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    Battle Quote List by Kalm Traveller

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    Final Fantasy X
    In Battle Quotes FAQ
    by Matthew Wilson
    email: MatthewWilson480@hotmail.com
    1. Spiel
    2. Some Information On In Battle Quotes
    3. Onto The Quotes
     a. Tidus
     b. Yuna
     c. Wakka
     d. Lulu
     e. Kimahri
     f. Auron
     g. Rikku
    4. Credits
    1. Firstly this is my first FAQ (as you can probably tell), well my first 
    publicly available FAQ anyway, so I hope you can be patient with some of my 
    backwards ways. Also this FAQ was written from the PAL version of the game, I'm 
    not sure how quotes differ in the original, American or International versions, 
    if at all. I first decided to write this FAQ because Square, in their infinite 
    wisdom, (just joshing, I love ya really) decided to make the majority of in 
    battle quotes (including all magic and most skills) only be said once by any one 
    character, and then never again. This I do not understand, I mean in the Config 
    Menu there is an option to make Aeon sequences long or short, how hard would it 
    be to make an option for quotes; either ONCE or ALWAYS? But enough of my 
    whining. Also I should mention that these quotes are only quotes that I 
    personally came across, there must be many, many more that I did not discover 
    so, if anybody finds anymore you can e-mail them to me and credit will be given. 
    Just one last thing, believe it or not there are some SPOILERS in this FAQ, 
    because some quotes are only said after certain events, which I will be 
    mentioning, or in response to certain monsters, which I will also be mentioning.
    2. Firstly, the in game quotes I am talking about are only non-story related. 
    This means these quotes only appear in the centre of the screen, in a slightly 
    larger font than usual. (Disclaimer: there may be exceptions, don't e-mail me 
    about them.) So this does not include any information bearing quotes or Trigger 
    Command quotes; 
    i.e. at the start of the game there are quotes which help explain certain 
    aspects of the game:
    Tidus attacks a monster resistant to physical attacks;
    	Wakka: Leave that one to Lu.
    	Lulu: Didn't I just tell you? You need magic to harm that one.
    Or for the trigger command - Talk in the battle against Seymour;
    	Tidus: I knew you were bad news the first time I met you.
    	Seymour: Oh, my sincerest apologies.
    	Tidus: Seymour!
    Or if you Summon Anima in the final battle against Seymour;
    	Seymour: You would oppose me too? So be it!
    None of these quotes will be mentioned (apart from here, of course). Other 
    quotes that won't be mentioned are quotes said that don't even bring up a text 
    box, such as Auron's trademark 'ENOUGH' or 'FAREWELL' when he kills a fiend. 
    Also I apologise for any punctuation or spelling errors, especially when the 
    characters let off a squeal, it's difficult to count and write down the specific 
    numbers of letters in that particular scream i.e. when a character says 
    Specifics I have noticed about in battle quotes:
    1. They usually only appear once, and this is the first time you use the ability 
    that gives the quote, grrrrr!
    2. Specific characters when paired together during a certain battle sometimes 
    reply to each others quotes.
    3. Most Overdrive quotes are unspecific to the overdrive actually performed 
    (except for Kimahri's overdrives). i.e. Tidus' overdrives are all swordplay's, 
    however, using one swordplay such as Spiral Cut over another, such as Energy 
    Rain, does not affect the quote said. However, since I'm extremely pedantic, I 
    have mentioned which overdrive I used in order to gain the quote.
    4. If you use an ability (that would otherwise demand a quote) for the first 
    time during a boss battle, no quote is said, and it does not count as having 
    used that ability (i.e. if you then fight a normal battle and use the ability 
    again, for which it would be at least the second time in total that you use that 
    ability, then a quote is still said).
    All white magic, black magic, skill, special, overdrive or summon quotes shall 
    appear in blue.
    Other than the type of quotes listed above these are the only other types of 
    quotes in the game, and thus the only other types of quotes I shall be 
     1. Start; - this quote occurs at the start of the battle, before any action is 
    taken either by the party or the enemy.
