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    No Grid/Summon/Customize/Overdrive FAQ by Dark Locke

    Version: 0.88 | Updated: 03/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          Final Fantasy X
                    NSGNSNCNO Challenge Guide
                    By : Dark Locke
                    Version 0.88 (Beta 5)
    LEGAL DISCLAIMER : This FAQ is Copyright 2004 by "Dark Locke".
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document
    are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site other than 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.
    NOTE : This guide contains SPOILERS so only read past if you've beaten the
    I. Contents
    I.    Contents
    II.   Version History
    III.  Introduction
    IV.   FAQ
    V.    Mini-Walkthrough
    VI.   Braska's Final Aeon
    VII.  Special Thanks
    II. Version History
    Beta 1
    OK I decided to restart this project it is currently a WIP.
    BFA strategy is incomplete. Some strategies won't work!
    0.5 (Beta 2)
    Fixed boss strategies. All of them are tested except BFA.
    0.8 (Beta 3)
    Completed fixing of all boss strategies (Except BFA).BFA theory by Blitz_Ace469 
    is added!
    Resubmitted FAQ to GameFAQs
    0.81 (Beta 3-Release 2)
    Tweaked a few things
    0.85 (Beta 4)
    Removed some wrong and some pointless points from strategies. (Thanks, Thundaka)
    Also added some extra info and tips 
    for BFA.
    Version 0.88 (Beta 5)
    Put capturing in a seperate section.
    Updated Omnis and Sin strategies.
    Other minor changes!
    III. Introduction
    NSG = No Sphere Grid
    NS  = No Summon
    NC  = No Customize
    NO  = No Overdrive
    So far, the challenge has not been completed yet, but we have reached BFA. 
    I'm not sure if he's possible but most likely, he is. Included is an incomplete 
    strategy for him and some ideas!
    A.You may not the Sphere Grid at all. Do not move on it, nor activate any node.
    B.You may not use the Summon and Grand Summon except in four times which are 
    forced by the game and these are:
      1-Against Garuda in the tutorial battle in Besaid
      2-Against Grothia
      3-Against Petyria
      4-Against Spathi
    C.You may not customize any equipment.
    D.You may not activate any Overdrive command except in two times which are 
    forced by the game and these are:
      1-Auron's OD against Sinspawn Ammes
      2-Rikku's Mix OD in a tutorial battle after acquiring her
    -IT is NOT recommended that you try this 
    challenge during your first playthrough or 
    your second. This challenge requires extreme 
    patience, experience and luck.
    For example: You might need to fight Greater 
    Sphere more thab twenty times to get a certain armor for someone and each fight 
    takes 90 minutes. O_O!
    (you wait for his Doom 
    Counter to drop from 255 to zero)
    Any wrong move you make during then, 
    could lead to Game Over.
    -It is recommended that you've completed 
    the game AT LEAST once and you've done 
     NSGNSNC and NSGNSNO challenges in order 
    to gain the necessary skills.
    NOTE: This FAQ isn't just mine. This FAQ
    wouldn't have been possible if it weren't  for 
    the efforts of NSGNSNCNO players who 
    had the spirit to try this challenge and 
    post their progress in the NSGNSNCNO 
    topics on the FFX GameFAQs board.
    These people are:
    Dark Locke
    Yunas Secret Child
    And any others I might've missed.
    IV.  FAQ
    A. Characters
    Tidus : Useful for surviving random battles because of Sonic Steel so always
    put him in the main party
    Auron : He has the highest HP so he might be able to survive an attack or two
    (Especially early on) and he's nice to have with Rikku while she's Stealing
    and he can also inflict Power Break
    Rikku : VERY USEFUL with Steal and Use she's the best character in NSGNSNCNO
    and she is the main damage dealer in this challenge
    Wakka : Wakka is useful in a NSGNSNCNO. His highest usefulness
    is causing Blind status via Dark Attack which can be useful against fiends that
    use strong physical attacks and his T.K.O weapon(Stonetouch) can be useful
    early on although it's not required. His Rematch (Evade&Counter makes going 
    through the Calm Lands,Gagazet and the Zanarkand Ruins  LOT easier) 
    is useful too!
    Yuna : Cure is useful early on as is Esuna. nothing else is really terrific
    about her in a NSGNSNCNO challenge. Also  
    Yuna's HP is odd so if you use a Phoenix  Down on her, her HP will be in the 
    Low HP range. So, if you have SOS Haste equipped , it'll be activated 
    automatically. (this helps against Spectral Keeper.
    Lulu : Her elemental attacks are a little useful early on. Her high evade also 
    helps.  Otherwise nothing is really good about her.
    Kimahri : He has the second highest HP after Auron so he might be useful for 
    surviving some attacks. Lancet is also useful 
    for lowering fiends' HP while capturing
    B. Escaping
    Since the party is weak it is best to just run away from battles and
    Escaping is very simple. Equip Sonic Steel on Tidus so he begins first with
    First Strike then choose the Escape command. Of course, as long as ONE party
    member escapes you cannot get a game over.
    Your other members will be hurt badly but they'll be revived after battle
    with 1 HP and then just use Cure or some Potions to heal them.
    Before you get First Strike (Sonic Steel) the monsters are fairly easy and you
    can escape easily.
    C. Stealing
    You can Steal once you get Rikku and Stealing is fairly dangerous because of
    your low status but ,however, Stealing is almost required since a lot of the
    good items can be stolen. You can perform stealing in one of two ways :
    A.Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel. He'll begin first so let him Escape and once
    he escapes you're safe so let Rikku Steal until she dies.
    B.Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel and when his turn occurs swap in Rikku and
    Steal , however this method is more dangerous and you can get annihilated
    in the process.
    So whatever method you choose always Steal near a save point so you're safer.
    D. Equipment abilities
    Below are the useful abilities that you can get from buyable/dropable equips
    1-SOS Nulblaze (Casts NulBlaze at low HP)
    Nulblaze Shield (Tidus) : Pickup from Kilika
    Danger Armguard (Wakka) : Buy from Woman at South Moonflow
    2-Slowtouch (Occasionally causes Slow to the enemy)
    Stunning Steel (Tidus) : Buy from O'Aka at Luca
    3-Thunderstrike (Attacks with Thunder element)
    Scout (Wakka) : Pickup from Mi'hen Highroad
    4-SOS NulFrost (Casts NulFrost at low HP)
    NulFrost Armguard (Wakka) : Buy from O'Aka in Mushroom Rock Road (Near Clasko)
    5-SOS Nultide (Casts NulTide at low HP)
    Red Ring (Yuna) : Buy from O'Aka in Mushroom Rock HQ
    6-SOS NulShock (Casts NulShock at low HP)
    Serum Bracer (Auron) : Buy from O'Aka weapon shop at South Moonflow
    Danger Armguard (Wakka) : Buy from Woman at South Moonflow
    7-First Strike (Gives the holder the first move in battle even if ambushed)
    Sonic Steel (Tidus) : Buy from O'Aka weapon shop at Macalania Woods
    Weapons from the Monster Arena guy (Buy them)
    9-SOS Haste (Casts Haste at low HP)
    Haste Targe (Rikku) : Buy from Wantz at Mt.Gazaget
    10-Alchemy (Doubles the potential of healing items)
    Lifesaver (Tidus) : Crawler drops this
    Mirage Rod (Yuna) : Buy from Djose shop (After getting Airship)
    11-Stoneproof (Protects against Petrification)
    Soft Ring (Yuna): Talk to the first Crusader in Djose Highroad
    Get Stoneproof armor by defeating Demonolith (Inside Sin + Omega Ruins)
    E. Attacking with Items
    Once you get Rikku you can start using items through her "Use" command to
    cause damage/status to an opponent.
    Below are the useful items and how much damage they do :
    1-Dark Matter
    12500+ Damage to all opponents
    Win from Blitzball Leagues
    2-Supreme Gem
    9999 damage to all opponents
    Steal from Left Fin and Overdrive Sin
    Get 60 for Unlocking Greater Sphere from the Monster Arena
    3-Blessed Gem
    7500~ Damage to a single opponent
    Steal from Barbatos (Rare)
    4-Shining Gem
    6000 Damage to a single target
    Steal from Black Element (Rare) and Varuna (Rare)
    Get 60 for unlocking Espada in the Monster Arena
    5-Shadow Gem
    Halves all opponents' HP
    Steal from Sandworms
    6-Elemental Gems
    Does 5 hits against multiple opponents each doing 600 damage
    7-Poison Fangs
    Causes 2000 Damage to one opponents + Poison
    Steal from Nebiros (Calm Lands)
    8-Purifying Salt
    Does 1050 damage to all opponents + Dispel
    Steal from Fallen Monks in Zanarkand
    9-Bomb Core
    Causes Fire damage to one opponent (1000)
    Steal from Bomb B (Airship and Al Bhed Home)
    10-Smoke Bomb
    Causes 730 Damage to one opponents
    Steal from Alycone (Sanubia) and Condor (Besaid , Rare Steal) and
    Garuda C (Mushroom Rock Road)
    11-Arctic Wind
    Causes 960 damage to one opponent (Ice)
    Steal from Ice Flan (Macalania Snowfield)
    12-Lightning Marble
    Causes 960 damage to one opponent (Lightning)
    Steal from Aeoruge (Thunder Plains , Rare)
    Steal from Chimera (Macalania Forest , Rare)
    13-Dragon Scales
    Causes 960 damage to all opponents (Water)
    Steal from Octopus (Underwater Via Purfico)
    Steal from Phlegyas (Underwater Via Purfico)
    14-Electro Marble
    Causes 560 damage to all opponents (Lightning)
    Steal from Aeoruge/Gold Element (Thunder Plains)
    15-Fish Scale
    Causes 560 damage to all opponents (Water)
    Steal from Blue Element (Macalania Forest)
    Steal from Sahagin C (Underwater Via Purfico)
    16-Antarctic Wind
    Causes 560 damage to all opponents (Ice)
    Steal from Snow Flan (Djose , Moonflow)
    17-Bomb Fragment
    Causes 560 damage to all opponents (Fire)
    Steal from Red Element (Mushroom Rock , Djose)
    Causes 340 damage to all opponents
    Buy at various shops
    F.Surviving Elemental Attacks
    The key to surviving Elemental attacks is to use SOS NulXYZ armor this casts
    NulXYZ on the wearer when his/her HP is low!
