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    Al Bhed Script/Translation by Xythar

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           || Final Fantasy X Al Bhed Script & Translation v1.01 ||
    Copyright (c) Xythar (gmmazz@hotmail.com) 2003
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    Final Fantasy X is a trademark of Square, Inc. All other trademarks are
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    This is version 1.01 of the FAQ, last updated 15th March, 2003.
                            || ABOUT THIS GUIDE  ||
    The walkthrough is simply a script for all the Al Bhed I could find
    throughout the game, along with translation. This is for those who couldn't
    be bothered collecting all the Al Bhed Primers and beating the game again just
    to see what all the Al Bhed were saying. There will of course be spoilers
    ahead, so I recommend you only read a section after you've already completed
    that part of the game.
    CAPITALS indicate what area or cutscene the Al Bhed is in.
    If they refer to an area, then I will be listing everything the NPCs present
    in that area say (in no particular order).
    If they refer to a cutscene, then I will list all lines said throughout the
    cutscene in chronological order.
    Plain text is Al Bhed, (text in brackets) is the English translation.
    The translation is generally wherever I can put it :) It's usually formatted
    to the right, and on a line of its own if it won't fit on the same line.
    [Text in square brackets] is comments (explanatory or otherwise) by me.
    I'm sure I've missed plenty of Al Bhed. If you find some that I don't have,
    please email it to me at gmmazz@hotmail.com so that I can add it in! Please
    put "FAQ" somewhere in the subject line of the email. And when you email me
    the Al Bhed, make sure you show which letters appear red to you. Thanks!
                        || AL BHED SCRIPT & TRANSLATION ||
                                 | Baaj Temple |
    Al Bhed: Fryd ec drec?                  (What is this?)
    Al Bhed: Y fiend! Eh risyh tekieca!     (A fiend! In human diguise!)
             Oac! Ed ec cu!                 (Yes! It is so!)
    Al Bhed: Fa gemm ed?                    (We kill it?)
    Rikku:   Fyed!                          (Wait!)
    Rikku:   Fryd ev ec risyh?              (What if it is human?)
    Al Bhed: Drao yna dra cysa eh taydr.    (They are the same in death.)
    Rikku:   E vunpet ed!                   (I forbid it!)
             Fa pnehk ed fedr ic.           (We bring it with us.)
    Rikku:   Cunno.                         (Sorry.)
                                 | Al Bhed Ship |
    Al Bhed: Ced, lybdeja!                  (Sit, captive!)
    Al Bhed: Hu sujehk, rayn?               (No moving, hear?)
    Brother: Caynlr res!                    (Search him!)
    Brother: Tu oui hud cbayg?              (Do you not speak?)
    Al Bhed: Ehcumahla!                     (Insolence!)
    Rikku:   Fyed!                          (Wait!)
    Al Bhed 1: Oui yvnyet uv dra cay?       (You afraid of the sea?)
               Faygmehk!                    (Weakling!)
    Brother:   Suja ed!                     (Move it!)
               Kad du fung, essateydamo!    (Get to work, immediately!)
    Al Bhed 2: Ev oui'na hayn taydr,        (If you're near death,)
               naymmo hayn taydr, ica drec! (really near death, use this!)
    Al Bhed 2: Ku uh, aynh ouin byo.        (Go on, earn your pay.)
    Al Bhed: Fa vuiht dra airship!          (We found the airship!)
    Al Bhed: Dra naluntc fana nekrd.        (The records were right.)
    Al Bhed: Now, how to drag it up?        (Now, how to drag it up?)
    Al Bhed: Oui, uidceta!                  (You, outside!)
    [After a lot of talking between Tidus and Rikku, there is a disturbance...]
    Al Bhed: Sin ec lusa!                   (Sin is come!)
    Al Bhed: Ihtan ic! Ihtan ic!            (Under us! Under us!)
                                 | Kilika Woods |
    [I've been told there is a sphere here which says:]
    d a b c f n c                           (t e p s w r s)
    J L U E I                               (V C O I U)
    [More on the significance of this later.]
                                    | Luca |
    Al Bhed Psyches: Y myto summoner! Fa sicd nabund. 
                                            (A lady summoner! We must report.)
