruins) for 60
    Echo Screen              purchase for 50 gil
    Elixir                   bribe 124,000 gil YKT-11 (Zanarkand Temple) for 12
    Ether                    steal from Behemoth (Mt. Gagazet Cavern)
    Eyedrop                  purchase for 50 gil
    Healing Spring           steal from Behemoth King (Inside Sin's City)
                             steal from Catableplas (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Vorban (Monster Arena)
    Healing Water            steal from Adamantoise (Inside Sin's City)
    High Potion              purchase for 1000 gil
    Holy Water               purchase for 300 gil
    Light Curtain            dropped by Faufnir (Monster Arena), x40 for overkill
    Lunar Curtain            steal from Larvae (Thunder Plains)
                             steal from One-Eye (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Jumbo Flan (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Juggernaut (Monster Arena)
    Mana Spring              steal from Master Tonberry (Omega Ruins)
                             steal from Coerl (Calm Lands)
                             steal from Chimerageist (Monster Arena)
    Mana Tablet              dropped by Abadon (Monster Arena), x2 for overkill
    Mana Tonic               rare steal from Vidatu (Monster Arena)
                             rare steal from Great Malboro (Inside Sin's City)
    Mega Elixir              bribe 54,000 gil Xiphos (Macalania Woods) for 1
    Mega Phoenix             bribe 8600 gil Alcyone (Sanubia Desert) for 2
    Mega Potion              rare steal Xiphos (Macalania Woods)
                             rare steal Grendel (Mt. Gagazet)
    Phoenix Down             purchase for 300 gil
    Potion                   purchase for 50 gil
    Remedy                   purcahse for 1000 gil
    Soft                     purchase for 50 gil
    Soul Spring              steal from Bashura (Mt. Gagazet)
    Stamina Spring           steal from Spirit (Omega Ruins)
                             steal from Kottos (Monster Arena)
    Stamina Tablet           steal from Ogre (Calm Lands)
    Stamina Tonic            rare steal from Machae (Omega Ruins)
                             rare steal from Catableplas (Monster Arena)
    Star Curtain             steal from Dark Flan (Mt. Gagazet Cavern)
                             steal from Barbatos (Inside Sin's City)
                             steal from Nega Elemental (Monster Arena)
    Tetra Elemental          rare steal from Master Tonberry (Omega Ruins)
    Three Stars              rare steal from Shinryu (Monster Arena)
                             rare stel from Jormungand (Monster Arena)
    Turbo Ether              bribe 81,600 gil Thorn (Sunken Cave) for 16
    Twin Stars               rare steal from Nega Elemental (Monster Arena)
                             dropped by Nega Elemental (Monster Arena)
    X-Potion                 rare steal from Wendigo (Macalania Snowy)
    Specialty Spheres
    There are many specialty spheres.  They are never nescessary, but they can be
    quite useful.  For example, a Black Magic Sphere allows you to activate any
    Black Magic node already activated by an ally.
    Attribute Sphere         bribe 200,000 gil Maelspike (Mt. Gagazet Ponds) for 1
    Black Magic Sphere       bribe 152,000 gil Black Element (Omega Ruins) for 2
    Friend Sphere            dropped by Vorban (Monster Arena), x2 for overkill
    Return Sphere            rare steal from Greater Sphere (Monster Arena)
    Skill Sphere             bribe 360,000 gil Zuu (Sanubia Desert) for 2
    Special Sphere           bribe 1,088,000 gil Adamantoise (Omega Ruins) for 1
    Teleport Sphere          dropped by Sleep Sprout (Monster Arena)
    Warp Sphere              bribe 260,000 gil Master Coerl (Omega Ruins) for 1
    White Magic Sphere       bribe 256,000 gil Dark Flan (Mt. Gagazet Cavern) for 1
    Offensive Items
    Offensive items can be used to inflict negative status effects or damage on
    Candle of Life           steal from Don Tonberry (Monster Arena)
    Dark Matter              (see Chapter Six for extensive information about this)
    Dream Powder             steal from Bandersnatch (Mt. Gagazet)
                             steal from Skoll (Calm Lands)
    Farplane Shadow          steal from Wrait (Omega Ruins)
                             steal from Master Coerl (Omega Ruins)
                             steal from Espada (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Coerl Regina (Monster Arena)
    Farplane Wind            steal from Varuna (Omega Ruins)
    Frag Grenade             steal from Splasher (Mt. Gagazet Ponds)
    Gold Hourglass           steal from Faufnir (Monster Arena)
    Grenade                  purchase for 300 gil
    Petrify Grenade          steal from Basilisk (Djose Highroad)
                             steal from Zaurus (Omega Ruins)
    Poison Fang              steal from Hornet (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Sleep Sprout (Monster Arena)
                             steal from Nebiros (Calm Lands)
    Purifying Salt           steal from Abadon (Monster Arena)
    Silence Grenade          steal from Exoray (Inside Sin)
                             steal from Funguar (Moonflow)
    Silver Hourglass         bribe 8,900 gil Kusariqqu (Thunder Plains) for 20
    Sleeping Powder          steal from Sand Wolf (Sanubia Desert)
                             steal from Snow Wolf (Macalania Snowy)
    Smoke Bomb               steal from Zuu (Sanubia Desert)
                             steal from Pteryx (Monster Arena)
    Key Spheres
    Key Spheres come in four levels.  Each one unlocks its respective lock on the
    Sphere Grid.  Thanks to Casaclan for some good tips on this.
    Level 1 Key Sphere       rare steal from Earth Eater (Monster Arena)
                             dropped by Master Coerl (Omega Ruins)
    Level 2 Key Sphere       rare steal from Catastrophe (Monster Arena)
                             dropped by Defender (Zanarkand Temple)
    Level 3 Key Sphere       rare steal from Ultima Buster (Monster Arena)
                             dropped by Defender (Zanarkand Temple)
    Level 4 Key Sphere       bribe 196,000 gil Chimera Brain (Calm Lands) for 2
    Chapter Twenty-Seven: Yojimbo                                          <ID027>
    A yojimbo, in Japanese, is a paid bodyguard.  The secret aeon Yojimbo is just
    that: a hired out aeon bodyguard.  Instead of attacking with physical attacks
    or magic, Yojimbo utilizes one of four moves:  Daigoro, Kozuka, Wakizashi, or
    Unlocking Yojimbo
    To unlock Yojimbo, you must head to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, also called
    the Sunken Cave.  The Sunken Cave is located north of the Calm Lands, so take
    your airship to the Calm Lands and start heading northeast.  A chocobo would
    speed things up.
