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    Rikku-Only Challenge FAQ by Commander_Greil

    Updated: 08/19/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    					Final Fantasy X:
    				Rikku Only No Overdrive Challenge
    					 Created by:
    				      Copyright Jamie Ford
    				       August 19th, 2006
    Table of Contents:
    Copyright Info...................................................(0001)
    Author’s Note....................................................(0002)	
    -Baaj Temple/Al Bhed Ship........................................(0007)
    -Isle of Besaid..................................................(0008)
    -S.S. Liki.......................................................(0009)
    -S.S. Winno......................................................(0011)
    -Mi’Hen Highroad.................................................(0013)
    -Mushroom Rock Road..............................................(0014)
    -Djose Highroad..................................................(0015)
    -Djose/Moonflow Stealing.........................................(0018)
    -Thunder Plains..................................................(0019)
    -Lake Macalania..................................................(0021)
    -Bikenel Island..................................................(0022)
    -Via Purifico....................................................(0026)
    -Calm Lands......................................................(0028)
    -Mt. Gagazet.....................................................(0029)
    -Sin...and Many Other Parts......................................(0032)
    -Inside Sin......................................................(0033)
    -Braska's Final Aeon.............................................(0034)	
    Copyright Info						       (0001)	
    Guide is Copyrighted by Jamie Ford August 2006. This guide is only to be used 
    privately. If you want to host this on your web site, contact me first. 
    Permission will be mostly granted.  If I give you permission and even one 
    letter is changed or say it’s your own I will have to ask you to remove it. 
    Only Gamefaqs may host this guide.
    Author's Note							       (0002)	
    This guide was written for the US Version of Final Fantasy X.  It should also 
    be compatible with the Pal/International Version.  Also this guide is in use 
    for Rikku-Only and Rikku-Only No Overdrives.
    If you want to add suggestions please feel free to e-mail me.  Angry e-mails 
    will not be responded, so it’s basically a waste of time to try.  Also if you 
    need additional help also feel free to e-mail me.
    You should only try this challenge if you have completed the game once.  Also 
    you should have some knowledge of Rikku’s Mixes.
    This guide will give you strategies for enemies and the such. Since I beat 
    the game a few times, there will be no in-depth story.
    Rules                                                                   (0003)
    -You may only use Rikku
    -You must not stray from Rikku's part of the Sphere Grid until after BFA
    -You cannot revive or heal other characters
    -Using the Sphere Grid for other Characters is not allowed
    -In random encounters the other characters must escape as soon as possible.
    -A petrified or Ko’ed Rikku is considered Game Over
    -In boss battles other characters must continuously change weapons so they 
    take full damage
    -You may not use actions to make other character take less damage
    -When Rikku isn’t available you play a normal NSG(No Sphere Grid)       
    -No customization for other characters
    -No Auto-Haste, Auto-Phoenix, Auto-Med, or Auto-Regen for other characters
    Optional Rules:
    -No Escaping(NE)
    -No Blitzball(NBB)
    -No Overdrives(NO)
    -No Summons(NS)
    -No[No Encounter](NNE)
    Overdrives and Overdrive Modes					       (0004)	
    Rikku’s overdrive is no doubt the best in the game.  She can mix all sorts of 
    different items together to create super powerful ones.  I will list the most 
    Common Mix list to use in the game. I’m only going to give the ones for one 
    party member since you cant use the others. Except a few healing ones.
    Healing Mixes
    Ultra Potion = Potion + Potion.  Heals all Party members fully
    Panacea = Potion + Antidote. Heals abnormal Status
    Ultra Cure = Power Distiller + Smoke Bomb. Full Hp/status ailments all
    Mega Elixir = Potion + Elixir.  Full Hp and Mp Recovery to all
    Super Elixir = Potion + Mega Elixir.  Status, Hp and Mp Healed Completely
    Effect & Stat Boosting
    Nul-All = Potion + Lightning Marble/Bomb Core/Electro Marble.
    Vitality = Hi-Potion + Hi-Potion.  Doubles max Hp for battle
    Mana = Potion + Ether.  Doubles max mp for battle
    Mighty Wall = Antidote + Lunar Curtain.  Shell and Protect
    Mighty G. = Remedy + Lunar Curtain.  Shell, Protect and Haste
    Super Mighty G. = Lightning Marble + Light Curtain. 
    Hyper Mighty G. = Lunar Curtain + Underdog’s Secret. 
    Freedom X =  Antidote + Twin Stars. 
    Hero Drink= Potion + Designer Wallet. High critical hit rate
    Quartet of 9= Bomb core + Underdog’s Secret. Random does 9999
    Trio of 999 = Lightning Marble + Dark Matter. All always hits for 9999
    Hot Spurs= Elixir + Level 1 Key Sphere.
    Frag Grenade = Speed Sphere + Speed Sphere
    Blaster Mines = Mana Sphere + Musk
    Hazardous Shell = Farplane Wind + Speed Sphere
    Pineapple = Lightning Gem + Antarctic Wind
    Calamity Bomb= Grenade + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Cluster Bomb = Bomb Core + Shinning Gem
    Potato Masher = Fire Gem + Lightning Marble
    Tallboy = Grenade + Twin Stars
    Chaos Grenade = Sleeping Powder + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Nega Burst = Silence Grenade + Shadow Gem
    Black Hole = Shadow Gem + Underdog’s Secret
    Supernova = Underdog's Secret + Underdog's Secret
    Fire Element
    Heat Blaster = Antidote + Bomb Fragment
    Fire Storm = Antidote + Fire Gem
    Burning Soul = Bomb Fragment + Underdog’s Secret
    Brimstone = Bomb Core + Sleeping Powder
    Abaddon Flame = Bomb Core + Chocobo Feather
    Thunder Element
    Thunder Bolt = Electro Marble + Grenade
    Rolling Thunder = Lightning Marble + Lightning Marble
    Lightning Bolt = Lightning Marble + Level 2 Key Sphere
    Electroshock = Lighting Marble + Hypello Potion
    Thunderblast = Lightning Marble + Dream Powder
    Water Element
    Waterfall = Antidote + Fish Scale
    Flash Flood = Grenade + Grenade
    Tidal Wave = Dragon Scale + Level 2 Key Sphere
    Aqua Toxin = Dragon Scale + Hypello Potion
    Dark Rain = Water Gem + Sleeping Powder
    Ice Element
    Snow Flurry = Antarctic Wind + Grenade
    Icefall = Arctic Wind + Arctic Wind
    Winter Storm = Arctic Wind + Level 2 Key Sphere
    Black Ice = Arctic Wind + Hypello Potion
    Krysta = Ice Gem + Silence Grenade
    OverDrive Modes
    Since this is a SCC(Single Character Challenge) you will want to make use of 
    “Loner”.  This overdrive mode charges within 7 turns.  Keep changing weapons 
    to make it charge faster.  Changing weapons and haste together works 
    Walkthrough							(0005)
    Each location will include the random encounters from the area and include 
    strategies to beat them.  Also there will be a list of important steal items 
    at the top of each section.  Well none until you get Rikku in the Moonflow.
    Zanarkand							(0006)
    Not putting a strategy for sin scales because one hit kills them.
    Time to get started.  Watch the opening scene.  Follow Auron until you battle 
    some sin scales.  Beat the crap out of them.  Continue on up to Sinspawn 
    Ammes, another easy battle.  Just hack away.  Watch the scene.
    Baaj Temple/Al Bhed Ship					(0007)
    Alright, first if you have another save file with all Al Bhed primers I would 
    suggest you go west to find a stair case to download those primers on to this 
    file.  Comes in handy when you can get 99 Underdog’s Secrets on Airship.
    Steal Items: Grenades from Klikk and from Piranhas.  Needed for Flash Flood 
    Mix for Tros.  
    Swim up, fight the Sahagins and then get chased in the Temple  by Geosgaeno.  
    Find Withered Bouquet and the Flint.  Hi-potions are found if you continue up 
    when you get the bouquet.   WOOT!!!! Rikku’s first appearance.  
    Starts as just Tidus just attack until...RIKKU makes a great first 
    impression.  Now you can only use Rikku now, so steal grenades then start 
    balsting him those grenades you stole...and well shes comes with 2.
    Rikku knocks you out…your on ship…talk to the Al Bhed close to save sphere to 
    get 3 potions.
    Now time for swimming with the Piranha’s.  I suggest stealing about 5-8 
    Grenades from them, so you’ll have some by the time you get Rikku back in the 
    Moonflow.  If your doing RONO you WILL need at LEAST 6-8 grenades to kill 
    Tros. I recommend 10 just to be safe.  More story and a…BOSS FIGHT!
    This Strategy below is for RO not RONO
    Steal: Grenades!!!!!
    Easy battle.  I recommend you get the “Loner” overdrive mode her if you can, 
    if not you can always get it later.  Kill Tidus off or wait for Tros to do it 
    for you.  He will eventually use Nautilise Charge which will do a nice bit of 
    damage to you. You should defend before his turns, once you get Loner finish 
    him with a Flash Flood.  Overkill!!!!
    RONO Strategy
    TROS the Mighty
    Alright, again i suggest you get Loner but you can get it later.  Defend 
    before his turns while you wait to get Loner.  Once you get Loner start 
    blasting him with Grenades hopefully you'll get OVERKILL!!!!!  If you run out 
    of grenades, you can steal some from him.  I had 10 grenades but only used 6 
    because one got critical.
    :( Rikku is gone now until the Moonflow…Remember now you must play game as a 
    normal NSG challenge!!! You do well to remember that...
    ~7 Hours of Gameplay later...Rikku back WOOT!!! what? did you expect me to 
    put strategies for other bosses before you get Rikku did ya???
    Hehehehhe i'm joking they all there:P
    Besaid								(0008)
    Storyline. Talk the aurochs to get some items and gil.  If you want you can 
    get Moon Crest.
    Follow your Jamaican friend...he shoves you in some water...Tidus Thinking" 
    MAN, my hair is ruined...again...*sigh*".  Fight some Pirahnas.  Get your 
    whooping 1-3 AP.
    Not much here, rest , go to Temple , meet the "Beautiful Summoner".  Get some 
    affection points towards Yuna if you say she's cute.
    Time for some Tutorial battles...just pwned everything.  Once these battles 
    are over, hike back to Besaid to get your mangled Energy Blast from the mangy 
    Test out Valefor agaisnt a Garunda.  Charge overdrive and murdelize it with 
    Enery Blast.
    Now since you can encounter some enemies here i'll some strats...
    Dingo-HP:125 AP:2 Overkill:188
    Attack once with Tidus.
    Condor-HP:95 AP:2 Overkill:143
    Attack once with Wakka.
    Water Flan-HP:315 AP:2 Overkill:473
    Attack once with Lulu.
    Were those strategies really neccessary?? Making me waste my time...oh well 
    more reading for you:P
    You'll be hiking along...and the graphics change and the Ronso scum starts 
    flying at you...too bad Yuna's most trustworthy guardian is...useless in 
    Pathetic fight.  Attack like 5 times and he'll have his tail between his 
    legs.  Heal with potions if necessary.  Use Spiral Cut if you want an 
    Talk to the people near the boat to get some items.  The Seeker's Ring you 
    get is quite nice for Yuna.
    S.S. Liki							(0009)
    Watch scenes and whatnot, then go below deck to loan O'aka some cash, if you 
    want. 101 gil should be plenty for him.  Go find Yuna's bag to get yourself 
    up to 20 Potions.  Oh, and it just so happens that Sin of all things comes 
    and attacks you...
    HP-SIN:2000  Sinscale: 200
    AP-10(15) Sinscale:2(3)
    Overkill-SIN:1000 Sinscale:400
    Battle is easy peasy.  Really easy Summon Valefor, use fire(~300) twice then 
    use Energy Blast(~1400) for Overkill.  The MORE challenging way.  Take out 2 
    of the Sinscales with Tidus and Kimahri.  I REAPEAT 2. Sin will shoot more 
    down on deck if you take out all 3.  Then replace Tidus and Yuna for Lulu and 
    Wakka and attack with Wakka's ball and use Lulu's magic to kill it.
    Some more Story...Tidus falls in water, Wakka follows...this leads to funny 
    scene...Tidus getting owned by some Sinscales.  By the Way another Boss 
    Fight, if ya didn't already know.
    DON'T ATTACK SINSCALES!!!  They are annoying yes, but they keep comming back 
    anyway.  So, make Wakka use Dark Attack to Blind Echuilles,  then just attack 
    like mad.  Watch out for Blender.  It would be a good idea to heal after that.
    More story happens..then you arrive in....
    Kilika								(0010)
    Watch Yuna dance, and work that Rod.  Save the kid GET the Ether.  Proceed up 
    to the Forest. Some Enemies here that i will give strategies for:
    Random Encounters:
    Ragora-HP:780 AP:20 Overkill:1170
    -Lulu use Fire twice and Tidus attack once, finish with Kimahri if needed.
    Dinonix-HP:140 AP:9 Overkill:210
    -One attack from Tidus is usually a kill, attack with Wakka/Kimahri if needed.
    Killer Bee-HP:110 AP:9 Overkill:165
    -Lulu Blizzard once, or Wakka equipped with Scout(Icestrike) for Overkill.
    Yellow Element-HP:300 AP:9 Overkill:450
    -Lulu cast Water once
    Group Encounters:
    Ragora x2-HP, AP, Overkill same as above
    -same as above, just do it twice.
    Dinonix + Killer Bee
    Tidus attack Dinonix for kill and Wakka attack with Scout or Lulu with 
    Dinonix + Yellow Element
    Tidus attack Dinonix and Lulu cast Water on Yellow Element = Dead
    Yellow Element + Killer Bee
    Lulu cast Water on Element and Wakka attack Killer Bee for Kill.
    Yellow Element + Killer Bee + Dinonix
    Lulu cast Water, Wakka attack Bee, Tidus attack Dinonix for death
    Ragora + Killer Bee x2
    Wakka attack one Bee, and attack other when he gets another turn.  Lulu cast 
    Fire twice on Ragora and Tidus continue to attack it.