    Al Bhed NPC:     E tu hud ghuf y drehk! E cfayn du oui!
                                          (I do not know a thing! I swear to you!)
                     | Mi'ihen Highroad, Rin's Travel Agency |
    Rin: Byntuh sa.          (Pardon me.)
    Rin: Hela du saad oui.   (Nice to meet you.)
    [comment by Tidus]
    Rin: Ed ec y crysa.      (It is a shame.)
    Rin: Dryhg oui.          (Thank you.)
                                | Mushroom Rock |
    Al Bhed NPC: Fa ryja dra yhleahd machina.   (We have the ancient machina.)
                 Dra ubanydeuh femm cillaat.    (The operation will succeed.)
    Al Bhed NPC: Uin machina femm bnuja dryd Yevon'c daylrehkc yna hud dra fyo.
                (Our machina will prove that Yevon's teachings are not the way.)
    Al Bhed NPC: Y summoner... E crymm nabund drec mydan.
                                      (A summoner... I shall report this later.)
    Al Bhed NPC: Paehk ynuiht Yevon'c vummufanc sygac celg.
                                      (Being around Yevon's followers makes sick.)
    [That's what my notes say, but it seems like the word 'me' should
    be there. I can't verify it myself at this point, however.]
                               | Thunder Plains |
    Dra byccfunt ec...       (The password is...)
    S I N Y C Y S A          (M U R A S A M E)
                               | Lake Macalania |
    Brother: Rikku! Tuh'd ehdanvana un oui kad drec!
                                        (Rikku! Don't interfere or you get this!)
    Brother: Ouin bnaleuic magic yht aeons yna caymat! Kad dras!
                            (Your precious magic and aeons are sealed! Get them!)
    Brother: Rikku! E femm damm Vydran!      (Rikku! I will tell Father!)
    Rikku:   E ys dra guardian uv Yuna, oui caa?
                                             (I am the guardian of Yuna, you see?)
    Rikku:   Yuna ec cyva! Fa femm kiynt ran! Cra ec cyva!
                                   (Yuna is safe! We will guard her! She is safe!)
    Brother: Oui tu drec ymuha, cecdan!      (You do this alone, sister!)
                              | Macalania Road |
    Al Bhed NPC: Mucd so kyhk. Rana oui ku.  (Lost my gang. Here you go.)
    Al Bhed NPC: Ed'c lumt yeh'd ed?         (It's cold ain't it?)
                              | Sanubia Desert |
    Pafyna uv fiend!               (Beware of fiend!)
    Faygan fiend du dra nekrd.     (Weaker fiend to the right.)
    Cdnuhkan fiend du dra mavd.    (Stronger fiend to the left.)
    Yrayt ec y                     (Ahead is a)
    bmyla uv nacd.                 (place of rest.)
    Drec fyo du Home.              (This way to Home.)
    Home ec hayn.                  (Home is near.)
    Tyhkan!                        (Danger!)
    Pafyna uv Cyhtcdunsc!          (Beware of Sandstorms!)
    Tyhkan!                        (Danger!)
    Cdnuhk fiend eh jelehedo!      (Strong fiend in vicinity!)
    r y c u t e                    (h a s o d i)
    E D N U C                      (I T R O S)
    [I've received much email about the significance of this and the
    Kilika Woods writing I didn't know about. Apparently, in Besaid,
    there is writing which reads "Kilika and Bikanel join as one".
    If you put the two writings together, as Draco demonstrates in this
    "if you combine this with the bikanel message from the rock formation
    - Join as one - you get: (dashes added to indicate positions) 
      Kilika:           Bikanel: 
    t-ep-s-w-r--s     -h--a-s-o-di- 
    V-C-O-I--U-       -I-T-R-O-S 
             Join As One: 
             VICTORIOUS "
    I believe that if you enter this password into the airship you can
    find an armour for Rikku. Thanks to a g, Draco and Walter Smith!]
                                   | Home |
    [If anyone knows what's being repeatedly shouted in the background,
    could you tell me?]
    [According to Jinjo Neldari, it's "Ajanouha ihtan", meaning
    "Everyone under". Thanks!]
    Rikku: Fru tet drec du oui?      (Who did this to you?)
