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    Stat Maxing Guide by KADFC

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                          Final Fantasy X - Stat Maxing Guide
       Created By: KADFC (aka Fabian Chang)
       Created On: 9:00 PM on Friday February 2 2007 Pacific Time
       Current Version: 1.00
       First Version Submitted On  : 6:00 PM on Wednesday February 7 2007
       Current Version Submitted On: 6:00 PM on Wednesday February 7 2007
       Copyright KADFC 2007
      This guide can only be posted on Gamefaqs.com. 
       And KaddyGuides.com
      (Quick Find: Ctrl + F, then put the name of the section from the Table of )
     Most importantly, I would like to thank Jobber (jobber2022497) for solving
      and helping me the most for this guide.
                                    Table Of Content
      i. Introduction
     ii. Pre-Knowledge
      A. The Three Types of Sphere Grids
      B. The Nine Setups
      C. The Math
      D. Post Airship
      E. AP Weapon and AP Trick
      F. Kottos Trick and Level # Keys
      G. Finishing Capturing
      H. Pre-Maxing Stats
      I. Maxing Stats
      J. Credits
     To start this thing off, I'm making this due to a promise, somewhat. Even so,
     I'll try to do my best to create regardless of pressure or expectation.
     Regardless how knowledgable I am, nor how well I can explain the process. If
     this doesn't fit my expectation, I won't leave this gamefaqs, even if it
     was already posted.
     I was informed that the first FAQ regarding Max Stats for FFX was written by
     JungleJim. I have seen him posted on the boards before as well as discussed
     with him in certain topics, so he will be acknowledge. However, since I don't
     have a copy of FAQ, I'll start this from scratch and basically set my layout.
     Even so, I will use Split's FAQ or any other FAQ that I find already posted
     at my advantage. Adding to that sum, the wonderful board of FFX of gamefaqs.
     Needless to say, all of which will be credited where credit will be given.
     I have max my characters stats before, and I have done it three times before,
     so my methods may not be something that most people recommend, but it works.
     To end the intro, I'll make it clear. This FAQ doesn't tell you how to defeat
     all the Monster Arena Creations. This won't tell you how to obtain all the
     Celestial Weapon or any. This FAQ doesn't serve in anyways like a walkthrough.
     It won't say anything regarding any sidequests, period.
     The whole process of maxing your stats revolves around your storyline of
     getting the Airship. This section is for all the things I want you to know
     before getting the Airship. I'm talking about getting the Airship after you
     have passed by Calm Lands.
     1. Overdrives - The only overdrives needed to complete the task
       Tidus = Slice and Dice
       Wakka = Attack Reels
       Rikku = Frag Grenade
        Note: You only need these for maxing your stats. Blitz Ace is optional
         since it's rather slow and have a delay effect compared to Slice and Dice.
     2. Overdrive Mode - Try to obtain Comrade and Victor in ahead of time.
       Stotic  = You start out with this, so don't worry about it.
       Comrade = Ally other than self hit by an enemy.
         Tidus - 300; Wakka - 100; Auron - 220; Yuna - 240; Lulu/Kimarhi - 100
       Victor  = Win a battle while having them be in the front (active) lines.
         Tidus - 120; Rikku - 140; Wakka - 160
       Loner   = Tidus Only. By himself, stay in battle for 60 turns.
         For Loner, wait until you've obtained Yellow Shield (Thunder Plains)
        Note: You can't learn these while you're in the Monster Arena.
     3. Abilities - Try limiting the number of abilites for each character. There
        are far too many abilities that are waste of time, especially in the post
        game. That's why you should have a mindset to not learn every single
        ability the sphere grid offers as a way of convenience. Not everyone needs
        to be able to cast Fire. The following are the abilities best to learn:
       - Quick Attack = From Kimarhi's initial position, shift all the way west
       - Steal        = Rikku starts out with this
       - Use          = Rikku starts out with this
       - Bribe        = From Lulu's initial positition, proceed southeast
       - Flee         = Tidus starts out with this
     4. Get the Cloudy Mirror from Remiem Temple's Chocobo Race. You don't have to
        do it right now, but it shouldn't be that troublesome. Talk to the Chocobo
        Catcher, train a Chocobo, ride one to Southeast part of Calm Lands. Head
        for the temple, go to the left side, talk to sphere, go to right, talk to
        chocobo, and race. Win the race and you'll get the Mirror.
     5. Equipment Preparation. Two things. Get the Yellow Shield for Tidus off the
        ground during your first time outside Thunder Plain's Travel Agency. Also,
        make sure that you talk to Wantz during your trip up Mt. Gagazet before the
        fight with Flux. This is for being able to buy equipments from Wantz from
        Macalania Forest after getting the Airship.
     6. Must Obtain Anima. In order to obtain Anima, you must acquire/get the
        Destruction Sphere treasure from all Cloister of Trials.
         NOTE: You can't miss the one from Bevelle Temple, ever.
     7. While you are at Zanakand Ruins, steal at from 10 - 20 Candles of Life.
        You can return here to get them as well. They are stolen from the dead
        soldiers and they are common steals.
     8. Make sure that you have fully compiled all 26 Al Bhed Primers throughout
        the game or reload it from a previous save. Then on first time aboard the
        Airship, talk to Rin to get 99 Underdog's Secret. Keep 60 of them for
        future use.
     9. This might be a hard task, but not for most NSGers. Keep Rikku's HP low,
        or even at her initial HP. At the same time, Rikku must kill at least
        450 - 900 enemies. Not a hard task for some. Overall, one of the best
        ways for her to get these number of kills is by using Items. The other
        way is by giving her a capture weapon with Stonestrike or Deathstrike
        customized on it (which is later in the game)
                            The Three Types of Sphere Grids
     If you didn't already know, there are three (3) types of sphere grids for
     Final Fantasy X. However, that's based on 3 version of the game itself.
     NA Version (North American), which is sold at at the US and Canada (which is
      why it's called the NA Version), is what most Americans have. They are only
      offered only one type of sphere grid.
     International, as well as the PAL version, is sold in places outside of the
      US. They offer more extras than the NA Version have.