    Once you've left the Calm Lands, via the northeastern exit, head down a small
    hill.  This is the area where you'd find the Rusty Sword.  Look around for a
    small cave entrance, enter it, and proceed.
    It'd be a good idea to have a weapon with Capture on as you progress through
    the cave, so you can capture the monsters here.  Tonberry, for example, is
    extremely rare.  Should you run into one, it'd be a blessing to capture it.
    You'll fight a brief battle against Yojimbo, summoned by another aeon trainer.
    Defeat Yojimo using either Bahamut's overdrive or a bunch of powerful attacks
    from Shiva, followed by her overdrive.
    Enter Yojimbo's chamber, making sure you have a good deal of extra money on
    you.  You'll be spending approximately 200,000 gil to hire Yojimbo's services.
    For Final Fantasy VI fans, this works similar to hiring the services of
    Shadow and his dog, Interceptor.  However, once you've paid Yojimbo, he'll
    always remain loyal to you.
    When he asks you what your purpose of hiring him out is, answer the third
    option, which lowers his price.
    Bid slightly more than half of what he asks for.  He'll make rude remarks, but
    ignore them.  Try to add a little gil each time, in attempt to lower his price
    to about 200,000 gil.  You'll be paying a little more, but it's no real
    problem.  That money can be earned with ease.  See the quick money-making
    chapter of this guide.
    Every time you want Yojimbo to battle, you'll have to pay him even more gil.
    Luckily, you can pay him just 1 gil and he'll attack.  For his most powerful
    attacks, you'll need to pay him even more gil.
    Once Auron is powered up with his Mars Crest, Yojimbo will be able to break the
    damage limit of 9999.  For more information about the Mars Crest, check out
    Auron's Celestial Weapon section of this guide, Chapter Fifteen.
    Yojimbo can not learn any Black Magic, Skills, White Magic, etc.  He's limited
    to his four moves.  He has no overdrives, either.
    Yojimbo's dog will attack for minor damage.  You'll get this any time pay
    Yojimbo less than a few hundred gil.
    Yojimbo will attack with three small daggers.  Pay Yojimbo 500 gil and you'll
    usually see this attack.
    Withdrawing his sword, Yojimbo will inflict major damage to a single enemy.
    For 1000 gil, Wakizashi will most likely be performed.  I strongly recommend
    using Wakizashi once you've broke the damage limit.  For it's cost, it really
    deals the best damage.  If Yojimbo is motivated enough, he'll slice all the
    fiends for damage, not just one.
    The most powerful attack in Final Fantasy X, Zanmato will cost you
    millions of dollars to perform.  Zanmato kills ANY enemy in the game, including
    Zanmato is determined by Motivation Level.  Whether or not you perform it on
    an enemy is determined by a complex formula and series of events.
    Before I discuss Motivation Level, I have to thank Ultimania Guide for
    discovering all of this information.  Oliver Hague, Dual Zero, Shinryu, and
    especially Azure Edge are all a HUGE reason this exists.  Azure Edge went
    through a lot of trouble to compile this all together.  I've taken their work
    and written it out in a clear, easy to follow manner.  Thanks Azure Edge.
    To decide what attack Yojimbo will use, the game runs a very complex set of
    numbers through a formula.  Once these numbers are run, you'll get a Motivation
    number, which you can never physically see.  This number determines the attack
    Yojimbo selects.
    In this formula, there are five variables:
    Compatibility, Gil Paid, Overdrive, Random, Zanmato Level
    Those five variables determine Motivation, which is the key to the formula.
    Think of Motivation as a scale of points, starting at 0, where higher
    motivation allows for a stronger attack.
    Each turn, Motivation resets.  Motivation is only calculated with regards to
    the turn at hand.  Paying him 1000 gil on one turn, and then 3000 gil on the
    the current turn only counts the 3000 gil for this turn.
    Once the game decides your Motivation Level, it checks if it is over 80.  If it
    is over 80, then you will unleash Zanmato.  If you do not have an 80 Motivation
    Level, then the attack will be selected:
    If Yojimbo's motivation is 00 to 31, he will use Daigoro.
    If Yojimbo's motivation is 32 to 47, he will use Kozuka.
    If Yojimbo's motivation is 48 to 63, he will use Wakizashi.
    If Yojimbo's motivation is 64 or higher, he will use Wakizashin on all enemies.
    You must decide how much money you want to pay Yojimbo.  The more you pay him,
    the higher your motivation will be.  Remember, gil paid only affects him on
    a one turn basis.  Gil is not cumulative.
    If you're extremely rich, you could add up to 56 points of motivation onto
    your Motivation Scale, just by paying him gil.  Check out this table for a
    complete listing of how much motivation you'll add for your money.
    Gil Paid                      Motivation Increased
    ========                      ====================
    1 - 3                         00
    4 - 7                         02
    8 - 15                        04
    16 - 31                       06
    32 - 63                       08
    64 - 127                      10
    128 - 255                     12
    256 - 511                     14
    512 - 1023                    16
    1024 - 2047                   18
    2048 - 4095                   20
    4096 - 8191                   22
    8129 - 16,383                 24
    16,384 - 32,767               26
    32,768 - 65,535               28
    65,536 - 131,071              30
    131,072 - 262,143             32
    262,144 - 524,287             34
    524,288 - 1,048,575           36
    1,048,576 - 2,097,151         38
    2,097,152 - 4,194,303         40
    4,194,304 - 83,886,007        42
    83,886,008 - 16,777,215       44
    16,777,216 - 33,554,431       46
    33,554,432 - 67,108,863       48
    67,108,864 - 134,217,727      50
    134,217,728 - 268,435,455     52
    268,435,456 - 536,870,911     54
    536,870,912 - 999,999,999     56
    After deciding how much Motivation to add because of gil, the game decides how
    much motivation to add because of compatibility.
    Compatibility is a relatively weak factor.  It can only add up to 8 Motivation
    Points maximum.  However, it does affect your chances of getting a free
    Zanmato attack!  For more information about a free Zanmato attack, continue to
    read on to the end.
    Yojimbo begins with a 50 compatibility stat, but he can reach as high as 255 or
    as low a 0.  You cannot see this stat, but it works much the same way that
    Attack, Defense, Magic, etc., work.
    Using Kozuka does not affect your compatibility meter.  However, many actions
    do.  How to change the compatibility meter, for better or worse:
    Paying no gil on a turn, which dismissed him:          -20 compatibility
    Yojimbo dies while in a battle:                        -10 compatibility
    Yojimbo is dismissed without being paid for any tunrs: -03 compatibility
    Yojimbo uses Daigoro:                                  - 1 compatibility
    Yojimbo uses Wakizashi:                                + 1 compatibility
    Yojimbo uses Wakizashi on all enemies:                 + 3 compatibility
    Yojimbo uses Zanmato:                                  + 4 compatibility
    As you can see, it is extremely difficult to raise your compatibility with
    Yojimbo, especially since you can never see the compatibility stat.  To
    determine how much compatibility will add, you'll use the formula:
    Compatibility ÷ 30 = Motivation
    Therefore, even with a 255 compatibility, the most you can add is 8 Motivation
    Points.  The game does not consider decimals in its calculations.