     2. ......... enters; - this quote is said when the character in question enters 
    the battle screen by using the L1 button to switch between characters.
     3. ......... is revived; - this quote is said after the character in question 
    is revived from KO status by using a Phoenix Down.
     4. ......... wins the battle; - this quote is said when the character in 
    question deals the final blow to the last fiend on the battlefield, in effect, 
    winning the battle (duh.)
     5. End; - this quote is said at the end of the battle.
    Any quotes that involve banter between two characters appears in the character 
    section of the character who that quote relates to, or whoever speaks first.
    3. Well, you've listened to me for long enough, here are the quotes:
    a. Tidus
    	Tidus: With four of us, this is no problem.
    	Tidus: Yuna, Aeon!
    	Lulu: Just who do you think you are?
    	Tidus: Yaaaaaah!
    	Tidus: Don't break any bones, old man.
    	Auron: Hmph.
    Start (after Tidus is made a guardian);
    	Tidus: Hey, I'm a guardian now, so watch out!
    	Tidus: You guy's are toast!
    	Tidus: Fight, fight, fight!
    	Tidus: I should've slept in this morning.
    	Tidus: Argh!
    	Tidus: Huuuh?
    	Lulu: Focus.
    	Tidus: You're wasting our time!
    Start (whilst being chased by Guado, after killing Seymour);
    	Tidus: Get out of the way!
    Start (whilst being chased by Guado, after killing Seymour);
    	Tidus: Uggh...go away!
    Start (whilst walking to Home in Sanubia Desert);
    	Tidus: Isn't there an easier way?
    	Rikku: No complaining!
    	Tidus: Let's do it!
    	Tidus: We'll get through this!
    	Tidus: Let's get 'em, guys!
    Start (after Tidus and Rikku decide to think of a way to save Yuna);
    	Tidus: Rikku, think later.
    	Rikku: Okay, okay.
    	Tidus: Pace yourself Auron.
    	Auron: Hmph. Worry about yourself.
    	Tidus: Go, Kimahri!
    Tidus enters;
    	Tidus: Make way!
    Tidus enters;
    	Tidus: Nothing to fear, the hero's here!
    Tidus enters;
    	Tidus: Miss me?
    Tidus enters (after Wakka calls Tidus a 'newbie' in fighting fiends;
    	Tidus: Newbie here.
    	Wakka: So-rry.
    Tidus enters;
    	Tidus: No problem.
    Tidus enters;
    	Tidus: Gotcha covered
    Tidus enters;
    	Tidus: My turn, now!
    Tidus enters;
    	Tidus: Back in the fray.
    Tidus enters;
    	Tidus: Heh-heh.
    Tidus enters;
    	Tidus: Training, huh?
    Tidus enters a battle (against a Zu);
    	Tidus: How can a bird grow so big!?
    Tidus enters a battle (against a Cactaur);
    	Tidus: Don't you run, needles!
    Tidus enters a battle (against a Magic Urn);
    	Tidus: Come out and fight like a man!
    Tidus enters a battle (against a Tonberry);
    	Tidus: Uh... I have a bad feeling about this.
    Tidus enters a battle (against a Adamantoise);
    	Tidus: This isn't just a rock, is it?
    Tidus enters a battle (against Omega Weapon);
    	Tidus: This is definitely bad!
    Tidus enters a battle (against a Barbatos);
    	Tidus: Eesh.
    Tidus is revived;
    	Tidus: Ow...
    Tidus is revived;
    	Wakka: This is new for you, ya?
    	Tidus: What do you think?
    Tidus is revived:
    	Lulu: Don't drag us down.
    	Tidus: S-sorry...
    Tidus is revived;
    	Tidus: The fiends here are tough.
    Tidus is revived;
    	Auron: Maybe you should stay back.
    	Tidus: You can't make me Auron.
    Tidus is revived;
    	Tidus: I'm back...
    Tidus wins the battle;
    	Tidus: You like that?
    Tidus wins the battle;
    	Lulu: You're not too bad.
    	Tidus: You ain't seen nothing yet!
    Tidus wins the battle;
    	Tidus: Alright!
