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    FAQ/Walkthrough (EU) by DemonSLAYER

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FINAL FANTASY X (PAL) WALKTHROUGH <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    By: DemonSLAYER
    Date: 25th May 2003
    E-mail: demonslayer50@hotmail.com
    GameFAQ's User name: DemonSLAYER
    Game type: PAL
    Version: 1.5
    Hello there everyone. This is just a no-frills walkthrough to the PAL (or int.)
    version of FINAL FANTASY X at the moment. It is quite a detailed walkthrough
    and gives away the location of just about every item during the normal course
    of the game (not side-quests though). It will give you everything you need to
    beat the game. There are plans to expand it into a FAQ as well, I just haven't
    explored the game nearly enough for it to become anything but a walkthrough.
    This game is brilliant in my opinion. It gets a bit cinematic at times, but you
    will just have to bear with that. And offering up to 150 hours of gameplay to
    beat all the side-quests, you can't really go wrong. So just sit back and enjoy.
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    If you find anything wrong with the FAQ, like/dislike the FAQ, find something I
    have left out of it, want to tell me how great it is :P or just want to plainly
    discuss the game; please feel free to mail me at demonslayer50@hotmail.com
    I guarantee a quick reply.
    And here are just some quick rules about emailing me. I know these appear in a
    lot of FAQs, and I'm sure you think we're just being really bitchy, but hows
    about I start mailing you with annoying and sometimes stupid questions. See
    how you like it.
    My email address is demonslayer50@hotmail.com. Feel free to email me about most
    anything to do with this game. If I know the answer I will tell you. But please
    please please put that the mail is about FFX as the subject. It’s annoying some
    -times to get mails with no subject. Or maybe that’s just me being bitchy. But
    anyway, don't use any bad language, or I won't reply. Don't write like this...
    hi i red ur fak it rox... need I go on... that stuff just pisses me off. Also
    WRITE BACK. That would be a waste of my time, and most probably your time too.
    And don't ask stupid questions either. And don't even bother asking for Game-
    Shark codes, because I know them not. And the lack of a GameShark on my part
    doesn't help and you could probably look them up yourself anyway. So that’s
    thats the end of my little rant. If you're sensible you'll get a reply. And I
    don't think a little sensibility is too much to ask. Thanks.
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    And also, here's my little copyright notice. After all the work on this guide I
    put in it would be a terrible shame to have it ripped off or stolen on me.
    Copyright protected.
    This FAQ is for personal use only, and may not be recreated, re-produced or re-
    edited in any way, shape or form. It may not be used to make a profit in any
    way and may not be published. It also may not be used on any site but GameFAQ's
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    updated and don't change it at all. And don't make it into HTML either. Thanks.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CONTENTS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    (3) AEONS
          - Zanarkand
          - Submerged Ruins
          - Salvage Ship
          - Besaid
          - S.S. Liki
          - Kilika
          - S.S. Winno
          - Luca
          - Mi'ihen Highroad
          - Mushroom Rock Road
          - Djose
          - Moonflow
          - Guadosalam
          - Thunder Plains
          - Macalania (Woods, Lake & Temple)
          - Bikanel Island/Sanubia Desert
          - Al Bhed Home
          - Airship
          - Bevelle (Via Purifico Pt. 1 & 2, Highbridge, Macalania Woods)
          - Calm Lands
          - Mt. Gagazet
          - Zanarkand
          - Airship
          - Sin
    (?) THANKS ETC...
    More stuff is on the way...
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1) BASIC STUFF <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    /              \
    |   CONTROLS   |
    FINAL FANTASY X is a vast game, and it's important you get to grips with every
    -thing there is to know about how the game works. This section aims to help you
    with that. We'll start with the controls. There are the normal controls, battle
    controls, menu controls and sphere grid controls.
    |LEFT ANALOGUE STICK/ |Move your character.                                   |
    |DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS  |                                                       |
    |X                    |Confirm, Examine, Open Chests, Skip text               |
    |CIRCLE               |Cancel, Walk/Run, Dive in water                        |
    |SQUARE               |Scout for Blitzball                                    |
    |TRIANGLE             |Go to the main menu                                    |
    |START                |PAUSE                                                  |
    None of the other buttons have any effect in Normal mode.
    |LEFT ANALOGUE STICK/ |Move the Cursor                                        |
    |DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS  |                                                       |
    |X                    |Confirm                                                |
    |CIRCLE               |Return to previous menu                                |
    |TRIANGLE             |Defend                                                 |
    |L1                   |Change characters/scroll through change character menu |
    |L2                   |Scroll through the change character men                |
    |R1                   |Scroll up in the CTB window                            |
    |R2                   |Scroll down in the CTB window                          |
    None of the other buttons have any effect in battle mode. You can't pause
    durning battle. Just leaving the game when it's one of your characters turns
    has the same effect.
    |LEFT ANALOGUE STICK/ |Move the Cursor                                        |
    |DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS  |                                                       |
    |X                    |Confirm                                                |
    |CIRCLE               |Cancel, return to previous menu, leave main menu       |
    |L1                   |Change characters in overdrive, sphere grid etc. menus |
    |L2                   |Scroll through pages/lists                             |
    |R1                   |Change characters in overdrive, sphere grid etc. menus |
    |R2                   |Scroll through pages/lists                             |
    The other buttons do nothing.
    |LEFT ANALOGUE STICK/ |Move the Cursor                                        |
    |DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS  |                                                       |
    |X                    |Confirm, call move/use menu                            |
    |CIRCLE               |Cancel                                                 |
    |TRIANGLE             |See character stats, scroll through stats info         |
    |L1                   |Change characters                                      |
    |L2                   |Change View                                            |
    |R1                   |Change characters                                      |
    |R2                   |Change characters                                      |
    |SELECT               |Zoom in and out                                        |
    /                     \
    These are just a few quick definitions that will help you understand the
    game a little better. They're in alphabetical order.
    ABILITY POINTS (AP) - These are like a currency, they give you sphere levels
    which you use to level up. A character gets them by havint _at least_ ONE
    active turn per battle. The character in question must also survive the battle.
    AUTO ABILITY - Abilities instilled in Armour and Weapons, you don't need to
    expend MP to use them.
    COMMAND ABILITY - The other type of ability, like BLACK and WHITE MAGIC. You
    need MP to use most of these.
    CTB WINDOW - The CTB window is the small box with all the characters faces in
    it in the top right of the screen durin battle. It tells you when your char
    -acters will get a turn, and when enemies will get turns also. Pay close
    attention to this, it's vital if you want to be successful.
    GIL - The money of the FINAL FANTASY world. Use mainly to buy weapons and items
    from shops.
    NODES - Parts of the sphere grid you can activate by using spheres. They teach
    abilities or raise stats.
    OVERDRIVE - When the overdrive gauge fills, your character or aeons can unleash
    a far more powerful attack then normal.
    SPHERE LEVEL - Indicates how many sphere grid nodes you can move through. You
    get sphere levels by fighting and gaining AP.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2) CHARACTERS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Tidus is the main character of the game. A powerful force brings him to a new
    land, and he strives to find a way back to Zanarkand, his home. He seems to
    hate his father. He is also a pro Blitzball player to boot, Blitzball seems to
    be one of the only connections between his home and the new land he arrives in.
    He starts off with ok stats, he doesn't have one single skill that excels. He
    is probably the most balanced character in the game, and the chances are you'll
    end up levelling him up more than everyone else. He is great to have in battle
    and the abilities he can learn early on like HASTE are vital.
    Tidus's overdrives all involve his sword, and some good timing. When you choose
    to use his overdrive a sub-menu will come up on the screen. There's a timer and
    a bar running accross the menu. There's also a little cursor type thing that
    flies back and forth accross the bar. You have to stop it in the highlighted
    section in the middle within the time limit by pressing the X button. It sounds
    complicated but it's quite easy, and you'll be a pro with some practice. You
    start of with just the one attack, but can learn more.
    SPIRAL CUT - Attacks a single enemy. You have a 3 seconds to get it right. It
    doesn't sound like much, but it's fine. If you're successful you'll release a
    fairly strong attack, if you're not you'll still release an attack thats better
    than normal.
    SLICE & DICE - Probably his second best technique, you learn this after using
    SPIRAL CUT 8 times. You have a 3 second countdown again, but the cursor moves
    a little bit faster this time. If you're unsuccessful you'll attack random
    enemies 3 times with half damage. If you're successful you'll attack random
    enemies 6 times with half damage. When you get your Tidus to be very strong
    this is a hella good attack.
    ENERGY RAIN - You learn this by using previus overdrive techniques 30 times. It
    attacks all enemies, if you're successful it hurts more. This technique isn't
    really that good unless you have BREAK DAMAGE LIMIT on your weapon.
    BLITZ ACE - Tidus' strongest overdrive technique. He attacks 8 times doing
    abou 1/3rd damage or so, and then throws a Blitzball at the enemy for huge
    damage. When you have high strength it's easy to do hundreds of thousands HP
    damage with this technique.
    Another Blitzballer, Wakka is captain and coach of the Besaid Aurochs. They
    are pretty bad at blitzball though. He is also a guardian to the summoner Yuna
    and follows the religion of Yevon very strictly. His weapon is a blitzball, and
    he's probably the most accurate physical attacker in the game. He is also a but
    stronger phisically than Tidus. He joins the party quite early on and is the
    second you gain full and permanent command of in the game. Early on he can use
    attacks that inflict Status Effects and damage for a small MP cost. These can
    often prove invaluable.
    This is kinda like Selphie from FFVIII or more like Cait Sith from FFVII. It's
    like a casino slot machine, 3 reels spin and you have to stop them. You have 20
    seconds to stop the three, so time isn't really an issue here. The more symbols
    you match, the more pwerful the attack will be. If you match all three an esp
    -ecially powerful attack will be pulled off. You need to play Blitzball (and a
    lot of it too) to learn new techniques. It will be outlined later on in the
    ELEMENTAL REELS - Your first overdrive technique, you can pull off an elemental
    attack on one or all enemies. Red is FIRE, yellow is LIGHTNING, blue is WATER
    and white is ICE. There are only 4 main elements in this game, unlike many of
    the previous FF games. If dont manage to match any symbols a weak non-elemental
    will be pulled off. If you match two symbols, an attack with the elemental
    attribute of the reels wil be pulled off against a single random enemy. If you
    match three symbols the corresponding elemental attack will be executed on ALL
    ATTACK REELS - This CAN be the most powerful attack in the game (I think),
    cabable of doing about 1,200,000 damage. There's a 1 HIT, 2 HIT and MISS symbol
    and to find out how many times you attack just add up. If you get three symbols
    identical you'll double the number of attacks. Therefore if you get three 2 HIT
    symbols you'll attack 12 times against random enemies. If you can do 99,999
    STATUS REELS - As their name implies, these inflict status effects. There's a
    symbol that looks like a black skull, this inflicts POISON, SLEEP, SILENCE and
    DARKNESS for three rounds. There's a symbol that looks like an egg timer, this
    inlflicts the PETRIFICATION and DELAY status. DELAY just makes you're opponents
    turn drop in the CTB window. The last symbol is an arrow and the word DOWN.
    This will inflict the FULL BREAK status, which reduces strength, magic, magic
    defence and removes any armour. You need to match at least two symbols to
    inflict a status effect. You can't inflict the status effects from more than
    one symbol per round.
    AUROCHS REELS - This just adds all three reels together. You need to have at
    least two matching symbols for good effect. There's also one last symbol thrown
    in, it's the Besaid Aurochs crest. If you stop the reels with three of these
    matching a powerful attack will be exectuted.
    Yuna is the resident summoner of Besaid Island, and daughter of High Summoner
    Braska, who faced Sin ten years ago. Her goal is to travel all the way across
    Spira, get the Final Aeon and face Sin like her father. Her loyal guardians
    help her on the way. She is rediculously weak when it comes to physical attacks
    but they aren't her forte. Her summons are very strong and get you through the
    first proportion of the game. She has also got a really high MAGIC stat and if
    you get get her to learn some BLAKC MAGIC she'll become a better black mage
    than the partys assigned black mage, Lulu.
    No frills here, if you use Grand Summon you can just summon a single aeon with
    a full overdrive. If that aeon already has a full overdrive you can use two
    overdrives in a row. That's it. You can't get any more techniques for Yuna.
    Lulu is the partys black mage and another of Yunas guardians. She is terribly
    weak physically, but she attacks with a moogle, what do you expect. She seems
    calm at all times, and isn't afraid to pretty much humiliate others with her
    sharp tongue. Beneath this though she cares about Yuna, and doing what is right
    in Spira. Her character develops an awful lot as the game progresses.
    Her strength lies in her immediate mastery of some black magic spells. She is
    also the closest on the sphere grid to the other, more powerful spells. Her
    spells are VITAL. Using the right spell on the right enemy can be quite devas
    This is another no frills job. This technique lets you cast multiple spells for
    no MP. The spells don't do as much damage as normal ones, but you can cast lots
    of them to make up the difference. Lulu will have to have learnt the relevant
    spell to cast it. You have to spin the RIGHT ANALOGUE STICK to bring up the
    number of spells you cast. The best way to do this is to use tha palm of your
    Kimahri is another guardian of Yuna. He is fiercely loyal and doens't seem to
    believe in the power of speech. He is covered in kind of blue hair, which is
    odd. He seems like he is always testing Tidus, and doesn't believe he has what
    it takes to guard his precious Yuna. The first encounter between Tidus and
    Kimahris is a battle, not surprisingly.
    He is an all round style character, although he has the potential to be the
    second strongest physical attacker. He starts in quite an unfortunate spot on
    the sphere grid, you need to get your hands on some KEY SPHERES to get him to
    some spheres that suit him. It's common that you'll have him follow Tidus's
    path so he'll be a fighter in the same style as Tidus, just a lot weaker.
    The mandatory and annoying special technique where you have to learn attacks
    (and healing techniques) from enemies by using LANCET. Keep it in mind that if
    you use LANCET with other characters they _won't_ learn enemy skills. Here is
    a list of all the skills Kimahri can learn through the game. The affects
    column refers to how many enemies or allies it hurts or heals.
    |Name         |Affects |Learn from            |Comments
    |BAD BREATH   |All     |Malboro, Great Malboro|Inflicts POISON, SLEEP, SILENCE|
    |             |        |Biran Ronso           |DARKNESS, CONFUSION, BERSERK   |
    |DOOM         |One     |Ghost, Wraith, Biran  |Inflicts DOOM, opponents die   |
    |             |        |Ronso                 |after countdown unless immune  |
    |THRUST KICK  |One     |YKT-63, YAT-97, Biran |Does physical damage and can   |
    |             |        |Ronso                 |eject enemies from battlefield |
    |FIRE BREATH  |All     |Dual Horn, Valaha,    |Fire Elemental attack          |
    |             |        |Grendel, Yenke Ronso  |                               |
    |JUMP         |One     |Already learnt        |Uses Spear as Javelin and jumps|
    |             |        |                      |on an enemy                    |
    |STONE BREATH |All     |Basilisk, Anacondaur  |Inflicts the PETRIFICATION     |
    |             |        |Yenke                 |status                         |
    |SEED CANNON  |All     |Ragora, Sandragora,   |Inflicts physical damage and   |
    |             |        |Grat                  |sometimes confusion            |
    |SELF-DESTRUCT|All     |Bomb, Grenade, Biran, |Inflicts Kimahris max HP x3.   |
    |             |        |Puroboros             |Also removes him from battle   |
    |NOVA         |All     |Omega Weapon          |Very strong non elemental tech.|
    |             |        |                      |Strongest Ronso Rage           |
    |MIGHTY GUARD |All     |Behemoth, Behemoth    |Casts NULALL, SHELL and PROTECT|
    |             |        |King, Biran Ronso     |on all allies on battlefield   |
    |WHITE WIND   |All     |Dark Flan, Spirit,    |Restores HP to all allies on   |
    |             |        |Yenke Ronso           |battlefield                    |
    Auron is the physical powerhouse of the party. He does far an away the most
    damage of anyone If you keep everyone's stats consistent. He is the legendary
    guardian of Braska, and was there at the showdown with Sin. Auron is the one
    who brings to Spira. He's a bit slow in battle, but as I said his strength
    makes up for everything.
    With this overdrive you have to enter a combination of buttons within a time
    limit. You learn new attacks by collecting JECHT SPHERES, they are key items
    found all over Spira. He has 4 techniques, one has already been learned.
    DRAGON FANG - To execute this attack you have 4 seconds to press DOWN, LEFT, UP
    , RIGHT, L1, R1, CIRCLE and X. If you do this you'll obviously pull of a more
    powerful attack than if you fail. If affects all enemies and DELAYS their next
    action unless they are immune to that status.
    SHOOTING STAR - You pull this one off by hitting TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE,
    CIRCLE, LEFT, RIGHT and X in that order in 4 seconds. It targets only one
    opponent and can eject them from the battlefield. You need a single JECHT
    SPHERE to learn this attack.
    attack. It does physical damage to one enemy and inflicts FULL BREAK. This
    reduces the strength, defence, magic defence and magic stats. You need three
    JECHT SPHERES for this one.
    TORNADO - His best attack. It attacks all enemies with a tornado twice. Each
    attack is a bit weaker than normal. X, RIGHT, R1, LEFT, L1, TRIANGLE is how
    to do this move. You need 10 JECHT SPHERES to learn this. That is all the
    JECHT SPHERES in the game.
    Here are the locations of all the Jecht Spheres. Most of the spheres will
    only appear once you have to airship.
    SPHERE 1  - Macalania Woods. You get it automatically after beating a certain
    SPHERE 2  - Besaid Village. It's to the front right of the temple of Yevon.
                You have to return to the village at a later stage when you have
                the airship to get this. Make sure you're strong, you have to fight
                a Dark Aeon to regain access to the village.
    SPHERE 3  - S.S. Liki. Once you can go back to Besaid, get on baord the ship
                and you'll find the sphere on the bridge.
    SPHERE 4  - Luca. It's in the basement in front of the Blitzball stadium, in
                the locker rooms.
    SPHERE 5  - Mi'ihen Highroad, Oldroad, South. It's near where you found the
                MARS CREST. It may be good to hire a chocobo from the agency to
                get here.
    SPHERE 6  - Mushroom rock, Precipice. It's at the highest point, near the SAVE
    SPHERE 7  - Moonflow, South Bank. Right in front of a tent in the extreme West.
    SPHERE 8  - Thunder Plains, South. Find the chest you took the WATER BALL from,
                it's just by that.
    SPHERE 9  - Macalania Woods, South. Near the turn for the calm lands.
    SPHERE 10 - Gagazet, Mountain Trial. It's very hard to describe the location of
                this one. It's on a kind of hook shaped part of the mountain, the
                northernmost part. As you head north from the Ronso "village", and
                turn to the west, it's up to the north as you enter a kind of
    Rikku is a Al Bhed who joins the party after you find her washed up on the bank
    of the Moonflow. She is quite unlike the rest of the Al Bhed, who seem like a
    harsh and unforgiving race. Her main battle skills lie in her abilities to rob
    things off enemies. These things are often very valuable. She can also Bribe
    enemies, lets you pay enemies money to run away and drop valuable items.
    Mix lets you mix any two items in your possesion to create a new item. There
    are 64 items to be made in total, and the entire mix list is so big it will
    get it's own section later in the FAQ. I will list some of the best mixes
    though here.
    FINAL ELIXER - Item 1 must be a {Hi-Potion). Item 2 must be a {Lv. 1 Key Sphere
    or a Lv. 2 Key Sphere}. A Final Elixer heals all active characters fully and
    removes all status effects.
    MEGA VITALITY - Item 1 must be a {Lunar Curtain, Light Curtain, Star Curtain}
    Item 2 must be a {Lunar Curtain or Light Curtain}. It you use this all active
    characters HP will be doubled until the end of the fight or they are knocked
    CHAOS GRENADE - 1st Item must be a {Sleeping Powder, Silence Grenade or Smoke
    Bomb} 2nd Item must be a {Lv. 3 Key Sphere, Lv. 4 Key Sphere, HP Sphere or
    MP Sphere}. This will inflict about 7,000 HP damage on all enemies and can
    inflict them with pretty much every status effect you can think of.
    TRIO OF 9999 - 1st Item must be a {Lv. 3 Key Sphere or Lv. 4 Key Sphere}. 2nd
    Item must be a {Pendulum, Door to Tomorrow, Wings to Discovery, Underdogs
    Secret}. The result is that all attacks will take of 9999 and all healing will
    restore 9999. Do it with Yuna in the party and she can use PRAY to heal every
    one for 9999 every round. Only lasts till end of battle or character gets
    knocked out.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3)AEONS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Valefor is the very first aeon you get in the game. Valefor is a flying, non-
    elemental aeon. The flying part helps a lot, it allows Valefor to evade a large
    number of physical attacks from the ground. Valefor has a physical attack,
    which just assaults a single enemy with it's talons. It's not too strong. Then
    there is Sonic Wings, which balsts air at one opponent causing damage and
    delaying their next turn. His overdrive is Energy Ray, which attacks all
    enemies and does a large amount of damage. Unique among aeons, he has a second,
    secret overdrive. It is Energy Blast, and is stronger than Energy Ray. How to
    get it is in the walkthrough. If you have Yunas ultimate weapon, the Nirvana,
    Valefor can do more than 9999 damage.
    The second aeon, obtained from Kilika Temple. He is stronger than Valefor, but
    also more vulnerable to attack. He is of the FIRE element, and this is of great
    benefit. Not only is he extra-useful against ICE based enemies, but he can heal
    himself by using FIRE spells. His special attack is Meteor Strike. This is non
    elemental, which is a big suprising, but it is long range, allowing you to hit
    distant enemies. It comes in handy for sure. It does _roughly_ the same damage
    as his physical attack. His Overdrive is Hellfire. People who have played the
    previous Final Fantasys' will be familiar with this attack. It basically lights
    everything on fire and burns it to bits. It's quite spectacular and a very
    strong attack to boot. You need Wakkas ultimate weapon, the World Champion to
    do more than 9999 damage with this aeon.
    Ixion is a big mutated goat or something like that. He is the LIGHTNING element
    aeon, you aquire his services in Djose. His special attack is Aerospark, and it
    has the DISPEL effect along with being a non-elemental attack. Ixion has fairly
    high defences, so is good to summon when facing powerful enemies. His overdrive
    is Thors Hammer, this is a LIGHTNING elemental attack than fries enemies to
    nothingness. Ixion can also heal himself by casting LIGHTNING elemental attacks
    directed at himself. If Kimahri has gotten the Spirit Lance then Ixion can do
    more than 9999 damage.
    The first female aeon you come across, Shiva saves you in Macalania Temple. She
    is really fast, but her physical attacks aren't the strongest thing in the
    world. Her special attack is Heavenly Strike. Even though is drops a block of
    ice on the enemies head it's non-elemental and causes the DELAY status on
    which ever enemy you cast it on. Siva can use ICE elemental attacks to heal
    herself, keep that in mind during battle. Her overdrive really is strong, it
    was the first attack I ever used to do 9999 damage. She incases all enemies in
    a giant block of ice, and then destroys the ice doing huge damage in the
    process. You need the Onion Knight, Lulu's best weapon do exceed 9999 damage.
    Bahamut is the strongest of the "regular" aeons, and a physical powerhouse to
    boot. He can do more than 9999 damage without the aid of any special weapon.
    You get him in the Bevelle temple, after the most complicated computer game
    puzzle ever. Along with high levels of physical damage, Bahamut has high level
    elemental spells at his disposal too. His special attack is Impulse, which does
    about the same damage as his physical attack, but to all opponents. It's very
    handy. His overdrive is Mega Flare, is blasts enemies with non-elemental, multi
    -coloured flames. It does more than 9999 a lot of the time.
    The first of the secret aeons. You get him in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth,
    in the crevasse of the Calm Lands. You have to pay him at least 203,000 gil
    to join your party. Yojimbo is different from the other aeons. You can't really
    control what he does. He has four attacks: Daigoro does tiny damage to one
    enemy and reduces you "affection" with the aeon. This unseen stat dictates the
    chances of a strong attack being used. His second attack is Kozuka, which is
    a little stronger but still only attacks one opponent. Wakizashi attacks one
    or all enemies at random, and does a lot of damage. Zanmato is his final attack
    and if he uses it, all enemies on the battlefield die. I think this works on
    just about everything but the last boss. You can even use this on the Dark Aeon
    and Penace. When Yojimbo comes onto the battlefield he will ask for money. Give
    him as much or little as you want, and he'll attack. Sometimes he will attack
    without payment, this is good for you. For him to do more than 9999 damage you
    need the Masamune, Aurons best weapon.
    This gal is pretty much the strongest aeon. She is the dark aeon, but this is
    just a name and she is non-elemental. All her attacks are really strong, and
    can do more than 9999 damage without any help. Her Pain attack is great, it's
    directed against one enemy only but there's a high chance the enemy will suffer
    from instant death. If this doesn't happen the high levels of damage can be of
    some comfort. Her overdrive is even better. It is the coolest attack in the
    game for me, and can only really be appreciated when the full summons video
    things are on. If your Anima is as strong as she can be, it can do 1,500,000
    HP damage. To unlock Anima you need to obtain the secret items from six of the
    temples of Yevon, and then go to Baaj Temple. All will be revealed in the
    secrest section, on it's way soon.
    These give Anima a run for his money in the strongest aeon race, but their
    unpredictability turns me away from them. They are in fact three separate aeons
    and all three come to the battlefield when summoned. Great you might think,
    but factor in the fact you can't be sure what they're going to do and it sounds
    less great. If you could control them normally then they would be the strongest
    aeons, hands down. Their commands in battle are really vague, like "Help each
    other out!" and stuff like that. When you tell them to do something there is
    always the chance they will ignore you and take a rest. They have the tendancy
    to do this st critical times, which drives you mad. You get the sisters in
    Remiem Temple, see secrets bit when it finally arrives.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4)WALKTHROUGH <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Pop your disc in the machine and sit back, relax...
    Also be warned, this walkthrough will have spoilers in it.
    And also, I'm gonna go a bit sketchy at the end and leave lots of it up to you,
    even though I write stuff like this I still think you should experience a game
    for yourself.
    when I say exit in the walkthrough it just means the way to the next area.
    Enemies - Sinscale
    Bosses  - Sinspawn Ammes
    Items   - Potion x2, Longsword.
    The game will begin just before a Blitzball game in the city of ZANARKAND.
    You'll take control of the main character so run down the ramp to the group of
    fans waiting at the bottom. Just go up to some fans and hit X to be given the
    chance to name your character (he's the only guy you can name). You'll even-
    tually get free from the group and head for the stadium.
    On the way you'll hear the comentators from the stadium talk about Jecht, your
    Dad. There is a girl you pass wearing a pink top, talk to her three times to
    get 2 POTIONS. Go through the massive gate to another group of awaiting fans,
    this one is somewhat bigger than the other. You'll find it hard to get through
    this group, so head back through the gate and a movie will ensue.
    It's a bit weird having the opening movie a bit into the game yes, but just
    watch and be astounded by the silky graphics. You'll se a spectacular Bltizball
    match where Tidus really kicks ass, followed by the whole city being blown to
    buts by a mysterious force.
    As soon as you regain consciosness you'll find yourself on a sloping road
    littered with rubble. There are lots of scared people running about as well
    looking for refuge I guess. Anyway run towards the bottom of the screen until
    you meet Auron. You just follow Auron until you get in some fights. You'll also
    meet a strange little boy who stops time and tells you not to cry. Just get
    ready for your first battle.
