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    No Sphere Grid Initial Equipment FAQ by KADFC

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       No Sphere Grid Initial Equipment FAQ/Walkthrough
        For Final Fantasy X
         Started Challenge on: 07/21/04
          End Challenge on: 07/30/04
           This FAQ was Started on: 07/23/04
            First Submitted to Gamefaqs on: 8/01/04 at 4:44 PM Pacific Time
             Current Updated Version Submitted on: 8/01/04 at 4:44 PM Pacific Time
              Version 1.0 Best Viewed in Courier New Size 10 Font
               Email at: New_KADFC@hotmail.com
         Table of Contents
           I. Intro
          II. Initial Equipment
         III. Customization and Recommendations of Initial Equipments
          IV. Tips
           V. No Sphere Grid Initial Equipment Guide
          VI. Game Challenges Done by Author
         VII. CREDITS
       As of right now, I'm currently on Mi'hien Road when I just started writing
       this guide. I know Gamefaqs has a lot of combinations of NSG Challenges. The
       first one is written by Dustman and Xharas. Then there were two alternative
       ones: NSNC by Gestahl and NSNO by Thundaka. Before I've started this
       challenge, I've read some of these guides to get my feeling of what the hell
       I'm suppose to do. I haven't played a regular NSG before. But since TrueDFX
       said that this challenge should be possible, I decided to take it. In hopes
       of sharing my knowledge, I've started writing this FAQ. I hope this file
       won't have more MB than the others, but I do talk a lot in my other FAQ.
       Added Later, this FAQ have been resumed after I have defeated BFA. Even
       though during that whole time I didn't write down any notes or strategies,
       I did a lot of saves while I was doing this challenge. Meaning that I
       could easily resume during any part of the game and pick out stuff that
       I need clearing out
       NOTE: This is my 6th FAQ
       This challenge is going to be a little bit different from the other ones
       that I've listed. Like all NSG Challenges, you can't use the Sphere Grid, or
       rather you're not suppose to have anyone using their S.Levels at all. I will
       allow Flee to be learned, if the player himself allows it. The Initial
       Equipment part will make it more interesting.
       For one, you can only stick with the equipments you got from the beginning
       or rather you can't change any of the equipments already setted by the game
       itself. So just don't equip any other equipments and your fine.
       You won't be able to capture any Monster Arena Monsters. You are not allowed
       to equip any other equipment manually, this includes the Legendary Weapons
       as well. You can't hope that a monster drop a weapon/armor that gives you
       an advantage in battle.
       However, since others take such so much out of Overdrives, Summons, and
       Customization, we will use them to our advantage.
     Stats of Characters in NSG -
                HP   MP  STR  DEF  MAG  MDE AGL LUCK EVA ACC
      Tidus     520  12  15    5    5    5  10  18   10  10
      Wakka     618  10  14   10   10    5   7  19    5  25
      Yuna      475  84   5    5   20   20  10  17   30   3
      Lulu      380  92   5    8   20   30   5  17   40   3
      Kimahri   644  78  16   15   17    5   6  18    5   5
      Auron    1030  33  20   15    5    5   5  17    5   3
      Rikku     360  85  10    8   10    8  16  18    5   5
                   Initial Equipment
    (Note*) = Tidus Stats with Long Sword (No Ablities) at beginning, but due to
               Storyline, he gets the Brotherhood from Wakka. This is still
               considered Initial Equipment because I didn't change it myself.
    (Note2) = Brotherhood can't (can not) be customized.
       Tidus     Brotherhood      Strength +5%
                                 (Empty Slot)
                                 (Empty Slot)
                                 (Empty Slot)
                 Buckler         (Empty Slot)
       Wakka     Offical Ball    (Empty Slot)
                 No Armor
       Yuna      Staff           (Empty Slot)
                 Ring            (Empty Slot)
       Lulu      Moogle          (Empty Slot)
                 Bangle          (Empty Slot)
       Kimahri   Hunter's Spear   Sensor
                 No Armor
       Auron     Katana           Piercing
                 Bracer          (Empty Slot)
       Rikku     Claw            (Empty Slot)
                 Targe           (Empty Slot)
          Customization and Recommendations of Initial Equipments
         To be honest, if you're taking this challenge, you should be lucky
         because I included this section. I, on the other hand, had to compermise
         and think if it was really worth it, the power to give those abilites to
         those one timers (weapon and armors). Hoping that you won't regret that
         action for the rest of the challenge.
       Tidus     Brotherhood      Can't Customize
                 White Shield     Ice Proof*          
       Wakka     Breakaway        First Strike
                 No Armor
       Yuna      Wind Rod         First Strike
                 Haste Ring       SOS Haste***
       Lulu      Moogle          ( Read Below )**
                 Bangle          ( Read Below )**
       Kimahri   Hunter's Spear   Can't Customize
                 No Armor
       Auron     Katana           Can't Customize
                 Bracer          ( Read Below )**
       Rikku     Vanguard         First Strike
                 Haste Targe      SOS Haste ***
    Iceproof     =  8 Arctic Winds
    First Strike =  1 Return Sphere
    SOS Haste    = 10 Chocobo Feathers
     * -  The Ice Proof can be given to either Tidus or Yuna, but since this is a
          one time thing against a boss. I choose Tidus because of Brotherhood. It's
          not helpful, but Tidus' Overdrives are helpful. You decide.
     ** - Since I did beat this challenge without putting any abilites in these
          slots, you can put whatever. Some Recommendations that I would like to
          give are the abilities Evade and Counter/First Strike and SOS Haste/
          Auto Phoenix/Master Thief. I just gave them First Strike and SOS Haste
          near the end of the game, and yet they weren't of any good use.
     *** -I don't quite remember these SOS Hastes being useful or not, but at one
          time I did remember them to be useful. A good reason why Rikku should have
          it is to steal more than without this ability equipped
         1. Like in all NSG Challenges, Run Away from all unnessecary battles. Like
            the ones that have a louzy items to steal and even if you did kill them,
            they give louzy gils.