       You should also know that the 1st option of the INT/PAL version isn't the
      same as the NA's grid. The Standar Sphere Grid contains the same abilities
      that is offered in the Expert Sphere Grid, plus more nodes. Expert Grid
      offers the play more flexibility overall, being that abilities are very
      close to each other, more less number of nodes compared to Standard.
       Note: If you're in the US and want to play these versions, you'll have to
        order them online. In order to play them, you'll have to put a Modchip into
        your PS2; or use a Swap Magic and the Slide Card. If you are doing this for
        the sole purpose to play a few games, I suggest the Swap Magic. It's cheap
        and that is what I'm currently using.
     In summary:
      Regular Sphere Grid  = Only offered in the NA Version.
      Standard Sphere Grid = Only offered in the International/PAL Version.
      Expert Sphere Grid   = Only offered in the International/PAL Version.
      (NOTE: NA = NA; International/PAL = INT/PAL)
     There are two way to look at this, both being perfectly possible.
     #1 - The NA Way
          9999 HP               999 MP
           255 Strength         170 Agility
           255 Defense          255 Evasion
           255 Magic            255 Accuracy
           255 Magic Defense    xxx Luck
     #2 - The Dark Aeon Way
         99999 HP               999 MP
           255 Strength         170 Agility
           255 Defense          +30 Evasion
           255 Magic            xxx Accuracy
           255 Magic Defense    255 Luck
         (NOTE: Functional with 9999 HP)
     xxx = Doesn't matter. Might as well equal 0.
     +30 = At or above 30
     #1 is what I recommend for all the NA people. However, they can copy #2, but
      not the HP obtained. #2's format can only be obtained using the Standard
      Sphere Grid, not the Expert Sphere Grid. Even with the #2's setup, there are
      still more nodes that can be used.
     The Dark Aeon Way is needed in the Int/PAL Version so that all attacks will
      connect and deal critical, even when facing against the Dark Aeons and
     I'll limit the amount of detail, so I'll give only the information that you
      need to know. The whole purpose of maxing stats is to keep all the +4 Nodes
      and at the same time remove all nodes that isn't +4. We remove those nodes
      by using an item called Clear Spheres, which is sold at the Monster Arena
      after you've completed a certain task. For an exact and complete explanation,
      I'll include a section called "The Math," a section that most people should
      just skip unless they are interested.
                                    The Nine Setups
     The following Nine Setup is given for the three types of sphere grids. Each
     type will have 3 setups, that being Sane, Insane, and No Clear Sphere. This
     may be a little too much to absorb, so just skip to the parts that you want.
     When you got the part that you want, copy and paste that section into a 
     separate text/document file for easier access.
     Note: The number of required Clear Spheres may not be totally accurate due to
      the fact that you might not use them to fully clear all the non-(+4) nodes.
                               Regular Sphere Grid (Sane)
     For the Regular Sphere Grid, I'll make 3 different setups. The first setup is
     what is really needed for the NA Version itself. This isn't what a
     perfectionist will do, but no one will tell the difference unless they
     directly analyze your sphere grid. Also, this setup corresponds to #1, the NA
      What is needed:
       40 Strength Spheres       21 Agility Spheres
       51 Defense Spheres        59 Accuracy Spheres
       46 Magic Spheres          44 Evasion Spheres
       47 Magic Defense Spheres
      308 - 188 (Initial Empty) = 120 Clear Spheres
      About HP, if you didn't remove any HP nodes, that is perfectly fine when you
      aren't using Break HP Limit. You will get 9999 HP (19400 with BHPL).
      Therefore, you "can" delete 47 +200 HP Nodes on the grid. The grid only has
      +200 HP Nodes. If this was the case, you'll need to add 47 to the original
      count of Clear Spheres if you were to delete the unnessary HP nodes.
      About MP, if you didn't remove any MP nodes, that is perfectly fine if you
      aren't using Break MP Limit. You will get 999 MP (1250 with BMPL). Therefore,
      you "can" delete 1 (there's only one) +10 MP, and 6 (out of 7) +40 MP nodes
      on the grid.
      Nodes Total - (Unremovable + Stats + HP + MP)
      828 - (77 + 420 + 97 + 56) = 178 nodes left.
      Meaning, if you follow these specifics, you'll obtain the NA Way, while
      still having 178 Empty nodes to fill. Also meaning that you'll have 232 Empty
      nodes if you removed my recommended HP and MP nodes, instead of 178
      Nodes Total - (Unremovable + Stats + HP + MP)
      828 - (77 + 420 + 50 + 49) = 232 Empty Nodes left.
                              Regular Sphere Grid (Insane)
     The second setup is to show what you can get when you limit a lot of stuff on
     the NA Version. That being how you deal with Luck VS. Accuracy/Evasion.
     This corresponds to #2, the Dark Aeon Way.
     This basically has the same potential as the Sane Version. 255 Luck can
     replace 255 Accuracy with 255 Evasion. Getting this amount for a character is
     quite tedious though, but not impossible. I've done it twice already, and for
     all my characters both times (not the same version though).
     Nodes Total - (Unremovable + Stats (Luck Added, No ACC & EVA) + MP)
      828 - (77 + 354 + 25) = 372 nodes left for HP
     With 333 nodes for HP, you can obtain 99999 HP
      372 - 333 = 39 Empty Nodes left.
      What is needed:
       40 Strength Spheres         21 Agility Spheres
       51 Defense Spheres          58 Luck Spheres with ~420 Fortune Sphere
       46 Magic Spheres           333 HP Spheres
       47 Magic Defense Spheres    18 MP Spheres
      596 - 188 (Initial Empty) = 408 Clear Spheres
                         Regular Sphere Grid (No Clear Spheres)
     The third setup is to obtain #1, the NA Way, without using any Clear Spheres.
     Clear Spheres are costly in the long run, since they cost 10,000 gil a piece.
     What is needed:
      20 Strength Spheres       46 Accuracy Spheres
      31 Defense Spheres        32 Evasion Spheres
      29 Magic Spheres
      33 Magic Defense Spheres
     I guess this would have to be the simpliest one to use. You don't have to
     remove any of the nodes on the grid. After using up everything you should
     still have 64 Empty Nodes left. You can use that up for Agility and/or HP/MP.
     If you give it all to HP, that will give an extra 19200 HP.