    So basically equip NulBlaze Shield on Tidus and enter the battle with him at
    low HP and NulBlaze will be casted on him allowing him to survive all
    Fire attacks casted on him for the rest of the battle. (Until he's KO'ed)
    V. Mini-Walkthrough
    A. Zanarkand
    -Follow the storyline and fight the monsters and save!
    NSGNSNCNO Exception #1
    You'll be forced to use Auron's OD Dragon Fang in the boss battle
    Boss 1 Sinspawn Ammes
    Play this normally (You'll be forced to use Auron's OD Dragon Fang) but don't
    use Tidus's OD
    -Pick up the items and swim around! Fight the Sahagins! Geosgano'll eat 
    them and come to face you!!
    Boss 2 : Geosgano
    Attack until the battle ends
    -Pick up the Flint and the Withered Bouquet. I'm sure you know what to do 
    with it! >_>
    -LIGHT A FIRE! That's it! After doing that you'll fight the uber Klikk.
    Boss 3 : Klikk
    Attack him repeatedly. After hacking 750HP of Klikk's HP, Rikku'll come 
    and Klikk'll regain its HP. Now, have her Steal Grenades from Klikk and 
    use them! And have Tidus attack!
    C. Salvage Ship
    -After the SG tutorial, swim around and reach Tros
    Boss 4 : Tros
    Steal 3 Grenades from him then let Tidus attack while Rikku uses Grenades
    -When you reach Besaid make sure you grab the various treasures in the temple
    and village (Rod of Wisdom,Seeker's Ring are the most important)
    NSGNSNCNO Exception #2
    You'll be forced to take tutorials for Summoning so ignore the rules and
    Boss 5 : Kimahri
    Hack away at him using your sword (Warrior Sword or Brotherhood)
    Boss 6 : Sin
    Put Lulu,Wakka and Kimahri in the front row. Let Lulu use any of her spells
    and Wakka attacks while Kimahri uses Lancet or heals
    Boss 7 : Sinspawn Echuilles
    Only Wakka and Tidus fight here. Equip your strength boosting
    weapons and just attack  And make sure too keep your HP high.
    -In Kilika Pickup the various items around.
    Boss 8 : Lord Ochu
    Just attack it with Fire and Kimahri/Wakka/Tidus's Attack command and
    let Yuna use Cure/Esuna
    -TALK to the CRUSADERS and make sure you get the NulBlaze Shield from
    one of them
    -Put Lulu,Kimahri and Yuna in the front row before the next boss.
    Boss 9 : Sinspawn Geneaux
    This boss has Armor status so he can only be hurt by Kimahri's weapon so let
    Kimahri attack and Lulu uses Fire and Yuna heals them both
    -Pickup all the items in the temple.
    -Ride the S.S.Liki to Luca.
    -IMPORTANT  ITEM ALERT : Make sure you buy the Stunning Steel from O'Aka
    -Shopping Guide : (O'Aka in Luca)
    Tidus : Stunning Steel (Useful against some bosses)
    Wakka: Rulebreaker (optional)
    Buy some Potions and Phoenix Downs.
    Boss 10 : Oblitzerator
    Just use the Trigger command and Thunder 3 times on the crane then attack
    -For the monsters that come just attack and use Potions when needed
    -Auron will join you!
    B.Mi'hen Highroad ~ Moonflow
    -Collect 5000 Gil here as it will be important later
    -In the highroad pickup all the items
    -Make sure you get a Silencetouch weapon for Auron from Dual Horn!
    -If you fight Belgemine just escape
    Boss 11 : Chocobo Eater
    Equip Auron and Tidus with Firestrike weapons and equip Lulu with a Magic
    bossting weapon and let Auron and Tidus attack with Firestrike and Lulu use
    Fire and swap Wakka in and let him attack with his Poisontouch weapon to
    poison Chocobo Eater. Just keep your Fire attacks up and he'll eventually
    -Buy NulFrost Armguard from O'Aka in Mushroom Rock (near Clasko when you 
    first enter this place).
    -Buy the T.K.O from O'Aka! (optional)
    -If you have any extra money, buy the Red Ring
    Boss 12 : Sinspawn Gui
    A TOUGH Battle Let Auron use Power Break on the body then let him attack it
    normally and put Yuna in so she heals and let Lulu/Wakka attack the head and
    just repeat this until the battle is over ... In the second fight do the
    same but let Seymour use his Black Magic on the head
    -After that follow Djose Highroad until you reach the temple and finish the
    events there
    -Again Escape at the battle against Belgemine
    -South Moonflow : Buy the Danger Armguard and NulTide Ring from the shops
    -Ride the Shoopuf and fight the boss
    Boss 13 : Extractor
    Equip the Stunning Steel on Tidus and let him attack Extractor with it to
    cause Slow and let Wakka hit him with his 'Ball'* and heal if your HP is
    under 200
    *No Pun intended
    -In the North Moonflow you'll get Rikku!
    NSGNSNCNO Exception #3
    You'll be forced to use Mix so just Mix two Power Spheres (Instead of Bomb Core)
    -Retrack to Djose Highroad and Steal some Petrify Grenades from Basilisks
    (35* is good).
    -In addition, Steal 15 Silence Grenades from FUNGUARS!
    -Retrack to MUSHROOM ROCK ROAD and Steal 10 Bomb Fragments from Red Element!
    -Steal 8 Poison Fangs from Bite Bug! You can also get more, as that'll help 
    against Anima.
    -After that return to Moonflow and head to Guadosalam.
    *You might wonder why this big number ? because these things are VERY helpful
    especially in Home !
    C.Guadosalam ~ Macalania Lake
    -Nothing worth buying in Guadosalam
    -In Guadosalam in the left side of the screen leading to the Farplane there's
    a hidden chest that contains some Lightning Marbles ... GET THEM !
    -Thunder Plains - Steal from the monsters the following items :
    Electro Marbles - Steal from Gold Element and Aerouge (Get 40)
    Lunar Curtain - Larvae (Get 25)
    Light Curtain - Iron Giant (Get 25)
    Chocobo Feathers - Qactuars (Get 15)*
    Silver Hourglass - Kusariqqu (Rare , Get 5)
    *Pray at the glowing stones by pressing Square and Qactuars will be
    fightable at the Thunder Plains
    -Pick up the Yellow Shield for Tidus outside Rin's
    -Head towards Macalania Lake
    -Steal 5 Fish Scales from Blue Element in Macalania
    -IF you didn't get 8 Poison Fangs yet, get them from WASP! (you can get more 
    and that'll help against ANIMA)
    -You'll find O'Aka. tell him he's overpriced !
    Boss 14 : Spherimorph
    Attack him to check his elemental property :
    If he attacks with Fire use an Antarctic Wind + Blizzard
    If he attacks with Ice use a Bomb Fragment + Fire
    If he attacks with Water use a ELECTRO Marble + Thunder
    If he attacks with Thunder use a Fish Scale + Water
    -Exit and sleep at the inn
    -Outside the Inn you can Steal some things from the monsters :
    Arctic Wind : Snow Flan (Steal 35)
    Sleeping Powder : Snow Wolf (Steal 15)
    Boss 15 : Crawler
    Tidus begins with Sonic Steel so swap Rikku in and let her use a Chocobo
    Feather on herself and she should get two turns each round for her. Let her
    use 16 Electro Marbles on Crawler and it'll have very low HP left. 
    Also, don't kill Negator because it helps by disabling some of Crawler's 
    worse attacks. You can also Slow Crawler using Stunning  Steel or Silver 
    Hourglass to make the battle easier!
    When Crawler has less than 100HP, let him kill all of your party except 
    Tidus and let him attack Crawler to kill it.
    YOU GET IT !!
    D.Macalania Temple ~ Highbridge
    -If you didn't buy Sonic Steel before NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO BUY IT SO DO THAT !
    -Buy the Soft Bracer that contains Stoneward (Optional)
    -Buy PLENTY of Phoneix Downs and Hi-Potions !
    -Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel + Lightning Shield (Picked up from in front
    of Rin's Travel Agency in Thunder Plains and contains Lightningproof)
    NOTE : Some of the elements in the following strategies I got them from
    Gestahl's Seymour & Anima strategy in his NSGNSNC FAQ and with his permission
    Boss 16 : Seymour Guado & 2x Guado Guardians
    Tidus begins with Sonic Steel so swap Rikku in and let her use a Petrify
    Grenade to kill both Guado Guardians ... then swap Kimahri with Tidus and let
    him use Talk once and then let Rikku use a Chocobo Feather on Tidus and let
    him attack Seymour with his sword until one more hit will bring Seymour's
    HP to under 3000 so make when that happens change your formation to
    include Tidus,Auron and Rikku. wait for Semour to use BLIZZARD then let
    Tidus attack him with his sword!
    Seymour summons Anima...
    Boss 17 : Anima
    OK you should've used Talk in the previous battle and Tidus should be more
    strong so equip him with Brotherhood instead of Sonic Steel to boost his
    damage more (He should do about 700+ damage per attack) and always try to
    attack after Boost to cause higher damage (Even with items). Have Rikku 
    use Poison Fangs UNTIL you ONLY have FOUR! After that, use other items.
    Also, make sure you haste your characters with Chocobo Feathers and 
    before you kill Anima make your party Tidus,Rikku and Auron and use a Lunar 
    Curtain on Auron then kill Anima!!
    Boss 18 : Seymour
    If you let Seymour use Blizzard lastly in the previous battle he should
    strat with Multi-Thundara (Hits Tidus for 0 damage and Auron survives this)
    so if Rikku is not hit let Auron use a Hi-Potion on himself and Tidus attacks
    and Rikku uses a Lightning Marble* ... If Tidus is not hit let him attack and
    let Auron use a Phoenix Down on Rikku ... If Auron's not hit let Tidus attack
    and Auron use a Phoenix Down on Rikku ....