    These first battles are fairly simple and staright-forward. Just hit the enemy
    with your sword. Just once will do. You can also use items, use a POTION if you
    feel your health is getting too low for comfort. Auron will tell you just to
    attack the fiends in your way, so only go for the ones in front of you. Once
    you kill the Sinscales in front of you you'll run on.
    Now for another fight. There'll be five enemies here, but you only have to kill
    the three in front of you. If you kill the two behind then you'll just be wast
    -ing time because they're replaced by more right away. After killing the three
    in front you'll break through and head for the first boss.
    HP       - 2400
    AP       - N/A
    Weakness - None
    The first boss has 4 Sinscales around him for a bit of extra protection. This
    fight isn't hard because on the Sinscales die you _can't_ be beaten. It is an
    impossibility. As soon as you enter the fight you may notice Auron has his
    OVERDRIVE meter full. These are like Limit Breaks or something, anyway they do
    nore damage than a regular attack. For Aurons attack you have 4 seconds to hit
    the DOWN, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, L1, R1, CIRCLE and X buttons. It sounds a lot for
    just 4 seconds but if you are prepared it's not too hard. If you manage to pull
    if off then all the Sinscales will die, and you'll damage the Sinspawn. Once
    the Sinscale are gone, you can't lose. The Sinspawn will keep using Demi, which
    takes off 1/4 of your HP. Even if your HP drops to 1, it won't drop any lower
    so just attack away. Don't bother healing even, you'll be fully healed after
    the fight.
    After the fight Auron will just keep running on like the warrior that he is.
    You'll see a little glowing blue globe over the the right beyond where you
    fought the boss, go over to it. This is a SAVE SPHERE. Not only does it let you
    save, but when you press X beside it all your HP and MP will be fully healed.
    So save and heal, then follow Auron.
    It will start raining little cacoons that the Sinscale emerge from, you end up
    utterly surrounded. There will be seven Sinscale around you at all times, if
    you kill one another will fill it's place. Sometimes you'll see a message say
    -ing the wings are beginning to flicker, kill the fiends with flickery wings
    before all others. After a few rounds Auron will tell you to attack a damaged
    machine to he side of the field. Once it takes 1,000 damage it will break and
    fall causing a huge explosion. The rest of the Sinscale will be wiped out. You
    now lose control again, and Auron and Tidus will be sucked up by Sin. You'll
    find yourself swimming through the air eventually. Turn around until you see a
    blue platform with a man on it. Press CIRCLE to lower you height and make for
    the platform. You'll be sent to the SUBMERGED RUINS.
    Enemies - Sahagin
    Bosses  - Klikk, Geosgaeno
    Items   - Flint, Withered Bouquet, Ether, 200 Gil, Hi-Potion x2, Potion x2,
              X-Potion, Al Bhed Compilation Sphere
    You'll find yourself in a brand new area now, which is unknown to Tidus. There
    is a small red arrow in the map in the top left of the screen, just head in the
    direction the arrow points. The arrow will guide you through the vast majority
    of the game. After some amout of swimming you'll reach a set of steps, so climb
    out of the water and ascend. If you want you can access the menu now for the
    first time by pressing the TRIANGLE button.
    Once up on dry land, head for the north-west of the area and climb a set of
    stairs to find the AL BHED COMPILATION SPHERE. Al Bhed is a language you can
    learn throughout the game, but don't worry bout it yet. It will ask you to
    save something to your memory card. Do if you feel like it. A little south of
    the sphere there is a chest with 2 POTIONS inside. In the North-East you'll
    find another chest containing 200 GIL. Now just head in the direction of the
    arrow and take the stairs to the next section.
    There is a SAVE SPHERE to your right as you enter the next section, so use it
    if you like. Go forward until you see a left turn of the path you're on. Take
    it and follow the passage until you reach a chest. It has a Hi-POTION in it, so
    take it. Now head back to the main path. After a few steps forward the floor
    will collapse from under you and you'll find yourself in the water again. After
    swimming around for a short whil you'll be attacked by 3 Sahagin. They only
    have 100 HP, so hack away at them. Once you kill two of them a much tougher
    enemy arrives on the scene.
    HP       - 32767
    AP       - N/A
    Weakness - None
    As you can see this beast has an enormous amount of HP, so killing him isn't
    really an option. This is one of those fights that you can't win, they're in
    all Final Fantasy games. After the third time you attack him he'll just run
    away. You can't die here either because all his attacks will just half your HP.
    So just attack 3 times and that is that.
    After the fight you'll find yourself in another passageway. The way you came in
    has been blown to bits so the only way now is forward. Head out the other end
    of the corridor to find yourself in a large but delapidated circular hall. Head
    for the middle of the hall to see the site of a fire, Tidus will comment on how
    terribly cold he is, and something about finding the stuff to light a fire.
    Before you find that stuff though there are a couple of other items to be found
    in this hall and it's surrounding chambers. You'll notice there are some green
    squares on the map, they indicate door you can go through. There is one door
    that doesn't have a green square though, go find it. To the right of it there
    is a chest containing a X-POTION. It's advisable to hold onto this for a while.
    Go through the exit to the north. In behind the door there's a chest with an
    ETHER in it. Now go up the stairs, at the top in a vase on the wall find the
    WITHERED BOUQUET. Could this catch fire I wonder, hmm. Anyway theres a door
    near there, go through. Go to the end of the path to find a HI-POTION. Now head
    back for the main hall.
    There's a SAVE SPHERE in this room, indicated by a large white square on the
    map. Save if you like and go in the door next to it, into a quite small room.
    Its wrecked, just like everything else around here but you'll see a desk in
    here, examine it to find the FLINT. You're now ready to light your fire. Save
    if you didn't earlier, and go to the middle of the room and light the fire.
    Tidus will fall asleep beside the fire until he's rudley awakened by a nasty
    looking monster. Watch it run around in circles on the walls, and get ready to
    fight it.
        BOSS - KLIKK
    HP       - 2250
    AP       - 5
    Weakness - None
    You'll fight alone for the first part of the fight, which is tough. You have to
    take off 750 HP on your own. This might take about 6 or 7 attacks. Just heal if
    you think your HP is getting too low. Once you've taken off your 750 HP, a
    small group of weird looking people will enter the hall. One of them rushes to
    your aid, you now have a companion in the fight. The new character is called
    ???? for now. You'll notice she can STEAL off Klikk, and also has a USE command
    as well. For now use the STEAL command while just attacking with Tidus. You'll
    take a GRENADE, and you have two of these in stock already. For your next three
    turns with ???? throw GRENADES, they do an awful lot of damage. Keep attacking
    normally with Tidus and heal if you need to. After the third GRENADE just steal
    another one if Klikk isn't dead. The fourth GRENADE will do the job definately.
    After the fight the group of people who came in will turn on you. They knock
    you out with a smack on the head and carry you off to yet another new location.
    Enemies - Piranha
    Bosses  - Tros
    Items   - Al Bhed Primer I, Potions (up to 99)
    You'll wake up again on the deck of a ship. Before talking to anyone at all go
    save and heal at the SAVE SPHERE, and take the AL BHED PRIMER I from the opp-
    osite side of the deck. Now go back to the group of people and talk to the guy
    on the left to get 3 POTIONS. Now talk to the girl who helped you in the fight
    for a short tutorial on the SPHERE GRID. That's the way of strengthening your
    characters in FFX. Talk to her again after the tutorial to hop in the water.
    Once in the water you'll be given the command to dive again, as your next des
    -tination is under the water. If you press SQUARE you can also return to the
    ship. If you do that talk to the guy who gave you the potions to get another
    3 POTIONS. Keep jumping in and out of the water and talking to the guy until
    you have 99 POTIONS. Now jump in the water and get ready to dive. You'll see a
    big chain going downwards to an underwater ruin, so follow the chain down. On
    your way you may have to fight a few groups of Piranhas. They aren't especially
    hard so don't worry. You can STEAL GRENADES from them, so I would suggest you
    do as much as you can. Once you get into the ruins, swim up to a control pannel
    and Tidus will start hitting it. Just back from it is a SAVE SPHERE, so save
    and heal as there's a boss coming up shortly.
    Swim through the ruins, just follow ???? and you'll know where to go. You'll
    come into a big circular hall and to get through the other side you have to
    swim at the right heigth, so look out for that. Go in through to the passage
    and you'll have to battle some more Piranhas. Go to the end of the hall where
    you can activate a machine, seemingly bringing the ruins back to life. Now go
    back to the large circular hall and you'll face a boss.
        BOSS - TROS
    HP       - 2200
    AP       - 8
    Weakness - None
    Have Tidus be the healer here, while ???? attacks with GRENADES. If Tidus isn't
    healing then have him attack, naturally. If you run out of GRENADES, steal some
    more. After you've dealt about 350 damage to Tros, he will hide behind the big
    pillar in the centre of the room. You'll be given a new command to try out,
    STAND BY. This doesn't do anything but heal you 50 HP. You'd probably be better
    off just using a POTION if your HP is low. After a turn or two Tros will attack
    with his strongest attack, Nautilus Charge. It will deal at least 150 damage to
    both characters. Deal him out another 350 damage for him to hide again. Instead
    of standing by this time you can use a Pincer Attack. You'll each go to either
    side of Tros, trapping him. He can't use the Nautilus Charge any more, which is
    good. Keep attacking and healing, Tros should go down. He isn't all too hard.
    After the fight head for the red triangle on the map again, and heal on your
    way out. You'll do some more exploring under the water and eventually just go
    back up to the boat, mission accomplished. You'll eventually find out that ????
    is in fact called Rikku, and that Zanarkand has been gone 1000 years. You'll
    regain control of Tidus halfway through the conversation, just talk to Rikku
    again to continue. You'll just be getting friendly when your boat is attacked
    by a powerful force, Sin! You'll get a chance to save your game now, so do so.
    You'll awaken just of the shore of BESAID ISLAND.
    Enemies - Piranha, Condor, Dingo, Water Flan, Garuda.
    Bosses  - Kimahri
    Items   - Antidote x4, 600 Gil, Hi-Potion x4, Moon Crest, Phoenix Down x2,
              Potion x7 Mars Crest, Al Bhed Primer II, 400 GIL, Phoenix Down,
              Rod Of Wisdom, Ether, Remedy, Seekers Ring, Brotherhood
    You'll awaken in Carribean like waters off the coast of a tropic island. You'll
    show off your snazzy Blitzball skills to the Besaid Aurochs, a Blitzball team
    training on the beat. You'll also meet their charismatic captain, Wakka. He
    now becomes a new recruit to your party. After a conversation he'll suggest you
    head back to the village for some food. Before you follow him though, talk to
    the Blitzball team. If you address each member twice you'll end up with 200 GIL
    2 HI-POTIONS and 5 POTIONS, not too shabby at all. There are two more chests on
    the beach as well, one is in a cove over to the east. It contains a MARS CREST
    which will be useful later on. The other is in the south-west, it contains 2
    ANITDOTES. After collecting all the items, follow Wakka back to the village.
    Wakka will head right at the crossroad, which is the proper way. The other road
    is blocked and empty. He'll dive off a cliff into the water, apparently you
    have to swim back to the village. You'll face Piranhas under the water, but you
    have fought them before so they shouldn't be too hard. There are three treasure
    chests hidden under the water. The first is south as you jump in the water, at
    the very beginning. If contains a PHOENIX DOWN. The second is a bit further up,
    on the same side of the river where it begins to narrow. If contains another
    HI-POTION. The last one is also on that side of the river after the bend but
    before the river widens out again. It contains 2 ANTIDOTES. Once you reach the
    end of the river you'll head in the direction of Besaid, and chat with Wakka
    on the way. You'll be asked by Wakka about a prayer, you have to chose which
    answer to say, it doesn't matter which one you pick.
    Once you reach the village you won't be able to leave for a while. Take a few
    moments to look around and talk to the inhabitants. The first door on the left
    is a shop where you can buy:
    Items          | Price
    -------------- | ---------
    Potions        | - 50 Gil
    Phoenix Downs  | - 100 Gil
    Andidote       | - 50 Gil
    -------------- | ---------
    Not very much, but stock up on any itmems that your low on. You should have
    plenty of Gil. Around to the west of the shop is a little path, and you can
    find 3 treasure chests at the bottom. Collect 400 GIL, HI-POTION, and 2 POTIONS
    in all. Go in through the door to the north of the path, this is the Crusaders
    Lodge. The Crusaders a a force who have vowed to battle Sin. They've been at
    war with Sin for the last 800 years. You can rest and save at the SAVE SPHERE
    in here. To the right of the front desk, blocked from view, is the AL BHED
    PRIMER II, make sure to grab it. There is a blue screen in this room, it's a
    tutorial which will teach you basics of the game. Give it a look if you really
    want to, it isn't necessary by any means though. You've collected all the items
    there are to get now, so explore the rest of the houses at your leisure, and
    when you are ready go north the the Temple of Yevon.
    Go into the temple and examine all the stautues and talk to everyone to learn
    about summoning and the aeon. When you've done this mosey back to Wakka's house
    which is the middle one on the east side, and you'll be prompted to have a nap.
    Once you wake up go back to the temple. No-one can stop you from going into the
    Cloister of Trials, you completely ignore the fact the temples are holy places.
    Getting through these temples is quite tough, and they get harder as you go on.
    This is the easiest one to manage. Start off by examining the symbols or glyphs
    as the game calls them on the wall. As you examine, more will appear. Examine
    again and say you want to touch the symbol yo open a hidden door. Go down the
    stairs and look at the next set of symbols on the wall. You'll find out all
    about the different types of SHPERES here. Take the GLYPH SPHERE from the wall
    and head down the stairs on the right. Turn left at the bottom and check the
    door. It will prompt you to insert a SHPERE, so pop in that GLYPH SPHERE you
    are holding to poen the door. You can take the GLYPH SHERE back out of the door
    now if you want. Now follow the corridor until you see a hole in the wall on
    the left side under some white symbols. Insert the GLYPH SPHERE.
    The wall will open up for you, and you'll see a DESTRUCTION SPHERE inside. Pass
    it by for now, we'll come back for it later. Head round until you see a little
    rut in the path. There's a pedestal beside the wall and some white symbols on
    either sides. Touch the symbols to open up the wall and find a small chamber.
    There's a BESAID SPHERE in the wall, so take it out and put it in the pedestal.
    Now remember the DESTRUCTION SHPERE we passed earlier? Go back for it and place
    it where you took the BESAID SPHERE from. The wall at the end of the passage
    around to the right will dissappear, allowing you to take the ROD OF WISDOM
    from the chest inside. The rod is a weapon for Yuna, who you are yet to entice
    into your party. Now, go back to the pedestal with the BESAID SPHERE in it. You
    can push it just by running into it in the direction you want it to go. Keep
    pushing until the pedestal has sunk into the ground. Thats about it for this
    puzzle, Wakka will find you and go on about Yevon.
    Once you have control again follow everyone from the temple back outside to the
    big circle in the contre of BESAID VILLAGE. Here you can see Yuna summon her
    very first aeon, Valefor. Note that you have th option of calling it another
    name if you want. Talk to Wakka and he'll ask you if you like Yuna, answer as
    you will. Talk to him again and he'll ask you if you want to rest. You have to
    rest for the game to advance, so do so when you are ready. During your sleep
    you'll have a dream. Just walk left until you meet Yuna and watch what happens.
    You'll awaken in the Crusaders Lodge. Go outside, saving if you like. When your
    out Wakka will give you the BROTHERHOOD, the sword of his dead brother. Equip
    it straight away, it has the STRENGTH +5% ability, remember to equip Yuna with
    thr ROD OF WISDOM too. Before you leave the village go into the shop. Talk to
    the sales woman, who'll comment on her dog. Now go to the northern-most house
    on the right and examine the dog. Valefor will learn ENERGY BLAST.
    Now head for the beach harbour were your ship awaits. On your way there you'll
    have to fight one or two mandatory fights. These are just designed to familiar
    -ise you with the battle systems. You'll start off by facing up against a
    Dingo. All you can do here is attack, simple stuff. After he dies a Condor
    will take his place. Wakka will tell you how flyers are his business, so use
    Wakka to kill the Condor. An easy battle if ever there was one. Another ways
    up the hill you'll face a Water Flan. This is tutorial on ELEMENTAL MAGIC.
    Tidus will try to be the big man and take it out on his own, but fails badly.
    Lulu, you're travelling black mage steps in and tells you about ELEMENTS. As
    it is a Water creature you're facing, use THUNDER for best results.
    After these easy battles proceed on and you'll stop at a cliff that overlooks
    the town. Yuna takes a moment here, and then the party go to pray at a sacred
    monument. Pray if you want, I did because it looks cool. At the SAVE SPHERE
    save your game, and follow the red arrow to the next area. After a short run
    a movie will kick in and you'll see panther/man jumping around like a lunatic.
        BOSS - KIMAHRI
    HP       - 750
    AP       - 3
    Weakness - None
    Tidus has to go this one alone I'm afraid. It isn't exactly the definition of
    hard though, despite your opponents fearsome looks. You just have to attack
    normally a couple of times until his HP is gone. Don't heal, don't hesitate,
    just attack. After you beat him Wakka will step in, as it turns out Kimahri is
    one of Yuna's guardians as well. Why did he attack you then? Anyway you're
    fully healed after the fight, and Kimahri joins your party. Now continue down
    the island path for another lesson in fighting, this one is a bit tougher than
    the previous ones.
    You have to face a Garuda this time, a huge bird. This time Yuna steps in, it's
    time do do some summoning. Bring Valefor into the fray, he's more than a match
    for the Garuda. Use all the attacks at your disposal, the regular attack, Sonic
    Wings, and some Black Magic. If you happen to get an overdrive with Valefor,
    the Garuda can pretty much give up. You shouldn't have too much trouble with
    this fight. As soon as this fight is over you have the choice of picking the
    FORMATION otption in the menu. This lets you decide who you want to start off
    the fight with.
    Keep moving, there are tow more fights you have to get through. The first one
    is against another Garuda. For the first move you have to BLIND it using Wakkas
    DARK ATTACK. You'll see black smoke over it's face if this is successful. Now
    that it's blind just lay into it until it is dead. After this fight you will
    have to face a Condor, Dingo, and Water Flan all at the same time. These are
    all fiends you have fought before, so deal with them accordingly. Wakka can
    take the Condor, Lulu can take the Water Flan, and Tidus can take the Dingo.
    When you reach the crossroads follow the arrow south. The head west and you'll
    arrive at the harbour where your ship is docked. Before you get aboard talk to
    every person in the harbour to receive a SEEKERS RING, equip it on Yuna, an
    ETHER, 400 GIL, a PHOENIX DOWN, and a REMEDY. This is your last chance to go
    back to the village. Don't bother though, we've done all there is to do there
    so get on the boat.
     AREA 5 - S.S. LIKI
    Enemies - Sinscale
    Bosses  - Sinspawn Echuilles, Sin's fin
    Items   - Al Bhed Primer III, Potion(up to 20), Remedy
    You'll find yourself on the deck of the S.S. LIKI after some conversation and
    stuff. Let us start by collecting all the items. Head south, about halfway
    down the ship is a cabin type structure, the Bridge. There's a stairs at the
    back of this, so go down. Go into the room over on the left hand side. In the
    left of this room there is a hidden chest with a REMEDY in it. Over on the
    right there's a suitcase. If you have _less than_ 20 POTIONS, kick the suitcase
    to receive a POTION. You can only do this until you have 20 POTIONS. Now go
    back to the main room. In the bottom right, beside the stairs there is another
    door, go through. You'll meet a lady and some Chocobos. In the very bottom
    right of this room, hidden from view is the AL BHED PRIMER III. Now go back out
    to the corridor.
    Look for a man with a big bag on his back. This is O'oaka, a traveeling merch
    -ant. Talk to him and he'll ask you for money. Give him as much or as little
    as you want, just give him something. The total amount you give him will change
    his prices when you meet him elsewhere. Here is a list of how his prices change
    compared to a normal shop when you take into account how much you give him.
    Money given          |  Price
    -------------------  |  ------------------
    0 - 100 Gil          |  Normal price x 2
    101 - 1000 Gil       |  Normal price x 1.5
    1001 - 10000 Gil     |  Normal price x 1
    10001 - > 10001 Gil  |  Normal price x 0.7
    -------------------  |  ------------------
    So there you have it. If you buy a lot of goods from him, and donate 10001 Gil
    you can in fact save money. But I'm sure you don't have 10001 Gil free now, so
    I would just give him 100. When you have collected everything around here go
    back top-side onto the deck. Talk to Yuna, then talk to Wakka and then Yuna
    again. You'll hear some stuff about Yuna and Tidus's fathers. It seems that
    Tidus isn't the biggest fan of his dad. Anyway after these events your boat
    will be attacked, by none other than Sin!
        BOSS - SIN'S FIN
    HP       - 2000
    AP       - 10
    Weakness - None
    You'll be up against the fin here, and a never ending supply of Sinscales. You
    start off against three sinscales, but there isn't any point in killing them
    all so just kill two. If you kill them all they'll be replaced by three more.
    So you can either leave the one as it is, or have three more on you hands. Any
    way the fin doesn't seem to do too much except swim around. You want to get
    Wakka and his long range attacks in here, and Lulu aswell. I would advise you
    to give every character _at least_ one active turn so they can all get the AP
    after the fight. Anyway once there is only a single Sinscale left, use the long
    range attacks of Wakka and Lulu, and CHEER a few times with Tidus. If you want
    to then summon Valefor, it won't be really worth it though as the chances of
    gettting an overdrive with just one Sinscale attacking you are slim. Once you
    have taken off the 2000 HP then Sin will rock the boat and Tidus will fall in
    the water. Wakka will jump to his rescue, and the pair will face another boss.
    HP       - 2000
    AP       - 12
    Weakness - Darkness
    This guy is also accompanied by Sinscales, who get replaced when they die. It 
    is an utter waste of time even thinking about attacking them. They are just a
    distraction. The Sinspawn is fond of using DRAIN TOUCH, so use DARK ATTACK
    with Wakka to put that aside. Use DARK ATTACK once every three or four rounds,
    you want to keep this guy blinded. Use CHEER with Tidus a few times too, then
    just whack away at the Sinspawn. The Sinspawn has one nasty attack you can't do
    a thing about, and that is BLENDER. It's his strongest attack, so you may need
    to heal afterwards. This battle shouldn't be too tough if you keep him blind.
    After the fight you'll make your way to KILIKA, to pray at the temple. Sin gets
    there ahead of you though and lays the town to waste.
    Enemies - Dinonix, Killer Bee, Ragora, Yellow Element
    Bosses  - Sinspawn Geneaux, Tetacles, Lord Ochu
    Items   - Ether, Potion, Al Bhed Primer IV, Antidote x4, Elixer, Hi-Potion,
              Mana Sphere x2, Luck Sphere, NulBlaze Shield, Remedy, Phoenix Down x3
              Scout, Red Armlet
    You'll arrive in a decimated Kilika, Sin has taken out his vengeance. You can't
    do very much here for the moment, Yuna has to send the souls of the dead. Just
    go round talking to people if you like. From the ship go north until your only
    option is to turn left, so do so. Head down this path and take a right, and
    also take the right fork in the road. You'll be prompted to have a rest, it is
    the only way to forwared the game. You'r adventure will continue in the inn.
    There is the AL BHED PRIMER IV on the bar table just near the drunk on the
    floor, so take it. Now head back in the direction of the the place you stayed
    the night, except take the left fork this time. As you pass a hut, it will
    collapse and Tidus will heroically save the girl inside. Now go back to the bar
    to find a treasure chest on the right with an ETHER in it. Also go back to the
    house down the left fork and take 3 POTIONS from the chest. You can also visit
    the shop now, it's on a jetty south of the bar. Here's a list of its goods:
    Weapon             | Price
    ------------------ | ----------
    Hunter's Sword     | - 250 Gil
    Rod of Wisdom      | - 250 Gil
    Scout              | - 250 Gil
    Cactuar Scope      | - 250 Gil
    Hunter's Spear     | - 375 Gil
    Seeker's Shield    | - 150 Gil
    Seeker's Ring      | - 150 Gil
    Seeker's Armguard  | - 150 Gil
    Seeker's Bangle    | - 150 Gil
    Seeker's Armlet    | - 150 Gil
    ------------------ | ----------
    Don't bother with any weapons now, but all the armour has the HP +5% abaility
    so invest in some if you want. Now go find Wakka, who you'll find to the north
    -east from the shop, just go down the long path pointing north-east. You decide
    it's time to go to the temple. Go back to the fork in the road and take the
    left one this time. Now keep going until you reach the woods. As soon as you're
    in the woods save your game. There are tonnes of items to collect in the woods
    but you'll have to endure random battles the whole time. You'll be able to
    defeat all the enemies, and you should have a small fortunes worth of POTIONS,
    so just heal when you need to. Most of the creatures don't like BLIZZARD, and
    use Yuna's ESUNA to cure status effects.
    Ok start off by going right from the entrance and go to the end of this path.
    At the end there is a chest with 2 MANA SPHERES inside. Now go back to the
    entrance and go left. Take the first right, and a short way up here you'll
    find a chest on the left hand side. It contains a SCOUT, equip it on Wakka.
    Now go back to the entrance again, this time go straight until you come up to
    two people. Talk to the guy on the right to get 4 ANITDOTES. You can see the
    Lord Ochu in the background, so heal up and go run into him for a fight.
        BOSS - LORD OCHU
    HP       - 4649
    AP       - 40
    Weakness - Fire
    This is an optional fight, but I would advise you to take the Ochu on. You can
    always run away if you feels he is too much. Start off the fight by using FIRE
    spells. They take off 1.5 times the regular damage. Like before, give every
    character at least one active turn. Bringing them in and out of the fight isn't
    good enough, they have to do something. If you've learned HASTE yet then use
    it on everyone you can. Heal when you have to, and use ANTIDOTES and ESUNA when
    the Ochu poisons you. As soon as you've done 2500 damage the Ochu will start
    to heal himself up by sleeping. If you attack while he's asleep he'll retaliate
    with EARTHQUAKE, which you don't want. So now is the time to summon. Bring
    Valefor onto the field and attack away. Since he flies EARTHQUAKE won't affect
    him. Use normal attacks and FIRE to whittle down the Ochus HP. If you get and
    OVERDRIVE, lovely, use if for some huge damage. You should manage this fight
    alright. The 40 AP is nice as well. You'll get two prizes for beating the Ochu.
    Firstly go left at the crossroads where you fought and take to the two guys to
    get a NULBLAZE SHIELD for Tidus. It cancels FIRE attacks. You'll get a REMEDY
    from the other guy. Now go back to the two Crusaders, you got 4 ANTIDOTES from
    one earlier. Talk to the other to get an ELIXER.
    There is a Crusader standing in the crossroads now, he will submit 3 PHOENIX
    DOWNS if you talk to him. Noth of the crossroads there is another guy who'll
    give you a HI-POTION for talking to him. Take the raod going north beyond him,
    it curves to the left. At the end you'll find a chest with a LUCK SPHERE in it.