         2. To activate SOS Haste, have that person be KOed in the previous battle.
            After that battle, don't heal them, they'll have 1 HP, making them have
            Haste when they first enter the game.
         3. Since Rikku was the first person that I gave First Strike to you should
            do this. This is for fleeing purposes that I find useful. Have her be
            in slot 3 and Tidus in Slot 4. Since Rikku has First Strike, she'll get
            the first turn, so get the list out and press confirm to change to
            Tidus and then use flee. After Battle, swap the slots Tidus with Rikku
         4. I like to offer you to try out cursor memory instead of cursor initial.
            It goes great with using Steal and Use. Plus summoning the same Aeons
            over again. For Flee, it's the best thing ever.
         5. Since we aren't equipping any other equipments, do pick them and sell
            them for a lot of gils. Use them to buy stuff and also for hiring people
            to play Blitzball. Don't try to get any Dark Matters, it's not needed
            for this challenge, trust me. I thought I needed as well, but I never
            did use it. Instead try to get a Return Sphere (First Strike). It's
            rather common for it so show up, really.
         6. If you get stuck in this challenge and find that this FAQ doesn't
            really give any good tactics against a particular boss, please refer
            to the original NSG FAQ. None of the NSG can really help you since
            there main tactice got to do with changing the initial equipment. No
            offense to those authors or anything.
         7. Do try to pickup all avaliable chests along the way. Even if it's
            very crappy, do remember you can sell them off.
         8. Getting into battles and escaping them are good for your aeons, until
            a certain point. After 600 battles, there is no need to into random
            battles for this purpose anymore.
         9. Blitz Ace isn't needed in this challenge. It's possible to beat this
            challenge without it.
         10.I advise you to read further on because I might not have mention
            something that I wanted you to do, so read further on to figure out
            how I'll win certain battles. I don't want to responsible if you
            need start over because I didn't tell you to pick up a certain item.
            Even though, I've done my best to limit these factors.
         11.You must've collected all the Al Bhed Primers from a previous save.
            If you don't, you'll miss out on all the cheap parts of this game.
            Not really fully cheap because you have to use strategy to use
            them. The 99x Underdog's Secret I mean, from Rin on the Airship.
            In that case, you'll have to fine an alternative for what I use.
                        No Sphere Grid Initial Equipment Guide
          The Challenge starts at Zanarkand, but this really isn't a lot to
          do here. Just get pass everyone. The bosses are really not that hard at
          all. Heal yourself when necessary. Now I'm gonna skip all the way to
        Besaid -
         Still not a lot you can do right now. Open Chests. Head for the temple,
         take a nap at Wakka's Place. Visit the temple again. Do the Trial and use
         the destruction sphere to open the chest, this is for Anima BTW. More
         Storyline. After that you'll get the Brotherhood. What I thought was going
         to make this challenge easy was indeed false, read initial equipment to
         know why. Go talk to the Shop Owner to know about her dog. Then head for
         a house nearby Wakka's Place. Go talk to the dog to get Valefor's Second
         Overdrive, Energy Bomb. Don't buy anything. Now head for the docks.
        (You'll meet up with Kimahri in the process, but don't worry. Attack and
         Heal with Potions. This should be easy enough.)
        S.S. Liki -
         Go to the bottom floor and kick a bag to get 20 Free Potions. Give Oaka
         some fund if you want, I did. I had plenty of money so I gave like 1000.
         Just for the heck of it.
        *Boss Battle* Sin
         You don't really need Aeon's Overdrive to beat this guy. Just take your
         time to kill the little minions. They indeed give you more Gils afterwards.
         I advise you to kill as much those guys as possible. Sin is no threat and
         he will never be one in this battle. Kimihri seems to be the best person
         his this battle, he heals himself when using his Lancet. Heal with Yuna
         only, she has too many MP and why not waste them. Build up Wakka and Tidus'
         Overdrive and don't use them. Save them up for the next boss.
        (After you beat Sin, Sinspawn Echenilles is next)
        *Boss Battle* Sinspawn Echenilles
         Open the battle with your overdrives. Then on Wakka's turn, use Dark Attack
         and have Tidus attack or heal. Keep attacking him and healing when needed.
         Collect Chests like always. Don't fight Ochu, or until you get Ifrit that
         is. Head for the next Boss Battle
        *Boss Battle* Geneaux
         Use Valefor's Energy Bomb Twice and that should end it instantly.
         Enter the Temple and get the Chest needed for Anima. Even after you get
         Ifrit, I still wouldn't face Lord Ochu if I were you. IMO, not really worth
         This is where this challenge really gets different from the ress. Search
         every where and open all the Chests. You'll get some really good Spheres
         needed to mix in the future. When Yunas being captured, you'll encounter
         a Save Sphere, Save. Now you'll need up get Hi-Potions, about 50 of them
         to be safe. Hi-Potions are dropped by the only robots running around and
         attacking you, so they are common and the only ones you can encounter. You
         should use only Lulu Thunder attack. Its the fastest way to beat them.
         If you use Tidus and Wakka, you'll only be wasting your time. One Thunder
         to kill each robot, easy enough. For me, the author, I got 80 Hi-Potions
         just in case I did needed it for the future. Trust me, 50 is good enough.
         More if you like. Hi-Potions will be buyable and a common drop later on,
         but not before the battle you'll need it. So stock up on it, or you'll
         regret it later on, like I did.
        *Boss Battle* Oblitzerator
         Use Lulu's Fury Thunder to quickly activate the crane, if you don't have
         it, then just cast Thunder on the crane. Have Tidus and Kimahri use defend
         before that, just don't attack the boss yet. After Tidus has operated the
         crane sucessfully, then you can do whatever you want to it.
         After the battle, you can win the Blitzball Tournament or not. Doesn't
         matter. You your Overdrives for the upcoming battles. Use Wakka's Overdrive
         when you face against the pack of 4s, my advise.