    Tidus wins the battle;
    	Tidus: Yeah!
    Tidus wins the battle;
    	Tidus: Ha-hah! What did I tell you!
    End (on Mi'ihen Highroad after not renting a chocobo);
    	Tidus: How much further do we have to go?
    End (whilst Yuna is deciding whether to marry Seymour or not);
    	Tidus: Thinking isn't solving anything.
    	Tidus: We rock!
    End (whilst searching for Yuna in Home);
    	Tidus: Let's find Yuna, quick.
    End (whilst searching for Yuna in Home);
    	Tidus: Yuna, where are you?
    Tidus uses Cheer;
    	Tidus: Let's give'em all we got!
    Tidus uses Flee;
    	Tidus: I won't go so easy on you next time!
    Tidus uses Flee;
    	Tidus: I'll be right back.
    Tidus uses Flee;
    	Tidus: Live and let live!
    Tidus casts Haste;
    	Tidus: This should be quick!
    Tidus casts Hastega;
    	Tidus: Let's end this quickly!
    Tidus casts Slow;
    	Tidus: Relax, take it easy.
    Tidus casts Slowga;
    	Tidus: Chill, there's no rush!
    Tidus uses Delay Attack;
    	Tidus: Sorry, maybe next time.
    Tidus uses Delay Buster;
    	Tidus: Take a number, buddy!
    Tidus uses Provoke;
    	Tidus: Hey you, over here!
    Tidus uses Provoke;
    	Tidus: Hey, hey, hey.
    Tidus uses Provoke;
    	Tidus: You want some of this?
    Tidus uses overdrive Spiral Cut;
    	Tidus: I've been saving this one for you.
    Tidus uses overdrive Spiral Cut;
    	Tidus: Check this out!
    Tidus uses overdrive Slice and Dice;
    	Tidus: Too late to beg for mercy!
    Tidus uses overdrive Slice and Dice;
    	Tidus: Eeny, meenie, miny, mo!
    b. Yuna
    	Yuna: It is an honour Sir Auron.
    	Auron: Thanks.
    	Yuna: Ah...
    	Lulu: Yuna, focus.
    Start (after Yuna has told everyone that she has decided to marry Seymour);
    	Yuna: I'm sorry, everyone.
    Start (at Highbridge, after Tidus and Yuna decide to rescue Kimahri);
    	Yuna: Hold on, Kimahri!
    	Yuna: My will is strong.
    	Yuna: Father... give me strength.
    	Yuna: I will fight too!
    Yuna enters;
    	Yuna: I'm ready.
    Yuna enters;
    	Yuna: A-alright.
    Yuna enters;
    	Yuna: Yuna here!
    Yuna enters;
    	Yuna: Go!
    Yuna enters;
    	Yuna: Let me help!
    Yuna enters;
    	Yuna: Let them come.
    Yuna enters;
    	Yuna: Summoner Yuna, ready!
    Yuna enters;
    	Yuna: My turn.
    Yuna enters;
    	Yuna: Ummm...
    Yuna enters a battle (against a Ghost);
    	Yuna: You couldn't reach the Farplane...
    Yuna is revived;
    	Tidus: You wanna rest?
    	Yuna: I'll be okay.
    Yuna is revived;
    	Lulu: Don't strain yourself.
    	Yuna: All right.
    Yuna casts Cure;
    	Yuna: Aid us.
    Yuna casts Cura;
    	Yuna: Heal us.
    Yuna casts Curaga;
    	Yuna: Cure us.
    Yuna casts Esuna;
    	Yuna: Light shine strong. Our woe begone!
    Yuna casts Life;
    	Yuna: Return to us.
    Yuna casts Full-Life;
    	Yuna: You shall be restored.
    Yuna casts Auto-Life;
    	Yuna: A salvation promised...
    Yuna casts Shell;
    	Yuna: Veil of light, ward wizardly might!
    Yuna casts Protect;
    	Yuna: Armour of light, halt physical might.
    Yuna casts Reflect;
    	Yuna: Mirror of light, reflect magical spite!