     19200 + 19400 (Already on Grid) = 38600
                    Standard Sphere Grid - International/PAL (Sane)
     This sphere grid has a total of 860 nodes, 85 of it being unremovable nodes,
     so are left with 775 nodes to manipulate with. For this, I will make 3 setups.
     Like before, there will be Sane, Insane, and No Clear Spheres.
     What is needed:
      40 Strength Spheres      21 Agility Spheres
      51 Defense Spheres       58 Luck Sphere with ~240 Fortune Spheres
      45 Magic Spheres
      47 Magic Defense Spheres
     262 - 191 (Initial Empty) = 71 + 29 + 35 (ACC + EVA) = 135 Clear Spheres
     For the sole purposes of version itself, don't manipulate any of the HP/MP
     nodes since it won't help any for the Dark Aeons/Penance. You don't need BHPL
     for Dark Aeons/Penance's battle anyways.
     From here down, all the formats are Dark Aeon (#2) or relevant to it. However,
     Sane is not including 99999 HP, just 9999 HP.
      Manipulable Nodes - (Stats + HP + MP)
      775 - (354 + 97 + 56) = 268 Nodes left
      268 nodes for HP gives 80400
      80400 + 19400 (Already on Grid) = 99800
      (Which means that you didn't remove any of the HP nodes and kept on adding HP
       Spheres to the grid, you would hit 99999 for everyone)
                   Standard Sphere Grid - International/PAL (Insane)
     The insane version for the Standard Sphere grid is almost the same as the
     Sane version, but the minor difference is what we do with HP.
     What is needed:
      40 Strength Spheres       21 Agility Spheres
      51 Defense Spheres        58 Luck Spheres with ~420 Fortune Spheres
      45 Magic Spheres         333 HP Spheres
      47 Magic Defense Spheres  18 MP Spheres
     613 - 191 (Initial Empty) = 422 Clear Spheres
     For showing off, this would probably be the perfect version to do it, as well
     as the perfect sphere grid. In this format, we will max out HP. This will make
     it so that this reaches what was presented in the Dark Aeon chart above.
      Manipulable Nodes - (Stats + HP + MP)
      775 - (354 + 25) = 396 Nodes left
      333 nodes for HP gives 99900, which will make everyone reach 99999
      396 - 333 = 63 Nodes left; Use it for Agility if you want
               Standard Sphere Grid - International/PAL (No Clear Sphere)
     Like the previous one for the Regular Sphere grid, this applies for the
     Standard Sphere Grid. Everything will reach Dark Aeod Way, except for 99999 HP
     What is needed:
      20 Strength Sphere        55 Luck Sphere with ~448 Fortune Sphere
      30 Defense Sphere
      27 Magic Sphere
      32 Magic Defense Sphere
     This setup is basically the best format to use when you're trying to
     complete the Dark Aeons/Penance will using the Standard Sphere Grid.
     Remember, this is without using any Clear Sphere. So this means use up
     all the spheres listed and activate all of them.
     After all of that, you should still have 80 nodes left.
     If you apply all this to HP only, that would give 24000
     24000 + 19700 (already on grid) = 43700 HP
                     Expert Sphere Grid - International/PAL (Sane)
     The Expert Sphere Grid has 792 Nodes total.
     85 of which is not removable, so there's 707 nodes to manipulate with. This
     setup is the same one used for Standard - Sane, by means of results.
     What is needed:
      40 Strength Spheres      24 Agility Spheres
      53 Defense Spheres       59 Luck Spheres
      41 Magic Spheres
      46 Magic Defense Spheres
      263 - 224 (Initial Empty) = 39 Clear Sphere
       Manipulable Nodes - (Stats + HP + MP)
       707 - (354 + 81 + 47) = 225 nodes left.
       225 nodes for HP gives 67500 HP
       67500 + 16200 (Already on grid) = 83700 HP
                    Expert Sphere Grid - International/PAL (Insane)
     707 nodes can be played with. Even limiting to the very least, you can hardly
     pull out 99999 HP. You could, of course, sacrafice a few Magic nodes, or even
     some Luck nodes, to reach 99999 HP. If that was the case, you need to
     sacrafice 5 nodes for everyone to get 99999.
     What is needed:
      40 Strength Spheres        24 Agility Spheres
      53 Defense Spheres         59 Luck Spheres
      41 Magic Spheres         ~328 HP Sphere
      46 Magic Defense Spheres
     591 - 224 (Initial Empty) = 367 Clear Sphere
       Manipulable Nodes - (Stats + MP)
       707 - (354 + 25) = 328 nodes left.
       328 nodes for HP gives 98400 HP, however no one will reach 99999
                Expert Sphere Grid - International/PAL (No Clear Sphere)
     One of the hardeset task to do, but these are the results of what is possible.
     FYI, the Expert Sphere Grid is something that has the lowest number of nodes.
     Therefore, if you don't use Clear Spheres, there isn't much you can do.
     And yet, it still works.
     What is needed:
      23 Strength Spheres      13 Agility Spheres
      30 Defense Spheres       56 Luck Spheres
      27 Magic Spheres
      34 Magic Defense Spheres
     After all that, you should have 93 Empty nodes left.
     HP Sphere all of that and you get 27900
     27900 + 16200 (Already on grid) = 44100 HP
                                        The Math
     All stats sphere offers +4 (Strength, Magic, Defense, Magic Defense, Agility,
                                 Evasion, Accuracy, and Luck)
     HP Spheres offers +300
     MP Spheres offers +40
     To start off, this is the initial stats of all characters. (NSGIE)
             |    HP  MP | STR  DEF  MAG  MDE | AGL LUCK EVA ACC
      Tidus  |   520  12 | 15    5    5    5  | 10  18   10  10
      Wakka  |   618  10 | 14   10   10    5  |  7  19    5  25
      Yuna   |   475  84 |  5    5   20   20  | 10  17   30   3
      Lulu   |   380  92 |  5    8   20   30  |  5  17   40   3
      Kimahri|   644  78 | 16   15   17    5  |  6  18    5   5
      Auron  |  1030  33 | 20   15    5    5  |  5  17    5   3
      Rikku  |   360  85 | 10    8   10    8  | 16  18    5   5
     Strength - Is maxed out at 255
      Lowest Strength is 5, from Yuna and Lulu.