    Now you've gotten everything, go to the temple. Return to the guy you got the
    HI-POTION from, and go right from where he is. Take the left when you reach the
    T-Junction and follow the path. You'll reach some steps up to the temple. There
    is a SAVE SPHERE someway up the steps, so save and heal here. Make your way
    further up the steps. Once you reach the large circular platform you'll have to
    face another boss, Sinspawn Geneaux and accompanying tentacles.
    HP       - 3000
    AP       - 48
    Weakness - Fire
    HP - 450
    AP - 5
    Weakness - None
    Before you even think of attacking the Sinspawn, take out both tentacles. The
    only magic you should use is FIRE, the rest is absorbed or damage is halved.
    Just use physical attacks and FIRE until both tentacles die. They protect the
    Sinspawn and absorb some of the damage you inflict on him. Once the tentacles
    are gone, focus on the Sinspawn. As you can see, he's in a shell, so physical
    attacks don't work too well. Use FIRE every round, try and HASTE up Lulu if you
    have it. He POISONS you and uses WATER so use NulTide and Esuna with Yuna to
    counter these. Once you've taken off 2400 HP, his shell opens up and you can
    attack physically. This battle is not very hard if you use the right strategy.
    Save and heal afterwards, then make for the Temple.
    In the temple you'll meet a couple of not very nice people. One group are a
    particularly big-headed Blitzball team who Wakka clearly doesn't like, and the
    other is Dona, a summoner. You feel like smakcking her if you could. You're
    told you can't go into the Cloister of Trials because you're not a guardian,
    but that didn't stop you before and it won't stop you now. Kimahri shoves you
    off the lift, but when it comes back Dona's guardian will put you back on and
    down you go. This is another puzzle with the Spheres and stuff. Here's the way
    to go.
    Start off by taking the KILIKA SPHERE from the pedestal on the left. Put it in
    the hole in the wall beside the door. The door will open, but there is still a
    load of fire blocking the way. So just take the KILIKA SPHERE back from the
    hole in the wall and the fire will vanish. Make your way down the corridor
    until you come to another chamber. Put the KILIKA SPHERE in the hole in the
    northern wall, the take it back out. Now put it in one of the holes on the east
    or west wall. Go touch the glyph that appears to open the door. Now take the
    GLYPH SPHERE from the pedestal and put it in the other wall. Go north now until
    you reach the wall of flames and step on the glowing switch to the right.
    The pedestal will appear close to you. Take the KILIKA SPHERE from the wall
    near the switch and put it in the pedestal. Now go back to get the GLYPH SPHERE
    from the previous room, and put in in the newly vactated hole that the KILIKA
    SPHERE was in. Now get the pedestal and push it onto the glowing switch on the
    floor. Now go round to the stairs on the left, descend and go over to the right
    of the room to take another KILIKA SPHERE. Put it in the hole beside the door
    in the north of the room. Now go back up to where you put the pedestal, and in
    the room you opened up take the DESTRUCTION SPHERE. Go down to the lower level
    and put it in the hole that you took the KILIKA SPHERE from. A secret room will
    open up, and in it is a chest with a RED ARMLET inside. Equip this on Kimahri
    when you have the chance. Now go back up to the northern door and remove the
    KILIKA SPHERE from the hole beside the door. Another puzzle cracked, wuhoo!
    Go through the door and you'll meet up with the rest of the gang. Yuna isn't
    there, she's praying to the Fayth. Talk to all the guardians and then try to
    leave the room. Yuna wil emerge from her prayer and she's aquired a new Aeon.
    With all the fire in the palce, I wonder which one it could be... it's Ifrit.
    Now you can leave the temple, head back through the forest to the village. Try
    out your new Aeon in the forest. You've finished just about everything there is
    to do in Kilika, so get aboard you're ship at the harbour to the south of the
    town. You're headed for Luca, and your ship has changed name.
     AREA 7 - S.S. WINNO
    Enemies - None
    Bosses  - None
    Items   - Al Bhed Primer V, Hi-Potion
    This ships layout is pretty much the exact same as the S.S. LIKI, except the
    only difference here is that you can go into the bridge. Start off by going
    inside the ship into the corridor. You'll find A'aoka here and if you donate
    him some money he'll put his items up for sale. Here's what he sells:
    Items          | Price
    -------------- | ---------
    Potions        | - 50 Gil
    Phoenix Downs  | - 100 Gil
    Andidote       | - 50 Gil
    -------------- | ---------
    Buy anything at all that you are short on, and head in the door over on the
    leaft hand side. At the back of this room behind a Blitzball palyer(the Aurochs
    have joined your voyage for the tournament in Luca) is a chest containing a
    HI-POTION. Now go back outside, save on the way if you like, and go into the
    Bridge. It's the door beside the stairs leading down to the inside of the ship.
    Right in the middle of the room on the green rug is the AL BED PRIMER V. Make
    sure you take it, and go back outside. There is a set of stairs going up just
    south of that door, so head for it. Going up is the only way to advance the
    story. Listen to what they say, it's fairly important to the story-line. Now go
    back to the north deck and look for a Blitzball lying on the ground. If you
    approach it you'll get the chance to learn the JECHT SHOT, an invaluable Blitz
    move. I would advise you save before you try, you want to get it right.
    You'll see a flashback of Jecht doing the shot, it looks pretty impressive, no?
    Anyway you'll be given a quick tutorial on how to pull it off. You'll hear
    voices in your head of Jecht saying nasty things. These will appear on the
    screen aswell. If they appear in the top left of the screen you press UP, LEFT
    and X simulateously. If it appears in the middle of the screen you just press
    the X button, if it appears on the right you press RIGHT and X at the same time
    etc etc... You have to hit 11 of these messages on screen in 10 seconds to
    learn the Jecht Shot. If you don't do it the first time, re-load and try again.
    After you learn the shot go talk to Yuna, or eavesdrop on Wakka and Lulu three
    more times in all. After talking to Yuna a few times you'll arrive in Luca.
     AREA 8 - LUCA
    Enemies - Sahagin Chief, Vouivre, Worker, Garuda,
    Bosses  - Oblitzerator
    Items   - Al Bhed Primer VI, Al Bhed Primer VII, 1600 Gil, HiPotion x2, Pheonix
              Down x2, HP Shpere, Magic Sphere, Tidal Shpere
    As soon as you arrive in Luca you'll realise this place is Blitzball mad. You
    will stand on the dock for a while and see teams arrive for the tournament.
    Tidus will jump up on top of a crate with a loudspeaker announcing how he and
    the Aurochs will win the tournament. After a while you'll hear Maester Mika has
    arrived, he's the leader of Yevon in Spira, like the Pope or something I guess.
    You'll also see Maester Seymour, another of the four Maesters of Yevon. For
    now though drop all thoughts of everything and focus on Blitzball. You'll have
    to play your first and only compulsory match soon, and winning would be nice
    I guess. Anyway just follow all prompts and arrows and you'll end up getting a
    rather long Blitzball tutorial. I would adives you use it to your advantage.
    After the tutorial (whether you use it or not) you'll hear news that Auron, the
    guy who dragged you to Spira, has been spotted in a cafe in Luca. You'll now
    have the chance to take control of Tidus and move about Luca on your own. Your
    objective is to find Auron, but lets find some items first. Come out of your
    locker room, and you'll see there are three sets of stairs beside each other.
    You come out the one on the right so go over to the left one and go down. You
    will find the AL BHED PRIMER VI behind the Blitzball player in the foreground.
    You'll also find a chest with 2 HI-POTIONS in the back of the room.
    I would now advise you go around the docks collecting all there is to get. To
    get to the docks just Go to the SAVE SPHERE in the centre of Luca. Now turn
    either right or left, doesn't matter. I would say go left though because it
    leads you to Dock 1. In Dock 1 you'll find a TIDAL SPHERE and 600 GIL in two
    chests. Go on to Dock 2 and you can get 2 PHOENIX DOWNS. There's a SAVE SPHERE
    here too. Dock 3 and 4 are empty except for another SAVE SPHERE (they are all
    over the place aren't they?). Go to Dock 5, and down the very end of the pier
    there are two chests with a HP SPHERE and MAGIC SPHERE inside. Back in Dock 1
    you'll also find O'aka, he has some new stuff to sell.
    Items          | Price
    -------------- | ---------
    Potion         | - 50 Gil
    Pheonix Down   | - 100 Gil
    Antidote       | - 50 Gil
    Eye Drops      | - 50 Gil
    Echo Screen    | - 50 Gil
    -------------- | ---------
    Follow the arrow now to meet up with Yuna outside the Theatre. Head inside, and
    keep going in until you come to a room with red carpet on the floors. Over on
    the left hand side, in the foreground you can find the AL BHED PRIMER VII. If
    you go out to the reception desk you can buy MOVIE SPHERES and MUSIC SPHERES
    and 5000 and 2000 gil respectively a pop, so don't bother with these until
    later on. They let you see the games movies and hear the music anyway. Now
    follow the arrow in the direction of the cafe. Just before the cafe is Luca
    Square, the cafe is the thin lane leading north from the square. First of all
    take the path to the right, go up the two sets of stairs and take the 1000 GIL
    from the chest. There's a weapons/items shop in the south-east of the square
    too, look for a woman at a stall. Here's what she sells.
    Weapons         | Price
    --------------  | ---------
    Warrior's Sword | - 150 Gil
    Enchanted Rod   | - 150 Gil
    Power Ball      | - 150 Gil
    Magical Mog     | - 150 Gil
    Halberd         | - 225 Gil
    Metal Shield    | - 250 Gil
    Metal Ring      | - 250 Gil
    Metal Armguard  | - 250 Gil
    Metal Bangle    | - 250 Gil
    Metal Armlet    | - 250 Gil
    --------------- | ---------
    Items          | Price
    -------------- | ---------
    Potion         | - 50 Gil
    Pheonix Down   | - 100 Gil
    Antidote       | - 50 Gil
    -------------- | ---------
    Buy what you cant or need. Upgrading a weapon or two might not be a bad idea,
    and if any armour is obsolete upgrade it too. Now go into the cafe. You'll look
    around and see that Auron isn't in fact there, and neither is Yuna anymore. She
    has been kidnapped! You'll have to make for the Al Bhed boat, it's located in
    Dock 4. The shortest route there is blocked up, so follow the arrow on your map
    and it'll take you there. When you move from one dock to another you'll be
    attacked each time by a pair of Workers. They have just 300 HP, so you should
    be able to deal with them. Lightning attacks are effective. As soon as you hit
    Dock 4 you'll have to face 2 Workers 3 times in a row, without break. If you
    go back to the docks afterwards you'll get in random battles with the Workers.
    Your team will now leap aboard the Al Bhed boat as it tries to escape with Yuna
    trapped on board. You'll have to face another boss here, Oblitzerator.
    HP       - 6000
    AP       - 36
    Weakness - Lightning
    Oblitzerator will counter Physical and Magical attacks with Blind Ball and
    Mute Ball respectively, blinding or silencing your character. When he gets his
    turn he'll use Blitzball Rush, which will hit all characters randomly about 5
    or so times each, doing about 40 damage each time.
    First of all, DON'T ATTACK at the start. You'll see Tidus has a Trigger Command
    "use crane". As you may well have guessed, this lets you use the crane. But the
    crane has no power at the moment, so use THUNDER on it with Lulu. HASTE her up
    if you can. After using THUNDER three times on the crane, it will start to move
    so now is the time for the Trigger Command. The crane will attack the Oblitzer-
    ator, reducing it to 1/16th of its current HP. If you didn't attack at the
    start it will be left with a mere 375 HP. It Will also lose it's ability to
    Counter your attacks, so bash it up a bit, not a very hard boss at all.
    Once you beat the Oblitzerator Yuna will emerge from the ship, and Lulu will
    do a little magic trick. You'll see Wakka playing the Al Bhed Psyches and
    scoring a somewhat heroic goal, winning the Aurochs their very first game. Not
    only that, but their in the final, facing the Luca Goers. When you're back in
    the dressing room you'll have one last chance to look over the rules of the
    game, your about to play in your very first match. It's a hella hard match,
    no-one expects you to win. For winning you'll get a SRENGTH SPHERE. If you
    really really want to win, here are some tips you should keep in mind.
    - If you don't have the Jecht Shot, don't get your hopes up.
    - If you do, equip it at half time. It will allow you to take two defenders out
      of action and still get a shot in on goal, your chances of scoring are high
      if your close to goal.
    - For the whol first half try and keep possession and pass the ball among your
      players. Not only will in earn you exp, it will stop your oppenents from earn
      -ing exp.
    - Wakka will take to the field in place of Tidus 3 minutes into the second
      half. This will interrupt everything going on, if a ball is about to sail in
      to the top corner of the net you'll be screwed over. Keep an eye on the clock
      and try to make sure any attack you might be launching is well and truly over
      by then.
    As soon as the game is over you'll get the chance to save. The pool will now be
    invaded by fiends, Sahagin Chiefs to be precise. You'll have to face a total of
    17 of them before you can finally leave the pool. Wakka's overdrive has the
    potential to hit all opponents at once, exploit this to the full. The Sahagin
    Chief has 170 HP, so it isn't too bad. Make sure you use POTIONS when your HP
    gets low, you should have loads of them. As soon as you kill all the Sahagins,
    Auron will make his first appearance in Spira. In the first fight you control
    him in you'll easily kill your opponent with a single shot. Tidus and Wakka
    join the fray for the next fight against a Garuda. Use DARK ATTACK with Wakka
    and POWER BREAK with Auron. Now just hack away at the Garuda until it's dead.
    You'll now be surrounded by more enemies, but Seymour helps out and Summons
    Anima, a big nasty powerful aeon. He's such a nice guy, isn't he? You'll now
    get ready to leave Luca, the pilgrimage must go on.
    Enemies - Foating Eye, Mi'ihen Fang, Raldo, Ipiria, Vouivre, White Element,
              Bomb, Dual Horn, Thunder Flan
    Bosses  - Chocobo Eater
    Items   - Al Bhed Primer VIII, Al Bhed Primer IX, Antidote x6, Ether, Eye Drops
              x3, Fortune Sphere, 2600 Gil, Heat Lance, Hi-Potion x4, Hunters
              Sphere, Ice Brand, Lv. 1 Key Sphere x2, Mars Crest, Mega-Potion x2,
              Remedy, Scout, Soft x3, Thunder Blade
    The Highroad is broken into loads of sections, you start off in the South End,
    then move into the South, the Central, then there's the Agency, then Newroad
    South, Newroad North, and North End. From the North End you can deviate to
    the Oldroad North and Oldroad South. Once you hit the Agency it's possible
    (but not guarnteed) you can ride a Chocobo for the rest of the way.
    The Mi'ihen Highroad is pretty much a Big long straight road for the best part.
    You can deviate from your course to collect items, which is advisable though.
    You'll see a SAVE SPHERE pretty much at the start of the road, you'll see that
    you can warp to the Blitzball Stadium for a game now. Do if you like, but I'll
    continue with the game. I would take a while now to strengthen up your party.
    Just run around the SAVE SPHERE for a while and fight, you can fully heal for
    free after every single fight. After this, continue on your journey. Talk to
    every single person you see on this road, a lot of them will yield items. A
    guy south of the SAVE SPHERE will offer a HIGH POTION, and two others just
    north of it will give you 2 ANTIDOTES and a HUNTERS SPHERE. Equip this on Kima
    -hri, it's a good weapon. A little further on you'll see the historian Maechen,
    studying some ruins. He will pop up at various points throughout the game, he
    will tell you about the place your at and fill in gaps in the story. He'll
    mentio the old ruin further north. Head for there, and around the back of it
    you can find an ICE BRAND.
    Thats the last item on this section of the raod. As you run north you'll meet
    up with three Chocobo Kinghts, who you'll have a short chat with. A little
    further on you'll see a woman standing in a little area to the left of the
    raod. This is Belgamine, another summoner. She'll offer Yuna a friendly fight
    between your aeons, you should accept.
    HP       - ????
    AP       - 0
    Weakness - Ice
    This is an optional fight, and you can't get a game over from losing. Belgamine
    will fully heal your aeons before the fight, and you can only use Valefor. Keep
    in mind that this is one of those fights that the game EXPECTS YOU TO LOSE. It
    is possible to win, but very tough. Once way to go about it is to run around
    for a while before the fight and get your Limit gauge up for Yuna AND Valefor,
    giving you two overdrives with Valefor. If you execute these two and then
    attack normally a few times (if you get the chance), you'll be in with a shout.
    Use ICE as well, Ifrit is weak against it. Don't worry if you lose, the chances
    are you will.
    If you manage to win you'll get an ECHO RING for Yuna, if you lose you'll have
    to settle for a SEEKERS RING. Now just keep heading north to reach The Mi'ihen
    Highroad - South. This section is pretty short as far as they go. A guy dressed
    in white and blue will present you with a RED RING. There's a chest containing
    a REMEDY in a niche on the left behind a Chocobo. You'll also see a Blitzball
    lying on the ground. Don't go near it, and go talk to the child nearby. Now go
    kick the ball to get 3 SOFTS. Now head north to the Central Section. There are
    loads of items to collect here. Just talk to everyone you see and you'll have
    gotten a LV. 1 KEY SPHERE, 4 ANTIDOTES, 600 GIL, a HI-POTION an an ETHER. There
    are also a pair of chests, one in a niche on the right containing 2000 GIL
    about half way up the road. The next one contains 3 EYE DROPS and is at the
    very north end of the road. You'd have to die or lose your eyesight or some
    -thing to miss it. Once you leave this section you'll reach the agency.
    You can take a break here. Go outside to talk to Yuna. Then talk to a customer
    to get a LV. 1 KEY SPHERE. Go back inside and try to leave again, and Rin will
    give you the AL BHED PRIMER VIII and 2 MEGA POTIONS. These are very handy, they
    restore 2,000 HP to everyone in battle. Now save, and get ready for another
    boss. Go fill up your overdrive gauges (people and aeons), and go back to the
    agency. Save again, and head just north of the agency.
    HP       - 10,000
    AP       - 90
    Weakness - Fire
    This is another fight you don't _have to_ win, it's incredibly advisable though
    so DON'T LIE DOWN AND DIE! This fight is sort of fought on a cliff, you can be
    pushed off, but then again you can push the Chocobo Eater off too. If your
    pushed back twice you'll fall off. I got pushed off the first time I fought him
    so I RESET and TRIED AGAIN. Don't be a wussy, and kill him. I'm going to auto
    -matically assume you beat him for the walkthrough purposes, if you don't your
    on your own for a while.
    Now he has 10,000 HP, so it's gonna take a while to take him down. He also is
    fairly powerful attack-wise. He will knock all your characters back at once and
    take off 200 at the same time. He also points at one character and says "you're
    next!", on his next go he'll take about 1,000 HP from that character. If you
    manage to knock him over he'll counter with Blizzard. He is tough.
    To knock him over you'll have to take 1,200 HP from him. Then to puch him back
    you'll have to take a further 500 while he is on his back. Once he falls over
    attack relentlessly. Don't cure, don't revive, just attack. Pushing him back
    -wards is imperative. You won't win if you don't push him back. Aeon ovedrives
    can inflict HUGE damage on him, if you use Ifrits and Valefors overdrives you
    can take off about 4,000 HP in total. This is very helpful. I would advise you
    either keep these until your about to beat him, or if he's about to knock you
    off the cliff then summon.
    The best party is probably Lulu, for her fire spells, Auron because he has a
    piercing weapon, and Kimahri for the same reason. The Chocobo eater is armoured
    im afraid. Bring in Yuna to heal and summon as well. Try to give every person
    in the party at least one active turn so everyone gets AP.
    When you win, you'll continue the adventure outside the travel agency. Have a
    word with the attendant outside the agency to get the chance to ride a Chocobo!
    No more random battles for you for a while. Head north from the agency. Race
    through the Newroad South, there isn't anything worthwhile here. When you reach
    the Newroad North, run on until you reach the first bend in the road. On the
    left hand side of the path you'll see a Chocobo feather on the ground. Go over
    and examine it (remain on the Chocobo), and the Chocobo will jump up to a ledge
    previously unreachable. You'll get a HEAT LANCE for Kimahri for your troubles.
    Back on the ground, continue until you meet the second major bend in the road.
    There is the AL BHED PRIMER IX on the ground on the right hand side of the
    road. Now you can leave this area. You'll reach the North End of the road now,
    you can either contiue your journey or look for more items, I would go for the
    latter first. There's a path heading South East from this section, head down it
    to reach the Oldroad North. If you ventured too close to the North of the North
    End and got off your Chocobo, just go back up to him and "talk" to him to mount
    On the Oldroad North, you'll see a little piece of path on the map the winds
    across the main path. At the very South end here you can find another Chocobo
    Feather, examine it to reach a THUNDER BLADE and a SCOUT. Head South the the
    Oldroad South, and continue down the path to the south. You'll see another
    path branching off the main one, you need to find the Chocobo Feather to access
    it. It's found at the South End of the branching path, examine it to find a
    FORTUNE SPHERE. Now head further South, past a SAVE SPHERE (save if you like)
    to find a chest containing a MARS CREST. This item is pretty handy later on in
    the game, it will still be there later but there is no reason not to take it
    now. Do so and head back to the North End. Dismount, and look for the chest
    holding 2 HI-POTIONS to the left.
    Talk to the guard beside the barricade to the North and he'll tell you you can
    not pass. Go over to the large carriage that is blocking a path and it will
    trundle off. The man to the bottom of the screen here is looking for donations
    for the crusaders. 100 Gil will get you a SCOUT, 1,000 Gil will get you an ICE
    LANCE, and a whooping 10,000 Gil will get you a MOON RING. It has SOS SHELL and
    SOS PROTECT. Not really worth it if you ask me. Go to othe guy you can see here
    and he'll tell you you can't pass. Now leave this little road, back to where
    you found the hi-potions before. Seymour will appear and tell the Guards to let
    you pass through. Isn't he nice? Make sure you do everything you want here on
    the Highroad, you can't come back for a while. Next Stop, Mushroom Rock Road.
    Enemies  - Raptor, Gandarewa, Lamashtu, Red Element, Funguar, Garuda
    Bosses   - Sinspawn Gui
    Items    - Al Bhed Primer X, Ether, 1400 Gil, Hi-Potion x4, Mega-Potion x2,
              Phoenix Down x2, Potion x10, Remedy x2, Serene Bracer, Serene Armlet,
              Soft x4, Tough Bangle, X-Potion
    The Mushroom Rock Road is so named because there are lots of rocks there in the
    shape of Mushrooms. Inriguing, no?  Anyway start off by talking to everyone you
    see. The first five people you see on the Mushroom Rock will hand over a REMEDY
    , a TOUGH BANGLE, an ETHER, a HI-POTION, and 2 PHOENIX DOWNS. As you head on
    you'll be informed that you all have to go to the Command Centre. You'll have
    to turn left, into the Valley. You'll meet O'aka on the way, his prices now
    depend on how much money you donated to him earlier.
                         Price (depends on how much you donated before)
    Weapons            | < 100 Gil   | 101-1000 Gil | 1001-10000 Gil | > 10000 Gil
    ------------------ | ----------- | ------------ | -------------- | -----------
    Ice Brand          | 1500 Gil    | 1125 Gil     | 900 Gil        | 525 Gil
    Rod of Wisdom      | 1050 Gil    | 788 Gil      | 630 Gil        | 368 Gil
    Metal Shield       | 1050 Gil    | 788 Gil      | 630 Gil        | 368 Gil
    Magic Ring         | 4050 Gil    | 3038 Gil     | 2430 Gil       | 1418 Gil
    NulFrost Armguard  | 1950 Gil    | 1463 Gil     | 1170 Gil       | 683 Gil
    Magic Bangle       | 4050 Gil    | 3038 Gil     | 2430 Gil       | 1418 Gil
    Light Bracer       | 3150 Gil    | 2263 Gil     | 1890 Gil       | 1103 Gil
    ------------------ | ----------- | ------------ | -------------- | -----------
                         Price (depends on how much you donated before)
    Items              | < 100 Gil   | 101-1000 Gil | 1001-10000 Gil | > 10000 Gil
    ------------------ | ----------- | ------------ | -------------- | -----------
    Potion             | 100 Gil     | 75 Gil       | 60 Gil         | 35 Gil
    Phoenix Down       | 200 Gil     | 150 Gil      | 120 Gil        | 70 Gil
    Antidote           | 100 Gil     | 75 Gil       | 60 Gil         | 35 Gil
    Eye Drops          | 100 Gil     | 75 Gil       | 60 Gil         | 35 Gil
    Echo Screen        | 100 Gil     | 75 Gil       | 60 Gil         | 35 Gil
    ------------------ | ----------- | ------------ | -------------- | -----------
    As you can see there are some dramatic swings in price there. For the cheapest
    prices you would gave had to donate over 10,000 Gil. After that to have made
    any kind of profit you would have to spend well over 20,000 Gil (sounds odd),
    I don't think paying that much in advance is worth it. Head past O'aka. You'll
    be heading for a stone platform now, talk to the person before it for a HI-
    POTION. Get on the platform an ascend. This would be a good spot for training
    if only there was a save sphere near-by. Anyway, this is a pretty long section
    and you'll be brought into battle regularly. The toughest opponent is the
    Garuda, use a BLIND attack to render him harmless.
    As you can see by the map the path weaves back and forth, only making your
    journey that bit longer. You'll see a chest containing 1000 GIL in a dead end
    after the first wind in the road, the person near the chest will give you 10
    POTIONS. Back on the path you'll a REMEDY in a chest a little further on. If
    you happen to bump into Shelinda, talk to her 3 times and she will fully heal
    you. She'll do this unlimited times, making this a perfect spot for some
    training. Try to get your Lulu to learn the level 2 Black Magic spells like
    Fira etc. They are really helpful at this stage. After you finish training (or
    if you don't want to bother), let Shelinda heal you and continue on. If at all
    possible try and fill your overdrive gauges (people and aeons). Don't use
    the overdrives though! Just before you leave the valley you'll find a chest
    containing a HI-POTION. At the end you have to step on another platform which
    will bring you up.
    You've now reached the Precipice. Talk to the man in front of you as you come
    up to get an X-POTION. Continue on and turn left when you see a turn. Another
    platform will take to to a SERUM ARMLET. Head bakc to the main path, an keep
    heading forward. When you see another left turn take it again, follow the path
    around to pick up AL BHEP PRIMER X. Back on the main path look for a man who
    will kindly donate you 400 GIL. Have a word with the next gurad you see, he
    guards a huge machina. He'll give you a MEGA-POTION. If you want to see Wakka
    punch Luzzu in the face then take a few steps to the South where a conversation
    will ensue. When you're ready, head back to the big machina and go up.
    You're up at the command centre now. The only thing to do is head straight for
    the next area, around to the left. Talk to any guards for snippets of informa
    -tion regarding Operation Mi'ihen. There's a SAVE SPHERE over to the left hand
    side, save here. O'aka is beside it, and he's selling better weapons now.