    As I mentioned earlier, you can get Zanmato for free.  If your compatibility
    is maxed out to 255, you'll have a one-in-four chance of automatically using
    Zanmato on weak enemies.  Weak enemies are defined later on in this section.
    Another minor, yet somewhat important, factor is the overdrive meter.  When
    Yojimbo's overdrive meter is full, you'll get two free Motivation Points added
    to your scale.  Using attacks does not use up your overdrive meter, so these
    two free points can be reused, as long as Yojimbo remains alive.
    Perhaps the most important factor is the random bonus you'll be given.  Every
    time you attack, your Motivation is given anywhere from 0 to 63 free Motivation
    Points.  You have absolutely no control over this number.
    So far, you've seen how to calculate most of the Motivation.
    Now it's time to introduce the most complicated section of Yojimbo's attacks,
    the Zanmato Level.  This does not affect your Motivation too much, though.
    Every enemy in the game, including bosses, is assigned a Zanmato Level.  This
    level decides how easy it is to perform Zanmato on an enemy.
    Zanmato Level One is easy, while Zanmato Level Five is harder.
    Use this complicated formula:
    C = Compatibility Motivation
    P = Gil Paid This Turn
    T = Total Gil Held
    C * ( .75 + [(P ÷ 2) ÷ T] ) = X
    If you hired Yojimbo to help with your training as a summoner or you hired
    Yojimbo to destroy fiends, take your variable X and input it according to the
    fiend you are facing.
    Zanmato Level One Fiend:      X ÷ 1
    Zanmato Level Two Fiend:      X ÷ 2
    Zanmato Level Three Fiend:    X ÷ 3
    Zanmato Level Four Fiend:     X ÷ 4
    Zanmato Level Five Fiend:     X ÷ 5
    If you hired him to defeat very strong enemies, input X like so:
    Zanmato Level One Fiend:      X ÷ 1.25
    Zanmato Level Two Fiend:      X ÷ 1.25
    Zanmato Level Three Fiend:    X ÷ 1.25
    Zanmato Level Four Fiend:     X ÷ 2.5
    Zanmato Level Five Fiend:     X ÷ 2.5
    Your final result, after inputting X: Motivation Points.
    How do you know your enemy's Zanmato Level?  All Monster Arena fiends are
    Zanmato Level Five.  Other than that, you'll have to use this chart:
    Achelous            Fallen Monk         Magic Urn           Sand Worm
    Aerouge             Flame Flan          Malboro             Shred
    Ahriman             Floating Death      Mandragora          Simurgh
    Alcyone             Floating Eye        Master Coeurl       Sinscale
    Anacondaur          Funguar             Master Tonberry     Sinspawn: Ammes
    Aqua Flan           Gandarva            Maze Larva          Skoll
    Bandersnatch        Garm                Mech Defender       Snow Flan
    Bashura             Garuda              Mech Guard          Snow Wolf
    Basilisk            Gemini              Mech Gunner         Spathi
    Bat Eye             Ghost               Mech Hunter         Spirit
    Bite Bug            Gold Element        Mech Leader         Splasher
    Black Element       Grat                Mech Scouter        Swamp Mafdet
    Blue Element        Great Malboro       Melusine            Thorn
    Bomb                Grenade             Mi'ihen Fang        Thunder Flan
    Buer                Grendel             Murussu             Tonberry
    Bunyip              Grothia             Mushussu            Valaha
    Cave Iguion         Guado Guardian      Nebiros             Varuna
    Chimera             Halma               Nidhogg             Vouivre
    Chimera Brain       Ice Flan            Ochu                Warrior Monk
    Coeurl              Iguion              Octopus             Wasp
    Condor              Imp                 Ogre                Water Flan
    Dark Element        Ipiaria             Phlegyas            Wendigo
    Dark Flan           Iron Giant          Piranha             White Element
    Defender            Killer Bee          Puroboros           Worker
    Defender X          Klikk               Ragora              Wraith
    Defender Z          Kusariqqu           Raldo               Xiphos
    Demonolith          Lamashtu            Raptor              YAT-97
    Dingo               Land Worm           Red Element         YAT-99
    Dinonix             Larva               Remora              Yellow Element
    Dual Horn           Lord Ochu           Sahagin             YKT-11
    Epaaj               Macea               Sahagin Chief       YKT-63
    Evil Eye            Maelspike           Sandragora          Yowie
    Exoray              Mafdet              Sand Wolf           Zaurus
    Barbatos            Behemoth            Behemoth King       Cactuar
    Adamantoise         Anima
    Arms                Head                Right Fin           Sinspawn: Genais
    Biran Ronso         Kimahri             Sanctuary Keeper    Sinspawn: Geneaux
    Chocobo Eater       Left Fin            Seymour             Sinspawn Gui
    Crawler             Mimic               Seymour Flux        Spectral Keeper
    Evrae               Mortibody           Seymour Natus       Spherimorph
    Evrae Altana        Mortivessel         Seymour Omnis       Tros
    Extractor           Negator             Sin's Fin           Ultima Weapon
    Geneaux Tentacle    Oblitzerator        Sin's Core          Underwater Sinscale
    Geosgaeno           Omega Weapon        Sin's Head          Yenke Ronso
    Guado Guardian      Pterya              Sinspawn: Echuilles Yunalesca
    You've now finished.  It's time to use the final formula.
    G = Gil Paid Motivation
    C = Compatibility Motivation
    O = Overdrive Motivation
    R = Random Motivation
    Z = Zanmato Level Motivation
    G + C + O + R + Z = Current Motivation Total
    If that total exceeds 80, you'll perform Zanmato.  If it doesn't, refer to the
    information near the top of the Motivation section for a listing of what will
    Sometimes Yojimbo might attack without being paid.  The chance of this:
    Compatibility ÷ 1024 = Chance of Free Attack
    You have a small chance, no matter how it looks.  Should he attack for free,
    he'll use the formula below to determine his attack:
    (Compatibility ÷ 4) + Random Number = Free Motivation
    The random number is anything from 0 to 63.  Again, if the Free Motivation
    number is greater than 80, he'll perform Zanmato.  If not, then refer to the
    information at the top of the Motivation section to determine what attack he
    will use instead.