    Now you'll need to survive three more attacks of Seymour until he uses
    Multi-Thundara ... Of course you'll always want him to hit Auron and someone
    else... If he does that let Auron use a Hi-Potion and the other person
    attacks normally or use a Lightning Marble ... of course with this the second
    person will die ..... So once only Auron is alive let him use a Hi-Potion on
    himself then use a Phoenix Down on Tidus ... repeat this until he uses
    Multi-Thundara and once he uses it let Auron use a Hi-Potion on himself and
    then use a Phoenix Down on Rikku and Tidus attacks normally ... you can
    kill him using the strategy if you take your time
    *You can use Arctic Wind instead of Lightning Marble
    -Get the destruction sphere treasure.
    Boss 19 : Wendigo & 2xGuado Guardian
    Tidus begins with Sonic Steel so swap Rikku in and use a Petrify Greande to
    finish the two guradians then use Sleeping Powders repeatedly to ensure  
    he's always in Sleep status. Attack with Arctic Winds!
    -Sanubia : There are some items to Steal here :
    Sleeping Powders from Sand Wolf (Make sure you have 20 in your inventory)
    Smoke Bombs from Zuu/Alycone (STEAL 20)
    Chocobo Wings from Cactuar (Get FIVE)
    Shadow Gems from Sandworms (Get 15)
    -FIGHT : Sandragora
    Tidus begins with Sonic Steel so swap Rikku in and use a Petrify Greanade.
    -HOME :  In all the battles Tidus will get first attack because of Sonic Steel 
    and when he begins swap Rikku in and use a Petrify Grenade to end battles.
    -Get some Bomb Cores from Bombs in the Airship (Steal) (20 is sufficent)
    -Equip Auron with his Soft Bracer if you got it for him
    Boss 20 : Evrae
    PHASE 1: HP is > 10700
    When the battle begins have Rikku use a Smoke Bomb and a Silver Hourglass 
    then use Power Break, then have her Haste herself with a Chocobo Feather.
    After that attack with Sleeping Powders (~700 damage) until Evrae inhales. 
    When that happens pull back the Airship and Evrae will use Guided Missles for 
    a whopping 2000 damage so repeat this until you reduce Evrae's HP to under 
    11000!! ALSO make sure you STEAL at least ONE Water Gem from Evrae (to use it 
    in PHASE 2). Also, use a Light Curtain to PROTECT Rikku!
    When his HP is around 11000, Pull back and Have Cid use Guided 
    Missiles for a whooping ~2000 damage! This'll take him into PHASE II
    PHASE 2: HP is < 10700
    He'll use Haste and Swooping Scythe repeatedly. IT shouldn't pose a threat if 
    you have PROTECT+Defend (It'll do ~90 damage)!! Repeatedly use THREE Poison 
    Fangs. Just make sure YOU IMMEDIATLY issue a Pull Back command with Tidus AFTER 
    Swooping Scythe as that's the only way you can get away from Poison Breath!
    Also, Bring Wakka to use Dark Attack on him.
    After using 3 Poison Fangs, use a Water Gem. If he's not dead, let Auron ATTACK 
    -The five battles after Evrae :
    Pre Fight ONE : Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel and take Rikku out.
    FIGHT ONE : Tidus begins with Sonic Steel, Swaps Rikku in and she uses
    a Petrify Grenade to end the battle.
    Pre fight TWO : Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel and take Rikku out.
    FIGHT TWO : Tidus begins with Sonic Steel, Swaps Rikku in and she uses a
    Sleeping Powder then use a Potion on one of the Flamethrower Monks then use 
    a Smoke Bomb. After that use Bomb Cores on the YKT until it dies. Then, attack 
    the Flamethrower Monk with Auron.
    Pre Fight THREE : Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel and take Rikku out ...
    FIGHT THREE : Tidus begins with Sonic Steel, Swaps Rikku in and she uses a 
    Petrify Grenade!
    FIGHT FOUR : Same as fight two
    Pre Fight FIVE : Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel and take Rikku out ...
    Fight FIVE : Tidus begins with Sonic Steel, Swaps Rikku in and she uses a
    Petrify Grenade then attack the other machine that appears.
    -Enter the Bevelle Temple and solve the Cloister of Trials.
    -Via Purfico : Get Auron,Lulu and Kimahri.
    FIGHT : Maze Larvae (2222 HP)
    -Let Auron atack this monster with his Silencetouch weapon (the monster has
    20% resistance to Silence so you'll have a 30% chance to Silence it with
    Silencetouch) and once he's Silenced, he's yours.
    -If you don't have a Silencetouch weapon : Yuna has SOS NulTide armour 
    equipped, Auron has a Thunderstrike weapon. First, I try to get the Maze 
    Larva as close to 1111 HP as possible without going under it. Then I try to 
    have each character get a turn directly after him by switching weapons 
    (which means he'll have to attack Yuna). If it didn't work, revive and retry, 
    no problem. After that, I start to attack. Now, if he *doesn't* heal himself 
    on his first turn (and this is random), he's already lost. 
    He's not too strong :) (This strategy is courtesy of TrueDFX)
    NSGNSNCNO Exception #4
    You'll be forced to use Summoning in the battle against Issaru, however you
    cannot use their overdrives (Due to the "NO" rule)!!
    Boss 21 : Grothia (Ifrit)*
    Summon Ixion and attack normally or Aerospark and heal Ixion with Thundara
    (Only use your MP to heal) and Shield against Hellfire
    Boss 22 : Pterya (Valefor)*
    Summon Bahamut and attack normally or use Impulse and Shield against Energy
    Boss 23 : Spathi (Bahamut)*
    Summon Shiva and attack normally or use Heavenly Strike and Shield against
    Mega Flare
    *If anything goes wrong remeber that you stil have two Summons left (Ifrit and
    Valefor) so use them in case of emergency.
    -Underwatery Via Purfico : Nothing new, escape from battles
    Boss 24 : Evrae Altana
    Use two Phoenix Downs on Evrae Altana
    -Make sure you pick up the Evade & Counter weapon for Wakka behind the gate.
    -Highbridge (SAVE !!) :
    Boss 25 : Seymour Natus
    The strategy I used is simple (TrueDFX gave me the strategy but I'll do a few 
    tweaks to it, since it's not clear on a specific part)
    Tidus: Sonic Steel + Lightningproof
    Wakka: NulFrost Armguard (set his hp to 1 before the fight)
    Yuna:  NulTide Ring (set her HP to 1 before the fight) (She should have the 
    Soft Ring (Stoneproof) in her inventory)
    The basic idea is to POISON him, then swap characters around to survive 
    Elemental attacks, then when his HP is under 24000, bring Tidus and revive 
    Auron and attack. This'll take him into the 'BREAK' phase. So bring Yuna 
    with the Soft Ring and have her Defend/Cure!
    1-Tidus begins with the Sonic Steel
    2-Swap Rikku with Tidus and have her Use a Chocobo Feather on herself and Yuna.
    3-Rikku will get another turn before Natus. Use a Poison Fang on him.
    4-Yuna will get a turn before Natus. Swap Wakka in.
    5-Seymour's Multi Blizzara MUST hit Wakka (IMMUNE) and Kimahri.
    6-Let Rikku use a Chocobo Feather on Wakka
    7-Swap Wakka with Tidus and have him heal Rikku (Hi-Potion)
    8-Let Rikku use a Chocobo Feather on Tidus
    9-Let Tidus 'Talk'
    10-Rikku swaps with Auron who also talks
    11-Seymour's Multi Thundara will kill Auron-Swap Yuna with Tidus and let her 
    12-Now Yuna's IMMUNE to Water so Multi Watera will not affect her.
    13-Swap Wakka with Yuna and equip the Danger Armguard to protect against MFira!
    14-Reequip the NulFrost Armguard after that .
    15-Repeat the cycle until  Natus' HP is under 24000(from Poisoning). Once that 
    happens, bring Tidus and let him revive Auron AND attack Seymour. If everything 
    goes well, Break/Shattering Claw combo will kill one of the two.
    16-Swap the one alive with Yuna and have her equip the Soft Ring (STONEPROOF)!
    17-Heal Yuna with a Hi-Potion.
    18-Just keep defending and healing until his HP falls to ZERO (from Poison)
    -Eventually, You'll reach the Calm Lands.
    D.Calm Lands ~ Highbridge
    -Buy some Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs
    -Steal some Elemental Gems from the monsters here :
    Steal Fire Gems from Fire Flan (Equip SOS NulBlaze armor)
    Steal Ice/Lightning Gems from Chimera Brain
    Make sure you have 25* Elemental Gems before fighting Defender X
    *I mean here 25 gems total of all  types and NOT 25 of each gem.
    You'll need to capture some monsters! Buy Capture wapons for Auron
    and Wakka
    -Capture one of each fiend in the Calm 
    Lands. (see capturing section)
    -Capture all the monsters in Thunder Plains. They're all easy except Qactuar.
    -After that return to Macalania Woods and capture all the monsters* there ...
    and come back to the Monster Arena man and he'll give you 60 SHINING GEMS !
    *The monsters in Macalania Woods are :
    Wasp, Murussu, Blue Element, Xiphos, Chimera, Evil Eye**, Snow Wolf**, Mafdet**,
    and Ice Flan**!
    **These monsters appear in Macalania SNOWFIELD outside Rin's Agency's !
    -Buy the Curative Targe and the Saviour 
    -Train a Chocobo then ride it. Go to Remiem Temple and win the Chocobo Race 
    for a CLOUDY MIRROR. After that, win without hitting any poles and with getting 
    3 chests to get Wings to Discovery x30. Sell these to make a whooping 225000
    -OPTIONAL: Fight Ogres IN THE MONSTER ARENA to get SOS Haste equipments for 
    Yuna AND Rikku.
    -Fight Shred IN THE MONSTER ARENA and make sure you have Berserk Ward armor 
    for Auron and Kimahri.
