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    No Sphere Grid Monster Arena FAQ by Hyprophant / Klink

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 10/26/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -- Final fantasy X No Sphere Grid Monster arena FAQ
    -- By Hyprophant/Klink, Acm2aa@Yahoo.com
    -- Version 2.1
    Legal Disclaimer: This FAQ is for personal use only, and copyrighted to me, 
    Hyprophant. You are not allowed to post this FAQ on your magazines, website 
    or any other form of public media without contacting me first and receiving 
    MY permission, and you must not change any single word in this FAQ. If you 
    want to make any change of this FAQ, then you will not be allowed to use it.  
    Do not dare to violate this disclaimer, or I will pursue the legal rights and 
    you will regret it.
    Attention: I am NOT going to list bosses' states, item/steal list or prize 
    list in this FAQ, you can find them in CB!'s monster arena FAQ. This FAQ ONLY 
    provides strategies of how to complete monster arena quest in NSG game, if 
    you are playing a regular game, this FAQ is not going to help your game a lot.
    WARNING To Webmasters: If you received my permission to use this FAQ, it is 
    your duty to keep the newest version. If you can't keep it current, then you 
    can forget about using it.
    Appendix B is about how to defeat Dark Aeons in a No Sphere Gird game in FFX: 
    I/PAL version. This part is credited to Klink <kilnk666@hotmail.com>. If you 
    receive my permission to use this FAQ, I will e-mail you the one WITHOUT 
    Appendix B and that's WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO USE on your site or magazines. If 
    you really want the information in appendix B, you must receive Klink's 
    permission before you talk to me.
    Translating this FAQ into any foreign language is absolutely forbidden except 
    these following languages: Spanish, Japanese and Chinese, since I cannot read 
    any other language besides them and English. If you wish to translate this 
    FAQ to one of the three foreign languages listed above and post them on your 
    site, ask me first. Also, you must translate this FAQ word by word, and you 
    have to let me view it first before it is posted. I have the right to edit 
    your translation if you did not translate this FAQ directly or add any other 
    new information that is not in the original FAQ.
    --Table of Contents-
      I. Version History
     II. Preface
    III. Preparations 
      a. Customizing weapons and armors
      b. Learn about items/mixes
      c. Leveling up aeons
      d. General strategies
      e. Yojimbo and Zanmoto
     IV. Area Creations
      a. Stratavis
      b. Malboro menace
      c. Kottos
      d. Coeurlregina
      e. Jormungand
      f. Cactuar King
      g. Espada
      h. Chimerageist
      j. Don Tonberry
      k. Catoblepas
      I. Abadon
      m. Vorban
      V. Species Creations
      a. Fenrir
      b. Ornitholestes
      c. Petryx
      d. Hornet
      e. Vidatu
      f. One Eye
      g. Jumbo Flan
      h. Nega Elemental
      i. Tanket
      j. Fafnir
      k. Sleep Sprout
      l. Bomb King
      m. Juggernaut
      n. Iron Clad
     VI. Original creations
      a. Earth Eater
      b. Greater Sphere
      c. Catastrophe
      d. Th'uban
      e. Neslug
      f. Ultima Buster
      g. Shinryu
      h. Nemesis/Aka Omega Gold
    VII. Frequently asked questions
    VIII.Appendix A: Useful Items list
     IX. Appendix B: NSG Dark Aeons  
      X. Author's notes: The End Of Our Quest
     XI. Credits/Thanks
    --I. Version History
    Version 0.1, 4/06/02. Gestahl started the first topic about NSG monster arena 
    on GameFaq's message board.
    Version 0.2, 7/20/02. Hikensasame Yuki confirmed the strategy of defeating 
    Nemesis without Zanmato in NSG.
    Version 0.9, 8/11/02. Hyprophant finished NSG monster arena FAQ.  
    Version 1.0, 8/13/02. This FAQ has posted on GameFaq's FFX FAQ board.
    Version 2.0, 9/06/02. Minor changes were made in the original creation part; 
    add appendix B, more frequently asked questions, and author's notes.
    Version 2.1, 10/25/02. Renew Appendix B part; add Dark Anima strategies in 
    Appendix B; and other minor changes have been made as well.
    --II. Preface-
    This is an in-depth strategy guide of how to conquer monster arena without 
    using the sphere gird option. The purpose of this FAQ is to explain how it is 
    possible to defeat those extremely strong bosses in monster arena and acquire 
    the "Mark of Conquest" without even raising your characters' states one bit. 
    And I only recommend players who truly master this game and have knowledge 
    about every boss in monster arena trying this ultimate challenge.
    The "NSG monster arena" topic on GameFaq's FFX board was started by Gestahl 
    in April, 2002, and I carried on his progress after his topic was gone. With 
    many experts' help, I/we finally found out the way to defeat all monster 
    arena bosses in NSG. This FAQ is actually credited to many people, not only 
    my work. I am just the one who gathered info and made this FAQ.
    I will try to make this FAQ as clear and easy to understand as possible, if 
    you still have any question about NSG monster arena or you need help, please 
    leave your messages on GameFaq's FFX message board and I will answer your 
    questions there. DO NOT email me if you just have a game play question, I 
    will delete your mail, and you won't get any reply. 
    --III. Preparations
    a. Customizing weapons and armors
    In a NSG, your characters' states never raise, so having good weapons and 
    good armors is extremely important. Unlike a regular game, it is not 
    necessary for you to have abilities such as "Break damage limit", "One Mp 
    cost" or "Magic boost". Instead of them, there are several abilities can save 
    your life when you are battling monster arena bosses in NSG:
    1. First Strike: This ability allows you move first before your enemies, even 
    if you are ambushed. You will have to be initiative to beat many bosses in 
    NSG. You can add first strike ability on your weapons with a return sphere, 
    and you can acquire return spheres by playing blitzball, or from Sanctuary 
    2. Evade and counter(*): This ability sounds a bit useless since your evasion 
    is so low in NSG, while most bosses in monster arena have high accuracy, 
    however, Evade and counter ability can also raise your speed a bit during 
    battles, and it will give you few extra turns to attack. You can add evade 
    and counter ability on your weapons with a teleport sphere, and you can 
    acquire teleport spheres from playing blitzball, treasure boxes or fighting 
    Master Tonberry in Omega Ruin. 
    3. Initiative: This ability prevents you being ambushed (except against 
    Malboro Menace). With a weapon bears both first strike and initiative ability, 
    you may have some extra turns before your enemies' first move, but it depends 
    on your enemies' agility. You can add initiative ability on your weapons with 
    a chocobo feather, and you can steal chocobo feathers from cactuars in 
    Sanubia desert.
    4. Triple overdrive (optional): It triples the speed of refilling your 
    overdrive gauges, some bosses in monster arena does not use very strong 
    attacks, and you will have to have triple overdrive weapons in order to 
    charge your overdrive gauges quickly. You can add triple overdrive ability on 
    your weapons with 20 doors to tomorrow, and you will have 99 of them by 
    unlocking Catastrophe in monster arena.
    You will use Rikku, Wakka, and Tidus in most battles, and you have to add 
    those four abilities above on their weapons before you can take bosses in 
    monster arena in a NSG game. Now, you need weapons with four empty slots 
    The best way to get weapons with four slots is buying them from Wantz. You 
    can find him in the entrance of macalania forest, he sells everyone 's 
    equipments with four empty slots there, and each of them costs you 100,000 
    gil... and it is NOT easy to earn money in NSG.
    In order to get the big money you want in your NSG, find Rikku and Auron's 
    celestial weapons and power them up!!! There is " Gillionare" ability on 
    Rikku's weapon, which will double the money you get after you defeat monsters; 
    and there is " Triple overdrive" ability on Auron's celestial weapon, which 
    will increases the speed he refill his overdrive gauge.
    Now go to Omega Ruin and fight mimics, and be sure that Rikku and Auron are 
    in the party. If Auron's overdrive gauge is full, you can use shooting star 
    to blow mimics away. With Gillionare ability, you will receive massive 
    100,000 gil after the battle!!!!
    Of course you can not complete NSG monster arena with only good weapons, you 
    have to customize your own armors as well. Here are some abilities you will 
    need for your armors:
    1. Auto phoenix: It allows a character uses phoenix downs to revive the dead 
    party members other then him/herself, if there is any phoenix down available 
    in the inventory. Even if it is not his/her turn. You can add auto phoenix 
    ability on your armors with 20 mega phoenixes, and you can get 99 of mega 
    phoenixes by unlocking Pteryx in monster arena.
    2. Auto haste: It keeps a character in haste statue constantly. You can add 
    auto haste ability on your armors with 80 chocobo wings. You will need at 
    least three auto haste armors, so which means you will have to gather massive 
    240 chocobo wings just for 3 Auto haste armors!!!
    You can get 99 chocobo wings from unlocking Cactuar King in monster arena, 
    however, you still need 139 more... the best way to get this many chocobo wings 
    is having Rikku equips a "master thief" armor (for how to customize a master 
    thief armor, please refer to my " NSG monster taming FAQ"), and steal chocobo 
    wings from cactuars in Sanubia desert.
    Basically, that's it. With these two abilities on your armors, you will be 
    able to handle most of creations in monster arena. You should have Rikku, 
    Wakka and Tidus equip armors with "auto phoenix" and "auto haste", and you 
    MUST add these two abilities on armors with four empty slots. You may need 
    some extra abilities to fight specific bosses later.
    If it doesn't bother you, giving Yuna an auto haste armor would be a wise 
    idea, too. It increases the chance that Yuna is able to have a turn after an 
    aeon is dismissed/killed.
    b. Learn about items/mixes.
    No matter you are fighting monster arena bosses or not, as long as you are 
    playing a NSG, Rikku is the center of your entire party, she is the only one 
    can "use" items and "mix" integrants. 
    The most important mix in NSG is "trio of 9999", it allows everyone in the 
    frontline party deals 9999 damage in every single hit. Mix trio of 9999 in 
    conjunction with Wakka's overdrive " attack reels" will deal massive 119,988 
    damage in one turn!!!
    There are several ways to mix trio of 9999:
    1. Underdog's secret + Level 3/level 4 key spheres
    You can get 99 underdog's secrets from Rin after you collect all 26 al behd 
    primers, and you can get level 3 key spheres from Defender Z ( use Auron's 
    shooting star to eject it) and maybe some other monsters in Omega Ruin. You 
    can not bribe in a NSG, so your level 4 key spheres might be limited in your 
    2. Door to tomorrow + Door to tomorrow
    You can get 99 Doors to tomorrow by unlocking Catastrophe in monster arena. 
    3. Wings of discovery + Wings of discovery
    You can get 30 wings of discovery by wining chocobo race outside reniem 
    temple with three chests opened. To win the race and open three chests, go 
    straight and get the first chest, then take the path in your right hand side 
    and go south to get your second chest. Take the path in your right hand side 
    again and go north to get your third chest, then just go straight to the goal, 
    you should be able to win the race easily.
    4. Gambler's spirit + Gambler's spirit
    You can get 99 gambler's spirit by unlocking Th'uban in monster arena, and 
    you can steal them as many as you want from Earth eater or Greater sphere, as 
    long as you have the money you need to fight them. 
    I only provided those four ways since I used them quite often, there are many 
    other items you can use for mixing trio of 9999, however, I am not going to 
    list them here because they may requires some items that could be more useful 
    besides mixing trio of 9999. If you want to know them so bad, please refer to 
    CB!'s mix FAQ for more detailed info.
    Besides Trio of 9999, "Hyper Mighty G" is another important mix in NSG 
    monster arena, you only need to use "Hyper Mighty G" against few bosses, but 
    that's reason enough for u to learn about it.
    The best way to mix Hyper Mighty G is winning formula + star/light cartain. 
    You can acquire 99 winning formulas by unlocking Neslug, 99 star cartains by 
    unlocking Nega-elemental, and 99 light cartains by unlocking Juggernaut in 
    monster arena.
    Again, this is NOT the only way to mix Hyper Mighty G, but I am not going to 
    list all of them here. Please refer to CB!'s mix FAQ for more tips if you 
    really need them.
    Those two mixes are good enough to carry you through NSG monster arena, let's 
    talk about the useful items. I put items into two categories: Items can be 
    only used by Rikku, and items can be used by everybody.
    Useful items in the first categories are most likely attack items like Dark 
    matters, supreme gems and elemental gems. Dark matters usually deal 12,500+ 
    damage to targets; supreme gems almost always deal 9,999 damage to targets, 
    elemental gems hit targets five times with fair damage per hit, however, if 
    you use elemental gems in conjunction with trio of 9999, each elemental gem 
    can deal 49,995 damage and it will be your lethal weapon against some 
    bosses!!! Plus unlike overdrive, "use" command takes much less time. It is 
    another advantage of using items to attack, and it will save you in some 
    You can get 99 dark matters by unlocking Ultima Buster, 60 supreme gems by 
    unlocking Greater sphere in monster arena, and you can steal elemental gems 
    from Fire flans, Grenades or some other elemental enemies.
    Al behd potion is a healing item that can only be used by Rikku, and it works 
    just like mega potions in NSG since your party's Hp is very low. Plus it 
    cures poison and petrifaction. You can steal them from machine type of 
    enemies, they are easy to steal, they are cheap, and they are effective.
    There are more good items for Rikku to use, please go to Appendix A for more 
    info there.
    For the items in the second categories, you must always keep 99 phoenix downs, 
    20 mega potions, and 20 mega phoenixes. Phoenix downs will keep auto phoenix 
    works, mega potion can complete heal the entire party, and it is good against 
    some bosses that have low strength but good at status attack, and mega 
    phoenixes is just in case that you run out of phoenix downs.
    c. Leveling up aeons
    Since a NSG game stands for a "No Sphere Grid" game, it means you can still 
    use spheres to level up aeons' attribute and items to teach aeons abilities. 
    Some bosses can not be defeated in NSG unless with powerful aeons, although 
    only few of them... but remember, you have to defeat at least each boss in 
    monster arena once before you can face Nemesis.
    The theories of leveling up aeons are vary, DREMC used to have a topic about 
    how to level up aeons in NSG on GameFaq's FFX message board. I have played 
    NSG several times in order to test aeons' growth in NSG, although I can not 
    say that I have completely discovered the absolute theory of leveling up 
    aeons, there are several things I am sure about:
    1. Aeons' growth has nothing to do with Yuna' sphere level. Even Yuna has 
    sphere level 99, it won't help your Aeons one bit.
    2. Your Aeons' grows about every 30 battles, it does not matter if you win or 
    loss, it does not even matter if Yuna is in the party or not. I have found 
    that after Yuna is caught by the Guados, my aeons state was still growing in 
    Sanubia Desert. 
    3. Every Aeon has a "Nature growth limit" which means they stop growing after 
    they reach a certain level. After that, if Yuna does not become any stronger, 
    then they stop growing unless you use spheres to raise their attribute.
    I have played NSG many times, and I always got those following stats as the 
    final result of aeons' growth limit:
    Hp/Mp: 2,225/71
    Str: 45
    Def: 66
    Mag: 64
    Mag def: 69
    Agility: 34
    Luck: 17
    Eva: 42
    Acc: 20
    Hp/Mp: 3,067/68
    Str: 46
    Def: 84
    Mag: 62
    Mag Def: 62
    Agility: 30
    Luck: 17
    Eva: 22
    Acc: 20
    Hp/Mp: 3,025/74
    Str: 47
    Def: 74
    Mag: 61
    Mag Def: 81
    Agility: 26
    Luck: 17
    Eva: 26
    Acc: 21
    Hp/Mp: 2,680/85
    Str: 42
    Def: 48
    Mag: 70
    Mag Def: 71
    Agility: 52
    Luck: 17
    Eva: 66
    Acc: 20
    Hp/Mp: 4,340
    Str: 50
    Def: 79
    Mag: 55
    Mag Def: 84
    Agility: 34
    Luck: 17
    Eva: 44
    Acc: 20
    Hp/mp: 5,090/130
    Str: 65
    Def: 74
    Mag: 66
    Mag Def: 69
    Agility: 30
    Luck: 17
    Eva: 44
    Acc: 20
    Hp/Mp: 3,064/0
    Str: 61
    Def: 73
    Mag: 48
    Mag Def: 69
    Agility: 30
    Luck: 17
    Eva: 122(!!)