    Don't forget to get Luck Sphere and Nulblaze Shield...comes in handy 
    sometimes.  Go talk to Luzzu and Gatta.  You can fight Lord Ochu now...or 
    later and completly owned it once you Get Ifrit.  Either way, i'll put a 
    strategy for with and without Ifrit...like it's needed...BTW you'll need some 
    Antidotes or Yuna's Esuna for this battle.
    LORD OCHU W/O Ifrit
    Firestrike would be helpful, but not needed.  Tidus attacks for ~140 damage 
    and use Kimahri's overdrive, Jump, if you still have it from the Tutorial 
    battle.  It does ~300 damage.  Then use Lulu pound it with Fire magic for 
    ~330 damage.  Heal HP and cure Poison after Poison Claw.  Lord Ochu falls 
    asleep ~2000 HP.  WAKE IT IMMEADIATLY, it has REGEN.  It uses Earthquake for 
    1/2 HP.  Heal if you want.  Then continue to use Lulu's fire magic and attack 
    with Kimahri and Tidus.
    LOL in this fight i got HP spheres, Beladonna Wand and Serum Ring.:P :)
    Now for the Lord Ochu Strategy with Ifrit...What? did you expect me to put it 
    after the Sinpawn fight???? Too Bad...This is my FAQ...It'll go my way or 
    i'll end it here..
    Lord Ochu W/ Ifrit
    Yuna summon Ifrit, Use Meteor Strike for ~500.  Wait for OD to charge, heal 
    with fire if needed.  Use OD for ~1600 damage, it falls asleep now.  Then 
    blast on it with Fire for ~350 damage.  If Ifrit dies from Water, just use 
    Lulu to whack it with Fire.  May not take as long as other challenge, but 
    still effective i s'pose.
    Watch the race scence...talk to Lulu after...she has some crazy laugh that 
    makes me cry laughing.  Another Boss fight with another Sinspawn piece.
    HP-Body:3000 Tentacles:450
    AP-Body:48(72) Tentacles: 5(7)
    Lulu use Magic once plus Tidus and Kimahri attack = One dead Tentacle.  Do 
    this twice to take out the other tentacle.  Tentacles do a pathetic ~100 
    damage, heal if needed.  Lulu use Fire magic twice to do massive 
    damage..Sarcasm...then attack with Tidus once, and if needed Kimahri.  It 
    takes ~800 damage for him to come out of his shell.  Once shell is gone, 
    attack with Tidus and Kimahri.  Use OD if you want, makes battle go faster 
    and get Lulu to cast Fire like there's no tomorrow.  Use antidote after 
    Venom(~120 + poison) and cure after Staccato(~150).  Should go down easily.  
    I got a Darktouch weapon for Tidus from him:P
    Now, continue on to Temple and do the Cloisters.  Get Red Armlet, helps 
    agaisnt Seymour and Natus for him live from some Multi-spells, while you get 
    Rikku set up.  GO. GET. ON. SHIP.
    S.S. Winno							(0011)
    Proceed with Story.  Now, GET THE JECHT SHOT!!!!NAO!!!!!! SO, you can win the 
    Goers match easier.
    ...What a waste of space for this small piece...
    Luca								(0012)
    Meet up with Seymour, Mika and all those loons.  Now, Buy Stunning Steel FOR 
    THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS MIGHTY!!!!!!!.  It helps agaisnt some bosses 
    before you get Rikku back.
    Worker-HP:300 AP:7 Overkill:600
    -Lulu cast Thunder on one for death, and Tidus and Kimahri whack on the other 
    GO look for Auron in the Cafe, watch Kimahri OHKO Yenke:P...and Yuna gets 
    Kidnapped...GO STORM THE DOCKS!!!
    You have to fight some Workers here, i SAY get some HI-Potion and X-potions.  
    Better than paying for them...Another Boss Fight...
    ZOMG! this is the su><ors.  Charge crane thrice with Lulu's Thunder to deal 
    5167 and now he can't do anything.  Heal if you want to after his attacks if 
    needed, before Lulu charges crane.  Tidus use his first turns to Slow him 
    first, then use crane.  Tidus and Kimahri just whack at it until it goes 
    Hopefully he drops a Lightning Strike weapon for Tidus or Wakka, it'll make 
    the Sahagin Chiefs easier.  I got myself a Thunder Ball. WOOT!
    Play the Blitz match--All i can say is...EFFING WIN!!!! To get Strength 
    Sphere, so make sure you win...Got it??
    Now some Forced Encounters:
    Sahagin Chiefs x18
    HP:170 AP:2 Overkill:340
    -Attack the ones who are about to attack, so you take less damage.  If you 
    got a Lightningstrike weapons(s) you can kill in one hit.  But if you don't 
    just attack and heal if below 150 HP.
    Now, you have a forced Encounter with Auron.
    OHKO from Auron = Dead Vouivre
    HP:1800 AP:28 Overkill:500
    -Auron Power Break, to lower damage.  Wakka use Dark Attack, and just Tidus 
    attack until dead.  Use Dark Attack again once it goes, the battle will be 
    Watch Seymour obliterate all fiends with Anima.  Watch the laughing 
    scene...it's my favorite!!!....yeah right...Continue on to the Mi'Hen 
    Mi'Hen Highroad							(0013)
    Bomb-HP:850 AP:22 Overkill:560
    -Lulu cast Blizzard 3 times.  Can't kill him with Tidus and Ice Brand, not 
    strong enough.
    Mi'Hen Fang-HP:160 AP:20 Overkill:240
    -2 attack from Tidus or Tidus + Wakka for a kill.
    Floating Eye-HP:140 AP:21 Overkill:210
    -2 attacks from Wakka
    Raldo-HP:240 AP:20 Overkill:360
    -OHKO from Auron
    Dual Horn-HP:1875 AP:42 Overkill:560
    -Wakka use Dark Attack, Auron Power Break, then continue to attack with 
    Auron, Tidus and Kimahri.
    White Element-HP:390 AP:20 Overkill:585
    -Lulu cast Fire plus another attack from another party member.
    Thunder Flan-HP:450 AP:24 Overkill:675
    -Lulu cast Water twice.
    Vouivre-HP:255 AP:24 Overkill:383
    -Auron OHKOs it.
    Ipiria-HP:180 AP:24 Overkill:270
    -Lulu cast Blizzard.
    Group Encounters:
    -Cast Blizzard thrice for a kill.  Heal Lulu with potion if needed.
    Bomb x3
    -Tidus with Nulblaze Sheild makes sure you can't die.  So, cast Blizzard 
    thrice to kill one.  Continue to do that until they die, don't revive.  Just 
    keep attacking with Tidus until they use Self-Destruct on him.
    Floating Eye x2 + Bomb
    -Wakka attacks twice to take out an Eye, then do it again for other Eye.  
    Cast Blizzard thrice to kill Bomb.
    Bomb x2 + Dual Horn
    -Cast Blizzard thrice to take out one Bomb, then do it again for the other 
    Bomb.  Dark Attack Dual Horn, Auron use Power Break.  Then continue to attack 
    with others.
    Floating Eye + Mi'Hen Fang + White Element
    -Take out Eye first.  Attack it twice with Wakka.  Then attack Fang twice 
    with Tidus/Wakka.  Lulu cast Fire on White Element then another attack can 
    take him.
    Raldo + White Element + Floating Eye
    -OHKO from Auron on Raldo.  Attack twice with Wakka for Eye.  Lulu cast Fire 
    and another attack from anyway it'll die.
    Mi'Hen Fang + Raldo + White Element
    -OHKO from Auron on Raldo.  Attack twice with Tidus/Wakka to kill Mi'Hen 
    Fang.  Cast Fire with Lulu plus another attack for a kill.
    Bomb x2 + Thunder Flan
    -Take out Flan first with Lulu casting Water twice.  Then Tidus force the 
    Bombs to Self-Destruct on him with Nulblaze or if you can get Lulu to cast 
    Blizzard 3 times on each.
    Thunder Flan + Floating Eye + Vouivre
    -Auron OHKOs Vouivre, Wakka attack Eye twice, and Lulu cast Water twice.
    Dual Horn x2 + Vouivre
    -Auron OHKOs Vouivre,  Dark Attack both Dual Horns, Tidus slow them, Auron 
    Power Break them.  Continue to dish out damage until they dead.  Re-apply 
    Darkness and Power Break if needed.
    Vouivre + Thunder Flan + Ipiria
    -Auron OHKOs Vouivre, Tidus attack Ipiria and Lulu cast Water twice.
    Vouivre + Ipiria + Floating Eye
    -Auron OHKOs Vouivre, Tidus attacks Ipiria twice, Wakka attacks Eye twice.
    Easy battles, unless you get Ambushed you might have some problems.  
    Everything else should be fine.
    On the Highroad get the Ice Brand from the chest, and get Hunter's Spear from 
    a passing person.
    Fight Belgemine, to get a Echo Ring.  Get to the Agency, and watch Wakka 
    whine some more.  Then go out to Fight Chocobo Eater.  You get 2x Mega Potion 
    from Rin.  Firestrike weapoons come in handy agaisnt him if you got any on 
    the way, but they're not needed. Start with Tidus, Auron and Lulu.
    Chocobo Eater
    Ok, 4 things can happen here:
    1.You get pwned by him
    2.You fall off Cliff
    3.You pwn him
    4.You push him off the Cliff
    We'll i'm going for number 3.Start by switching Tidus for Wakka.  Then use 
    Dark attack, then switch back to Tidus to Slow it down.  Less damage and not 
    many turn for him to push you off the Cliff.  Auron use Power Break.  Lulu 
    cast Fire like crazy.  After ~1500 he falls on his back.  His armour is, so 
    more damage.  After ~500 damage he gets back up.  Switch Wakka for Kimahri 
    and use ODs when you get them.  Then switch Kimahri for Yuna and summon Ifrit 
    and keep using Fire(~370) and use Hellfire(~1800) when it charges. After his 
    OD Ifrit will die cause of 3 consectutive turns from Chocobo Eater. Lulu 
    continue to cast Fire and Auron use Power Break when he gets up from being on 
    his back and Kimahri just attack.  Continue this until he dies.
    Get your free chocobo ride, get the Fortune Sphere and all the other Items 
    for gil if you want.  Get the Blue haired Maester(I wonder how much gel and 
    time it would take to get his haor like that?).
    Mushroom Rock Road						(0014)
    Red Element-HP:450 AP:32 Overkill:675
    -Lulu cast Blizzard twice.  It's Fire hurts...so heal if necessary.
    Garunda-HP:4000 AP:170 Overkill:560
    -Wakka use Dark attack, Auron use Power Break and Tidus use Stunning Steel to 
    slow him.  After those skills, continue to attack until dead.  Re-apply 
    Darkness and Power Break if needed.
    Funguar-HP:540 AP:44 Overkill:810
    -Lulu cast Fire for ~350, counters with Powder.  Your asleep for 1 turn, then 
    use Fire again for kill.
    Gandarewa-HP:148 AP:32 Overkill:220
    -Lulu cast Water and Wakka attack.
    Lamashtu-HP:275 AP:32 Overkill:413
    -Usually Auron OHKOs it, if not attack with Kimahri.
    Raptor-HP:200 AP:32 Overkill:300
    -Lulu cast Blizzard on it.
    Group Encounters:
    Lamashtu + Red Element + Gandarewa
    -Auron OHKO Lamashtu, Lulu cast Blizzard twice on Red Element, Wakka attack 
    twice on Gandarewa.
    Raptor + Red Element + Gandarewa
    -Tidus attacks Raptor twice,  Wakka attacks Gandarewa twice, Lulu cast 
    Blizzard twice.
    Raptor + Red Element + Funguar
    -Tidus attacks Raptor twice, Lulu cast Blizzard twice on Red Element, Lulu 
    cast Fire on Funguar, it counters with Pollen.  Fire does heavy damage.  Lulu 
    cast fire again when wake up.
    Red Element + Lamashtu + Raptor
    -Auron OHKOs Lamashtu(Hopefully, if not attack with Kimahri), Tidus attack 
    Raptor twice, and Lulu cast Blizzard twice.
    Raptor + Funguar + Red Element
    -Tidus attacks Raptor twice, Lulu casts Blizzard twice on Red Element.  Cast 
    Fire on Funguar, it counters with Pollen.  When you wake up cast Fire again.
    Funguar + Red Element + Gandarewa
    -Wakka attacks Gandarewa twice, Lulu casts Blizzard twice on Red Element.  
    Cast Fire on Funguar, it counters with Pollen.  When you wake up cast Fire 
    A lot of theses battles are easy if you have Tidus equipped with Nulblaze 
    Shield, since most of the enemies cast Fire.  Maybe i shouldn't have wrote 
    those strats...they all basically the same...oh well.
    LOL watch Auron be an arrogant SOB, :D, when Seymour asks him where hes been 
    the last ten years.
    After funny seen, get to see Seymour's TRUE personality, get Tough Bangle for 
    Lulu helps agaisnt Gui.  Buy equipment if you want, if anything get Nulfrost 
    Armguard for Wakka.
    Go to Command Center, get chests there and watch the scenes.  Make Gatta or 
    Luzza die.  Scene in Djose when Gatta dies is quite the laigh.  Go talk to 
    the dude to fight Gui.
    Arms:800(They respawn)
    AP-Body:400 Head:48 Arms:37
    Overkill-Body:800 Head:800 Arms:500
    This battle will take a decent amount of time to KILL!!! Oh, how I hate this 
    battle :(. Now, Kill Head first.  You don't want it to get a Venom on you. 