    If you really want to see Zanmato, but you are on a tight budget, just follow
    the following useful tips and one day you'll see Zanmato.
    #1 - Never pay Yojimbo 0 gil.  He'll lose a great deal of compatibility that's
         not easily made up for.
    #2 - Never allow Yojimbo to fall in combat.  He'll lose a lot of compatibility.
    #3 - Never dismiss Yojimbo without first utilizing his services at least once.
    #4 - Try to pay Yojimbo at least 1000 gil every time you use him.
    #5 - Keep Yojimbo's overdrive meter full.  It will boost his Motivation two
         free points!
    Of course, if you feel like it, you can spend all your gil and just hope he
    does Zanmato.  I strongly recommend saving before you do this.
    Chapter Twenty-Eight: Anima                                            <ID028>
    Anima is another hidden aeon that you can make use of.  You'll find him at the
    Baaj Temple, the same temple you washed up at in the beginning of the game.
    Before you can even begin, you will need to unlock Baaj Temple on your list of
    airship coordinates.  It is located at approximately X-14 and Y-57.
    Once you've reached Baaj Temple, you'll have to battle a boss.
    Prepare yourself for battle.  You'll be fighting Geosgaeno, the big thing who
    nearly ate you alive back in the day.  Chances are you'll have fun killing him.
    He's not too hard, with just over 30,000 HP.  Keep in mind only Tidus, Wakka,
    and Rikku will be able to help you underwater, so they need to able to handle
    the beast.  It's not a hard fight.  Clear him out and enter the temple.  There
    is a chance that you might have grabbed a [No Encounters] weapon from
    Geosgaeno.  If so, hold on to it.  It's a rare, neat glitch.
    Go inside an begin to activate the statues.  Each statue represents a temple
    you've been to and grabbed the Destruction Sphere from.  Bevelle's Statue will
    always be activated, because you cannot return to Bevelle Temple.  In order to
    complete the temple's requirements, you've already grabbed the Destruction
    Sphere.  It's impossible not to, or else you wouldn't have left the temple.  If
    you need more convincing, refer to Chapter Eighteen.
    The statues are arranged like so:
    Besaid (Valefor)    [ ]       [ ] Bevelle (Bahamut)
    Macalania (Shiva)   [ ]       [ ] Djose (Ixion)
    Zanarkand           [ ]       [ ] Kilika (Ifrit)
    Activate them all, grabbing the treasures you see, too.  If you cannot get a
    statue to light up, return to the Temple that you need and grab the Destruction
    Sphere from there.  Refer to the "Cloister of Trials" solutions chapter of this
    guide for help.  Before you can return to any temple, you must first revisit
    the Bevelle Highbridge and view a cutscene there.
    Once all of them are activated, you may proceed and get Anima, a truely
    powerful aeon!
    Anima will break the damage limit of 9999 by default.
    Here is what Anima begins with, by default:
    Skills                        Black Magic
    ------                        -----------
    Sleep Attack       5 MP       Fire           4 MP      Blizzara       8 MP
    Silence Attack     5 MP       Thunder        4 MP      Firaga        16 MP
    Dark Attack        5 MP       Water          4 MP      Thundaga      16 MP
    Sleep Buster      10 MP       Blizzard       4 MP      Waterga       16 MP
    Silence Buster    10 MP       Fira           8 MP      Blizzaga      16 MP
    Dark Buster       10 MP       Thundara       8 MP      Bio           10 MP
    Zombie Attack     10 MP       Watera         8 MP      Death         20 MP
    Anima's overdrive, Oblivion, deals non-elemental damage.  Pain, her unique
    special attack, is a magic attack that deals non-elemental damage.  It is
    extremely useful for defeating Jumbo Flan.
    Chapter Twenty-Eight: Magus Sisters                                    <ID029>
    Before you can get the Magus Sisters, you'll have to unlock both Anima and
    Yojimbo.  So do that first.
    Your next step is to head to Remien Temple.  To get there, ride a chocobo to
    the southern entrance (opposite of Zanarkand).  You'll see a feather on the
    ground there.  Press X to jump with the feather and then proceed forward.
    Enter the temple and defeat Belgemine's Aeons.
    Here's a guide to defeating each aeon and ultimately grabbing the Flower
    Valefor (20,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Summoner's Soul
            Second Time    - Lightning Gem x4
            All Others     - Power Sphere x4
    It's an easy battle.  Valefor is incredibly weak, and he has a low HP.  Not a
    problem here.  If you are having problems with Valefor, Yuna'a level is far too
    low to defeat the other aeons.
    Ifrit (28,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Aeon's Soul
            Second Time    - X-Potion x30
            All Others     - Mana Sphere x5
    Don't use fire attacks.  A nice dose of Ice attacks from Anima should eliminate
    him in no time at all.
    Ixion (30,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Chocobo Feather x10
            All Others     - Power Sphere x8
    Make sure you don't hit Ixion with Thunder attacks, as he absorbs them.  Water
    magic is your easiest option.
    Shiva (20,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Mega Potion x60
            All Others     - Star Curtain x6
    Shiva will dodge most physical attacks.  Use a steady dose of Firaga, and
    she'll be gone.  If you miss with too many physical attacks, she'll have an
    overdrive, Diamond Dust, ready to use on your aeon.
    Bahamut (35,000 HP)
    Prizes: First Time     - Flower Sceptor
            All Others     - Mana Sphere x8
    You'll get the Flower Sceptor the very first time you defeat Bahamut, which
    means you won't be getting it again.  To defeat Bahamut, use another big gun
    aeon like Anima or even Shiva.
    Now that you've grabbed the Flower Sceptor, you'll have to unlock Catoblepas in
    the Monster Arena by catching one of each of these monsters, all found at Mt.
    Bandersnatch                Mt. Gagazet Trails
    Grat                        Mt. Gagazet Trails
    Grenade                     Mt. Gagazet Trails
    Bashura                     Mt. Gagazet Trails
    Ahriman                     Mt. Gagazet Trails
    Grendel                     Mt. Gagazet Trails
    Dark Flan                   Mt. Gagazet Cavern
    Mandragora                  Mt. Gagazet Cavern
    Behemoth                    Mt. Gagazet Cavern
    Splasher                    Mt. Gagazet Ponds
    Achelous                    Mt. Gagazet Ponds
    Maelspike                   Mt. Gagazet Ponds
    Now talk to the Monster Arena owner.  He'll cough up the Blossom Crown.  Return
    to the Remien Temple, head to the back, and then use the two newly acquired
    items (Flower Sceptor and Blossum Crown) to unseal the door.  You've just
    grabbed the last aeons.  They have an extremely long overdrive, but they can
    break the damage limit automatically.  Their default "attacks":
    Do as you will.          Lets the sister decide.