    [then after Lulu's comment...]
    Cid: Dryd ec fnuhk!              (That is wrong!)
    Cid: Guado ku vun dra summoner.  (Guado go for the summoner.)
    Rikku: Vydran...                 (Father...)
    Cid: Drec pedac!                 (This bites!)
    Cid: Rikku! Oui nayt sa?         (Rikku! You read me?)
    Cid: Oui ku ihtan, duu!          (You go under, too!) 
         E ys majammehk Home!        (I am levelling Home!)
    Cid: Yht dra fiend fedr ed!      (And the fiend with it!)
    [I have to say I laughed when I translated the first line there.. :)]
    Cid:     Hu desa! Ku, ku, ku!    (No time! Go, go, go!)
    Brother: Three minute mavd!      (Three minute left!)
    Cid:     Rinno, rinno!           (Hurry, hurry!)
             Oui ryja one minute!    (You have one minute!)
    Cid:     Ajanouha uh puynt?      (Everyone on board?)
    Response:Ajanouha ymeja!         (Everyone alive!)
    Brother: Vydran! Nayto du ku!    (Father! Ready to go!)
    Cid:     Oaaryy! Y vmekrd 1000 years ujantia!
                                     (Yeehaa! A flight 1000 years overdue!)
    Brother: Fruy! Ed sujac!         (Whoa! It moves!)
    Cid:     Necg pek, feh pek!      (Risk big, win big!)
    Brother: Fruy! Ed vmeac!         (Whoa! It flies!)
    Cid:     Haqd, fa ice dryd!      (Next, we use that!)
    Brother: Frydajan oui cyo.       (Whatever you say.)
    [there is a short conversation in English at this point, and then...]
    Cid:     Nayto? Vena!                    (Ready? Fire!)
    Cid:     Gah-hah-hah-hah!                (Gah-hah-hah-hah!)
             Nadinh du cyht!                 (Return to sand!)
    Brother: *wails*
    Cid:     Hu haat vun daync!              (No need for tears!)
    Cid:     Fryd ec kuut ypuid machina,     (What is good about machina,)
             ec drao lyh pa piemd yhaf, oui caa?
                                             (is they can be built anew, you see?)
                              | Airship (1st visit) |
    Brother: Mayja sa pa!                      (Leave me be!)
             E's luhlahdnydehk!                (I'm concentrating!)
    Brother: Vmoehk ec naymmo hud so vunda!    (Flying is really not my forte!)
    Brother: Gaab vmoehk! Gaab vmoehk!         (Keep flying! Keep flying!)
    [I refer to the Al Bhed Psyches by name, although their name is not attached
    to their messages. You can find out the name of each with the Square button.]
    Lakkam: Dra Al Bhed Psyches ymm aclybat ryns.
                                           (The Al Bhed Psyches all escaped harm.)
            Fa yna nayto du bmyo ykyeh!        (We are ready to play again!)
    CARGO BAY 1:
    Judda:   Cehla lremtruut, E ryja bmyoat    (Since childhood, I have played)
             uhmo blitz! Ed ec dnia!           (only blitz! It is true!)
    Nimrook: Fa haat blitz du lraan uin baobma (We need blitz to cheer our people)
             yrdam dra mucc ur Home, oui caa?  (after the loss of Home, you see?)
    Berrik:  Vunkeja sa vun so yldeuhc eh Luca (Forgive me for my actions in Luca)
             Fa fyhdat du bnudald dra summoner, oui caa?
                                     (We wanted to protect the summoner, you see?)
    Eigaar:  Druca Guado! Drao femm vaam       (Those Guado! They will feel)
             so fnydr eh dra blitz cbrana!     (my wrath in the blitz sphere!)
    Blappa:  Huf ec dra desa                   (Now is the time)
             du dnyeh, dnyeh!                  (to train, train!)
    Parent:  Buun lremt, ra tuac hud ihtancdyht
                                              (Poor child, he does not understand)
             dryd uin Home ec hu suna         (that our Home is no more)
    Child:   Frah femm fa ku Home?            (When will we go Home?)
    CARGO BAY 2:
    Standing NPC 1: Dra summoner yht guardian    (The summoner and guardian)
                    caas vimm uv funno.          (seem full of worry.)