    Yuna casts Regen;
    	Yuna: A wellspring of health...
    Yuna casts NulFrost;
    	Yuna: Shield us from frigid blight.
    Yuna casts NulBlaze;
    	Yuna: Shield us from fiery fury.
    Yuna casts NulShock;
    	Yuna: Shield us from thunderous bane.
    Yuna casts NulTide;
    	Yuna: Shield us from watery woe.
    Yuna casts Holy;
    	Yuna: Light our way.
    Yuna Summons Valefor;
    	Yuna: Please, fight with us!
    Yuna Summons Valefor;
    	Yuna: Please...
    Yuna Summons Valefor;
    	Yuna: Hang in there.
    Yuna Summons Valefor;
    	Yuna: Be strong...
    Yuna Summons Ifrit;
    	Yuna: Will you...help us?
    Yuna Summons Ixion;
    	Yuna: My names Yuna. Pleased to meet you.
    Yuna Summons Shiva;
    	Yuna: Please help us.
    Yuna Summons Bahamut;
    	Yuna: Oh, my...
    Yuna Summons Yojimbo;
    	Yuna: Please, clear us a path!
    Yuna Summons Anima;
    	Yuna: I will share your pain with you.
    Yuna Summons the Magus Sisters;
    	Yuna: We need all your help!
    Yuna uses Pray;
    	Yuna: Mend us.
    c. Wakka
    	Wakka: Say your prayers!
    	Wakka: Lu, I'll show you what I can do.
    	Lulu: Go ahead.
    	Wakka: Let's see some hustle.
    	Wakka: You want some of this?
    	Wakka: Go away, dammit!
    	Wakka: Here we go!
    Start (after Rikku joins the party);
    	Wakka: More of us, means less of them!
    	Wakka: No problem!
    	Wakka: The only way to go is forward.
    	Wakka: No turning back now, ya?
    Start (on Mount Gagazet);
    	Wakka: They're sure keepin'us busy!
    	Auron: Better than freezing to death.
    	Wakka: My fastball gone broke da mouth.
    	Tidus: I can top that.
    	Wakka: Traitors, coming through!
    	Lulu: That's the spirit!
    	Wakka: Out of my way!
    Wakka enters;
    	Wakka: No worries.
    Wakka enters;
    	Wakka: Back on the field!
    Wakka enters (with only a flying fiend left on the battlefield);
    	Wakka: I can take care of those alone, ya?
    Wakka enters;
    	Wakka: You called?
    Wakka enters;
    	Wakka: Bring it on!
    Wakka enters;
    	Wakka: Wakka's back on the field.
    Wakka enters;
    	Wakka: Sit back and watch!
    Wakka enters;
    	Wakka: Say your prayers!
    Wakka enters;
    	Wakka: My turn!
    Wakka enters;
    	Wakka: Piece of cake!
    Wakka enters a battle (against a Sand Worm);
    	Wakka: Where's the early bird when you need him?
    Wakka enters a battle (against a machina);
    	Wakka: Hey, you...machina!
    Wakka enters;
    	Wakka: This one is mine!
    Wakka enters a battle (against a Behemoth);
    	Wakka: How many steaks do you think we can get out of these?
    Wakka is revived;
    	Wakka: Okay, who did that?
    Wakka is revived;
    	Wakka: Who did that?
    	Lulu: Calm down.
    Wakka is revived;
    	Wakka: I'm not done yet! C'mon!
    Wakka is revived;
    	Wakka: Oof. I'm back.
    Wakka wins the battle;
    	Wakka: I'm good, ya?
    Wakka wins the battle;
    	Wakka: I'm on a roll.
    End (on Mi'ihen Highroad after not renting a chocobo);
    	Wakka: Where's a chocobo when you need one?
    Wakka uses Dark Attack;
    	Wakka: and stay down!
    Wakka uses Silence Attack;
    	Wakka: Be quiet!
    Wakka uses Sleep Attack;
    	Wakka: Sweet dreams.
    Wakka uses Silence Buster;
    	Wakka: Ah, piece and quiet!