    Fight!                   Attack with physical or special attack.
    Help each other!         Cast supportive magic, such as Auto-Life.
    Go, go!                  Attack with magic or skills.
    Offense!                 Attack with magic attacks.
    Defense!                 Defend with defensive skills.
    What happened to you?    Use Drain, Osmose, or Lancet attacks.
    Combine powers!          Unleash the triple overdrive attack.
    One More Time            Ask to perform the same action again.
    Dismiss                  Dismiss the aeons away like any other aeon.
    Cindy, the rather fat aeon, will use mostly healing magic.  With a little luck,
    she'll cast Auto-Life on all your aeons!  Her special attack is Camisade, a
    strong jumping attack at one fiend.
    The red aeon, Sandy, leads the way with Razzia and other powerful physical
    attacks.  Razzia lowers the fiend's defense.  A good tactic before unleashing
    the almighty Passado...
    Mindy, the small bumblebee aeon will unleash Passado if you're lucky.  Passado
    does fifteen hits of damage.  If your stats are maxed, she could be doing
    99,999 damage PER HIT, for a total of nearly 1,500,000 damage in just one turn.
    For all the Magus Sisters, use the One More Time command to ask the aeon to
    perform the same move over.  Especially useful if you want to cast a lot of
    Auto-Life or unleash Passado a few times.
    Chapter Thirty: Earning Gil                                            <ID030>
    If you need to make gil quickly, there's few better methods than Scudobuio's
    newest method of earning gil.  Read through this and you'll be making tons of
    gil in no time.  Follow the steps in order and you will have no problems.
    [1] Use a Save Sphere to get to the Airship, and go to Kilika Port.
    [2] Go to the shop, just to the west and south of here the Airship leaves you.
    [3] Purchase as many armors as you can carry for Tidus.
    [4] Use a Save Sphere to get to the Airship, and go to the Calm Lands.
    [5] Go to the Monster Arena, to the east of where the Airship leaves you.
    [6] Fight Kottos, who drops 40 Healing Springs for an overkill.
    [7] Customize [SOS Regen] on the armor you purchased from Kilika by using the
        Healing Springs Kottos dropped.
    [8] Sell the armor for a tidy profit (average 33,371 Gil per armor).
    [9] Repeat.
    Upon checking, I've found 15 places at the end of the game that sell armor.
    Kilika is your best deal for buying armor to customize, according to my
    calculations.  Now do the math:
    The armor in Kilika costs 2,250 Gil. You can hold 178 items of equipment. For
    the sake of a simple example, let us suppose your inventory is less than half
    full, and that you can purchase 100 armors, for a total cost of 225,000.
    Customizing 1 armor with [SOS Regen] uses 12 Healing Springs. To customize 100
    armors, we will need 1,200 Healing Springs. Sounds like a lot, but we can get
    40 Healing Springs for overkilling Kottos, which means that we need to get 40
    Healing Springs from Kottos 30 times.
    Fighting Kottos costs 6,000 Gil. If we only needed to fight Kottos 30 times,
    that would be 180,000 Gil. But Kottos also drops Dark Matter as a rare item,
    instead  of Healing Springs. Conservatively (from the perspective of our final
    result) assume that 1 in every 5 drops from Kottos is Dark Matter. That means
    we must fight Kottos 36 times, for a total of 216,000 Gil.
    That brings our overhead cost to 225,000 + 216,000 = 441,000 Gil.
    Each armor that we customize already has [HP +5%] in one slot, and will sell
    for 1/4 it's purchased price, a paltry 562 Gil, as calculated by the formula:
    (25 * 15) + 187 = 562
    By customizing [SOS Regen] in a second slot, we raise the selling price of this
    weapon by more than 67 times to 37,781 Gil, as calculated by the formula:
    (((25 + 5,000) * 15) + 187) / 2 = 37,781
    (Note the changes to the formula in bold, which identify the differences from 
    the previous formula.)  This brings our gross profit for 100 armors to
    3,778,100 Gil.
    Gross profit less overhead cost is net profit.  Our net profit is thus:
    3,778,100 - 441,000 = 3,337,100 (average 33,371 Gil
    per armor)
    Note that further customization does not significantly increase the selling
    price of the armor, and only increases the time and/or Gil required by this
    method.  With max stats, the algorithm above is the fastest way to make Gil,
    even faster than fighting Mimics or One-Eye. Or at least, no one has found a
    faster way.
    Evandownie of the PlayOnline Message Board for the original idea
    Rising2Fenix for writing the Equipment Selling Guide
    FATE48 for suggesting the use of Kilika's armor
    Scudobuio for writing this brief chapter on earning gil
    Chapter Thirty-One: Item Checklist                                     <ID031>
    Never miss an item again.  Simply print this checklist out as you progress
    through the game and get every single item!
    [ ] Potion x2
    [ ] Longsword x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Submerged Ruins
    [ ] Ether x1
    [ ] Flint x1 - KEY ITEM
    [ ] Gil 200
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Potion x2
    [ ] X-Potion x1
    [ ] Withered Bouquet x1 - KEY ITEM
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Salvage Ship
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 1 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Potion x3
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Besaid Island
    [ ] Antidote x2
    [ ] Antidote x2
    [ ] Gil 200
    [ ] Hi-Potion x2
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Moon Crest x1 - KEY ITEM
    [ ] Phoenix Down x1
    [ ] Potion x3
    [ ] Potion x2
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Besaid Village
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 2 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Gil 400
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Potion x2
    [ ] Phoenix Down x1
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Besaid Temple
    [ ] Rod of Wisdom - HIDDEN ITEM, WEAPON
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Besaid Village: Part 2
    [ ] Brotherhood x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Energy Blast x1 - SECOND VALEFOR OVERDRIVE
    [ ] Map x1
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Besaid Island: Part 2
    [ ] Ether x1
    [ ] Gil 400
    [ ] Phoenix Down x1
    [ ] Remedy x1
    [ ] Seekers Ring x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] Area Complete!
    S.S. Liki
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 3 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Potion x0-20 - IF YOU HAVE UNDER 20
    [ ] Remedy x1
    [ ] Area Complete!
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 4 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Ether x1
    [ ] Potion x3
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Kilika Woods
    [ ] Antidote x4
    [ ] Elixir x1
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Luck Sphere x1
    [ ] Mana Sphere x2
    [ ] NulBlaze Shield x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] Phoenix Down x3
    [ ] Remedy x1
    [ ] Scout x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Kilika Temple
    [ ] Red Armlet x1 - HIDDEN ITEM, ARMOR
    [ ] Area Complete!