         Auron will join your party shortly, a battle in the process as well. Have
         Wakka use Dark Attack, Auron use Power Break, and keep on attacking after
         that. More Storyline. Go back into Luca and sign up Wedge and Jumal into
         your blitzball team. Sign them up for 10 Games, no more no less. You can
         add more if you want, but that isn't needed. You can fire Keepa, since
         you do have Jamal now, fire Botta as well when you get the chance.
        Mi'ihen Road
         Open all the chests here. Run away from most battles, but there is two
         enemies I want you to use Lancet on. Dual Horn and Bomb, for Fire Breath
         and Self Destruct. Very important to get. Talk to people as well to get
         some common items. Start powering up your overdrives and don't use them.
         Proceed to the inn and save. Buy at least 10 Grenades and Maps. Also make
         sure that you have a good handful of phoenix downs, 30 should be good
         enough, you have the money right? Of course you do. Talk to Rin to get
         good items and then it's time to face the Chocobo Eater, Save before going.
        *Boss Battle* Chocobo Eater
         First, use your Aeon's Overdrives. I beated this guy with 3 Aeon Overdrives
         1 from Ifrit and 2 from Valefor. Valefor got two because it evaded two of
         the Boss' Punches. Finish it off with the rest of the party's overdrives.
         Save Self-Destruct for last and use phoenix downs whenever an ally is down.
         If that still doesn't work, use Sonic Wings and use Fire on Ifrit to get
         some more power out of the aeons.
         Now go back into the Inn and sign up Ropp as part of your blitzball team.
         Rent a chocobo and ride it to Mushroom Road Rock. Storyline...
        Mushroom Rock Road
         As you run to the command center, talk to peps to get some items. Open
         some Chests as well.
        *Boss Battle* Sinspawn Gui
         I took a different approach for this boss. Use the Aeon's Overdrive to take
         down the head. Auron uses Power Break. After that have Lulu and Kimahri use
         Fire and Lancet. You can use Auron to take down the arms and then attack,
         but I prepare just attacking the body head on.
         After this battle, there will be one of the same thing. Don't sweat it.
         Seymour can handle this one by himself anyways, just let him cast *aga
         spells on the body only. You don't worry have to worry too much about the
         head. Just use phoenix downs on fallen allies. Keep on using Lancet and
         sooner or later, you'll win. Long battle though. Storyline.
        Road to Djose Temple
         Talk to everyone thats in the path. Encounter a fiend called Basilisk and
         have Kimahri learn Stone Breath from it.
        Djose Temple
         Open all the chests nearby and get the chest from the temple as well. A
         whole bunch of storyline.
         On the way there, make sure to get all the chests and no need to fight the
         summoners battle. You won't need it. Save before riding the Shoopuff, then
         ride the shoopuff.
        *Boss Battle* Extractor
         This is the first real challenge in this game. He opens up with Aqua Shoot,
         which deals damage to one person. Use a potion to recover that guy and have
         the other one attack. He would start going up and charging for his next
         attack, so in the mean time attack twice. He uses his attack now and you're
         close to being dead if he uses that attack again. So for this turn, just
         have everyone recover with Hi-Potions, to get their full HP back.
         You have to keep on recovering yourself until a certain situation happens.
         You have to get 3 consecutive turns, plus one of your characters must get
         an overdrive. Use two of the turns to heal and the third one to use the
         overdrive. You need about 11 or 12 Overdrives to beat this guy. If you used
         a Overdrive, put on your next turn you didn't get two consecutive ones,
         then just use a mega-potion. For my battle against him, I used two of them.
         Both Tidus and Wakka's Overdrive do the same ammount of damage, relativly.
         Slice and Dice should be gotten in this battle. If not, make sure to get it
         after the battle by fighting fiends. About it doesn't make a lot difference
         if you get 2 or 3 Lighting Symbols in Wakka's Element Slots.
        Moonflow to Guadosalam
         Now go get Rikku. Mix 2 Power Spheres instead of the Bomb Core. There will
         be a couple of random battles here that have chests, steal from them to get
         Mega Potions. This will get you back the used Mega Potions in the Extractor
         battle, if you used any that is.
         Do the whole storyline first. Get the Lighting Marbels near the path to the
         Farplane. Now to replace any Nul Shock Armor needed in any other games, we
         must get First Strike on someone's weapon. I pick Rikku because I want some
         quick mixes before any boss does anything nasty. You could pick Yuna, but
         I decided to pick Rikku instead. For us to get First Strike on a weapon, we
         must get a Return Sphere. So Save your current game, go to the Save Sphere
         and go into Blitzball. In the League, try to get the Return Sphere as
         the 1st Prize or the Top Scorer's Prize. If you are lucky, you can maybe be
         able to get the Return Sphere as part of the tournment, so you won't need
         to play this many games. If that happens, just stick with which tourny
         requires less matches to get the prizes. Shoot with Tidus a lot, Jecht Shot
         it, and soon you'll win that Return Sphere. Give Rikku the Vanguard and
         proceed to the Thunder Plains.
        Thunder Plains
         Take advantage of Rikku's First Strike weapon and flee all the battles,
         Swap her for Tidus and Flee if needed. Race yourself to the Thunder Plains
         Inn and Save
         Now we must do some stealing for the upcoming battles.
         Item            Ammount     Stolen From
         Electro Marbles      25+     Aerouge and Gold Element
         Chocobo Feathers     10+     Cactuars
          (To let the Cactuars out, you must pray at least once to a cactuar stone)
         Silver Hourglass     10+     Rare Steal from the Dragons
         Light Curtains        5+     Iron Giant
         Lunar Curtains        5+     Larvae
         Try to open most of the chests as well in this area, I know it's gonna be a
         toughy. Oh well, none of the chests are really needed anyways.
        Macalania Forest
         Learn Aqua Breath from the Chimera. Sell off any equipments if you think
         you're short in cash. You don't really need neither actually. Get everyone
         into overdrive mode though, this is needed against the upcoming boss.
         Steal Ar
        *Boss Battle* Spherimorph
         For one, you don't need to heal, if you do you'll only have wasted a turn.