                         Price (depends on how much you donated before)
    Weapons            | < 100 Gil   | 101-1000 Gil | 1001-10000 Gil | > 10000 Gil
    ------------------ | ----------- | ------------ | -------------- | -----------
    Avenger            | 8100  Gil   | 6075  Gil    | 4860  Gil      | 2835 Gil
    T.K.O.             | 10100 Gil   | 7575  Gil    | 6060  Gil      | 3535 Gil
    Sentry             | 18150 Gil   | 13613 Gil    | 10890 Gil      | 6353 Gil
    Pearl Ring         | 500   Gil   | 375   Gil    | 300   Gil      | 175  Gil
    White Armlet       | 3100  Gil   | 2325  Gil    | 1860  Gil      | 1085 Gil
    Alert Armlet       | 500   Gil   | 375   Gil    | 300   Gil      | 175  Gil
    Blue Bangle        | 5250  Gil   | 3938  Gil    | 3150  Gil      | 1838 Gil
    Red Ring           | 12300 Gil   | 9225  Gil    | 7380  Gil      | 4305 Gil
    Lucid Armguard     | 3750  Gil   | 2813  Gil    | 2250  Gil      | 1313 Gil
    ------------------ | ----------- | ------------ | -------------- | -----------
                         Price (depends on how much you donated before)
    Items              | < 100 Gil   | 101-1000 Gil | 1001-10000 Gil | > 10000 Gil
    ------------------ | ----------- | ------------ | -------------- | -----------
    Potion             | 100 Gil     | 75 Gil       | 60 Gil         | 35 Gil
    Phoenix Down       | 200 Gil     | 150 Gil      | 120 Gil        | 70 Gil
    Antidote           | 100 Gil     | 75 Gil       | 60 Gil         | 35 Gil
    Eye Drops          | 100 Gil     | 75 Gil       | 60 Gil         | 35 Gil
    Echo Screen        | 100 Gil     | 75 Gil       | 60 Gil         | 35 Gil
    ------------------ | ----------- | ------------ | -------------- | -----------
    As you can see the weapons are a bit pricey, but have some really good abilit
    -ies such as Initiative and Counter-Attack. Buy any if you can afford them.
    After you've finished your business with O'aka then head into the main section
    of the control centre. You'll be stopped by Gatta, and have a short chat with
    him. Answer as you see fit. There are some scenes with Maesters Kinoc and
    Seymour too. There are two chests here, it can be hard to see them. One is in
    the top right corner, it contains a SERENE BRACER. The other, a little south of
    that one, contains a Mega-Potion. When you're ready talk to the guard at the
    South East corner of the area, and prepare for battle, a lovely big boss. Oh
    and there are some really cool FMVs coming up here, look out for those.
    HP       - 12,000 (Head - 4,000) (Arms - 800 each)
    AP       - 485
    Weakness - None
    This boss is one of the toughest you will have encountered so far. He has
    four parts, the Head, Body and Arms(2). The Arms will always regenerate when
    you destroy them. However, if you don't take out the arms you will be unable
    to hit the body with Physical attacks. Therefore you have to take out the arms
    every time they come back.
    My party of choice here would be Auron, Yuna and Lulu (if she has second level
    Black Magic). Give every Character at least one active turn for the puprpose
    of gaining AP. Use everyone's Overdrive as well. Start off by dealing with the
    head. Cast spells with Lulu and Physical attacks from Wakka can do that. If
    you get a message on-screen saying the head is moving suspiciously, make sure
    the next thing you do is attack it or else it wil Poison the whole party. It
    also deals a good bit of damage with the Poison attack. You can't really afford
    to get hit with that. The Head uses Thunder attacks, so cast NulShock with Yuna
    for some temporary immunity. After some relentless attack of the head, it will
    change colour, meaning it's dead. Now switch Auron in for Wakka. It's time to
    take out the Arms.
    They don't have much HP, so just attack and use spells. Once they are both gone
    it's time to go nuts on the body. Bring in anyone with a full Overdrive gauge
    to deal good damage. Auron should use POWER BREAK at first chance, significant
    -ly reducing the amount of damage dealt. After a couple of turns the arms will
    come back. Now summom an Aeon with full Overdrive to deal a good amount of
    damage, upwards of 2,000 HP. If you didn't take my advice and didn't fill the
    overdrive gauges, summon anyway and see if you can fill the gauge during the
    fight. When the arms are gone it's also a good idea to switch Yuna for Tidus
    and have him attack the body with Auron. After you give him a good beating he
    will die. Or will he...
    No is the answer. The big bastard comes back alive. But this time his HP is
    halved, and you fight alongside Seymour! He is very strong, and lets you kick
    ass. His Black Magic will take off in excess of 1,200 HP a turn. Again take out
    the head first, then the arms and body. This is the only chance in the whole
    game that you get to see Requiem, Seymours Overdrive. It takes a while to fill
    his gauge, but it is worth it. This second battle should be a breeze with
    Seymour on your team. After winning you'll get 6 shiny LV. 1 KEY SPHERES,
    letting you go to new and mysterious places on the Sphere Grid.
    You'll regain control on the beach, you're task is to find the one living
    person left. It will be either Gatta or Luzzu (I always get Luzzu). You can
    find him to the very north of the beach, in the middle pretty much, resting
    against the cliff. After talking to him you'll be zapped to the Aftermath area
    of Mushroom Rock. You're adventure in this part of the world is about to end.
    Save you're game, and run straight left from the Sphere to find a HI-POTION.
    You have to exit at the North East, you'll meet O'aka on the way. He only sells
    items now, see lists above for what he sells and prices. As soon as you leave
    Aftermath, you're on the Djose Highroad. If you return to the First part of the
    Mushroom Rakc Road much later in the game you can find 4 SOFTS at the far end.
    Enemies  - Ganarewa, Bit Big, Garm, Simurgh, Bunyip, Funguar, Snow Flan,
    Bosses   - None
    Items    - Al Bhed Primer XI, Ability Sphere, Ether x2, Bright Bangle, 4000 Gil
               Hi-Potion x3, Mega-Phoenix, Mega-Potion, Halberd, Potion x10, Remedy
               Switch Hitter, Variable Steel
    ***Some of the items can only be obtained afetr the Djose Cloister of Trials***
    This road has a whooping 8 items to collect on it. Talk to everyone you meet to
    receive a VARIABLE STEEL(talk to this guy twice), a SOFT RING and a MEGA
    -POTION. North of the guy you got the mega-potion from you'll find a chest on
    the left hand side of the road. North of that again on the right hand side you
    can find the AL BHED PRIMER XI behind a rock. Run on and in a little niche
    on the left find a chest containing a BRIGHT BANGLE. There are tow further
    people to talk to on the Highroad, one gives up a HI-POTION, the other a dose
    of ETHER. When all items are collected proceed to the next area, the Pilgrim
    Road. Turn right at the end of the Highroad. The left turn leads to the Moon
    -flow, but we don't want to go there yet.
    There are no items to pick up here (yet). They become availible after the
    Cloister of Trials. Head straight through this road, you'll now be approaching
    the Temple. In this area you'll find 4000 GIL to the extreme left and 4 ABILITY
    SPHERES in the North East corner. Save also, and browse through to items on
    sale in the shop beside the Save Sphere.
    Weapons           | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Fencing Sabre     | 550 Gil
    Rune Rod          | 550 Gil
    Hyper Ball        | 550 Gil
    Rune Mog          | 550 Gil
    Halberd           | 825 Gil
    Shimmering Blade  | 825 Gil
    Metal Shield      | 550 Gil
    Metal Ring        | 550 Gil
    Metal Armguard    | 550 Gil
    Metal Bangle      | 550 Gil
    Metal Armlet      | 550 Gil
    Metal Bracer      | 550 Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Items             | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Potion            | 50  Gil
    Phoenix Down      | 100 Gil
    Antidote          | 50  Gil
    Eye Drops         | 50  Gil
    Soft              | 50  Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    You can rest here, but it's a bit pointless to say the least. When you are
    ready go into the Temple. You'll meet Isaaru, another pilgrim summoner. He'll
    warn you about summoners getting kidnapped. Once you have control again look
    in the chambers to the right and left of the door to the Cloister to find a
    MEGA-PHOENIX and a REMEDY. Just outside the chamber to the left you can also
    find am ETHER. Now head into the Trials. The word(s) for this one is(are) a
    pain in the ass.
    As you enter, you'll find DJOSE SPHERES on the left and right walls of the
    chamber. Insert them both in the door to open it. You'll enter another chamber.
    There are a load of symbols on the floor, your job is to light the lot of them
    up. You'll see a pedestal, and a door beyond it. There are DJOSE SPHERES on
    either side of the door, take one of them. Run to the right and you'll see two
    more holes in the wall for spheres so put it in either. Now take the other
    DJOSE SPHERE from near the door and place it in the other hole to the right.
    A pedestal on the ceiling will light up. Now go to the pedestal on the ground
    and push it under the one on the ceiling (it must have a DJOSE SPHERE in it).
    The DJOSE SPHERE will charge itself up. Take it and place it in the hole to the
    right of the door.
    The door will now open, but the way is still barred by a pit of lightning. Go
    back to the pedestal on the ground and put 2 DJOSE SPHERES in it. Now push it
    into the lightning pit, creating a platform. Use the action button to jump onto
    the platform, then to the other side. Push the switch to light up a piece of
    the rune on the floor, then head back to the main chamber. Take the charged
    DJOSE SPHERE from the right of the door and put it in the hole on the left.
    Now run the the left and step on the shiny spot on the floor to get back the
    pedestal. Take the two remaining DJOSE SPHERES (one in the pedestal, one in the
    wall to the right) and put them in the holes back in the walls of the first
    chamber of the trails you entered. This should light up the remaining parts of
    the symbol on the floor. A platform will materialize so jump on and head up.
    Run north to a room with 5 pedestals, each in an alcove in the wall. Push each
    one into the wall as far as it can go to create a flight of stairs an pedestal
    near the platform. Don't go up yet, head back down on the platform instead.
    Near the shiny spot to the left a Glyph has appeared on the wall. Touch it to
    find a DESTRUCTION SPHERE. Now go back up on the platform and insert the
    DESTRUCTION SPHERE in the pedestal. A secret chamber will appear, take the
    MAGIC SPHERE from the chest. Now go up the stairs and complete the Trials.
    You'll encounter Dona again, she's a cow. Yuna heads into the Chamber of the
    Fayth, and as soon as you regain control try and leave to get Yuna back, com
    -plete with new aeon, Ixion. You'll all now end up in the courtyard in front
    of the temple, minus Yuna. Go into the inn, where a new chest holding a SWITCH
    HITTER has appeared. Now go into the temple to the room to the left of the
    Trials entrance to find Yuna. Once everyone has been rounded up head south.
    Remember the turn for the Moonflow? That's our destination. On the bridge south
    talk to everyone to get a HALBERD, 2 HI-POTIONS and 10 POTIONS. Now go for the
    Enemies  - Gandarewa, Bite Bug, Bunyip, Funguar, Ochu, Snow Flan
    Bosses   - Extractor
    Items    - Al Bhed Primer XII, Antidote x4, Ether, Lv. 1 Key Sphere x3, Magic
               Defence Sphere, Mega-Potion, Phoenix Down x2, Summoners Soul,
    Just follow the path to the North here. Look out for the four chests scattered
    around on the path and you'll end up with 6 LV. KEY SPHERES, a X-POTION and a
    MAGIC DEFENCE SPHERE. Run around for a bit and get your aeons Overdrive gauge
    full, and Yuna's too if you can. Yes, Belgemine wants another fight. You'll
    also bump into Biran and Yenke Ronso who seem to have a vendetta against
    HP       - ????
    AP       - 0
    Weakness - Water
    This fight is easy if you built up your overdrive gauge first. If you get to
    use Hellfire twice then you will win. If you get hurt too badly you can use
    FIRE on yourself with Ifrit to heal. If you didn't build up the Overdrive
    gauges before-hand you can still win, and you do it like this. Summon Ifrit.
    Attack and heal every second round. Eventually your overdrive gauge will fill
    so use Hellfire. Now Ixion will use haste on itself, and Ifrit it going to die.
    That's a given. Once Ifrit is gone Summon Valefor. Ixion will keep attacking
    quickly, but Valefor should be able to dodge a lot of the attacks and also get
    a full overdrive gauge. Use it, and you should win. If you don't, I don't know
    what to tell you. Anyway good look, it's not vital you win.
    If you win you'll get 2 DRAGON SCALES, if you lose you'll get 6 SMOKE BOMBS.
    Either way you'll get a SUMMONERS SOULS, letting you teach your aeons new
    abilities if you have the respective items. This is very handy, trust me. Once
    your business is complete on the South Bank Road, head north to just the plain
    old South Bank. There isn't a thing of interest here, so leg it through as fast
    as possible. You'll stop a ways up to admire the river, then just go for the
    South Wharf. There is a treasure chest on your characters righth containing
    2 PHOENIX DOWNS. If you lent O'aka any money at all at the start of the game,
    he'll be beside the chest. Here is what he sells.
    Weapons           | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Double-Edge       | 2175 Gil
    Switch Hitter     | 975  Gil
    Snakehead         | 3075 Gil
    Mythril Ring      | 1575 Gil
    Emerald Bangle    | 1125 Gil
    Serum Bracer      | 1425 Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Items             | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Potion            | 50  Gil
    Phoenix Down      | 100 Gil
    Antidote          | 50  Gil
    Eye Drops         | 50  Gil
    Echo Screen       | 50  Gil
    Soft              | 50  Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    There are four other shops around here selling stuff too, I'll add the lists in
    at a later date. Two of them sell armour though, the other two sell weapons. All
    sell items but they are all more expensive than O'akas. From O'aka head to the
    left. You'll be introduced to the Shoopuf. Head to the left of the steps into
    another area with a tent in the background. Some little blue men (aren't they
    cool?) will tell the Chocobo Knights that a Chocobo can't go on the Shoopuf. Go
    up into the tent and find 5000 GIL in a chest behind Lulu. Now go back to the
    steps leading up to the Shoopuf and talk to the blue guy to depart. On the way
    over you'll see a machina city submerged underwater. Yuna will tell a little
    story, and then is kidnapped! Wakka and Tidus heroically jump to her rescue,
    here comes a boss.
    HP       - 4000
    AP       - 660
    Weakness - Slow, Lightning
    This boss isn't very hard in my opinion. He only has two attacks, Aqua Shooter
    and Depth Charge. Now I will admit that Depth Charge is a strong attack, about
    400 from each character and it inflicts the Darkness effect, but you can stop
    this attack from being exectuted every time. Weapons with LIGHTNINGSTRIKE are
    ever so helpful here.
    Ok he has set patterns to his attack as well. He'll use Aqua Shooter twice,
    then float upwards to ready Depth Charges. If you can inflict 500 HP of damage
    on him while he is readying the Depth Charges you can cancle the attack. If
    you keep getting hit by the Depth Charges then use PROVOKE with Tidus every
    three turns. He'll just keep using Aqua Shooter, although it will become a lot
    stronger than before. He only has 4000 HP too, if you get an Overdrive you can
    knock his HP down by about a quarter. If you manage to get Lightning on the
    Elemental Reels with Wakka you'll deal a lot of damage. If you prevent the
    Depth Charges this guy is a walk in the park.
    You'll get Yuna back, naturally after the fight, and the rest of the journey
    across the Moonflow will be a lot less eventful. Once you reach the North Wharf
    You can find the AL BHED PRIMER XII up the ramp to the right of the screen.
    O'aka is hanging about again, he only sells items now, see the items list above
    for what he sells. Leave this area via the left of the screen and grab the
    ETHER in the chest to the left of the hut. Continue in that direction and
    you'll encounter a young girl lying on the ground. This is none other than
    Rikku, who you met at the start of the game. She'll join your party, which is
    always helpful. In a little mock battle her overdrive Mix will be demonstrated.
    She is _really_ weak at the moment, she starts with 360 HP. Make sure to level
    her up a good bit.
    In any battles that follow on your way now look out for treasure chests on the
    bettlefield, have Rikku STEAL from them to get the contents. Also look out for
    the pair of chests left on the path, they contain a Mega-Potion and 4 ANTIDOTES
    for your inventory. Continue to the north to enter Guadosalam, ruled over by
    Maester Seymour.
    Enemies  - None
    Bosses   - None
    Items    - Al Bhed Primer XIII, Elixer, Hi-Potion x2, 3000 Gil, Mega-Potion
               Lightning Marble x8
    As you enter Guadosalam you are greeted by Trommel, a Guado. He tells the party
    the Seymour has some business with Yuna, and leads her off to Seymours Mansion.
    Rikku will now tell you about the CUSTOMISE function, it lets you use items to
    add extra abilities to your weapons. It really is handy. Steal lots with Rikku
    as the items you get are often used in customisation. When you get control back
    look around for the items on offer. Go into the inn on the right to save, and
    have a word with the Historian Maechen. You can practice fighting Iron Giants
    and Larva at the moniter. When your finished head out and take the next right.
    In a house to the extreme west you can find the AL BHED PRIMER XIII and a chest
    holding 3000 GIL. Exit that house and head South, passing a turn to the right
    to find and ELIXER. Now head back in the direction of the mansion, it's to the
    north. To the right of the entrance you can find a MEGA-POTION in a chest. Now
    enter the mansion. Before you do anything else, go up the stairs to find a
    chest holding two HI-POTIONS. It's hidden behind the railings on the far side.
    Now try and leave, Trommel will appear. Follow him into the hall and talk to
    each and every one of your companions to trigger Seymours entrance. He will
    show you some weird stuff, such as the Zanarkand of 1000 years ago. The party
    will now be lead to the mystical Farplane, you get to see it for yourself now.
    Follow everyone to there. Auron and Rikku refuse to go in. Once inside talk to
    Wakka and then Yuna. Once the conversation is over you'll see the BROTHERHOOD
    sword has been greatly enhanced. On your way back from the Farplane look for
    a chest hidden on the left of the path just before you return to the main
    part of Guadosalam. Now head back to Seymours place. Talk to all your fellow
    guardians, and then head west and down to find Shelinda waiting to lead you
    from Guadosalam. Next stop is the Thunder Plains. If you like do a bit of
    shopping first, the shop is found on the path below the one to the Farplane.
    Weapons           | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Baroque Sword     | 1237 Gil
    Ductile Rod       | 1237 Gil
    Switch Hitter     | 1237 Gil
    Variable Mog      | 1237 Gil
    Halberd           | 2475 Gil
    Shimmering Blade  | 2475 Gil
    Devastator        | 1237 Gil
    Yellow Shield     | 3487 Gil
    Yellow Ring       | 3487 Gil
    Yellow Armguard   | 3487 Gil
    Yellow Bangle     | 3487 Gil
    Yellow Armlet     | 3487 Gil
    Yellow Bracer     | 3487 Gil
    Yellow Targe      | 3487 Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Items             | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Potion            | 75  Gil
    Phoenix Down      | 150 Gil
    Antidote          | 75  Gil
    Eye Drops         | 75  Gil
    Echo Screen       | 75  Gil
    Soft              | 75  Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    The items that have protection against Lightning will prove very handy in the
    up-coming areas, as will ones with the WATERSTRIKE ability. O'aka also sells
    stuff from the shop.
    Weapons           | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Double-Edge       | 2175  Gil
    Belladona Wand    | 3075  Gil
    Blind Pass        | 3075  Gil
    Fatal Cait Sith   | 12825 Gil
    Simmering Blade   | 1650  Gil
    Devastator        | 825   Gil
    Yellow Bangle     | 2325  Gil
    Yellow Shield     | 2325  Gil
    Yellow Ring       | 2325  Gil
    Yellow Armguard   | 2325  Gil
    Yellow Armlet     | 2325  Gil
    Yellow Bracer     | 2325  Gil
    Yellow Targe      | 2325  Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Items             | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Potion            | 50  Gil
    Phoenix Down      | 100 Gil
    Antidote          | 50  Gil
    Eye Drops         | 50  Gil
    Echo Screen       | 50  Gil
    Soft              | 50  Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    As far as the items and armour are concerned, O'aka is a country mile cheaper
    so go to him. The weapons are different so just buy what you need. Now head for
    the Thunder Plains.
    Enemies - Aerouge, Buer, Melusine, Kusariqqu, Qactuar, Gold Element, Larva,
              Iron Giant
    Bosses  - None
    Items   - Al Bhed Primer XIV, Ether, 7000 Gil, Hi-Potion x2, Phoenix Down x2,
              Remedy, Water Ball, X-Potion, Yellow Shield
    The Thunder Plains are so called for a reason. I wish the real world has small
    isolated spectacular electrical storms like that. I'd live there. Anyway as you
    make your way through the Thunder Plains you'll sometimes see the screen flash
    white, meaning your about to be hit by lightning. Hit X as soon as the screen
    goes white to dodge. You can get items by dodoging, but leave this till later.
    For now I would just collect the 2 PHOENIX DOWNS and 2 HI-POTIONS from chests
    on the left, both are before the SAVE SPHERE. Once you reach the SAVE SPHERE I
    would run around it a bit to level up, this is a great chance to beef up Rikku
    a bit.
    As you make your way through the plains you'll see little glowing stones every
    now and again. These are Qactuar stones, if you stand in front of them and
    press the SQUARE button you can activate them. If you activate one stone you
    can fight Qactuars, but only one at a time. The second stone you activate makes
    them appear in groups of two, the third makes them appear in groups of three.
    You can only activate a maximum of three stones.
    Head North down the left of the plains to find another chest, this one holds
    5000 GIL. Once you have that cut across to the right hand side, and once the
    plain widens to the right, head right and get a WATER BALL from the chest.
    Equip this right away, it will work really well against the creatures here.
    On your way down the plains you also might meet Maechen, who will tell you
    about the plains, and Shelinda, who will ask about Seymour and Yunas propsed
    marriage. It doesn't matter what you tell her. You can now head for the next
    section of the plains, take the exit to the left in the north to reach the
    travel agency, owned by Rin. Here you can buy equipment that will protect
    against lightning attacks.
    Weapons           | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Baroque Sword     | 825  Gil
    Ductile Rod       | 825  Gil
    Switch Hitter     | 825  Gil
    Variable Mog      | 825  Gil
    Halberd           | 1650 Gil
    Shimmering Blade  | 1650 Gil
    Devastator        | 825  Gil
    Yellow Shield     | 2475 Gil
    Yellow Ring       | 2475 Gil
    Yellow Armguard   | 2475 Gil
    Yellow Bangle     | 2475 Gil
    Yellow Armlet     | 2475 Gil
    Yellow Bracer     | 2475 Gil
    Yellow Targe      | 2475 Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Items             | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Potion            | 50  Gil
    Phoenix Down      | 100 Gil
    Antidote          | 50  Gil
    Eye Drops         | 50  Gil
    Echo Screen       | 50  Gil
    Soft              | 50  Gil
    Grenade           | 300 Gil
    Map               | 50  Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Talk to Rikku, and Rin will appear. Go talk to Rin now, and when he asks how
    your study of Al Bhed is going, answer that it goes well. He'll give you the
    AL BHED PRIMER XIV. Now go down the passage to the right to find Yuna. You'll
    catch her at a bad moment kind of and Tidus will somewhat embarrass himself.
    Talk to Rikku again to leave. Outside there is a YELLOW SHIELD on the ground.
    It's not in a chest or anything, so make sure you get it. Equip it as it gives
    100% protetion against LIGHTNING ATTACKS. The North part of the plains has a
    new enemy, the Iron Giant. If you can beat these they offer 800 AP, not to be
    sniffed at. As you enter the plains again go straight right to find a chest
    holding an X-POTION. Now head north. As soon as you reach the SAVE SPHERE you
    could do a little more training, try and kill a few Iron Giants to boost your
    AP. Now head for the left hand side of the plains and go North. You'll come
    across a chest holding an ETHER. Now go to the right of the plains to find a
    chest holding 2000 GIL, and back on the left a little further on you can find
    a REMEDY. You're at the end of the Thunder Plains now, head North to reach
    Macalania Woods.
    Enemies  - Chimera, Iguion, Murussu, Wasp, Blue Element, Xiphos
    Bosses   - Spherimorph
    Items    - Al Bhed Primer XV, Jecht Sphere, 2000 Gil, Sleepy Cait Sith, Remedy,
               Phoenix Down x3
    The three parts of Macalania are the Woods, Lake and Temple. You'll encounter
    them in that order as well. First off, the woods.
    Your party will have a little talk by the SAVE SPHERE. Save here if you like,
    and head North, it's your only option. Round the first large bend to the left
    you'll find a SLEEPY CAIT SITH, and further on down the path here you'll find
    200 GIL. If you haven't leveled up much during the game the random battles here
    might get a bit overwhelming, if you fell you're struggling then flee. In the
    Central section of the woods you can find 3 PHOENIX DOWNS, they're at the
    northern-most part of the big circle-shaped bend. In the Northern Section you
    can find a REMEDY, it's tucked into a the corner of the third bed in the road
    you come up to. Once you're through the North section, you can save again at
    the Lake Road. As you head north Auron will notice something about the area
    and hack a new path through the bushes. Apparently Braska, Jecht and Auron had
    visited this spot on their pilgrimage. Jecht left a Sphere behind too. You'll
    see the stuff Spheres are made from, and then be attacked by a boss.
    HP       - 12000
    AP       - 3240
    Weakness - Varies
    This boss is a bit weird, his elemental weakness shifts every single time you
    attack him, and there isn't all that much that helps you find out which
    element his weakness shifted to without attacking. Spherimorph counters with
    magic, and his weakness will be the OPPOSITE spell to the one he countered
    with. He starts every time weak to Ice, so start out by using BLIZZARA.
    Your strategy is as follows. Use Blizzara. He will then shift element, so have
    someone attack with a physical attack. He will counter with a spell, so have
    Lulu use the OPPOSITE spell to that one. Make sure you use the right spell
    because he counters a wrong magic spell with a physical attack on ALL the
    characters in battle. It hurts, trust me. Keep this up and have Yuna heal
    every time a persons HP gets low.
    When the Spherimorphs HP gets low he will use Press, an attack that halves all
    characters HP. Heal up after this, and continue attacking. Try to give every
    person a turn in the fight as it offers a fair amount of AP. If you manage to
    finish him off with an aeons overdrive you'll get over 4500 AP, which is nice.
    After the fight you'll get a JECHT SPHERE, which teaches Auron a new overdrive
    technique called Shooting Star. It can hurl enemies from the battlefield, and
    if it doesn't it inflicts a good bit of damage. Now head back to the SAVE
    SPHERE out at the Lake Road. Just before the turn off to the right of the save
    sphere you can find the AL BHED PRIMER XV. You'll find O'aka near the Save
    Sphere, don't buy anything and tell him his prices are too expensive. He'll
    drop them. Now take the exit to the north to reach Lake Macalania.
    Enemies - Evil Eye, Madfet, Snow Wolf, Ice Flan, Guado Guardian
    Bosses  - Crawler, Wendigo
    Items   - Al Bhed Primer XVI, Avenger, 4000 Gil, Lv. 1 Key Sphere, Lv. 2 Key
              Sphere, Mega-Potion
    You'll have a talk outside the agency, owned by Rin again of course. Talk to
    Clasko to the right of the agency and tell him he would be a good Chocobo
    BREEDER. He'll gve you an item later on if you do. The chest behind him is
    not accessible for now, nor are any of the other items apart from the AL BHED
    PRIMER XVI which can be found to the left of O'aka outside the agency. Speaking
    of O'aka, here is what he sells.