    Acc: 38
    Magus sisters-Cindy
    Hp/Mp: 8,410/140
    Str: 60
    Def: 94
    Mag: 64
    Mag Def: 84
    Agility: 34
    Luck: 17
    Eva: 44
    Acc: 20
    Magus sister-Sandy
    Hp/Mp: 6,910/103
    Str: 69
    Def: 76
    Mag: 73
    Mag Def: 84
    Agility: 34
    Luck: 17
    Eva: 38
    Acc: 22
    Magus sisters-Mindy
    Hp/Mp: 4,887/178
    Str: 50
    Def: 70
    Mag: 85
    Mag Def: 84
    Agility: 42
    Luck: 17
    Eva: 50
    Acc: 21
    Those states above is when and where your aeons stop growing, and I doubt if 
    it could be possible to get any different result, I don't really think so, 
    but even if I was wrong, your aeons' growth limit would be at least VERY 
    close to the aeons above. After that you have to use spheres to beef them up.
    Of course you are not going to strengthen all your aeons in your NSG, it 
    could take you forever, you have to choose few aeons that you want to level 
    up. I recommend choosing Anima/Bahamute as your first choice. They both have 
    non-elemental overdrive, which would be good against bosses in monster arena, 
    since most of them either nullify or absorb certain elemental attacks. Plus 
    Pain and impulse are both wonderful special attacks, although it takes a long 
    time to fire them.
    You have two choices: you can level your aeons up to a reasonable stat, or 
    max them, depends on if you are planning on using Zanmato on Neslug, Ultima 
    Buster and Nemesis. You really need very powerful aeons to beat those three 
    dudes, there may be a way to defeat Neslug with a weak aeon, but I just have 
    the possible theory and I haven't tested it yet. And leveling up your aeons 
    to max will be insane, plus you are only going to use them against three 
    bosses... I would like to just Zanmato them, however, if you still think 
    Zanmato is cheap, then you have to max out your Anima/Bahamute and Magus 
    sisters, best luck of your NSG if you really are going to max your aeons out.
    To calculate the spheres you need to raise 1 point aeons' attribute, divided 
    the number by two and round it up. Like if Anima's defense is 78, you will 
    need 39 power spheres (78/2 = 39) to raise it to 80; also like if Bahamute's 
    magic is 81, then you will need 41 mana spheres ( 81/2 = 40.5 and we round it 
    up to 41) to raise it to 82. And after a stat is raised to over 198, you will 
    need 99 spheres to raise 1 point of aeons' attribute.
    For example, like Anima's defense ends up with 74, and if you want to level 
    up to 255, that's how many spheres you need:
    2 x (37+38+39...+97+98) + 99 x 54 = 13,716 power spheres.
    I don't know the exact formula of raising Hp and Mp, and I will update this 
    part as soon as I figure out the calculation.
    Scared a bit, did ya^_~? Yes, that's how many spheres you need just for max 
    out Anima's defense!!! 
    Now there are some tips for people who choose the first option:
    You want level up your Anima/bahamute to a "reasonable" stat, so how strong 
    should she/he be? Here is an example: (I use Anima here because I did not use 
    Bahamute a lot, he is just not cool enough to me)
    Anima: (I used a rename card and changed her name to Hyprophant^_^)   
    Hp/Mp: 8,060/500
    Str: 110
    Def: 165
    Mag: 147
    Mag Def: 135
    Agility: 91
    Luck: 17
    Eva: 64
    Acc: 30
    This Anima is good enough to defeat Vorban, Nega elemental and Jumbo Flan 
    ( you have to use aeons to defeat these three bosses). Actually, if you raise 
    Anima/Bahamute's strength and magic to 100, that will be enough, but for 
    defense, magic defense and agility, the higher, the better.
    Before you complete monster arena quest, you will have to capture 10 of each 
    monsters (Please refer to my NSG monster taming FAQ for more info about 
    taming monsters in NSG), and monsters drop spheres, so using those spheres 
    dropped by regular monsters will be enough to raise Anims/Bahamute's state 
    the one is shown above.
    For those who think Zanmato is cheap and decide to max out aeons to battle 
    Neslug, Ultima Buster and Nemesis, be prepared!!! You will have to spend a 
    long time to achieve your goal.
    First, when I said "max" your aeons out, I did not mean that you have to 
    raise everything to the max, like Hp 99,999 or luck 255. The things you 
    really have to max out are defense, magic, magic defense and agility. You can 
    raise your strength to 200+ if you like.
    It is almost pointless to raise luck, evasion or accuracy. Most of bosses in 
    monster arena have accuracy 255 and evasion close to 0, some bosses do have 
    high evasion like Petryx or Cactuar King, but thanks to the heaven, your 
    regular party-Wakka, Rikku and Tidus will be good enough to take care of them, 
    you won't even need to summon aeons. So I don't see why you want to raise 
    evasion and accuracy, unless you just want to do it for fun. Raising luck 
    could be a good thing, however, you need a lot of fortune spheres to raise 
    luck, and you can only get two fortune by defeating Earth eater in monster 
    arena...so, if you want to raise an aeon's luck to max, you will have to battle 
    Earth eater more than 6,000 times!!! I doubt anyone could have this much time 
    in his/her hand.
    You won't need to raise a aeon's Hp to 99,999 and mp to 9,999, around 25,000 
    Hp and 900+ Mp will be good enough for your Bahamute/Anima, however, if you 
    are going to use aeons to fight Nemesis, you will have to raise Magus sisters 
    Hp to around at least 80,000, and 4,000+ Mp for Cindy.
    You need power spheres to raise strength, defense and Hp, mana spheres to 
    raise magic, magic defense and Mp, speed spheres to raise agility, accuracy 
    and evasion (and you need fortune spheres to raise luck, but I think you 
    would like to pass this part), the best way to get spheres you need to power 
    up your aeons is using the distiller trick on Kattos: 
    Purchase some power/mana/speed distillers from the owner of monster arena 
    first, and then use it on Kattos, after you defeat him, he will drop 40 
    spheres. What spheres does he drop depends on what distiller you use on him 
    first. Like if you use power distiller on Kottos, after you defeat and 
    overkill(use trio of 9999+ attack reels), he will drop 40 power spheres. 
    After you level Anima/Bahamute's str and defense to 200+, you can start using 
    aeons against Kattos instead of your regular party, it will be much faster.
    d. General strategies
    Against most of bosses, you will use Wakka, Rikku and Tidus in your frontline 
    party. You have to refill their overdrive gauges before each battle in NSG 
    monster arena, and set their overdrive mode as comrade. Have Rikku mix a trio 
    of 9999 and have Tidus, Wakka use their most powerful overdrive.
    The difficulty of bosses in NSG is not based on how powerful their attack is, 
    but how often they use group attack, and their agility. If a boss can only 
    use a single target attack every time, even he can do 99,999 damage on one 
    person, auto phoenix will revive him/her immediately. However, Auto phoenix 
    does not work if all three people in your front line party are K.O. Agility 
    is another important part, it determines how many turns will your characters 
    have before the enemy after they are dead and revived by auto phoenix. These 
    knowledge are not really helpful in combats, but I just talk about them a bit 
    to help some novices understand more about NSG monster arena.
    You should always fill all your aeons' overdrive gauges before every battle 
    as well. Anima and Bahamute's overdrive are most likely deal heavy damage to 
    the opponents.
    Of course, In NSG you have to abuse overdrive, but always remember this: 
    Overdrive delays your turn, especially blitz ace, since it is the 4th overdrive. 
    If you use overdrive constantly, some bosses have high agility will be able 
    to move more than 4 times in a row, even if you have auto phoenix to revive 
    dead persons, every time your people is killed, his/her turn will be delayed, 
    and it will allow your opponents keep moving without stop, and you will die 
    after you run out phoenix downs, I had a record that Fenrir moved 76 times in 
    a row without even stopping once. So you ought to pay attention on the turn 
    list, if the boss is going to move too many turns, select defend to interrupt 
    your enemies' turns instead of using overdrive. 
    e. Yojimbo and Zanmato
    If you check Yojimbo's state list, there is a special attack called "Zanmato", 
    this attack can kill everything in one hit (except Shinryu, since you can not 
    use Yuna in water). I must say it is cheap to use Zanmato against bosses...it 
    requires little strategies, however, if you don't want to spent 500+ hours to 
    max out Anima/Bahamute and Magus sisters, then you have to use zanmato to 
    slay few original creation bosses. 
    Basically, Yojimbo does not easily perform Zanmato unless you pay him a lot 
    of money, especially against bosses in monster arena. Every boss in monster 
    arena has Zanmato resistance level "5", so it is impossible to get a free 
    zanmato in monster arena. If you want Yojimbo to do the free zanmato for you, 
    your enemies must not have Zanmato resistance level higher than "1", and your 
    affection level with Yojimbo must be very high (Please refer to Azure Edge's 
    Yojimbo FAQ for more detailed info).
    Some people said that you have to build affection level up with Yojimbo in 
    order to increase the chance to see Yojimbo does Zanmoto in monster arena, 
    based on my experience, that's not true, if you want to Zanmato bosses in 
    monster arena, you have to pay all the money you have, like if you have 
    1,000,000 gil, then you will have to pay that much in order to let your 
    greedy Yojimbo to do Zanmato for you. If you only have 1,000 gil, then 1,000 
    gil will be how much you have to pay, of course, the more you pay him, the 
    higher the chance that Yojimbo perform Zanmato against monster arena bosses.
    Also, if Yojimbo's overdrive gauge is filled, then he will do Zanmato a bit 
    more often. If you want to Zanmato a boss, refill Yojimbo's overdrive gauge 
    before the combat, and then switch to Yuna and pay all you have and see if he 
    does Zanmato, if not, reload the game over and over 'till he does the dirty 
    trick for you.
    Although it is possible to see him does Zanmato in monster arena with little 
    payment, I still suggest paying him at least 1,000,000 gil or more, if you 
    don't want to reload your game like insane. 
    As I have mentioned above, fighting Mimics is a good place to make money, and 
    there is another way to get quick money in NSG: Fighting One-eye. He only has 
    150,000 hp and with trio of 9999, you can kill him in one minute. He 
    sometimes drops weapons with "Triple overdrive" ability, which is very pricey.   
    IV. Area creations
    Note: I will only use aeons in boss strategies part if aeon is really needed, 
    because I have to concern about most of people who don't want to spend too 
    much time on maxing aeons. 
    a. Stratavis    Hp: 320,000
    This boss uses regular attack, which deals damage to a single target, and he 
    also has sonic boom that will destroy your entire party.
    In order to defeat him easily, Switch to Yuna and summon Yojimbo. Stratavis 
    will not use sonic boom against any aeons, so he will just keep using regular 
    attack, and with Yojimbo's high evasion ( 122 as his growth limit), Stratavis 
    will not be able to touch Yujimbo. You can just keep paying Yojimbo 10 gil 
    'till you defeat Stratavis, simple and easy.
    b. Malboro Menace    Hp: 640,000
    This giant Malboro always ambushes your party. He always uses putrid breath 
    as his opening attack, which deals around 6,000 damage to the entire party 
    (plus various status changes like confuse, berserk...etc, but since you are 
    dead, the status changing does not matter). His "chew time" and Juice attack 
    hits a single target and will kill the target for sure. The worst part is his 
    juice blast, it deals 10,000+ damage to the entire party and shatter the 
    targets with 50% chance.
    You will need a little luck to defeat him. First, have Rikku mix a Hyper 
    mighty G, Malboro menace's putrid breath will wipe out your party and you 
    will be revived by auto life. Now mix a trio of 9999 and have Wakka use 
    attack reels and Tidus use Blitz ace, Rikku can attack with element gems 
    ( but not water gems) sometimes to help.
    Malboro rarely uses juice blast after he uses putrid breath, so you can keep 
    attacking with overdrive, mix another trio of 9999 if two of your party 
    members were killed at least once.
    I noticed that after Malboro Menace's Hp drops below 300,000, he uses juice 
    blast MUCH MORE often than usual, and you don't hold a chance against this 
    attack. You can still keep attacking with trio of 9999, but summon an aeon to 
    block his attack before his turn comes. You will barely have a chance to 
    attack since every time your aeon is killed, your turns will be delayed. Keep 
    being cautious you will be able to kill him after several attempts.
    c. Kottos      Hp: 440,000
    Every time you do ANYTHING on Kottos, he will counter attack and kill one 
    person, he also uses regular punch, which will deal 9,999 to a single target.
    This boss is easy, mix a trio of 9999 first, and attack with Wakka and Tidus' 
    overdrive. After both Wakka and Tidus are killed once, mix another trio of 
    9999, after you mix 3 or 4 trio of 9999, he will be dead for good.
    d. Coeurlregina    Hp: 380,000
    He has an attack called " chaos" which inflicts confusion statue on a single 
    target, and he also uses hyper blast that will inflict instant death on a 
    single target, both of these two attacks deals no damage so neither of them 
    will refill anyone's overdrive gauge. He also uses flare and drain sometimes.
    The best way to defeat him is to add "confuse proof" ability on your armors 
    (if you followed the entire FAQ so far, you should have two empty slots on 
    your armors besides auto haste and auto phoenix), but it is not required. You 
    need 60 musk for confuse proof ability, and you can steal musk from Floating 
    Mix a trio of 9999 first and attack with overdrive. Then you have to wait for 
    Coeurlregina's flare and drain to refill your overdrive gauge, otherwise, 
    keep defending and use remedy to cure the one is confused, if you choose not 
    to customize confuse proof armor.
    Mix another trio of 9999 ONLY after all three people have full overdrive 
    gauges, and at least one person has a turn after Rikku, so he can attack 
    immediately after her without taking the risk of being confused by 
    Coeurlregina and wasting trio of 9999. This battle should not be too 
    e. Jormungand      Hp: 520,000
    He likes to petrify you, and he has a group attack called "Space Time Varpel", 
    which deals 9,999 damage to everyone.
    So do you have to add stone proof ability on your armors??? Absolutely NOT!!! 
    Jormungand is immune to slowness, so have Rikku use a silver hourglass to 
    slow him down first, then mix a trio of 9999 and attack with wakks and Tidus. 
    Summon an aeon to block his attack, after your aeon is killed, keep attacking 
    with regular attack (since everyone's overdrive gauge is empty right now) and 
    Rikku's elemental gems. Call another aeon before Jormungand's turn and block 
    his attack again, after three or four of your aeons are killed, you will slay 
    f. Cactuar King      Hp: 100,000
    Lol, poor thing. His agility and evasion are both high, but since your 
    overdrive never miss, so they are not going to help him a bit.
    Mix a trio of 9999, have wakka do a perfect attack reel with 12 hits will 
    overkill him for good.
    g. Espada      Hp: 280,000
    Espada is constantly in regen statue, his regular attack deals massive amount 
    damage to a single target, and he also counter any attack with Hades claw, it 
    is a powerful single target attack and inflicts instant death.
    Espada is not immune to slow, so silver hourglass works well in this battle, 
    and I assume the slowness will decrease his recovery rate.
    The "evade and counter" ability will help you dodge Espada's Hades claw 
    (around 30% chance) and other physical attacks. After battle starts, use a 
    silver hourglass first, then mix a trio of 9999 and attack with Tidus and 
    Wakka. For some strange reasons, his recovery speed is much higher if you 
    don't have evade and counter ability, he will keep killing you and healing 
    himself while you are busy to mix trio of 9999 one after another, but with 
    evade and counter ability, you will be able to defeat him after around 15 
    Also, you can use aeon and cast Jinx on Espada, after you cast Jinx twice, he 
    can rarely recover around 16,000 hp each turn.
    h. Abyss Worm       Hp: 480,000
    Abyss Worm is slow and easy. His regular attack deals around 8,000 damage to 
    a single target, and he has a group attack called earthquake, however, before 
    he does this special attack, he always spends a turn to do "ready quake" so 
    you know exactly when he is going to use the trump.
    Mix a trio of 9999 and keep attacking. Mix another trio of 9999 if it is 
    needed. Every time you see him does "ready quake", summon an aeon to block 
    his earthquake before his next turn comes up.
    i. Chimerageist     Hp: 120,000
    Easy, easy, mix a trio of 9999, Tidus blitz ace and Wakka attack reels, 
    Chimerageist will be dead quickly.
    j. Don Tonberry     Hp: 480,000
    Don Tonberry does not attack before he is close to you, he only counter 
    attacks your attack with a powerful version Karma. So, he is another easy 
    Mix a trio of 9999 first and attack with blitz ace, attack reel and elemental 
    gems, it will take half of his Hp out. Of course Don Tonberry will counter 
    attack with Karma, after all three people have been killed once, mix another 
    trio of 9999 and launch your second wave attack, he will be dead before he 
    can reach you.
    k. Catoblepas       Hp: 550,000
    This boss is a super behemoth, all of his attack are based on behemoths but 
    much more powerful, like heave or thundaga, however, they are all single 
    target attacks, so you can still mix trio of 9999 and abuse overdrive like 
    you fight other bosses, and let auto phoenix take care of the reviving job.