      255 - 5 = 250; 250/4 = 63
     Defense - Is maxed out at 255
      Lowest Defense is 5, from Tidus and Yuna.
      255 - 5 = 250; 250/4 = 63
     Magic - Is maxed out at 255
      Lowest Magic is 5, from Tidus and Auron.
      255 - 5 = 250; 250/4 = 63
     Magic Defense - Is maxed out at 255
      Lowest Magic Defense is 5, from Tidus, Wakka, Kimarhi, and Auron.
      255 - 5 = 250; 250/4 = 63
     Agility - Is maxed out at 170. Having 170 Agility is the same as having 255.
      Even so, if you have any spare nodes, it should go into this.
      Lowest Agility is 5, from Auron.
      170 - 5 = 165; 165/4 = 42
     Luck - The amount of Luck needed is determined by which version you are
       playing. For godlike powers, you'll need 255 in INT/PAL. However, since it
       takes a very long time to get 255 Luck, it's not recommended for the NA
       version. But you should know, 255 Luck = 255 Evasion + 255 Accuracy.
      Lowerst Luck is 17, from Yuna, Lulu, and Auron.
      255 - 17 = 238; 238/4 = 60
      (NOTE: Since this is based on version; ignore this for Sane NA Version)
     Evasion and Accuracy - Is maxed out at 255, but can be replaced by Luck.
      Lowest Evasion is 5, from Wakka, Kimarhi, Auron, and Rikku.
      255 - 5 = 250; 250/4 = 63
      Lowest Accuracy is 3, from Yuna, Lulu, and Auron
      255 - 3 = 252; 252/4 = 63
      (NOTE: Since this is based on version; ignore this for Insane and 
             INT/PAL Version)
     Evasion - A minimum of 30 Evasion is needed for Int/PAL
      30 - 5 = 25; 25/4 = 7
     HP - Is maxed out at 99999.
      Lowest HP is 360, from Rikku
      99999 - 360 = 99639; 99639/300 = 333
      9999 - 360 = 9639; 9639/300 = 33
      (NOTE: 99999 is for Insane NA and Int/PAL, 9999 is for NA Sane)
     MP - Is maxed out at 9999
      Lowest MP is 12, from Tidus
      9999 - 12 = 9987; 9987/40 = 250
      999 - 12 = 987; 987/40 = 25
      (NOTE: Having 9999 MP is close to useless, except for show)
      (NOTE: All final numbers are rounded up.)
                         Regular Sphere Grid (Sane and Insane)
     This Sphere Grid has 828 nodes.
     Out of those, 77 of them are not removable.
     Meaning we can manipulate 751 nodes.
     Strength Sphere
     63 Needed - 23 (+4) STR already present on Grid = 40 Strength Spheres
     Defense Sphere
     63 Needed - 12 (+4) DEF already present on Grid = 51 Defense Spheres
     Magic Sphere
     63 Needed - 17 (+4) MAG already present on Grid = 46 Magic Spheres
     Magic Defense Sphere
     63 Needed - 16 (+4) MDE already present on Grid = 47 Magic Defense Spheres
     Agility Sphere
     42 Needed - 21 (+4) AGL already present on Grid = 21 Agility Spheres
     63 Needed - 4 (+4) ACC already present on Grid = 59 Accuracy Spheres
     63 Needed - 19 (+4) EVA already present on Grid = 44 Evasion Spheres
     *For Insane*
     333 Needed - 0 (+300) HP already present on Grid = 333 HP Spheres
     25 Needed - 7 (+40) MP already present on Grid = 18 MP Spheres
     60 Needed - 2 (+4) Luck already present on Grid = 58 Luck Sphere
                         Regular Sphere Grid (No Clear Sphere)
     No repeat data, 751 nodes to play around with. The lowest stat of all
      characters are used in the numbers, I don't want to re-explain any previous
     Strength: The sum of all strength on grid is 170, taking up 65 nodes
       (+4 * 23 = 92; +3 * 5 = 15; +2 * 26 = 52; +1 * 11 = 11
        92 + 15 + 52 + 11 = 170)
      250 - 170 = 80; 80/4 = 20 Strength Sphere
     Strength itself will take up 85 nodes on the grid.
     Defense: The sum of all defense on grid is 128, taking up 53
       (+4 * 12 = 48; +3 * 19 = 57; +2 * 21 = 42; +1 * 1 = 1
        48 + 57 + 42 + 1 = 148)
      250 - 148 = 102; 102/4 = 26
     Defense itself will take up 79 nodes on the grid.
     Magic: The sum of all magic on grid is 136, taking up 45 nodes
       (+4 * 17 = 68; +3 * 14 = 42; +2 * 12 = 24; +1 * 2 = 2
        68 + 42 + 24 + 2 = 136)
      250 - 136 = 114; 114/4 = 29
     Magic itself will take up 74 nodes
     Magic Defense: The sum of all magic defense on grid is 120, taking up 44 nodes
       (+4 * 16 = 64; +3 * 6= 18; +2 * 16 = 32; +1 * 6 = 6
        64 + 18 + 32 + 6 = 120)
      250 - 120 = 130; 130/4 = 33
     Magic Defense itself will take up 77 nodes
     Agility: The sum of all agility on the grid is 171, taking up 60 nodes
       (+4 * 21 = 84; +3 * 15 = 45; +2 * 20 = 40; +1 * 4 = 4
        84 + 45 + 40 + 4 = 173)
     You don't need to change any or add Agility Spheres.