    Weapons           | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Sonic Steel       | 13838 Gil
    Halberd           | 2925  Gil
    Force Knuckles    | 1463  Gil
    Serum Ring        | 3263  Gil
    Echo Bangle       | 3488  Gil
    Echo Armlet       | 1238  Gil
    Soft Bracer       | 2813  Gil
    Soldiers Targe    | 2588  Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Items             | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Potion            | 75  Gil
    Hi-Potion         | 750 Gil
    Phoenix Down      | 150 Gil
    Antidote          | 75  Gil
    Eye Drops         | 75  Gil
    Echo Screen       | 75  Gil
    Soft              | 75  Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Weapons           | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Baroque Sword     | 825  Gil
    Ductile Rod       | 825  Gil
    Switch Hitter     | 825  Gil
    Variable Mog      | 825  Gil
    Halberd           | 1650 Gil
    Shimmering Blade  | 1650 Gil
    Devastator        | 825  Gil
    Seeker's Shield   | 1575 Gil
    Seeker's Ring     | 1575 Gil
    Seeker's Armguard | 1575 Gil
    Seeker's Bangle   | 1575 Gil
    Seeker's Armlet   | 1575 Gil
    Seeker's Bracer   | 1575 Gil
    Seeker's Targe    | 1575 Gil
    Longsword         | 50   Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Items             | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Potion            | 50  Gil
    Hi-Potion         | 500 Gil
    Phoenix Down      | 100 Gil
    Antidote          | 50  Gil
    Eye Drops         | 50  Gil
    Echo Screen       | 50  Gil
    Soft              | 50  Gil
    Grenade           | 300 Gil
    Map               | 50  Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Now go into the agency and save. There's an AL BHED COMPILATION SPHERE to save
    your Al Bhed Dictionary to. Maechen is here too, have a word with him about the
    area. When you go outside, Trommel will appear again to escort Yuna to Maester
    Seymour but those pesky Al Bhed make an attempt to kidnap our beloved Yuna
    again, here's another boss.
        BOSS - CRAWLER
    HP       - 16000
    AP       - 4400
    Weakness - Slow, Armour Break, Delay Attack, Lightning
    The Crawler is accompanied by a negator, a little flying thing that stops all
    magic and summons being used. Defeat it quickly by using long rang attacks
    like Wakka. As for everyone else, just keep attacking the Crawler while he is
    doing this.
    The Negator needs to be taken out just for the sake of speed. Your chars can
    probably do about 200 damage to the Crawler, it'll take ages to whittle down
    16000 HP. A Thundara spell can do a good 1000 HP of damage to the Crawler,
    whcih really is a lot.
    The other thing is that Crawler brings back the Negator after magic is used on
    him 4 times, and while the Negator is gone he will use Mana Beam, a nasty
    attack that can do over 1500 HP, to everyone. You'll get plenty of prior
    warning though, so summon an aeon and use the SHIELD command. Another thing you
    could do is haste up your Lulu and slow the Crawler so Lulu may get 4 magical
    attacks in before the Crawler uses Mana Beam.
    Needless to say, kill the Negator as soon as it comes back. Keep as many chars
    on haste as you can, and use ARMOUR BREAK if you have it. As long as you can
    manage to block Mana Beam there isn't too much to worry about. You aeon may
    even get an overdrive, wouldn't that be joyful. Over-all this is a long, drawn
    out fight, but very winnable. It's all about the strategy my friends.
    After the fight you reach the far North of the lake, and are on the way to the
    temple. The view from the road to the temple is pretty panoramic and breath
    -taking, if you are so inclined. Anyway talk to the guy right in front of you
    at the beginning of the road for 400 GIL, then head for the temple.
    Enemies - None
    Bosses  - Seymour, Guado Guardian
    Items   - 5000 Gil, Elixer, Ether, Hi-Potion x2, Remedy x2, Phoenix Down x3,
              Shell Targe, X-Potion x2
    This temple is somewhat unique because you get the aeon _before_ you do the
    trials. Anyway as you enter the temple talk to Trommel on the right to get a
    SHELL TARGE. Save if you like too. There are a load of niches in the wall here,
    the first one on the right as you enter holds 2 X-POTIONS, while the second on
    the left holds 5000 GIL. Look in the room to the right of the steps up to the
    trials and talk to both persons inside to get an ETHER and an ELIXER. There's
    chest too containing 3 PHOENIX DOWNS. Go to the room on the other side now and
    speak to the guy on the right. He'll give you 2 HI-POTIONS, and in the chest
    you'll find 2 REMEDIES. Now head for the stairs and you'll hear someone calling
    out about Lord Jyscal. Head to the room to the right again to view Jyscals
    Sphere, revealing the dark and treacherous side of Seymour. So he isn't so nice
    after all. Now it dawns on you that Yuna is stuck with Seymour at the moment,
    so rush to the trials to face off with Seymour.
        BOSS - SEYMOUR
    HP       - 6000
    AP       - 2000
    Weakness - Slow
        BOSS - ANIMA
    HP       - 18000
    AP       - 2500
    Weakness - None
    Don't worry, you don't fight them both at the same time, but this fight is
    still really hard. The first part of this fight pits you against Seymour and
    a pair of Guado Guardians. You can't hit Seymour physically while the guardians
    live, they take all the attacks. If you do attack a guardian he will heal
    himself with auto-potion, restoring 1000 HP. There is a simple way around this
    though. Have Rikku steal just once from each guardian and they won't be able
    to heal any more.
    At the start of the battle use the "talk" command with Tidus to almost double
    his strength. It's always helpful to double your strength. Once this is done
    focus on the guardians and take them out. I would save aeons for later though.
    Seymour has a rigid sequence for attacking. He _ALWAYS_ goes like this: Ice,
    Lightning, Fire, Water. You'll know what spell is coming up all the time, so
    Yuna can cast a NUL spell to block it. This renders Seymour pretty harmless
    for the time-being. The guardians will attack with low level magic (about 100
    per hit) and confusion. Get any characters off confusion right away should they
    When the guardians are dead and Seymour's HP drops below the 3000 mark he'll
    summon Anima on you. This is the reason you've been saving your aeons. Anima
    has a _lot_ of HP, and aeon overdrives are some of the most damaging attacks
    in your arsenal. Anima also has a rigid attack sequence: Pain, boost, Pain,
    boost, etc. Pain causes damage and instant death, but since aeons are immune
    that won't be an issue. I would summon your new summon (named ????) first of
    all. She is really strong, and will either kill Anima or damage him lots. What
    you do it just attack normally, and heal yourself by casting ice spells on your
    -self when you need to. Once your overdrive builds up, use it. It should do a
    lot of damage. If this aeon gets knocked out simply summon another, it should
    be all you need.
    Once Anima has been dealt with we have to face a new, rejuvinated Seymour. He
    wants that power that defeated Anima. He's not as bad this time, no guardians.
    He casts elemental spells on two people per turn now, buut the NUL spells
    should still block that. Use SLOW if you have it, second level elemental
    spells, and physical attacks. Seymour should go down easily enough. Try and
    make sure you give everyone an active turn for AP purposes.
    When you've won, you'll find a new SAVE SPHERE in the chamber. Save, then get
    ready for the Macalania Trials. You go up and try to cross an ice bridge, but
    it dissappears halfway across. It's your job to try and rebuild it and escape.
    Before I go on, DO NOT TRY AND SAVE AGAIN. If you're halfway through the trials
    and you go and save, all your work will be un-done.
    Go down the ice ramp, and find the pedestal. Push it into the little ice peak
    to the right, the ice will dissappear but stop the pedestal in the process. Now
    go get the MACALANIA SPHERE from the wall to the right and insert it in the
    pedestal. Now push the pedestal forward into the other ice block. Take the
    GLYPH SPHERE from the middle pillar in the hall, and go down the ramp in the
    same direction you sent the pedestal. When you're down at the bottom you'll see
    the pedestal has been stopped by a little ridge of ice. Now push the pedestal
    to the right, it will take it's place under a pillar. A piece of the ice bridge
    will reform itself. Now go to the far right and insert the GLYPH SPHERE in the
    wall. A piece of the ground will rise up and make another MACALANIA SPHERE
    availible for your use.
    Go up and take this sphere, and bring it back to the lower level. But it in the
    central pillar down here. Another piece of the bridge will be restored. Now go
    up the ramp and take the MACALANIA SPHERE from the top. Put it into the pillar
    you took the GLYPH SPHERE from. You can leave now if you like, but I would
    advise you get the hidden item from here as well. You'll thank me later.
    Take the sphere from the central pillar and put it in the wall on the right.
    Now go up the ramp to the very top level, as it you were about to leave. Step
    on the shiny spot on the floor to make the padestal appear beside you. Take the
    MACALANIA SPHERE from it, and push it down the hill. A GLYPH on the ground will
    fire it off to the right. Insert the MACALANIA SPHERE into the far wall where
    the ramp down was to reform it. Now go step on the shiny spot on the floor
    here to bring down the ramp, complete with DESTRUCTION SPHERE. Take the sphere
    out and push the pedestal into the ice formation like before, then down the
    ramp. Follow it down and place the DESTRUCTION SPHERE in the hole to the
    left of the ramp. A part of the floor will give way, revealing a chest. Take
    the LUCK SPHERE from inside.
    Now go back up to the middle level and take the MACALANIA SPHERE from the wall
    on the right. Bring it back down, put it in the pedestal, and push the pedestal
    into postition like before. Now go back up the ramp, take the MACALANIA SPHERE
    from the top and put it in the central pillar. The bridge is now totally re
    -formed, and you can leave. DON'T STEP ON THE GLOWING SWITCH AGAIN! The bridge
    will be destroyed, and you'll have to do all that stuff again to rebuild it.
    Leave the temple, save outside at the new SAVE SPHERE. You have to run here,
    and some Guado Guardians will chase you. If they catch you you'll have to fight
    them and a fiend it summons, a Madfet, and Evil Eye or an Ice Flan. Keep
    running, you may have to fight up to three of these fights before you get off
    the ice bridge from the temple.
    In the next section, the Crevasse, stick to the skinny paths to the east. You
    will eventually come across a chest holding a LV. 1 KEY SPHERE. Save at the
    bottom here and get ready for yet another boss.
        BOSS - WENDIGO
    HP       - 18000
    AP       - 2000
    Weakness - Fire, Sleep, Darkness, Delay Attack.
    The Wendigo is again accompanied by a pair of Guado Guardians. They cast BESERK
    on the Wendigo which makes him take off DOUBLE (!!!) what he usually would.
    They auto-potion themselves again so steal from them first. Then kill them any
    way you can. Keep using Esuna with Yuna to keep the BERSERK status off, that's
    very important. When the guardians die, they will cast SHELL and PROTECT on the
    Wendigo, which is annoying as hell. If you manage to finish them off with an
    aeons overdrive they won't though.
    When you have the Wendigo on it's own, there are a couple of things you should
    do right away. First of all use POWER BREAK on the Wendigo. Then use SLEEP
    ATTACK or DARK ATTACK. If you manage to put it to sleep cast HASTE on Lulu and
    then attack with FIRA until it wakes up. DELAY ATTACK will push the Wendigo's
    attack down a bit in the attack order. If you BLIND the Wendigo just go all out
    on it. Summon an aeon because it will miss most of it's attacks and fill the
    aeons overdrive in the process. HELLFIRE will probably do the most damage.
    If you keep the Wendigo BLIND or ASLEEP you will win, hands down. Remember not
    to attack physically when it's asleep.
    After the fight the Wendigo will smash the ice on the lake in one last spiteful
    move. You'll end up under the lake. Make sure you get the LV.2 KEY SPHERE from
    the chest to the right of Kimahri. There's another chest hidden beside Auron
    holding an AVENGER. Just talk to Rikku then Auron to leave trigger the next
    story event. Sin will appear, he's listening to the hymn of the fayth coming
    from the temple apparently. He starts to mess things up too, and next thing you
    know you're in an oasis...
    Enemies  - Alcyone, Mushussu, Mech Guard, Mech Gunner, Zu, Sand Wolf, Cactuar,
               Sandragora, Sand Worm
    Bosses   - None
    Items    - Al Bhed Potion x24, Al Bhed Primer XVII, Al Bhed Primer XVIII, Ether
               , Elixer, 10000 Gil, Hi-Potion x12, Lv.2 Key Sphere, Megalixer x3,
               Mega-Potion x5, Mercury Crest, Remedy x4, Teleport Sphere x2,
               X-Potion x2
    As you can see there are an absolute dump load of valuable and nice items to
    collect from this desert. It takes a while to get them all but I would advise
    you to stick with it. Before I go on, lets clear something up about Al Bhed
    Potions. They are not normal items. Only Rikku can use them at the moment, with
    her "Use" command. In the same way that you use Grenades and the like. They are
    extremely good items, they give everyone back 1000 HP and cure Petrification,
    Poison and Silence.
    Anyway save your game and then jump back into the water in the Oasis. There is
    a chest containing 4 REMEDIES in the water. Get back out and head North.
    Eventually you'll be attacked by a Zu, a giant bird. You'll have to fight alone
    for now, so do your best. As soon as Tidus loses half his HP, Auron will enter
    the scene and help, Lulu will follow soon after. BIO will take 25% of the giant
    birds max HP every single round, try that to win.
    Head north again to find Wakka taking shelter under what looks like a huge
    up-side-down bathtub. There's a chest here containing 8 AL BHED POTIONS too.
    It says the Al Bhed leave these for travellers in need, maybe they aren't so
    bad? Head round to the left to enter Sanubia Desert - East. Go to the right
    straight away to find Kimahri standing on a dune. Now go back to the main
    path and head north. You'll see a tent on the way with a SAVE SPHERE in it.
    Use this, and take the 8 AL BHED POTIONS and the 2 ETHERS from the chests.
    You'll also come across Riku again, she'll re-join the party. Keep heading
    north and when the path opens out to the left, head left into the corner to
    find 4 HI-POTIONS. Now head North again to leave the east section and enter
    Sanubia Desert - Central.
    Run straight North again to find 4 HI-POTIONS. South-West of here you can find
    2 X-POTIONS behind some debris in the sand. In the extreme west you can find
    2 MEGA-POTIONS. Follow the boundary now to the North-East and you'll find a
    SAVE SPHERE eventually. There are another 8 AL BHED POTIONS in a chest here
    too. Run to the extreme North to find the AL BHED PRIMER XVIII, now go back to
    SAVE SPHERE. Save and heal, now go west.
    In the very South-West you can find an Elixer. In the large dome shaped ruin
    to the North you can find 10000 GIL and a LV.2 KEY SPHERE. Head North again and
    to the right of the exit to the next area you can find the AL BHED PRIMER XVII.
    Now head for Sanubia Desert - West. Head north along the boundary of the desert
    abd as soon as you can turn left, do so. Go down here into the corner and find
    the MERCURY CREST. To the North-East of there you can find 8 HI-POTIONS. To the
    North-East again you can find a whirlpool of sand with a Sandragora in it.
    Plunge yourself into the pit to fight it. Use FIRE attacks, sleep and poison
    on it to win. Also have protection or a cure for CONFUSION. Once you kill it
    you can get 3 MEGALIXERS from the chest. To the north is anothe pit with a
    Sandragora in, kill it again to claim 2 TELEPORT SPHERES. From there head
    straight west, and once you reach the desert boundary head south, into a corner
    to find a chest containing 3 MEGA-POTIONS. Now head north into the top corner
    to find 2 X-POTION. Nopw head east and then north when the way opens up to
    reach the Al Bhed Home.
     AREA 17 - HOME
    Enemies - Evil Eye, Guado Guardian, Chimera, Bomb, Dual Horn
    Bosses  - None
    Items   - Al Bhed Potion x10, Al Bhed Primer XIX, Al Bhed Primer XX, Al Bhed
              Primer XXI, 10000 Gil, Friend Sphere, Hi-Potion x2, Lv.2 Key Sphere,
              Lv. 4 Key Sphere, Special Sphere, Skill Sphere
    You'll see that Home is under siege as soon as you get over the hill. Rikku
    panics and runs off, you all follow her. You'll meet Cid, the leader of the Al
    Bhed. Examine a body on the ground wearing yellow and white to get 2 HI-POTIONS
    and the AL BHED PRIMER XIX is on the ground in the north-western corner. Now
    try and equip characters with the ICESTRIKE ability, and protection against
    FIRE would work too. When you enter the building you'll have to fight a Guado
    Guardian and 3 Bombs. They're a lot stronger than they should be for some reason
    so just do what you need to finish them. The AL BHED POTIONS will come in handy
    as will MEGA-POTIONS if you get desperate.
    Once you enter the main corridor of Home you'll be drawn into another battle.
    After the battle you'll be forced down the stairs. Now just turn around and go
    back up to hunt some items. There is a door on the left hand side of the screen
    so go in. You'll be ambushed by a Guado Guardian and 2 Dual Horns. Once you
    beat them you can take the AL BHED PRIMER XX. The chest beside it will ask you
    a question in Al Bhed when you examine it. Chose the second option on the top
    row to get an ELIXER. The other chest asks you to pick a number of words from
    a total of 9. You have to choose 3 words, in Al Bhed of course. Pick the right
    word in the middle line, the middle word in the bottom line, and the middle
    one of the top line. You'll get a FRINED SPHERE for your troubles.
    Go back up the stairs (flee from random battles if you're not strong enough)
    and go to the right. You can find the AL BHED PRIMER XXI on the ground just
    beyond the door to the living quarters. Now enter the living quarters and get
    ready for another ambush. Once the fiends have been dispatched you'll see
    another two encoded chests on the ground. The one beside the COMPLITATION
    SPHERE asks you to solve some maths puzzles in Al Bhed. The answers are 5,6,3,3
    in that order. You should be able to do that one on your own anyway. You get
    a FRIEND SPHERE for your troubles. There's another chest hidden to the right
    of the other. It will ask you 4 questions in total. Pick the 3rd answer, then
    the 4th, then the 2nd, then the 1st to unlock a SPECIAL SPHERE. Now go back
    to the main corridor and take the middle fork to get 6 AL BHED POTIONS. Now
    take the left fork. The group will have a discussion and you'll be forced into
    yet another fight against Dual Horns. Save your game after and go down the
    Go left as you come down the stairs to find a LV.4 KEY SPHERE, and in the other
    corner you can find a LV.2 KEY SPHERE. Now go through the door to the summoners
    sanctum. But lo and behold, Yuna isn't here. Get 10000 Gil from the corner
    before you high-tail it to the airship dock.
     AREA 18 - AIRSHIP
    Enemies - Evil Eye, Bomb, Dual Horn
    Bosses  - Evrae
    Items   - Al Bhed Potion x4
    You still don't have control of the ship yet, the only objective here is to
    rescue Yuna. You can save your game in the Bridge, then head outside to talk
    to the people of the ship. Go to the cabin (the only other room with a SAVE
    SPHERE) and talk to a guy on the left to get 4 AL BHED POTIONS. Now go back to
    the Bridge and talk to everyone to find the ship is in fact under siege. The
    corridor outside the Bridge is an absolutely perfect training ground if you
    want to beef up your characters. You should be able to get a good few overkills
    on the enemies you fight, if you overkill a fiend you get twice the usual AP.
    At the very least get Tidus to learn SLOW or HASTEGA if you're close. SLOW is
    really important for the next fight.
    When you feel you're ready head for the guy you got the AL BHED POTIONS from.
    Well not him exactly, that room. Save you game and go for the ramp in the north
    of the room. You can buy stuff off Rin here, just talk to him to hear Wakka
    sound very like Bender from Futurama.
    Weapons           | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Baroque Sword     | 907  Gil
    Ductile Rod       | 907  Gil
    Switch Hitter     | 907  Gil
    Variable Mog      | 907  Gil
    Halberd           | 1815 Gil
    Shimmering Blade  | 1815 Gil
    Devastator        | 907  Gil
    Seeker's Shield   | 1732 Gil
    Seeker's Armguard | 1732 Gil
    Seeker's Bangle   | 1732 Gil
    Seeker's Armlet   | 1732 Gil
    Seeker's Bracer   | 1732 Gil
    Seeker's Targe    | 1732 Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Items             | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Potion            | 55  Gil
    Hi-Potion         | 550 Gil
    Phoenix Down      | 110 Gil
    Antidote          | 55  Gil
    Eye Drops         | 55  Gil
    Echo Screen       | 55  Gil
    Soft              | 55  Gil
    Power Distiller   | 110 Gil
    Mana Distiller    | 110 Gil
    Speed Distiller   | 110 Gil
    Ability Distiller | 110 Gil
    Grenade           | 330 Gil
    Map               | 55  Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Rin has apparently jacked all his prices up by 10%. That stingy bastard. Anyway
    buy what you need, make sure you're ready for the following fight, go back and
    get more levels if you think you're weak, and go up the ramp to face possibly
    your toughest challenge so far.
        BOSS - EVRAE
    HP       - 32000
    AP       - 5400
    Weakness - Slow
    Before you enter the fray try and make sure you have lots of Al Bhed Potions.
    I know you can only get 4 on the ship, but you should have a good few from
    Bikanel Island. If they weren't in the game, this fight would verge on imposs
    -ible for your average, casual gamer. You have a couple of TRIGGER COMMANDS
    here, they are to PULL BACK and MOVE CLOSER to Evrae. They take a few turns
    to execute. A little tip, don't use OVERDRIVES at the start of the battle,
    hang onto them.
    Here's how we start. Have Rikku, Auron and Tidus in your party. Use POWER BREAK
    with Auron to half the physical damage he does (to about 600), cast SLOW with
    Tidus until it hits (it make take a few goes), and STEAL with Rikku. You should
    be getting WATER GEMS, which you can USE on Evrae for over 1000 HP damage. Once
    Tidus manages to get Evrae SLOWED down, then use HASTE on Auron, or HASTEGA in
    the off-chance that you have it. Keep attacking with Auron and Tidus, and bring
    in every character and give them one active turn at least.
    Eventually you'll see Evrae kind of rear back his head. This means he is prep
    -aring POISON BREATH, his most devastating attack. Drop everything you're doing
    and make sure Tidus and Rikku are in the party. Use the trgger command PULL
    BACK with Tidus. Now keep attacking with Auron, and just defend with Rikku. If
    you pull back before Evrae manages to use the attack, that's all well and good.
    If you don't, prepare to have about 1500 HP taken from EVERYONE and the POISON
    status inflicted. This is why Rikku is there. Her Al Bhed Potions will heal
    for 1000 and cure the poison. If she's knocked out then revive her and use the
    Al Bhed Potion. Now heal fully and continue to attack. If you managed to dodge
    the attack then pull back in. While you wait have Lulu and Wakka attack.
    Once you get Evrae's HP below the 10000 mark he'll cast HASTE on himself. You
    can't take this off unless one of your characters has the ability to cast
    DISPEL. This is highly unlikely however. This is why you've hung onto your
    overdrives. Move In and hit him with all you have. If you don't feel confident
    like this then Pull Back and let Lulu and Wakka finish him off. He'll counter
    with Swooping Scythe, which has the same effect as Move In. Just Pull Back
    again continue to attack with Lulu. When he moves back it's a perfect time to
    unleash your overdrive attacks. Use AL BHED POTIONS any time you even think
    your HP might get low in the next few rounds. You should win eventually, and
    I take my hat off to you when you do. Good luck soldier...
     AREA 19 - BEVELLE
    Enemies  - Warrior Monk, YAT-99, YKT-63
    Bosses   - None
    Items    - Al Bhed Primer XXII
    You'll now reach Bevelle, and witness some of the coolest FMVs in the game in
    my opinion. Check out Tidus sliding down the ropey thing. Pure genius if you
    ask me. But anyway, you're in the heart and soul of Yevon, the centre of his
    teachings. And yes, they start a fight with you. Make sure your HP is totally
    full now, and run forward. You'll have to fight 5 battles in total against the
    enemies listed above. If you fight Warrior Monks always take out the one in the
    middle first, he has a flame-thrower. It's twice as damaging as the other guys
    attacks and it hit everyone. If you fight a YKT 63 (the guy with the big legs)
    make sure you kill him before anyone else. If you're left alone on the battle
    -field with him he'll use THRUST KICK, and hurl an ally from the fight. Use
    LANCET to learn this skill for Kimahri. If you fight a YAT-99 you can only
    attack him with long range attacks before all the other enemies on the field
    are dead. If you heal after every fight you should be fine. Again, make sure
    every person gets an active turn in every fight. You'll all have gained a
    Sphere Level or two before the last fight.
    After all the fights your party is held at bay by some guns. Weren't you all
    shot loads of times in the previous fights? Weird. But anyway, you're held up.
    Yuna tries to send Seymour, but Maester Mika says all her friends will die if
    she does. Ther'll be more talk, and Yuna will jump off the building. Oh my God!
    I hear screams of, but Valefor saves the day. You all now head for the cloister
    of trials in Bevelle Temple. This is by far the most annoying one in the game.
    I swear to God these things are annoying to write for. Anyway, there are
    Machina and stuff in the temple, Wakka is pretty disgusted. The leaders of
    Yevon are big fat hypocrites. At the bottom of a flight of stairs you'll find
    the AL BHED PRIMER XXII on the ground. Now run to the save point, save, and
    enter the trials. I'm going to try and draw a little map showing the layout
    of these trials, it's eas to get confused.
       1         3
       |         |___________    A
       ^         |
       |         |
       |         |___________    B
      X-X        |
       |         |           |\
       |         |___________| \ C
       ^         |
       |         |    _______
       |_________|___________|   D
       |         |
       2         4
    Now that may look a bit confusing, but it will help, trust me. If you look at
    the straight with the X on either side, if you go to the end there (marked 1)
    and keep going you'll end up back at the start (marked 2). It's the same with
    the other straight, from 3 you'll end up at 4. The two X's on the map are
    little alcoves to either side of the path. And I forgot to mention you don't
    run around these trials, you stand on a little platform that brings you about.
    You turn at glyph junctions by pressing X when the arrow flashes the way you
    want to go. I know it's confusing, but I'm doing my best. Ok, lets begin.
    Go past the first Glyph junction you come across, and when you're coming up to
    the second one you'll see the arrow flashes left and right alternately. You
    need to hit X when you're at the junction and the arrow points left to move in
    to the alcove. Take the BEVELLE SPHERE and the push the pedestal into the
    walkway to create anothe platform. Now continue on to point 1 on the map,
    you'll then come to point to, and then you want to go into the right alcove
    this time. Put the BEVELLE SPHERE in your hand into the hole in the wall,
    making a new piece of path. Now push the pedestal into the walkway and get on
    the platform. Head for the southern junction now, the one just after point 2
    and turn right. Now turn left at the bottom and take the second right, into
    the lane marked B on the map. Take the GLYPH SPHERE from here, put it in the
    pedestal, and push it into the walkway to set off again. Now take the next
    right, marked A on the map.
    Here, take the BEVELLE SPHERE from the pedestal and insert it in the wall. A
    floor will form to one side of you. Now take the GLYPH SPHERE from the pedestal
    and insert it in the hole at the end of the new walkway. The wall will open
    and let you access the DESTRUCTION SPHERE, so take it. Now insert the DESTRUCT
    -ION SPHERE in the Pedestal. Now take the BEVELLE SPHERE from the wall and do
    the same. Now take the DESTRUCTION SPHERE back into your hand, and push the
    pedestal into the walkway. Travel back to where you got the GLYPH SPHERE, that
    is marked B on the map. Put the DESTRUCTION SPHERE in the wall, this will open
    up a passage in lane B on the map. Now travel to lane D on the map, and take
    the BEVELLE SPHERE from the end of the passage. Now head for lane B. Halfway
    down here you'll stop at a platform. Push the pedestal into the walkway on
    the other side to continue. You're now going to stop travelling around on these
    annoying platforms. Go up the stairs and put the BEVELLE SPHERE in the hole in
    the wall right in front of you. Take the HP SPHERE from the chest to the right.