    Catablepas casts ultima after he is defeated, so you have to watch out his Hp, 
    before you kill him, mix a Hyper mighty G so your party will be saved bt auto 
    life after his ultima attack, also, if you don't want to use a Hyper Mighty G 
    here, you can overdrive Anima/Bahamute/ Magus sisters as your finish blow.
    l. Abadon           Hp: 380,000
    Abadon is immune to all four elements, so element gems won't work in this 
    battle. Rikku's job is only to mix trio of 9999, nothing more than that. 
    Abadon is constantly in reflection statue and he casts powerful "ga" spell on 
    himself and bounces it back to your party, so auto reflect armor won't work. 
    But his spells only hit one person each time, so you can mix trio of 9999 
    and...NOT abuse your overdrive, use it wisely!!! Abadon is a very agile monster, 
    and every time you use overdrive, it delays your turn, so if you abuse 
    overdrives much, Abadon may be able to attack 3 or more times in a row. He 
    does have a powerful group attack called "Emblem of Cosmos", and before he 
    dose this attack, he spends one turn to do "Mana focus" and it delays his 
    turn a bit, so actually he will need three turns to charge before he uses 
    Emblem of Cosmos, however, if you let him move three times in a row, you 
    won't have a chance to switch to Yuna and summon aeons to block his attack, 
    so after you mix trio of 9999, do not use overdrive constantly. Keep this in 
    mind and you will be able to defeat him in about ten minutes.
    j. Vorban           Hp: 630,000
    Vorban is armored, he randomly counter attacks mortar, which will hit all 
    three people in your party; He also uses regular attack that hits one person 
    each time; and he has "body splash" attack which is a muti-target attack just 
    like mortar.
    Although it IS possible to beat him without aeons (Actually I have never done 
    this before...but seeing his mortar counter is randomly used, if you are lucky 
    enough, he won't use it at all), I think using aeons in this battle would be 
    a wise choice.
    You don't need max out your aeons in order to defeat Vorban, just level up 
    your Anima/bahamute to the state shown above will be good enough to beat him; 
    also you need to teach Anima Protect, Shell, Curaga and haste.
    Don't even bother using Armor break because Vorban is immune to it. After 
    battle starts, switch to Auron and have him use overdrive "Banishing Blade", 
    it inflicts all four breaks on Vorban. If Vorban does not counter attack with 
    mortar, then switch to Yuna and summon Anima; if he does, then try again. 
    Dying in NSG monster arena happens quiet often, and you should learn how to 
    get used to it. 
    After you successfully summon Anima, cast haste on her first, and cast 
    protect on him if your Anima is fast enough to have an extra turn before 
    Vorban, if your Anima is not fast enough, do it later.
    Cast Curaga on Anima after Vorban attacked her, and cast shell on Anima. DO 
    NOT attack until Anima is under the protection of protect and shell spells. 
    After everything is set, have Anima use regular attack constantly, if Vorban 
    counter attacks with mortar ( the damage will be halved by shell), cast 
    Curaga on Anima. Also, use shield before Vorban's turn will help you winning 
    this battle a lot.
    V. Species Creations
    a. Fenrir           Hp: 850,000
    Fenrir is a boss with agility 200, compare to your laughable agility, he is 
    too fast to you. Every time he kills a single person, he will have three 
    extra turns after that person is dead and revived by auto phoenix (he only 
    has two extra turns before Rikku if she is killed and revived). He only uses 
    single target attack, "Fang of Chaos" deals damage as much as 75% if your 
    current Hp, it will not kill you instantly, but it also inflicts confusion. 
    Fang of Hades inflicts instant death on a single target. He sometimes uses 
    regular attack, which deals around 14,000 damage to a single target.
    If you have already added confuse proof ability on your armor when you fought 
    Coeurlregina, it is going to help you in this battle again. His Fang of chaos 
    can not kill anyone unless his/her Hp is drop to single digit number, each 
    time someone is hit by fang of chaos, use high potion or al behd potion to 
    heal him/her. The amount of damage of fang of chaos is totally based on your 
    Hp, so if you keep your Hp high, it will do more damage and refill your 
    overdrive gauge much faster, with your triple overdrive weapon, otherwise, he 
    rarely uses regular attack, and Fang of Hades will not recharge anyone's 
    overdrive gauge.
    Like you fought abadon, you should not abuse overdrive too much, hold your 
    chocobo if Fenrir is going to have too many turns in a row. Be patient and 
    fight him carefully, you will defeat him in few tries.
    Note: if you don't have confuse proof armor, you can still fight him, however, 
    every time someone is hit by Fang of Chaos, you should use a remedy to cure 
    him/her immediately, good thing is that Fenrir like to use Fang of Chaos on 
    Tidus, so it is hard to him to confuse all three people, unless you are too 
    lazy to cure the confused party members.
    b. Ornitholestes    Hp: 800,000
    This lizard has two attacks: poison touch that deals damage as much as about 
    75% percent of your current Hp, pretty much like Fenrir's Fang of Chaos, the 
    only difference is that poison touch inflicts poison on a single target 
    instead of confusion. Orhitholestes has another annoying attack called drain 
    touch, which drains around 17,500 Hp from a single target.
    Of course, mix a trio of 9999 first and attack with overdrives. Your avoid 
    and counter will help you to dodge some of his poison touches, and you will 
    be able to counter attack him and deal some extra damage (although you will 
    probably miss most of time, seeing he has 80% evade rate). Have Rikku use Al 
    behd potion to cure the ones are poisoned and hp dropped to critical stage. 
    Mix another trio of 9999 if everyone has been killed by drain touch once, 
    because they lose their trio of 9999 statue once they are killed.
    After Ornitholestes' hp drops below 150,000~200,000, he will abuse drain 
    touch on your party and attempt to heal his wound, but that's not a big deal, 
    just keep attacking and have Rikku use element gems to deal some extra damage, 
    he will be dead eventually.
    Note: Ornitholestes absorbs fire element, so do not use fire gems to attack 
    him. Also, if you are willing to add auto protect ability on your armors, it 
    will halved the damage of drain touch and halved Ornitholestes' recovery rate 
    as well. I don't think it is wise to use one slot here, but if you really 
    like the idea, you need 60 light cartains to obtain auto protect ability, and 
    you can steal them from all kinds of iron giant enemies.
    c. Pteryx           Hp: 100,000
    This bird has high evade rate, however it is not going to help him since you 
    have overdrives. Mix a trio of 9999 first, and have wakka use attack reels. 
    See, you just kill him before the battle begins.
    d. Hornet           Hp: 620,000
    This giant insect use poison stinger that deals 15,000+ damage to a single 
    target (and inflicts poison, but it does not matter because you are dead 
    anyway), and his regular attack inflicts instant death to a single target.
    Based on my experience, Hornet uses poison stinger a bit more often than his 
    regular attack, so you don't have worry about your overdrive gauges, he will 
    refill them for you with a good rate. Mix a trio of 9999 and abuse overdrive 
    'till he is dead, and mix another trio of 9999 if it is needed. Don't worry 
    about his agility, he is not fast enough.
    e. Vidatu           Hp: 95,000
    ^_^... he does not even have 6 digits Hp!!! You know what you are going to do, 
    mix a trio of 9999 and attack with attack reels. You won't even bother using 
    blitz ace.
    f. One-Eye          Hp: 150,000
    Without first strike weapons, he will use shock wave and wipe out the entire 
    party, with first strike weapons, he is just a piece of cake.
    Mix a trio of 9999, Blitz ace + attack reels will be good enough to finish 
    him. As I mentioned before, One Eye drops pricey weapons, and he could be a 
    major source of the money in your NSG game.
    g. Jumbo Flan       Hp: 1,300,000
    Okay, here comes a tough one. Jumbo Flan has massive amount of Hp, he is 
    immune to physical attack, and he absorbs all four kinds of elements, he is 
    constantly in reflection statue; he knows how to cast reflect on your party 
    and casts regen on you so it will bounce back on himself, trio of 9999, blitz 
    ace, attack reel, and fury are not going to work in this battle.
    Using aeons is your only hope to defeat this cheap boss. No matter how lazy 
    you are, you have to raise your Anima magic, magic defense to at least 90 or 
    above, agility to at least 60 or above, Hp to at least 6,000 or above, and 
    500+ mp for safe.
    You have to teach aeons those following ability: Curaga, haste, dispel, focus, 
    lancet and shell (optional)
    Have Rikku use a silver hourglass to slow down Jumbo flan first, then switch 
    to Yuna and summon Anima. Cast haste on Anima first, then use shield and 
    block Jumbo Flan's attack.
    Jumbo flan uses all four "ga" spells and it deals minor damage to Anima, he 
    also casts flare and ultima, which deals massive amount of damage on Anima 
    (3,500~ 4,500 if Anima is shielded). Cast Curaga on anima after Jumbo flan 
    uses flare or ultima spell and hit him hard with pain (35,000+ damage with 
    magic 100). Every time Jumbo flan is about to attack, make sure Anima has Hp 
    5,000 or higher.
    Jumbo Flan's flare delays him A LOT, it will give you about three or more 
    extra turns if Anima's agility is 65+ with haste, you can use focus and raise 
    your magic power.
    After Jumbo Flan's Hp drops to around 350,000, he will cast reflect on you 
    and cast regen on you so it will bounce back to Jumbo Flan, in this case, 
    cast dispel on Jumbo flan every time he is in regen states, sometimes he uses 
    curaga, but it won't heal him much. Use lancet if your Anima is about to run 
    out of her Mp. This battle will be long and tedious.
    h. Nega Elemental     Hp: 1,300,000
    This boss is a magic freak like Jumbo flan. He counters every physical attack 
    with ultima, and he absorbs all elements, even holy. He counters all magic 
    attack with drain or osmose, the worst part is that osmose drains all your Mp, 
    which means if you use Anima and hit him with pain, Anima's mp will be gone 
    in the next turn and she won't have any mp to heal or cast any support spell. 
    You can use osmose to drain your Mp back, but you can only use it once. Next 
    time you use osmose, you will gain no mp back. This boss is so cheap, much 
    cheaper than Jumbo Flan.
    You have to use aeons to defeat her. If your aeon is strong enough to defeat 
    Jumbo Flan, then he/she will be good enough to defeat Nega elemental, the 
    only difference is you have to teach your aeon reflect.
    If your aeon's agility is lower than 80, then you must hit a preemptive 
    strike, or you have to reset the game. Once everything is set, switch to Yuna 
    and summon an aeon (I will use Anima here), cast haste on herself first then 
    followed by reflect.
    Nega elemental will cast reflect on himself and attempt to cast osmose/drain 
    on himself in order to hurt you, in this case, just simply cast dispel on him 
    and hit him with pain, he will counter attack with osmose, but due to your 
    reflection status, he won't be able to drain your mp. He will not use reflect 
    in few turns, and that's your chance to hit him hard with pain.
    Every time you see him cast reflect on himself, cast dispel on him again. I 
    have defeated him several times in my NSG game, the average mp cost in this 
    battle is around 400, sometimes it will go up to 600, depends on how often he 
    uses reflect.
    i. Tanket             Hp: 900,000
    Tanket has regular tackle attack that deals up to 60,000+ damage to a single 
    target, also he uses rush attack, which works like quick hit. Every of his 
    attack inflicts berserk status, but seeing you are going to be killed anyway 
    if he attacks you, it is not really a big deal.
    After battle begins, mix a trio of 9999 and attack with all you get. When his 
    hp drops below 450,000, here comes the tough part: He will keep using rush 
    attack, it almost triple his attack speed and you will barely have a turn, 
    since your characters are killed repeatedly and their turns will be delayed 
    very bad.
    Tanket's rush attack does not hit the person in the left side often, so you 
    have to place Wakka on the far left side of your party, Tanket's rush attack 
    will most likely kill the other two persons over and over, and it will refill 
    Wakka's overdrive gauge and give Wakka chance to abuse attack reels. 
    Hopefully after four attack reels, Tanket will be dead for good.
    j. Fafnir             Hp: 1,100,000
    Fafnir is a tough boss. His regular attack deals around 20,000 damage to a 
    single target, and he usually hits the one with the lowest maximum Hp. He 
    also has an attack called "Triple attack", it is a combination of his regular 
    attack and an elemental breath attack, and he can use it three times in a row, 
    I think that's why it is called "Triple attack".
    You have to add two elemental "proof" abilities on your armors (besides auto 
    phoenix and auto haste ability, you still have two empty slots on your 
    armors). For example:
    Tidus's armor: Auto phoenix, auto haste, fire proof and lighting proof.
    Rikku's armor: Auto phoenix, auto haste, lighting proof and ice proof.
    Wakka's armor: Auto Phoenix, auto haste, ice proof and water proof.
    You don't have to follow the list above exactly, but you have to make sure 
    all three armors cover all four element proof abilities.
    After you enter the battle, mix a trio of 9999 and attack with overdrives, 
    mix another trio of 9999 when all three people have lost their trio of 9999 
    status. Your elemental proof armors will prevent you from being wiped out. 
    Fafnir's attack Rikku much more often than other two guys because Rikku has 
    the lowest maximum Hp among all three people, if you think Fafnir kills Rikku 
    too often and it makes you have a hard time to find turns to mix trio of 9999, 
    you can switch Tidus to Rikku before Fafnir's turn, he will attack Lulu 
    k. Sleep Sprout      Hp: 98,000
    Sleep Sprout has a special counter attack called "Good night", which deals 
    around 8,000 damage to the entire party plus various status changes. However 
    his low Hp makes this battle easy. Mix a trio of 9999, DO NOT let Tidus 
    attack, and have Wakka do a attack reels, easy and simple, ya?
    l. Bomb King         Hp: 480,000
    Like other Bombs, Bomb King swells, and when his is in his biggest form, he 
    counters any attack with ultima spell. The good thing is that normal attacks 
    do not always make him swell, especially overdrives, so you can just attack 
    him with trio of 9999 in conjunction with overdrive and elemental gems. You 
    should be able to kill him before he can use ultima spell. DO NOT wear fire 
    proof armor in this battle, because it will prevent you from being damaged by 
    his fire spell and you will lose the chance to refill your overdrive gauges, 
    also remember Bomb King absorbs fire, just like other Bombs.
    m. Juggernaut        Hp: 1,200,000
    Juggernaut ALWAYS charges in his first turn, which won't hurt you, and he 
    will use salvo in his second turn, it damages all the active party members, 
    after his salve, he only does single target attack.
    So, another long and easy fight. Mix a trio of 9999 and attack, and summon an 
    aeon to block his salvo before his second turn comes up. After that, just 
    keep attacking and mix trio of 9999 when it is needed.
    n. Ironclad          Hp: 2,000,000
    Ironclad has three attacks: Reppageki deals 20,000+ damage to a single target, 
    he also counters Reppageki every time he is attacked; Bushinzan deals massive 
    amount damage to all party members, plus reduces their mp to 0, and 
    Shinryudan deals 40,000+ damage to a single target.
    Ironclad does have attack pattern, but if you are trying to fight him without 
    aeons then it is not going to work well. The best way to defeat him is using 
    an aeon with evasion 220+ (preferably Yojimbo, his evasion ends with 122 and 
    it will take you less time to level his evasion up to 220 or higher). Have 
    Auron use Banishing blade to crake ironclad's armor, then summon Yojimbo, 
    Ironclad won't be able to touch Yojimbo and you can just keep paying Yojimbo 
    1 gil 'till he slays Ironclad.
    VI. Original creations
    a. Earth Eater       Hp: 1,300,000
    Earth Eater attacks and counterattacks with megaton punch, which inflicts 
    instant death on one (or two) characters in one turn. He also uses regular 
    attack, which deals 30,000+ damage to a single target.
    Seeing his Megaton punch inflicts instant death, it won't refill your 
    overdrive gauges, so you have to wait for him using regular attack to refill 
    your overdrive gauges. Mix a trio of 9999 first as usual, and carefully 
    looking for chances to attack, try your best not to let Earth Eater has two 
    turns in a row-I don't' know if Squall soft hates girls or not, but if two 
    people is killed in one turn, "Auto phoenix" ability allows guys to revive 
    two people at once, and girls can only revive one of them (that's so mean...u_u 
    girls rule), so if Earth Eater has two turns in a row, he could use Megaton 
    punch and kill Wakka and Tidus, Rikku can only revive one of them, if Earth 
    Eater does another megaton punch and it kills two people again, BOOM!!! Try 
    again. So be careful.