    Standing NPC 2: Ajah fedruid uin Home, fa sicd
                    meja uh! E uhmo ruba E ys ypma.
                                                 (Even without our Home, we must)
                                                 (live on! I only hope I am able.)
    Standing NPC 3: Lrycat po fiend! Fa yna ymm  (Chased by fiend! We are all)
                    jano denat, yht jano clynat. (very tired, and very scared.)
    Sitting NPC 1:  E red so rayt frah dra creb cruug.
                                             (I hit my head when the ship shook.)
                    Huf E ryja y misb!       (Now I have a lump!)
    Sitting NPC 2:  Hu desa vun daync yht cruidehk!
                    Ymm fa sicd tu ec napiemt uin Home!
                                             (No time for tears and shouting!)
                                             (All we must do is rebuild our Home!}
    [FG is foreground, BG is background.]
    Left FG NPC:    Ouin vyla, E ryja caah ed pavuna.
                    Banrybc eh dra dasbma yd Baaj?
                                               (Your face, I have seen it before.)
                                               (Perhaps in the temple at Baaj?)
    Right FG NPC 1: Fryd femm E tu? So tumm!       (What will I do? My doll!)
                    E mavd ed eh Home!             (I left it in Home!)
    Right FG NPC 2: Pid fa cyo "muca cusadrehk bnaleuic,
                    veht cusadrehk ajah suna bnaleuic".
                                            (But we say "lose something precious,)
                                            (find something even more precious".)
    BG Window NPC:  Ed ec utt du vmo eh y creb     (It is odd to fly in a ship)
                    tnykkat vnus dra ulayh vmuun!  (dragged from the ocean floor!)
    [Now, if you talk to Brother after the next set of cutscenes...]
    Brother: Vydran! Fa vuiht Yuna!                (Father! We found Yuna!)
    Cid:     Frana!?                               (Where!?)
    Brother: E femm cruf oui!                      (I will show you!)
    [then a little later]
    Cid:     Cad luinca du Bevelle!                (Set course to Bevelle!)
             Vimm cbaat yrayt!                     (Full speed ahead!)
    Brother: Nukan!                                (Roger!)
    [After these cutscenes...]
    Window NPC: Ed ec y pyddma sucd tyhkanuic.    (It is a battle most dangerous.)
                Dyga drec fedr oui.               (Take this with you.)
    [gives you Al Bhed Potion x4]
    [If you talk again...]
    Window NPC: E ryja mejat drnuikr pyt,         (I have lived through bad,)
                pid E vayn funca ec lusehk.       (but I fear worse is coming.)
    Other NPC:  Tu dra Yevon funsc drehg          (Do the Yevon worms think)
                du gemm ic ymm?                   (to kill us all?)
    Brother: Cruud!                               (Shoot!)
             Fa'na mucehk bufan!                  (We're losing power!)
    Cid:     Rao!                                 (Hey!)
    Cid:     E caa Bevelle!                       (I see Bevelle!)
    [I'm not 100% positive about Cid's "Hyo" line here. Correct me if I'm wrong.]
                           | Airship (after Zanarkand) |
    Brother: Frana du huf?                        (Where to now?)
    Brother: Frana? Frana?                        (Where? Where?)
    Lakkam:  E fuhtan frana femm dra              (I wonder where will the)
             airship ku vnus rana?                (airship go from here?)
    CARGO BAY 1:
    Nimrook: E sicd dnyeh un dra airship          (I must train or the airship)
             femm nup sa uv so siclmac!           (will rob me of my muscles!)
    Berrik:  Yevon vuiht dra bmyla uv uin Home 
                                               (Yevon found the place of our Home)
             Banrybc fa fana vummufat?         (Perhaps we were followed?)
    Eigaar:  E muhk vun dra cyhtc uv Bikanel. 
                                                (I long for the sands of Bikanel.)
             Tacand ed syo pa, pid drana          (Desert it may be, but there)
             ec hu bmyla mega rusa!               (is no place like home!)
    Eigaar:  Dra munt Mika, yh ihcahd?            (The lord Mika, an unsent?)
             Pid E cyf res eh Luca.               (But I saw him in Luca.)