    First, you will need to use Power Break, reduce that annoying Punch attack by 
    A LOT!.  Ok, so now Yuna summon Valefor and cast Fire on Head.  Use Energy 
    Blast on Head.  When Valefor dies, summon Ifrit and cast Fire and use 
    Hellfire.  And if that doesn't kill Head, Use Wakka to attack Head and Lulu 
    to cast Fire.  Heal poison if he uses it(Hopefully he won't).  Once the Head 
    is gone, Get Auron, Kimahri and Lulu in your party.  Auron and Kimahri attack 
    Arms and Lulu cast Fire on Body.  When Arms die, Auron and Kimahri attack 
    Body and Lulu continue to cast Fire.  Use Phoenix Downs, Potions/Hi-Potions 
    when necessary.  When Lulu runs out of MP, which she will, use an Ether.  
    Continue to hack away on it and blast with magic.  Not to long after it will 
    die.  Whew...Palms sweating from long battle??
    Watch Sin blow the hell out of the Al Bhed and Crews of What.  Then teh Gui 
    comes back and wants more DEATH!! So, give the freakin' Caterpillar MORE!!!!
    HP-Body:6000 Head:1000 Arms:800
    Seymour kills Head in one hit.  Then 5 more -ra spells takes out Body.  Easy 
    Make Tidus go Poke/Talk to Gatta and chase down his Old Man.  Auron now 
    mouths off at Kinoc, now go to Djose Highroad.
    Djose Higroad/Djose Temple					(0015)
    Get the Stoneproof Ring from a Crusader on the way to the Temple.  I suggest 
    you run to Temple then run to Moonflow, Escaping comes in handy, but i will 
    write strats to kill them anyway...since i'm such a nice guy...
    These Strats will include how to Kill NSG and RO/RONO style.
    Basilisk-HP:2025 AP:140 Overkill:924
    -Wakka Dark Attack, Auron and Kimahri attack and pwn it.  If you have a 
    Poison Touch/Strike weapon comes in handy to kill him faster.
    -Rikku use Smoke Bomb and some Antarctic Winds to kill him.
    Funguar-HP:540 AP:44 Overkill:810
    -Lulu cast Fire for ~350, counters with Powder.  Your asleep for 1 turn, then 
    use Fire again for kill.
    -Rikku use 2 Antarctic Winds for a kill or 2 Grenades.
    Bite Bug-HP:200 AP:40 Overkill:300
    -Lulu cast Blizzard for an Overkill or Wakka attack with Scout(Icestrike) 
    -Rikku use an Antarctic Wind for overkill or an a Grenade.
    Bunyip-HP:400 AP:48 Overkill:600
    -Auron + Kimahri = Death.
    -Rikku use Antarctic Wind for Overkill or 2 Grenades.
    Garm-HP:240 AP:48 Overkill:360
    -Tidus/Wakka attack twice.
    -Rikku use Grenade or Antarctic Wind.
    -Lulu cast Fire like mad,  Heal poison after Poison Claw.  Others just 
    attack.  Firestrike comes in handy here.
    -Rikku use a Petrify Grenade or use a Stone Touch/Strike weapon.
    Simurgh-HP:200 AP:48 Overkill:300
    -Wakka/Tidus attack twice.  It has no Evasion so anyone can hit it.
    -Rikku throw Grenade.
    Snow Flan-HP:600 AP:48 Overkill:900
    -Lulu cast Fire twice.  Blizzard hits hard, heal if necessary.
    -Rikku throw a Smoke Bomb.
    Group Encounters:
    Bite Bug x2 + Basilisk
    -Lulu take one Bite Bug out with Blizzard and Wakka attack the other one with 
    Scout twice.  Wakka Dark Attack it and have Yuna out so you can't lose.  
    Attack with others for death.  You could always summon Aeons to be faster.:P
    -Rikku use Smoke Bomb and use 3 Antarctic Winds for kill.
    Garm + Bunyip + Snow Flan
    -Tidus/Wakka attack Garm twice.  Auron/Kimahri attack Bunyip twcie.  Lulu 
    cast Fire twice.
    -Rikku throw Petrify Grenade...'nuff said.
    Lamashtu + Raptor + Funguar
    -Auron OHKOs Lamashtu,  Wakka/Tidus attack Raptor twice.  Lulu cast Fire on 
    Funguar, if it counters with Pollen, cast Fire again when Lulu wakes up.
    -Rikku throw Petrify Grenade...PWNED!!!
    Bite Bug x2 + Funguar
    -Lulu cast Blizzard on Bite Bug, Wakka attack twice for other.  Lulu cast 
    Fire on Funguar, if it counters with Pollen, cast Fire again when Lulu wakes 
    -Rikku throw Petrify Grenade...Easy!!
    Basilisk + Funguar x 2
    -Umm...not a good battle.  Dark Attack with Wakka, others attack for kill.  
    Heal after Fire from Funguars if needed.  Lulu cast Fire on Funguar, if it 
    counters with Pollen, cast Fire again when Lulu wakes up.  Do that twice, 
    plus you can't lose if you have Tidus with Nulblaze Shield.
    -Rikku throw Smoke Bomb = Funguars Dead, then use some Antarctic Winds.
    Basilisk x2
    -Yuna with Stoneproof = you can't lose.  Wakka Dark Attack them, not really 
    needed, because they have weak damage(~100).  Auron and Kimahri attack them 
    until they die.  Poison Touch/Strike is helpful here.
    -Rikku throw a Smoke Bomb, then use 3 Antarctic Winds.  If you have 
    Poisontouch weapon, which i recommend you Customize(99x Antidotes), you can 
    Poison them and Watch them die.
    Garm + Bunyip + Simurgh
    -Tidus/Wakka attack twice on Garm.  Auron/Kimahri attack twice on Bunyip, and 
    anyone but Yuna/Lulu attack twice for death on Simurgh.
    -Rikku throw Petrify Grenade...yes i use them a lot, they work.
    Snow Flan + Gandarewa x 2
    -Lulu cast Fire twice on Snow Flan.  Wakka attack twice on Gandarewa, and 
    Lulu cast Water twice on other Gandarewa.
    -Rikku throw Smoke Bomb = Death.
    Bite Bug x2 + Simurgh
    -Lulu cast Blizzard twice to take out both Bite Bugs.  Tidus/Wakka attack 
    twice on Simurgh.
    -Rikku throw Smoke Bomb.
    Enemies are a piece of cake, ya? Except if you get ambushed.  Then they could 
    be a problem, but you shouldn't die though.
    Meet Isaaru and listen to his funny voice.  Do Cloisters of Trials and get 
    the Destruction Sphere if you want.
    I'll write the Steal Items you need after you get Rikku back.  Go to the 
    Moonflow, and watch the pwetty pyreflies on the river.:P
    Moonflow							(0016)
    Stock up on Potions and other Items if needed.  Hear about Tidus' old man 
    hacking at the Shoopuff, lol that's pretty funny.  What a drunk. Make sure 
    Tidus has Stunning Steel equipped.  Ride ze Shoopuff, and Al Bhed kidnapp 
    Yuna...again.  Man her guardians suck.  Boss Time...and you know what that 
    means...RIKKU SOON.
    Tidus use Stunning Steel to Slow Extractor down.  Lightningstrike weapons are 
    helpful, but again not needed.  Now just whack away.  Heal after Aqua 
    Shooter.  When it rises, you need to do ~500 damage to bring it back down.  
    That won't be hard, when it's slowed you'll get a couple of turns in a row, 
    Tidus and Wakka attack twice each will = ~500.  Just keep attacking, use ODs 
    when you get them(Thunder Elemental Reels is good).  MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T USE 
    ITS NEXT TURN!!!!  Easy fight.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RO/RONO Begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Continue on to the Moonflow North, go to the Bank and get a Stripping from 
    Rikku...ZOMG YOU GET TEH HAWTNESS BACK!!!(jk btw[joking by the way]).
    Go to Guadosalam before you start stealing.
    Guadosalam							(0017)
    Go to Seymour's house, go to Farplane.  Get the hidden Lightning Marbles x8, 
    you'll need 'em to customize Lightningproof in Thunder Plains.  Flirt with 
    Yuna or Lulu.  It's funny when you say Luluz more your type.  Tidus' always 
    thinking" ZOMG LULUZ GOT TEH B00BZORS!!!SHIFT11111!!".  Now it's time to 
    steal and level Rikku up some...because she needs HP badly.  Rikku could use 
    the Lightningward Targe for custimization.  Buy 40x Antidotes for Poison 
    Ward, it'll help when you steal Poison Fangs.  Then buy 99x Antidotes for 
    Poisontouch to kill some enemies while you steal.  Also for Thunder Plains i 
    suggest...no wait...I COMMAND THEE to customize Lightningproof from those 
    Lightning Marbles x8 you got in Farplane.  You did get them right?? You 
    better have...
    As leveling goes, get to about 1160 HP its good enough to steal the items 
    that are needed from this area.  You'll be getting more once you start 
    stealing, if that is, you decide to kill the enemies after you steal from 
    So, head out of Guadosalam and go back to Djose Highroad to steal Items.  Now 
    Stealing Items can be tedious and time consuming.  
    Djose/Moonflow Stealing						(0018)
    Items Steals
    Petrify Grenades(Basilisk) 30      50-Recommendation for Stonetouch
    Smoke Bombs(Simurgh)       15      20-Recommendation...just cause the pwn.
    Silence Grenade(Funguar)    5      10-Only use agaisnt Elements.
    Antarctic Winds(Snow Flan) 15      20-Use for a lot of damage at this point.
    Stamina Tablets(Chests)     1       1-Just get one.
    Dragon Scales(Chests)       2       4-Use agaisnt Spherimorph for Water 
    Mega-Potions(Chests)        5       5-You'll get your share of theses tryna 
    get other items.
    Poison Fangs                7      10-Awesomeness, Poisons agaisnt bosses.
    -Rare Steal from Bite Bug, it will take time unless you're very lucky...after 
    stealing Poison Fangs you will not need to buy Antidotes for...well...ever.  
    Unless you're extremly lucky.
    Also start playing Blitzball to get a Return Sphere and Teleport Sphere from 
    the League Prizes, soft reset or reset team data to get them to appear.  If 
    your just playing RO play for a Dark Matter also.  To win easier get Kyou on 
    the road to Djose Temple, he's good goalie and the player from Luca are all 
    Stealing Items from Enemies:  You don't need to kill them, you can run away 
    for less time consumed because it is time consuming.  I'll show strats of how 
    to steal the items needed.
    Petrify Grenades-  Easy stuff, wait for Basilisk x2(which appears quite 
    frequently) and steal up to 6, if you're lucky.  Run away or Poison them and 
    watch their slow and painful death...
    Smoke Bombs-  Also easy, wait for Garm, Bunyip and Simurgh.  Just steal from 
    the Simurghs, you won't have a problem living agaisnt them.  Steal 1 or 2 
    times then run or throw some Grenades.
    Silence Grenade- Hmmm, kinda difficult.  I'd have to say wait for Bite Bug x2 
    + Funguar, but they are not common, so the only other way is Basilisk + 
    Funguars x2.  So, first Antarctic Wind to death the Basilisk, heal if you 
    need HP from Fire.  Then steal from them, only if you have enough HP to live 
    through at least 2 Fires.  Hardest Item to steal right now, besides Poison 
    Fang of course:P.
    Antarctic Wind- Another easy one, wait for Bunyip, Garm and Snow Flan.  Just 
    steal from them and heal after the enemies attacks or run away.
    Stamina Tablets- Steal from Chests throughout the Moonflow.  1/8 Chance of 
    getting it.
    Dragon Scales- Steal from Chests throughout the Moonflow.  1/4 chance of 
    getting it.
    Mega Potions- Steal from Chests throughout the Moonflow.  1/4 chance of 
    getting it.
    Poison Fangs- Oh my dear god, i hate these littles bugs.  To get a Poison 
    Fang you need a RARE steal from a Bite Bug.  You'll be getting A LOT of 
    Antidotes.  Anyway to get them, go close to Guadosalam and find Bite Bugs in 
    pairs with either a Bunyip or a Chest.  Antarctic Wind the Bunyip then steal 
    away.  Getting these will take some time depending on your luck.  It took me 
    like 1.5 hours:( and thats some crazy stuff.  So, Good luck.  Lol i had 91 
    Antidotes without buying any by the time i had 12...
    After getting those items:@, go to the Thunder Plains and get ready 
    for...SOME MORE STEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTW, you better have gotten a Stoneproof armour of Seymour Natus is gonna be 
    hard...if your doing RONO. SO....GET IT!!!!!
    Thunder Plains							(0019)
    Before i put the Enemies strats and whatnot, pray to 1 or 2 Qactuars Stones 
    with square.
    Qactuar-HP:500 AP:350 Overkill:750
    -Smoke Bomb is death.
    Larvae-HP:1498 AP:262 Overkill:924
    -Use your Stonetouch/strike weapon or Petrify Grenade.
    Aerouge-HP:200 AP:92 Overkill:300
    -Grenade = death.
    Gold Element-HP:1200 AP:92 Overkill:1800
    -Smoke Bombs x2 = kill
    Buer-HP:230 AP:92 Overkill:345
    -Grenade kills it.
    Iron Giant-HP:3600 AP:800 Overkill:924
    -Stonetouch/strike weapon for a kill or a Petrify Grenade.
    Kusariqqu-HP:445 AP:32 Overkill:413
    -Stonetouch/strike weapon or Grenade x2.
    Melusine-HP:265 AP:92 Overkill:405
    -Grenade kills it.
    Group Encounters:
    Iron Giant
    -Stonetouch/strike weapon for a kill or a Petrify Grenade.
    Aerouge + Melusine + Kusariqqu
    -Grenade kills Melusine and Aerouge.  Use another for Kusariqqu.
    Iron Giant + Buer x2
    -Grenade kills both Buers.  Stonetouch/strike weapon or a Petrify Grenade to 
    kill Iron Giant.
    Gold Element + Buer + Kusariqqu
    -Smoke Bomb for both Buer and Kusariqqu.  Use another to kill Gold Element.
    -Smoke Bomb---'Nuff said.