    It is possible to knock him down, after two or three overdrives attacks, if 
    you use a regular attack (must be 9,999 damage), you will have fair chance to 
    knock him down, and he will only use flare instead of Megaton punch. I did 
    not use this trick, but I think it is not a bad idea after all.
    b. Greater Sphere    Hp: 1,500,000
    Greater Sphere counterattacks normal attacks with ultima, and he 
    counterattacks overdrive with Hydraulic press, which deals damage as much as 
    around 90% percent of your maximum Hp (based on Squall6cloud's info, 
    Hydraulic press actually deals 93.75 % of your maximum Hp, but in my 
    experience, the result is quite vary, anyway, if you keep full Hp then 
    Hydraulic press can not kill you), and it hits all active party members. His 
    regular attack deals around 28,000 damage to a single target.
    The basic concepts of fighting Greater Sphere are 1. Only attack with 
    overdrive 2. Keep everyone's hp full. Mix a trio of 9999 at the beginning of 
    the battle, have Tidus attack with blitz ace, and Wakka heals party with mega 
    potion after Greater Sphere counterattacks with Hydraulic press.
    Mix another trio of 9999 if it is needed, and ONLY attack Greater Sphere if 
    there is another person has a turn between the attacker and Greater Sphere. 
    If you attack right before Greater Sphere' turn, Greater Sphere will 
    counterattack with Hydraulic press first, of course, and if he uses another 
    Hydraulic press in his turn, you are toast. Keep this in mind and you will be 
    fine in this battle.
    You will need about 30 mega potions and 30 al behd potions in this battle.
    c. Catastrophe       Hp: 2,200,000
    This battle is extremely long and tedious. Before I input the strategy 
    against him in NSG monster arena, let's talk about him a bit.
    Catastrophe has two forms, in his first form, he hides himself in a big shell, 
    and he only attacks in his even number time with Toxic cloud, it deals 
    20,000+ damage to all active party members.
    After you deals around 350,000~ 450,000 damage, Catastrophe will come out 
    from his shell, he does have an attack pattern: Toxic Spray--> Demy--> Hundred 
    Thorns. Toxic Spray deals 18,000+ damage on a single target, and for some 
    strange reasons, it always hits Wakka, if he is in the party. Demy reduces 
    your party's hp to 3/4, and Hundred Thorns deals 37,000 + damage to the entire 
    party. After his Hundred Thorns, he will start the pattern over with Toxic 
    In order to defeat him, those following items are what you need:
    99 phoenix downs and 20 mega phoenixes.
    99 Dark matters.
    50 supreme gems 
    99 shining gems
    Around 50 elemental gems.
    A LOT OF Hyper Mighty G items
    Trio of 9999 items, of course.
    After battle begins, mix a trio of 9999 first and have Wakka and Tidus attack 
    with overdrive, Rikku attack with elemental gems. Catastrophe won't do 
    anything in his first turn, keep attacking and summon an aeon to block his 
    toxic cloud  before his second comes up. After your aeon is killed, don't 
    stop, keep attacking like insane. You will be able to break the shell before 
    his fourth turn comes up.
    Catastrophe will use toxic spray and kill Wakka, and it will refill other two 
    people's overdrive gauges, attack with overdrives and elemental gems, after 
    he uses demy, summon another aeon to block his Hundred Thorns, then attack 
    him again and again. Mix another trio of 9999 if it is needed.
    Everything looks easy so far, however, don't forget you only have 8 aeons, so 
    after 8 Hundred Thorn you are on your own. You have to keep mixing Hyper 
    Mighty G in order to survive the Hundred Thorn attack, and it will give you 
    no time to mix trio of 9999.
    You will have to use dark matters to attack Catastrophe (around 12,500 damage 
    per dark matter), follow the steps listed below you will be able to defeat 
    1. After Hundred Thorn killed your last aeon, Switch Yuna back to Wakka.
    2. Catastrophe uses toxic spray on Wakka and Wakka will be saved by auto life.
    3. Have Rikku use a dark matter
    4. Catastrophe uses Demy.
    5. Have Rikku mix a Hyper mighty G
    6. Catastrophe uses Hundred Thorn and wipes out your entire party, and they 
    will be saved by auto life.
    7. Return to step 2. 
    You should be able to defeat him before you run out all the dark matters, if 
    Catastrophe still stands there after you threw all 99 dark matters on him, 
    then use supreme gems instead. 
    d. Thu'ban           Hp: 3,000,000
    He counterattacks EVERY attack with condemn-a tail attack that hits your 
    entire party, and removes all positive statuses include auto life. Theban 
    does have attack pattern, regular attack--> Rainbow--> regen/shell/protect (he 
    will skip this step if he is already in all these three status)-->Convergence 
    and he will start the cycle over with regular attack
    His regular attack hits a single target, his Rainbow is a muti-targets attack, 
    it deals 18,000 + damage to the entire party plus lots of negative status 
    changes. His convergence deals 99,999 damage on a single target-even if you 
    summon an aeon with magic def 255 and is shelled and shielded, it still deals 
    around 30,000+ damage.
    Because of his powerful counter attack, there is no way you can attack him 
    and still win the battle. So, how can you defeat him if you never attack?  
    Here is the solution: Theban is not immune to doom (count down: 255), and he 
    also has attack pattern, which makes his action predictable, so, you can kill 
    him by holding 255 turns.
    Item required in this battle:
    Enough items to mix 85 Hyper Mighty G
    99 phoenix downs and 30 Mega phoenixes for safe.
    1 candle of life
    Some purifying salts (optional).
    Rikku will move first in this battle with her first strike weapon, have her 
    use a candle of life on Theban, then Theban will use his claw attack kill one 
    of the characters ( most likely NOT Rikku... this monster is pretty nice to 
    girls), have Rikku mix a Hyper mighty G after Theban attacks and it will 
    prevent you from being destroyed by his Rainbow attack. After the Rainbow 
    attack, everyone's overdrive gauge is filled, Rikku will have an extra turn 
    before Theban, don't let her do anything. Theban will cast protect on him 
    first, and cast Convergence on one of your characters, after the Convergence, 
    mix another Hyper mighty G. If Convergence killed Rikku, then don't worry, 
    before Theban uses Rainbow again, he will use his regular attack, Rikku will 
    have enough time to mix Hyper mighty G.
    You may notice that if you mix a Hyper Mighty G after Convergence, after 
    Theban's regular attack, there will only be two people have auto life status, 
    and the other one will not survive the Rainbow attack, which means you have 
    to revive him manually, remember, in this case, use MEGA PHOENIXES instead of 
    phoenix downs. Because Mega phoenixes won't keep auto phoenix works, but 
    phoenix downs can, so don't waste any phoenix down here. Of course you can 
    choose mixing Hyper Mighty G after his regular attack instead of Convergence, 
    then you won't have the problem, however, it could be a bit more risky.
    If Rikku has some extra turns, have her use purifying salt on Theban and 
    dispel all his positive statuses, hw will spends turns to cast spells on 
    himself again, and it will kill him more quickly.
    Your phoenix downs will surely run out before Theban is dead, so you will 
    have to use mega phoenixes to revive your party member in the last 50 turns.
    e. Neslug           Hp: 4,000,000
    If you want to defeat him without Zanmato you will need to have an aeon with 
    strength, defense, magic, magic defense and agility 255 with around 25,000+ 
    Hp and over 1,000 mp.
    Neslug uses regular attack that deals minimum amount damage to your Aeon at 
    defense 255, his Megaton won't deal more than 4,000 to your aeon either, the 
    biggest problem is his slime attack, it inflicts armor break on Anima, and if 
    he uses another Megaton, it deals 16,000 damage on your Aeon if he/she is 
    protected and shielded.
    You have to teach Anima (or whatever aeon you are using) haste, protect, 
    curaga, dispel, double cast, flare or ultima.
    Switch to Yuna and summon Anima, cast haste, protect oh her and use regular 
    attacks on Neslug, after you deal more than 2,000,000 damage on Anima, he 
    will retreat into his shell-here comes the tough part, Neslug is constantly 
    in regen status while he is in the shell, and he is immune to all physical 
    attacks. You CAN NOT use pain against him, because using pain takes a lot of 
    time, and every time you use pain, although you can deal 99,999 damage on him 
    per hit, he can regenerate around 100,000~180,000 Hp after you attack, you 
    won't be able to break his shell.
    Once he retreats into his shell, have Anima use Jinx on Neslug twice, it will 
    lower Nelson's luck and decrease the amount of Hp he can recover with regen 
    status, then double cast flare/ultima until you break Nelson's shell.
    You will break his shell after you deal 3,000,000 damage on him, now watch 
    out, Nelson's agility is doubled after his shell is broken!!! He will abuse 
    slime much more often. If your aeon does not have very high Hp, he/she could 
    be killed easily. Every time Neslug uses slime on your Aeon, cast Curaga and 
    dispel on him/her and remove the armor break status. Cast haste on Anima 
    again if you have a chance. Your 255 agility should be able to lead you to 
    victory in this battle, seeing even Nelson's agility is doubled, it is still 
    only 86.
    f. Ultima Buster         Hp: 5,000,000
    Again, you will need a strong Aeon to defeat this boss. You have to have one 
    aeon with 255 in strength, defense, magic, magic defense, and agility, with 
    Hp 25,000+, and around 900 mp.
    You have to teach you aeon curaga, shell, drain, double cast and haste. After 
    you are done with the preparations, actually this battle is not very hard. 
    First summon your aeon and have him/her use overdrive, it will destroy Ultima 
    buster's head and both arms (If you are using Bahamute, then you can use 
    impulse instead of Mega flare, it will save your turns).
    Ultima buster will attack you twice and it will not kill your aeon. Cast 
    curaga on your aeon, then shell. Attack Ultima buster's body constantly with 
    regular attack. If you see his arms are regenerated, double cast drain on his 
    arms and heal Anima, then attack the arms and destroy them again. Cast Curaga 
    on Anima when her Hp is low, and you will kill Ultima buster eventually.
    g. Shinryu               Hp: 2,000,000
    This battle is the hardest battle in the entire NSG game. Shinryu lives in 
    water, so you can only use Rikku, Tidus and Wakka in your party, the worst 
    thing is: he DOES have a powerful group attack, and his agility is good, too. 
    This battle will take you hundreds, or maybe thousands attempts to win, you 
    will need luck in this battle very bad.
    Shinryu has three attacks: His claw attack deals 15,000+ damage to a single 
    character, he also uses his claw attack as his counterattack; his shining 
    fires 9 missiles to your party as his infamous group attack, each missile 
    deals around 1,500~2,000 damage; and his eraser shatters a single target, 
    which can not be prevented by stone proof armor, and I assume ribbon armor 
    (only in international or PAL version) won't work against eraser, either.
    Your chance to win this battle is almost close to zero, but in order to 
    unlock Nemesis, you HAVE to win. Let's get it starts: 
    You don't have to add anymore new ability on your armors, auto phoenix and 
    auto haste will be good enough. Some people suggest me adding Hp+30% and auto 
    shell abilities on armors, but it still won't be good enough to block 
    Shanty's shining.
    You need these following items:
    99 phoenix downs
    Enough items to mix around 50 trio of 9999 and 50 Hyper Mighty G
    30 Mega phoenixes for safe
    Few elemental gems
    Something that can raise your "luck" in the real life like a good luck charm, 
    a bible, a picture of your boyfriend/family or something makes you feel lucky, 
    luck is the most important thing in this battle!!!
    Overdrive mode: Comrade for Rikku, and stoic for Tidus and Wakka.
    After battle begins, have Rikku mix a Hyper Mighty G first, and have Tidus 
    attack Shinryu. Shinryu will counter attack Tidus and refill Rikku's 
    overdrive gauge.
    If Shinryu uses claw attack on Wakka or Tidus in his turn, Have Rikku mix a 
    trio of 9999 when her turns is up, and have other people attack.
    If Shinryu uses shining, then probably all three people will be killed, and 
    they will be revived by auto life. However, Shinryu will have an extra turn 
    before you can move, so if he uses shining again, you are dead. The only 
    thing you can do is to pray that if he does not do two shining in a row. 
    Sometimes his shining only hits two people, consider you are lucky if it 
    You have to keep at least two people in auto life status, mix another Hyper 
    Mighty G when it is needed. Only mix trio of 9999 after he uses claw attack.
    If Shinryu uses eraser, then you are basically screwed. However, since 
    Shinryu selects his attack randomly, it is possible for him not to do eraser 
    at all in the battle, although the chance is very little. And it is possible 
    for him only doing claw attack, although I doubt if anyone could be this 
    IF you can defeat Shinryu, then the biggest obstacle in your NSG monster 
    arena quest has been conquered!!! Be ready for the ultimate boss: Nemesis!!!
    h. Nemesis/Aka Omega Gold    Hp: 10,000,000
    Finally!!! You are so close to complete this ultimate challenge, you can just 
    Zanmato him if you are tired of fighting Shinryu thousand times, I used to 
    think using Zanmoto is the only way to defeat him in NSG, but Hikensasame 
    Yuki has provided a way to defeat Nemesis without Zanmato. 
    First, you have to have Anima and Magus sisters with 255 in strength, defense, 
    magic defense and agility, about the Hp and Mp part, the higher the better, 
    and you have to teach Anima shell, protect, haste. If you have time, you can 
    max out Bahamute for an easier fight.
    Nemesis has four attacks:
    1. Regular attack: 16,000+ damage on a single target at defense 255.
    2. Ethereal Cannon: 18,000+ damage on a single target at magic defense 255.
    3. Ultra Spark: 28,000 + damage to all targets at defense 255, inflicts curse 
    and power/mental break.
    4. Armageddon: 99,999 damage to all targets, the damage can not be reduced by 
    any spell or defensive action.
    Nemesis DOES have 8 attack patterns, and he will choose one of them randomly, 
    and when he finishes one pattern, he will choose one from all eight patterns 
    and start it over:
    <This part is currently under construction>
    Sorry that I couldn't find my save of Nemesis's attack patterns, I have to 
    ask Hikensaasme Yuki again, once I got the correct info, I will update this 
    part as soon as possible.
    Nemesis most likely uses Armageddon in his 7th turns or 8th turns, if you want 
    to defeat him without too much luck, your object is to find the pattern he is 
    using and dismiss your Aeon right before his deadly Armageddon attack. Mix a 
    Hyper Mighty G and let auto life save you, then summon the aeon again.
    Summon Anima at the beginning of the battle and get her under protect and 
    shell, hit Nemesis hard and heal when it is needed. Dismiss Anima before 
    Armageddon and have Rikku mix a Hyper Mighty G, it will prevent your party 
    being wiped out by Nemesis. You can summon Anima again and let her fight to 
    the next Armageddon, if you don't think you can find his attack pattern again. 
    Anima will be able to deal around 3,000,000 damage to Nemesis, 4,000,000 if 
    you are lucky.
    After Anima is being killed, summon your max Bahamute if you have one, follow 
    the same strategies above and deals another 3,000,000~4,000,000 damage to 
    Summon Magus sisters after your Bahamute is killed, and try to have Cindy 
    casts auto life on all three sisters before the next Armageddon (it should 
    not be that hard), and try to have Mindy do passado attack on Nemesis, once 
    she does it, choose the "do it again!" command for Mindy every time, and try 
    to have Sandy cast haste on sisters. With some luck, you should be able to 
    take care of the rest without problem.
    Good luck!!!
    VII. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Is Nemesis the hardest boss in NSG?
    A: I have answered it many times on GameFaq's FFX message board, and I will 
    say it again here: Shinryu is the biggest problem, not Nemesis.
    Q: How can I tame monsters in my NSG games in order to unlock the bosses in 
    the monster arena?
    A: Check out Hyprophant's NSG monster taming FAQ, you will find the info you 
    need there.
    Q: Can Dark Aeons and Penance (they are only in the International/PAL version) 
    be defeated in NSG game?
    A: Refer to Appendix B and you will find the strategy. The Dark Anima and 
    Penance part is not completed yet
    Q: Are you the first one complete NSG monster arena on GameFaq's FFX message 
    A: Nope, I am not. You are talking about Noneofyourbusiness. 
    Q: Is there any difference between monster arena bosses in U.S version and in 
    International/Pal version?
    A: I really don't know. From what I heard from other FFX:I players, it 
    appears to me that monster arena bosses in FFX:I are the same as the ones in 
    U.S. version, they use the same attacks, I don't know if there is any 
    difference in their status.
    Q: What's the purpose of acquiring "Mark of Conquest" in NSG game?
    A: The "Mark of Conquest" in NSG is exactly the same the "Mark of Conquest" 
    in a regular game, but if you get this key item in your NSG, it just proves 
    you are an elite FFX player with wisdom, patience and luck.
    Q: I am playing a regular game, so is this FAQ going to help me any?