         Start with Rikku in your party to get 2 turns in the beginning. Make good
         use of her Mix. Attack once to find out the element than use her mix to
         opposite of that element. Use other elemental items as well, also use other
         elemental attacks as well, like Lulu's Magic, Aeons, and Kimarhi's Ronso
         Rage attacks.
         Storyline and Auron learns Shooting Stars. Head to the Macalania Inn and
         Save. Buy until you have 40+ Phoenix Downs. Go outside and steal at least
         8 Arctic Winds from the Ice Flans and at least 5 Sleeping Powder from the
         Snow Wolves. Get everyone's Overdrive full. Go back inside and save if
         you want.
        (NOTE) Due to the fact that the encounters of enemies increases Aeons'
          status. Here are my stats for the Aeons that I have so far. If you have
          anything less than these HP, I advise you to get into more random battles
          before you move on with the rest of this FAQ.
          Valefor - 1169
          Ifrit   - 1547
          Ixion   - 1545
        *Boss Battle* Crawler
         This battle is tough if you don't know what you're doing. Setup your
         party so that it is Rikku, Wakka, and Tidus. Have Rikku use a Chocobo
         Feather on herself. Then use Electro Marbles Negator on the Negator until
         it comes down. Swap Yuna in and summon Ixion, quickly use the Overdrive.
         After Ixion dies, have Rikku use her Mix Lighting Bolt. Then do the same
         thing for Ifrit. If ever an Aeon uses a Overdrive, but is not killed.
         Quickly heal them up because it takes a while for the Mana Beam to
         recharge. If you're truly skilled, you would use Shield more often and not
         attack it directly. If you did attack it directly, he would counter and
         your aeon would lose more than half it's full HP. Use your shield to charge
         up your Overdrive bar instead. I can actually beat this boss with
         2 Aeons and you could to, it doesn't take luck, it takes skills.
         If this boss is stupid enough to send out his Negator before he shoots
         with Mana Beam, then your in luck. Because you might get a shot at a
         second Aeon's Overdrive, like I did. If you find it hard to kill the
         Negator. Keep having Rikku throw Electro Marbles at Crawler, not Negator,
         to charge her Overdrive bar up, revive her and use Lighting Bolt again.
         Lightning Marble and Level 2 Key.
        *(NOTE: No Matter What! Don't use Yuna's Grand Summon)*
         (                      Don't use Kimarhi's Overdrive)
        Macalania Temple
         Storyline... and after that Save before entering in. This could be tricky,
         but I've done this a few times, to know the routes of this battle.
        *Boss Battle* Seymour and 2 Guado Guards
         You'll enter the battle with Yuna, Tidus, and Kimarhi, just perfect isn't
         it. First, have Tidus use Talk on Seymour to raise his attack. Then Swap
         Yuna for Rikku, she should get 2 turns now, throw a Silver Hourglass at
         them and then use a Chocobo Wing on Tidus to speed up the process.
         Hopefully Tidus won't be the next one killed after you've used this. On
         Kimarhi's turn, have him use Stone Breath to take the Guado Guards away.
         Next Seymour should cast a magic and kill one ally, hope it better not be
         Tidus. If it hit's Rikku, then good, he might as well fill her Overdrive
         Bar for this battle or the next battle. Have Tidus attacking Seymour and
         revive all fallen allies. Soon he'll summon Anima.
        *Boss Battle* Anima
         I'm not gonna give you the full details, but here is the full background
         of what I want you to do. Whoevers turn it is, Swap Yuna in and Grand
         Summon Shiva. Then her instantly unleash her Overdrive. It doesn't matter
         if Anima uses 1 or 2 Pains on her, she won't die. Just to let you know,
         her Blizzard heals ~500 and her Blizzara heals ~1000, keep this in mind.
         Now I want you to build up a second, healing in the process. If Anima's
         Overdrive bar is full, be smart and use shield, you better have at least
         400 though when she does this. When the coast is clear, meaning she has
         full HP and a full overdrive bar, unleash it again.
         Now heal up again. Use Shield when needed. One thing though, his Pain
         should be dealing ~500 so, you better know when to use shield and when to
         heal because you don't have enough MP to last this long in the battle, so
         use your MP wisely. Now for the last thing I want you do to with her. Have
         her refill her Overdrive one more time. As long as you get it, quickly
         dismiss her. Then have Yuna summon Ifrit and have him attack until all of
         Anima's HP is gone. Once Anima dies, Seymour will kill Ifrit. Hope when the
         party back and fight, that Yuna's turn will come up before Seymour's. If
         her turn doesn't, try to have Rikku use a Chocobo Feather on her. If this
         doesn't work, you can use Rikku's Mix Sleeping Powder + MP Sphere. If
         Yuna's turn does come before, have her summon Shiva agains and use the
         Overdrive to get an instant win. This is what I did BTW. She did like ~6100
         After the battle, it's time for you to do the Trials, make sure to get the
         chest though before you leave. After this, head outside and Save nearby
         Oaka. Flee from all encounters with the Guados and anyone else.
         Save at the next Save Point. If you don't have a Sleeping Powder, steal
         some from the wolves. Get Rikku and Shiva's Overdrive bar up
        *Boss Battle* Wendigo
         This battle should be easy enough. Have Rikku use Chaos Grende (MP Sphere
         and Sleeping Powder). Then Summon Shiva onto the field. Keep on using
         Heavenly Strike. Even when it wakes up, keep using it. Soon he'll throw a
         punch at Shiva. Since he's Blined during that punch it'll miss, but it'll
         refill Shiva's Overdrive the process. Use a 2nd Diamond Dust to end it.
        Bikanel Island
         The storyline will take place here later on. Gather everyone up in the
         process and head for Home.
        *Force Battle* Zu
         Just defend, until Auron and Lulu appears, than flee from battle
         Then everything after that, just flee all of them. Get Overdrive for Rikku,
         Kimarhi, and Auron.