    S.S Winno
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 5 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Area Complete!
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 6 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 7 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Gil 600
    [ ] Gil 1000
    [ ] Hi-Potion x2
    [ ] HP Sphere x1
    [ ] Magic Sphere x1
    [ ] Phoenix Down x2
    [ ] Tidal Spear x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Strength Sphere x1 - BLITZBALL TOURNAMENT PRICE
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Mi'ihen Highroad
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 8 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 9 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Antidote x2
    [ ] Antidote x4
    [ ] Ether x1
    [ ] Eye Drops x3
    [ ] Fortune Sphere x1
    [ ] Gil 600
    [ ] Gil 2000
    [ ] Heat Lance - WEAPON
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Hi-Potion x2
    [ ] Hunter's Spear - WEAPON
    [ ] Ice Brand - WEAPON
    [ ] Lv.1 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Lv.1 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Mars Crest x1 - KEY ITEM
    [ ] Mega Potions x2
    [ ] Red Ring x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] Remedy x1
    [ ] Scout x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Soft x3
    [ ] Thunder Blade x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Echo Ring x1 - BATTLE VS BELGEMINE 1 PRIZE
    [ ] Lv.1 Key Sphere x2 - BATTLE VS CHOCOBO EATER PRIZE
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Mushroom Rock Road
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 10 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Ether x1
    [ ] Gil 400
    [ ] Gil 1000
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Mega Potion x1
    [ ] Mega Potion x1
    [ ] Phoenix Down x2
    [ ] Potion x10
    [ ] Remedy x1
    [ ] Remedy x1
    [ ] Serene Bracer x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] Serum Armlet x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] Tough Bangle x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] X-Potion x1
    [ ] Lv.1 Key Sphere x6 - AFTER THE SINSPAWN GUI BATTLE
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Djose Highroad
    [ ] Ability Sphere x4
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 11 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Bright Bangle x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] Ether x1
    [ ] Ether x1
    [ ] Gil 4000
    [ ] Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Hi-Potion x2 - AFTER THE TEMPLE OF DJOSE
    [ ] Mega Phoenix x1
    [ ] Mega Potion x1
    [ ] Phoenix Down x2
    [ ] Potion x10 - AFTER THE TEMPLE OF DJOSE
    [ ] Remedy x1
    [ ] Soft Ring x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] Switch Hitter x1 - WEAPON, AFTER THE TEMPLE OF DJOSE 
    [ ] Variable Steel x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Djose Temple
    [ ] Magic Sphere x1 - HIDDEN ITEM, SPHERE
    [ ] Area Complete!
    [ ] Antidote x4
    [ ] Ether x1
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 12 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Gil 5000
    [ ] Lv.1 Key Sphere x3
    [ ] Lv.1 Key Sphere x3
    [ ] Magic Def Sphere x1
    [ ] Mega-Potion x1
    [ ] Phoenix Down x2
    [ ] Summoner's Soul x1 - SPECIAL ABILITY
    [ ] X-Potion x1
    [ ] Dragon Scales x2 - BATTLE VS BELGEMINE 1 PRIZE
    [ ] Area Complete!
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 13 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Elixir x1
    [ ] Gil 3000
    [ ] Hi-Potion x2
    [ ] Lightning Marble x8
    [ ] Mega-Potion x1
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Thunder Plains
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 14 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Ether x1
    [ ] Gil 2000
    [ ] Gil 5000
    [ ] Hi-Potion x2
    [ ] Phoenix Down x2
    [ ] Remedy x1
    [ ] Water Ball x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] X-Potion x1
    [ ] Yellow Shield x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Macalania Woods
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 15 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Gil 2000
    [ ] Jecht Sphere x1
    [ ] Phoenix Down x3
    [ ] Remedy x1
    [ ] Sleepy Cait Sith x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Ether x1 - BUTTERFLY PRIZE, NORTH
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Lake Macalania
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 16 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Lv.1 Key Sphere x1 - AFTER THE BATTLE VS CRAWLER
    [ ] Lv.2 Key Sphere x1 - AFTER THE TEMPLE OF MACALANIA
    [ ] Mega-Potion x1 - AFTER THE BATTLE VS CRAWLER
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Macalania Temple
    [ ] Elixir x1
    [ ] Ether x1
    [ ] Gil 400
    [ ] Gil 5000
    [ ] Hi-Potion x2
    [ ] Phoenix Down x3
    [ ] Remedy x2
    [ ] Shell Targe x1
    [ ] X-Potion x2
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Macalania Temple: Part 2
    [ ] Luck Sphere x1 - HIDDEN ITEM, SPHERE
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Sanubia Desert
    [ ] Al Bhed Potion x8
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 17 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 18 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Elixir x1
    [ ] Ether x2
    [ ] Gil 10000
    [ ] Hi-Potion x4
    [ ] Hi-Potion x8
    [ ] Lv.2 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Megalixir x3
    [ ] Mega-Potion x2
    [ ] Mega-Potion x3
    [ ] Mercury Crest x1
    [ ] Remedy x4
    [ ] Teleport Sphere x2
    [ ] X-Potion x2
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Al Bhed Home
    [ ] Al Bhed Potion x4
    [ ] Al Bhed Potion x6
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 19 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 20 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 21 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Friend Sphere x1
    [ ] Gil 10000
    [ ] Hi-Potion x2
    [ ] Lv.2 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Lv.4 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Skill Sphere x1
    [ ] Special Sphere x1
    [ ] Area Complete!
    The Airship
    [ ] Al Bhed Potion x4
    [ ] Area Complete!
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 22 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Bevelle Temple
    [ ] HP Sphere x1 - HIDDEN ITEM, SPHERE
    [ ] Knight Lance x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Via Purifico
    [ ] Black Magic Sphere x1
    [ ] Elixir x1
    [ ] Gil 10000
    [ ] Lucid Ring x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] Mega-Potion x1
    [ ] Skill Sphere x1
    [ ] White Magic Sphere x1
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Via Purifico: Part 2
    [ ] Avenger x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Rematch x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Macalania Woods: Part 2
    [ ] Lucid Ring x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] Jecht Sphere
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Calm Lands
    [ ] Aeon's Soul x1
    [ ] 30 Power Spheres - BATTLE VS BELGEMINE 1 PRIZE
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 23 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Gil 5000
    [ ] Gil 10000
    [ ] Lv.2 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Rusty Sword - KEY ITEM
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Mt. Gagazet
    [ ] Braska's Sphere 
    [ ] Defending Bracer - ARMOR
    [ ] Gil 20000
    [ ] HP Sphere x1
    [ ] Lv.4 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Mega-Potion x1
    [ ] Saturn Crest - KEY ITEM
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Mt. Gagazet: Part 2
    [ ] Fortune Sphere x1
    [ ] Lv.1 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Pep Talk - WEAPON
    [ ] Recovery Ring - ARMOR
    [ ] Return Sphere x1
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Zanarkand Ruins
    [ ] Fortune Sphere x1
    [ ] Friend Sphere x1
    [ ] Gil 10000
    [ ] Luck Sphere x1
    [ ] Lv.3 Key Sphere
    [ ] Spiritual Targe - ARMOR
    [ ] Sun Crest - KEY ITEM
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Zanarkand Temple
    [ ] Magistral Rod - HIDDEN ITEM, WEAPON
    [ ] Area Complete!