     Evasion: The sum of all Evasion on the grid is 124, taking up 42 nodes
       (+4 * 19 = 76; +3 * 4 = 12; +2 * 17 = 34; +1 * 2 = 2
        76 + 12 + 34 + 2 = 124)
       250 - 124 = 126; 126/4 = 32
     Evasion itself will take up 75 nodes
     Accuracy: The sum of all Accuracy on the grid is 70, taking up 29 nodes
       (+4 * 4 = 16; +3 * 8 = 24; +2 * 13 = 26; +1 * 4 = 4
        16 + 24 + 26 + 4 = 70)
       252 - 70 = 182; 182/4 = 46
     Accuracy itself will take up 75 nodes
     HP and MP is more than enough, but it takes up 153 nodes
     Nodes Total - (STR+ DEF + MAG + MDE + AGL + EVA + ACC + HP/MP)
     751 - (85 + 79 + 74 + 77 + 60 + 75 + 75 + 153) = 
     751 - 683 = 73; 73 - 9 = 64 Empty Nodes left
                 Standard Sphere Grid - International/PAL (Sane/Insane)
     This sphere grid has a total of 860 nodes
     85 Nodes Unremovable
     775 Nodes to Manipulate
     Strength Sphere
     63 Needed - 23 (+4) STR already present on Grid = 40 Strength Spheres
     Defense Sphere
     63 Needed - 12 (+4) DEF already present on Grid = 51 Defense Spheres
     Magic Sphere
     63 Needed - 18 (+4) MAG already present on Grid = 45 Magic Spheres
     Magic Defense Sphere
     63 Needed - 16 (+4) MDE already present on Grid = 47 Magic Defense Spheres
     Agility Sphere
     42 Needed - 21 (+4) AGL already present on Grid = 21 Agility Spheres
     7 Needed - 19 (+4) EVA already present on Grid = Remove all but 7 (+4) EVA
         nodes from the grid. So remove 12 (+4) EVA nodes.
     60 Needed - 2 (+4) Luck already present on Grid = 58 Luck Sphere
     *For Insane*
     333 Needed - 0 (+300) HP already present on Grid = 333 HP Spheres
     25 Needed - 7 (+40) MP already present on Grid = 18 MP Spheres
               Standard Sphere Grid - International/PAL (No Clear Sphere)
     No repeat data. 775 nodes for stats.
     Strength: The sum of all strength on grid is 172, taking up 66 nodes
       (+4 * 23 = 92; +3 * 5 = 15; +2 * 27 = 54; +1 * 11 = 11
        92 + 15 + 54 + 11 = 172)
      250 - 172 = 78; 78/4 = 20 Strength Sphere
     Strength itself will take up 86 nodes on the grid.
     Defense: The sum of all defense on grid is 120, taking up 54 nodes
       (+4 * 12 = 48; +3 * 19 = 57; +2 * 22 = 44; +1 * 1 = 1
        48 + 57 + 44 + 1 = 150)
      250 - 130 = 120; 120/4 = 30
     Defense itself will take up 84 nodes on the grid.
     Magic: The sum of all magic on grid is 142, taking up 47 nodes
       (+4 * 18 = 72; +3 * 14 = 42; +2 * 13 = 26; +1 * 2 = 2
        72 + 42 + 26 + 2 = 142)
      250 - 142 = 108; 108/4 = 27
     Magic itself will take up 74 nodes
     Magic Defense: The sum of all magic defense on grid is 124, taking up 46 nodes
       (+4 * 16 = 64; +3 * 6= 18; +2 * 18 = 36; +1 * 6 = 6
        64 + 18 + 36 + 6 = 124)
      250 - 124 = 126; 126/4 = 32
     Magic Defense itself will take up 78 nodes
     Agility: The sum of all agility on the grid is 171, taking up 61 nodes
       (+4 * 21 = 84; +3 * 15 = 45; +2 * 20 = 40; +1 * 5 = 5
        84 + 45 + 40 + 5 = 174)
     You don't need to change any or add Agility Spheres.
     Luck: The sum of all luck on the grid is 18, taking up 9 nodes
       (+4 * 2 = 8; +3 * 0 = 0; +2 * 3 = 6; +1 * 4 = 4
        8 + 0 + 6 + 4 = 18)
      238 - 18 = 220; 220/4 = 55
     Luck itself will take up 64 nodes
     HP and MP is more than enough, but it takes up 153 nodes
     Nodes Total - (STR + DEF + MAG + MDE + AGL + LUCK + HP/MP)
     775 - (86 + 84 + 74 + 78 + 61 + 64 + 153) = 600
     751 - 600 = 151
     151 - (42 + 29 from EVA and ACC) = 80 Nodes left
                  Expert Sphere Grid - International/PAL (Sane/Insane)
     This sphere grid has a total of 792 nodes
     85 Nodes Unremovable
     707 Nodes to Manipulate
     Strength Sphere
     63 Needed - 23 (+4) STR already present on Grid = 40 Strength Spheres
     Defense Sphere
     63 Needed - 10 (+4) DEF already present on Grid = 53 Defense Spheres
     Magic Sphere
     63 Needed - 22 (+4) MAG already present on Grid = 41 Magic Spheres
     Magic Defense Sphere
     63 Needed - 17 (+4) MDE already present on Grid = 46 Magic Defense Spheres
     Agility Sphere
     42 Needed - 18 (+4) AGL already present on Grid = 24 Agility Spheres
     60 Needed - 1 (+4) Luck already present on Grid = 59 Luck Sphere
     *For Insane*
     333 Needed - 0 (+300) HP already present on Grid = 333 HP Spheres
     25 Needed - 6 (+40) MP already present on Grid = 19 MP Spheres
               Expert Sphere Grid - International/PAL (No Clear Spheres)
     707 nodes to play with, no repeats.
     Strength: The sum of all strength on grid is 160, taking up 58 nodes
       (+4 * 23 = 92; +3 * 9 = 27; +2 * 15 = 30; +1 * 11 = 11
        92 + 27 + 30 + 11 = 160)
      250 - 160 = 90; 90/4 = 23 Strength Sphere
     Strength itself will take up 81 nodes on the grid.