    Wakka uses Triple Foul;
    	Wakka: It's gonna hurt.
    Wakka uses Aim;
    	Wakka: Everyone, go, go, go!
    Wakka uses overdrive Attack Reels;
    	Wakka: Go, Blitzball, go!
    Wakka uses overdrive Attack Reels;
    	Wakka: Now I'm mad!
    Wakka uses overdrive Auroch Reels;
    	Wakka: Yo! Eat this, ya?
    d. Lulu
    	Lulu: Everyone, focus on the enemy.
    Start (in Sanubia Desert);
    	Lulu: You sure this is the way?
    	Rikku: Yeah... I think.
    Start (in the Via Purifico);
    	Lulu: Failure is not an option.
    Start (in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth);
    	Lulu: I will not fail this time.
    Start (on Mount Gagazet);
    	Lulu: The mountain itself is the trial.
    	Lulu: So, who wants to go first?
    	Rikku: I've got your back Lulu.
    Lulu enters;
    	Lulu: Now what?
    Lulu enters;
    	Lulu: So, how shall we do this?
    Lulu enters;
    	Lulu: Well, then. What next?
    Lulu enters;
    	Lulu: Well then, how shall we do this?
    Lulu enters;
    	Lulu: So, you need someone with magic skills.
    Lulu enters a battle (against a Malboro);
    	Lulu: How uncouth!
    Lulu wins the battle;
    	Lulu: Victory, for now.
    	Lulu: Moving on.
    Lulu casts Thunder;
    	Lulu: Need a good jolt?
    Lulu casts Fire;
    	Lulu: Burn!
    Lulu casts Water;
    	Lulu: Anyone thirsty?
    Lulu casts Blizzard;
    	Lulu: Freeze!
    Lulu casts Thundara;
    	Lulu: Don't look so shocked.
    Lulu casts Fira;
    	Lulu: Need a light?
    Lulu casts Waterway;
    	Lulu: Go with the flow.
    Lulu casts Blizzara;
    	Lulu: Let me break the ice.
    Lulu casts Thundaga;
    	Lulu: A storm comes.
    Lulu casts Firaga;
    	Lulu: I hope you like it hot.
    Lulu casts Wateraga;
    	Lulu: Let's see you under pressure!
    Lulu casts Blizzaga;
    	Lulu: Icing on the cake.
    Lulu casts Bio;
    	Lulu: This might help your complexion!
    Lulu casts Death;
    	Lulu: Nice knowing you.
    Lulu casts Flare;
    	Lulu: Know pain!
    Lulu casts Ultima;
    	Lulu: Know pain, but not for long!
    Lulu uses overdrive Fira Fury;
    	Lulu: Let's see how tough you are!
    Lulu uses overdrive Firaga Fury;
    	Lulu: Magic has no limits!
    e. Kimahri
    Kimahri uses overdrive Jump;
    	Kimahri: Hunnnngh!
    Kimahri uses overdrive Self-destruct;
    	Kimahri: Haaaargh!
    f. Auron
    	Auron: There were fewer fiends in my time.
    	Wakka: Oh. Really?
    Start (whilst Yuna is undecided about Seymour's proposal);
    	Auron: Think later, Yuna!
    	Auron: So... how do we end this?
    Start (in the Via Purifico);
    	Auron: I hate this place.
    	Auron: Yuna, can you fight?
    	Yuna: Yes, I think so.
    Start (on Mount Gagazet);
    	Auron: Not much has changed in ten years.
    	Auron: Fight as you will Yuna.
    	Yuna: Thank you, Sir Auron.
    Auron enters;
    	Auron: So be it...
    Auron enters;
    	Auron: This ends now.
    Auron enters;
    	Auron: I foresee no difficulty.
    Auron enters;
    	Auron: Let's see...
    Auron enters;
    	Auron: So, who next?
    Auron enters;
    	Auron: As you wish...
    Auron is revived;
    	Lulu: Are you alright?
    	Auron: I must be out of practice.
    Auron is revived;
    	Auron: I must be rusty.
    Auron wins the battle;
    	Auron: That's how it's done.