    [ ] Defending Bracer x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] Defence Sphere x1
    [ ] Elixir x1
    [ ] Four-on-One x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Gil 20000
    [ ] HP Sphere x1
    [ ] Laevatein x1
    [ ] Lv.3 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Lv.4 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Megalixir x1
    [ ] Phantom Ring x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] Special Sphere x1
    [ ] Wizard Lance x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Tower of the Dead
    [ ] Prism Ball x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Stillblade x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Mage's Staff x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] White Magic Sphere x1
    [ ] Wicked Cait Sith x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Hrunting x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Skill Sphere x1
    [ ] Knight Lance x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Infinity x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Attribute Sphere x1
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Remiem Temple
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 24
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Remiem Temple: Aeon battle VS Belgemine
    NOTE: You can fight the Aeons a second 
    time for less value items.
    [ ] Valefor 1 Time - Lightning Gem x4
    [ ] Valefor 2 Time - Power Sphere x4
    [ ] Ifrit 1 Time - X-Potion x30 
    [ ] Ifrit 2 Time - Mana Sphere x6
    [ ] Ixion 1 Time - Chocobo Feather x10 
    [ ] Ixion 2 Time - Power Sphere x8
    [ ] Shiva 1 Time - Mega-Potion x60 
    [ ] Shiva 2 Time - Star Curtain x6
    [ ] Bahamut 1 Time - Flower Sceptre x1 - KEY ITEM
    [ ] Bahamut 2 Time - Mana Sphere x8
    [ ] Yojimbo 1 Time - Shadow Gem x8 
    [ ] Yojimbo 2 Time - Power Sphere x10
    [ ] Anima 1 Time - Stamina Spring x60 
    [ ] Anima 2 Time - Mana Sphere x10
    [ ] Magus Sisters 1 Time - Shining Gem x40 
    [ ] Magus Sisters 2 Time - Power Sphere x10
    Remiem Temple: Chocobo Race
    NOTE: You can only win each prize ONCE. After that 
    you'll be rewarded with a Potion for a win.
    It's not possible to touch all six chests and 
    still reach the finish line first.
    [ ] 0 Chests - Cloudy Mirror
    [ ] 1 Chests - Elixir x1
    [ ] 2 Chests - Megalixir x1
    [ ] 3 Chests - Wings to Discovery x30
    [ ] 4 Chests - Pendulum x30
    [ ] 5 Chests - Three Stars x60
    Cavern of The Stolen Fayth
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 25 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Flexible Arm x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Fortune Sphere x1
    [ ] Lv.2 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Megalixir x1
    [ ] Mega-Potion x2
    [ ] HP Sphere x1
    [ ] X-Potion x2
    [ ] Teleport Sphere x2 - IF YOU PAY YOJIMBO 3X THE ASKING PRIZE
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Omega Ruins
    [ ] Al Bhed Primer 26 - AL BHED PRIMER
    [ ] Friend Sphere x3
    [ ] Magic Sphere x3
    [ ] Teleport Sphere x1
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Omega Ruins: Good deals!
    [ ] Steal 10-20 Doors of Tomorrow from Ultima Weapon
    [ ] Bribe Ultima Weapon with 1,4 Millions for 99 Pendulums
    [ ] Complete!
    Omega Ruins: Chest Game
    Note: This IS tricky.
    Try to be patiant, and you'll get it! 
    Consult another FAQ / Guide for more in-depth help.
    [ ] 1 Chest Opened - Lv.4 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] 2 Chest Opened - Defending Bracer x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] 3 Chest Opened - Turnover x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] 4 Chest Opened - Lv.3 Key Sphere x2
    [ ] 5 Chest Opened - Defending Armlet x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] 6 Chest Opened - Friend Sphere x2
    [ ] 7 Chest Opened - Lv.4 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] 8 Chest Opened - Phantom Ring x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] 9 Chest Opened - Cactuar Wizard x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] 10 Chest Opened - Warmonger x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] 11 Chest Opened - Teleport Sphere x2
    [ ] 12 Chest Opened - Warp Sphere x99 - FINAL PRIZE!
    [ ] Complete!
    Airship Hidden Location Items
    [ ] Baaj Temple - Onion Knight x1 and Anima x1 - WEAPON AND AEON
    [ ] Sanubia Sands - Ascalon Sword x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Besaid Falls - Dragoon Lance x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Mi'ihen Ruins - Sonar x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Battle Site - Phantom Bangle
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Airship Password Location Items
    [ ] GODHAND - Godhand x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] VICTORIOUS - Victorious x1 - ARMOR
    [ ] MURASAME - Murasame Sword x1 - WEAPON
    [ ] Area Complete!
    Return to The Temples for Items
    [ ] Besaid - Evasion Sphere x1, Potion x2, Elixir x1, White Magic Sphere x1
        Hi-Potion x1
    [ ] Kilika - Luck Sphere x1, Defence Sphere x1, Agility Sphere x1
        Accuracy Sphere x1
    [ ] Djose - Luck Sphere x1, Agility Sphere x1, Magic Def Sphere x1
    [ ] Macalania - Magic Sphere x1, Accuracy Sphere x1, Magic Def Sphere x1
    [ ] Remiem - Defence Sphere x1
    [ ] Cavern of the Stolen Fayth - Strength Sphere
    [ ] Complete!
    Monster Arena
    NOTE: Area Conquest is a list of
    what you'll get after you have 
    captured ONE of each fiend in each area.
    Species Conquest is a list of what you'll
    get after you have captured a certain number
    of one fiend.
    Original is a list of what you'll 
    get after the Monster Arena guy have 
    mixed Species Conquest Monsters.