     Defense: The sum of all Defense on grid is 131, taking up 49 nodes
       (+4 * 10 = 40; +3 * 17 = 51; +2 * 18 = 36; +1 * 4 = 4)
        40 + 51 + 36 + 4 = 131)
       250 - 131 = 119; 119/4 = 30 Defense Sphere
     Defense itself will take up 79 nodes on the grid
     Magic: The sum of all Magic on the grid is , taking up 46 nodes
       (+4 * 22 = 88; +3 * 12 = 36; +2 * 8 = 16; +1 * 4 = 4
        88 + 36 + 16 + 4 = 144)
      250 - 144 = 106; 106/4 = 27 Magic Sphere
     Magic itself will take up 73 nodes on the grid
     Magic Defense: The sum of it from the grid is , taking up 40 nodes
       (+4 * 17 = 68; +3 * 7 = 21; +2 * 9 = 18; +1 * 7 = 7
        68 + 21 + 18 + 7 = 114
      250 - 114 = 136; 136/4 = 34 Magic Sphere
     Magic Defense itself will take up 74 nodes on the grid
     Agility: The sum of all Agility on the grid is 113, taking up 39 nodes
       (+4 * 18 = 72; +3 * 3 = 9; +2 * 14 = 28; +1 * 4 = 4
        72 + 9 + 28 + 4 = 113
      165 - 113 = 52; 52/4 = 13 Agility Sphere
     Agility itself will take up 52 nodes
     Luck: The sum of all Luck on the grid is 14, taking up 7 nodes
       (+4 * 1 = 4; +3 * 1 = 3; +2 * 2 = 4; +1 * 3 = 3
        4 + 3 + 4 + 3 = 14)
      238 - 14 = 224; 224/4 = 56 Luck Sphere
     Luck itself will take up to 63 nodes
     Nodes Total - (STR + DEF + MAG + MDE + AGL + LUCK + HP/MP)
     707 - (81 + 79 + 73 + 74 + 52 + 63 + 81 + 47) = 157
     157 - (27 + 37) from EVA and ACC = 93 nodes left
                                      Post Airship
     After you've obtained the Airship, the following is a list below is what you
     should do. This isn't the full thing, just the early process. I don't
     recommend just getting everyone's Celestial weapon early on. Just the ones
     that is needed.
     If you are wondering what characters you should using, I don't have an exact
     party for you. The character that you must use is Rikku.
     *Rikku* - Easy Celestial to Power Up, Core of Operation
     Easy Celestials - The two characters where their Celestials is way easy to get
     Auron = Part of the monster capturing process
     Yuna  = Also apart of the monster capturin process, as well as getting Anima
     Most Useful - Hard/Tedious Celestial, but useful, especially for Dark Aeon Way
     Tidus - Chocobo Catcher is torture for some; Main Earth Eater Slayer
     Wakka - Tedious Celestial/Blitzball; Secondary Earth Eater Slayer
     If you just want a few men to finish the whole process without too much hassle
     and is willing to pay the price of being inefficent, then the party of:
     Rikku, Auron, and Yuna - should be the ones that you should pick.
     However, if you want to be as efficient as possilbe, don't mind getting their
     Celestial, and want to reap the rewards of a pro, then the party of:
     Rikku, Tidus, and Wakka - should be the ones that you should pick.
     Yet, you can always use the Easy Celestial first, then switch to Most Useful
     later on in the process. If you just want to get it all over with, being that
     the Usefulness is what I'll use mainly in this guide, then do so.
     1. Cloudy Mirror.
     2. Macalania -> Celestial Mirror
     3. Rikku's Celestial at Bikanel, Macanalia and Power Up Fully
     4. Hunt for Mimics at Omega Ruins
     5. Monster Arena -> Calm Lands
     (1) Cloudy Mirror
         Get the Cloud Mirror as part of Remiem Temple's Chocobo Race. Remiem
         Temple is located at the southeastern part of the Calm Lands. You need to
         ride a chocobo to get there. You just need to train a chocobo by passing
         the first avaliable training, and that's all you need... for now.
     (2) Macalania -> Celestial Mirror
         Go to Macalania Temple and complete the quest involving the family of
         three. First talk to the Mother/Son, then head right to look for the
         father. Then go back to the Mother, travel left on the crystal road, and
         finally to the Celestial Stone. When you've done that talk to the Stone.
         Then change the Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror.
     (3) Rikku's Celestial at Bikanel, Macanalia and Power Up Fully
         You may wonder why you should get this. Mainly it isn't about the BDL, but
         the built in Gillionaire that's apart of it. It's one of the most
         efficient ways to make a lot of gil early on. The Crest and Sigil is apart
         of Bikanel. One of them being in a chest near the sandstorm, and the other
         one is got after you complete the Cactuar Sidequest.
         Then enter "GODHAND" into the airship passwords to get Rikku's Celestial.
         After that go back to Macalania's Stone and power it up fully. Now make
         sure that you have a healthy supply of Phoenix Downs. Around 30 + should
         be enough.
         While you are at it, get Anima from Baaj Temple. X - 15, Y - 60
     (4) Hunt for Mimics at Omega Ruins
         Now this is the part where you actually get a lot of gil as one of the
         best ways as of right now. In Airships, use Search, and try around:
         X - 70; Y - 35. Save your game. Get a party with everyone having First
         Strike on their weapon. Sonic Steel was one of them, if you remembered
         to get it. Otherwise, you can customize it by using 1 Return Sphere. I
         recommend that Rikku has a First Strike weapon.
         Get into a battle that has a treasure chest with a Zaurus. Escape/Flee
         all other battles. The first thing to do in battle is to steal from the
         chest. If it turns into a Mimic, stay in battle, in not, flee. The first
         thing you should do after the Mimic appears is use a Candle of Life on it,
         which will cast Doom on it. Now get rid of the Zaurus with physical
         attacks or other methods. If you can't use a Candle of Life on it as well.
         After the Zaurus is gone, make sure that Rikku has her Celestial on, and
         then wait for the Mimic's time to expire. Defend in the meantime and use
         Phoenix Downs if someone were to get KO'd. After the battle, you would
         get 100,000 Gil. Do this 10 times at least, or until you run out of CoL.
     (5) Monster Arena - > Calm Lands
         Go to Calm Land's Monster Arena, get a few a capturing weapons. More
         than likely it should be for Tidus, Wakka, Kimarhi, and/or Auron.
         Now capture 1 of each monster that's in the Calm Lands. Go back to talk
         to the Monster Arena Owner (I'll just call him Owner from now on),
         now you'll be able to capture fiends from other areas. He'll also
         give you 60 Farplane Winds, which is perfectly the items needed to
         customize Deathstrike. Customize it to one of your capture weapons.
         Hopefully you bought at least 2 capture weapons. (9 Total)
     (6) Capture Process - > Djose
         Travel to Djose and Capture 1 of every fiend there. Always try to get
         encounter with fiends that is around the entrance to Djose Temple and
         Moonflow. That's because Simurgh only appears around there. Also know
         that Ochu appears on the southern parts of Moonflow, as well as the Bite
         Bugs. After you've capture 1 of each (7 total Total), head back to the
         owner and he'll give you 99 Petrify Grenade, which is more than enough to
         customize Stonestrike. It takes 60 Petrify Grenade to customize
         Stonestrike, put it into one of your capture weapons.