    Judda:   Oui yna y dnyedun, hu?               (You are a traitor, no?)
             Drah oui yna uha fedr dra Al Bhed!
                                             (Then you are one with the Al Bhed!)
    Blappa:  Dryd fyc vencd desa paehk            (That was first time being)
             cu lmuca du Sin!                     (so close to Sin!)
    CARGO BAY 2:
    Standing NPC 1: Fa mavd getc uh dra knuiht.   (We left kids on the ground.)
                    Cyvan vun dras.               (Safer for them.)
    Standing NPC 2: Draca drehkc rana pamuhk du Secdan Rin,
                   (These things here belong to Mister Rin,)
                    Drao yna hud ouinc du dyga!   (They are not yours to take!)
    Walking NPC:    Fa tuh'd ghuf ruf Sin femm nayld.
                                            (We don't know how Sin will react.)
    Sitting NPC:    E vehymmo ryja vekinat uid ruf
                    ed ec dryd drec creb ec sujat.    
                                              (I finally have figured out how)
                                              (it is that this ship is moved.)
    Left Window NPC:  Fedr drec creb, najahka ykyehcd dra
                      vummufanc uv Yevon femm pa uinc.
                                             (With this ship, revenge against the)
                                             (followers of Yevon will be ours.)
    Right Window NPC: Dra Sin E cyf eh dra niehc (The Sin I saw in the ruins)
                      fyc lyms. Fro ec drec?     (was calm. Why is this?)
    Brother: E ryja du fynh oui                  (I have to warn you)
             drehgehk ec hud so vunda.           (thinking is not my forte.)
    Brother: Cu ev oui fyhd y bmyh               (So if you want a plan)
             ku du cusauha amca.                 (go to someone else.)
    Brother: E ryja du vmo dra airship huf.      (I have to fly the airship now.)
             Kuutpoa.                            (Goodbye.)
                   | Airship (after seeing Mika at Highbridge) |
    Lakkam:  E fyhd du pa y dub bmyoan,        (I want to be a top player,)
             syho daysc E fyhd du dno.         (many teams I want to try.)
    [Sorry, I haven't a clue what that last word is.. I must have noted it down
    wrongly. Anyone know what he's actually saying there?]
    CARGO BAY 1:
    Nimrook: Dra yka uv dra dasbmac ec bycd,   (The age of the temples is past,)
             Huf lusac dra yka uv machina!     (Now comes the age of machina!)
    Berrik:  So vneaht, ra fahd du Baaj du     (My friend, he went to Baaj to)
             aqbmuna. Ra dumt y cduno...       (explore. He told a story...)
    Berrik:  Eh dra tacandat dasbma drana, vyehdmo
             dra Rosh uv dra Vyodr lyh pa raynt!
                                           (In the deserted temple there, faintly)
                                           (the Hymn of the Fayth can be heard!)
    Berrik:  Syopa ed ryc cusadrehk du tu      (Maybe it has something to do)
             fedr dra aeons E drehg.           (with the aeons I think.)
    Berrik:  Baaj ec bmyla uv socdano.         (Baaj is place of mystery.)
             Socdano fundr aqbmunehk, hu?      (Mystery worth exploring, no?)
    Berrik:  Eh yhleahd desac y dasbma fyc eh Baaj.
                                          (In ancient times a temple was in Baaj.)
             Huf ed ec y hacd vun fiend uhmo.  (Now it is a nest for fiend only.)
    Berrik:  Drana ec knayd dnaycina           (There is great treasure)
             eh dra tacandat dasbma, drao cyo. (in the deserted temple, they say.)
    Berrik:  Pid y knayd fiend mejac drana duu,
                                              (But a great fiend lives there too,)
             yht kiyntc dra dnaycina.         (and guards the treasure.)
    Eigaar:  Dra munt Mika, yh ihcahd?            (The lord Mika, an unsent?)
             Pid E cyf res eh Luca.               (But I saw him in Luca.)
    Judda:   Pudr, Yunalesca yht Mika fana tayt,
                                             (Both, Yunalesca and Mika were dead,)
             oad drao lmihk du Spira dekrdmo.   (yet they clung to Spira tightly.)
    Blappa:  Paehk uh creb ec pyt vun raymdr.   (Being on ship is bad for health.)