    Larvae x2
    -Use your Stonetouch/strike weapon or Petrify Grenade to kill both.
    Gold Element + Melusine + Buer
    -Smoke Bomb kills Melusine and Buer, then use another to kill Gold Element.
    Larvae + Aerouge x2
    -Grenade for both Aerouge, then use a Smoke Bomb.
    If you don't have many Grenades left buy AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!!  I'm telling 
    you to stay here until you can afford 99, because if you don't have a 
    Firestrike weapon, and Spherimorph uses Blizzard, Grenades will be your 
    friend.:) They help agaisnt the enemies here and in Macalania Forest.  Also 
    try to get SOS Regen for Rikku and Customize SOS Haste(Chocobo Feather x20) 
    on to it.  You don't need it yet, but you will later on.  Now for the steal 
    Steal Item List:
    Item                  Get             Recommendation
    Electro Marble          5          10-Recommendation for use agaisnt 
    -Steal from Aerouge/Gold Element
    Light Curtain          15          20-Needed agaisnt some bosses
    -Iron Giants
    Lunar Curtain          15          20-Needed agaisnt some bosses
    Silver Hourglass        1           1-Needed for Evrae in RONO
    Chocobo Feather        20          30-20 for SOS Haste and 10 for use
    Getting the Items:
    Electro Marble- Steal from them in the Melusine, Kusariqqu and Aerouge 
    battle.  Use an Antarctic Wind on Kusariqqu and one on Melusine, then steal 
    to your hearts content.
    Light Curtain- Easy stuff.  Steal from them when they're by themselves of 
    when with Buer x2.  Use Grenade to take care of Buer, then steal 2 from them 
    then use Stonetouch/strike to kill it.
    Lunar Curtain- Easy when you got Lightningproof equipped.  Just steal from 
    them and then kill them with Stonetouch/strike.
    Siler Hourglass- Not so easy, need luck.  Wait for Melusine, Aerouge and 
    Kusariqqu.  Use Grenade to kill Melusine and Aerouge, then steal from them.  
    It's a Rare Steal from them.  Its headbutt attack does major damage,~900.  
    Heal if necessary.
    Chocobo Feather- Easiest, by far.  Just steal from them when they appear.  
    Heal if needed after 1,000 needles.  "Needles? I hate Needles" <----LOL Rikku.
    After stealing items move on with story.  Go to tent in the see Yuna decide 
    to marry Seymour.  Poor Tidus,  He's so jealous...making excuses all the 
    time. *Shakes Head*.  Go to Macarena Forest now...and for some more Stealing 
    because you'll need items for the 3 up comming bosses.  "Make sure your 
    Macalania							(0020)
    Chimera-HP:5250 AP:1220 Overkill:1432
    -Stonetouch/strike weapon or Petrify Grenade.  It has 0 resistance to 
    Blue Element-HP:1500 AP:240 Overkill:2250
    -Silence Grenade and attack away, but i suggest running unless you want to 
    shorten your item supply.
    Xiphos-HP:2700 AP:520 Overkill:1432
    -Wow, he is bad.  Stonetouch/strike or Petrify Grenade.
    Murussu-HP:580 AP:240 Overkill:870
    -Grenade x2...
    -Grenade x2...wow these enemies are useless.
    Wasp-HP:360 AP:240 Overkill:540
    -Grenade...man...too easy
    Group Encounter:
    -Stonetouch/strike or Petrify Grenade.
    -Stonetouch/strike or Petrify Grenade.
    Xiphos + Wasp x2
    -Grenade for both Wasps, then Stonetouch/strike or very easy win = Petrify 
    Wasp + Iguion + Murrusu
    -Grenade x2 = Death to all
    Murrusu + Iguion + Blue Element
    -Silence Grenade kills both Murrusu and Iguion.  Now BLue Element can't 
    attack, so throw some Electro/Lightning Marbles.
    Blue Element x2 + Wasp
    -Silence Grenade = Wasp dead + Elements can't attack, so then use 
    Electro/Lightning Marbles to kill both.
    Steal Item List:
    Item                        Get         Recommendation
    Arctic Winds(Chimera)       10          15-Need some for Seymour, 1 to Cust. 
    SOS Nulfrost.
    Fish Scales(Blue Element)   10          20-They can in handy
    These enemies are easy to steal from.  For Chimera, just steal and after 
    Petrify him.  For the Fish Scales, Use Silence Grenades so they can't attack, 
    then just steal away.  You can get up to x6 per battle and up to x12 if 
    there's 2 of them.
    Now get through Macarena, go talk to O'aka and DON'T buy anything, then tell 
    him prices are Too Pricey.  Then Buy SONIC STEEL, comes in handy in some 
    bosses where Rikku has to be switched in to the Party.  Watch Auron kick some 
    tree a$$.  Nao, another BOSS!!!, easy one though...also Rikku's first Boss:P
    ----------------------------RO STRAT BELOW------------------------------
    Attack to see what element he is using, then counter it with the opposing 
    elemental item.
    For Fire:Throw Antarctic Wind=~900
    For Blizzard:Firestrike weapon or Grenades until death, cause you can't steal 
    any Fire items.
    For Thunder:Throw Fish Scales=~900
    For Water:Throw Electro Marble=~900
    He counters everything with a spell, after you throw an opposing elemental 
    item he will use Elemental Shift, so attack him again to see what element he 
    is using again.  THen you know what to do.  Then he his Slam attack, which 
    usually misses Rikku and Press, which does 1/2 your HP.  So it's nice to heal 
    after a spell and a Slam.  But, if he uses Blizzard in RO, you should have 
    atleast 1 Bomb Core left from the tutorial battle, so Mix Bomb Core + Chocobo 
    Feather for Abaddon Flame.
    ----------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW----------------------------
    First Rikku attack to see what spell he uses, then counter with the opposing 
    For Fire:Throw Antarctic Wind=~900
    For Blizzard:Firestrike weapon or Grenades until death, cause you can't steal 
    any Fire items.
    For Thunder:Throw Fish Scales=~900
    For Water:Throw Electro Marble=~900
    See, not so hard.  Heal after every couple of attacks.  He counters 
    everything with a spell.  Then he his Slam attack, which usually misses Rikku 
    and Press, which does 1/2 your HP.  So it's nice to heal after a spell and a 
    Slam.  After Elemental Shift, attack again to see what element it's using.  
    Before you get to Temple Macalania, i sugesst you customize Lightningproof, 
    which you should have...or better have.  Waterproof(8 Dragon Scales), use 
    some of those Dragon Scales from Moonflow.  SOS Nulfrost(1 Arctic Wind) or if 
    your willing Iceproof(8 Arctic Winds).  So only Seymour Fire spells will hurt 
    Now, follow O'aka to.........
    Lake Macalania							(0021)
    Guado Guardian-HP:2000 AP:290 Overkill:2000
    -Petrify Grenade or Stonetouch/strike weapon for kill.
    Mafdet-HP:710 AP:300 Overkill:1065
    -Stonetouch/strike or Petrify Grenade.
    Ice Flan-HP:1350 AP:300 Overkill:2025
    -Petrify Grenade or Stonetouch/strike.  Yes, i know its repetitive but it 
    Evil Eye-HP:310 AP:300 Overkill:465
    -Grenade = Death
    Snow Wolf-HP:400 AP:300 Overkill:600
    -Grenade x2 or Petrify Grenade/Stonetouch/strike.
    Group Encounters:
    The following are only for when your being chased by the Tree People AKA 
    Mafdet + Ice Flan + Guado Guardian
    -Petrify Grenade...'Nuff said
    Evil Eye x2 + Guado Guardian
    Petrify Grenade...Easy stuff
    Snow Wolf x2 + Guado Guardian
    -Petrify Grenade...lol man they easy
    Now these Group Encounters are ones you can encounter while getting back to 
    teh lake.
    Evil Eye x2 + Mafdet
    -Petrify Grenade...you get it yet??
    Evil Eye + Snow Wolf + Ice Flan
    -Petrify Grenade...you bad at taking hints??
    Mafdet + Snow Wolf + Ice Flan
    -Petrify Grenade...yes all strats involve Petrify Grenades = about time you 
    figured that out.
    Go to Agency and Save, buy more Grenades, Potions and the liek.  Go outside 
    to meet up with Tromell.  Then time to fight...another BOSS!! Oh my, the 
    Crawler scene i know this almost off by heart tryna get Lifesaver for Tidus 
    ----------------------------RO STRAT BELOW------------------------------
    Alright, on Rikku's first turn use Chocobo Feather, then use a Light 
    Curtain.  Then start throwing Electro/Lightning Marble.  Also, you'll have to 
    kill Negator for to use Overdrive.  Throw Electro Marble x2 or Lightning 
    Marble for a kill.  After about 10 or so on Crawler, Mix a Tunderbolt(Electro 
    Marble + Grenade) and it should kill Crawler.  If not, throw some more 
    Electro/Lightning Marbles.
    ----------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW----------------------------
    Alright, on Rikku's first turn use Chocobo Feather, then use a Light 
    Curtain.  Then just start throwing Electro/Lightning Marbles at Crawler.  No 
    need to kill Negator because you can't use OD.
    With Protect Gatling Gun should do ~50-60 damage per hit.  It took me about 
    18 Electro Marbles for a kill.  Crawler got ~4 turns.  Complete pwnage.
    Ride along to Macalania Temple.  WOOT!!!! I got to ride with Rikku!!!!  Go 
    watch Jyscal Sphere and Jyscal tells you to stop Seymour. Hmmm....Who knew he 
    was evil....Now go to Chamber of Fayth and Fight SEYMOUR!!!  Tidus equipped 
    with Sonic Steel is needed.
    HP-Seymour:6000 Guados:2000
    AP-Seymour:2000 Guados:290
    Overkill-Seymour:1400 Guados:2000
    ---------------------------RO/RONO STRAT BELOW--------------------------
    Since Tidus gets First Strike, switch for Rikku.  Now she gets 2 consecutive 
    turns.  First use Chocobo Feather then use Petrify Grenade to kill Guado 
    Guardians.  Also, use Lunar Curtain, then start throwing Arctic Wind x4 or 
    Dragon Scale x3 to make Seymour summon Anima.
    Now, if Anima uses Pain on Rikku...you lose.  So, hopefully that won't 
    happen.  Ok, attack when she's in Boost for double damage.  Throw Poison 
    Fangs when in Boost for ~2500 and Arctic Winds ~1500.  If in RO, Mix 2 Arctic 
    Winds for more damage or use a different Mix for more damage. Since Rikku's 
    in Haste she'll get ~5-6 turns before Anima gets her next attack, so there's 
    your chance to start blowing what you got at her.  Now time for Seymour 
    It'll will be Rikku's turn, so throw a Poison Fang.  Then watch the show.  
    Heal after some spells and throw some more Arctic Winds/Dragon 
    Scales/Lightning Marbles or anything like that for a faster and more painful 
    death to Seymour.
    Seymour drops nothing you'll need.
    Now, those damned Guado won't leave poor Rikku alone:(.  But, hey let's stone 
    the hell out of the tree people. Oh, and BTW save.  It wouldn't be good now 
    if something happened, eh?
    The least amount of battles you can encounter is 2.  So, for both those 
    battles use Petrify Grenade.
    Now run to the Save Sphere near the exit and now it's time to do some more 
    STEALING!!!  These items help agaisnt some enemies and bosses.  Here's the 
    Steal List...
    Steal Item List:
    Item                            Get           Recommend
    Sleeping Powders(Snow Wolf)      15          20-Needed for Stealing.
    Artic Wind(Ice Flan)             15          20-Good attacking item.
    -Totals for Arctic Winds are total, not 10-20 more.  I do suggest you get a 
    total of 20 though.
    Getting Items:
    Sleeping Powder-  I say use either encounter with Snow Wolf.  For one with 
    Evil Eye throw grenade to kill Eye, then Petrify the Flan with 
    Stonetouch/strike.  Then your free to steal to your hearts content.  For one 
    with Mafdet, Use Stonetouch/strike to take care of Mafdet and Ice Flan.  Then 
    again just steal away.
    Arctic Wind- Wait for either encounter with Snow Flan.  With Iceproof/SOS 
    Nulfrost you can't lose.  So, then take out the Mafet/Evil Eye with Grenade 
    for Eye and Stonetouch/strike for Mafdet.  Then steal away.
    Once you got those Items...no less either...continue on to Lake Macalania.  
    Those Guados never give up,eh?  Well, let's go kick their a$$es again.
    HP-Wendigo:18,000 Guados:1200
    AP:Wendigo:2000 Guados:290
    Overkill-Wendigo:1432 Guados:1432
    -----------------------------RO STRAT BELOW-----------------------------
    Rikku start with Chocobo Feather, then use Petrify Grenade to take care of 
    those pesky Guados.hen throw a Sleeping Powder, so Wendigo won't even hit 
    you:P.  Instead of throwing Artic Winds, just Mix 2 of them together for more 
    damage or use another Mix.  He might wake up so, use another Sleeping 
    Powder.  Then blast on him with more Artic Winds.
    ---------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW-----------------------------
    Rikku start with Chocobo Feather, then use Petrify Grenade to take care of 
    those pesky Guados.  Then throw a Sleeping Powder, so Wendigo won't even hit 
    you:P.  Then start throwing some Arctic Winds and other good Items.  He will 
    wake up, so just throw another Sleeping Powder.  Then continue to whail on it 
    with more Arctic Winds and other Items.  Very easy Battle.
    Teh b-tard breaks the ice and you fall through to your doom!!!!  Go talk to 
    people, watch Yuna wake up O_o.  Talk to Rikku, then again to hear her funny 
    "he he he" laugh.  LOL, that's funny.Get Avenger(Sells for like ~1000 gil.) 
    and Level 2 Key Sphere.  Sin comes and brings you to...
    Bikenel Island							(0022)
    Now, since you don't have Rikku you have to do NSG game remember?? Which'll 
    be in like ~5 minutes?  Ok, go wander to the desert until you get into a 
    Forced Encounter with a Zu.