    -Do a Blitzball league and win ONE Dark Matter
    -Well, just head to Mt.Gazaget but there's a little "problem" in the way
    Boss 26 : Defender X (64,000HP)
    Defender X's attacks :
    Blast Punch : Halves a single character's HP and causes Delay (Heal after this)
    Attack : Normal attack
    Slowga : Casts Slowga on your party
    Haymaker : Unblockable physical attack on a single character
    Mighty Guard : Casts NulBlaze,NulShock,NulFrost,NulTide,Shell and Protect
    on Defender X
    Tidus begins with Sonic Steel and swap him with Rikku who uses a Smoke Bomb
    then an Elemental Gem ... Now keep up thoses elemental gems coming ..
    Also let your party members' HP drop tolow so SOS Haste activates ...
    if he casts Mighty Guard then let Lulu cast a spell for the element of the gem
    you're gonna use to nullify the NulXYZ effect (If you're gonna use Ice Gems
    cast Blizzard to nullify NulFrost and such) after using 22 damaging
    Elemental Gems he's defeated
    -Go back to the Calm Lands and make sure you have at least 20 Fire Gems and 10 
    Poison Fangs.
    Defeat Ghost to get a No Encounters weapon which helps a lot (Use a Silence
    Grenade to disable most of its attacks). also "play" with Magic Urn and
    try to get a correct target and get a Stamina Tablet as it helps against some
    of the following boss fights (Get THREE)
    -Mt.Gazaget : Pickup the Defending Bracer.
    Boss 27 : Biran and Yanke (Biran : 1127 HP Yanke : 859 HP*)
    *These values are estimates, They are not exact ...
    Strategy : Equip Kimahri with his best Strength boosting weapon and attack
    Yanke first until you defeat him (Kimahri can do 300 damage each hit) then
    attack Biran and if your HP is low heal with a Hi-Potion. 
    -Buy Survivor from Wantz on MT.Gagazet. Also buy any Zombieward armors he sells.
    Also, if you didn't get Haste Targe for Rikku earlier buy it now
    -"Climb" MT.Gagazet and be ready to fight Flux. You'll need one Dark
    Matter handy before the fight!
    Boss 28 : Seymour Flux (Seymour Flux :  70,000 HP)
    Ah, the great Flux ...this is the boss that newbies are always asking about
    how to defeat on the FFX Board and we're about to beat him NSGNSNCNO style!
    NOTE : Credit for this strategy goes to KenLionHeart!
    Strategy : Beginning is like this, Tidus begins with Sonic Steel and switches
    Rikku in who is at low HP and has the Haste Targe equiped! so let her use.
    a Poison Fang on FLUX then a CHOCOBO FEATHER on FLUX (Yes I mean that).
    Now Flux has two phases of attacking depending on how much HP does he have.
    PHASE ONE : In this Phase Flux uses Lance of Atrophy (zombie status) and
    Mortiorchis follows by using Full-Life to destroy your characters,they
    use this in their first and second round and in the third round Flux uses
    Dispel and Mortiorchis uses Cross-Cleave and they repeat this cycle.
    So in this phase just let Rikku attack with Shining Gems.
    After Flux uses Dispel, watch the CTB carefully and keep on using Shining Gems 
    until Rikku's last turn before Seymour. In that turn, use a Dark Matter.
    PHASE TWO : When his HP falls under 35,000HP he casts Reflect on himself
    then he casts Flare on him self (It becomes reflected  to your party)
    then in the third turn he doesn't do anything and at the same third turn
    Mortiorchis follows by using Total Annihilation whick WILL KILL YOU ! Use a 
    Silence Grenade to disable Flux. Now, the best way best way to attack Flux at 
    this phase is using SHINING GEMS with a Hasted Rikku! 
    Now hope that the Shining Gems damage + Poison damage will kill him before 
    Total Annihilation
    -Steal 6 Star Curtains from Dark Flan!
    -Get Wakka's PEP TALK armor.
    -Capture  a Mandragora
    -Before  fighting  SK, equip Rikku with her Haste Targe. Kill Rikku in a random
    battle and don't heal her.
    -Put Tidus (Sonic Steel),Wakka and Rikku in the front row.
    -Equip Auron with Sleep Ward or Confuse Ward (optional)
    Boss 29 : Sanctuary Keeper (40,000 HP)
    Tidus begins. Swap Auron and Defend.
    Have Rikku use a Star Curtain!
    Now you'll need to be lucky to have Photon Wings not Confuse and Sleep Auron. 
    When that happens let him use a Mega Phoenix and let Rikku use a Chocobo Wing,
    then keep attacking with Shining Gems (6000 damage) and MAKE sure
    you use a Star Curtain on it. IF he casts Reflect on a character KILL that 
    character with POISON FANGS IMMEDIATELY then revive him/her!
    After using SEVEN Shining Gems, he'll die ...
    -Zanarkand : We'll be fighting Yunalesca soon.
    -Steal at least two Candle of Life from the Fallen Monks
    -Equip Auron with his Berserk Ward armor !
    -SAVE before fighting SK!
    -Equip Yuna with SOS Haste. Kill her in a random encounter and don't heal!
    Boss 30 : Spectral Keeper (52000 HP)
    In the beginning, MAKE sure you HASTE,PROTECT and DEFEND Auron.
    You'll need to know how to position your characters carefully. Just make 
    sure that No characters are beside each other (leave spaces between).
    Double Auron's HP using a Stamina
    Tablet and let him Defend and hope that you don't get Berserk'ed
    and Haste Rikku with Haste Targe* and attack with Shining Gems
    (NINE's gonna kill it) when SK is facing either YUNA or AURON! ALSO make sure 
    that if you revive Yuna, DO NOT USE A MEGA PHOENIX!
    *If Rikku is killed, revive her and swap Wakka with Yuna and let him 
    attack her to activate SOS HASTE!!
    HASTE,DEFEND,DOUBLE HP and PROTECT Auron and equip him with Berserk Ward.
    After that, attack with SHINING GEMS ONLY if SK's facing AURON! Equip Rikku 
    with SOS Haste and let Wakka hit her once after reviving her (If she dies) to 
    get her into HASTE status!
    -OPTIONAL: Go back to Calm Lands and fight Mandragora in the Monster Arena.
    Use Petrify Grenades on it until it drops a LUCID BRACER,a LUCID ARMLET and a 
    LUCID ARMGUARD. If you need more Petrify Grenades, Steal from Anacondaurs 
    (Monster Arena)
    -Yunalesca: Since the strategy I put didn't work properly, I decided  to 
    remove it.
    However, included is Thundaka's strategy!  
    Come into battle with a full stock of Holy Water, Hi-Potions, and 
    Phoenix Downs, the Shining Gems not used in previous battles, about 
    10 Fire Gems, 99 Chocobo Wings from the Thunder Plains, plenty of 
    Light Curtains and Lunar Curtains, and at least one Star Curtain. 
    Rikku must have the Curative Targe (with Auto-Med; you can buy it from 
    Rin's traveling shop when you first enter the Calm Lands), and Yuna should 
    have the Blessed Ring (with Zombie Ward; bought from Wantz prior to Spectral 
    Keeper). Any Lucid (Confuse Ward) armor for Auron, Wakka, and Kimahri will 
    be useful as well.
    Boss 31 : Yunalesca : Form 1 (24000 HP)
    Make your beginning formation Tidus, Yuna, and Kimahri 
    (you can put Wakka in place of Kimahri). Switch Tidus for Rikku; use a 
    Chocobo Wing on the party, and have Rikku use a Star Curtain on herself. 
    Now steal from Yunalesca until you get three Stamina Tablets; she will counter 
    with Sleep, which will be canceled by Reflect. If she dispels two characters 
    with her slap, use another Chocobo Wing.
    Now comes the slow, but necessary, part: switch in Auron, Wakka, and Kimahri, 
    and use a Stamina Tablet, Chocobo Feather/Wing, Light Curtain, and Lunar 
    Curtain on each of them, and fully heal them with a Hi-Potion. They must 
    always switch out before Yunalesca gets a turn (use Weapon/Armor or Defend 
    to adjust when their turn comes up); her slap dispels Haste, Protect, and 
    Shell, and Absorb will kill a character who you've used a Stamina Tablet 
    on but not fully healed. Once these three are fully protected, use Fire 
    Gems until she's about to die (Shining Gems would be wasted in this stage). 
    Bring in Auron and Kimahri (or Auron and Wakka), and have them both defend; 
    then finish her off.
    Boss 32 : Yunalesca : Form 2 (48000 HP)
    Yunalesca will open with Hell Biter; this will put Auron and 
    Kimahri in zombie, and reduce Rikku's HP to 100 (but thanks to Auto-Med, 
    she's not a zombie). Switch out Auron and Kimahri for Yuna and Wakka. 
    You'll want to put Yuna into Protect as soon as possible; but first, 
    Rikku must die--if Regen is reflected back to Yunalesca, you can't win this 
    battle. Have her use a Shining Gem; Yunalesca will PROBABLY counterattack, 
    killing Rikku (if not, Hell Biter definitely will kill her.) This stage is 
    slow, but not especially dangerous. Concentrate most of your efforts on keeping
    Rikku alive and at full HP (she can survive either Yunalesca's counter or Hell
     Biter, but if she takes both without healing she will die). With Zombie Ward 
    and Auto-Med, you only need to use one Holy Water most rounds; and with Shell
     and full HP, Wakka will be able to survive Cura as a zombie. Use Shining Gems
     until one more will kill her; if any characters are in Regen, keep them on 
    the front lines until Regen wears off. Have Rikku switch the Curative Targe 
    for the Haste Targe; then, once Yunalesca has used Hell Biter, switch in 
    Auron and Kimahri, and finish her off.
    Boss 33 : Yunalesca : Form 3 (60000 HP)
    Since your character are all zombies, Mega Death will miss. 
    Switch Yuna and Wakka back in, put the Curative Targe back on, and heal Rikku.
     Yunalesca will now do two rounds of Hell Biter, Curaga, or Regen. Curaga will
     kill anyone in zombie, even with Shell, so pray she doesn't hit Wakka with 
    this. On her fourth turn, she will use Mind Blast; switch in Kimahri, Wakka,
     and Auron, and have them defend. Remove Confusion by hitting the affected 
    character; switch them out for non-zombies, and wait through a round of Hell
     Biter, Curaga, or Regen. Then, after she does this, swap in three zombified
     characters; the cycle begins again with Mega Death, which again misses. Just 
    keep doing this; do most of your healing during the two rounds after 
    Mega Death. It's still not foolproof (if she kills Auron, Wakka, or 
    Kimahri with Curaga, you're probably screwed), but it will work eventually.