    The chest will dissapear and leave a shiny spot on the floor. Step on it and
    the obedient pedestal will appear.
    Push the pedestal to the left into the walkway. Step on the new platform and
    the platform will take you to a chest holding a KNIGHT LANCE for Kimahri. You
    can now leave the trials, just head in the direction the HP SPHERE was. You'll
    arrive at the chamber of the fayth and Tidus and Kimahri will kind of break in
    to witness a new aeon joing with Yuna. This bad boy is Bahamut. You're all now
    caught by the gaurds, and tried in a court of Yevon. As it turns out Maester
    Mika is dead too. You're all sentanced to be thrown in the Via Purifico, the
    Way of Purity or something like that I presume in Latin. Anyway it's more-or
    -less a death sentance.
       VIA PURIFICO(PT. 1)
    Enemies - Bat Eye, Cave Iguion, Sahagin, Maze Larva, Swamp Madfet, Warrior
              Monk, Aqua Flan, YAT-99, YKT-63
    Bosses  - Grothia, Pterya, Spathi,
    Items   - Black Magic Sphere, Elixer, 10000 Gil, Lucid Ring, Mega-Potion,
              Skill Sphere, White Magic Sphere
    You'll start of with control of Yuna on her own. You're pretty much dependant
    on your aeons here, summon like mad to stay alive. A few of your companions are
    in this area too, so lets find them. First of all, go to the SAVE SPHERE and
    save. Turn right from this area, and follow the path. Turn left at the junction
    and head straight. You'll find Kimahri here, and a chest containing a MEGA
    -POTION. Continue north and follow the path to find Auron and a SAVE SPHERE.
    Head to the left when you get Auron and follow the path. Turn left again when
    you can, and head south. Ignore the first left turn, and take the second. In
    this dead end you'll find a WHITE MAGIC SPHERE, and Lulu. Now head back out and
    go south until you enter a chamber with a chest and a glyph on the wall. The
    chest contains an ELIXER. Touch the glyph to activate the teleport platforms.
    Now go back to the enterance by turning right from the chamber. Save your game
    and then head North. Run through a clearing and turn right. Here you'll find a
    BLACK MAGIC SPHERE, and also step on the platform on the ground. Now head back
    to the place where you found Auron. Run to the left in the direction you went
    to find Lulu and you should come across a platform on the ground. Move to the
    South of the platform (without stepping on it) and stand on it when it points
    west. You'll enter a previously sealed off chamber containing 3 chests. They
    hold a SKILL SPHERE, a LUCID RING and 10000 GIL. Step on the platform in here
    to get back out. Now head back to where you found Auron again and save. Now
    run around and build up your aeons overdrives, another battle of the aeons is
    coming up. You have to win this one though. When the overdrives are full, head
    North to meet Isaaru. He tells you he can't let you pass, and he and Yuna enter
    the duel.
        BOSS - GROTHIA
    HP       - 8000
    AP       - None
    Weakness - Ice
    This guy looks like Ifrit. He enters the battle with full overdrive gauge, so
    summon Shiva and use NulBlaze to block this. Now attack with magic and physical
    attacks, and use ICE magic on yourself when the old HP runs low. Keep doing
    this, but eventually Shiva will be defeated. Now summon Bahamut to finish the
    job. Usee physical attacks and IMPULSE to finish Grothia off.
        BOSS - PTERYA
    HP       - 12000
    AP       - None
    Weakness - None
    This is a Valefor style Aeon. He has a bit more HP than Grothia, but still
    should be not too hard. Keep attacking until you get a full overdrive gauge,
    and use that. If this doesn't end the fight use IMPULSE a few more times to
    do so. If it just so happens that Bahamut gets knocked out, bring in Ixion.
        BOSS - SPATHI
    HP       - 20000
    AP       - None
    Weakness - None
    This guy looks like Bahamut. You can't summon Bahamut now because of that. If
    you have Ixion, attack about 3 times then heal by using your strongest THUNDER
    MAGIC on yourself. You'll get your overdrive sooner or later, so use it. It
    will inflict good damage. Keep going with the strategy. Spathi will countdown
    to his overdrive, so when this comes try and ensure your HP is full and use
    SHIELD to half the damage. If your aeon gets knocked out, summon Ifrit and
    repeat the strategy, except heal with FIRE MAGIC this time. This fight isn't
    too tough. This also heralds the end of the first part of the Via Purifico.
    It's Tidus, Wakka and Rikku's turn now.
       VIA PURIFICO(PT. 2)
    Enemies - Sahagin, Octopus, Remora, Phylegyas
    Bosses  - Evrae Altana
    Items   - Rematch, Avenger
    This whole section is underwater. There's a SAVE SPHERE pretty much right there
    as you take control, with a chest beside it. This chest is in fact a shop, so
    have at least 2 PHOENIX DOWNS at hand. Just follow the path, you'll be attacked
    by random fiends, run if you need to. There's another SAVE SPHERE futher up,
    so use it. As you enter the rotunda you'll be attacked by a big fiend.
    HP       - 16384
    AP       - 5800
    Weakness - Phoenix Down, curative items/magic
    This is proabably the easiest boss fight in the game. Here is what you do. Use
    a PHOENIX DOWN on Evrae Altana. Then use a second PHOENIX DOWN on him. Ignore
    the trigger commands. Don't do anything else. That will win you the fight.
    Just after the rotunda there's a chest on the ground on the right, it holds a
    REMATCH. Further on, round the corner you'll find another chest on the bottom
    holding an AVENGER. All the random battles stop as soon as you beat Evrae, so
    now it's simply a matter of swimming to the exit.
    Enemies - None
    Bosses  - Seymour Natus, Mortibody
    Items   - None
    You'll face Seymour again here, Kimahri holds him up while the rest of you flee
    to safety. At the end of the bridge Yuna has a change of heart, and her guard
    -ians vow to follow here where ever she goes. She want's to go back and fight
    Seymour, so that's what you'll do. This bridge is the absolute _perfect_ place
    to train up a bit now. It would be a good idea to get Yuna a few SPHERE LEVELS
    to make up for the ones she missed while she was absent from the party. It
    would not hurt at all to get everyone else a few levels too. Just run around
    the SAVE SPHERE for a while and fight. You can buy stuff from O'aka too.
    Items             | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Potion            | 50  Gil
    Hi-Potion         | 500 Gil
    Phoenix Down      | 100 Gil
    Antidote          | 50  Gil
    Eye Drops         | 50  Gil
    Echo Screen       | 50  Gil
    Soft              | 50  Gil
    Power Distiller   | 100 Gil
    Mana Distiller    | 100 Gil
    Speed Distiller   | 100 Gil
    Ability Distiller | 100 Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    There is a SAVE SPHERE at both ends of the bridge, so head for the far one.
    This area is really riddled with robots to fight, TRAIN HERE! Don't pass up
    this opportunity. As always, fill all your aeons overdrives and some characters
    ones as well. Then run to Seymour to fight him.
    HP       - 36000
    AP       - 6300
    Weakness - None
    HP       - 4000, 3000, 2000, 1000
    AP       - None
    Weakness - None
    Seymour has the Mortibody, a big brown thing, hanging off him. I would start
    off by using an aeon with full overdrive. If it manages to take 9999 of Seymour
    and over 4000 of Mortibody, Mortibody will absorb 3000 HP from Seymour, so it
    will in fact do 13000 HP damage to Seymour! That's over a third of his HP. To
    be a cheater you could keep summoning aeons in full overdrive to win, but that
    is a sissy tactic.
    The first thing you should do is HASTE up Yuna. Mortibody will use a low level
    elemental spell, and Seymour will follow up with two of the same spell, except
    a level higher. If Yuna can get a turn in in between Mortibody and Seymour she
    can use a NUL spell. At that start of the battle also use the TALK command with
    Auron and Tidus to double their attack strength almost. Once Seymour's HP drops
    below the 24000 mark he will cast PROTECT on himself and then PETRIFIES your
    characters. If Mortibody subsequently attacks a petrified character they will
    be put out of the fight for good, you'll have to continue with 2 fighters. Have
    ESUNA or a SOFT at hand at all times during this phase of the fight.
    Once you get Seymour below the 12000 mark he'll cast FLARE on one person. This
    can do up to 3000 HP damage, which could easily knock a character out. REFLECT
    works like a charm here. Mortibody will also use an attack called Desperado
    which deals 500+ damage and takes away all positive status effects. You'll lose
    HASTE and anything similar. Mortibody will also start using CURA on Seymour.
    Either cast REFLECT on him (remember not to use magic any more) or make him a
    ZOMBIE (probably not possible at this stage though). Attack Mortibody if you
    want, if you take away all his HP he'll steal some from Seymour. This battle
    again isn't incerdibly hard if you approach it the right way. Again, try and
    give every character a turn. After the fight you're banished from Bevelle and
    end up in the Macalania Woods.
    Enemies - None
    Bosses  - None
    Items   - Lucid Ring
    You all just sit there around the SAVE SPHERE (save), and Tidus decides to go
    see Yuna. Talk to everyone first though. All the other routes are blocked, just
    keep going south until you reach the lake. You'll see Kimahri before you reach
    Yuna. Tidus will have a big, long conversation while some sappy music plays in
    the background. Personally, I'm not mad about this whole scene. Tidus tried to
    get Yuna to quit the pilgimage, and that famous shot of them in the water is
    played out. When everything is over, go back to your campsite to find a LUCID
    RING. Now follow the group east to the Calm Lands.
    Enemies  - Neibros, Flame Flan, Mech Scouter, Coeurl, Chimera Brain, Skoll,
               Shred, Anacondaur, Ogre, Malboro
    Bosses   - Defender X
    Items    - Aeons Soul, Al Bhed Primer XXIII, 15000 Gil, Lv.2 Key Sphere
    The Calm Lands is probably my favourite area in the game. I'm not sure why, it
    just is. Head down the slope to the left. You'll come across Maechen, who'll
    tell you about the place. Once you get down the bottom of the hill a hovercraft
    will appear. It's Rin, he's got a mobile shop now.
    Weapons           | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Malleable Staff   | 38625 Gil
    Shapeshifter      | 6250  Gil
    Buckler           | 25050 Gil
    White Armguard    | 15750 Gil
    Saviour Bangle    | 6825  Gil
    Wizard Bracer     | 76250 Gil
    Curative Targe    | 10050
    ----------------- | ---------
    Items             | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Potion            | 50  Gil
    Hi-Potion         | 500 Gil
    Phoenix Down      | 100 Gil
    Antidote          | 50  Gil
    Eye Drops         | 50  Gil
    Echo Screen       | 50  Gil
    Soft              | 50  Gil
    Power Distiller   | 100 Gil
    Mana Distiller    | 100 Gil
    Speed Distiller   | 100 Gil
    Ability Distiller | 100 Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Way in the north there is another little settlement, which has a shop and a
    SAVE SPHERE. On the way there you'll see Belegmine standing there, waitnig for
    another duel. Fill up your aeon overdrives by all means before going over to
    HP       - 15000
    AP       - None
    Weakness - Fire
    You should be well able for this fight, summon Bahamut or Ifrit complete with
    an overdrive for the best results. If you use Ifrit, finishing her off should
    be a formality, heal with FIRE MAGIC if you really need to. If you summon
    Bahamut it really shouldn't be any contest. After you win (or lose) you'll get
    the AEON'S SOUL, an items that lets you increase the attributes of your aeons.
    Levelling up Yuna is still far more effective though. If you win you'll get 30
    POWER SPHERES while if you lose you'll get 30 SPEED SPHERES.
    Now go to the little settlement. There's a shop here offering HOLY WATER for
    the first time. There's also a moniter that will let you fight mock battles
    against a Coeurl, Malboro, Bashura and Ghost. You get no AP, but do if you want
    to. The hill behind the settlement has a chest containing a LV.2 KEY SPHERE.
    Weapons           | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Baroque Sword     | 7575  Gil
    Ductile Rod       | 7575  Gil
    Switch Hitter     | 7575  Gil
    Variable Mog      | 7575  Gil
    Halberd           | 15150 Gil
    Shimmering Blade  | 15150 Gil
    Devastator        | 7575  Gil
    Seeker's Shield   | 1575  Gil
    Seeker's Ring     | 1575  Gil
    Seeker's Armguard | 1575  Gil
    Seeker's Bangle   | 1575  Gil
    Seeker's Armlet   | 1575  Gil
    Seeker's Bracer   | 1575  Gil
    Seeker's Targe    | 1575  Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    Items             | Price
    ----------------- | ---------
    Potion            | 50  Gil
    Hi-Potion         | 500 Gil
    Phoenix Down      | 100 Gil
    Antidote          | 50  Gil
    Eye Drops         | 50  Gil
    Echo Screen       | 50  Gil
    Soft              | 50  Gil
    Power Distiller   | 100 Gil
    Mana Distiller    | 100 Gil
    Speed Distiller   | 100 Gil
    Ability Distiller | 100 Gil
    Grenade           | 300 Gil
    Map               | 50  Gil
    ----------------- | ---------
    From here I would now go to the North-West corner of the Calm Lands where you
    can find the AL BHED PRIMER XIII and a woman on a Chocobo. Talk to the woman
    for the chance to train a Chocobo. If you manage to pass the first level of
    training you can ride a Chocobo around the calm lands. Once you have the
    Chocobo go to the very south east corner to find two chests holding 10000 GIL
    and 5000 GIL. Head north from here. You'll pass a green dot on the map, the
    Training Area. Leave this till later. Keep going North till you reach another
    exit, you'll get off the Chocobo automatically. You'll come out near the bridge
    to Mount Gagazet, you'll be accosted by more Yevonites saying you're a traitor.
    They summon Defender X, a big, stone, robot style guy. He's tough.
    HP       - 64000
    AP       - 6660
    Weakness - Dark, Armour Break
    Defender X is completely physical, and he can only attack one character at a
    time. That is pretty much his biggest weakness. Start the fight by using ARMOUR
    BREAK on him, and try an use HASTE on as many people as possible. A good party
    to begin with would be Yuna, Auron and Tidus.
    Defender X only has only 3 main attacks. He uses HAYMAKER, his best attack.
    It can do up to 4000 HP damage to one character. He then has BLAST PUCH, which
    halves a characters HP. Then the regular physical attack, dealing about 2000 HP
    damage per hit. When his HP falls below 16000 he uses MIGHTY GUARD, which puts
    him on NULALL, SHELL and PROTECT. Use DISPEL to counter this. MENTAL BREAK also
    works like a charm, allowing Lulu to do a lot more damage with Magic. If Wakka
    uses DARK BUSTER every round it will block the physical attacks, but Haymaker
    will still land.
    There isn't much point in using aeons unless they have a full overdrive at the
    ready, Defender X takes them out pretty quickly. If you want to use a wussy
    tactic, cast PROVOKE on him with Tidus every third turn. He will only use Blast
    Punch now, and it's impossible for Tidus to die, even if his HP reaches 1. And
    since Tidus is the only one who will be attacked, you'll have no problem in
    winning the fight. After the fight continue across the bridge to Mt Gagazet,
    home of the Ronso.
    Enemies  - Imp, Bandersnatch, Mech Leader, Grenade, Bashura, Nidhogg, Grat,
               Mech Defender
    Bosses   - Biran Ronso, Yenke Ronso, Seymour Natus, Mortiorchris
    Items    - Braska's Sphere, Defending Bracer, 20000 Gil, HP Sphere, Lv. 4 Key
               Sphere, Saturn Crest
    You'll be welcomed by a load of snarling Ronse telling you to get the hell off
    their mountain. But Yuna's will of tempered steel that the mightiest Ronso
    couldn't bend gets you through. Biran and Yenke still want to kill you though.
    Save your game and head north up the mountain. Biran and Yenke will attack you.
    HP       - Depends on Kimahri's Strength
    AP       - 9000
    Weakness - None
    Kimahri has to face this fight all by himself. It isn't very hard though. The
    point of this fight is questionable, is it to further the story, or to let
    Kimahri learn a load of new LANCET abilities. You can learn about 4 off each
    of them. Biran has THRUST KICK, MIGHTY GUARD, DOOM and SELF DESTRUCT. Yenke
    and learn a new ability, your overdrive gauge will fully fill. Take advantage
    of that.
    The two Ronso can move about the battlefield by using Bulldozer. Its a physical
    attack that does about 200 damage or there abouts. You can only use physical
    attacks when the pair are separated. They use crappy low level magic that does
    about 50 damage, and they use some of the "breath" abilities listed above to
    do about 150 damage. You can only learn an overdrive technique after they have
    used it in the fight. Make sure you learn all the Ronso rages before you kill
    either brother. This fight is piss easy, you can and will win without problems.
    Now go back to the enterance and save. It's time now to face the mountain. Get
    ready for lots of random battles. On the right at the beginning you'll find a
    chest holding 20000 GIL. Further up on the left you'll find a MEGA-POTION. Keep
    heading north until you see a tomb. Examine it for Lulu to tell a story.
    A little further on, in a dead end to the north you can find the JECHT SPHERE.
    You get to see a little movie of the group 10 years earlier. Auron will now
    learn a third overdrive technique. Head back to the main path and go as far
    west as you can, ignore the turn to the north. Down a windy little path you'll
    find a DEFENDING BRACER. Now just continue North and follow the path to the
    next part of the mountain trial. You'll meet Wantz, O'akas brother on the way.
    He sells things. Buy some HOLY WATER.
    Weapons           | Price
    ----------------- | ----------
    Double-Edge       | 4350   Gil
    Conductor         | 90750  Gil
    Double Penalty    | 18150  Gil
    Booster Cactuar   | 112750 Gil
    Trident           | 6450   Gil
    Shimmering Blade  | 16650  Gil
    Survivor          | 97875  Gil
    Tetra Shield      | 45375  Gil
    Blessed Ring      | 37750  Gil
    Tetra Armguard    | 52875  Gil
    Shell Bangle      | 18225  Gil
    Tetra Armlet      | 45375  Gil
    Blessed Bracer    | 22875  Gil
    Haste Targe       | 90225  Gil
    ----------------- | -----------
    Items             | Price
    ----------------- | ----------
    Potion            | 50  Gil
    Hi-Potion         | 500 Gil
    Phoenix Down      | 100 Gil
    Holy Water        | 300 Gil
    Antidote          | 50  Gil
    Eye Drops         | 50  Gil
    Echo Screen       | 50  Gil
    Soft              | 50  Gil
    Power Distiller   | 100 Gil
    Mana Distiller    | 100 Gil
    Speed Distiller   | 100 Gil
    Ability Distiller | 100 Gil
    ----------------- | ----------
    Run straight ahead, and go to the left when you can. Down a small hill you'll
    find two chests holding a HP SPHERE and a LV.4 KEY SPHERE. Now go back to the
    main path, ignore all turns from it, there is nothing more to get here. There
    is a SAVE SPHERE up here though, train around this if you like. Again, build
    up the overdrives of your aeons. Now head for the exit, and move to the next
    area. You'll talk on the top of what looks like a cliff, and then Seymour
    rears his ugly face again.
    HP       - 70000
    AP       - 10000
    Weakness - None
    HP       - 4000
    AP       - None
    Weakness - None
    Seymours party trick here is to turn you into a Zombie and then cast FULL-LIFE
    on you, that equals death. There are 2 proven ways around this, and one dodgy
    theoretical one that I just thought up. The two good ones are to use a HOLY
    WATER or a REMEDY on the effected character. The other, is to (I wish I could
    use italics) knock your character out. Yes, that is correct. If he used FULL-
    LIFE on you, you _should_ come back with full health. I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS
    WORKS though.
    He also has a vicious attack called Cross Cleave, which will do up to 2500 HP
    damage to everyone. This can be halved with PROTECT though. Have Lulu use BIO
    at the very start, and have Tidus use HASTEGA. A good party is Yuna, Tidus and
    Auron. Have Yuna cast PROTECT on everyone. Tidus and Auron should just attack
    physically. Stop him killing with Lance of Atrophy by using HOLY WATERS or
    anything similar. Once Seymour's HP drops below 35000, Mortiorchis will use
    Totla Annihilation. Even with PROTECT this can still do 2000 on everyone. He
    will use this two rounds after Seymour's HP drops below 35000. Summon and aeon
    to try and block this. The aeon will be banished after the first action it
    makes. Only use summons if they have a full overdrive gauge.
    This battle is hard, one of the hardest in the game. It will take a while to
    get the hang of it, don't count on winning the first time. Good luck anyway.
    After the fight just continue on your way. Just before the SAVE SPHERE look
    in between the pillars on the left to find a SATURN CREST. As soon as you enter
    the area withh all the blue flowing stuff, fayth apprently, Tidus will fall in
    to a dream. Just run around and talk to the fayth where ever he goes. After you
    wake up get ready for the second part of the Mountain.
    Enemies - Splasher, Achelous, Maelspike, Behemoth, Ahriman, Grendel, Dark Flan,
    Bosses  - Sanctuary Keeper
    Items   - Fortune Sphere, Lv. 1 Key Sphere, Pep Talk, Recovery Ring, Return
    Make your way north to the SAVE SPHERE, and save. Now go left, or west. When
    you reach the water, jump in and swim. Only Tidus, Wakka and Rikku can fight
    now, which is a bit of a handicap. Just keep going north, and eventually you'll
    reach a spinning shell guarding a light. The shell has gaps in it, so what you
    have to do it throw Wakka's ball and hit the light. When the shell is totally
    covering the light, throw the ball. Take as many turns as you like to do this.
    Once you do it a chest containing a LV.1 KEY SPHERE will appear. Now go back to
    the SAVE SPHERE to find a set of steps to the north of it have materialised. Go
    up and to the left until you reach the water. Dive in...
    Just swim until you approach a trio of glowing circles. You have to send one
    character into each circle. Send Rikku to the green circle, Tidus to the blue
    one and Wakka to the orange one. A chest will now appear holding a FORTUNE
    SPHERE. Head back to the SAVE SPHERE. Now go up the stairs and to the right
    this time to find a RETURN SPHERE and a RECOVERY RING. To the left of the
    SAVE SPHERE, down the first passage you went down you can find a PEP TALK.
    Now go up the stairs and turn left. A new paggage leading up has appeared on
    the left hand side, so go up. You're party will be attacked by the next boss,
    the Sanctuary Keeper. Before hand it might be a good idea to get some aeon
    overdrives ready.
    HP       - 40000
    AP       - 11000
    Weakness - None
    This guy has a plethora of strong attacks. The worst one is Photon Wings. It
    inflicts damage, Sleep, Silence, Confuse (grrr) and Curse. Curse stops you from
    using and overdrive, and is lifted with a HOLY WATER. He also uses tail sweep,
    which has the dispel effect, takes away HP and has a delay effect. Then he has
    his physical attack, doing a solid 1500 HP damage per turn. Then there's the
    almighty Mana Breath doing about 2500 HP damage to one person. The cherry on
    top is Curaga, healing himself for 9999 HP.
    Start off by using ARMOUR BREAK, MENTAL BREAK and POWER BREAK. Cast REFLECT to
    stop his Curaga. This means no magic though. Just attack physically and heal
    with Yuna when your HP is low. Summon aeons when you can, but try and make sure
    they have an overdrive ready. They will get blown to bits though, overdrive or
    not. An important thing to remember is that it is possible to inflict SLOW on
    him. It might take a few turns though.
    He'll also cast regen and protect on himself, cast DISPEL if you have it. That
    is fairly important. Overall this is a tough fight, but you can manage it. He
    doesn't have that much HP, so do your best. After the fight you finally leave
    Mt. Gagazet and reach the Zanarkand ruins.
    Enemies  - Ahriman, YAT-99, YKT-11, Dark Flan, Behemoth, Defender Z, Fallen
               Monk, Grendel, Bashura, Mahdragora
    Bosses   - Spectral Keeper
    Items    - Fortune Sphere, 10000 Gil, Friend Sphere, Luck Sphere, Spiritual
               Targe, Lv.3 Key Sphere, Sun Crest
    Zanarkand is now in ruins. It's also fairly linear, but that doesn't mean it's
    easy. Save your game, an progress. On the overpass you can find a FORTUNE
    SPHERE and a SPIRITUAL TARGE, both on the left hand side. When you reach the
    dome you can save, and a guy will tell you that Yunalesca is waiting. In the
    interior of the dome, take a detour about halfway around the circular walkway
    on the right hand side to find 10000 GIL. Now head the rest of the way round
    and save. Also train up here, it's never harmful to gain a few sphere levels.
    Make sure Yuna learns DISPEL.
    When your ready head on to reach the next area. Run until you're at a junction
    with two roads. Take the one to the straight right and pick up a FRIEND SPHERE.
    Now head back to the main path and continue. You can find a LV.3 KEY SPHERE on
    the right hand side a bit further up. Now head for the next area. When you
    reach it the random battles will stop. You can pick up a LUCK SPHERE from the
    right of the path. Save at the top and make your way into the trials.
    These trials are not as hard as the previous ones in my opinion. To start the
    trials step on the green square. There are a load of white spots on the ground,
    and by standing on them you light up a shape on the ground. You can see what
    shapes you need to light up on the screen in the north of the room. Once you
    light all these up, a load of pedestals will appear around the room. Push the
    one in the top left into the wall and go through the door that opened up.
    Go up to the screen again and examine it to get an overview of the room, and
    all the shapes you need to illuminate. Once you have this done an glyph will
    appear in the middle of the room. I'm afraid there isn't that much help I can
    give you here. You'll have to repeat the process for 3 other pedestals in the
    previous rooms, all of them except the two in the middle. Once you've lit up
    4 glyphs in the middle of the room you can take the two spheres from either
    side of the screen. Take the KILIKA SPHERE from the left of the screen, take it
    back to the previous room and put it in the pedestal on the left. Now go get
    the BESAID SPHERE from the right of the screen and put it in the pedestal on
    the right. Push both pedestals into the wall to light up the last two glyphs.
    I would advise you to go build up your aeons overdrive gauges now, you're going
    to have to fight a fairly tough boss now. Go back into the room with the glyphs
    where the Spectral Keeper will be waiting.
    HP       - 52000
    AP       - 12000
    Weakness - None
    This is a unique fight. The battlefield is 6 glyphs surrounding the Spectral
    Keeper, you can move one at a time. If you all move behind the Spectral Keeper
    he will just turn around, and if you attack him he will counter and hit all
    three glyphs in front of him for about 2300 HP each. He also uses Berserk on
    one character, making him/her attack mindlessly and thus provoke the counter
    attack. Use a REMEDY or ESUNA right away.
    Try and place the character with the most HP in front of the Spectral Keeper,
    with the other two one glyph away at least. Cast PROTECT on the guy in front
    of the Spectral Keeper too. Sometimes he lays Glyph Mines on the glyphs, they
    will kill whoever is on the glyph at the time.
    If you have any summons with full overdrive at hand then use them. After the
    overdrive, the Spectral Keeper will kill the aeon pretty hastily. If you get
    BERSERKED then make sure you get it off right away, that is vital. The main
    aim here is to only let one person be hit with the counter attack. This is a
    tough battle, yes, but manageable. As soon as it's over go save and fill your
    aeons overdrives yet again. Arguably the hardest fight in the game is on it's
    You go down to the chamber of the fayth, there's another SAVE SPHERE down here.
    There is no final aeon to get, but Yunalesca appears and entices you to follow
    her. After this converstaion save again. MAKE SURE YOUR AEONS HAVE OVERDRIVES.