    Area Conquest
    [ ] Besaid - Stamina Tonic x99
    [ ] Kilika - Prison Fang x99
    [ ] Mi'ihen Highroad - Soul Spring x99
    [ ] Mushroom Rock Road - Candle of Life x99
    [ ] Djose Road - Petrify Grenade x99
    [ ] Thunder Plains - Chocobo Wing x99
    [ ] Macalania - Shining Gem x60
    [ ] Bikanel - Shadow Gem x99
    [ ] Calm Lands - Farplane Wind x60
    [ ] Sunken Cave - Silver Hourglass x40
    [ ] Mt.Gagazet - Blossom Crown
    [ ] Inside Sin - Lunar Curtain x99
    [ ] Omega Dungeon - Designer Wallet x60
    [ ] Complete!
    Species Conquest
    [ ] Fenrir - Chocobo Feathers x99
    [ ] Ornitholestes - Stamina Springs x99
    [ ] Pteryx - Mega-Phoenix x99
    [ ] Horent - Mana Tonics x60
    [ ] Vidatu - Mana Springs x99
    [ ] One-Eye - Stamina Tablets x60
    [ ] Jumbo Flan - Twin Stars x60
    [ ] Nega Elemental - Star Curtains x60
    [ ] Tanket - Golden Hourglass x99
    [ ] Fafnir - Purifying Salts x99
    [ ] Sleep Sprout - Healing Spring x99
    [ ] Bomb King - Turbo Ethers x60
    [ ] Juggernaut - Ligh Curtains x99
    [ ] Ironclad - Mana Tablets x60
    [ ] Complete!
    [ ] Earth Eater - Three Stars x60
    [ ] Greater Sphere - Supreme Gem x60
    [ ] Catastrophe - Door to Tomorrow x99
    [ ] Th'uban - Gambler's Spirit x99
    [ ] Neslug - Winning Formulas x99
    [ ] Ultima Buster - Dark Matters x99
    [ ] Shinryu - Megalixir x30
    [ ] Nemesis - Master Sphere x10
    [ ] Complete!
    Monster Arena Prize
    [ ] Mark of Conquest - KEY ITEM
    [ ] Complete!
    Thunder Plains: Lightning Dodging
    NOTE: I'll list what you'll get when
    you have dodged x numbers lightning
    strikes. I'll also list what you can 
    get by BE stroke by the lightning strikes.
    Dodge Rewards
    [ ] 5 - X-Potionx2
    [ ] 10 - Mega-Potion x2
    [ ] 20 - MP Sphere x2
    [ ] 50 - Strength Sphere x3
    [ ] 100 - HP Sphere x3
    [ ] 150 - Megalixir x4
    [ ] 200 - Venus Sigil x1 - FINAL PRIZE
    [ ] Complete!
    Consolation Prizes
    [ ] 30 - Ether x1
    [ ] 80 - Elixir x1
    [ ] Complete!
    Macalania Woods: Butterfly Hunt
    NOTE: I have already listed what you'll
    get before and after the fight with
    Sphereimorph. Look in Macalania Woods
    longer up. This list is what you'll get
    after you have acquired the Airship.
    [ ] Teleport Sphere x1 - DOESN'T MATTER IF IT IS CENTRAL OR NORTH
    [ ] Complete!
    Sanubia Desert: The Valley of The Cactuars
    NOTE: I'll list what you'll get after how
    many cactuars you manage to "capture".
    You can only get ONE of the following.
    [ ] 1-2 - Potion
    [ ] 3-5 - Elixir
    [ ] 6-7 - Megalixir
    [ ] 8-9 - Friend Sphere
    [ ] Complete!
    Calm Lands: Chocobo Traning
    NOTE: I'll list what you can win and what 
    you can get if you improve your record.
    Wobbly Chocobo
    [ ] 1 Time - Elixir x1
    [ ] Improved record - x-Potion x1
    [ ] Complete!
    Dodger Chocobo
    [ ] 1 Time - Lv.1 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Improved record - Mega-Potion x1
    [ ] Complete!
    Hyper Dodger Chocobo
    [ ] 1 Time - Lv.2 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Improved record - Ether x1
    [ ] Complete!
    Catcher Chocbo
    [ ] 1 Time - Lv.3 Key Sphere x1
    [ ] Complete the race under 0 seconds - Sun Sigil - KEY ITEM
    [ ] Improved record - Turbo Ether x1
    [ ] Complete!
    Jecht & Braska's Spheres
    NOTE: To get more Overdrives to Auron
    you'll need these Spheres. I'll list 
    the places where the Spheres are.
    [ ] Macalania Woods
    [ ] Besaid Village
    [ ] S.S.Liki
    [ ] Luca Stadium
    [ ] Mi'ihen Highroad
    [ ] Mushroom Rock
    [ ] Moonflow
    [ ] Thunder Plains
    [ ] Macalania Woods - South
    [ ] Mt.Gagazet - Mountain Trail
    Celestial Weapons and the Crests / Sigils
    NOTE: I'll list where you can aqquire each
    Celestial Weapon and the Crests / Sigils
    for each Character.
    [ ] Caladbolg - Calm Lands, North
    [ ] Sun Crest - Zanarkand Dome
    [ ] Sun Sigil - Calm Lands
    [ ] Nirvana - Calm Lands, Arena
    [ ] Moon Crest - Besaid Island, Beach
    [ ] Moon Sigil - Remiem Temple
    [ ] Masamune - Calm Lands, Gorge Bottom
    [ ] Mars Crest - Mi'ihen Highroad - Oldroad, South
    [ ] Mars Sigil - Calm Lands, Arena
    [ ] World Champion - Luca, Cafe
    [ ] Jupiter Crest - Luca Stadium, Locker Room
    [ ] Jupiter Sigil - Blitzball League Prize
    [ ] Spirit Lance - Thunder Plains, South
    [ ] Saturn Crest - Mt.Gagazet, Prominence
    [ ] Saturn Sigil - Butterfly Hunt Prize
    [ ] Onion Knight - Baaj Temple, Underwater
    [ ] Venus Crest - The Farplane
    [ ] Venus Sigil - Lightning Dodge Prize
    [ ] Godhand - Mushroom Rock, Valley
    [ ] Mercury Crest - Sanubia Desert, West
    [ ] Mercury Sigil - Complete "The Valley of the Cactuars" 
    NOTE: Different goodies in Spira.
    [ ] 99 Underdog's Secrets
    [ ] Ace Wizard
    There you have it, a complete item list.  This was written entirely by a very
    dedicated FFX player, Bio (Bio@Whoever.com).
    Legal Information
    author:   Anthony Ambrose (ACA)
    email:    acax1985 [at] gmail [dot] com
    Copyright 2014.
    This document was created and maintained by ACA, its author.  It is 
    the sole property of its author, whom bears the copyright and reserves all 
    rights.  It is protected by "United States Code:  Title 17 - Copyrights", 
    the "Berne Convention for the Protection of Literacy and Artistic Works 
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    International Treaties.
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