    -Cid will come and pick you up out of this creepy place!
    -When you get the Airship go to the Highbridge and see the event!
    E.Going inside Sin
    -Check out Airship location "Besaid Falls" for a Evade&Counter weapon for 
    Kimahri. Use the Airship's manual Search function.
    -Visit Battle Site location on the Airship
    X between 39 and 43, Y between 56 and 60.
    Here you obtain Phantom Bangle (Ice Eater, Fire Eater, Water Eater).
    -Enter the VICTORIOUS password to get VICTORIOUS armor for Rikku.
    -Use the Airship's Search function to find Mi'hen Ruins and get 
    Sonar (Initiative + Poisonstrike) for Rikku.
    -Capture every monster in Besaid to get 99 Stamina Tonics.
    -Unlock Greater Sphere to get 60 Supreme Gems.
    -Get Auron's Masamune Celestial Weapon. It shouldn't be too tough!
    -Have at least 5 Chocobo Wings before the following bosses.
    -Head to Bikanel and capture a Sandworm! (Steal and use Shadow Gems)
    -Go to the Monster Arena and fight the Sandworm. 
    -Poison the Sandworm in the Arena with Rikku's Poisonstrike OR 'Doom'
    it with a Candle of Life. Use a Sleeping Powder and Defend until it dies.
    (Use a Chocobo FEATHER on SANDWORM to finish the battle faster).
    -Get a Shaman Bracer AND a Shaman Armlet.
    -Also get an Auto-Potion armor for Kimahri.
    -Sell all your Potions and get 99 Hi-Potions.
    -Equip Auron with his Shaman Bracer.
    -Equip Kimahri with his Shaman Armlet.
    -For all of the following bosses DO NOT USE ANY MORE SHINING GEMS. Save them 
    for BFA!!!
    Boss 34 : Left Fin (65,000 HP)
    Begin by using a Stamina Tonic on the party (Rikku,Kimahri and Auron) then
    use a Chocobo Wing to Haste your party ... After that use a Light Cutain on
    Auron and Kimahri and let them Defend and they'll survive some of Left Fin's
    attacks so if Rikku dies let one of them revive her and use Al-Bhed Potions
    to heal. Meanwhile let Rikku attack with Supreme Gems and use Al-Bhed Potion
    after Gravija!
    Boss 35 : Right Fin (65,000 HP)
    Begin by using a Stamina Tonic on the party (Rikku,Kimahri and Auron) then
    use a Chocobo Wing to Haste your party ... After that use a Light Cutain on
    Auron and Kimahri and let them Defend and they'll survive some of Left Fin's
    attacks so if Rikku dies let one of them revive her and use Al-Bhed Potions
    to heal. Meanwhile let Rikku attack with Supreme Gems and use Al-Bhed Potion
    after Gravija .
    After using six Supreme Gems, use 2 Poison Fangs.
    Pull back and set your party like this:
    Tidus (Sonic Steel)
    Auron (Masamune)
    -Reduce Rikku's HP to under 50% (yellow) and equip her with a Haste Targe. 
    -Attack Sin with Wakka to kill it.
    *******REQUIRED ITEM ALERT**********
    -If you don't get Stoneproof now, 
    you'll have to get it from
    Demonolith, Don Tonberry or Coeurlregina 
    Boss 36 : Sin's Core + Sinspawn Genais (36,000 HP + 20,000 HP)
    Sinspawn Genais : This guy only has 20,000 HP. Simply use 2 Supreme Gems 
    followed by Auron's attack.
    Sin's Core : Equip Rikku with the Victorious 
    and Lulu with Phantom Bangle.
    Again, double the party's HP using a Stamina Tonic (Rikku,Auron
    and Lulu) and use a Lunar Curtain on Auron If Rikku/Lulu dies
    Let Auron use a Phoenix Down on her and let him heal with Hi-Potions
    and let Rikku use an Al-Bhed Potion on the party after Sin uses Gravija!
    In the meanwhile let Rikku attack with Supreme Gems.
    *******REQUIRED ITEM ALERT**********
    -If you don't get Zombiestrike now, 
    you'll have to get it from
     Don Tonberry or Fenrir later
    Boss 37 : Sin (AKA Overdrive Sin) (140,000 HP)
    Basically deplete Sin's 140,000 HP in 12~14 rounds (Not sure of the exact
    number) so let Rikku use a Chocobo Wing and attack Sin with Supreme Gems.
    Double Kimahri and Auron's HP and let them
    Defend. After the FIFTH Supreme Gem, swap Rikku with Yuna (who has SOFT RING 
    with STONEPROOF equipped). Let YUNA Attack Sin normally. After his counter, 
    bring Rikku and revive your party and resume SUPREME GEMS.
    Do the same thing above after the TENTH Supreme Gems!
    After using 15 Supreme Gems he should die.
    (provided you hit him once with Yuna)
    -Equip Lulu with the Phantom Bangle, Rikku with the VICTORIOUS and WAKKA with 
    his PEP Talk and low HP.
    -MAKE SURE Rikku's HP is set to 1.
    -Equip Auron with the MASAMUNE and set his HP to 1
    -Equip Tidus with the NulBlaze Shield and set his HP to 1. TAKE HIM OUT.
    Boss 38 : Seymour Omnis (80,000 HP)
    With the Phantom Bangle,Victorious and PEP TALK/NUlBLAZE SHIELD you'll survive 
    FIRAGA. USE FOUR Supreme Gems but DO NOT use a fifth one for now.
    Swap in Auron and have him change equips, HASTE him AND take him out.
    Bring in Tidus and Haste him and take him out.
    Swap Rikku out with Tidus.
    After his other Quadra Firaga, immediatly swap Tidus with Rikku and start using 
    He'll use DISPEL but with SOS HASTE and Rikku in low HP, HASTE will not be 
    removed. This chance will enable you to use FOUR SUPREME GEMS BEFORE ULTIMA. 
    MEANWHILE, have 
    Auron ATTACK with the MASAMUNE (575+ damage) and Lulu use Blizzard 
    (130+ damage)
    to get rid of the extra damage that will be left after the four SUPREME GEMS.
    VI.Braska's Final Aeon
    NOTE : This strategy is STILL incomplete
    OK The final boss in a NSGNSNCNO is EXTREMELY tough ... you must understand
    that you have a 1~5% chance to kill him ...
    Requirements :
    You must have the following items :
    1 Zombiestrike weapon for Auron and Kimahri
    Some Shining Gems/Blessed Gems 
    10+ Dark Matters
    Auto Phoenix Armors
    Stoneproof armors
    1 Weapon for Tidus that Contains Alchemy
    10 Dark Matters
    Several Stamina Tonics
    Getting the Requirements
    Zombiestrike weapon for Auron and KIMAHRI
    If you followed this FAQ then you should've won one from Genais.
    You can also win one from Don Tonberry 
    or Fenrir.
    See DT strategy below in the Stoneproof 
    Some Shining Gems
    There should've been some left from the 60 you got! 
    In addition, you can steal from Black 
    Element/Bomb King.
    10+ Supreme Gems
    Unlock Greater Sphere. You'll get 60 Supreme Gems
    See getting Phoenix Bracer for Auron for info on how to unlock Greater Sphere
    Phoenix Armor for someone
    OK you've got some hard work to do first you'll need to unlock Greater Sphere
    How to do that ?? well, you have to capture all the monsters for 2 races ..
    So you'll need to capture "some" monsters ... but this is dangerous and
    we need a No Encounter* equipment so let's go to the Cavern of the Stolen
    Fayth but before that go to Zanarkand (I'll tell you why) ...
    *The main usage of a No Equipment armor is to save you from getting
    a game over if you just done something good and you want to go back to a
    save point to save your game
    GOAL : Steal 6 Candle of Lifes from a Fallen Monk
    Fight a Fallen Monk (Put Tidus with Sonic Steel and Rikku in the main party)
    FIGHT : Fallen Monk
    Tidus will begin with Sonic Steel so let him Escape then let Rikku Steal from
    the Fallen Monks until she dies
    After you get 6 Candle of Lifes (You should get two in a single Steal) leave
    this place
    Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
    NOTE : If you already did this in your first visit to the cave, skip this !
    GOAL : Get a No Encounter armor from Ghost
    Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel,Equip Rikku with a Haste Targe and kill her in
    a battle and don't heal her so she has 1 HP,Take her out of the party and
    fight a Ghost
    FIGHT : Ghost
    All his attacks target a single character so if you revive characters as soon
    as they die this shouldn't be hard. Tidus'll begin with Sonic Steel so swap
    Rikku with Tidus and let her use a Candle of Life and this'll cast Doom on
    the Ghost so you'll need to keep yourself alive for seven turns until he
    dies and if he doesn't drop a No Encounter armor fight him again until he
    Of course you can just toss a Silence Grenade to completely disable it.
    Equip your No Encounter armor and exit this place
    Now head to Besaid
    Capture 4 Condors
    Now head to Kilika
    Capture 4 Killer Bees
    Your next destination is Djose Highroad
    Djose Highroad
    Capture 4 Smiurgh
    Go to the Moonflow
    Capture 4 Bite bugs
    Head to Macalania Forest
    Macalania Forest
    Capture 4 Wasps
    Capture 4 Alcyones
    Calm Lands
    Capture 4 Nebiros
    Monster Arena
    If you've done all the past things you should unlock Greater Sphere ! also
    you'll get the following prizes :
    Mega Phoenix x99
    Mana Tonic x99
    Supreme Gem x60
    Preperation for Greater Sphere :
    -Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel !
