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    60Hz PAL Code FAQ by TopherAU

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 09/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        Final Fantasy X
                     60Hz PAL code FAQ v2.2
                 By Lord Ramza
    ____/ Contents \_______________________________
    0. Updates
    1. Legal/Contact
    2. Introduction
    3. Requirements
    4. The Pros
    5. The Cons
    6. The Code (Xploder Version)
    7. Credits
    ____/ Updates  \_______________________________
    v2.3  Added credits to Nachbrenner, finally.
    v2.2  Removed the Action Replay code. I have received several
          reports that it was faulty, and none that it worked.
    ____/ Legal/Contact  \_________________________
    This guide is (C) 2003 Chris Sheridan. Please don't copy this guide
    or post it on other sites without my permission.
    You can contact me via the following:
    GameFAQs Message Boards as "Lord Ramza"
    AOL Instant Messenger as "LordRamza03"
    E-mail through "lordramza@@myway..com" (remove the extra @ and .)
    ____/ Introduction \___________________________
    Welcome to the 60Hz PAL code FAQ. This FAQ will guide you through
    how to play the PAL version of Final Fantasy X in 60Hz. The original
    version of the game did not include this option for one reason (see
    ____/ Requirements \___________________________
    To play in 60Hz, you will need the following:
    - A PlayStation2
    - A copy of the PAL version of Final Fantasy X
    - An Xploder or an Action Replay (a GameShark should do as well)
    - An NTSC-compatible television
    ____/ The Pros \_______________________________
    When playing in 60Hz mode, the enormous borders on the top/bottom of
    the screen are reduced greatly (if not completely for some people).
    The framerate is faster, resulting in faster gameplay and smoother
    graphics. The game will look overall better because everyone won't
    be squished, and Tidus won't run slower than a frozen Shoopuf.
    ____/ The Cons \_______________________________
    There is really only one disadvantage to playing in 60Hz mode: The
    audio during CG sequences skips. This is why there is no 60Hz option
    normally. Because the audio in the CG videos is played in 50Hz, and
    the video in 60Hz, the audio will be chopped off at regular intervals
    (at about every second). Square would have had to include 2 versions
    of each movie file, but there was no disc space left. All I have to
    say is if you think the CG sequences are important or you are a
    first-time player, you should not play with this code on.
    There is a minor side-effect that conflicts with some codes on the
    Xploder. There is a code you need active (not the MasterCode) for
    some other codes (they're mostly in-battle codes) that causes the
    60Hz code to stop working. The Y-axis will be out of alignment and
    the game will be in 50Hz.
    ____/ The Code (Xploder Version) \_____________
    Ensure you enter the MasterCode along with any other MasterCodes
    for the game as this one is different.
    Also note that this has only been tested on the Xploder v2.
    F01000A4 0000000E
    202D98E0 24120002
    2011AE48 24060002
    2011AEA0 24060002
    002D9B80 00000050 - If the Y-axis is still out of alignment,
                        adjust the "50" between 00-FF.
    002D9BE0 00000000
    002D9C28 00000000
    002D9CA8 00000000
    ____/ Credits \________________________________
    I have finally (Thanks to gothi) found out who created this code!
    Credits go to Nachbrenner <nachbrenner@xploderfreax.de>

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