    Auron wins the battle;
    	Auron: No time to waste. Let's go.
    	Auron: Hmph. Let's go.
    End (after finishing the battle with everyone's HP in the yellow);
    	Auron: Not too good.
    Auron uses Power Break;
    	Auron: You will hurt no one!
    Auron uses Magic Break;
    	Auron: You place too much trust in your magicks!
    Auron uses Armour Break;
    	Auron: Your pain shall be twofold!
    Auron uses Mental Break;
    	Auron: You shall fear magic!
    Auron uses Threaten;
    	Auron: Do not move!
    Auron uses Threaten;
    	Auron: Calm down!
    Auron uses overdrive Dragon Fang;
    	Auron: Pitiful!
    Auron uses overdrive Dragon Fang;
    	Auron: Pray. Now.
    Auron uses overdrive Shooting Star;
    	Auron: You. Away.
    Auron uses overdrive Tornado;
    	Auron: This... is for the fallen.
    g. Rikku
    Start (on the Thunder Plains);
    	Rikku: Please don't make it rumble...
    Start (on the Thunder Plains);
    	Rikku: Let's get out of here!
    Start (whilst being chased by Guado, after killing Seymour);
    	Rikku: Uggh... go away!
    	Rikku: Easy as pie!
    Start (whilst searching for Yuna in Home);
    	Rikku: We'll be there soon, Yunie.
    	Rikku: What should I do?
    	Rikku: No problem, guys!
    	Wakka: Hah, that's just what I was thinking!
    Rikku enters;
    	Rikku: Ta-dah!
    Rikku enters;
    	Rikku: Leave it to me!
    Rikku enters;
    	Rikku: If you say so!
    Rikku enters;
    	Rikku: Bring it on!
    Rikku enters a battle (against a Quactaur);
    	Rikku: Needles, I hate needles!
    Rikku enters a battle (against a Defender);
    	Rikku: Whoa! Talk about a hard-head!
    Rikku enters a battle (against a Varuna);
    	Rikku: Is it me or does he look grumpy?
    Rikku enters a battle (against a Demonolith);
    	Rikku: Who makes these things!?
    Rikku enters a battle (against Neslug);
    	Rikku: Let's go! Escargot!
    Rikku enters;
    	Rikku: Rikku's back!
    Rikku enters;
    	Rikku: I'll take care of 'em.
    Rikku enters a battle (against a Dark Flan);
    	Rikku: Wow! Say, is that edible?
    Rikku enters a battle (against Ultima Weapon);
    	Rikku: Uhh... I'm running if you are.
    Rikku is revived;
    	Rikku: Oooh... I thought I was gonna die!
    Rikku is revived;
    	Rikku: I'm fine! I'm fine!
    Rikku wins the battle;
    	Rikku: See ya!
    Rikku wins the battle;
    	Rikku: All right!
    Rikku wins the battle;
    	Rikku: Heh-heh!
    Rikku uses Luck;
    	Rikku: This should bring us luck!
    Rikku uses Bribe;
    	Rikku: Take it, leave us alone, okay?
    Rikku uses overdrive Hazardous Shell;
    	Rikku: Don't forget to thank me if this works!
    Rikku uses overdrive Panacea;
    	Rikku: Here, catch!
    Rikku uses overdrive Frag Grenade;
    	Rikku: Rikku-approved item coming up!
    Rikku uses overdrive Vitality;
    	Rikku: Trust me, this'll work!
    Rikku uses overdrive Quartet of 9;
    	Rikku: Oookay... You asked for it!
    4. Credits
    Well I'd just like to say thanks to the good people at Squaresoft for making yet 
    another absolutely superb game, perhaps the best of the series? But not just for 
    making Final Fantasy X but for all the Final Fantasy games, in fact all their 
    I'd also like to thank my brother and sister, we've always supported each other 
    through the bad times and without them, I probably wouldn't be here today.
    Lastly I'd like to thank my Dad, may he rest in peace, for buying me my 
    PlayStation and my first Final Fantasy game, without which I wouldn't have 
    become so obsessed by these brilliant games.

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