    -Equip Yuna with her Alchemy weapon (buy from Djose)
    -Equip Kimahri with his Alchemy weapon (buy from Djose)
    -Equip Rikku with her Alchemy weapon 
    (You should've got this from Wantz on Gagazet)
    -Equip Rikku with a Shaman Targe (Auto-Potion, won from Sand Worm)
    -Equip Yuna/Kimahri with their SOS Haste armors ! (win from OGRE in the Arena)
    MAKE Sure you have the following items :
    99 Phoenix Downs
    99 Mega Phoenixes
    99 Potions
    99 Hi-Potions
    30+ Chocobo Wings
    Put Tidus,Yuna and Kimahri in the main party !
    Original Creation FIGHT : Greater Sphere
    1-Tidus begins with Sonic Steel so swap Rikku in and let her use a Candle of
    Life on Greater Sphere
    2-Now you'll need to keep yourself alive for 255 turns until the Doom count
    reaches 0 and then Greater Sphere will die
    3-Rikku will automatically use a Potion when hit with Hydraulic Press
    4-If anyone dies use a Phoenix Down (If 2 characters are dead use a 
    Mega Phoenix)
    5-If Greater Sphere does not drop a Phoenix armor for the character you want, 
    fight him again!
    You can either get STONEPROOF armor from Demonolith but that requires that you 
    refight him in the monster arena (capture him first) LOTS of times in order 
    to get the drop, or you can fight Don Tonberry (unlock him by capturing all 
    the monsters in Sunken Cave -AKA Cavern of the Stolen Fayth-
    ) but that requires that you restock on SHINING GEMS and FIRE GEMS
    after the battle (rare 
    STEAL from Black ELement and VAruna)
    NOTE : All these MUST contain Stoneproof. Stoneward is NOT enough
    Win from Demonolith (Inside Sin + Omega Ruins)*
    *Demonolith Strategy :
    1-Tidus begins with Sonic Steel then he swaps with Rikku in who's equipped with
    Haste Targe and has 1 HP
    2-Let Rikku use a Candle of Life and then let her use a Smoke Bomb on
    3-On Rikku's next turns use a Silence Grenade on Demonolith
    4-Defend 10 turns until he dies
    DON TONBERRY: (strategy by Yunas Secret Child)
    Party: Auron (Phoenix bracer)
    Rikku (Sos-haste).
    Wakka (World Champion+Phoenix Armguard)
    The first four moves, let Rikku haste the party. Then attack with Fire Gems.
     Whenever Rikku got slayed, have Wakka attack Rikku, a half HP Wakka will 
    never slay Rikku, but brings her into critical and she gains haste (Never 
    attack Rikku with Auron, that won't work).
    First let Rikku throw Fire gems until you're phoenix downs go below 50 or 40. 
    Calculate the damage you've done and start using shining gems and dark matters 
    if you weren't able to throw many fire gems. Switch back to fire gems if you 
    notice you've about 20+ phoenix downs left and Don Tonberry has about 60,000 
    HP left. Switch back to dark matters and shining gems too make sure you'll 
    kill him before you run out of phoenix downs (avoid using mega-phoenix).
    I usually take him out with about 95 phoenix downs, 40 to 60 fire gems, 
    about 10 to 20 shining gems, 15 to 20 dark matters.
    Something else: it's probably dumb luck but I've had more luck with Rikku 
    on the left side in the fight (third spot in the frontline). Don Tonberry 
    sometimes doesn't attack the character on the left side for about 15 - 20 
    1 Mirage Lance for Kimahri that contains Alchemy
    Buy it from Djose Highroad AFTER getting the Airship ...
    1 Weapon for Tidus that contains Alchemy
    You should've won it from Crawler
    10 Dark Matters
    Capture five of each fiend in the game!
    Several Stamina Tonics
    Capture 1 of each monster in Besaid area.
    Some Mega-Potions
    The Mech Leader/Mech Scouter enemies drop this on rare basis so let Rikku
    Steal from them to kill them
    You'll need about 30 Mega Potions
    Some Light Curtains
    Capture 5 of each of the following monsters :
    Dual Horn (Mi'hen Highroad)
    Valaha* (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth)
    Grendel* ** (Gazaget Cavern or Zanarkand Ruins)
    *Blind and Silence these fiends to disable them
    ** Equip Fireproof/SOS NulBlaze
    Then you'll get 99 Light Curtains
    Some Chocobo Wings
    Steal from Cactuar (Sanubia). You should've plenty from capturing.
    OK, this boss is very hard. But what I'll do is list a couple of theories and 
    suggested strategies.
    General BFA in NSGNSNCNO info
    BFA Form 1
    1-Status :
    HP : 60000
    BFA has 90% IMMUNITY to Poison.
    BFA has 50% IMMUNTIY to Zombie.
    That means that using POWER BREAK when equipped with a Zombiestrike+
    Poisonstrike weapon will always affect BFA with POWER BREAK,will affect BFA with
    Poison 10% of the time and will affect BFA with Zombie 50% of the time, so 
    depending on your luck, you will affect BFA with 1~3 bad status aliments of the 
    listed above if you attack BFA using POWER BREAK while equipping a Poisonstrike+
    Zombiestrike weapon. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to take into account in this 
    2-Attacks :
    Physical Attack : He doesn't use this often. It'll kill one character!
    Use a Phoenix Down after it.
    Jecht Beam : Magic Damage + Petrification! This has 4 possible outcomes :
    A.Character has Stoneproof AND enough HP and/or Shell to survive. The character 
    will suffer a loss in HP.
    B.Character has Stoneproof but does not have enough HP to survive the 
    damage. The character will be affected with 'Death' status. Use a Phoenix Down!
    C.Character does NOT have Stoneproof but has enough HP to survive the 
    damage. The character will be in 'Petrification' status and WILL LOSE ALL 
    D.Character does NOT have Stoneproof and does NOT have enough HP to survive 
    the damage. In this case, character will shatter. RESET THE GAME.
    Triumphant Grasp : Zombie + 2 hits on one character! He ONLY uses this when 
    his OD gauge is full. This'll always kill your character so toss a Phoenix 
    Down after this attack.
    3-Yu Pagodas :
    HP : 5,000+*
    *The Yu Pagodas have 5000HP at the beginning of the battle. Now let's say 
    you use a Dark Matter and it deals 13000 damage on them. They'll die and after 
    a few turns they'll be revived with 13000HP and the "counter" will reset to 
    zero. Now let's say you use another Dark Matter and it deals 12500 on both, 
    they'll have 500HP left. If you kill them now with another Dark Matter (13000) 
    they'll be revived after a few turns with 12500+13000=25500HP since that's the 
    amount of damage you've dealed since the last time the counter reset. The 
    counter resets every time the Yu Pagoda dies. Each Yu Pagoda has seperate 
    HP and counter.
    The Yu Pagodas play an extremely important role in this battle. Understanding 
    how their HP is calculated and their attack scripts is extremely vital for 
    this battle. Their attacks are :
    Power Wave : ONLY USED when both Yu Pagodas are alive. Restores 1,500HP to 
    Osmose: This could be a BIT dangerous, if it hits AURON.Sucks MP
    4-Beginning Strategy :
    You'll need STONEPROOF for RIkku,Tidus and Yuna
    At the beginning you'll get two moves before BFA due to your First Strike 
    weapons. Tidus will begin so swap him with Rikku and let her use a Chocobo 
    Wing AND a Stamina Tonic! On Auron's turn, change to the Zombiestrike 
    weapon then toss a Mega Potion to restore the party's HP to full! In Rikku's 
    next turn use a Silver Hourglass (DO NOT use Gold Hourglass). Let your other 
    party members. Now, you'll need to hit him with SHINING GEMS or BLESSED GEMS.
    (DO NOT USE SUPREME GEMS). Also, use Chocobo Wings repeatedly and bring in 
    Wakka (Auto Phoenix) to replace Auron!
    Before killing the first form, bring in Auron and have him Power Break BFA.
    Make sure you kill the first form with BFA in Power Break status.
    Second form:
    Coming Soon...
    Blitz_Ace469's theory:
    Wakka/Kimahri/Yuna (two of them; I'd recommend Wakka and kimahri, cause they 
    have more HP)-Auto-Phoenix
    Tidus-Sonic Steel, Stoneproof armor
    Auron-Masamune, Zombiestrike weapon, Stoneproof armor
    Rikku-Stoneproof armor
    Lulu-Stoneproof armor
    It would be useful to have someone with Sensor, most likely one of the tanks.
    In the first form, Haste, Protect, Regen Auron and the two tanks, also double 
    their HP. Don't forget to slow the Yu Pagoda's
    Switch Auron and one of the tanks just before finishing the first form.
    In the second form, everything becomes much harder...
    Always have the tank Defend and Auron use Power Break 
    (with Zombiestrike equipped) or Mega Potions if BFA is already under 
    Power Break and Zombie. Always have Rikku use Blessed Gems until BFA is 
    at 60,000 HP. If the tank is hit by Jecht Beam or Triumphant Grasp, 
    immidiately switch the other tank in.
    When BFA is at 60,000 HP and Rikku and Tidus are Hasted, do this:
    Rikku-Supreme Gem/Dark Matter
    Someone else (maybe Auron)-Mega Potion (if BFA is under Zombie) or Power Break
    Rikku-Dark Matter
    Auron-Power Break or switch  to Yuna who uses a Mega Potion
    Rikku-Dark Matter
    Tidus-Mega Potion
    Yuna-Mega Potion (switch her if she isn't already in)
    Rikku-Dark Matter
    COMMENT: Not tested yet. However, it looks promising >_> <_<
    More to come soon
    VII.  Monster Capturing
    Qactuar strategy: FATE48
    Bikanel: Dark Locke
    Calm Lands: Dark Locke
    Inside Sin: KADFC
    Omega Ruins: Yunas Secret Child
    In this section I'll include strategies for how 
    to capture the tougher monsters in order to 
    capture 5 of every fiend in order to acquire 
    various required or optional prizes and ultimately 
    unlock Ultima Buster to acquire 99 Dark Matters!
    Besaid ~ Macalania:
    These shouldn't be tough as the enemies don't have high HP or 
    Strength. The only enemy you'll have trouble with is the Qactuar.