    A: Certainly not. You don't need a lot of trio of 9999 in a regular game, and 
    the strategies in this FAQ will make your regular game more complicated. Go 
    find celestial weapons and power them up, then level up a lot, that's what 
    you should do in your regular game. 
    Q: What's my gender?
    A: Think what you want then you will be fine. The only thing you have to know 
    is that Hyprophant is the original author of this FAQ, that's all you need to 
    VIII. Appendix: Useful Items List
    < This part is currently under construction>
    IX.  Appendix B: NSG Dark Aeons  
    As true master FFX players, our ambitions did not stop after we conquered NSG 
    monster arena, because there are still Dark Aeons and Penance left.
    Dark Aeons and Penance are in FFX:I and PAL version only, and of all the 
    advanced NSG players, Klink is the only one owns FFX:I so far. He has been 
    tested our theories of defeating Dark Aeons WITHOUT Zanmato, and he has 
    defeated all Dark Aeons except Dark Anima. This part is all his work, and 
    should not be used anywhere except in this FAQ, unless you receive Klink's 
    _*_*_NSG Game Dark Aeon Strategies_*_*_ (written/produced by Klink):
    Before getting started with the Dark Aeons, there are a few things that
    should be noted:
    1) None of the Dark Aeons have ANY elemental attacks. - Even Diamond
    Dust and Hellfire are classified as non-elemental.
    2) Any information that isn't specifically relevant to an NSG game has
    been disregarded.  For example: Shiva's Heavenly Strike inflicts
    Berserk and Confuse.  However, since aeons are immune to these effects
    (and your characters obviously aren't going to survive a Heavenly
    Strike), I have not bothered to include this information because it is
    extraneous. - There are _several_ other examples similar to this.
    Suffice it to say, if you were using this as a guide for a 'normal'
    non-NSG game, you would be wise to cross-reference the information here
    with another source.
    3) Since there is an inherent randomness with regard to all damage
    calculations in FFX (and most RPG's), all of the damages given below
    are approximated averages.
    4) As far as time is concerned: My current game's time is about 195
    hours (I've killed everyone except Shinryu, Nemesis, Dark Anima, and
    Penance).  Now, I obviously didn't have the benefit of a FAQ to guide
    me through the Dark Aeons...  In addition, there are a few things (in
    hindsight) that I could've done much faster (powering-up Anima, etc.).
    - That being said, there's no doubt in my mind that if I were to start
    a new "Monster Arena/Dark Aeon NSG game", I could finish in _MUCH_ less
    than 195 game-hours.  Of course, since I don't plan on EVER doing this
    again, exactly how much faster I could do it is anyone's guess...  In
    any event, I'd say that it *should* be possible for someone to achieve
    a game file comparable to mine in about 165-185 game-hours.
    Below is a list of all of the weapons and armor needed for the Dark
    Aeon strategies that follow.  This is also the exact same equipment
    that I used when fighting in the Monster Arena:
    Weapons --
    Tidus & Wakka:
    - First Strike
    - Evade & Counter
    - Triple Overdrive
    - Alchemy
    - First Strike
    - Evade & Counter
    - Initiative (For the Monster Arena.  It isn't needed for Dark Aeons.)
    - Triple Overdrive (*Optional* - I had [Gillionaire] here)
    - Evade & Counter
    - Alchemy
    Armor --
    Tidus, Wakka, Rikku & Yuna:
    - Ribbon
    - Auto-Haste
    - Auto-Phoenix
    - I recommend [Auto-Regen].  It isn't required, but it'll make the
       battle with Dark Cindy easier, and will also be essential if you're
       attempting to kill Dark Anima (without Zanmato).  If you want to
       kill Dark Mindy without an aeon (just for fun), you'll need
       [CurseProof] (refer to the section on the Dark Magus Sisters).
    Kimahri (Will probably see action against Dark Ifrit.):
    - Auto-Haste
    - Auto-Phoenix
    Auron (Might see action against Dark Ifrit.):
    - Auto-Haste
    - Auto-Phoenix
    Most of the needed/recommended weapon and armor abilities have already
    been discussed in the Monster Arena section, so only the new ones are
    listed here:
    [Alchemy]: 'Healing Water' is a normal steal from Adamantoise.
    [Auto-Regen]: You can obtain mass-quantities of 'Healing Springs' by
    killing Kottos.
    [Ribbon]: You get 99 Dark Matters for unlocking Ultima Buster...
    However, I wouldn't recommend using those for [Ribbon] (unless you're
    desperate and only need one more set of armor).  Of course, even if you
    did use those 99 Dark Matters - that'd only be enough for _1_ [Ribbon]
    armor!  So, I'd suggest that you do one of the following:
    ___Method #1___
    1) When you get Yojimbo, say that you want to "destroy powerful
        fiends" - this will make it easier to Zanmato enemies with a high
        resistance level.
    2) Max your 'affection'/'compatibility'/'mojo' with Yojimbo.
    3) Fill both Yojimbo's and Yuna's OD gauges - this will make it easier
        to get a Zanmato (the difference isn't huge, but it's better than
    4) Fight Dark Yojimbo and Summon/Grand Summon Yojimbo.  Try to get a
        Zanmato, and then hope that Dark Yojimbo drops 3 or 4-slot armor
        with only [Ribbon] on it.  However, if he drops something with 4-
        slots, [Ribbon], and [CurseProof] - TAKE IT.  You really don't need
        all 4 slots, so keep whatever you get and be happy that there's one
        less piece of armor left to win.  Actually, [CurseProof] is
        somewhat useful (against Dark Mindy).  While you're slicing him, be
        careful not to kill Dark Yojimbo 5 consecutive times (because then
        he'd be gone for good).  Instead, Zanmato him as many times as you
        can (probably 2 or 3), and then, if you didn't get any good armor,
        reset and try again. - Resetting will save you the trouble of re-
        filling Yojimbo's and Yuna's OD gauges, and will make things much
        faster.  If you did get some good armor, save your game and repeat
        steps 3 and 4 as needed.  In case anyone's wondering, I usually had
        pretty good success getting Zanmato against Dark Yojimbo when I
        used one of these 3 amounts (depending upon what I could afford):
        66,000; 132,000; 270,000.  Obviously, using more is better.
    ___Method #2___
        Simply wait until Anima is powerful enough to kill Dark Yojimbo.
        Use the strategy listed for Dark Yojimbo, and keep defeating him
        until he drops the armor(s) you need.  Once again, be very careful
        not to kill Dark Yojimbo permanently (5 consecutive times).
    ___Method #3___
        The problem with killing Dark Yojimbo for armor is that he
        virtually never drops armor with _only_ [Ribbon] on it.  So, if
        want to have the absolute best possible armor, you'll need to get
        your [Ribbon] armor elsewhere so that you have 3 empty slots to
        work with.  The best targets would probably be Dark Valefor, Dark
        Shiva, and the 2nd fight with Dark Ixion (in that order). - After
        them, you'd also need to use your 99 prize Dark Matters on whoever
        is left (Tidus, Wakka, Rikku, and Yuna).  Now, I got my armor from
        Dark Yojimbo, so I can't verify the quality of this method; I
        really don't know for certain if you'd even be able to get
        [Ribbon]-only armor from these Dark Aeons any easier than from Dark
        Yojimbo...  But, hypothetically, it _should_ be easier.
    Regardless of which method you choose, there's a few things to keep in
        1) You'll only _NEED_ to use all 4 of your armor's slots if killing
           Dark Anima is possible. - But, so far, using Zanmato seems to be
           the only way to kill her.
        2) If you're going to fight Catastrophe without an aeon, you're
           going to want to have a hefty supply of Dark Matters.
        3) If you get the 99 prize Dark Matters from the Monster Arena and
           put [Ribbon] on someone's armor, I can almost guarantee that
           you're going to _win_ armor for that exact same person the next
           time you kill a Dark Aeon!  So, if you're going to customize
           [Ribbon] onto someone's armor, you should wait until you only
           need 1 more set. - That way, there's no chance that you'll kick
           yourself later.
        4) You can teach an aeon 'Full Break' by using 2 Dark Matters.
    [Auto-Haste]: Ok, this one was already listed in the Monster Arena
    section, but here's what I suggest:  The fastest way (IMO) to earn
    wings, is to use some of the Chocobo Wings you got for unlocking
    Cactuar King to put [Auto-Haste] on a targe with [Master Thief].  Then,
    use Rikku, Auron, and Kimahri and fight Cactuars in the Monster Arena
    (set OD's to 'Victor' and give everyone [First Strike] weapons). -
    Steal 1 or 2 wings, and then use either 'Shooting Star' or 'Self-
    Destruct'.  I'd recommend either Rikku or Auron having [Gillionaire],
    and having someone with [Initiative] would also be helpful.  Between
    the gil you win (with [Gillionaire]) and the gil you get for selling
    the dropped equipment, you should be able to get very close to
    offsetting the cost of the fight's entrance fee.  In addition, this
    method will allow you to earn 'Speed Spheres' for boosting Anima's
    Agility.  The best part about using the Monster Arena for Cactuars is
    that you don't have to worry about running into those stupid Sand Worms
    on Bikanel Island - even in the 'Cactuar village', those Sand Worms
    seem to be everywhere...
    There are a few Dark Aeons that MUST be fought using an aeon.  Since
    aeons eventually stop growing, this means that you'll need to manually
    increase your aeon's stats using Power Spheres, Speed Spheres, and Mana
    Spheres. - That's not fun, but the good news is that you only need a
    single aeon to be powered-up.  So, which aeon should you beef-up?
    Well, there really _IS_ a single best aeon, and that aeon is Anima.
    Against most Dark Aeons, Anima's Oblivion will allow you to do 6-digit
    damage.  Furthermore, using 'Pain' is absolutely _required_ against
    Dark Bahamut.  So, now that we have that cleared up, what is the best
    way to power-up Anima? - Well, as previously mentioned, after Anima
    reaches her natural growth limit, you'll need to use spheres... and the
    best way to get spheres is to fight Kottos.
    Now, Kottos is no pushover, so you're going to have to do some
    substantial powering-up before you can kill him.  The single best way
    to do that is to fight Belgemine's aeons at Remiem temple.  So,
    whatever you do, DO NOT SEND BELGEMINE TO THE FARPLANE!!!  At Remiem
    temple, you'll be able to pick which aeon(s) you fight, and will
    therefore be able to control which spheres you'll get.  Furthermore,
    since Belgemine heals you before every fight, you don't even have to
    save your game between battles.  The only bad thing about Remiem temple
    is that you have no way of earning Speed Spheres there... but you
    really don't need Speed Spheres yet anyway.  Regardless though, if
    you've already done all of the monster capturing, and you followed my
    advice for getting Chocobo Wings (at the Monster Arena), you should've
    scratched together enough spheres for Anima's Agility to be somewhat
    respectable (70-90).  In any event, your top priority should be to
    boost your Magic (if needed) so that you can kill both Yojimbo and
    Bahamut with a single DoubleCast of Flare (Yojimbo = 10 Power Spheres;
    Bahamut = 8 Mana Spheres).  After that, boost your Strength (if needed)
    until you can kill the Magus Sisters with a single Oblivion (Magus
    Sisters = 12 Power Spheres).  Once you're that far, set Yuna's OD to
    'Loner' and equip her with her partially-powered Nirvana (which will
    have [Double Overdrive]).  Keep fighting Bahamut and/or Yojimbo, and
    whenever Yuna's OD is about to be full, Grand Summon Anima to do
    Oblivion against the Magus Sisters.
    At this point, it's really up to you as to which stat(s) to boost.
    Boosting your Magic will allow you to increase the power of Pain, and
    boosting your Strength will allow you to increase the power of
    Oblivion... - I went with Magic, but in hindsight, boosting Strength
    would probably have been _MUCH_ faster in the long run.  You see, if
    you boost Magic in the hopes of using Pain and/or Flare against Kottos,
    you're also going to need to boost HP, Defense, Agility, and MP.
    However, if you boost your Strength so that you can kill Kottos with
    Oblivion, you can ignore all other stats. - Once your Strength is up to
    about 170-180, Oblivion will be able to single-handedly kill Kottos.
    So, I'd recommend that you ignore everything except Strength, and once
    you have that at about 180, proceed to the Monster Arena for Kottos.
    Kottos:  Your front-line should have Rikku, Yuna, and someone slow
    (Auron, Kimahri, etc.).  Rikku and Yuna need [First Strike].  Set
    Yuna's OD to 'Comrade'.  When the battle begins, have Rikku use a
    Distiller.  Kottos will counter-attack Rikku and Yuna's OD gauge will
    be filled.  Yuna can then Grand Summon Anima who will then use
    Oblivion.  Kottos will die and you'll get 40 spheres (2 if Kottos does
    a rare drop). - And that's all there is to it; you don't even need to
    save between fights.  If you're fast, you'll be able to kill Kottos
    about 45 times in one hour. - Assuming you don't fall prey to any rare
    drops, that makes 1,800 spheres per hour.
    Do NOT be worried about having enough gil to buy Distillers and pay the
    entrance fee for Kottos.  Fighting Kottos is _EXTREMELY_ profitable.
    All you need is at least 100,000 gil to get started. - Once you spend
    that, you should be seeing a noticeable profit from selling his dropped
    equipment.  After I finished powering-up Anima, I had made a grand
    total _profit_ of around 20,000,000 gil from selling the equipment that
    Kottos drops.
    By the time you've killed all of the Dark Aeons, your Anima will need
    to have the following stats (my Anima's stats are in brackets):
    HP: >= 54,000  [55,090]
    MP: >= 3,000  [3,600]
    Strength: 255  [255]
    Magic: 255  [255]
    Defense: 255  [255]
    Magic Defense: 0 [100]
    Agility: 255  [255]
    Accuracy: >= 125  [125]
    Of course, this is the _FINAL_ state that's required. - Depending upon
    which aeon you're fighting, Anima wouldn't need to be nearly this
    In addition, Anima will need to know: Haste, Protect, Shell, Curaga,
    Lancet, DoubleCast, Drain, Osmose, Flare, and Ultima.  Teaching most of
    these abilities should be very easy, but you may have trouble with
    Ultima (which requires 99 'Supreme Gems').  You get 60 Supreme Gems for
    unlocking Greater Sphere. - After that though, you'll need to fight
    Jormungand ("Overkill" him for 4 Supreme Gems).  Since Dark Cindy is
    the only Dark Aeon that you need Ultima for, it's best to wait until
    your Anima is _REALLY_ strong before you start collecting Supreme Gems.
    - That way, you can just summon Anima, and Jormungand will be a piece
    of cake.
    ___DARK VALEFORE (800,000 HP)___
    - Uses Sonic Wings, normal attack, or Energy Ray on her turn.
    - Uses Energy Blast when her OD is full.
    - Sonic Wings: Causes Delay Attack.
    As best as I can tell, her attacks seem to be completely random (though
    there may be something I'm just not seeing).
    Valefor's liberal use of Energy Ray is the primary reason why I think
    this fight is impossible without Anima. - Valefor is just too quick for
    someone to rely on Hyper Mighty G.
    In any event, using Anima is how I decided to kill her.  The only stats
    of any real importance are:
    HP: >= 10,000
    Strength: 255
    Front-line: Wakka, Tidus, Rikku (all with [First Strike] weapons).
    Battle begins: Swap Rikku and Yuna; summon Anima.  Use Oblivion (damage
    = 700,000).  Valefor will attack, but she will NOT be able to break the
    damage limit (9,999).  Have Anima use either Pain or a normal attack
    and the fight's over.  Of course, if you use Pain, you'll need to be
    sure that your Magic stat is high enough to hit Valefor for max damage.
    If Valefor uses Sonic Wings for her 1st attack, Anima will be delayed
    and might die (depending upon Anima's HP). - In this situation, I'd
    recommend just trying over.  Otherwise, you could just swap Tidus and
    Rikku, mix Trio, and finish Valefor with Attack Reels.
    ___DARK IFRIT (1,400,000 HP)___
    - Physically counter-attacks all of your attacks.
    - Uses Meteor Strike on his turn.
    - Uses Hellfire when his OD is full.
    - Meteor Strike: Causes Delay Attack.
    Using an aeon against Ifrit really isn't an option.  Aside from the
    fact that your aeon would need to be god-like just to survive his
    physical counter-attack, Meteor Strike's Delaying properties do work
    against aeons.  With the exception of Anima, aeons will not provide any
    offense in this fight.