             Mad ic gelg dra blitzball!         (Let us kick the blitzball!)
    CARGO BAY 2:
    Standing NPC 1: E ys kmyt oui syta ed pylg vnus Bevelle.
                   (I am glad you made it back from Bevelle.)
                    Drao teth'd famlusa ic mycd desa. 
                   (They didn't welcome us last time.)
    Standing NPC 2: Drana ec silr du pio,       (There is much to buy,)
                    cu tu hud pa cro!           (so do not be shy!)
    Walking NPC:    Ev oui yna bnabynat, fa lyh (If you are prepared, we can)
                    yddylg Sin yd yho desa!     (attack Sin at any time!)
    Sitting NPC:    Frah oui pyddma fedr Sin    (When you battle with Sin)
                    E femm pa cehkehk duu, oac! (I will be singing too, yes!)
    Left Window NPC:  Syho uv uin vneahtc teat eh dra yddylg
                     (Many of our friends died in the attack)
                      uh Home. Hajan femm E vunkeja dra dasbmac.
                     (on Home. Never will I forgive the temples.)
    Right Window NPC: Femm dra baubma uv Spira mecdah
                     (Will the people of Spira listen)
                      du dra lymm yht cehk vun ic? 
                     (to the call and sing for us?)
                           | Airship (attack on Sin) |
    Brother: Vydran! E ghuf fryd du ica!        (Father! I know what to use!)
    [a few lines]
    Brother: Fyed!                              (Wait!)
    Brother: Rikku, you... guard!
    Left Window NPC:  Oui femm vekrd Sin ymuha, hu?
                                                (You will fight Sin alone, no?)
                      Pafyna edc duqeh!         (Beware its toxin!)
    Right Window NPC: Syga cina du lralg ouin axiebsahd
                                               (Make sure to check your equipment)
                      pavuna kuehk uid uh talg! (before going out on deck!)
    CARGO BAY 2:
    Sitting NPC:    Mayja dra creb du so ryhtc! (Leave the ship to my hands!)
                    Oui ku huf du dra talg!     (You go now to the deck!)
    Standing NPC 1: E femm cehk rana duu!       (I will sing here too!)
                    Kuut milg!                  (Good luck!)
    Walking NPC:    Dra knyjedo, ed pahtc!      (The gravity, it bends!)
                    Yht fedr Sin yd dra lahdna! (And with Sin at the centre!)
    Standing NPC 2: Tu oui ryja ymm dryd oui haat?
                                                (Do you have all that you need?)
                    Dymg du Secdan Rin!         (Talk to Mister Rin!)
    Lakkam:  E tu hud nih ynuiht eh byhel!      (I do not run around in panic!)
             Ruba vun dra pacd, bnabyna vun dra funcd!
                                       (Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!)
    Blappa:  Cuuh ec dra vehym pyddma fedr Sin!
                                              (Soon is the final battle with Sin!)
             Ruf jano aqledat E ys!             (How very excited I am!)
    Judda:   Byntuh sa. Cu clynat fyc E dryd    (Pardon me. So scared was I that)
             E pakyh du dnaspma ymm ujan!       (I began to tremble all over!)
    Eigaar:  Ev ajano suidr eh Spira cehkc,     (If every mouth in Spira sings,)
             fa syo feh drec pyddma.            (we may win this battle.)
    Nimrook: Amtan Cid ryc knayd luinyka!       (Elder Cid has great courage!)
             E sicd maynh du pa mega res.       (I must learn to be like him.)
    Berrik:  E ryja vyedr oui femm tu drec drehk,
                                            (I have faith you will do this thing,)
             E femm cehk, duu, vun E pameaja.   (I will sing, too, for I believe.)
    Brother: Cruud!                             (Shoot!)
    Cid:     Fryd, fryd?                        (What, what?)
    Brother: Fa yna bimmat po Sin!              (We are pulled by Sin!)
    Rikku:   Sin's pulling us in!
    Cid:     Everyone, back inside!
    Brother: Duu myda! Ed lusac!                (Too late! It comes!)
    Cid:     Nayto? Vena!                       (Ready? Fire!)
    (airship fires)
    Cid:     Yeehaw! Where next?