         Also, I almost forgot, steal at least 25+ Smoke Bombs from the Birds
         around here. I used a lot in the future, but since I used up my batch, I
         hope you won't. There will be a Sandagora in your way, just use Auron's
         Shooting Star to Eject that bastard out of battle.
         Since I have not made up any strategy for this place, I will stick with
         the NSG's strat and summarize it here.
         Get Rikku's and Kimahri's Overdrive ready.
         Put Rikku in the party.
         Battle 1: Use Potatoe Masher (Map+Map)
          Have Rikku in the party, but not Kimarhi
         Battle 2: Swap Rikku for Kimarhi and use Stone Breath
          Save on the Save Point, Powerup Kimarhi's Overdrive by having both Rikku
          and Kimarhi in party. Have Rikku Escape and let Kimarhi powerup. Take
          Kimarhi out, Rikku in.
         Battle 3: Swap Kimarhi in and use Stone Breath.
        Pick up the Level 4 Key after battle and open all the chests, more storyline
        -Go talk to Rin and get those 99 Underdog Secrets
        -After the scence that talks about the fiends are on board, Save and
         encounter some bombs. Steal from them and get Bomb Core. They aren't really
         needed, but why not steal something new. Who might know, you may find it
         useful later on, I didn't though. Added Later: I did find some use for them
         Steal at least 8, more or less if you will.
        -If you are thinking about playing some blitzball anytime soon, for Dark
         Matters maybe, if you feel a little bit not too confident about this
         challenge. If so, you should add Nimrook onto your team. He is by far the
         greatest Goalie ever.
        -Overdrive Kimarhi, Auron, and Rikku. Then pick two out of Lulu, Wakka, and
         Tidus and Overdrive them as well; Needed for the boss fight.
        *Boss Battle* Ervae
         Well, for this battle, I decided to take a chance. I had Tidus and Lulu,
         and Rikku was using the Quartet of 9999, I didn't have the items needed for
         the Trio, so I used Underdog Secrets with a Level 3 Key instead. Start the
         battle with Smoke Bomb. Then use QO9999 and hope that it hits the person
         you want. For right now it doesn't really matter, just make sure that
         person isn't Rikku. No ways you could've obtain any elemental gems.
         (Added Later: Nevermind, I do have the items needed for TO9999, use a
          Underdog Secret with the Level 4 Key you got from Home)
        *Force Battles*
         #1 - With First Strike Rikku, throw 2 Smoke Bombs
         #2 - Have Rikku use a Chocobo Feather on her self.
              Use a Silver Hourglass on the Enemy
              Swap Rikku for Auron, use Shooting Star on the Robot
              Swap Tidus (aka Next Ally) for Rikku, use Sleeping Powder
              Than use a Sleepin Powder or Smoke Bomb
         #3 - Like before, two Smoke Bombs
         $4 - You could use the #2 Strats again, or something else like this.
              Chocobo Feather on Rikku, SIlver Hourglass on enemy
              Sleeping Powder on enemy, Bomb Core on Robot,
              Hopes Robot doesn't kill Rikku, Revive fallen ally if needed
              Keep on using Bomb Core on enemy, just 2 needed
         #5 - Chocobo Feather on Rikku, Throw Bomb Core at Robot,
              Get Kimarhi out and use Stone Breath, Use one more Bomb Core to end it
      Go to the Bevelle Temple and get the chest from there as well. More Storyline
      Make sure that you get the tressure chest on the left side of where you exit
      this place. You can use the Destruction Sphere and still not get the chest
        Via Purifco
         Walk forward and Save. Then keep on walking forward. You can escape from
         most battles here, except for the one called Maze Larvae. Don't touch any
         pads and keep on walking straight. Soon you'll meet up with Auron. Save.
        *Force Battles* Maze Larvae
         There are two ways to end this battle, I prefer you use 1. If not possible
         than use 2.
        1. If Yuna is alive, summon Bahamut and use Thunderaga for a instant win.
           Larvae might just kill Yuna if you don't get first attack. Use 2 then.
        2. Have Auron keep on using Hi-Potions on himself until he gets a full
           Overdrive. Then use a Shooting Star and eject it.
         And before facing Issaru, It will be best if you overdrive Valefor, Ifrit,
         and Shiva. At least that's what I did.
        *Summoners Battle* Issaru
        #1 Ifrit - Summon Valefor and Overdrive
        #2 Valefor - Summon Ifrit and Overdrive, unleash a second one as well. Use
                     Shield in the process as well and remember to heal.
        #3 Bahamut - Summon Shiva and Overdrive. Keep on using regular attacks when
                     he's counting down, Shield when his Overdrive is full, Heal
                     when Shiva has HP around 500. Two Overdrive should do it
         Now it's back to Tidus and Company. Save if you want and keep swimming
         foward. You'll face a boss that is extremly easy.
        *Boss Battle* Evrae Atlana
         In the first two battles scence, have everyone just use 'Open Lock.' Don't
         worry about who he kills or not, they'll be back from the next round
         anyways. On the third battle scence just have Rikku use 2 Phoenix Downs,
         and from what I see, this is a Overkill as well.
       Upper Bevelle aka High Bridge
        Walk to where Seymour is at. Save there as well. If you don't have enough
        Phoenix Downs, this is the time to stock up on some. Now you must decide
        before fighting Seymour. You must give either Tidus or Yuna the Iceproof.
        Like I said before, I choosed Tidus because he has a crappy weapon.
       (Added Later, I'm not sure if this helps or not, but if you are getting
        really pissed on this boss, I like to suggest giving Yuna's Weapon First
        Strike. Sooner or later, she'll get it anyways. So as a First Attack, you
        should use Bahamuts Overdrive to take away a total of 10000 away from Natae)
       *Boss Battle* Seymour Natux
        Well I'm just going to describe what you need to do beat this guy without
        First Strike. In the beginning, both bosses will attack everyone. Just hope
        that either Yuna or Kimarhi is alive when it's your turn, meanig you've two
        people to use. For my battle, Yuna and Tidus was alive. When you get your
        turn again, Tidus should be first. Swap him for Rikku, use a Chocobo Feather
        on herself. Swap Yuna for Tidus and change weapons, making his turns under
        Rikku's. Have Rikku use TO9999 or QO9999, I kinda chanced it and used QO
        instead. When it's Tidus' Turn, hoping that he got the QO, use Slice and
        Dice. Hope that 4 out of the 6 hits Seymour, if so this battles end. If
        not, read below to get some inspiration.