    When someone is killed, Ifrit will have 3 turns (on rare occasions,
    only 2) before that person gets a turn. - In that time, he'll be
    pummeling you with Meteor Strike.  The worst part about this fight is
    the fact that you have no idea when you're going to get your next
    turn...  His OD might only be half full, but he could very well keep
    killing everyone until he suddenly uses Hellfire and wipes you out.  As
    with all of the Dark Aeons, Ifrit is _VERY_ good at spreading his
    attacks across your entire party (he's not like Tanket and some other
    dumb bosses in the Arena who constantly attack the same person).
    99 Phoenix Downs
    Ingredients for 10-20 'Trio of 9999'
    Ingredients for 5-10 'Hyper Mighty G'
    Ingredients for 5 'Winter Storm'
    Overdrive Modes:
    Tidus - Stoic
    Wakka - Stoic
    Rikku - Comrade
    You might need to use both Kimahri and Auron as 'place-holders' at some
    point in the fight - so keep that in mind when preparing.  Depending
    upon how things are going, you most likely won't need Auron, but plan
    on using Kimahri.  All armors will need [Auto-Phoenix] & [Auto-Haste].
    Rikku, Tidus, and Wakka need [First Strike] weapons.
    As soon as the battle begins, use Trio, Blitz Ace, and Attack Reels.
    After that, it's basically chaos...
    This is probably the biggest 'chess match' of a fight I've ever been in
    (lots of weapon changing and blocking).  You need to try to get a turn
    after his OD is full, but before he does Hellfire. - Sometimes, this
    will be easy, but other times, you'll have to manufacture a favorable
    CTB. - This is where 'place-holders' come in...  If you have someone
    with 'Trio' status, but cannot risk attacking (because Ifrit's meter is
    almost full), pull in a 'place-holder' and wait for Ifrit to fill his
    meter himself. - When successful, bring in Yuna and have her summon.
    The aeon will use Shield, and will then be destroyed.
    If you can't get a turn between his OD filling and him doing Hellfire
    (for example: if he has 2 consecutive turns), you must summon either
    the Magus Sisters or Anima -- all other aeons will die before Ifrit
    does Hellfire.  The Magus Sisters will only save you from this
    predicament once.  Assuming you've already cleared most of the Monster
    Arena, your Anima should be pretty powerful (around 20,000 HP), and
    will be the key to your success.  Summon Anima, use Haste and _maybe_
    Shell, then Shield until Ifrit does Hellfire.  Afterward, cast Curaga
    with your spare turns and Dismiss Anima before Ifrit gets another turn
    -- this will allow you to summon Anima again the next time you're in
    Of course, summoning an aeon to shield you from Hellfire assumes that
    Yuna isn't in your front-line and you're able to pull her in. - That is
    a poor assumption.  On more than one occasion, I've witnessed Yuna
    becoming 'stuck' in the front-line (from constantly being killed).  In
    this situation, your only prayer is that Rikku is not also 'stuck', and
    you're able to mix Hyper Mighty G.
    When Ifrit's meter isn't close to full, the only "strategy" is to mix
    Trio and hope that at least one person can actually use it before
    they're killed (Tidus=Blitz Ace; Wakka=Attack Reels; Rikku=Winter
    With max strength, Oblivion will give you 340,000 damage.  However, you
    want to wait until the very end of the battle before using Oblivion
    because Anima will surely be killed afterward...
    All in all, this fight will most likely take a few tries before you
    manage to win.  Your ability to deplete Ifrits HP depends largely upon
    whom Ifrit kills, and when he kills them.  When I finally killed Ifrit,
    I had only used about 65 phoenix downs and 9 mixes (8 Trios and 1
    Winter Storm). - This is in stark contrast to the times I ran out of
    Phoenix downs and/or mixed Trio upwards of 20 times (and failed).
    ___DARK IXION (1,200,000 HP) -- 1st Fight___
    - Physically counter-attacks all of your attacks.
    - Uses Thundaja on his turn.
    - Uses Aerospark when his OD is full.
    When someone is killed, Ixion will have 4 turns (if Rikku, only 3)
    before that person gets a turn.  This battle is extremely similar to
    the Dark Ifrit fight...  The big difference here is that you don't have
    to worry about any multi-target attacks. - That doesn't mean that this
    is a cakewalk though, because Ixion's improved speed over Ifrit is a
    big problem.  Most of this 1st fight will be spent watching Ixion cast
    Thundaja (and watching yourself die).  Basically, this 1st battle isn't
    "impossible", but it is very "improbable" (it took me about a dozen
    tries before I finally killed him).
    Aeons are rather useless here...  Sustaining a battle with an aeon
    could only be attempted with god-like stats (I'd guess you'd need all
    core attributes maxed; at least 50,000 HP).  The only aeon that'd I'd
    suggest summoning at some point (for the final hit) is Anima.  While
    certainly not impressive, Oblivion will give you 135,000 damage.
    99 Phoenix Downs
    Ingredients for 15-20 'Trio of 9999'
    Ingredients for 2-5 'Tidal Wave'
    Overdrive Modes:
    Tidus - Stoic
    Wakka - Stoic
    Rikku - Comrade
    All armors will need [Auto-Phoenix] & [Auto-Haste].  Rikku, Tidus, and
    Wakka need [First Strike] weapons.
    As soon as the battle begins, use Trio, Blitz Ace, and Attack Reels.
    Every time Rikku gets a turn, mix Trio and pray somebody gets to attack
    (Tidus=Blitz Ace; Wakka=Attack Reels; Rikku=Tidal Wave).
    As with Ifrit, the outcome of this fight will be determined by the
    enemy, and not you.  All you can do is hope that Ixion starts attacking
    the same person repeatedly, and that you can somehow mount some offense
    before you run out of Phoenix Downs...
    ___DARK IXION (1,200,000 HP) -- 2nd Fight___
    - Uses either a normal attack or Aerospark on his turn.
    - Uses Thor's Hammer when his OD is full.
    This is probably the single easiest dark aeon battle in the game
    (Valefor doesn't count because I used an aeon to kill her).  Compared
    to round #1, this is a cinch.  Ixion will still get 3-4 turns whenever
    someone is killed, but you will NOT die very often in this fight.
    20 Phoenix Downs
    2-5 Water Gems
    Ingredients for 2-5 'Trio of 9999'
    Ingredients for 2-5 'Tidal Wave'
    Overdrive Modes:
    Tidus - Comrade
    Wakka - Comrade
    Rikku - Comrade
    All armors will need [Auto-Phoenix] & [Auto-Haste].  Rikku, Tidus, and
    Wakka need [First Strike] weapons.  Rikku, Tidus, Wakka, and Yuna all
    need [Evade & Counter] on their weapons.
    As soon as the battle begins, use Trio, Blitz Ace, and Attack Reels.
    Ixion will either use a normal attack or Aerospark (the probability for
    each seems to be about 50/50, but I'm not certain).  If he uses a
    normal attack, the [Evade & Counter] on your weapons will save you and
    give you some damage in return (if your attack doesn't miss).  If he
    uses Aerospark, 2 people will get their OD's filled.  Either way, you
    shouldn't have much trouble taking away about 400,000 HP before his OD
    meter is full. - At that time, bring in Yuna and have her summon
    Valefor, Bahamut, or Anima.  Since counter-attacks aren't an issue, be
    sure that each of these aeons has a full OD so that you can get a
    little offense out of them before Thor's Hammer kills them.  After
    Ixion does his OD, continue attacking as before (mix another Trio if
    needed).  Again, you should be able to do about 400,000 damage before
    you need to bring in another aeon.  Repeat the cycle and Ixion should
    die shortly after his 3rd OD.
    In this 2nd battle, I killed Dark Ixion on my 2nd try (on the 1st try I
    forgot to summon - <*smacks head*>).  I used 10 phoenix downs, 2 water
    gems, 3 aeons, mixed 2 Trio's and mixed 2 Tidal Waves. - Basically,
    what I'm trying to say here, is that if you've been through the Arena,
    this battle shouldn't be more than a bump in the road...
    ___DARK SHIVA (1,100,000 HP)___
    - Uses either a normal attack or Heavenly Strike on her turn.
    - Uses Diamond Dust when her OD is full.
    - Normal attack: Causes Delay Attack on the entire party.
                      Dispels positive status effects (Haste, etc.).
    - Heavenly Strike: Causes Delay Attack.
    Her normal attack delays the turns of your ENTIRE party (even though
    she only actually hits one person).  Heavenly Strike also delays your
    turn, and I suspect that it functions the same way as her normal attack
    and delays everyone - but I haven't been able to validate that yet...
    In any event, having [First Strike] gives you the 1st three turns, but
    I'm yet to get a 4th.
    While Shiva spreads her attacks around pretty well, I did manage to
    witness one battle where she never hit Rikku.  Despite the fact that
    she was never killed, Rikku never did get a turn after her 'First
    Strike', and ended up being killed by Diamond Dust...  Basically, you
    _must_ use an aeon in this battle.
    Anima versus Shiva:
    HP: >= 45,000
    Strength: 255
    Defense: 255
    Agility: 255
    Accuracy: >= 125 (I got by with 125, but I'd recommend higher.)
    Against max Defense, both Shiva's Heavenly Strike and a critical-hit
    normal attack do about 9,000 damage (she seems to do critical-hits
    about 50-75% of the time).
    We need Anima to do at least 980,012 damage against Shiva (then we can
    finish her with Attack Reels).  With Oblivion doing about 390,000
    damage, 2 Oblivions and 2 normal attacks (about 99,999 each) would be
    enough.  Also, we can Grand Summon Anima (when she already has a full
    OD), and thereby give her 2 full OD's right away.  Since Heavenly
    Strikes won't Dispel Haste, we need Shiva to favor those over her
    normal attacks.  So, here's the plan:
    Put Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku in your front-line (they all need [First
    1) The battle begins and Rikku swaps with Yuna.
    2) Yuna Grand Summons Anima.
    3) Anima casts Haste and does one normal attack.
    4) Shiva uses Heavenly Strike.
    5) Anima does a 2nd normal attack, and then uses Oblivion.
    6) Shiva attacks (this could be as many as 4 attacks).
    7) Anima does a 2nd Oblivion and is killed shortly thereafter.
    8) Rikku swaps in for Tidus and Mixes 'Trio of 9999'.
    9) Wakka does Attack Reels.
    The biggest variable here is step #4. - If Shiva doesn't do a Heavenly
    Strike there, the whole strategy will probably go down in flames...
    Because of that, you'll most likely need to keep retrying until she
    uses a Heavenly Strike.
    Assuming that Shiva's 1st attack is indeed a Heavenly Strike, the next
    hurdle is step #6. - Depending upon your HP, what happens there could
    mean the difference between victory and defeat...  45,000 HP should be
    enough for you to survive a worst-case scenario (4 critical-hit normal
    attacks). - On the other hand, if she does 1 or 2 Heavenly Strikes
    followed by 1 or 2 non-critical normal attacks, you'd be able to get by
    with as few as 35,000 HP.
    Since fighting the Dark Magus Sisters individually is a marathon (you
    can't save or buy items between fights), the easiest way that I can see
    to legitimately kill all 3 sisters is to use an aeon against Sandy, an
    aeon against Mindy, and use a combination of characters and an aeon
    against Cindy. - That sounds pretty simple, but we need to be careful
    about the MP requirements.  If you were to use Flare on both Sandy and
    Mindy, and use Ultima on Cindy, you'd need approximately 4,000, 2,000,
    and 1,500 MP for Sandy, Mindy, and Cindy respectively.  Since you can
    absorb 999 MP from each sister, we can lower the grand total from 7,500
    MP to 4,500 MP. - This is still a rather huge amount of MP.  We CAN do
    better though because using 3rd-level elemental spells ("3rdE") against
    Sandy and Mindy will push the MP requirements down drastically. - This
    is because 3rdE spells are much more potent (damage per MP) than Flare
    or even Drain.  So, by using 3rdE spells, the new requirements would
    be: Sandy = 2,200 MP; Mindy = 1,000 MP.  You really do need to use
    Ultima against Cindy, so her requirement would remain at 1,500 MP.  We
    can once again factor in the fact that you can get 999 MP from each
    sister, and the new grand total for prerequisite MP = 1,700!  So, a
    single aeon with as little as 1,700 MP will do the trick (but I'd
    recommend waiting until after you kill Dark Bahamut so that you have at
    least 3,000 MP - things will be much easier that way).  Furthermore,
    since Oblivion will give you some good damage against Sandy, and Pain
    will be used to finish Mindy, I'd recommend that Anima be the aeon that
    you use (if not, expect to need more MP).  Now, I can imagine some
    creative ways that you could use 2 or 3 different aeons here, but
    powering-up 2 or 3 aeons would require _much_ more time than simply
    beefing-up a single aeon. - Because of this, I'm not going to elaborate
    on any variations of my strategy...  However, if you already have
    multiple aeons powered-up, I've included the battle-specific aeon
    requirements for each Magus Sister so that you can easily formulate
    your own strategy.  If you follow my advice though, and only use Anima,
    her stats will need to be as follows:
    HP: 40,000 - 50,000 (50,000 is probably ideal)
    MP: >= 1,700 (hopefully around 3,000)
    Strength: Not needed, max it so you can use Oblivion to save some MP.
    Magic: 255
    Defense: 255
    Agility: 255
    Now, using an aeon in the 1st two battles might bother some people, and
    if you're stubborn (like me), you're going to want to kill Sandy and
    Mindy at least once _without_ an aeon (just so that you can say that
    you don't _NEED_ an aeon to kill them).  So, I've included 2 strategies
    for both Sandy and Mindy. - One of which is basically a character-only
    strategy (just for fun), and the other is an aeon-only strategy.
    ___DARK SANDY (2,500,000 HP)___
    - Uses either a normal attack or Razzia on her turn.
    - Uses Mega-Graviton when OD is full.
    - Normal attack: Inflicts shattering Petrification.
    - Mega-Graviton: Reduces everyone's HP by 7/16 of their Max HP.
                      Inflicts Sleep, Silence, Slow, Doom and Darkness.
    Whenever someone is killed, Sandy will have 4 turns (if Rikku, only 3)
    before that person gets a turn.  This battle is very similar to the 1st
    Dark Ixion fight because there's no multi-target attack to worry about
    (Mega-Graviton doesn't count). - The only big difference here is the
    fact that Sandy doesn't counter-attack (which is obviously in our
    favor).  Also in our favor is the fact that 99% of the time, Mega-
    Graviton won't kill anybody.  But the big equalizer here, is the fact
    that Sandy has more than twice the HP of Dark Ixion...  All in all,
    this fight is only a little easier than the 1st Dark Ixion fight, and
    you are once again racing against the clock. - When you run out of
    Phoenix Downs, the battle is over.  This fight took me exactly 10
    Other than using Oblivion (for about 205,000 damage) at the very end of
    the fight, aeons will not be used.
    99 Phoenix Downs
    10-20 Hi-Potions and/or Potions
    Ingredients for 15-20 'Trio of 9999'
    Ingredients for 5-10 'Burning Soul', 'Tidal Wave',
                         'Winter Storm', or 'Lightning Bolt'
    Overdrive Modes:
    Tidus - Comrade
    Wakka - Comrade
    Rikku - Comrade
    All armors will need [Ribbon], [Auto-Phoenix], & [Auto-Haste]. - [Auto-
    Regen] or [Auto-Potion] would also be nice, but aren't needed.  Rikku,
    Tidus, and Wakka need [First Strike] weapons.  Tidus & Wakka need
    [Alchemy] on their weapons.
    [Auto-Phoenix] normally only gives you 1/2 of your HP.  But, with
    [Alchemy] you get 100% HP which allows you to survive 2 Mega-Gravitons.
    - You may say that this sounds absurd because Sandy only does Mega-
    Graviton when her OD is full.  But, without [Alchemy], if Sandy goes
    from one Mega-Graviton all the way to a 2nd without killing a specific
    character, that character will be killed by the 2nd Mega-Graviton. -
    The odds of this happening aren't tremendous (Sandy attacks 5 times
    between each Mega-Graviton), but it happens a lot more often than you'd
    think. - There are even times when I've seen someone survive to see 3
    Mega-Gravitons (and get killed by that 3rd one). - Because of this, if
    you don't have [Auto-Regen] or [Auto-Potion], it's wise to have Tidus
    and Wakka uses Hi-Potions/Potions whenever they have a turn without
    'Trio' status.  Of course, if you do have [Auto-Regen] or [Auto-Potion]
    on everyone, having [Alchemy] becomes less important.
    When the battle begins, use Trio, Blitz Ace, and Attack Reels.  After
    that, you basically just use the "Standard Dark Aeon Strategy": Mix
    Trio every time Rikku gets a turn, and pray that someone can use their
    OD before they're killed. - Of course, if Rikku manages to get a turn
    with 'Trio' status, she should use one of her 9-hit elemental mixes.