    Brother: Ed ec ujan.                        (It is over.)
    Cid:     Fryd? Fa ryja uhmo pakih!          (What? We have only begun!)
    Brother: Pid dra syeh kih, ed ec pnugah!    (But the main gun, it is broken!)
    Cid:     Dr-Dryd lyhhud pa!                 (Th-That cannot be!)
    Brother: Vydran!                            (Father!)
             E lyhhud pameaja fryd E caa!       (I cannot believe what I see!)
    Cid:     Pameaja ed, cuh! Drao'ja           (Believe it, son! They've)
             tuha ed! Ed ec rybbahehk!          (done it! It is happening!)
    Brother: Rikku, aqlammahd!                  (Rikku, excellent!)
                      | Airship (before final Sin battle) |
    Brother: Femm Sin dnimo nadinh ykyeh?      (Will Sin truly return again?)
    Lakkam:  E ghuf ed femm hud tu du byhel,   (I know it will not do to panic,)
             pid E tu hud ghuf ruf du pa lyms! (but I do not know how to be calm!)
    CARGO BAY 1:
    Nimrook: Frah dra desa lusac, E femm vekrd,
                                              (When the time comes, I will fight,)
             Sin! Rana ec pacd crud!           (Sin! Here is best shot!)
    Berrik:  Frah dra pyddma ec ujan,          (When the battle is over,)
             fa femm bmyo blitz uhla suna!     (we will play blitz once more!)
    Eigaar:  Oui femm yddylg Sin rayt uh?      (You will attack Sin head on?)
             Dnimo y knayd fynneun yna oui!    (Truly a great warrior are you!)
    Judda:   E fecr dra pyddmac                (I wish the battles)
             fuimt pa ujan...                  (would be over...)
    Blappa:  Syga drec pyddma dra mycd!        (Make this battle the last!)
             Fa yna luihdehk uh oui!           (We are counting on you!)
    CARGO BAY 2:
    Standing NPC 1: Tu hud pa mywo!            (Do not be lazy!)
                    Sin ec nekrd pavuna ic!    (Sin is right before us!)
    Standing NPC 2: Ed femm pa y pyddma sucd jeumahd!
                                               (It will be a battle most violent!)
                    Lralg dryd oui ryja ymm oui haat!
                                               (Check that you have all you need!)
    Walking NPC:    Oui yddylg vnus dra vnuhd? (You attack from the front?)
                    Ed ec y lnywo, pid tamekrdvim bmyh!
                                             (It is a crazy, but delightful plan!)
    Sitting NPC:    Uin creb ec eh dub cryba!  (Our ship is in top shape!)
                    Huf, ku yht vamm dra knayd Sin!
                                               (Now, go and fell the great Sin!)
    Left Window NPC:  Fa femm lrynka ehdu Sin, hu?
                                               (We will charge into Sin, no?)
                      Mad ic tu knayd pyddma!  (Let us do great battle!)
    Right Window NPC: Dra syeh kih ec vehecrat.(The main gun is finished.)
                      Ed E lyhhud nabyen.      (It I cannot repair.)
                        | Airship (at final dungeon) |
    Brother: Oui ku uhdu Sin uhla suna, ar?   (You go onto Sin once more, eh?)
             Mayja ed du sa!                  (Leave it to me!)
    Brother: Fa femm vmo yhofrana             (We will fly anywhere)
             oui fyhd du ku!                  (you want to go!)
    Lakkam:  Rikku yht Yuna yna               (Rikku and Yuna are)
             eh ouin ryhtc.                   (in your hands.)
    CARGO BAY 1:
    Nimrook: Ruf fyc ed ehceta Sin?           (How was it inside Sin?)
             Syho veahtc drana, E drehg.      (Many fiends there, I think.)
    Berrik:  So vneaht, ra fahd du Pyyz du    (My friend, he went to Baaj to)
             aqbmuna. Ra dumt y cduno...      (explore. He told a story...)
    Berrik:  Eh dra tacandat dasbma drana, vyehdmo
             dra Rosh uv dra Vyodr lyh pa raynt!
                                           (In the deserted temple there, faintly)
                                           (the Hymn of the Fayth can be heard!)