       (Copy and Paste, from the Message Boards)
        For my battle today, I only got 3 hits instead, but I can't believe that I
        could still win. After the Slice and Dice, Netus used Protect on himself
        and then the Crab like thingy killed Tidus, which meant Rikku was the only
        one left. Then I looked at the Turns Column and Rikku had two turns. OMFG!
        So I went to my laptop and read all the FAQ about what I should do, but
        sadly I didn't find any. But in your FAQ, Thundaka, he said that you used
        Dragon Scales and I wanted to revive Yuna and use her Bahamut Summon to
        finish him off. He only had 3200+ left. Then I sent like 20 minutes thinking
        what I should do.
    #1: Revive Yuna and use Chocobo Feather on Yuna hoping that his turns will come
        out before the bosses
    #2: Well, there isn't a second option, but the Dragon Scales.
        So I sticked with #1 and revive Yuna and then tried the Feather out, no
        use. So I then decided to use the Scales on him instead, I had no choice. It
        dealed like 1000+. Then the miralce happened. His partner used Cura on Netus
        and Netus used Break on Rikku and Yuna was left standing. I had Yuna summon
        Bahamut the battle was over. What a great Battle, ey?
       Calm Lands
        Not much to do here. Storyline/Talking. Don't do the summoner's battle yet.
        For one thing, you have a very low chance of beating them and the second
        thing is, it will hardly improve your future battles, for this time. But you
        should really try to get 3 or more chests in the Chocobo Race, they'll give
        you 30 Wings to Discovery. Use two of them in a mix to get TO9999. But I
        think'll be better if you mix Wings of Discovery with something else to get
        TO, it'll save you time to get more mixes, but you don't really need it.
        Overdrive Tidus, Lulu/Wakka, and Rikku. Have the Overdrive party up.
       *Boss Battle* Defender X
        Use a Chocobo Feather on Rikku, then use a Smoke Bomb on X. Then Mix a
        TO or QO of 9999. Doesn't matter who it lands on. Tidus can use Slice and
        Dice, Lulu can use Fury, and Rikku can keep on using Grenades or use a
        Elemental Gem.
        Mt. Gagazet
        *Boss Battle* Biran and Yenke
         This battle is very simple. Have cursor on memory, set Lancet on Birna.
         After that, keep on pressing X. Doesn't matter if you learn White Wind or
         not, it's not used in this battle anyways. Use Aqua Breath to damage them,
         but when Biran uses Mighty Guard, start using Jump after that.
        Mt. Gagazet Trails
         Well, it's that time again. Another hard boss up ahead. This is strategy,
         but most of it base on luck. This, IMO, is one of the hardest battle in
         this challenge, not strategy wise, but time wise. If you lose once you
         have to watch all that talking over again. Nevermind, I just tested this
         battle out. It's not hard at all. Apparently Lulu's Fury attack didn't
         reflect back. So Overdrive Lulu, Tidus, and Rikku. Give First Strike to
         Yuna and Wakka's Weapon as well. Have Rikku, Yuna, and Wakka in your first
         slots. I know for a fact that the last battle with Biran made them drop
         Return Spheres, 2 of them.
        *Boss Battle* Seymour Flux
         Have Rikku change weapons to get her to the bottom of the turns. Swap
         Wakka and Yuna for Lulu and Tidus, and have them change their weapons as
         well to lower their turns under Rikku. Now have Rikku use TO9999. Now the
         rest of this is based on luck, and when I tested this out, I was rather
         lucky. Remember the whole battle rests on the next two moves that you do.
         Have Tidus use Slice and Dice. On my test, 5 of the 6 hits made it to
         Seymour. Seymour would then cast Protect and Reflect on himself, but that
         doesn't matter. Now have Lulu cast Fury and hope you get 8 like I did.
         With luck, Seymour would be dead and it's time to move on even further.
         Do the whole thing with Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka. After that it's about time
         to face the next boss. Need to Save, just in case anything happens.
        *Boss Battle* Sanctuary Keeper
         Easy. Rikkus Change weapons, Swap one of the First Strike people for Tidus,
         have him change weapon as well. Rikku uses QO or TO of 9999 and Tidus uses
         Slice and Dice, end of that battle.
        Yevon Dome
         Charge up Tidus, Lulu, and Rikku's Overdrive. After that, flee from all
         battles. Complete the Trial and you can't get the tressure from this place
         until after you get the Airship. Save before approaching Yunalesca
        *Boss Battle*
         Easy as well, with strategy though.
         Form #1 - Have Rikku use TO 9999, Tidus and Lulu Cures. Use Grenades or
                   Elemental Gems on him. Heal everyone up with Hi-Potions or Mega-
                   Potions, before killing this form. Try to give Tidus a Chocobo
                   Feather as well. So he can have the first attack against the
                   next form.
         Form #2 - Boss attacks party, not killing them, but turning them into
                   Zombies. Have Tidus use Slice and Dice.
         Form #3 - Boss casts Mega Death, it doesn't effect your party. Have Lulu
                   use Fury, aim for 7. Having 6 won't kill her, meaning Slice
                   and Dice won't kill her.
         Exit this place and the Airship will come
         Storyline and a lot of talking. When you get the chance, go back to the
         Zanardkin/Yevon Dome and get that last tressure chest, so that you can get
         Anima now. Go to the Baaj Temple, find it yourself
        *Optional Boss* Geosgaeno
         Have Rikku use TO or QO of 9999. Rikku use Gems, Tidus use Slice and Dice,
         and Wakka use Attack Reels. I didn't have Attack Reels, so just have him
         attack. I had to restart over.