    Auron and Lulu will come after Tidus dies.  Revive him with Lulu, i repeat 
    with LULU because Auron needs to use Power Break.  Tidus use Stunning Steel 
    until he's slowed.  Lulu use Magic and use ODs if you have them.  Shooting 
    Star on him = FLYING BIRD!!!! 
    Oh, BTW i'm not putting Enemies until you get Rikku back...lol.  Ok, so get 
    Wakka, then Kimahri climbing up the mountain and falling back down...lol.  
    Then the precious Rikku comes back!!! Ok, Enemy time.
    Cactuar-HP:800 AP:8000!!!! Overkill:1200
    -Arctic Wind = easy victory.
    Alcyone-HP:430 AP:310 Overkill:645
    -Smoke Bomb...Death
    Mushussu-HP:680 AP:310 Overkill:1020
    -Petrify Grenade or Stonetouch/strike
    Zu-HP:18,000 AP:1200 Overkill:1432
    -Smoke Bomb, then Poison Fang/Poisontouch/strike.  Watch it die!
    Sand Worm-HP:45,000 AP:2000 Overkill:1432
    -Sleeping Powder and Poison Fang/Poisontouch/strike.  Watch it die 
    slowly...Use another Sleeping Powder when he wakes up, which he will.
    Mech Guard-HP:1280 AP:310 Overkill:1432
    -Rikku use steal...
    Mech Gunner-HP:2800 AP:540 Overkill:1432
    -Rikku use Steal...
    Group Encounters:
    -Arctic Wind
    Zu( + Chest x2)
    -Smoke Bomb, then Poison Fang/Poisontouch/strike.  Watch it die!
    Sand Worm
    -Sleeping Powder and Poison Fang/Poisontouch/strike.  Watch it die 
    slowly...Use another Sleeping Powder when he wakes up, which he will.
    Sand Wolf + Alcyone x2
    -Smoke Bomb...
    Sand Wolf + Alcyone + Mushussu
    -Smoke Bomb...
    Mushussu + Alcyone x2
    -Smoke Bomb...
    Sand Wolf x3 + Chest
    -Smoke Bomb...
    Mech Guard x2
    -Rikku Steal from both of them...
    Mech Guard x2 + Mech Gunner
    -Rikku steal from all 3...
    Now, time for some Stealing...it shouldn't take too long...here's the Steal 
    Item List...
    Steal Item List:
    Item                             Get                     Recommend
    Smoke Bomb(Zu)                   30                      60-Good for Blinding 
    Shadow Gem(Sand Worm)            20                      30-For Capturing 
    Getting the Items:
    Smoke Bomb- Smoke Bomb the Zu, you'll use 1 and get like 9-10 back.  Very 
    good deal.  Then Poison Fang them or Poisontouch/strike and watch it die...or 
    escape.  Your choice.
    Shadow Gem- Sleeping Powder it, then steal up to 6 of them.  Then Poison Fang 
    them or Poisontouch/strike and watch it die slowly...or escape.  Your choice.
    Also, if your running low on Sleeping Powders you can Steal some from the 
    Sand Wolves.
    When you get those items continue on to Home.  Before you get there you 
    should fight 3 Sandragoras to get Teleport Sphere x2 and Mega Elixir.  Plus 
    the one you got to fight to get to Home.  
    Sandragora-HP:12,750 AP:540 Overkill:1432
    -To avoid Confusion use for example: Waterstrike + Waterproof or something 
    along those lines.  When it's your turn use Petrify Grenade.
    Do this 3 times to get the items stated above.  Go to Home now...
    Home								(0023)
    enter you find that Guados are attacking...man they should like just stop, 
    they're pathetic...Cid tells you to go own some Guados...
    Now, there is 3 Forced Encounters..All these Strats will use Petrify 
    Grenade..Honestly what would you do with out 'em?
    1-Guado Guardian + Bomb x3
      -Petrify Grenade...
    2-Guado Guardian + Dual Horns x2
      -Petrify Grenade...
    Watch the scene, and Rikku and Wakka get close:P and out of the Blue Chimeras 
    start attacking.
    3-Guado Guardian + Chimera x2
      -Petrify Grenade...
    Get Level 4 Key Sphere and Level 2 Key Sphere...they help...in mixing...
    OMG OMG NOW THE BEST SCENE IN TEH GAME!!!Tidus goes balistic...WOOT!
    Now you'll be on the Airship, and Tidus picks Cid up...not a good idea...Cid 
    is awesomeness.
    Airship								(0024)
    Talk to everybody, then go talk to Rin for Underdog's Secret x99.  Talk to 
    Brother to find Yuna in Bevelle.  The Guados are back...again...GAWD! do they 
    ever stop?? Time for some Fiend Hunting!!!  Here's the enemies....
    Evil Eye-HP:310 AP:300 Overkill:465
    Dual Horn-HP:3795 AP:820 Overkill:1432
    -Petrify Grenade or Stonetouch/strike for a KILL!
    Bomb-HP:2200 AP:620 Overkill:1432
    -Petrify Grenade or Stonetouch/strike...nothing hard.
    Group Encounters:Evil Eye x2
    		 Dual Horn x2
    		 Bomb x3
    Just use the above Strats...they will work fine.  All easy.  Before you 
    continue you need to steal ~20 Bomb Cores from the Bombs.  Very easy, you can 
    get up to like 18 of 'em per battle.  You can get more if you want but you 
    will need 20.
    Watch scene, "The red carpet has teeth." Lol, that's pretty funny...Get 
    prepared for a so called "Hard" battle...Very Easy = RO Easy/Medium = RONO
    -----------------------------RO STRAT BELOW-----------------------------
    First, kill off your other party members, then Mix Quartet of 9(Bomb Core + 
    Underdog's Secret).  Steal a Water Gem, then use it for an Overkill.....Easy, 
    -----------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW---------------------------
    Rikku use Chocobo Feather, then use Silver Hourglass.  Throw a Smoke Bomb, 
    then Pull back when he's about to use Poison Breath.  While your waiting, 
    steal some Water Gems from him.  Once Pulled back, use Light Curtain and wait 
    for Cid to use his 3 Salvos.  Then go back in and start throwing Bomb 
    Cores/Arctic Winds(~500) and Smoke Bombs, which do most damage ~750.  
    Continue to use Smoke Bombs to Blind him and for Damage.  Don't use too many 
    now, use some Bomb Cores/Arctic Winds too.  Heal if necessary, after Poison 
    Breath(~1000 + Poison) more than likely.  Use Al Bhed Potion to cure all 
    that.  About 10 mins later of continuous throwing you'll win.
    The Airship takes major damage...and it brings you to......
    Bevelle								(0025)
    Your party now "Grinds" ropes to crash this Wedding.  Owen Wilson and Vince 
    Vaughn got nothing on Tidus and party.  That's how you crash a Wedding.
    Time for 5 Forced Encounters and if somehow you die...you'll have to fight 
    Evrae again.  Heal after each Battle if needed.
    Forced Encounters:
    1-Warrior Monk(Flamethrower) + Warrior Monk x2
     -Sleeping Powder and a Smoke Bomb or Petrify Grenade.
    2-Warrior Monk(Flamethrower) x2 + YKT-63
     -Sleeping Powder then Shadow Gem x2.  Then a Bomb Core/Arctic Wind on YKT, 
    then Smoke Bomb to kill all of them.
    3-Warrior Monk(Flamethrower) + Warrior Monk x2
     -Sleeping Powder and a Smoke Bomb or Petrify Grenade.
    4-Warrior Monk(Flamethrower) x2 + YKT-63
     -Sleeping Powder then Shadow Gem x2.  Then a Bomb Core/Arctic Wind on YKT, 
    then Smoke Bomb to kill all of them.
    5-Warrior Monk(Flamethrower) x2 + YKT-99
     -Petrify Grenade for the Monks.  Shadow Gem x2, then a Smoke Bomb or just 
    Smoke Bomb x2 after Shadow Gem x1.
    More scenes, Seymour kisses Yuna...ohhh HaWt stuff! j/k Whew Tidus must be 
    jealous...oh, BTW encounters hard?? good job.  Go to Cloister of Trials and 
    do them.  Save Sphere before them too.  The HP Sphere you get from the trials 
    is nice...
    You'll be caught and then thrown into.....
    Via Purifico							(0026)
    Yuna alone = not healthy.  Summon Bahamut to kill the enemies that appear.  
    Straight ahead on Teleporter to get Auron.  Then Kimahri and Lulu and go back 
    to where you found Auron and Save!!!
    There will be a Forced Encounter:
    Maze Larva-HP:2222 AP:1850 Overkill:2108
    -Summon Bahamut and use Thundara for a kill.
    You might run into more of these, just use the same thing again.  It's also 
    nice to have Bahamut and Shiva with OD full and Yuna should already have OD.  
    Now, time for an Aeon Battle!!!
    HP:Grothia:8,000 Pterya:12,000 Spathi:20,000
    Yuna Grand Summon Shiva, Use Diamond Dust for Overkill!!!
    Yuna summon Bahamut and use Mega-Flare for an Overkill!!
    Yuna summon Shiva, she should have OD...if so use Diamond Dust for 9,999 
    damange.  Then use Heavenly Strike until it dies.  Sheild when it uses Mega-
    Whew, very easy eh?? Time to go to the Water ones.  Well here's an enemy list 
    for the Water ones....
    Sahagin-HP:1380 AP:200 Overkill:2070
    -Smoke Bomb x2 or Stonetouch/strike.
    Remora-HP:3000 AP:830 Overkill:2108
    -Petrify Grenade or Stonetouch/strike.
    Phlegyas-HP:1680 AP:650 Overkill:2108
    -Sleeping Powder, Smoke Bomb x2 or Stonetouch/strike.
    Octopus-HP:4500 AP:700 Overkill:2108
    -Stonetouch/strike or Petrify Grenade.
    Group Encounters:
    Octopus x2
    -Petrify Grenade.  These enemies have too much HP to use too many Items on.
    Phlegyas x2
    -Petrify Grenade or Smoke Bomb x2 + Grenade.
    Sahagin x2 + Remora x2
    -Petrify Grenade to kill ALL!
    Octopus + Sahagin x2
    -Petrify Grenade...
    Remora x2 + Phlegyas
    -Petrify Grenade...
    In this place you should only run into about 2-3 battles and that's it.  So, 
    shouldn't be too much trouble.  Also, before you throw a Petrify Grenade, you 
    should try to steal some Dragon Scales and Water Gems(if you can get them).
    --------------------------RO/RONO STRAT BELOW---------------------------
    UBER SU><ORS THIS THING IS!!!!! Alright, steal from it first to get Water Gem 
    x2, then throw 2 Phoenix Downs at it for an Overkill...PAH PATHETIC.
    Continue on to the end, get Rematch and Avenger on the way.  They sell for 
    decent amounts of Gil.
    When you exit you'll be on the...
    Highbridge							(0027)
    Kimahri stabs Seymour...like it has effect.  This place here is an awesome 
    place to level up.  You should at least have ~2500-3000 by now.  Anyway there 
    are only 3 Enemies here so...bah oh well here are the enemy listing...
    Warrior Monk(Flamethrower)-HP:1400 AP:420 Overkill:2100
    -Sleeping Powder + Smoke Bomb
    YKT-63-HP:4200 AP:1870 Overkill:2108
    -Shadow Gem x2, then Artcic Wind/Bomb Core.  Or Smoke Bomb x2 then Arctic x3. 
    With Smoke Bomb it can't hit you.
    YAT-99-HP:2700 AP:1870 Overkill:2108
    -Shadow Gem, then Smoke Bomb x2.
    Group Encounters:
    YKT-63 + YAT-99 x2
    -Shadow Gem x2 then Smoke Bomb to take care of both YATs and then throw a 
    Arctic Wind to take out the YKT.
    Warrior Monk(Flamethrower) x2 + YKT-63
    -Sleeping Powder, Shadow Gem x2 then Smoke Bomb, which will kill the Warrior 
    Monks, then throw a Arctic Wind to take out the YKT.
    YAT-99 + YKT-63 x2
    -Shadow Gem x2, then use an Arctic Wind for a kill on the YKTs and then use a 
    Smoke Bomb for the YAT.
    Before heading to Seymour, make sure Tidus is equipped with Sonic Steel!!! I 
    start of the battle so use the Sonic Steel to your advantage, so she'll come 
    in with 2 straight turns.  Also, make sure RIKKU HAS HER STONEPROOF ARMOUR 
    EQUIPPED!!!!!.  Alrighty-then, time for another BOSS BATTLE!!!!
    HP-Seymour:36,000 Mortibody:4000
    ---------------------------RO STRAT BELOW-------------------------------
    Start battle by switching Tidus for Rikku, Use Chocobo Feather and a Lunar 
    Curtain.  You'll have another turn, use a Poison Fang on Seymour.  Seymour 
    will be casting Multi -ra spells so heal if necessary.  Now, use Rikku to 
    throw some Arctic Winds/Bomb Cores whatever you got at him until his HP is at 
    ~24,000.  Mix Sunburst(Underdog's Secret + Underdog's Secret) to do 19,998 
    damage and he will skip the "Break" phase.  He will have ~4000 HP left and he 
    will start casting Flare.  Heal after a Flare, but the good thing is it will 
    set his turns back quite far.  Then throw Dragon Scales or whatever you got 
    at him for a kill.  Very easy, right??
    --------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW------------------------------
    Start battle by switching Tidus for Rikku, Use Chocobo Feather and a Lunar 
    Curtain.  You'll have another turn, use a Poison Fang on Seymour.  Seymour 
    will be casting Multi -ra spells so heal if necessary.  Throw some Poison 
    Fangs, they do do the most damage ~2000.  Then just throw Dragon Scales/Bomb 
    Cores/Arctic Winds until he gets to his "Break" phase, which will be useless 
    because you got Stoneproof right? RIGHT??.  Mortibody will just use 
    Shattering Claw and do ~300.  Then just continue to use Dragon Scales/Bomb 
    Cores/Arctic Winds until he's in his "Flare" phase.Heal after a Flare, but 
    the good thing is it will set his turns back quite far.  Then throw Dragon 
    Scales or whatever you got at him for a kill.  This battle will heavely 
    damage your Item supply, but that won't be a problem because we'll be 
    stealing some more soon!!! BTW YAY FOR TEH VICTORY!!!!