     (7) Capture Process - > Massacre 1
         Using the Stonestrike and Deathstrike Capture weapons, catch 10 of each
         fiend from the following places:
         Besaid      Kilika          Mi'hien      Mushroom Rock Road
         Djose       Thunder Plains  Macalania    Sanubia Desert
         Calm Lands
        Mi'hien: Some of their fiends are apart of Mushroom Rock
        Djose: Simurgh appears on the second half of the Djose Road, more directly,
         they appear on the half closes to Djose Temple. Ochu is apart of the
         Moonflow South/North roads, as well as a few other fiends.
        Thunder Plains: Iron Giant only appears on the northern half. Larvae shows
         up more frequently on the north parts as well. It would be best if you
         activate at least 2 Cactuar stones to make the Quacters come out and play.
        Macalania: Divided into two parts. The forest is the part with all the
         crystal and Celestial Stone is at. The other part is the snowfields, the
         part outside outside of the Travel Agency.
        Sanubia Desert: To get more frequents of Zu / Zuu and Sand Worm, try the
         west part from the 3rd Save Sphere to the North. There is crest that saids
         that harder enemies are over to that side. From the 3rd Save Sphere, going
         a screen north has the same effect for Zu/Sand Worm encounter rate as
         as well. To make life easier when trying to get Cactuars, try getting them
         as part of the Cactuar Sidequest because they won't flee. Just make sure
         that you save inbetween matches. If you've already passed this part, just
         search in the area where the sand storm was protecting, they'll have
         a fairly good amount of Cactuar encounter rates.
        Calm Lands: For the rarer/harder fiends, search around the Northwestern
         parts of the Calm Lands. If you are have a hard time finding Malboros
         and Coeurl, and they are the only ones left, head for Sunken Cave instead.
         They have them as well, strange as it maybe.
         In the process, you'll get a few (many goodies) from the Owner. Get
          these items before going to step 8:
         -Mushroom Rock - 99 Candle of Life
           (More Mimic killers.)
         -Thunder Plains - 99 Chocobo Wing - 80 for Auto-Haste
           (Customize Auto-Haste to one armor, better than nothing)
         -Kilika & Bikanel - 99 Poison Fang & Shadow Gem - Good Capturing Support
         -Birdies - 99 Mega Phoenix - 20 for Auto-Phoenix
           (Customize Auto-Phoenix onto 5 armors)
         -Unlock 6 Area Creations - 99 Door to Tomorrow - 10 for Overdrive -> AP
           (Meaning you can customize this close to 10 times. There are 7
            characters total, so you could put O -> AP 3 times, onto your main
            three characters. Then leave the other 7 customization for a better
            AP Weapon)
         Note: Your Stonestrike/Deathstrike works for most of the fiends, except
          for a few fiends. Sand Worm, Zuu, Malboro, Ghost, and Tonberry are those
          types of fiends. All other capturable fiends should be killed physical
          forces (physical number damages).
         For Sandworm, there are many ways. Poison Fang to inflict Poison on it.
          You can inflict Sleep on it by using a stolen item from one of the wolves
          in the area. You can also steal a Shadow Gem from him and use it back on
          him. As a last option, if you have it, use Anima to lower his HP with
          Attack/Pain, but make sure the finishing blow is from a capture weapon.
         For Zuu, Poison and Blind works. So you can steal a Smoke Bomb from it and
          use it on him. Shadow Gems if you got any and there's always the option
          of Anima.
     (8) Direct Captures - Main Purposes, Unlocking Certain Monster Creations
         I'll list the general stuff, but if you think you can capture 10 of each
         or whatever monster you run into, that would be great.
         A) For Sunken Cave (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth - CotSF)
            Capture 1 of each fiend there.
                                           --------> Don Tonberry
            (NOTE: If you are having trouble with Tonberry, use Dream/Sleep Powder
              with Shadow Gems. Trouble with Ghost and you can use Anima as well
              as the Silence Grenade stolen from the mushroom in CotSF.)
         B) Gagazet Cave, near the Save Point. Get into a battle with Ahriman and
            Grendel, capture both of them. You'll need 4 Ahriman. Since Grendel
            come with Ahriman and this is the only battle that Grendle shows up in,
            capture him as well.
         C) Omega Ruins (X-75, Y-35), capture 4 Floating Death.
            Everyone up to this point, unlock a creation.
                                           --------> One-Eye
                                 AP Weapon and AP Trick
     Since you've now unlocked Don Tonberry, that's where the AP Trick will will
     come in. However, before we start the process, you'll need the AP Weapon, as
     well as the armor suited for this cause.
     Before I continue the whole process, there's one little goal that you have to
     complete before you head to the next section, "Finishing the Capturing." And
     that is to have 1 or 2 characters complete the sphere grid, especially all
     the STR and AGL nodes. You can leave everything else unactivated, but do 
     activate the following abilities: Steal, Use, Bribe, and Quick Attack. O, btw,
     those 2 characters are the ones with the Capture Weapons.
     One last comment. The minimum strength needed for you to be able to deal 9999
     against most capturable fiends is 70. So once you've obtained 70 Strength, you
     can now continue with the next section, if you want to. For agility, the more
     the better. Agility does max out at 170.
     *Overdrive Mode*
     Comrade and Stoic is the only ones that you need for this process. Stotic is
     what everyone starts out with, so Comrade can be a problem.
     To get this, someone else from the frontline must be hit by an enemy.
     Tidus = 300 times
     Yuna  = 240 times
     Auron = 220 times; Everyone else = 100 times
     -= Math on Don Tonberry AP Trick =-
     Since we are using OD -> AP, when the OD bar charged from 0 to 100%, 1 SLvl is
     gained. Stotic (the person taking the damage from Karma) will slightly get
     more AP than the people using Comrade.