    Go up the stairs and talk with Yunalesca for a while. She'll decide to fight
    you when you refuse to turn someone into a Fayth. Auron comes out with my
    favourite little quote of the game, his little battle cry before the fight.
        BOSS - YUNALESCA (3 forms)
    HP       - 24000, 48000, 60000
    AP       - 14000
    Weakness - None
    This is a weird, weird fight. Yunalesca has not got many damaging attacks, but
    this fight is desperately hard. If you don't have DISPEL, I don't know what to
    tell you except go learn it. It doesn't matter how long it takes.
    Yunalesca is weak but annoying in her first form. If you use a physical attack
    she will counter it with blind. If you use magic she'll counter with silence.
    Her regular attacks will nullify any good status effects like haste. Either use
    REFLECT to stop the Blind and stuff, or keep using ESUNA. Keep using Physical
    attacks with your strongest characters. Yunalesca will also use drain on you,
    stealing your HP and giving it to her.
    Once you beat her first form and her second emerges, she'll use Hellbiter right
    away. This causes damage and puts everyone on the ZOMBIE status. In this form
    the only thing she can do is use Hellbiter, Cura, Regen and counter. She'll
    cast Regen on you which has the same effect as poison. Cura just does damage.
    Cast Dispel on anyone with Regen on them, and heal the Zombie status of anyone
    who she uses Cura on. Keep hacking away at her with all you have (not aeons).
    Once her HP starts to get low, make sure _at least_ 2 characters are still
    ZOMBIES. When you beat her second form, her third emerges.
    She turns into a giant head now, and opens up with and attack called MEGA
    DEATH. This will instantly kill all character who are NOT on the ZOMBIE status.
    That's why you need zombies. She now uses CURAGA instead of CURA, and has a new
    attack called MIND BLAST. It causes about 600-800 HP damage an inflicts the
    CONFUSION status effect. In this form now you can summon, but ONLY WITH FULL
    OVERDRIVES!!! If you summon an aeon without an overdrive she will use MIND
    BLAST which will inflict CURSE, and then absorb all your HP. If you summon
    with an overdrive then you can use the overdrive and then get your HP absorbed,
    in this event you'll still end up doing damage. It's a good idea to finish her
    with an overdrive too. After you kill her, you'll also get rid of the only way
    to get the final aeon.
    After the fight go to the far end of the platform you're on and down the small
    set of steps to find a chest with the SUN CREST inside. Now head out the way
    you came in. At the bottom of the stair Auron will reveal something quite
    shocking about himself. Once you get outside then the Airship will appear, and
    so will Sin. He seems placid for some reason. Anyway you'll now get control
    of the Airship.
     AREA 23 - AIRSHIP
    Enemies  - None
    Bosses   - None
    Items    - None
    You'll start out on the Airship bridge. Talk to everyone, then go to the far
    end of the ship, the other one with the SAVE SPHERE. Talk to Yuna and Kimahri
    here and then head back to the bridge. The gang have an idea to play the hymn
    of the fayth at Sin to calm him. First of all talk to Cid to go to the High
    -bridge. Here you talk to Maester Mika, who sends himself, and a fayth, who
    goes all cryptic on us. Then go back to the Airship. I'm going to assume, for
    the walkthrough purposes you want to fight Sin right away. First of all head
    to Remiem Temple by going to the Calm Lands and examining the chocobo feather
    in the extreme south east corner. At Remiem Temple race the Chocobo race and
    win, and open 3 chests in the process. I'll go into more detail in this in
    another update. You'll win 30 WINGS TO DISCOVERY, which will be vital to your
    Now return to the Airship and select Sin as your new destination. You'll fly
    into the creature, and have to fight his fins before anything else. They aren't
    very tough. Go to the deck of the airship where you fought Evrae before to
    start the fight.
    HP       - 65000 (each)
    AP       - 33000 (total)
    Weakness - None
    The fights against the two fins are tactically the excact same. Use ARMOUR
    BREAK and MENTAL BREAK to weaken the fins up. Use HASTEGA as well and just keep
    pugging away with your best attacks. His only attack is to ram the ship when
    your near and swipe you with his fin when your far away. Just keep hitting him,
    use overdrives as they come, it's not hard, really. He'll also use Gravija once
    in a while whoch will sap 3/4 of your HP. Heal afterwards, and continue to
    attack. After the fight you'll land on Sin and fight his core and a Sinspawn.
    HP       - 20000
    AP       - 1800
    Weakness - Fire, Slow
        BOSS - SIN CORE
    HP       - 36000
    AP       - 18000
    Weakness - None
    You have to take out the Sinspawn before you take out the core. He's weak to
    FIRE and SLOW, so use these to your advantage. Once you get rid of 50% of his
    HP then he'll get retreat to his shell, and physical attacks will take off
    significantly less. You should just hammer away magically now, or summon Ifrit
    if you like. He'll try and cast CURA on himself, which you can stop by casting
    SILENCE on him. He'll also be getting ready to cast GRAVIJA, try and have an
    aeon block this strong attack. Once the sinspawn is gone you can move onto
    the core.
    Use ARMOUR BREAK right away. This is important. He'll use NEGATOR eery now and
    again which will get rid of your HASTE or whatever, and you'll have to ARMOUR
    BRAKE him again. He'll just use GRAVIJA apart from that, so just keep smacking
    him until he is dead. So the first few fights there weren't hard, but that's
    abou to change. You get to go back to the ship now to save and stuff. When you
    are ready you can fight Sin's head. It's tough.
        BOSS - SIN'S HEAD
    HP       - 140000
    AP       - 20000
    Weakness - None
    You have to beat Sin here before his overdrive gauge fills, or else you die.
    It's as simple as that. It doesn't even take off any health, you just die. You
    can't avoid it, and the only way to prevent it is to kill Sin before he kills
    you. You can't use aeons either because they fill up his overdrive gauge like
    nobodies business. Only use an aeon overdrive to finish him off.
    Sin doesn't really attack much, only counter, He has a counter which takes
    about 800 HP from you and inflicts ZOMBIE and CONFUSION. Cure the CONFUSION as
    quickly as you can. You start the fight pretty far away from Sin, only long
    range attacks work. You'll get "drawn to Sin" three times, then you can use
    close quarters combat. Have Auron use ARMOUR BREAK right away. Make sure you
    use HASTEGA as well, as time is of the essence here. As long as you do those
    two moves you should be able to manage. If Auron can do about 7,000 per turn,
    and Tidus and Wakka about half that you should manage. Not too hard again if
    you know what you're doing. Now you can go inside Sin.
    Enemies  - Ahriman, Wraith, Exoray, Demonolith, Varuna, Adamantoise, Great
               Malboro, Gemini, Gemini
    Items    - Defending Bracer, Defence Sphere, Elixer, Four-on-One, 20000 Gil,
               HP Sphere, Laevatein, Lv.3 Key Sphere, Lv.4 Key Sphere, Megalixer,
               Phantom Ring, Special Sphere, Wizard Lance
    Bosses   - Seymour Omnis, The Final Boss (You'll see)
    You'll start off in the sea of sorrow. There are loads of items here, I'll try
    and tell you where to get them. There are a few places where you can't pass,
    they are waterfalls. There is a SPECIAL SPHERE in the south, you have to take
    a long route to get round the waterfall. There is a PHANTOM RING in the south
    west, and an ELIXER north of it. There's a WIZARD LANCE in the centre of the
    area, and a LV.3 KEY SPHERE north of there. The map only shows places you've
    been, and the exit here is to the north. There's a SAVE SPHERE just before the
    exit too. Build up your aeons overdrives and then go up the stairs for a final
    confrontation with Seymour.
    HP       - 80000
    AP       - 24000
    Weakness - Varies
    This can be the hardest fight in the world, but when you know what to do it's
    really really easy. They key to this fight is paying attention to the Morti
    -phasms, the discs behind Seymour. They dictate what he is going to use next
    and what he is weak against. They are everything in this fight. It will always
    start off with four RED CIRCLES pointing at Seymour. This means he is going
    to use FIRAGA four times in a row, a maximum of twice on a single character.
    This means you use NULBLAZE to block 3 of the four FIRAGAS.
    Not only does it mean he'll use four FIRAGA's, it means he's weak against ICE.
    Use attacks like ARMOUR BREAK and MENTAL BREAK to help you on your way. Once
    Seymour has been attacked 6 times he will use DISPEL. This is quite ominous,
    as his next attck is going to ULTIMA. It may be a good idea to summon an aeon
    to take the brunt of this attack. After this cast HASTEGA on everyone again,
    use the appropriate NUL spell, and use ARMOUR and MENTAL BREAK again. If you
    can manage to have an aeon take the ULTIMA damage every time you'll be ok. It
    helps if you get to unleash that aeons overdrive too. Take the right approach
    and you'll be fine.
    After the fight, go back and SAVE, and then continue on. Follow the path here,
    and fight. Follow the path until you reach a clearing, at which you should
    turn right. Then take the next left and you'll reach a SAVE SPHERE. Save,
    naturally, and see a big monolith fall from the sky. Don't approach it yet
    though. BUILD UP RIKKU'S OVERDRIVE! The whole strategy for the next battle is
    based on this. BUILD UP TIDUS'S OVERDRIVE TOO!!!! Those two things are vital.
    Once you have these things done, approach th monolith to be transported to a
    weird and colourful worl where pinnacles of ice constantly break through the
    ground. If you touch one of these you'll have to fight a battle. To continue
    on here you have to collect 10 items. To collect these items you have to go up
    to a cyrstal when it appears and examine it. You won't have to fight unless you
    hit an icicle. You'll see a little white spot on the ground before an icicle
    comes through the gorund. The items you collect are a PRISM BALL, MAGE'S STAFF,
    INFINITY and ATTRIBUTE SPHERE. Once you do this you'll be transported to
    another area, it looks like Zanarkand is in the background. Make sure you have
    a LV.3 or 4 KEY SPHERE in your inventory, you'll need it in the battle.
    Approach... gasp! It's Jecht, who turns into a big scary badass.
    HP       - 60000, 120000
    AP       - None
    Weakness - None
        BOSS - YU PAGODA
    HP       - 5000, 10000, 15000, etc
    AP       - None
    Weakness - None
    You face Braskas Final Aeon here, he's supported by two Yu Pagodas. They heal
    him 3000 HP every now and again and fill his overdrive gauge. Tidus can use
    the "Talk" Trigger Command to bring his overdrive gauge back to zero. This is
    an important key to victory.
    Start off the fight with Yuna, Tidus and Rikku. Have Rikku use her overdrive
    to mix a LV.3 or 4 KEY SPHERE with a WINGS TO DISCOVERY to make a TRIO OF 9999.
    This make ALL you attacks do 9999 damage (ignores defence) and all your healing
    give back 9999. This works until the end of the fight or you get knocked out.
    Now use HASTEGA with Tidus and have the other two attack normally. After just
    6 attacks his first form will be gone. Once he enters his second form (he pulls
    a big sword out of his belly) use SLICE AND DICE with Tidus to pretty much half
    his HP. You now just need to attack 7 more times to win. If your HP goes low
    use PRAY, which will heal everyone for 9999! After the fight there are one or
    two fights left, but you can't lose.
    HP       - Their HP from the game
    AP       - None
    Weakness - Depends on the aeon
    You'll have to fight all your aeons now, just use the element opposite to what
    they are, if they're non elemental just hack away. Keep yourself on HASTEGA all
    the time. You can't die here because all you characters have AUTO-LIFE, and
    it's on permanently. Once all you aeons have been dispatched you'll fight Yu
    Yevon. You have to make him a Zombie because he cures himself constantly for
    9999 HP. He has 2 Yu Pagodas too, you'll have to keep inflicting the zombie
    status. You can't die like I said, so good look.
    Enjoy the ending too!
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 5)THE SPHERE GRID <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    In FFX, levelling up is different, as technically it isn't levelling up. You 
    don't go out and fight to gain levels, you go out to get AP, which lets you
    move your character around on this thing called the SPHERE GRID. The SPHERE 
    GRID is accessed through the menu, and through it you can raise your characters
    stats and teach them new and shiny abilities. As you fight, you gain AP. As you
    gain AP, you gain SPHERE LEVELS. One SPHERE LEVEL allows you to move one place
    on the SPHERE GRID. You can only activate NODES on the grid that are adjacent
    to the character. Sometimes you will find your character fenced in by these 
    LV. ? NODES. The only way to unlock them is to use a LV. ? KEY SPHERE. The
    main 5 spheres you will use on your journey are...
    --- RED SPHERES ----------
    (They appear RED in the menu)
    ABILITY SPHERE - Teaches most any attack that uses MP, an ability, e.g. Cure,
                     Dark Attack.
    POWER SPHERE   - Activate STRENGTH, DEFENCE and HP NODES to raise those stats
    MANA SPHERE    - Activates MAGIC, MAGIC DEFENCE and MP NODES to raise those 
                     stats respectively.
    SPEED SPHERE   - Acitvates AGILITY (speed), EVASION and ACCURACY NODES to raise
                     those stats respectively.
    FORTUNE SPHERE - Activates LUCK NODES, to raise the LUCK stat.
    So they are the basics, but those spheres there aren't going to get you the
    whole way round the grid. There are a load of other SPHERES you can collect 
    for the grid, some of which are devillishly rare. You don't need most of these,
    but they come in quite handy. They are as follows.
    --- YELLOW SPHERES -------
    (They appear YELLOW in the menu)
    ATTRIBUTE SPHERE - Activates any ATTRIBUTE increasing node already activated by
                       another character.
    BLK MAGIC SPHERE - Activates any BLACK MAGIC ability node already activated by
                       abother character.
    WHT MAGIC SPHERE - Activates any WHITE MAGIC ability node already activated by
                       another character.
    MASTER SPHERE    - Activates ANY NODE, regardless.
    SKILL SPHERE     - Activates a SKILL NODE already activated by another
    SPECIAL SPHERE   - Activates SPECIAL ability node already activated by another 
    --- PURPLE SPHERES -------
    (They appear PURPLE in the menu)
    ACCURACY SPHERE  - Converts empty node into ACCURACY +4
    AGILITY SPHERE   - Converts empty node into AGILITY +4
    DEFENCE SPHERE   - Converts empty node into DEFENCE +4
    EVASION SPHERE   - Converts empty node into EVASION +4
    HP SPHERE        - Converts empty node into HP +300
    LUCK SPHERE      - Converts empty node into LUCK +4 
    MAGIC DEF SPHERE - Converts empty node into MAGIC DEFENCE +4
    MAGIC SPHERE     - Converts empty node into MAGIC +4
    MP SPHERE        - Converts empty node into MP +40
    STRENGTH SPHERE  - Converts empty node into STRENGTH +4
    --- BLACK SPHERES --------
    (They appear BLACK in the menu)
    LV. 1 KEY SPHERE - Opens LV.1 LOCKS on the grid
    LV. 2 KEY SPHERE - Opens LV.2 LOCKS on the grid
    LV. 3 KEY SPHERE - Opens LV.3 LOCKS on the grid
    LV. 4 KEY SPHERE - Opens LV.4 LOCKS on the grid
    --- BLUE SPHERES ---------
    (They appear BLUE in the menu)
    CLEAR SPHERE - Lets you clear a node which has already been activated. If the
                   node is STRENGTH +1, all characters who have activated that 
                   node's strength will go down by 1
    --- VIOLET SPHERES -------
    (They appear VIOLET in the menu)
    FRIEND SPHERE   - Transports character to a node that another character is 
                      located on
    RETURN SPHERE   - Returns character to any node he/she has already activated.
    TELEPORT SPHERE - Transports character to any node activated by another 
    WARP SPHERE     - Transports character to any node
    So thats all the spheres covered. When there finally is an items section in 
    this FAQ you can look there for how to find them. Or you could look at another
    FAQ, but don't do that. Anyway now I'm gong to run through all the abilities
    you can learn from the grid, easily categorized for your convenience.
    |SPELL    |MP|DETAILS                                                         |
    |FIRE     |4 |Low level FIRE damage                                           |       
    |BLIZZARD |4 | Low level ICE damage                                           |    
    |THUNDER  |4 |Low level THUNDER damage                                        |  
    |WATER    |4 |Low level WATER damage                                          |   
    |FIRA     |8 |Meduim level FIRE damage                                        |   
    |BLIZZARA |8 |Medium level ICE damage                                         |   
    |THUNDARA |8 |Medium level THUNDER damage                                     |   
    |WATERA   |8 |Medium level WATER damage                                       |    
    |FIRAGA   |16|High level FIRE damage                                          |   
    |BLIZZAGA |16|High level ICE damage                                           |   
    |THUNDAGA |16|High level THUNDER damage                                       |     
    |WATERGA  |16|High level WATER damage                                         |  
    |BIO      |10|Poisons an enemy                                                |   
    |DEMI     |32|Reduces all enemies HP by 1/4                                   |     
    |DEATH    |20|Kills an enemy                                                  |   
    |DRAIN    |12|Steals some of an enemies HP                                    |   
    |OSMOSE   |0 |Steals some of an enemies MP                                    |   
    |FLARE    |54|Huge non-elemental damage                                       |   
    |ULITMA   |90|Even more huge non-elemental damage                             |   
    |SPELL     |MP|DETAILS                                                        |
    |CURE      |4 |Heals small amount of HP                                       |  
    |CURA      |10|Heals medium amount of HP                                      |
    |CURAGA    |20|Heals large amount of HP                                       | 
    |NULBLAZE  |2 |Blocks one FIRE attack for all characters                      |
    |NULSHOCK  |2 |Blocks one LIGHTNING attack for all characters                 | 
    |NULTIDE   |2 |Blocks one WATER attack for all characters                     | 
    |NULFROST  |2 |Blocks one ICE attack for all characters                       |     
    |SCAN      |1 |Shows enemy statistics                                         |
    |ESUNA     |5 |Cures - Darkness, Sleep, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Poison,    |
    |          |  |        Petrifictaion                                          |
    |LIFE      |12|Revives one character from KO and restores 1/2 their HP        | 
    |FULL-LIFE |  |Revives one character from KO and restores all their HP        |
    |HASTE     |8 |Speeds up a character                                          |
    |HASTEGA   |30|Speed up all characters                                        |
    |SLOW      |12|Slows down an enemy                                            |  
    |SLOWGA    |20|Slows down all enemies                                         |
    |SHELL     |10|Raises a characters magic defense                              |
    |PROTECT   |12|Raises a characters defense                                    |
    |REFLECT   |14|Reflects some spells back at caster                            | 
    |DISPEL    |12|Lifts the following postivtive status effects from enemies:    |
    |          |  |NulBlaze, NulFrost, NulTide, NulShock, Haste, Regen, Shell,    |
    |          |  |Protect, Reflect, Power Break, Armour Break, Mental Break,     |
    |          |  |Magic Break, Curse                                             | 
    |REGEN     |40|Restores HP automatically every time a character has a turn    |
    |HOLY      |85|High level magical attack. The 5th element in the game, Holy   | 
    |AUTO-LIFE |97|If a character dies, they revive automatically                 |
    |SKILL               |MP|                                                     |
    |SLEEP ATTACK        |5 |Medium chance of inflicting sleep for 3 rounds       | 
    |SILENCE ATTACK      |5 |Medium chance of inflicting silence for 3 rounds     |
    |DARK ATTACK         |5 |Medium chance of inflicting darkness for 3 rounds    |
    |SLEEP BUSTER        |10|High chance of inflicting sleep for 1 round          |
    |SILENCE BUSTER      |10|High chance of inflicting silence for 1 round        |
    |DARK BUSTER         |10|High chance of inflicting darkness for 1 round       |  
    |ZOMBIE ATTACK       |10|Medium chance of inflicting zombie status effect     | 
    |TRIPLE FOUL         |24|Inflicts sleep, silence and darkness                 |
    |DELAY ATTACK        |8 |Slightly delays one enemies next turn                |
    |DELAY BUSTER        |18|Greatly delays one enemies next turn                 |
    |POWER BREAK         |8 |Lowers an enemies strength                           |       
    |MENTAL BREAK        |8 |Lowers an enemies magic defense                      |
    |MAGIC BREAK         |12|Lowers an enemies magic                              |
    |ARMOUR BREAK        |12|Lowers an enemies defense                            |
    |MUG                 |10|Steals from enemy and inlicts damage                 |
    |QUICK HIT           |36|Attck with very short time between next turn         | 
    |EXTRACT ABILITY     |1 |Make enemy drop ability spheres                      | 
    |EXTRACT MANA        |1 |Make enemy drop mana spheres                         |
    |EXTRACT POWER       |1 |Make enemy drop power spheres                        |
    |EXTRACT SPEED       |1 |Make enemy drop speed spheres                        |
    |NAB GIL             |30|Steal Gil from an enemy                              | 
    |FULL BREAK          |99|Inflicts Armour, Power, Mental and Magic Break       |   
    |SPECIAL        |MP|DETAILS                                                   |
    |STEAL          |0 |Steals an item from an enemy. Success is halved each succ |
    |               |  |-essful time per fight                                    |
    |USE            |0 |Use special items in battle                               |
    |FLEE           |0 |Run away                                                  |
    |PRAY           |0 |Restores small amount of HP to everyone                   | 
    |CHEER          |0 |All characters Strength and Defence are raised by 1. Only |
    |               |  |works 5 times per fight                                   |
    |AIM            |0 |Raises accuracy, same terms as above                      |   
    |FOCUS          |0 |Raises magic, same terms as above                         | 
    |REFLEX         |0 |Raises evasion, same terms as above                       |
    |LUCK           |0 |Raises luck, same terms as above                          |
    |JINX           |0 |Lowers enemies luck by 1, same terms as above             |
    |LANCET         |0 |Steals enemy HP and MP. Kimahri can also learn new skills |
    |GUARD          |0 |One character takes all physical attacks for one turn     |
    |SENTINAL       |0 |Character takes all physical attacks till next turn and   |
    |               |  |halves damage                                             | 
    |SPARE CHANGE   |0 |Throw gil at enemy to do damage                           |  
    |THREATEN       |12|Threatens enemy into not acting for a few turns           |
    |PROVOKE        |4 |Inflicts provoke. All attacks are draw to one character,  |
    |               |  |lasting effect                                            |  
    |ENTRUST        |8 |Give overdrive gauge to ally                              | 
    |COPYCAT        |28|Imitate previous allies move (Not summons, overdrives)    |
    |DOUBLECAST     |0 |Cast two magic spells per turn                            |
    |BRIBE          |0 |Give enemy gil to run away and leave valuable items       |  
    |PILFER GIL     |20|Steal Gil from enemy                                      |  
    |QUICK POCKETS  |70|Lets you use items very quickly                           |
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 6) BLITZBALL <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<       
    Blitzball is a Final Fantasy X Mini-Game I guess, but it's so huge that it gets
    a section all to itself. Blitzball is what Spirans do for fun. It's a sport
    where-by you basically have to score more goals than the other team in 10 
    minutes of play. It's played underwater, so the players must have the craziest
    lungs ever. There is an awful lot to Blitzball, and this section of the guide
    should set you on track. Blitzball _does_ have a point. Through it you can
    gain all sorts of items, and also attain a characters Celestial Weapon and
    overdrive techniques. It is extremely time consuming though, but rewarding and
    played in moderation I think it's great fun. The game is based on basic math,
    all your characters have stats, and if they are better than the other teams
    opposing stats it makes it easier to make a pass or score a goal. Here is a 
    basic run-through of the stats.
                    ------         PLAYER STATISTICS        ------
    Pretty much each stat has an opposite, another stat that is used to combat
    the stat in question. For example the strength of a defenders tackle and the
    strength of an attacker to break through that tackle. All the stats have some
    sort of randomness about them too, they can change by up to 50% from the base
    statistic during an action. For example if a player has a shooting statistic
    of 10, it could rise to 15 or drop to 5 for that shot alone. It could also be
    anything in between, or just stay at 10.
    ATTACK STRENGTH(AT) - This figure determines the strength of a players tackle.
    It is the opposite to ENDURANCE. To determine if a player will successfully
    tackle the player with the ball Check the EN against the AT. If the AT is 
    higher the defender will win. You should put players with high AT stats in
    ENDURANCE(EN) - This figure determines the ability of a player to break through
    a tackle. As stated above, it's opposing stat is AT. If a player is to break
    through a tackle his EN must be higher than the defenders AT. High EN stats are
    suited to forwards.
    PASS(PA) - A high PA figure is needed for a player to pass the ball long 
    distances. It is also need for passes to get by defenders in encounters. If
    you throw a pass and the PA figure reaches 0 before it gets to the receiving
    player, the ball will be fumbled and go to the nearest player, it doesn't 
    matter which side that player is from. It's opposing stat is BL. Good passing
    is helpful for both defenders and your mid-field player.
    BLOCK(BL) - When your players enter and encounter and the oppsosing player 
    decides to pass, your player will try to block that pass. You can also block
    shots on goal like this. You will either miss the ball completely, get a hand 
    on it, significantly reducing the PA of the player making the pass, of catch
    the ball, turning it over to your team. A high BL figure is helpful for your
    SHOT(SH) - This is the power with which an attacker can shoot on goal. It goes
    without saying that your forwards need high SH stats. With a high SH stat you
    can shoot from further away, and close shots will have far more chance of going
    in. It also reducing the chances of defender blocking the shot. The SH figure
    will fall as the ball travels towards the goal, and the catch of the goalkeeper
    will reduce the figure further. If it gets to 0 before it reaches the goal, you
    won't score. This stat has two opposing ones, both BL and CA.
    CATCH(CA) - This is a stat any good goal keeper should have in bucket loads. It
    is the ability of the keeper to stop attackers scoring. If you have a higher 
    CA that the attackers SH, the sh should be stopped, but due to the random stat
    changes sometimes the attacker will score even when his SH is lower.  
    SPEED(SP) - This is just how fast your players can move around the pitch. For 
    the defenders it isn't _that_ important, but your mid-fiel and forwards will
    want speed in hefty doses. It's very important for your attackers especially
    so they can get away from defenders who can stop them scoring.
    HIT POINTS(HP) - Basically the same as in the main game, this is how much life
    your players have. Passing, Shooting and simply moving with the ball in your 
    hands will use up HP. Your HP will be restored though slowly when you don't 
    have the ball and it will be fully restored at half-time. If your HP falls 
    below 10 then your SH and PA stat will be reduced by half. If a players HP 
    falls to zero you can't pass to them and they can't take the ball. This doesn't
    happen very often though, so fear not.
    LEVEL(LV) - You can gain EXP while playing just by passing the ball about or
    shooting or tackling etc... When you gain a certain amount, you gain a level,
    and when you gain levels all your stats get better. Players all level up very
    differently though, some might be very poor at low levels and excellent at high
    ones or vica-versa. 
                    ------         PLAYING BLITZBALL        ------
    Blitzball is played in a circular field. Although you're playing in water you
    can only move 2 dimensionally, you can't swim up or down. When you're playing
    your goal will always be shown on the right hand side of the little map, and 
    the opposing goal on the left. On the map, your players will be shown as little
    greenish arrows and the opposition are red.
    ---  MOVEMENT  ---  
    There are three different modes of movement whil playing Blitzball. The only 
    way to find out which on suits you is to experiment. You only have control of
    your players when you attack, and even then you only control the player on the
    ball. While the opposition have the ball you go to AUTO.