    After the battle you'll be magically warped back to Macalania.  Watch the 
    MUSIC!!!!!  That should keep Tidus' mind off Yuna kissing Seymour:P.  Now, 
    back to the journey and you'll be in the Wonder Place known as the...
    Calm Lands							(0028)
    Chimera Brain-HP:9800 AP:1200 Overkill:4060
    -Sleeping Powder and throw continuous Items or Stonetouch/Strike.
    Anacondaur-HP:5600 AP:1380 Overkill:4060
    -Sleeping Powder, then Shadow Gem x2 and to finish use Smoke Bomb x2.  Watch 
    out for Sonic Tail.
    Nebiros-HP:700 AP:480 Overkill:1050
    -Smoke Bomb FTW!
    Malboro-HP:27,000 AP:2200 Overkill:4060
    -Shadow Gem will help majorly here, because after 7 turns it will use Bad 
    Breath.  Fire Gems will do ~4000 damage.
    Flame Flan-HP:1500 AP:480 Overkill:2250
    -Silence Grenade + Smoke Bomb kills it...
    Skoll-HP:1000 AP:480 Overkill:1500
    -Smoke Bomb, so it can't hit you, then use another...
    Coeurl-HP:6000 AP:1300 Overkill:4060
    -Sleeping Powder, Shadow Gem x2 then Smoke Bomb and it should be dead, if not 
    then use a Grenade.  Watch out for Blaster...
    Ogre-HP:9400 AP:1080 Overkill:4060
    -Smoke Bomb then Shadow Gem x2 then use some Arctic Winds and it should die.
    Shred-HP:1950 AP:480 Overkill:2925
    -Sleeping Powder and Smoke Bomb x2.
    Mech Scouter-HP:2750 AP:530 Overkill:4125
    -Rikku steal from it...
    Mech Hunter-HP:5500 AP:820 Overkill:4060
    -Rikku steal from it...
    Group Encounters:
    Coeurl x2
    -Sleeping Powder, Shadow Gem x2 then Smoke Bomb and they should be dead, if 
    not then use a Grenade.  Watch out for Blaster...
    Chimera Brain x2
    -Petrify Grenade or Stonetouch/strike.  You should have protection from 
    Water, Lightning and Fire by now, so it shouldn't be too hard to live through 
    its attacks.
    Mech Scouter + Flame Flan + Skoll
    -Rikku steal from Mech Scouter.  Then use Silence Grenade, and a Smoke Bomb 
    to kill both of the enemies.
    Flame Flan + Nebiros + Shred
    -Sleeping Powder, kills Nebiros and renders the other two useless.  Smoke 
    Bomb to kill Flan then use another to kill Shred.
    Anacondaur x2
    -Sleeping Powder, Shadow Gem x2, then Smoke Bomb x2.  Watch out for Sonic 
    Tail if they use it.  ~1400 damage.
    Coeurl + Mech Scouter x2
    -Sleeping Powder first, then steal from both Mechs.  Throw a Shadow Gem and 
    use some Antarctic Winds/Fish Scales or Dragon Scales or Bomb Cores to get a 
    -Shadow Gem will help majorly here(9999), because after 7 turns it will use 
    Bad Breath.  Fire Gems will do ~4000 damage.  Also if you have Evade & 
    Counter you can't lose, but it will take some time.  Upside is that it won't 
    use Bad Breath.
    Skoll x2 + Ogre
    -Sleeping Powder and a Smoke Bomb to care of both Skolls.  Fire Gem the Ogre, 
    then use some Arctic Winds/Bomb Cores to kill him.
    Mech Scouter + Skoll + Nebiros x2
    -Sleeping Powder takes care of both Nebiros, and the Skoll can't do 
    anything.  Rikku steal from the Mech Scouter.  Use a Smoke Bomb to take care 
    of the Skoll.
    There is some Items that need to be stolen here...Here's the Steal List
    Steal Item List:
    Item                           Get              Recommendation
    Fire Gem(Flame Flan)           15               25-Very good source of attack.
    Dream Powder(Skoll)            20               30-Good for Capturing Reasons
    Petrify Grenades(Anacondaur)   60               70-Customize Stonestrike to 
    Capture Weapon.
    Hypello Potion(Shred)           8                8-Customize Berserk Ward
    Getting the Items:
    Fire Gem- The easiest way to get these wait for the Mech Scouter, Flame Flan 
    and Skoll.  Sleeping Powder.  Steal from Mech, Grenade Skoll for the kill.  
    Now that the Flame Flan is asleep steal away.
    Dream Powder- Easiest way to get these would be the Nebiros x2,Skoll, and 
    Mech SCouter.  Sleeping Powder gets rid of Nebiros, Skoll is asleep.  Steal 
    from Mech Scouter.  Then steal away to get some Dream Powder.
    Petrify Grenade- The Anacondaurs, use a Sleeping Powder and steal away to get 
    your Petrify Grenades.  I suggest you escape instead of wasting precious 
    Hypello Potion- Use Sleeping Powder on the enemies...only 1 battle contains 
    Shred...it takes out the Nebiros, all other enemies are useless.  Use an 
    Arctic Wind to take care of the Flan, then steal from the Shred.
    These items are very good Items...you should get as many as i recommend.  Now 
    head to the Monster Arena and buy 3 Iron Grips for Rikku.  Customize Evade & 
    Counter on 1.  Now time for some Capturing.
    I suggest you Capture an Anacondaur first, then go to Monster Arena and steal 
    60 Petrify Grenades to custimize Stonestrike on Iron Grip.  The capturing 
    will be much easier with Stonestrike.
    Go to the North-West section of Calm Lands and Train a Chocobo so you can go 
    to Remiem Temple.  You should win the race to get Cloudy Mirror, then do it 
    again and get 4 Chests and hit no poles to get Pendulum x30 so you can get 
    Master Theif ability.
    Anacondaur!!!!- The party will be a party of 2. So, use Sleeping Powder then 
    throw a Fire Gem.  Then throw a Smoke Bomb then attack it twice and it should 
    be caught.
    sooooooooooo easy with it.  You don't even need to kill the Anacondaur escape 
    if you want.  Just get the 60 Petrify Grenades!!!!!!!
    Once you get Stonestrike...not a moment sooner...go out and Capture the other 
    8 Fiends for the Calm Lands
    Malboro-  Most time consuming enemy to catch.  First Shadow Gem it, then use 
    a Fire Gem.  Make sure you have Evade & Counter Capture weapon.  Now, keep 
    pressing triangle and watch you continue to attack it and not use Bad 
    Breath.  If your doing RO, use Sunburst then use the Evade & Counter Strat to 
    catch it.
    Coeurl- Sleeping Powder to make the Coeurls useless.   If with the Mech 
    Scouters steal from them.  Then use a Shadow Gem x2.  Then throw a Smoke Bomb 
    and it should have ~350 HP left then attack and you got it.  Not using 
    Stonestrike here because it is Immune.
    Chimera Brain- Stonestrike!!!!!
    Skoll- Stonestrike!!!!
    Ogre- Stonestrike!!!!!
    Flame Flan- Stonestrike!!!!!
    Shred- Stonestrike!!!!!!!!
    Go back to Macalania for more capturing.  Also, stock back up on some Artic 
    Winds if they needed.
    Blue Element- Stonestrike won't work.  Use a Silence Grenade and a Grenade.  
    Then keep attack it to capture it.  Not too hard...
    Chimera- STONESTRIKE!!!!
    Murussu- STONESTRIKE!!!!
    Iguion- STONESTRIKE!!!!
    Xiphos- STONESTRIKE!!!!!!!
    Wasp- STONESTRIKE!!!!!!!!
    Snow Wolf- STONESTRIKE!!!!!
    Mafdet- STONESTRIKE!!!!!!!
    Evil Eye- Stonestrike......
    Ice Flan- Before you STONESTRIKE!!! it...steal an Arctic Wind from it.  THen 
    use Stonestrike...
    You get Shinning Gem x60 for Capturing these Monsters.  Head back to Thunder 
    Plains now and Capture all the fiends there.
    Alright, use STONESTRIKE on every enemy except the Gold Element because it is 
    Immune.  I will tell you how to catch the Fiends that are Immune to Petrify.  
    Also, you can steal some more Chocobo Feathers when you fight a Qactuar.  
    Also, you can dodge 100 Lightning Bolts to get 3 Strength Spheres and 3 HP 
    Gold Element- Silence Grenade, then continue to attack it because another 
    Item would kill it.
    Track ALL the way back to Calm Lands and collect your hard earned Prizes for 
    Capturing.  Before you continue on, you will need at least 25 Gems(For RONO 
    anyway.)  Now back on track follow the Red Marker to the Bridge where the 
    Guados...Those Guados have some friggen determination to catch Yuna.  FOR THE 
    LOVE OF GOD YOUR GONNA DIE GUADO!!!!!!  Time for a fight agaisnt the...
    --------------------------------RO STRAT BELOW-------------------------------
    First, start with Chocobo Feather and a Light Curtain.  Then take out both 
    Party Members or wait for Defender to do that for you.  Then Mix Quartet of 9 
    and use a Fire Gem to do ~60,000.  Then use another Fire Gem for an 
    Overkill.  Uber East, eh?
    --------------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW-----------------------------
    First, start with Chocobo Feather and a Light Curtain.  Start throwing some 
    of those 25 Fire Gems i told you to get.  Each one does about ~4000 damage.  
    Defender will cast Slowga, so you will use another Chocobo Feather to rid 
    yourself of Slow.  Continue to use Fire Gems and he will use Haymaker, which 
    will do ~1500 with Light Curtain.  Heal after Haymaker with Hi-Potions or an 
    X-Potion.  Continue to use Fire Gems and heal when it's necessary like after 
    Haymaker.  After a little while he will go down.  This puts a heavy dent in 
    your Item supply and you will need to restock your supply.
    Before continuing on to Mt. Gagazet you will need at least 40 Fire 
    Gems/Lightning/Ice/Water Gems for the upcomming Seymour battle.  You only 
    need these if your doing RONO.  Once you get these track back up Mt. Gagazet.
    Mt. Gagazet							(0029)
    You'll see a scene that makes Yuna looks "Strong" so says Lulu, Tidus doesn't 
    seem to understand...Biran and Yenke will be gone and you'll have to fight 
    them with Kimahri.  OMG how are you gonna beat them if you haven't leveled 
    Kimahri??? OMG YOUR GOING TO LOSE!!!! Nah by, their HP depends on Kimahri's 
    so it won't be hard.
    HP-Yenke:864 Biran:1152
    First, i say to take out Biran.  So, use Lancet to get some good stuff and 
    use it agaisnt them.  Thrust Kick works nicely against them for ~230 damage.  
    Attack normally and use Lancet to get more ODs and use them.  Still, i think 
    Thrust Kick works best.  When one goes down, take down the other one the same 
    way.  Heal when necessary, you'll probably have to heal once because their 
    attacks do ~50-100 so its not that much.
    Now when you try to continue on they will sing the Hymn.  Lol, it's pretty 
    cool but the Al Bhed singing is still the best:P. Alright time for the Enemy 
    Grenade-HP:7500 AP:1350 Overkill:5384
    -Stonestrike Capture Weapon or Petrify Grenade.
    Grat-HP:4000 AP:980 Overkill:6000
    -Stonestrike or Petrify Grenade...This is will be strat the whole time...so...
    Bandersnatch-HP:1800 AP:820 Overkill:2700
    -Stonestrike or Petrify Grenade...
    Nidhogg-HP:2000 AP:810 Overkill:3000
    -Oh my, Stonestrike/Petrify Grenade...
    Imp-HP:880 AP:770 Overkill:1320
    -Maybe an Arctic Wind?? Unless you want to capture it...well use Stonestrike.
    Bashura-HP:17,000 AP:1860 Overkill:6972
    -Stonestrike once again.  It has too much HP to waste Items on.
    Mech Leader-HP:3700 AP:830 Overkill:5550
    -Rikku use Steal...OWNED!!!
    Mech Defender-HP:8700 AP:950 Overkill:5384
    -Rikku use Steal...
    Group Encounters:
    Grat x2 + Bashura
    -Sleeping Powder first so they can't do anything, then just Stonestrike them 
    all.  You could also just use a Petrify Grenade.
    Grat x2 + Grenade
    -Sleeping Powder so the Grats can't do anything.  Then Stonestrike the 
    Grenade.  Then just Stonestrike the Grats.  Or just use a Petrify Grenade.
    Mech Defender x2 + Mech Leader
    -Rikku steal from them.  Steal from the one who's about to have a turn so you 
    take minimum damage.
    Mech Leader + Nidhogg + Bandersnatch
    -Steal from Leader, Then Stonestrike Bandersnatch.  Now, take that dragon out 
    with Stonestrike!
    Imp + Grenade x2
    -Stonestrike the Imp, then Stonestrike the Grenades.  Petrify Grenade for 
    easier win.
    Easy Battles?? Damm right:).  Now, get the 20k Gil, it is quite helpful.  Get 
    the Braska Sphere if you want to.  I always watch these because Jecht is so 
    awesome...JECHT FTW!!!!
    Follow the trail and when you get to Wantz buy the Haste Targe for Rikku if 
    you don't already have it.  It will be needed for Yunalesca.  Also, buy some 
    Holy Waters, they will be needed for Seymour and Yunalesca.  Get some Phoenix 
    Downs for the Zanar battles.  Get the HP Sphere and Level 4 Key Sphere on 
    your way up.  Prepare for an effed up battle!!