         Go inside and get Anima from the Fayth.
         Next goto the Remiem Temple in the Calm Lands. Now battle Belgemine's Aeons
         Fight all of them, but you won't fight Anima because you didn't get
         Yojimbo, not needed anyways. You only need to fight up to Shiva. You may
         fight Bahamut as well, but it isn't needed. The Aeons that give the best
         items are, 1st time only:
         Ifrit = 30x X-Potions         = Aeon Learns Cura
         Ixion = 10x Chocobo Feathers  = Aeon Learns Haste
         Shiva = 60x Mega-Potions      = Aeon Learns Curaga
         Let Anima Learn all of these spells. As you probably know know, Anima will
         now play a great part against BFA. Cura is optinal, since you have Curaga.
         Now do a little checkup on Anima. If Anima have a HP Max of 5090, then
         perfect. If not, that means you gotten into less than 600 Battles. Worry
         not, there are some battles that I want you do to, it's for stealing items.
         Even if you reach 5090, I would like you to increase that even more. I
         made her HP to be about 6090, just so that I can have more free room to
         deal damage with Pain. If you want to go to the same direction like I went
         Then keep on fighting Ixion to get 8 Power Spheres. IMO, this is the best
         way to get Power Spheres fast. It only took me half a hour to reach my
         goal. Oh, just keep on casting Pain on Ixion, you won't die.
         PS. You could also increase Anima's Defense, Agility, and MP as well.
         Go to the Thunder Plains and Steal up to 6 Light Curtains for Protect
         Steal up to 4 Silver Hourglasses for Slow.
         Go to the Calm Lands and Steal up to 10 Mana Springs from the Coerl for
         Teach these to Anima as well and now we are almost done with teaching Anima
         Also for consideration: Focus, Luck, Cheer, Reflex
         Now it's time that we face sin. Set all the First Strikers in the front
         line. Overdrive for Tidus, Rikku, and Lulu.
        *Boss Battle* Sin's Left and Right Fin
         There both the same, so we use the same strategy. Summon Anima and keep on
         using Pain. After 10 shots at each arm, the battle is over. Heal with Cura
         or Curaga if you get anywhere around 1000 HP.
        *Boss Battle* Sinspawn Genais
         Have Rikku change weapons. Swap the next person for Tidus, change weapons.
         Swap the next person for Lulu, change weapons. Rikku now uses TO9999. Tidus
         uses Slice and Dice, enemy dead. Now for the Core. Have Lulu use Fury up
         to a minimum 4 Times.
         Now lets prepare for the last battle. Overdrive Rikku, Wakka and Lulu.
         Make sure you have a few Elemental Gems. Fire Gems are easy to find in
         Mt. Gagazet Trails, steal from the bombs. A Chocobo Feather or Wing is
         would be nice, but isn't necessary. First Striker in the front as always
        *Boss Battle* Sin
         Have Rikku change weapons. Swap Yuna for Lulu, change weapons. Wakka change
         weapons. Then have Rikku use TO9999. Wakka use Attack Reels or just do a
         regular attack and have Lulu use Fury. If still not finished, have Rikku
         use the Elemetal Gems. Easy battle, ain't it?
        Inside Sin
         Flee from all battles until you reach the next boss, aka Last Seymour. Do
         try to Save before fighting him though. Overdrive for Rikku, Lulu, and
         maybe Wakka if needed. First Strikers in the front again.
        *Boss Battle* Seymour Omnis
         Have Rikku change weapons. Swap Yuna for Lulu, change weapons and have
         Wakka change weapons as well. Have Rikku use TO9999. Wakka use Attack Reels
         and Lulu use Fury, but remember not to select Fire, as that would only heal
         him, rather than kill him.
         Now it's about time to face BFA. If you haven't taught Anima the mentioned
         spells/abilities listed above, do now. If you already did proceed on. Do
         Save before fighting BFA.
         My Anima's Stats, I may have added a lot to his stats, I'm not sure.
         HP         6090          MP             130
         Strength     65          Defense         75
         Magic        67          Magic Defense   69
         Agility      30          Luck            17
         Evasion      44          Accuracy        20
                         Pray (Not needed)
                         Doublecast (Not needed)
                        White Magic
                        Black Magic   (Added Only)
        *Last Boss* Braska's Final Aeon 1st Form
         Since, Yuna's the only one with a First Strike weapon on her, we will
         indeed make good use of it. Your opening party will be Tidus, Yuna, and
         Auron; You can't change this fact. So I'll just make this as simple as
         possible, later I'll explain what I've tried before or attempted to do so.
         Just Summon Anima and you'll win this battle easily, but this won't be
         short battle.
         Once Anima is out, have it cast Protect on himself first. Then cast Haste,
         followed by Cura/Curaga, if you think your HP is low.
         Now, there is one thing you have to do first. You have to slow down each
         the stupid Pagodas . You'll have to cast it on them. It might say miss
         though, but after a few tries it'll work.
         Curaga will fill up your Anima's HP all the way, even at 6090 HP.
         BFA's Jecht Bomber will do about 2300 when you don't shield, so do try to
         try to remember to shield if you think he'll unleash it during his turn.
         But Since I have 6090 HP, I can take like 2 of these and I'm still ok.
         The Pagados can't really do anything to you, but the problems is that they
         keep on healing BFA, that's the reason why we must slow them down. If not,
         Anima's Pain won't be effective in this battle.
         BFA's hand/wind pushing attack really works against Anima, it will delay
         his turns, but it helps you rather than hurt you. This will give you the
         advantage or chance of using Pain on him. Using Pain does take a long time
         to recover you know.
         Before kiling off the 1st form, I advise you do use Cheer, Luck, Focus, and
         Reflex a total of 5 times each. This will make his attacks do less damage
         and you'll increase your dealing damage by 3000, which totals 14000~ from
         my battle. By doing this, this will also increase the numbers of turns you
         can get in a row.
         If your low on MP, use Osmose on the Pagodas. They have unlimited ammounts
         of MP for your convience. And when you're using Osmose, you can get a turn
         very quickly.