    AUTO     -  While on Auto, the computer will move your characters around for 
                you. While in general the computer will move your players in the 
                best interest of the team, there are times when the manual touch 
                is needed and I do not think this is a good option to choose at 
                all. Even for beginners it's best off to play manually.
    MANUAL A -  This option lets you move your character around manually, and the
                orientation is overhead map. That means when you tell a player to
                go right, they'll always go in the same direction, towards your
                own goal. Same with going left etc... I personally use this option.
    MANUAL B -  This option is very similar to Manual A, just this time your player
                will just go to his right when you tell him to, the orientation is
                via the pitch not the map.
    ---  PLAYING COMMANDS  ---
    When you're in possesion of the ball, you can use a number of actions to try
    and get the ball up the pitch and eventually score(hopefully). While you have
    the ball you can press SQUARE and a small menu will come up allowing you to
    access these options.
    DRIBBLE  - This is what you do when you're on the ball. You don't need to go 
               in to the menu or anything to dribble, it's just simply moving about 
               while you have the ball. 
    PASS     - Throw a pass to another player. You'll see how much HP it will cost,
               this is also the range of the pass. The higher the fugure, the more
               HP it will expend, but the firther the pass can travel. This means 
               it has more of a chance of reaching its target. There are also some
               special passing techniques, these will come up when you choose the
               pass option. If other players try and block the pass there is a
               higher chance it will fail.
    SHOOT    - This lets you take a shot at goal. Like with the pass, the HP cost
               and similarly the power of the shot is shown. If you have any 
               special shooting techniques they will be listed here too along with
               their respective HP costs. The SH figure falls as the ball travels,
               and if other players try to block the shot the chances are you won't
    Sometimes while you're dribbling a defending player or often more than one will
    catch up with your player, this is known as an ENCOUNTER. While in an encounter
    you will have the option of trying to break through the defenders tackles, or
    pass or shoot as normal. If you pass or shoot before breaking to a player then
    the defender will try to block your shoot/pass. When you enter an encounter the
    clock will stop to let you make your decision. These are the options you get in
    an encounter.
    NO BREAK     - This option will simply bring up the pass and shoot options. As
                   opposed to open play, you'll have defender(s) in your face here
                   trying to make life hard for you. See above for pass and shoot.
                   If you choose to make a pass or shoot, then pay attention to 
                   the BL of the defender. Take the BL from the PA or SH figure for
                   a rough estimate of the outcome of the action. Due to the 50%
                   random increase/decrease in stats you can't calculate with 100%
    BREAK TO "X" - Replace X with the defending player(s) names you are in the 
                   encounter with. If you try and break make sure you pay careful
                   attention to your players EN stat and the defenders AT stat. If
                   your EN is higher than the AT then you can break through. If 
                   you're in an encounter with more than one player you can choose
                   to break to one or all of them. To see if you'll break past more
                   than one player you simply add the AT figures of all the players
                   defending. For example, if your EN is 10, and you're in an 
                   encounter with 3 defenders who's AT is 5, 3, and 3 respectively.
                   As you can see 10 is higher than 5, so the break should be a
                   success. 10 is also higher than 5+3 so it would be wise to break
                   to the first two defenders. 10 is NOT higher than 5+3+3 though,
                   so if you break to the thrid player the chances are he will take
                   the ball. HOWEVER, due to the random 50% stat changes there is
                   a chance a player with a lower AT can take the ball from you.
                   Inversely, there is also a chance you can break past a player
                   with a higher AT than your EN. This adds a randomness to the
    When you are not in possession of the ball, you can encounter attackers. The 
    options here are slightly more limited than the attacking ones. All you can do
    is tackle and block the pass/shot of the attacker. You can't even control
    whether you do either of these because the attacker makes the choice whether
    to break or to pass/shoot. So when defending you really have to rely on luck
    or your higher stats(if you have them) to get the ball back. If the player
    decides to pass/shoot, your BL will come into play and if he decides to break
    then your AT will. If s/he chooses to break then if you have any special tackle
    techniques they will be made availible for use here, along with their HP cost. 
    ---  FORMATIONS  ---
    There are 9 different formations you can choose from while playing Blitzball.
    Some are only availible at higher levels. You can switch between formations
    during the course of the match by pressing TRIANGLE when you don't have the
    ball. The formations are quite important and can have a large bearing on the
    outcome of a game. Here are the formations.
    NORMAL          - All players just stay in their normal position, the default
                      setting. Availible from team level 1.
    MARK MODE       - Players stay on their opponents who you set them to mark.
                      Availible from team level 1.
    RIGHT SIDE      - Players will position themselves on the right side of the
                      field. Availible from team level 1.
    LEFT SIDE       - Players will position themselves on the left side of the 
                      field. Availible from team level 1.
    CENTRE ATTACK   - All the players will move up i.e. Midfielder will go up and
                      attack while defenders move into midfield. Good attacking
                      option but leaves defence open. Availible from team level 2.
    ALL-OUT DEFENCE - All players come back and defend. Useful if you're trying to
                      hang onto a lead. Availible from team level 4.
    FLAT LINE       - Players form a flat line across the pitch to attack. Good 
                      attack option but there's no defence. Availible from team
                      level 6.
    COUNTER         - Defenders close down attackers quicker and your two attackers
                      will stay around the opposing goal waiting for a pass. Aim 
                      here is to quickly get the ball from attack to defence. 
                      Availible from team level 8.
    DOUBLE SIDES    - Left and right sided players will swim along the side of the
                      pitch towards the opposing goal. The midfield player will
                      stay in the middle. Like Left Side and Right Side rolled in
                      to one. Useful if you have players with high passing stats.
                      Availible from team level 9.
    ---  COMPETITIONS  ---
    LEAGUE     - All six teams play in a League together. Each team plays each 
                 other twice, giving a total of 10 games per team. You get three
                 points for a win, one for a draw and none for losing. Most points
                 at the end wins.
    TOURNAMENT - All six teams play here once again, but this time in a knockout
                 format. You can only play a maximum of three games. If you draw
                 a match you go into extra time for 5 minutes, first team to score
    EXHIBITION - Just a friendly match against a team of your choice. You can't
                 gain EXP from these games. The only purpose of them is to gain
                 techniques using techcopy and to practice. I find this option a
                 waste of time.
    ---  STATUS EFFECTS  ---
    POISON - Much like the poison that affects characters in the main game, poison
             depletes your HP. When poisoned, your HP will not replenish while you
             don't have the ball and it will drop much faster while you do have the
             ball. The technique PILE VEMON lets you inflict the poison status up
             to five times on an opponent. Therefore players can have double and
             triple etc. poison inflicted on them. When posioned you can't use any
             shot techniques. At double poison you can no longer tackle. At triple 
             poison you can no longer pass. Your HP loss also multiplies drama 
             -tically. Here's how much you lose.
             Poison x1,    4 HP every 0.6 second.
             Poison x2,   16 HP every 0.6 second.
             Poison x3,   64 HP every 0.6 second.
             Posion x4,  256 HP every 0.6 second.
             Poison x5, 1024 HP every 0.6 second.
             The effect will wear off after a short time, or when it reaches half
             time in a game. As you can see high levels of poison are extremely 
             incapacitating for players. To limit HP loss it's probably best not
             to pass to poisoned players if you can avoid it. There are some techs
             you can equip to prevent poison.
    SLEEP  - Does exactly what it says on the tin and puts a player to sleep on the
             field. The sleeping player obviously can't preform any actions. You
             can wake him up by passing to him but he won't catch the ball. He will
             wake up after about a minute, when a goal is scored, or at half time.
             There are techs you can equip to stop a player being put to sleep.
    WITHER - And extremely annoying status effect, wither will randomly reduce some
             of your stats. It will take 50% from the stat. It can't do anything to
             your HP though. A Wither pass will reduce either PA, AT of BL while
             a wither pass will reduce EN, PA or SH. A wither shot will chop half
             form your BL or CA. The effect wears off after a short time or at half
             time. There are techs you can equip to prevent wither.
                    ------             TECHNIQUES           ------
    Once a player hits level three s/he can start to learn and equip techniques.
    To equip techniques just look at the menu you're given at the start of a match
    or half time. The are a few ways to learn techs. Sometimes you just learn them,
    sometimes they're given as a prize in a tournament and you can also use 
    TECHCOPY. This lets you copy an opponents tech when he uses it while you're in
    an ecnounter with him/her. When the player is about to use the tech a TECHCOPY
    flashing sign type thing will appear at the top of the screen. It's only there
    for a very short while so you have to be quick. Press X while the techcopy sign
    is there and you may or may not learn the tech. If your level is lower than the
    other guys there is only a 20% chance you'll learn the tech. If your two levels
    are the same the chances increase to 50% and if your level is higher and you
    get the timing right theres a 100% chance of learning the tech. Most techs will
    cost some HP to equip. Here's a categorised list of techs. The bracket is the
    amount of HP the tech costs to use/equip. 
    ------------------------  SHOOTING TECHNIQUES  --------------------------------
    AUROCHS SPIRIT(600) - Wakka can only use this, he'll get a shot bonus of ten
    plus if your using any of the original Aurochs their shot figures will be added
    to Wakkas.
    INVISIBLE SHOT(220) - If the ball reaches the goal with a SH value higher than
    zero, you have 5 seconds to use the left analogue stick to try and steer the
    ball around the keeper. Adds 3 on to your SH figure.
    JECHT SHOT(120) - Adds 5 to your SH figure, and also completely takes out two
    defenders in the process. Stops the need to break on as many defenders when
    close to goal.
    JECT SHOT 2(999) - Adds 10 to your SH figure, takes out three defenders and
    has the invisible shot effect.
    NAP SHOT(45) - 40% chance of putting the keeper to sleep if he touches the ball
    and adds 3 to your SH figure.
    NAP SHOT 2(80) - 70% chance of putting the keeper to sleep if he touches the
    ball and adds 5 to your SH figure.
    NAP SHOT 3(350) - 100% chance of putting the keeper to sleep if he touches the
    ball. Adds 7 to your SH figure.
    SPHERE SHOT(90) - Adds 3 to your SH figure plus an extra random amount you pick
    by pressing X. The amount you can pick depends on your level. At higher levels
    you can add more to your shot, with 20 the max figure.
    VENOM SHOT(20) - 40% chance of inflicting poison if the keeper touches the ball
    and adds 3 to your SH figure.
    VENOM SHOT 2(35) - 70% chance of inflicting poison if the keeper touches the
    ball and adds 5 to your SH figure.
    VENOM SHOT 3(100) - 100% chance of inflicting poison if the keeper touches the
    ball and adds 7 to your SH figure.
    VOLLEY SHOT(10) - 50% chance of picking up a free ball and shooting it at goal. 
    Only the keepers CA matters.
    VOLLEY SHOT 2(40) - 70% chance of picking up a free ball and shooting it at 
    goal. Only the keepers CA matters
    VOLLEY SHOT 3(250) - 100% chance of picking up a free ball and shooting it at
    goal. Only the keepers CA matters.
    WITHER SHOT(30) - 40% chance of reducing the keepers CA by half if he touches
    the ball and adds 3 to your SH.
    WITHER SHOT 2(180) - 70% chance of reducing the keepers CA by half if he 
    touches the ball and adds 5 to your CA stat.
    WITHER SHOT 3(390) - 100% chance of reducing the keeperes CA by half if he 
    touches the ball and adds 7 to your SH.
    ----------------------------  PASSING TECHNIQUES  -----------------------------
    NAP PASS(40) - 30% chance of putting opponent to sleep if they touch the ball.
    Adds 3 to the PA stat.
    NAP PASS 2(200) - 60% chance of putting an opponent to sleep if they touch the
    ball. Adds 5 to the PA stat.
    NAP PASS 3(510) - 100% chance of putting an opponent to sleep if they touch the
    ball. Adds 7 to the PA stat.
    VENOM PASS(40) - 30% chance of poisoning an opponent if they touch the ball. 
    Adds 3 to the PA stat.
    VENOM PASS 2(120) - 60% chance of poisoning an opponent if they touch the ball. 
    Adds 5 to the PA stat.
    VENOM PASS 3(350) - 100% chance of poisoning an opponent if they touch the  
    ball. Adds 7 to the PA stat.
    WITHER PASS(40) - 30% chance of reducing an opponents EN, AT or BL by half if
    they touch the ball. Adds 3 to the PA figure.
    WITHER PASS 2(180) - 60% chance of reducing an opponents EN, AT or BL by half 
    if they touch the ball. Adds 5 to the PA figure.
    WITHER PASS 3(440) - 100% chance of reducing an opponents EN, AT or BL by half 
    if they touch the ball. Adds 7 to the PA figure.
    ----------------------------  TACKLE TECHNIQUES  ------------------------------
    DRAIN TACKLE - 40% chance of draining 30 HP from an opponent as long as own HP
    is 30 or above.
    DRAIN TACKLE 2 - 70% chance of draining 150 HP from an opponent as long as own 
    HP is 150 or above.
    DRAIN TACKLE 3 - 100% chance of draining 500 HP from an opponent as long as own 
    HP is 500 or above.
    NAP TACKLE(40) - 40% chance of putting opponent asleep if EN figure was reduced
    to 0 during tackle. Adds 3 to AT stat.
    NAP TACKLE 3(90) - 70% chance of putting opponent asleep if EN figure was 
    reduced to 0 during tackle. Adds 5 to AT stat.
    NAP TACKLE 3(180) - 100% chance of putting opponent asleep if EN figure was 
    reduced to 0 during tackle. Adds 7 to AT stat.
    VENOM TACKLE(30) - 40% chance of poisoning opponent in the tackle. Adds 3 to AT
    VENOM TACKLE 2(70) - 70% chance of poisoning opponent in the tackle. Adds 5 to 
    AT stat.
    VENOM TACKLE 3(160) - 1000% chance of poisoning opponent in the tackle. Adds 7 
    to AT stat.
    WITHER TACKLE(8) - 40% chance of reducing an opponents EN, PA or SH by half.
    Adds 3 to AT figure.
    WITHER TACKLE 2(80) - 70% chance of reducing an opponents EN, PA or SH by half.
    Adds 5 to AT figure.
    WITHER TACKLE 3(250) - 100% chance of reducing an opponents EN, PA or SH by 
    half. Adds 5 to AT figure.
    ----------------------------  DEFENCE TECHNIQUES  -----------------------------
    ANTI-DRAIN(10) - a 50% chance of preventing the success of Drain Tackle.
    ANTI-DRAIN 2(50) - Blocks Drain Tackle from working all the time.
    ANTI-NAP(40) - A 50% chance of Sleep not working.
    ANTI-NAP 2(210) - A 100% chance of Sleep not working.
    ANTI-VENOM(5) - A 50% chance of blocking Posion.
    ANTI-VENOM 2(50) - A 100% chance of blocking poison.
    ANTI-WITHER(30) - A 50% chance of blocking Wither.
    ANTI-WITHER 2(200) - A 100% chance of blobking Wither.
    TACKLE SLIP(40) - A 40% chance of slipping a tackle at the expense of losing a
    random technique briefly.
    TACKLE SLIP 2(170) - An 80% chance of slipping a tackle at the expense of 
    losing a technique briefly.
    ----------------------------  SUPPORT TECHNIQUES  -----------------------------
    BRAWLER(10) - 60% chance of encountering an opponent from further away.
    ELITE DEFENSE(5) - Opponents in possession can be seen and encountered from 30%
    further away
    GAMBLE(300) - When recovering from Sleep, 50% chance of randomly determining
    attributes(not HP and SPD) with the X button.
    GOLDEN ARM(30) - Shooting and passing costs half HP.
    GOOD MORNING!(180) - When a player is asleep and woken by a pass, 50% chance a
    stat will rise to 99 temporarily depending on type of pass used to wake player.
    GRIP GLOVES(30) - 10% as opposed to 40% chance of Keeper dropping the ball when
    he saves a shot.
    HI-RISK(300) - All stats except HP and SPD are halved, but EXP is doubled.
    PILE VENOM(30) - Can inflict Venom multiple times at once on an opponent.
    PILE WITHER(70) - Can inflict Wither multiple times at once on an opponent.
    REGEN(50) - Recover HP while not on the ball 4 times faster.
    SPIN BALL(30) - 70% chance as opposed to 40% of opponent keeper dropping the
    ball when you shoot at him.
    SUPER GOALIE(30+X) - 60% chance of a 0-10 bonus being added to the CA of a 
    keeper when being shot at. Use X to select number. This number + 30 = Total HP
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 7) CELESTIAL WEAPONS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    The Celestial Weapons are the best weapons in the game, and each character has
    his or her own. They all have special abilities too that are extremely useful
    for the character in question. They do take a fair amount of work to get though
    and collecting them all will take some amount of time and effort. There isn't
    really much point in trying to collect these weapons until you have the airship
    so don't waste your time. Initially when you find one of these weapons they not
    have any abilities except the ever helpful No-AP. That means you won't really
    want to equip them without powering them up. To do this, you need both a CREST
    and a SIGIL for each weapon, you need both to fully power up the weapon.  
    Before you can get your mits on any of these weapons  you need the Celestial 
    Mirror. The weapons are sealed until you get this. It isn't hard to get though, 
    here's what you do.
                    ------       THE CELESTIAL MIRROR       ------
    Learn how to ride a Chocobo in the Calm Lands and go to Remiem Temple. You get
    there by finding the Chocobo Feather to the left of where you first ebtered the
    Calm Lands, and examining it while still on your Chocobo. Cross the bridge here
    and go left to examine the sphere on the ground. It'll tell you about some race
    involving Chocobos, the champ is standing right beside you. Now head around to
    the other side here and get onto the Chocobo. The race will start, all you have
    to do is get to the finish before the other Chocobo without opening any chests 
    on your way. It's not very hard, and you have as many goes as you like. By 
    doing this you will earn the CLOUDY MIRROR. It's isn't celestial...yet.
    Now go back to the save sphere and hop to your airship. You want to go to Lake
    Macalania now. Come out of the Travel Agency and head back into the woods. Head
    south and go left at the fork in the road, you'll go up to a crazy shimmering
    pathway. There are no battles or anything up here, so don't worry. At the end
    you'll come back down at the enterance to the Macalania Woods. You should see
    a woman with a little child loitering around here. Talk to the and it will seem
    that the woman was meant to meet her husband around here, but he's no-where to
    be seen. How suspicious. But he's actually waiting at the campsite where you
    all stayed earlier, to get there take the right hand path from the area. Talk 
    to him and you'll be given a choice to tell him where his loved ones are, or
    wish him luck finding them. Clearly you want to tell him where they are, so do
    so. He'll rush off back to his wife, so follow him. When you get back talk to
    them and you'll find the son has run off now. So you have to find him too. Go
    back up the shimmering walkway, and take the turn that was blocked by some guy 
    in the way before. The little tyke is up here looking at a huge crystal. Once
    up here you'll exchange a few words with him, then be given the chance to use
    the Cloudy Mirror. If you want the Celestial Mirror, and I'm telling you that
    you do, take this option. The shiny new CELESTIAL MIRROR is all yours. You can
    now go Celestial Weapon hunting.
                    ------         TIDUS - CALAGBOLG        ------
    You'll find this in the North-West section of the Calm Lands. Normally there
    would be a guard here getting in the way, but every time you win the Catcher
    Chocobo Race he will go get a cup of tea or something giving you access to a
    small area. There is a Glyph on on of the walls, and if you examine it while in
    possesion of the Celestial Mirror you will receive the CALADBOLG. When fully
    powered up it has the following abilities, BREAK DAMAGE LIMIT, TRIPLE OVERDRIVE
    EVADE & COUNTER, MAGIC COUNTER. To get these you need the crest and sigil.
    The SUN CREST is found in Zanarkand, in the exact same place you fought Lady
    Yunalesca. Go to the very far edge of the platform and the chest containing
    this crest is on the left hand side.
    The SUN SIGIL is somewhat trickier to get. You need to train up a Chocobo, beat
    the Dodger and Hyper Dodger Chocobo stages, and race in the Catcher Chocobo    
    race. To get the Sigil you need to beat the trainer in the race, and not only  
    that you need to finish in a time of under 0 seconds. This sounds silly but is 
    possible, although it's very hard. See the Mini-Games section of the guide for
    help of sorts. Most of it is down to luck though. See Side-Quests section for
                    ------         AURON - MASAMUNE         ------
    To get the Masamune, you need to go to the Gorge Bottom in the Calm Lands. If
    you go the opposite direction to the enterance to the Cavern of the Stolen 
    Fayth you'll soon see a sword sticking out of the ground to the side of the
    path. Examine it and you'll receive the RUSTY SWORD. You can't use this yet,
    it's a key item. Take it, and go to the Mushroom Rock Raod. Along here, it's
    not hard to find, is a statue of Lord Mi'ihen. Examine the statue with both 
    the Rusty Sword and Celestial Mirror in your possesion, and a shiny new 
    FIRST STRIKE, COUNTER-ATTACK. It also give the break damage limit skill to the
    aeon Yojimbo.
    To find the MARS CREST, simply go to the Mi'ihen Highroad, Oldroad, South and
    pop open the chest here as outlined in the walkthrough.
    The MARS SIGIL involves quite a bit more work. You have to capture monsters for
    the monster arena. You need to capture enough to breed 10 new creatures in the
    Species Conquest and/or the Area Conquest. See the Monster Arena section of 
    this guide for more details.
                    ------      WAKKA - WORLD CHAMPION      ------
    Wakka's weapon and powering it up heavily rely on playing Blitzball. His high
    level overdrives do as well. To get the WORLD CHAMPION, all you have to do is
    either come third in a League or Tournament in Blitzball or have won 100 games.
    The easiest option by far here is the tournament, you can win one in 3 games.
    Once you've done this, take the Celestial Mirror to the CAFE in Luca and talk
    to the guy behind the counter. He will give you the Weapon. It's abilities are
    the aeon Ifrit break the damage limit.
    To get the JUPITER CREST, just pop back to the Luca stadium and check in one
    of the lockers in the Aurochs dressing room. No strings attatched.
    The JUPITER SIGIL on the other hand is definatley the most time consuming Sigil
    to get, by far of them all. First of all you need to get all his overdrive
    techniques. To get the ATTACK REELS, you need to win a tournament with the
    reels offered as first prize. After you have these you have to make sure you
    have _at least_ 250 random battles under your belt. Then go play a Blitzball
    tournament. Make sure you save it before the last game. Once that season is 
    over the STATUS REELS will be offered as a prize for coming first in the next
    season. So win these. Now make sure you have fought at least 450 random battles
    and once you have done this start a new Blitz League. Finish the league and
    the prize for winning the subsequent league should be the AUROCHS REELS. So
    feel free to win these as well. Now once you have these there is a 50% chance
    that the JUPITER SIGIL will be offered as the prize for the next League. So
    play to the last game and make sure you save before the last game. Now win it
    or forfeit it if you've already come first, and see if the Sigil is up for 
    grabs during the next season. If so, play on. If not, reset and try again.
                    ------      KIMAHRI - SPIRIT LANCE      ------
    The SPIRIT LANCE is found on the Thuder Plains. Make sure you've activated at
    least three Qactuar stones, and then head the the South part of the Thunder
    Plains near the Save Sphere. You should see the ghost of a Qactuar floating 
    around, so follow it. It will bring you to a tower over on the right hand side
    of the plains. Once you get there stand before the tower and press the SQUARE
    button and a chest containing the Lance will appear. Needless to say you need
    the Celestial Mirror to open it. The Lances abilities include BREAK DAMAGE
    The SATURN CREST is found on Mount Gagazet, Prominence. You can find it just 
    after beating Seymour. See the Walkthrough for details.
    The SATURN SIGIL is obtained by completing the butterfly hunting sidequest in
    Macalania Woods. You have to address the Muti-coloured butterfly to start the
    game. A load of Blue butterflies and Red Butterflies will appear. You have to
    navigate through the woods in under 30 seconds touching 7 Blue butterflies.
    There are about 20 Red butterflies on the course too, and if you touch one of
    those you will be engaged in a battle, costing you at least a second. You need
    to do this in both the Central and North sections of the woods. You _have_ to
    have NO ENCOUNTERS equipped on a piece of armour because you can still engage
    in random battles during the mini-game. This is quite annoying is this game,
    patience is a must. See Side-Quests section for details.
                    ------          YUNA - NIRVANA          ------
    The NIRVANA is the easiest weapon to obtain probably, all you have to do is
    capture one of each fiend roaming around the Calm Lands for the Monster Arena.
    Once you've done this a chest will appear in the Arena, so take the Celestial
    Mirror to it and the Nirvana is yours. The abilities on this weapon are BREAK
    The MOON CREST is found on Besaid Island down on the beach. You can get it at 
    the very beginning of the game, see the walkthrough for details.
    The MOON SIGIL is slightly tougher, you need to get all eight aeons, bring them
    to Remiem Temple, defeat all eight of Belgamines aeons, and send her to the
    Farplane. Once you do this you'll get the sigil. See Side-Quests section for
                    ------        LULU - ONION KNIGHT       ------
    By far the coolest looking weapon in the game in my opinion, you get the ONION
    KNIGHT in BAAJ TEMPLE. This is a secret location, you need to search for it on
    the map at the coordinates: X AXIS - 13, Y AXIS - 60. Once you're down here you
    need to fight and defeat Geosgaeno, which is tough. You can now find the chest
    in the southern part of this underwater area, hidden among a load of fallen
    pillars. It's a little left of centre. It's abilities are BREAK DAMAGE LIMIT, 
    The VENUS CREST is found on the Farplane, just go back to Guadosalam, go to
    the Farplane and there will be a chest there containing the crest. 
    The VENUS SIGIL is obtained on the Thunder Plains. You have to consecutively
    dodge 200 Lightning strikes. The best place to do this is just north of the
    travel agency. Concentrate and make sure you keep count. NO ENCOUNTERS is an
    absolute must to get this done. Once you have the 200, a chest will apear
    containing the Sigil in front of Rin's Travel agency.
                    ------          RIKKU - GODHAND         ------
    Once you get the Airship, go to the destination finder thingy and enter GODHAND
    as the password. Remember that savepoint you could see in the gorge below you
    on the Mushroom Rock Road? Well this will take you here, and there's a chest
    containing Rikku's celestial weapon down here too. It's abilities include BREAK
    The MERCURY CHEST is found in Bikanel Desert, West. See the Walkthrough for 
    The MERCURY SIGIL is obtained by completing the Valley of the Cactuars Side-
    Quest. Basically you have to find 10 Cactaurs in the desert, sneak up on them,
    fight and defeat them, get a Sphere from the battle and stick it in the Cactuar
    Stone. Once this is all done, you'll get the Sigil. See the Side-Quests section
    of the guide for more details.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    - Thanks to CJayC for his site.
    - Thanks to Square and Sony for their games and consoles respectively, all the
      names in here and stuff are owned by Square.
    - Piggyback, for lots of the info.
    - Me for writing the FAQ.
    - Everyone who has emailed me about this game and guide.
    - The FFX board for answering my dumb questions.
    - People who mailed me about the Djose Temple, there was a mistake in the 
      walkthrough that they kindly(and some not so kindly) pointed out. There were
      also various other mistakes, thanks for pointing them out.
    That's the end of this FAQ for now. Look out very soon for stuff soon about 
    everything else you can think of to do with this game. Bye!
    Copyright protected, 2002/2003, by DemonSLAYER (demonslayer50@hotmail.com)
    All rights reserved.

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