    -To Capture Qactuar : Tidus has First Strike and defend, Wakka and Rikku 
    should be in SOS Haste, Rikku uses a Grenade, Tidus uses a Potion on Qactuar B, 
    Wakka uses a Potion on Qactuar A, Rikku used another Grenade, Qactuar B ran off,
    Wakka switches to Auron who used Power Break with his Capture weapon on 
    Qactuar A. (Credit goes to FATE48 for this strategy)
    Sand Wolf+ 2xAlcyone:
    Use a Grenade. 
    Capture Sand Wolf FIRST with Auron.
    Afterwards, capture the rest with Wakka.
    Capturing Mushussu:
    You'll need Rikku with SOS Haste and out of 
    the team and low HP.Have Tidus with Sonic Steel.
    When Tidus begins, swap him with Rikku.
    Use a Silver Hourglass. After that, use a Grenade then
    kill the other monsters with your characters.
    Now use a Hi-Potion on Mushussu by someone other than Rikku.
    Change Rikku's armor to Victorious. Bring 
    Lulu with PHANTOM BANGLE. Have 
    Wakka with Pep Talk and low HP. This way, 
    his mega fire attack can't kill you. Reduce 
    its HP with Lulu/Rikku to under 90.
    Bring Auron to capture.
    Zu: Attack with Rikku's Poisonstrike.
    After Poison affects Zu THREE times,use a 
    POTION on it.After Poison affects Zu a fourth time, attack with Auron. (Capture)
    Sand Worm: Attack with Rikku's POISONSTRIKE.
    Use a Sleeping Powder then STEAL Shadow Gems 
    and use them. Keep an eye on its HP. Poison does 
    When its HP falls to under 300, 'Capture' with Auron.
    Cactuar: Use a Sleeping Powder. (740~790)
    Capture with Wakka ONLY if HP is under 30.
    Otherwise, capture with Auron. (90 damage)
    Calm Lands
    1-Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel and Auron with his Capture weapon and
    equip Wakka with his Capture weapon
    2-When Tidus begins swap Rikku.
    3-Let Rikku use a Chocobo Feather on herself
    4-Use a Shadow Gem on both of her two turns (9999 damage first turn and 8500
    damage in the second turn and that leaves 8501 HP with Malboro)
    5-Use a Poison Fang followed by a Fire Gem!
    7-Revive the charater that dies with a Phoenix Down
    8-Use ANOTHER Shadow Gem on Malboro!!
    9-Let Auron BAG IT!!
    %%%%Chimera Brain%%%%
    1-Put Tidus,Lulu and Auron in the main party
    2-Wakka swaps with Tidus and HE MUST have the T.K.O equipped
    3-Have him ATTACK one of the Chimera Brains to Petrify it. If this doesn't 
    work from the first try, you're probably going to lose
    4-Let Wakka use Dark Attack on the monster
    5-Let Rikku use a Poison Fang on Chimera Brain
    6-Now you'll need to time correctly so when the poison brings Chimera Brain's
    HP to under 1000 USE AN ANTIDOTE on it. Then lower his HP with Rikku (MAKE 
    SURE YOU DO NOT USE AN ITEM THAT WILL KILL IT). After that just attack it 
    with your CAPTURE weapons!
    1-Put Tidus,Wakka and Auron in the main party
    2-Tidus begins with Sonic Steel so swap Rikku in and let her use a Silence
    Grenade on Coeurl
    3-In Rikku's second turn use a Poison Fang
    4-When the poisoning effects Coeurl THREE times it should have 500HP left
    so attack it with Auron or Wakka's Capture weapon
    1-Put Tidus,Wakka and Auron in the main party
    2-Tidus begins with Sonic Steel so swap Rikku in and let her use a Sleeping 
    Powder (you'll have to deal with the Skolls.) 
    3-On Rikku's third turn use a Poison Fang
    4-When the poisoning effects Ogre TWO times it should have little HP left
    so attack it with Auron or Wakka's Capture weapon
    1-Put Tidus,Wakka and Auron in the main party
    2-Tidus begins with Sonic Steel so swap Rikku in and let her use a Sleeping 
    Powder and a Poison Fang on Anacondaur
    3-When the poisoning effects Anacondaur THREE times it should have little
    HP left so attack it with Auron or Wakka's Capture weapon
    1-Use a Smoke Bomb
    2-It only has 1950HP so do whatever you want with him but make sure you kill
    it with a Capture weapon
    %%%%Flame Flan%%%%
    Use a Silence Grenade then
    kill him with your Capture weapons.
    Use a LV1 Elemental Item (Electro Marble,Bomb Fragment or Antarctic Wind).
    This'll reduce it s HP to under 150. So attack it with Wakka to CAPTURE it!
    Use Dark Attack to Blind it and then hit it with your Capture weapons
    Sunken Cave/Mt.Gagazet 
    These will be submitted at the next version >_< as they are not ready yet.
    Inside Sin (KADFC's strategies) :
    ***Inside Sin***
    Adamantoise: Swap in Rikku and use Poison Fang 2000~, Dream Powder 1000~, Poison
     Turn 2720. Lancet 36~. You'll need at least 3 Dream Powder, Sleep Powder
     might work as well. Use Grenade 340~ when his life is low. Auron 40~
    Gemini: Swap in Rikku and use a Dream Powder 1000~. Then use a Poison Fang
     2000~, Poison Turn 7200. When it's life reaches 4000, after 4 Poison Turns,
     quickly use 3 Hi-Potion and 1 Poition on the Gemini you're trying to capture.
     If you don't have any Potion, you'll need to use Yuna to cast Cure. If casting
     Cure, have Rikku use a Grenade after 330~. Lulu's Spells, not the one that
     they absorb 185~. Yuna's Cure 520~. Auron 60~. If your lucky enough, that
     Potion may not be needed. Lancet 60~. Note you can use the Potions during any
     time after the Poison damage has occur.
    Exoray: Swap in Rikku and use a Dream Powder 1000~. Poison Fang 2000~, Poison
     Turn 1850. After the second Poison Turn, use 1 Potion and Hi-Potion on the
     Exoray you're trying to capture. Let two more Poison Turn passby. Lancet 80~.
     Auron 280~
    Behemoth King: This will be hard, trust me. Preparation - Evade and Counter
     weapon for Wakka and Kimarhi. Tidus and Auron with their First Strike weapons.
     Thunder absorbing Armor for Rikku, Kimarhi, and Wakka. Get Wakka in critical
     for Pep Talk. Enter battle with Tidus, Kimarhi, and Auron. Swap Tidus for
     Rikku and use Chocobo Wing. Have Auron get the Beastmaster out and then swap
     him for Wakka. Now you must use 6 Shadow Gems none stop with Rikku in haste.
     The only attack that can kick her out is a regular attack, hope this doesn't
     happen. After that, BK's HP should be lower than 1000 now and he should now
     cast Mighty Guard on himself. Have Rikku use this combinatinon on items on
     BK now, 1 Shining Gem, 1 Fire Gem (note that the first hit will be immune,
     but the other 4 hits) and ends with a Grenade. In the meantime, hope that
     Rikku isn't KOed and loses her haste. With Kimarhi and Wakka, they'll be
     able to dodge the phyical swipes, but not Heave. So have them PD each other.
     When the Grenade is thrown, swap Auron back in and Wakka change him weapon to
     capture. Now lets hope to capture him. If you're unlikely like me, I needed
     both mens to attack (Capture ONLY). Before the final blow, you must have at
     least one person already escaped. Lancet 60~, Auron 120~, Wakka 40~
     (Note: I haven't seen Tail Sweep against Evade and Counter yet)
     (Note: 6 Shadow Gem, 1 Shining Gem, 1 Fire Gem, 1 Grenade)
    Barbatos: Enter with Auron, Tidus, and Wakka, First Strike weapons. Make sure
     that Kimarhi and Wakka have Evade and Counter weapons. Swap Tidus for Kimarhi,
     change weapons, Swap Auron for Rikku and use Chocobo Wing. Then use Light
     and Lunar Curtains on Kimarhi and Wakka, hope that Mortar and Body Slam isn't
     used during these times, put Light Curtains up first. Then use a Stamina
     Tonic and have Wakka and Kimarhi full healed, use Hi-Potions or Mega Potions.
     When Rikku is killed by a single phyical attack, revive her and give her a
     Chocobo Feather. Have Kimarhi and Wakka use Defend when Rikku isn't Koed.
     When Barbatos decides to pull out Mortar or Body Slam, have the first person
     revive Rikku and then use a Mega-Potion. In the meantime Rikku should keep
     on throwing Shadow Gems, 9 of them, by this time he should have 8000~ left.
     So I decided to use a Shining Gem, followed up with a Bomb Core, and i got
     him down to 92. Lancet 70~80. Captured with Auron 40~. Note that if he uses
     Body Slam or Mortar before you get your defensive up, you'll have to start
     over again. Also note that I've seen him use Body Slam 6 times in a row.
    Great Malboro: For this guy, you'll need to do some shopping. Go back to Luca,
     and buy the Lucid armor for Kimarhi, Wakka, and Rikku. I won't cost that much
     to buy one, compare to the other stuff everywhere else. BTW, I just found out
     that they actually sold these type of stuff. The location of the shop is to
     the left of the Save Sphere. There will be 3 people there, talk to the guy to
     the left and buy the armors. It'll contain Beserk Ward and Confuse Ward, great
     against Great Malboro's Bad Breath.
     Now for preparations. Enter the battle with Auron and Tidus with their First
     Attack weapons, and Wakka with his Evade and Counter weapon and Lucid Armor.
     Have Rikku with her Lucid Armor, and Kimarhi with his Lucid and Evade and
     Counter weapon already equipped. Best to have Rikku with a Sensor weapon as
     well, so you can track down his current HP.
     Swap Tidus for Kimarhi and defend. Swap Auron for Rikku and use Chocobo Wing.
     Then use a Stamina Tonic and heal Kimarhi and Wakka to full HP. Then use
     Lunar Curtains on Wakka and Kimarhi. Now for the rest of the battle, you
     should keep using Shadow Gems. After the 6th Shadow Gem, he should have 7000~.