         Here are some numbers:
         At 5 Cheers and Shield
         Jecht Bombs does about ~400 - ~500
         Other attacks ranges from 100 - 300
        *Last Boss* Braska's Final Aeon 2nd Form
         His Sword Swipe acts like a delay attack, so does his hand slam/push.
         His Sword Swipe can miss a lot, if you have used Relex in this battle or
         last form. It does about 700 with Shield and many Cheers, same with other
         attacks as well.
         When you have used Reflex many times, still use Pain even if it saids BFA
         has two attacks after you've used Pain. His attacks will miss or be very
         weak. But still try to use Shield right before Jecht Bomb though. Sometimes
         it's best to chance it, espically when you have full HP.
         When BFA has 20,000 Hp or less, use Oblivion to end this battle.
         Congratz! You've just completed one of the funniest Challenges for FFX!
           Ever! Ever!
       With this strategy, I've beaten BFA twice. Once for the record books, the
       second time to write this FAQ. I'm playing this guy as I'm writing this
       part write now.
       The rest of the game, like some other NSG author said before, I won't go
       into details. You know why? I figured out why, while I'm typing this.
       You Can't Die! Ever! You always have Auto-Life on your peoples. Even if
       they do die, the Auto-Life will still be there.
       Now listen to this, I'm going to describe it the best I can. With a lot of
       luck, you can get BFA 2nd Form's HP down to 50,000 left. I did this before
       and believe that someone can actually beat him. I, on the other hand, have
       decided not to test this out. This is meaning, beat him without depending
       so much on aeons, like Anima. Read more for the facts and figured.
      *NSGIE on BFA without Depending on Aeons*
       With Yuna's First Strike Weapon, I can make the first 10 moves without
       making anything different. The rest will be determines by your luck.
       First Swap Rikku for Yuna, and Use Chocobo Wing
       Then Swap back Yuna and Summon Anima. Let him be killed by Jecht Bomber
       Then it should be Tidus' Turn now. Use Talk
       Auron's Turn, Swap for Lulu. Have Lulu change weapons
       Swap Yuna for Rikku. Use TO9999
       Have Lulu use Fury, if your lucky, BFA should have 7,000~ left
       Swap Tidus for Yuna, and summon Bahamut and Overdrive it.
       Again on luck, Bahamut will evade most attacks, until the Jecht Bomber
       After Bahamut is killed, Jecht will use Jecht Beam on one person.
       If he doesn't use Jecht Beam, and decided to use Sword Swipe, then
        your dead.
       The rest of this is determines by luck. If 2 of the guys are still alive,
       this is what you must do. Swap this one for Tidus and Use Blitz Ace. This
       will knock BFA's HP to 30,000~ left. Then BFA kills Tidus leaving Rikku left.
       This is where I was at. Rikku was still alive and since she had the 9999 on
       her, and if she used an Elemental Gem, I would be really close of beating
       him. But even if I did, he would have a couple of HPs left and another thing,
       when Rikku was the only one left, antoher Pagoda was back up. Dare to try
       this out?
                   Game Challenges Done by Author
    Not to brag about my accomplishments or anything. These are the challenges
     I've done when I've started to become a true gamer. And I've also listed some
     of the challenges that I'm wanted to do and complete.
     Final Fantasy IX:   Level One Game
                         No Equipment Game
                         Excalibur II
                         Perfect Save Without Maxing Stats
     Final Fantasy VIII: No Junction Game
                         ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves)
                         Perfect Game (Maxing out every stats, except for Speed
                                       and Luck)
     Final Fantasy VII:  Initial Equipment with No Materia Challenge
                         Perfect Game (With Best Materia Combo for everyone,
                                      missing one KOTR though, until I have 8 KOTR)
                         Lowest Average Level Game (LAL)
                         Lowest Level Party Game (LLP)
                         Speed Run (Bottom of Crater at 9:47)
     Final Fantasy X:    Perfect Game
     Super Marino RPG:   ODINS (One Days In No Saves)
                         Perfect Game
     Zelda OOT:          Perfect Game
    Other Challenge I hope I can complete in the future:
     Final Fantasy X:    NSGNCNONS
                         ODINS (One Days In No Saves)
     Final Fantasy X-2:  Six Iron Dukes (I got 5 so far, working on 6)
                         Level One, One, Two Game
     Final Fantasy IX:   Attack and Item Only Game
                         ODINS (One Day In No Saves)
     Zelda OOT:          Three Hearts, No Death, Minimum Requirements Game
                         ODINS (One Days In No Saves)
     Zeld MM:            Three Days Game (Even better than ODINS)
     Super Mario RPG:    Level Three Game
     Starcraft:          Get over 1000 wins (Currently have 700s)
     If you don't know what ODINS is, it stands for 'One days in No Saves.' Also
     known as a No Save Game, except that you have to beat it within 24 hours. The
     concept of a No Save game doesn't really explain it's true meaning. You can
     just leave the system on and go to sleep and by tomorrow you can play it some
     more. That isn't a real challenge. ODINS give you the full name that you
     should do it. It's a very enduranced base challenge. You must know the game
     very well and you must not sleep throughout the whole process, even if you're
     using a automatic turbofire controller.
        This section if for all the credits I want to give out. They've said or have
        given me knowledge about this game, but for this FAQ. I won't say what they
        have been advice on. Only their names are listed. I'm doing this because
        I've never been good at crediting people in my FAQ anyways. I always make
        people flame on me. Like for the one I did on FFVII, O well. I hope they
        This will now be listed accordingly to whoever posted on my topic first
        and the rest will be credited to inspiration alone, nevermind I'll just mix
        it for god sakes.
        juarezmj (aka Ultra Spark)
        Dark Locke
        rake handle weilder
        Ah The 2nd
        CJayC of Gamefaqs
        Last, but not least, KADFC the author of this FAQ. Well that raps it up!
        Hope no one is dissapointed on this FAQ. I did type it up in 3 days BTW.

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