    Berrik:  Syopa ed ryc cusadrehk du tu      (Maybe it has something to do)
             fedr dra aeons E drehg.           (with the aeons I think.)
    Berrik:  Baaj ec bmyla uv socdano.         (Baaj is place of mystery.)
             Socdano fundr aqbmunehk, hu?      (Mystery worth exploring, no?)
    Berrik:  Eh yhleahd desac y dasbma fyc eh Baaj.
                                          (In ancient times a temple was in Baaj.)
             Huf ed ec y hacd vun fiend uhmo.  (Now it is a nest for fiend only.)
    Berrik:  Drana ec knayd dnaycina           (There is great treasure)
             eh dra tacandat dasbma, drao cyo. (in the deserted temple, they say.)
    Berrik:  Pid y knayd fiend mejac drana duu,
                                              (But a great fiend lives there too,)
             yht kiyntc dra dnaycina.         (and guards the treasure.)
    Eigaar:  Hajan ryja E druikrd uv vmoehk    (Never have I thought of flying)
             ehdu Sin! Hud ajah eh tnaysc!     (into Sin! Not even in dreams!)
    Judda:   Kuehk ehceta Sin...               (Going inside Sin...)
             E cyhk eh vnekrd yht fuimt hud cdub!
                                            (I sang in fright and would not stop!)
    Blappa:  Frah dra Lyms lusac, fa femm bmyo (When the Calm comes, we will play)
             aylr tyo! Huf fa sicd dnyeh, dnyeh!
                                             (each day! Now we must train, train!)
    CARGO BAY 2:
    Standing NPC 1: Uhla dra Calm lusac,           (Once the Calm comes,)
                    Home sicd pa napiemd.          (Home must be rebuilt.)
    Standing NPC 2: Ymm dryd ec rana ec yd ouin    (All that is here is at your)
                    tecbucym! Pa bnabynat!         (disposal! Be prepared!)
    Walking NPC:    Mad ic tacdnuo Sin             (Let us destroy Sin)
                    uhla yht vun ymm!              (once and for all!)
    Sitting NPC:    Dra creb ec veha, ajah         (The ship is fine, even)
                    ehceta Sin, E drehg.           (inside Sin, I think.)
    Left Window NPC:  Sin cedc cdemm. Ed sujac hud.(Sin sits still. It moves not.)
                      Ed caasc du fyed vun ic.     (It seems to wait for us.)
    Right Window NPC: Ev uhmo dra syeh kih fungat, (If only the main gun worked,)
                      fa luimt cruud Sin tufh!     (we could shoot Sin down!)
                        | Sanubia Desert (revisited) |
    Sitting Al Bhed: Drana'c hudrehk ujan drana... (There's nothing over there...)
                     huf dryd Home ec kuha.        (now that Home is gone.)
    Sitting Al Bhed: Pid drah, fa cdemm            (But then, we still)
                     ryja blitz, oui caa?          (have blitz, you see?)
    Sitting Al Bhed: Dra pymm...                   (The ball...)
                     E drehg fa vunkud cusadrehk.  (I think we forgot something.)
    [Note: The following NPC and cutscene are only present if you are playing the 
    International or PAL version of FFX]
    Al Bhed Woman:   So lremt ec mucd eh           (My child is lost in)
                     dra niehc uv Home             (the ruins of Home)
    Al Bhed Woman:   Bmayca, ramb sa               (Please, help me)
                     du veht so lremt!             (to find my child!)
    [Yes/No choice. If you choose No, the conversation ends and nothing happens.]
    [You walk off]
    Al Bhed Woman:   Frana ryc cra kuha?           (Where has she gone?)
                     E femm lralg ujan rana        (I will check over here)
    Al Bhed Woman:   Oui lralg po dra lmevv.       (You check by the cliff.)
                               || ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ||
    Squaresoft, for making the Best. Game. EVER.
    CJayC for running a fantabulorifficent website and hosting this FAQ.
    The supremely useful Al Bhed translator at
    http://pixelscapes.com/twoflower/albhed.html. I don't know what I'd do 
    without it... probably go insane trying to translate letter by letter. Ugh.
    Until next time..
                                                 --Xythar Darkmoon, Master Magus

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