     Now you have to decide what you want to use. You can use a Shining Gem and
     then use a few Grenades to get him down or you can use a Fire Gems and then
     use Bomb Core and other items to get him down. There are three moves that you
     should take caution on, two of them can easily escaped, while the last one
     will cost you a few Mega Phoenixs. Against Bad Breath, have Rikku use a
     Al Bhed Potion followed by a Chocbo Feather on her self, or Chocobo Wing if
     you want a desparate catch. For the MultiTarget Spit, due to Shell, Wakka and
     Kimarhi won't be KOed. If you got Kimarhi and Wakka hasted, one of them will
     get two turns, not that it matters much. First use a Phoenix Down on Rikku and
     then a Mega Potion. If you got that second turn, just use a Hi-Potion for
     both them and not wasting a Mega Potion. The last attack you should be really
     worried about is his swallow attack. During the time when he uses this attack,
     you have to make sure that he doesn't swallow both Kimarhi and Wakka. If he
     Swallow one, then you're good to go, but both would you weak against his
     MultiTarge Spit, probably a Game Over. During the time that he uses his
     Swallow attack, there are very low chances that you'll see him use Single Spit
     constantly. Be gratful when he does use it, but hopefully it wont be on Rikku.
     One last thing, it's best to keep Rikku always in haste. So that if Malboro
     decides not to kill her on his next attack, Rikku will have two turns.
     Fire Gem 4500~5000, Shining Gem 5800~6300, Auron 270~, Bomb Core 1500~,
     Wakka 105~, Grenade 330~360, Lancet 80~
    Demonolith: This guy is very easy to capture, but if you truly want to save up
     on Shadow Gems, it'll take a hella long to do. The key is Evade and Counter,
     but you should still beware of his Stone Breath. After your direct 3rd or 4th
     attack, he might pull this bad boy out and wipe you out. With Evade and
     Counter, the only attack you'll see is his phyical attack, but that'll always
     miss. ALWAYS! I've played with him when he had only 15000 left and by E&C,
     I've later captured him. There are better ways, like Blind him and Silence
     him, but why bother. Kimarhi 50~, Tidus and Wakka 40~, Auron 90~
    Omega Ruins:
    Strategy by Yunas Secret Child
    Armour/Weapon setup I used for Omega ruins:
    weapon: Fully powered Masamune
    additional weapons: zombiestrike, Beastmaster
    Armour: Lucid bracer (confuseward)
    Additional: Defending Bracer (Stone- and Poisonproof), Red bracer (fireproof)
    weapon: Sonic steel
    additional weapons (Caladbolg and taming sword)
    armour: Lucid shield (confuse ward, berserk ward)
    additional armour: yellow shield (lightningproof)
    weapon: First goal (initiative)
    additional weapons (rematch and Catcher)
    armour: Lucid armguard (same as Tidus)
    Other characters:
    weapon: Survivor (alchemy)
    armour: SOS haste (if Rikku is in critical condition), Victorious 
    (if Rikku is not in critical condition)
    weapon: Rod of wisdom
    Armour: phantom ring (Fire Eater, Lightning Eater, Water Eater)
    Additional: Soft Ring
    weapon: Dragoon Lance
    Additional weapon: Taming Spear
    Armour: Lucid shield (same as Tidus & Wakka)
    Additional: Defending armlet (same as Auron)
    weapon: Fatal caith sith
    additional: Fully powered up Onion Knight
    Armour: Phantom Bangle
    additional: Saviour Bangle (Stone- & Silenceproof)
    Items: steal, obtain or buy lots of all elemental gems, shadow gems, 
    purifiying salts, poison fangs, dream powders, chocobo wings, chocobo feathers,
     light curtains, lunar curtains, star curtains, stamina tonics, 
    stamina tablets, 99 phoenix downs, 99 hi-potions, some mega-phoenixes, 
    about 50 remedies, 50 al bhed potions, some stamina springs, soul springs, 
    other elemental items like bomb cores, fish scales and so on.
    also silver, gold hourglasses and a few frag grenades.
    The battles
    I'll start with the easy ones and end with hard ones:
    Zaurus (8,850), treasure chest:
    Rule one: never steal from the treasure chest (the mimic is not worth it in 
    this challenge).
    Swap in Rikku and throw dream powder. Write down the damage you deal on Zaurus 
    so you know when to attack with Auron. Lower it's HP down to 150 then capture
    with Auron.
    This is also an ideal battle for getting Rikku in haste:
    Swap in Rikku, switch armour to SOS haste (Rikku will get an additional turn 
    before Zaurus). Swap in Lulu and caste a spell on Rikku (NOT using magic 
    Finish the battle with a petrify grenade if you have enough Zaurusses.
    Zaurus, Floating Death (6,700), Zaurus:
    The same: throw dream powder, but also use a gold or silver hourglass so they 
    don't wake up too fast. Also write down the damage you deal. Lower their HP 
    down to 150 then capture. Use Lulu's magic if their HP is lower then 300.
    Three Purobosses (20,000):
    Break out Zombiestrike and Fireprotection armours.
    Bring them in zombie status with one attack then heal them with Lulu's magic. 
    Have Rikku throw two healing waters then capture.
    Master coeurl, floating death, master coeurl:
    Again, the same: dream powder and silver or gold hourglass, lower HP down to 
    150 then capture.
    Two Macheas (18,000):
    Use a smoke bomb and also a silver or gold hourglass (to make it the battle 
    safe because the darkness won't make them miss all their attacks).
    For the rest same strategy, write down the damage (use a shadow gem if you 
    forget their current HP), lower their HP to 150 then capture.
    Difficult? Of course not! (it is recommended that Rikku is in haste condition).
    Varuna has these moves: he castes mostly Aga spells. He also castes 
    silence on Yuna or Lulu, slow on Auron or Pharao's curse on Tidus, 
    Kimahri or Wakka. I don't know about Rikku. He also likes to haste himself 
    and once he is in haste he also castes death, flare and demi (I'm not really 
    sure about the last two but some people claim to have seen him casting it). 
    He also can caste dispel when multiple characters have multiple positive 
    statuses, so only keep Rikku in reflect. His most dangerous move is emblem 
    of the faith, but it is predictable, he first uses mana focus. Auron with 
    double HP and shell will survive it.
    He starts with casting haste. Swap in Rikku and throw purifying salt 
    (keep throwing purifying salts every time he recasts haste). Then have 
    Rikku caste reflect on herself. Next swap in Yuna and Lulu, block it's 
    spells with the girls. Between his turns, swap Auron in (and out) and give 
    him the positive statuses to prepare him for Emblem of the faith. If he does 
    mana focus, swap Rikku out for Auron and block, afterwards swap Rikku back in 
    and throw two phoenix downs. Other then that, lower it's HP with shadow gems 
    and other items, down to 1,200. Remember the reflect status on Rikku! If he 
    castes an aga spell on Rikku, swap in your catcher characters and attack 
    until captured, if he caste haste or something else that doesn't damage him, 
    throw a purifying salt with Rikku, and swap in you catcher characters and 
    attack until captured.
    Master Tonberry:
    Easy, easy, easy. Throw dream powder, lower it's HP 
    (shadow gems and other items) down to 150 then capture.
    Halma (13,000) Spirit (10,000) Halma or Black elemental (about 6,000) 
    Spirit Black elemental:
    A toughie but not impossible to catcher all of them at once. Swap in Rikku 
    and caste shell on Wakka, switch Aurons weapon to his beastmaster 
    (that way Auron gets another turn before Spirit). Then have Rikku swap her 
    armour to Victorious (if she wears the haste targe and in critical condition),
     then throw a dream powder (with Halmas) or a silence grenade 
    (with Black elementals). Weather he counters with poison mist or not, swap in 
    Yuna for Auron and revive Rikku (if needed). If you get the chance, swap in 
    Lulu for Wakka. Block Spirits magic with the girls. Swap Auron and/or Wakka in 
    (and out) and heal the damage first and continue with casting haste on both 
    and shell on Wakka. The plan is this: swap in Auron and Wakka, make sure they 
    get an additional turn before Spirit, then have Rikku throw an item, swap Yuna 
    and Lulu back in revive Rikku if needed. Heal the damage and poison from Wakka
     and Auron and repeat the process with the following items:
    Dream powder or Silence grenade if it the status wears off.
    Gold or silver hourglass to slow down the Halmas or Black elementals.
    Star curtain on Spirit (too prevent him from healing himself with Thundaga).
    Shadow gem to find the fiends current HP especially Spirits.
    Continue with poison fang, soul spring depending on it's current HP.
    Important: if Spirit's Hp goes very low (lower then 3,000 I think), stop using 
    Lulu to block it's magic and use Tidus with the yellow shield.
    When Spirit's HP is about 400, use a fish scale, Antarctic wind or bomb 
    fragment (it is halved so it will deal about 300 damage). Once Spirits HP is 
    lower than 150 capture with Auron.
    Then you're left with the Halmas or Black elementals. Throw a frag grenade on 
    the black elementals because they have incredible high Defence, it will be 
    hard to capture otherwise. Lower their HP with shadow (to found out how much 
    they exactly have), then other items until it's low enough to capture them.
    VII. Special Thanks
    For making this game
    Enemy Encyclopedia helped me a lot in finding equipment with certain
    Split Infinity
    For his VERY helpful FAQ (Helped me figure Flux and SK's attack pattern). Also, 
    his FAQ helped with AIRSHIP passwords AND Location Coordinates!
    Monster Arena FAQ and Monster Encyclopedia also helped me in finding
    certain equipment with certain abilities and for finding what status bosses
    are vulnerable to which helped me mke good strategies also her Steal FAQ was
    For his smart Qactuar capturing strategy!
    Constructive Criticism! And for allowing me to use his Yunalesca strategy
    His NSGNSNC FAQ inspired me some strategies and his Boss FAQ contains very
    useful in-depth info about Braska's Final Aeon . Also he allowed me to use his 
    Seymour&Anima strategy .. Thanks !
    For his BFA theory
    For supporting me while I'm writing this FAQ
    For participating  in challenge discussions
    Yunas Secret Child
    For his Don Tonberry strategy 
    Inside Sin capturing strategies 
    For a wonderful site
    Dark Locke (AKA Me)
    For typing this FAQ

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