    HP-Seymour:70,000 Mortiorchis:4000
    ------------------------------RO STRAT BELOW----------------------------
    First, start with Chocobo Feather, Lunar Curtain and a Silence Grenade.  Make 
    sure other party members are dead and Mix Quartet of 9 and use a Fire Gem.  
    When it's your turn again use another for an Overkill!!!  And People say he's 
    hard lol.
    -----------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW---------------------------
    First, start with Chocobo Feather, Lunar Curtain and a Silence Grenade.  Then 
    start firing Fire, Water, Lightning, Ice Gems at him for good damage.  
    Mortiorchis will Mortisorbation him for more damage.  When he uses Lance of 
    Atrophy, use a Holy Water or you will die.  After his silence wears off, use 
    another Silence Grenade.  Keep throwing Gems on each of your turns.  When 
    Mortiorchis is about to use Total Anniliation make sure you have at least 
    3000 HP.  TA does ~1800 damage, pretty pathetic actually.  I suggest healing 
    after TA, just in case you won't die.  He'll go down after ~30 Gems or so.  I 
    used 31 Fire/Lightning Gems to take him down.  An easy boss, just very 
    damaging on your Item supply.
    Continue on, get Saturn Crest if you want, and watch Tidus pass out.  You'll 
    meet up with the Bahamut Fayth and you'll learn he's a DREAM!!!!!!!!!ZOMG 
    Gagazet Cave
    Different Enemies appear here so...here we go with the Enemy List...
    Dark Flan-HP:12,800 AP:3750 Overkill:19,200
    -Since they are immune to Petrification, Throw a Silence Grenade and throw 
    Shining Gem and use some Fire Gems to bring his HP down accordingly, then 
    continually attack it to capture it.  After you have one, don't bother 
    killing others.  It's a waste of Items.
    Mandragora-HP:31,000 AP:6230 Overkill:5384
    -Stonestrike FTW!!!! That's a lot of HP, so don't waste Items.
    Grendel-HP:9500 AP:2600 Overkill:6972
    Ahriman-HP:2800 AP:2200 Overkill:4200
    -Stonestrike.  It might miss, but keep trying.
    Behemoth-HP:23,000 AP:6540 AP:6972
    -I hate this beast.  Use Poison Fang and watch the b-tard die.  Heal after 
    each Heave, throw items during your spare turns to make him die faster...get 
    the last attack to capture him.
    Group Encounters:
    Dark Flan
    -Since they are immune to Petrification, Throw a Silence Grenade and throw 
    Shining Gem and use some Fire Gems to bring his HP down accordingly, then 
    continually attack it to capture it.  After you have one, don't bother 
    killing others.  It's a waste of Items.  "Wow, Is that Edible?"  LOL Rikku.
    -I hate this beast.  Use Poison Fang and watch the b-tard die.  Heal after 
    each Heave, throw items during your spare turns to make him die faster...get 
    the last attack to capture him.
    -Stonestrike it.  Don't use Items, it's a waste.
    Ahriman + Grendel
    -Stonestrike the Ahriman first, since it can confuse you.  Then while the 
    Grendel is charging use Stonestrike.  Or just Petrify Grenade him.
    Bashura x2
    -Stonestrike them both.  Or just use a Petrify Grenade.
    Underwater Enemies:
    Splasher-HP:200 AP:140 Overkill:900
    Maelspike-HP:10,000 AP:600 Overkill:7500
    -Stonestrike it!!
    Achelous-HP:5100 AP:650 Overkill:7500
    -Stonestrike that thing!
    Group Encounters:
    Splasher + Maelspike x2
    -Stonestrike the Splasher, then Stonestrike the Maelspikes.  Their "Smash" 
    attack does ~1800 and that's a lot.  Or a Petrify Grenade...
    Splasher x2 + Achelous x2
    -Stonestrike them in order of their turns for minimal damage.  Watch out for 
    the the Splasher Poison.  Or a Petrify Grenade...
    Maelspike + Achelous x2
    -Stonestrike the Maelspike first, then Stonestrike the Achelous.  Or Petrify 
    Grenade for a kill...
    Also, before heading up you'll need some Star Curtains from Dark Flans.  ~10-
    15 is good.  Steal from the Flans and then run to make it less time consuming.
    Do the Gagazet Trials and continue up to the top.  SAVE!!!! Just because I 
    hate this Boss...
    -----------------------------RO STRAT BELOW-----------------------------
    First, use Chocobo Feather, Light and Lunar Curtain.  Make sure Party Members 
    are dead.  Mix Quartet of 9 and use a Fire Gem for an Overkill!!! Lol, 
    -----------------------------RONO BELOW STRAT---------------------------
    First, use Chocobo Feather, Light and Lunar Curtain.  You can also use a Star 
    Curtain.  He can Remove the Haste Status and inflict lots of Status 
    ailments.  Having armour with Sleep, Darkness and Confuse Ward is good to 
    have.  If he removes Haste throw another Chocobo Feather.  Throw Fire Gems 
    and Lightning Gems for good damage.  You can also use some of your Shining 
    Gems to take him down faster.  He will use Regen, this is why i said use Star 
    Curtain so your Items wouldn't go to waste.  At ~10,000 HP he will use Mana 
    Breath.  Heal after Mana Breath and throw Shining Gem x2 for a win.
    Watch the "Last Chapter" in Tidus' Story.  Also the Hugging Scene with Rikku 
    & Yuna...OH Every time I see that scene it looks they about to Kiss.  HAWT 
    STUFF THERE!!!! J/K, This is what i read off the FFX Boards thought I'd add 
    it for fun.  Plus there's 10-15 minutes worth of scenes here, so i thought 
    I'd cheer ya up:P.  Before continuing you should have Beserk Ward.  Walk some 
    more and you'll be in...
    Zanarkand							(0030)
    A couple of new Enemies here so i'll list 'em.
    Fallen Monk(Flamethrower/Rifle)-HP:3300 AP:1200 Overkill:4950
    -Before killing them with a Phoenix Down, Steal some Candles of Life from 
    YAT-97-HP:3700 AP:3200 Overkill:5550
    -Shadow Gem, then use some Fire Gems for a Kill.  Or throw a Candle of Life 
    and wait 15 turns.
    YKT-11-HP:6,200 AP:3200 Overkill:8848
    -Smoke Bomb, so it can't hit you, then use a Shadow Gem, then throw some Fire 
    Gems.  Or you can use a Candle of Life and wait 15 Turns.
    Defender Z-HP:43,300 AP:6000 Overkill:8848
    -Don't even bother, it's a waste of Items.  Unless you got a Candle of Life, 
    wait 10 Turns and he'll die.
    Plus all the enemies from the Gagazet Cave.
    Group Encounters:
    Defender Z
    -Candle of Life, wait 15 Turns
    YKT-97 x2 + YAT-97
    -Smoke Bomb, then Shadow Gem.  Use some Fire Gems and it will hit all 
    enemies.  The YAT will die first, then keep using Fire Gems and the YKT 
    should fall.  Or use a Candle of Life on each and wait 15 Turns for them to 
    Fallen Monk(Rifle) x2 + YAT-97
    -Phoenix Downs on both Monks, then use a Fire Gem for a kill.  Or use a 
    Candle of Life on the YAT and wait 15 turns.
    Fallen Monk(Flamethrower) x2 + YKT-11
    -Dream Powder, so the Monks can't do anything.  Then use a Shadow Gem and use 
    some Artic Winds on the YKT until it falls, then steal some Candles of Life 
    from the Sleeping Monks.  Then use Phoenix Downs on them both.
    YAT-97 x2 + YKT-11
    -Smoke Bomb, then use Shadow Gem.  Fire Gems will kill them easily. Or use a 
    Candle of Life on each and wait 15 turns.
    Fallen Monk(Rifle) x2 + Fallen Monk(Flamethrower)
    -Dream Powder, then steal to your heart's content to get some Candles of 
    Life.  Then just use some Phoenix Downs for kills.
    Whew...pretty easy battles...Continue on and do Zanar's Cloister of Trials, 
    the funnest one IMO, then SAVE and get ready for a BOSS...that i hate...MAKE 
    ---------------------------RO STRAT BELOW-------------------------------
    Start with Chocobo Feather and a Light Curtain.  The move behind him so he 
    can't hit you with his Counter attack.  Mix Quartet of 9 and use a Fire Gem 
    for an Overkill!!  RO is uber easy with Quartet of 9 :P.
    --------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW------------------------------
    Start with Chocobo Feather and a Light Curtain.  The move behind him so he 
    can't hit you with his Counter attack.  Use 2 Shining Gems and it'll be his 
    turn.  He'll use Beserk Tail and with Beserk Ward it'll prevent Beserk, DUH!  
    Move Behind him again and use another 2 Shining Gems and use another if you 
    got another turn.  Again he'll use Beserk Ward, sometimes he will use Glyph 
    Mines and make sure your not on these or you will die.  Heal after a couple 
    of Beserk Tails if you want and Rinse and Repeat the Move, use Shining Gems.  
    AGAIN, I Say WATCH OUT FOR GLYPH MINES.  ~8-9 Shining Gems later he will 
    fall!!! Good JOB BRUDDA!!!
    Watch the scenes then go back and save, 'cause trust me you don't wanna watch 
    those if you die.  EQUIP THE HASTE TARGE NOW!!!!!!  Now, This is it!! The 
    infamous Auron Speech.  That's a pretty awesome speech.  Another vert good 
    scene in the game.  TIME TO FIGHT YUNALESCA...The dirty Biznatch...
    HP-1st:24,000 2nd:48,000 3rd:60,000
    ----------------------------RO STRAT BELOW------------------------------
    1st FORM-24,000
    Start with Star Curtain and the Mix Sunburst and then on your next turn use a 
    Shining Gem.  LOL sad, eh?  Time for...
    2nd FORM-48,000
    She'll start by using Hell Biter, which'll inflict Zombie.  Now, she will 
    will counter everything with "Slap", which dispels everything but Reflect.  
    So, start throwing Shining Gems like there's no tomorrow.  Slap does ~300 
    damage, and then continue to pound on it with Shining Gems.  Mix a Quartet of 
    9 once you get OD, 7 Turns with Loner.  Then use a Fire Gem to take out this 
    3rd FORM-60,000
    She'll use Mega-Death and you will die if your Zombified, which you won't.  
    Now, that Quartet is in place use a Fire Gem and the effed up BIZNATCH IS 
    ---------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW-----------------------------
    1st FROM-24,000
    Start with Star Curtain, Don't use Chocobo Feather 'cause "Slap" Removes it.  
    Throw a Shining Gem and she'll counter with Sleep, which will bounce back to 
    her:P.  Hopefully she'll use Absorb on Rikku.  Use another Shining Gem, then 
    hope she uses Slap on Rikku to bring her into Yellow HP so you'll have 
    Haste!.  It's not needed in this form, but it's needed for the next.  Finish 
    her with another 2 Shining Gems.
    2nd FORM-48,000
    She'll start with Hell Biter, which'll inflict Zombie.  Now, she will counter 
    everyting with "Slap", which dispels everything but Reflect and the Haste you 
    now have from the Hell Biter:P.  Throw Shining Gems and you'll take ~300 from 
    Slap.  You'll have about 3 Turns before Yunalesca gets one. ~6000 x 
    3=~18,000.  Hopefully, when she uses Regen it will hit someone else, if they 
    still alive.  The rest of the Strat will go ahead like she used Regen on 
    someone else.  Continue to use Shining Gems until she dies.  FOR THE LOVE OF 
    3rd FORM-60,000
    She starts with Mega-Death and you will die if your not in Zombie Status.  
    Now, Start throwing
    Shining Gems.  Her Pattern is Mega-Death, Hell Biter, Hell Biter, Mind Blast, 
    Hell Biter, Mega-Death.  After that, the pattern restarts again.  If you need 
    to heal, do it after she uses Mega-Death again so you'll have time to be 
    Zombified again before her next Mega-Death.  Keep Throwing Shining Gems until 
    the biznatch finally dies!!! Man, it's time consuming and major dent in your 
    Shining Gem supply.
    OMG THE CHALLENGE IS ALMOST OVER!!!! Btw, get the Sun Crest if you want.  Get 
    on the Airship!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Prepping							(0031)
    Go to Highbridge to activate the scene so the stupid Yevonites will let you 
    in the Temples if you need to go back.  Now just a couple of things to take 
    care of before going to fight SIN!!!
    Get Godhand
    On the "Input" Screen write GODHAND in all caps to unlock Mushroom Rock 
    Road.  Go there and get Rikku's Godhand.
    Mercury Sigil
    Go to Sanubia West and Press Square on the Catuar Stone there.  It'll give 
    you a clue to where a Cactuar is and you must find and get a Sphere from it 
    and Bring it back here.  Here is where they are...
    1st-It is at Oasis
    2nd-Sanubia East-North of the Save Sphere in the Tent, turn left.
    3rd-Sanubia West-Press X to the sign that says 20% Off
    4th-Sanubia Central-Ruins in the West
    5th-Sanubia East-Near Save Sphere in the Tent
    6th-Sanubia Central-In a Chest to the FAR west
    7th-Sanubia West-Inside a Sand Whirlpool.  You have to re-enter the area to 
    get it.
    8th-Oasis-Go near Save Sphere, then go on Deck, then go back to Oasis
    9th-Sanubia West-At the Cactuar Stone waiting for you.
    Stocking Up
    These are the Items you require for all the rest of the Bosses in the Game
    99x Shining Gems
    25x Blessed Gems
     2x Dark Matter
    99x Chocobo Wings(You should already have these)
    70x Light Curtain
    20x Petrify Grenades
     8x Dragon Scale
    Getting these Items:
    Shining Gems- Capture a Black Element, then go to Monster Arena and steal 
    from it.  Master Thief IS required.
    Blessed Gems-First you need to Capture all Fiends in Mushroom Rock Road.  