    *Note*: I noticed that whoever occupies the left position (spot #3 on
    your menu screen), seems to be killed about 10-20 times LESS than
    anyone else. - That being the case, I'd recommend putting Rikku over
    there.  Be forewarned though, that I only recorded 3 sets of data on
    this phenomenon and my statistics are therefore rather flimsy; it
    could've just been a fluke.  In any case, I mixed the people around
    each time, and the person on the left was killed 10, 13, and 20 times
    less than the person who was killed the most.
    If you're fighting Sandy with an aeon (Anima), your stats will need to
    HP: 35,000 - 50,000
    MP: >= 2,200 (Osmose will give you 999 MP.)
    Strength: Not needed, max it so you can finish her with Oblivion.
    Magic: 255
    Defense: 255
    Agility: 255
    Sandy's Damage:
    1 = Anima has Protect and Shield.
    2 = Anima only has Protect.
    Normal Attack: 1 = 1,600 (Critical Hit = 3,200)
                   2 = 6,400 (Critical Hit = 12,800)
    Razzia: 1 = 22,000
            2 = 88,000
    In order of importance, get Anima into 'Haste', 'Protect', and 'Shell'
    as soon as possible (if you have less then 50,000 HP, you may need to
    keep resetting until she uses a normal attack as her 1st attack).
    Because of Razzia, you have no choice but to 'Shield' every single time
    Sandy has a turn.  Anima will have 2 turns (and on rare occasions 3)
    for every one turn of Sandy's, so there's exactly one turn to attack
    and/or heal before you need to use 'Shield'. - The exception to this is
    if Sandy is going to use Mega-Graviton.  With Shell, Mega-Graviton will
    only take 7/32 of your HP - so you shouldn't need to Shield Mega-
    Graviton.  If Sandy does Razzia, DoubleCast Drain/Drain. - Otherwise,
    just keep DoubleCasting your 3rdE spell(s) and Drain.  Drain will give
    you about 9,500 HP and each 3rdE spell will give you about 20,000
    damage (if you've go tons of MP, Flare will give you about 28,000
    damage).  When Sandy only has 200,000 HP left, unleash Oblivion
    (205,000 damage) to finish her off.
    ___DARK MINDY (2,000,000 HP)___
    - Uses either Calamity or Passado on her turn.
    - Uses Mega-Graviton when her OD is full.
    - Calamity: Inflicts Silence, Darkness, Poison, and Curse.
    - Mega-Graviton: Reduces everyone's HP by 7/16 of their Max HP.
                      Inflicts Sleep, Silence, Slow, Doom and Darkness.
    When someone is killed, Mindy will have 4 turns (if Rikku, only 3)
    before that person gets a turn.
    This battle is so easy that I almost feel sorry for her...  If you have
    the proper equipment, Calamity won't do anything.  In addition, Mega-
    Graviton won't kill anyone unless you're grossly negligent with regard
    to your HP.
    You really won't need any aeons for this battle.  But, you can use
    Oblivion for 270,000 damage at the end of the fight.
    15-25 Phoenix Downs
    2-5 Elemental Gems (Fire Gems, etc.)
    1-2 Al Bhed Potions
    1-2 Mega-Potions
    5 Hi-Potions and/or Potions
    Ingredients for 5 'Trio of 9999'
    Ingredients for 2-5 'Burning Soul', 'Tidal Wave',
                        'Winter Storm', or 'Lightning Bolt'
    Overdrive Modes:
    Tidus - Comrade
    Wakka - Comrade
    Rikku - Comrade
    All armors will need [CurseProof], [Ribbon], [Auto-Phoenix], & [Auto-
    Haste].  Rikku, Tidus, and Wakka need [First Strike] weapons.  Tidus &
    Wakka need [Alchemy] on their weapons (if you're wondering why, refer
    to Dark Sandy's character-only strategy).  Having [Triple Overdrive]
    for everyone is nice, but it will rarely help.
    At the start of the battle, use Trio, Blitz Ace, and Attack Reels.
    After that, Mindy will use either Calamity or Passado (the probability
    for each seems to be 50/50).  Keep some people in 'Trio' status and use
    Overdrives.  This is the first Dark Aeon battle where having a full OD
    gauge was actually a problem for me!  If Tidus or Wakka have a turn but
    don't have their OD, have them use either a Potion or Mega-Potion
    depending upon your party's HP.  If Rikku has a turn but doesn't have
    her OD, toss out an Al Bhed Potion.  If Rikku were still in 'Trio'
    status, you'd want her to either do a 9-hit elemental mix or use an
    elemental gem (depending upon the CTB and whether or not she has her OD
    *Note*: I have absolutely no proof of it, but I think that Mindy kills
    the person on the left more than anyone else.  Therefore, I recommend
    having Tidus on the left and Rikku on the right.  On the menu screen,
    your order would be: Rikku, Wakka, Tidus.
    The aeon-only battle requirements for fighting Mindy are as follows:
    HP: >= 30,000
    MP: >= 1,000 (Osmose will give you 999 MP.)
    Strength: Not needed, but max it in case you get a chance for Oblivion.
    Magic: 255
    Defense: 255
    Agility: 255
    Mindy's Passado Damage:
    Anima has Protect and Shield: 5,300 _Total_
    Anima only has Protect: 22,000 _Total_
    As with Sandy, you want to cast 'Haste', 'Protect', and 'Shell' as soon
    as possible.  If your HP are high and the CTB is favorable, try to do
    an Oblivion early in the fight before she uses Calamity and Curses you.
    - Doing this Oblivion really isn't very important, but it'll save you
    some MP...  After that, the strategy here is really simple: DoubleCast
    3rdE spells as much as possible (33,500 damage per cast), and use Drain
    to heal (15,800 HP).  You'll be attacking so fast that she'll only get
    2 turns between each of her Mega-Gravitons! - Keep strict track of her
    HP and use Pain to finish her (so you can save some MP).
    ___DARK CINDY (3,000,000 HP)___
    - Uses either a normal attack or Camisade on her turn.
    - Uses Mega-Graviton when her OD is full.
    - Normal Attack: Dispels positive status effects (Haste, etc.).
    - Camisade: Attacks both your HP and your MP.
    - Mega-Graviton: Reduces everyone's HP by 7/16 of their Max HP.
                      Inflicts Sleep, Silence, Slow, Doom and Darkness.
    Whenever someone is killed, Cindy will have 4 turns (if Rikku, only 3)
    before that person gets a turn.  This battle is almost identical to the
    battle with Dark Sandy.  Just like Sandy, Cindy will have 5 turns
    between each Mega-Graviton (and someone WILL die after each of those 5
    turns).  There are 3 significant differences here though, and none of
    them are in our favor:
    1) The biggest, and most obvious difference is the simple fact that
    Cindy has 500,000 HP more than Sandy.
    2) Cindy has an attack that removes your MP (Camisade), which makes
    using an aeon for a prolonged period of time impossible. - It's
    important to note that Camisade doesn't 'Drain' your MP - it just
    attacks it.  In other words, aeons won't be able to use Osmose to get
    their MP back.  Using 'Shield' doesn't seem to lessen the amount of MP
    3) Cindy is a tank compared to Sandy.  Oblivion does a pitiful 125,000
    damage.  While Cindy has the lowest Magic Defense of the Magus Sisters,
    her MP-attacking Camisade makes using any offensive magic very
    difficult - but not impossible.
    99 Phoenix Downs
    10 Hi-Potions and/or Potions
    Ingredients for 10-15 'Trio of 9999'
    Ingredients for 5 'Burning Soul', 'Tidal Wave',
                      'Winter Storm', or 'Lightning Bolt'
    Overdrive Modes:
    Tidus - Comrade
    Wakka - Comrade
    Rikku - Comrade
    All armors will need [Ribbon], [Auto-Phoenix], & [Auto-Haste]. - [Auto-
    Regen] or [Auto-Potion] would also be nice, but aren't needed.  Rikku,
    Tidus, and Wakka need [First Strike] weapons.  [Alchemy] is strongly
    recommended for Tidus, Wakka, and maybe even Yuna. (If you're confused
    by the recommendations for [Alchemy], [Auto-Regen], and [Auto-Potion],
    refer to Dark Sandy's character-only strategy)
    Your characters alone should be able to do about 2 million damage
    without too much trouble (2.3 million if things go _really_ well). -
    You'll need an aeon to do an additional 1 million damage.  The most
    potent form of offense that aeons can use against Cindy, is to
    DoubleCast Ultima.  With 255 Magic, each Ultima spell will do about
    76,000 damage.  10-14 Ultimas should be enough for victory, but do as
    many as possible so that there's less pressure on your characters.
    Aeon versus Cindy:
    HP: Not important.  But, being able to survive a couple of Cindy's
        normal attacks might be helpful.
    MP: >= 1,500 (Osmose will give you 999 MP.)
    Strength: Not needed, but if you run out of MP, being able to use
              Oblivion would be really nice.
    Defense: Not important, but you'll need it if Cindy does a normal
    Magic: 255
    Agility: 255
    Cindy's Damage:
    Normal attack = 10,000
    Camisade = 99,999
    Now, combine the power of Camisade with the Dispelling properties of
    Cindy's normal attack, and you've got trouble. - Then, add in the fact
    that Camisade attacks your MP, and you've got _BIG_ trouble.  So, how
    do we overcome this? - Simple: We run from and avoid Camisade like a
    scared little girl!  Here's the plan:
    Your front-line should be Wakka, Tidus, and Rikku.  When the battle
    begins, Mix Trio and switch Tidus with Yuna.  Yuna summons Anima.
    Tidus's [First Strike] will have been transferred to Yuna when they
    switched places, and then further transferred to Anima. - Basically, at
    the very beginning of the battle, Anima will have 2 turns before Cindy.
    So, have Anima cast Haste on herself and then Dismiss her.  Next,
    attack normally and replace Yuna with Tidus as soon as you can.
    Your goal is to run a normal, character-only offense as smoothly as
    possible and try to accumulate about 2 million damage.  When you have a
    turn _IMMEDIATELY_ before Cindy is going to use her OD (Mega-Graviton),
    bring in Yuna and have her summon the already-Hasted Anima.  Anima will
    have 1-3 turns before Mega-Graviton, and 2-3 turns immediately after
    (you'll most likely only get 1 turn before and 2 turns after; it
    depends on how you 'manufactured' the CTB).  Having Anima cast Shell is
    a good idea. - After that, use as many turns as you can to DoubleCast
    Ultima (76,000), and then Dismiss Anima before Cindy uses a non-OD
    attack. - During subsequent summonings, you'll eventually need to heal,
    so just use Drain (22,000 HP) when needed.  After Anima is Dismissed,
    you'd once again want to get Yuna out of the front-line and continue
    with your character-only offense.
    It really goes without saying, but your character-only offense will
    consist of the usual routine of Mixing Trio as often as you can, and
    using Blitz Ace, Attack Reels, and 9-hit elemental mixes as much as
    Overall, you're going to need to get at least 3 or 4 turns where
    Cindy's OD is full, and you can summon Anima for some quick Ultimas. -
    Having those 3 or 4 opportunities to summon really shouldn't be that
    difficult.  When Cindy is almost dead (or if you run out of MP), start
    using Pain and/or Oblivion and hope that Cindy does a couple of normal
    attacks before she does Camisade and kills you...  As long as you meet
    all of the prerequisites (and have plenty of MP), there are exactly 3
    realistic ways that this strategy could fail:
    1) Yuna gets 'stuck' in the front-line for an extremely long time.
    2) Your character-only offense does horribly and only manages about 1.5
       million damage.
    3) Both #1 and #2 happen at the same time.
    There's no possible way to avoid any of these - they're all up to
    Overall, I'm very pleased with this Dark Cindy strategy.  It worked
    both times I tried it, and I really think it's the only way to go...
    (On a side-note, during the two times that I used this strategy, I
    manage to do a total of 13 Ultimas and 18 Ultimas.)  Of course, it
    might be possible to 'brute-force' your way through this battle if
    Anima had upwards of 80,000 HP - but that'd be a pretty steep
    requirement for HP.
    ___DARK YOJIMBO (1,600,000 HP)___
    - Uses Daigoro, Kozuka, or multi-target Wakizashi on his turn.
    - Uses Zanmato when his OD is full.
    - Daigoro: Inflicts Poison and shattering Petrification.
    - Zanmato: Removes Auto-Life.
    Yojimbo's extremely high Agility, his Wakizashi attack, and his Zanmato
    attack are all reasons why fighting him without an aeon isn't possible.
    Therefore, Anima should have the following stats:
    HP: >= 54,000
    MP: 1,900
    Strength: Not needed, but max it so you can finish him with
              Oblivion (165,000).
    Magic: 255
    Defense: 255
    Agility: 255
    Yojimbo's Damage:
    1 = Anima has Protect and Shield.
    2 = Anima only has Protect.
    Daigoro: 1 = 1,600
             2 = 6,500
    Kozuka: 1 = 1,600
            2 = 6,500
    Wakizashi: 1 = 2,800
               2 = 11,500
    Zanmato: 1 = 51,000
             2 = 99,999
    Get Anima into both 'Haste' and 'Protect' as soon as possible.  Since
    all of Yojimbo's non-Zanmato attacks aren't all that impressive, you
    really don't need to Shield before he has a turn.  The strategy here is
    very straightforward: DoubleCast Flare (41,000 HP each) and use an
    occasional Drain (13,500 HP).  You can expect to get 2 (and sometimes
    3) turns for every one turn of Yojimbo's.
    When Yojimbo's OD gauge is almost full, you need to be very careful...
    If he has the next turn, and attacking him will fill his gauge, you
    obviously don't want to attack because you won't be able to Shield
    Zanmato. - In this situation, just use Shield and wait for Yojimbo to
    fill the gauge himself (after his next turn).  Make sure you have at
    least 54,000 HP and Shield before every Zanmato.
    You need to fight Dark Yojimbo 5 consecutive times.  You can use the
    save sphere between fights, but if you die, warp to the front of the
    cave, and/or leave the cave before completing all 5 fights, the
    sequence will start over and you'll have to go back to fight #1.  Of
    the 5 fights, it's only possible to 'miss' one of them: Fight #3 is in
    the 'green room'. - Its name pretty much says it all, but the 'green
    room' is a small room off to the right-hand side of the map about mid-
    way through the cave; it glows a greenish color.
    It really doesn't matter, but I guess I should mention that you are
    _always_ 'Ambushed' in fight #1.
    As you go from battle to battle, Yojimbo's OD gauge fills progressively
    faster.  This isn't really a problem, but it just means that you need
    to keep an extra close eye on his OD gauge.  Expect to be hit with
    Zanmato with the following frequency: Fight #1 = 1 Zanmato; Fights #2 &
    #3 = 2 Zanmato; Fight #4 = 2-3 Zanmato; Fight #5 = 3-4 Zanmato.
    If your MP starts running low (or you don't have the prerequisite 1,900
    MP), you can Lancet Yojimbo for 999 MP at each fight.
    ___DARK BAHAMUT (4,000,000 HP)___
    - Uses a normal attack on his turn.
    - Counter-attacks every 5th attack with Impulse.
    - Uses Mega Flare when his OD is full.
    - Impulse: Inflicts Petrification and Slow.
                Causes Delay Attack.
    - Mega Flare: Dispels positive status effects (except Auto-Life).
                   Causes Delay Attack.
                   Ignores defenses ('Shield' is the only way to reduce
    When someone is killed, Bahamut will have 4 turns (if Rikku, only 3)
    before that person gets a turn.
    Blitz Ace 'malfunctions' against Bahamut. - I have no idea why, and
    have tried using several swords - including a fully-powered Caladbolg
    (none of which help).  Basically, anywhere from 3 to 6 of the hits will
    register ZERO damage (despite Tidus having 'Trio' status).  Anima and
    Bahamut are the only dark aeons that exhibit this problem, and it is a
    complete mystery to me...  In any event, you need to use an aeon for
    this fight - so the Blitz Ace problem is irrelevant.  Hypothetically
    though, Tidus would need to use Slice & Dice instead of Blitz Ace if he
    were to battle Dark Bahamut.
    Fighting Bahamut with characters is _possible_, but it'd also be
    extremely difficult. - Since Bahamut uses Impulse after every 5 of your
    attacks (and you need to watch out for Mega Flare), you'd be constantly
    either mixing 'Hyper Mighty G', or shuffling Yuna in and out of the
    line-up...  Suffice it to say, there'd be very little time for
    attacking.  Even if you could ignore both Impulse and Mega Flare, doing
    4 million damage is well out of the reach of characters alone, so we
    need to focus our attention on using an Anima.