    Then go to Monster Arena and fight Coeurlregina and steal from them.  Master 
    Theif IS required.  You will die from these things, just steal and Run.  You 
    COULD try to kill Cactuar King but i don't recommend it.
    Dark Matter- Play Blitz to get them.  They appear in League Prizes, Reset 
    Data until it has one for first prize.  Then Hire a decent Blitz Team.  Here 
    is what i used:
    RF:Wedge-Luca Right Guard in the Stadium
    LD:Zalitz-Luca Theatre, he's sitting right at the where you go to enter
    RD:Kyou-Djose Temple-On the road near the Temple
    GL:Jumal-Luca Seaport-Sitting on Bench
    This team will let you win enough games to get your first Dark Matter.  After 
    you win Save, then check prizes to see if it's Dark Matter again in League 
    Prizes, if not Soft Reset.  Win another 10 games and you'll have your 2.  Or 
    you can Capture 5 of each Fiend, which again I don't recommend.
    Chocobo Wing- Capture all Fiends in Thunder Plains.  These are needed for 
    Light Curtains- Easy way is to catch 5 of every Horned Fiend(EX: Dual Horn), 
    but i just went to Monster Arena and continuiously fought and stole from Iron 
    Giants there.  These are needed for Auto-Protect.
    Dragon Scales- Go to Besaid and Capture a Water Flan.  Then go to Monster 
    Arena and steal Dragon Scales from them.  You need Master Theif unless you 
    want to waste a lot of time.  These are needed for Waterproof.
    Ultimate Armour
    This armour will be needed for BFA(Braska's Final Aeon).  There's also 
    another armour you need for Seymour Omnis...the Victorious.
    Input "VICTORIOUS" in the Airship to get it.  It'll have Fire/Ice/Lightning 
    proof + 1FS.  That FS will need Waterproof(Dragon Scale x8).  
    When you think your ready go to "Sin" on the locations.  And When i mean 
    READY you have everything i told you to get!!!! Make sure you have your 
    Ultimate Armour Equipped!!!
    Sin...and Many Other Parts					(0032)
    HP-Left:65,000 Right:65,000
    AP-Left:16,000 Right:17,000
    This is 2 separate battles, but they are the exact same, so...
    -------------------------------RO STRAT BELOW--------------------------------
    Move in first, then Mix a Sunbursr then throw Shining Gems at it until you 
    get OD again.  Use another Sunburst and it will fall.
    -------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW-------------------------------
    First Move in.  With these battles just continuously throw Shining Gems and 
    if he starts to attack, after a couple heal.  12-13 Shining Gems will make 
    both Fins fall.
    HP-Sin:36,000 Genais:20,000
    AP-Sin:18,000 Genias:1800
    Overkill-Sin:3000 Genais:2000
    -------------------------RO STRAT BELOW---------------------------------
    Lol, this is funny.  You can kill Genais before it gets an attack if you have 
    your Auto-Haste Targe on, WHICH you should!.  Throw 3 Shining Gems and a Fire 
    Gem for a kill on Genais.  The Core's attack are pitiful, it can use basic 
    magic and Gravija(3/4 your HP).  Make sure to use a Hi-Potion after Gravija.  
    Continue to throw Shining Gems until you get OD, DON'T USE IT!!! Save it for 
    OD Sin.  It should die within 6-7 Shining Gems.  
    -------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW-------------------------------
    Lol, this is funny.  You can kill Genais before it gets an attack if you have 
    your Auto-Haste Targe on, WHICH you should!.  Throw 3 Shining Gems and a Fire 
    Gem for a kill on Genais.  The Core's attack are pitiful, it can use basic 
    magic and Gravija(3/4 your HP).  Make sure to use a Hi-Potion after Gravija.  
    Continue to throw Shining Gems and it should die in 6-7 of them.
    Take a break or whatnot...and maybe Save??? Then find Yuna and Then get ready 
    for ANOTHER BOSS!!!!!! Continuous amounts of bosses...AHHHHHSOME.
    ----------------------------RO STRAT BELOW------------------------------
    Use your OD that you have to Mix Sunburst, then continue to throw Shining 
    Gems until you have OD again.  Mix another Sunburst to do more DAMAGE!!!  
    Keep throwinf Shining Gems until OD then use it.  You won't even need to heal 
    in this battle.  His Pulse attack does ~700 + Status Ailments.  Repeat this a 
    few times and SIN WILL FALL!!!
    --------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW------------------------------
    Almost the same as above EXCEPT you can only throw Shining Gems.  Ok, if he 
    uses Pulse and you get confused you might not be able to beat him.  About 25-
    30 Shining Gems later and Sin will die.  No need to waste turns healing in 
    this battle, Pulse only does ~700 + Status Ailments.  When I killed him he 
    had 3/4 of his OD Gauge full Heh.
    Before continuing on, make sure you have Victorious + Waterproof on it.  Also 
    you'll need to get a Flexible Arm.  You can Fight Yojimbo or get one from a 
    Black Element like i did.  Here's Strat for Yojimbo anyway...
    Very easy battle, that you got Auto-Haste.  Use a Sunburst in RO, then use ~2-
    3 Shining Gems for an  Overkill.  In RONO just throw Shining Gems x6 for an 
    Overkill.  His attacks are pitiful, he'll only get ~2-3 turns when you have 
    After the battle use the Teleporter to get the Flexible Arm, MP Sphere and X-
    Potions x2.
    Custimize Initiative(Chocobo Feather x6), First Strike(Return Sphere), Evade 
    & Counter(Teleport Sphere) and Stonestrike(Petrify Grenades 
    x60)/Zombiestrike(Candle of Life x30).  I chose Zombiestrike cause it's 
    Once you have these Items and Weapons, move back into SIN!!!
    Inside Sin							(0033)
    Behemoth King-HP:67,500 AP:16,800 Overkill:
    -Candle of Life, wait for 5 Turns.  Watch out for Metoer, make sure you have 
    at least 4k HP.
    Barbatos-HP:95,000 AP:17,500 Overkill:13,560
    -Candle of Life, wait 5 Turns.  You can Zombie it...i don't recommend it 
    Ahriman-HP:2800 AP:2200 Overkill:
    -Stonestrike, if you can hit it...or Candle of Life, his next turn he dead...
    Exoray-HP:7400 AP:2400 Overkill:11,100
    -Stonestrike or Candle of Life(1 Turn).
    Admantoise-HP:54,400 AP:12,500 Overkill:11,036
    -Petrify Grenade or Candle of Life(5 Turns)
    Gemini(Club/Sword)-HP:36,000 AP:7800 Overkill:13,560
    -Candle of Life(3 Turns)
    Great Malboro-HP:64,000 AP:21,000 Overkill:13,560
    -This is why you need Initiative and First Strike, these buggers are annoying 
    without those abilities.  Use a Candle of Life and wait 5 Turns.
    Demonolith-HP:45,000 AP:11,000 Overkill:13,560
    -One of the only ways to kill them at the moment is Candle of Life and wait 
    10 Turns.
    Wraith-HP:22,222 AP:3100 Overkill:13,560
    -Again use Candle of Life and wait 3 Turns.
    Land Worm(Point of no Return Only)-HP:80,000 AP:22,000 Overkill:13,560
    -You can either make it go to sleep with Dream Powder then use a Poison Fang 
    and watch it die slowly.  Or use Dream Powder and use a Candle of Life and 
    wait 10 Turns.
    Group Encounters:
    Ahriman x3
    -Use Dream Powder then use Stonestrike on each of them.
    Exoray x2 + Ahriman
    -Dream Powder then use Stonestrike or Petrify Grenade.  Candle of Life on 
    each works good too and you only have to wait 1 Turn for each.
    Demonolith x2
    -First use Silence Grenade and then a Smoke Bomb.  Then use a Candle of Life 
    on each and wait 10 Turns.
    -One of the only ways to kill them at the moment is Candle of Life and wait 
    10 Turns.
    Gemini(Club) + Gemini(Sword)
    -Smoke Bomb, then use Candle of Life on each and wait 3 Turns.
    Behemoth King
    -Candle of Life, wait for 5 Turns.  Watch out for Metoer, make sure you have 
    at least 4k HP.
    -Candle of Life, wait 5 Turns.  You can Zombie it...i don't recommend it 
    -Petrify Grenade or Candle of Life(5 Turns)
    Great Malboro
    -This is why you need Initiative and First Strike, these buggers are annoying 
    without those abilities.  Use a Candle of Life and wait 5 Turns.
    -Again use Candle of Life and wait 3 Turns.
    Land Worm(Point of no Return Only)
    -You can either make it go to sleep with Dream Powder then use a Poison Fang 
    and watch it die slowly.  Or use Dream Powder and use a Candle of Life and 
    wait 10 Turns.
    Varuna(Point of no Return Only)-HP:56,000 AP:19,500 Overkill:11,036
    -Petrify Grenade or Candle of Life(7 Turns).
    Go through the Windy Path of Doom!!!! Make sure you have Victorious Equipped. 
    You'll find Seymour waiting for you.  Man im telling you these Guado are 
    Determined especially this Psycho one.  He wants to Destroy Spira, to Save 
    it...now to me that's messed up stuff...Oh well time beat him to a bloody 
    --------------------------RO STRAT BELOW--------------------------------
    With Armade(all elemental proofs) the only thing that can hurt you is his 
    Ultima.  Alright so first use a Chocobo Feather then a Lunar Curtain.  Start 
    shooting Shining Gems at him, Mix a Sunburst if you have it.  Again, keep 
    using Shining Gems until OD comes back and use another Sunburst.  He uses 
    the -aga Spells which'll do nothing to do, Dispel so you'll have to put 
    Chocobo Feather and Shell back on and Ultima which'll do about ~3800.  I'm 
    not sure but i tihnk i heard somewhere that his Ultima isn't affected by 
    Shell....but still keep it anyway.  Or you could always use Quartet of 9 then 
    a Fire Gem x2 for an Overkill.  Either way he dies.
    --------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW------------------------------
    With Armade(all elemental proofs) the only thing that can hurt you is his 
    Ultima.  Alright so first use a Chocobo Feather then a Lunar Curtain.  Start 
    shooting Shining Gems at him until he uses Dispel.  Use your Chocobo Feather 
    and Lunar Curtain.  Then he'll use Ultima, which'll do ~3600 damage.  Heal 
    that damage with Mega-Potions.  Use some more Shining Gems, and then he'll 
    use Dispel again.  So, you know what to do...Chocobo Feather + Lunar 
    Curtain.  You'll have him dead before he can use another Ultima.  GOOD JOB 
    Watch the Sending Scene...and continue on.  MAKE YOU SWITCH ARMOUR BACK TO 
    THE ULTIMATE ONE!!!!!  There's a HP Sphere that you can get here, GET IT!!!  
    Go to the Tower and the last Save Sphere so, if you got anything that you 
    need to do. go do it NOW!!!!!
    You will ned these Items:
    ~25 Blessed Gems
    1-2 Dark Matter
      1 Stamina Tablet
    ~10 X-Potions  
    ~10 Holy Water
    ~20 Shining Gems
    ~10 Elemental Gems
    When your ready enter the Tower, that falls out of the sky....and collect the 
    10 things and get ready for the last boss in the Challenge!!!!!!!  BTW TIDUS 
    Braska's Final Aeon						(0034)
    Watch the Scene..."Dad, I hate you!" Lol, I love that.  Time to fight 
    Jecht:'(...Jecht is the best Character in the Game.Period.  He looks cool as 
    the FA.  Well enough chit-chat time for a battle!!!.  ZOMG OTHERWORLD SONG!! 
    BFA 1st FORM-60,000 HP
    ------------------------RO STRAT BELOW----------------------------------
    First make sure other party members are dead and use Quartet of 9 and use a 
    Fire Gem to take out first form...lol UBER easy:P.
    ---------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW-----------------------------
    With Auto-Haste use Stamina Tablet.  Then start using those Blessed Gems, I 
    bet you were wondering what they were for, eh??.  Continue to use Blessed 
    Gems until the first form falls.  Heal when necessary, his attacks can do 
    hefty damage.  Swipe does ~1300 damage.  Triumpth Grasp ~3000 damage + 
    Zombie.  Next please...
    BFA 2nd FORM-120,000
    ------------------------------RO START BELOW----------------------------
    Use Another Fire Gem for 9,999 x 6...you do the math lol...2 more Fire Gems 
    later and he will die...FUNNY STUFF,EH??? lol uber easy.
    ----------------------------RONO STRAT BELOW----------------------------
    Alrighty, keep using Blessed Gems until he gets OD and use Triumpth Grasp, 
    which'll do ~3300.  Now if you didn't use that Stamina Tablet, well you'd be 
    dead.  Use an X-Potion after Triumpth Grasp.  He will occasionally use Jecht 
    Beam also, ~750 damage + Petrification which you'll be immune to:P.  Now, use 
    your Dark Matters to do ~13,000 damage to BFA and Yu Paragons.  Once, he's 
    down a lot of HP he will start using Sword Swipe for ~1700, so watch out.  
    Once your out of Dark Matters, start using Blessed Gems again.  When he's low 
    If not at full HP it will most likely kill you, that's of course if you 
    didn't use Stamina Tablet because it does ~4500.  Now, continue to use 
    Blessed Gems and heal when necessary until JECHT DIES!!!!!!
    Now, watch the Scenes until you get to fight your Aeons possesed by Yu 
    HP-Same as your Aeons
    For all these battles use a Shining Gem to kill them...doesn't matter really, 
    you can't die.  After you kill these time for another BOSS BATTLE!!!!
    If you have Zombiestrike use it on him, if not then just wait for him to kill 
    himself with Gravija...lol what a NooBLaR.
    Credits								(0035)
    -Credits go to Square for making another awesome Final Fantasy
    -Go to Gamefaqs.com for hosting my FAQ
    -Go to Nhadalia for proof reading some of my FAQ
    I Hope you enjoyed this FAQ as much as I did writing it. 

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