    Anima's stats will need to be as follows:
    HP: >=50,000
    MP: 4,000 (*See Notes*)
    Magic: 255
    Defense: 255
    Agility: 255
    Bahamut's Damage:
    1 = Anima has Protect and Shield.
    2 = Anima only has Protect.
    3 = Anima is unprotected.
    Normal Attack (critical-hit rate seems to be 100%):
         1 = 3,200
         2 = 13,000
         3 = 26,000
    Impulse: 2 = 6,500
    Mega Flare: 1 = 10,500
                2 or 3 = 43,000
    Magic is completely useless against Bahamut (Drain = 2,600; Flare =
    8,000). - Because of this, all healing will need to be done with
    Curaga.  Since Oblivion only does 98,000 damage, Flare only does 8,000
    damage, and normal attacks (if they don't miss) only do 24,000 damage,
    Anima should use Pain at all times.  When using Pain, Anima will be
    trading turns with Bahamut 1-for-1. - Otherwise, Anima will have 2
    turns (and on rare occasions 3) for every one turn of Bahamut's.
    Since he counter-attacks every 5th attack, you're going to need to keep
    track of how many times you attack Bahamut. - You need to make that 5th
    attack as quick as possible because Impulse hits you with both 'Slow'
    and Delay Attack.  I recommend using Lancet (750 HP). - Since you're
    going to need to spend your 1st turn after Impulse re-casting Haste,
    you'll have to survive a minimum of 2 of Bahamut's attacks before you
    can start healing.  If, on the other hand, your 5th attack is something
    that delays you ('Pain'), Bahamut will probably get 3 or 4 turns before
    you can heal.  In order to minimize Bahamut's turns after he does
    Impulse, you need to be sure to use Lancet with the 1st of your 2
    turns. - In other words, don't use Lancet when Bahamut has the very
    next turn.
    When Bahamut does Mega Flare, you'll need to re-cast both Haste and
    Because both Mega Flare and Impulse delay your attack _and_ slow you
    down (by Dispelling Haste or inflicting Slow), you need to be extremely
    careful about when you attack Bahamut for that 5th time...
    Specifically, I'd recommend aiming for using Pain 2 times before the
    1st Mega Flare, 2 times before the 2nd Mega Flare, and then using
    Lancet as early as you can before the 3rd Mega Flare.  Be sure to cast
    Haste, cast Protect, and have at least 40,000 HP before using Lancet.
    Repeat this cycle of using 2 Pains between Mega Flares and doing Lancet
    as early as possible before the 3rd Mega Flare. - If you don't follow
    this pattern, you probably won't have enough time to sufficiently heal
    yourself before Mega Flare, and you will eventually die. If you follow
    the above pattern, the totals for the battle will be: 40 Pains, 9
    Lancets, 9 Impulses, 28 Mega Flares and about 70 minutes.
    Throughout this fight, I tended to alternate between 2 distinct
    'phases' of attack.  One phase was just offense (using Pain), and the
    other phase was defense (cast Haste and/or Protect if needed; cast
    Curaga; use Shield before Bahamut's turn). - These two phases never
    mixed, so I was basically either in 100% 'attack mode' or 100%
    'survival mode' at all times.
    *Notes*: Even if you're desperate for HP, do _NOT_ DoubleCast Drain
    (5,000 HP) on your 5th attack. - Using DoubleCast will count as _2_
    attacks toward Bahamut's Impulse counter-attack.
    Although the prerequisite MP for this battle is 4,000, you can get by
    perfectly fine with 3,000 - here's how: For the first few 5th attacks,
    use 'Jinx' instead of Lancet.  That way, by the time you start to use
    Lancet, your MP capacity will be empty enough that you won't waste the
    MP absorbed from Bahamut.  With 255 Magic, your 1st Lancet will give
    you about 800 MP, and your 2nd Lancet will give you about 200 MP
    (totaling 999 MP).
    On a side-note, using 'Jinx' never gave me any noticeable results in
    this fight. - Bahamut was doing 100% critical-hits regardless of how
    many times I jinxed him...  Specifically, I think that my highest total
    for using 'Jinx' was 6 times.
    ___DARK ANIMA (8,000,000 HP)___
    - Uses a normal attack, Pain, or Mega-Graviton on her turn.
    - Uses Oblivion when her OD is full.
    - Normal attack: Inflicts shattering Petrification and Curse.
    - Pain: Causes Death (Aeons are NOT immune).
    - Mega-Graviton: Reduces everyone's HP by 7/16 of their Max HP.
                      Inflicts Sleep, Silence, Slow, Doom and Darkness.
    - Oblivion: Attacks both your HP and your MP.
                 Dispels positive status effects (except Auto-Life).
                 Causes Delay attack.
                 Ignores defenses ('Shield' is the only way to reduce HP
    *** I believe that this fight is _possible_ in a NSG game, but it is
    also highly improbable.  The following discussion should give you an
    idea of what would need to happen for victory, but it could very well
    take you a lifetime of attempts before achieving that victory...
    Therefore, I recommend that most NSG gamers (including myself) 'bit the
    bullet' and use Zanmato. ***
    Dark Anima's attacks seem to be completely random.  Furthermore, the
    probabilities for a normal attack, Pain, and Mega-Graviton seem to be
    equal (33.3%).
    When someone is killed, Anima will have 4 turns (if Rikku, only 3)
    before that person gets a turn.
    As with Bahamut, Blitz Ace 'malfunctions' against Anima. - This means
    that Tidus will once again have to abandon Blitz Ace in favor of Slice
    & Dice - which always works.
    Dark Anima's OD charging works as follows:
    - 10% increase per turn (functions like 'Ally' mode).
    - 5% increase per attack received (similar to 'Stoic' mode).
    It is important to note that Dark Anima's 'Stoic' mode isn't a true
    'Stoic' mode.  Damage is ignored and multi-hit attacks only count as
    one attack.  In other words, whether you do a 12-hit Attack Reel or
    miss her with a normal attack, she'll get 5%.
    Anima is _IMMUNE_ to all magic, but there are exactly two ways around
      1) Use magic Overdrives (Diamond Dust, Hellfire, etc.).
      2) Use magic items (elemental gems, blessed gems, etc.).
    The bad news is that even this 'back-door' around Anima's magic
    immunity is heavily guarded. - Anima will absorb all elemental
    overdrives and elemental gems/mixes.  The only ways to do any magic
    damage whatsoever are: Soul Springs, Stamina Springs, Poison Fangs,
    Blessed Gems, Shining Gems, Supreme Gems, Dark Matter, Lancet, Energy
    Blast/Energy Ray, and Mega Flare. - I'm rather certain that this is a
    complete list.  Of the items, Dark Matter is the only one that does 5-
    digit damage (12,600).
    Since Pain causes instant Death to aeons, sustaining a _prolonged_ aeon
    battle against Dark Anima is not an option. - The keyword here is
    "prolonged".  As previously mentioned, you have a 33.3% chance that
    Dark Anima will use Pain against you. - That being said, allowing Dark
    Anima to get a turn against one of your aeons would be like playing
    Russian roulette...  So, you need to use your aeons _very_ wisely.
    Specifically, your goal will be to summon the Magus Sisters as often as
    possible, and then Dismiss them before Dark Anima has a turn.
    Your biggest concern is Oblivion...  You can either summon an aeon for
    a shield or use Hyper Mighty G.  Since Yuna will account for the
    majority of your offense (via the Magus Sisters), she probably won't
    have a spare turn to summon a shield aeon.  In other words, you're most
    likely going to have to rely on using Hyper Mighty G to save you from
    Oblivion.  Regardless of your strategy, Oblivion is a highly
    problematic attack. - Due to Dark Anima's high Agility, you probably
    won't be able to get a turn _immediately_ before Oblivion. - The
    problem there is that if you use a shield aeon, you have a 33.3% chance
    that Dark Anima will use Pain and kill your aeon (leaving your party to
    be wiped-out by Oblivion).  Using Hyper Mighty G in the same situation
    is an even bigger gamble because there's a 66.6% chance that Dark Anima
    will either use Pain or a normal attack and kill one of your party
    members (thereby relieving them of their Auto-Life status). - This
    means that you'll have to claw your way back into the battle and find a
    turn to manually revive the person that you lost.  Sadly, since using a
    shield aeon would be an 'all or nothing' proposition, using Hyper
    Mighty G is actually the safer choice.  Of course, given ideal
    conditions (having a turn immediately before Oblivion and also having
    your choice between Rikku and Yuna), you'd want to pull out a
    sacrificial aeon. - This is because, with an aeon, you'd avoid the huge
    delay caused by having your entire party killed.
    99 Phoenix Downs
    20-50 Dark Matters
    Ingredients for 10-20 'Trio of 9999'
    Overdrive Modes:
    Wakka - Comrade
    Rikku - Comrade
    [Auto-Regen] should allow you to survive most situations involving
    Mega-Graviton.  Therefore, all armors would need [Ribbon], [Auto-
    Phoenix], [Auto-Haste], & [Auto-Regen].  There are some very specific
    circumstances by which [Auto-Potion] would be superior to [Auto-
    Regen]...  Overall, though, I think [Auto-Regen] is the better choice.
    Rikku and Wakka would need [First Strike] weapons.  It wouldn't be
    critically important, but you'd probably want Yuna and Wakka to have
    [Alchemy].  In addition, it _might_ help to have [Triple
    Overdrive] for Wakka and Rikku.
    My Dark Matter and 'Trio of 9999' recommendations are very generous.
    Most likely, your non-Magus Sister offense would account for an
    extremely small percentage of the damage needed to kill Dark Anima.
    Aeon damages against Dark Anima (all figures are non-critical hits):
    Normal attack: 27,000
    Sonic Wings: 14,000
    Aerospark, Heavenly Strike, Meteor Strike, Impulse: 25,000-29,000
    Camisade, Razzia: 35,000
    Passado: 49,500 (total)
    Daigoro: 16,500
    Kozuka: 22,500
    Wakizashi: 29,500
    Delta Attack: 102,000 (total)
    Oblivion: 106,000 (total)
    Mega Flare, Energy Blast: 99,999
    Dark Anima's Damage:
    Normal attack: 3,400 damage
    Pain: <Death>
    Mega-Graviton: 7/16 of Max HP
    Oblivion: 88,000 damage; all MP (Shielded = 22,000 damage; all MP)
    Dark Anima's normal attack can be shielded with Protect, and Mega-
    Graviton can be blunted with Shell.
    I estimate that a victory would take _at least_ 23 'rounds' of combat.
    - A 'round' would be defined as the time between two of Dark Anima's
    Oblivions.  This means that you'll need to use aeons to shield Oblivion
    23 times (Hyper Mighty G aside).  Since a Shielded Oblivion does 22,000
    damage, you'd need at least 5 aeons with almost max HP to be used as
    shields.  Which aeons you choose really isn't important, but be sure
    that Bahamut, Anima, and Valefor are included.  Your 'shield aeon'
    stats will need to be as follows:
    HP: >=89,000
    Agility: 255
    In addition, be sure that both Bahamut and Valefor have high enough
    Magic so that their OD's do max damage.  All of your other 'shield
    aeons' should have 255 Strength and Luck high enough for them to get
    critical-hits with consistency.
    Of course, the centerpiece of this battle is the Magus Sisters.
    Their stats will need to be:
    Strength: 255
    Defense: 255
    Agility: 255
    Luck: High enough for consistent critical-hits.
    Having high HP and MP for the Magus Sisters isn't really _essential_
    (because you should be Dismissing them before they're attacked), but
    try to get their HP as high as possible.
    Now that all of the prerequisites are out of the way, let's start to
    dig into the in-battle requirements and strategies:
    The _IDEAL_ battle plan is pretty simple:
    Have Rikku, Yuna, and Wakka in the front-line.  When Rikku has a turn,
    either mix 'Trio' (if Wakka is _guaranteed_ a turn) or use a Dark
    Matter.  Wakka uses Attack Reels if he's in 'Trio' status or blocks if
    he's not.  Yuna should:
    1) Summon the Magus Sisters and have them attack until Dark Anima's
       turn (then Dismiss them).
    2) Summon a shield aeon to save you from Oblivion.
    3) Go to step #1.
    You don't need to be a genius to see that things aren't going to go as
    smoothly as that...  But that would be what's required for victory.
    You don't _need_ to use an aeon to shield Oblivion, but using Hyper
    Mighty G (and being killed) would cost Yuna at least 4 turns before
    she's able to summon again. - By that time, Dark Anima would have at
    least 40% of her OD filled. - This would be acceptable (as long as you
    can recover from it), but if you use Hyper Might G against Oblivion too
    many times, your Phoenix Down supply is going to get into trouble
    _really_ fast.  Here's some other things that will need to happen in a
    successful battle:
    - Yuna is never killed.  Ok, she could probably die a few times (as
    long as you survive Oblivion), but she needs to survive for the vast
    majority of Dark Anima's attacks.
    - Sandy uses her very 1st turn to cast 'Haste' on herself.  The turns
    immediately following that would be used to cast 'Haste' on her sisters
    ('Haste' is a product of the "Defense" command).
    - All three Magus Sisters spend very little time doing non-attack
    commands (using magic, 'taking a break', etc.).  Tell Mindy to "Do as
    you will" so that you have a better chance for Passado.  Attack with
    Sandy and Cindy as much as possible.
    - Each 'shield aeon' would shield a total of 4 Oblivions (and be
    Dismissed after each).  When summoned to shield a 5th Oblivion,
    Bahamut, Valefor, and Anima would use their OD's (Mega Flare, Energy
    Blast, Oblivion) and Shiva, Ifrit, and Ixion would use their special
    attack (Aerospark, Heavenly Strike, or Meteor Strike).
    There are also a few small things that should be done to give you a
    little bit extra.  For example: Start with Rikku, Wakka, and Tidus.
    Mix 'Trio' and then sub in Yuna.  Then, you'd rotate Tidus and Wakka so
    that you could use Attack Reels and Slice & Dice.  Once Tidus loses his
    'Trio' status, you'd settle in with the front-line of Wakka, Yuna, and
    If all of these conditions are met, victory should be assured.  If you
    haven't won by the time you enter your 30th 'round', you're most likely
    going to lose. - This is because the most Oblivions you could shield
    with aeons would be 30 (32 if you use Yojimbo).  At about that same
    time, I estimate that you'd also run out of Pheonix Downs.  If
    everything happens perfectly, you'd probably win somewhere around
    'round' number 23.
    X: Author's Note: The End Of Our Quest
    If you read this FAQ carefully, you would know that we did not actually 
    defeat Dark Anima in NSG game without Zanmato. We did come up a reliable 
    theory based on the calculation of characters' agility, effects of Dark 
    Anima's attacks and hundreds of times of testing. Dark Anima could be 
    defeated in NSG without Zanmato in theory, but no one has actually done yet.
    I hate to admit, but looks like that it is the end of our quest. We still 
    have Penance left, and I do think that there might still be a small 
    possibility of defeating Penance in NSG without Zanmato. I never assume 
    anything is impossible unless I could prove it with my own eyes. However, NSG 
    Penance's might is beyond our intelligence and knowledge, plus after working 
    on this project since April, we are tired, we really are tired. There is no 
    way we could focus on this quest anymore. It is sad, but our intelligence and 
    patience do have a limit. It is time for us to rest now.
    Maybe there will be another legendary player stand up someday and finish this 
    quest for us...who knows? I really hope my prophecy will come true, but even if 
    not, I will still be happy and proud of everyone who has participated this 
    project. It is indeed, the highest achievement in RPG history. I have never 
    heard any FAQ is taken more than four months to complete. The ultimate 
    victory does not belong to us in the end, but my heart is filled with joy at 
    this moment.   
                                                       --By Hyprophant, 10/25/02
    XI. Credits/Thanks
    Thanks to CJayC first, for creating this wonderful website, and posting this 
    Thanks to Hyprophant, of course. Hyprophant has sacrificed much sleep on NSG 
    monster arena project. Around 80% info in this FAQ is from Hyprophant's note 
    books, It was too much coffee for this 18 years old person. 
    Thanks to Klink for submitting the NSG Dark Aeon strategy.
    Thanks to my parents, for supporting me writing this FAQ.
    Thanks to Gestahl, for creating the first NSG monster arena topic on 
    GameFaq's FFX message board and submitting the "Auto Potion" strategy.
    Thanks to CB!/Ceeb and her monster arena/mix FAQ, so I don't have to count 
    those bosses' Hp by myself.
    Thanks to Hikensasame Yuki, for submitting fantastic strategies against 
    Ultima buster, Neslug, and Nemesis.
    Thanks to Bartman2890, for his special support, as well as all die-hard 
    Hyprophant fans on GameFaq's message board. ~_^

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