     Stotic Example -
      Tidus has 560 AP, Karma deals 70000, Overdrive -> AP on weapon
       = 70000 * 30 = 2100000; 2100000 / 560 = 3750; 3750/100 = 37.5
       = Around 37 SLevel will be gain
       = (Damage Recieved * 30 = A); (A / Max HP = B); (B / 100 = C)
       = Round (C) down = SLevel gained
     Comrade Example -
      Comrade User's HP doesn't matter, He only has Overdrive -> AP
      Comrade User's Ally (CUA) has 360 HP, Karma done to her is 60000
       = 60000 * 20 = 1200000; 1200000 / 360 = 3333; 3333 / 100 = 33.33
       = Around 33 SLevel will be gain
       = (Damage Recieved by CUA * 20 = A); (A / CUA's Max HP = B); (B / 100 = C)
       = Round (C) down = SLevel gained
      NOTE: When the AP Weapon has Triple/Double AP and/or Double/Triple Overdrive,
            it's effect will stack. If both are triple, the original AP will be
            multiplied by 9.
     -= Armor suited for AP Trick =-
     This isn't the MA Armor, just the minimum for the AP Trick. However, it will
     become the MA Armor in the future. To start off, go to Macalania Forest, enter
     from Thunder Plains. You should see Wantz, talk to him and buy the armor that
     he offers. The armor/s that you buy, should buy correspond to whoever you
     decide to make the Level 1 AP Weapons for. Each armor cost around 100,000 gil.
     After you get one, you just need to customize 1 ability onto it. That being
     Auto-Phoenix by using 20 Mega Phoenix. That's it.
     -= AP Weapon =-
     The perfect AP Weapon is: (Level 3 AP Weapon)
      Overdrive -> AP; Triple AP; Triple Overdrive
     Yet, we can't get this yet. So we'll have to do something close, but without
     too much hassle. The perfect AP weapon is at level 3, so let's start with
     level one first. Overdrive -> AP is made from using 10 Door to Tomorrow, which
     was from unlocking 6 Area Creations. So you don't need to worry about this,
     since you have plenty for 10 customizations.
     *Level 1 AP Weapon*
     Overdrive -> AP; Double Overdrive
     You should make only 1 or 2 of these weapons. Making anything more is a waste
     of items.
     There are 2 qualification needed you to make Level 1 AP Weapons for them.
     NOTE: More directly, make Level 1 AP Weapons any of the following characters:
     Rikku (a must)     Wakka     Auron     Yuna     Tidus
     The people that has the first AP weapons will be the one to slay One-Eye in
     2 hits, and that is the main purpose of this. However, the other task that
     they must do is remodeling the Sphere Grid. A good choice in this case would
     be Auron's Celestial, since it has First Strike. One-Eye is known for
     Ambushing frequently.
     Overdrive -> AP is taken care of already, which now leads to Double Overdrive.
     Double Overdrive is from 30 Underdog Secrets, so if you did the whole Al Bhed
     Primers and Rin part, you'll get 99 of these. We'll be using 30/60 of these.
     If you can't get Double Overdrive, they'll just have to settle with
     Overdrive -> AP only. All other ways of customization to make this thing go
     faster is wasting more time than simply using Overdrive -> AP.
     -AP Gaining Process-
     Get 99 Phoenix Downs
     99999 Reciever = Get into Stoic OD mode, AP Weapon
     2nd AP Weapon Holder = Get into Comrade OD mode, AP Weapon, Auto-Phoenix
     Have the 9 Reciever attack Don Tonberry. It will counter with Everyone's
     Grudge. The 2nd AP WH will automatically use Phoenix Down. Only the 9 Reciever
     should attack, everyone else use defend. Keep on doing this and if you meet
     one of these phases, just flee the battle or kill Don (if you can):
     1) You run out of Phoenix Down (VERY RARE)
     2) Don stops using Everyone's Grudge
     3) Special situation, you already got enough AP to hit Slvl 99
     *Level 2 AP Weapon*
     Overdrive -> AP; Triple AP; (Empty) ----> Dropped by One-Eye (Monster Arena)
     The weapon itself is good enough, when compared to Level 1. This weapon is
     for all other characters that didn't get a Level 1 AP Weapon, since getting
     the weapon itself has Triple AP on it. To get this, you'll need to constantly
     kill One-Eye constantly for his drops. Even though the killing blow is said
     to have a higher chance of dropping an equipment for that person that kills
     it, you'll still need to do this.
     Overall, get Level 2 AP Weapons for the following characters:
     Rikku     Wakka     Auron     Yuna     Tidus
     If you have Celestials on and you've activated every single STR node on the
     initial sphere grid, your people can easily do 99999. If you want the bare
     minimum for a 2 hit kill, you'll need a strength of 137. That will guarantee
     that each hit will deal 75000+ because One-Eye only has 150000.
     NOTE: All three types of sphere grids in their initial state gives enough
      STR nodes for people with Celestials to deal 99999 (when it's not against
      any armored fiends)
     You'll need to customize Overdrive -> AP onto it, that's not a problem.
     However, if you want to add Triple Overdrive to it, that will be very hard.
     To get that, you'll to use 30 Winning Formula.
     A) For 99 WF, Unlock All Area Creations. So that will take care of 3 weapons.
     B) Overkill Ultima Buster for 2, Unlock by capture 5 of each fiend.
     C) 1,800,000 for one weapon. By Bribe. Sand Worm. Waste of time!
     *Level 3 AP Weapon*
      Overdrive -> AP; Triple AP; Triple Overdrive ---> Dropped by Ultima Buster
      (Ultima Buster: Monster Arena, Capture 5 of each Fiend)
      Well, we're back to this again. You can, of course, create this via Level 2.
      Yet, if you lack the patience and want another gamble. Try killing Ultima
      Buster constantly. Ultima Buster will basically drop this weapon with all
      these abilities already on it. Some people will try to aim for a 4-slotted
      weapon with the specifics on it
      Upgrading it from Level 2 seems to work, if you have Overkilled Ultima
      Buster 15 times and still haven't got the weapon that you wanted for a
      specific character.
    AP Gaining Table Examples
     Here are a few examples of how many Slevels are gained when using this method.
     Only Overdrive -> AP is used. 1 Karma is used, and then flee.
     | Max HP | OD Mode | Karma # | SLevel Gained | With Triple AP or OD  |
     |   1160 |  Stotic |  33300  |       8       |           24          |
     |    360 |  Stotic |  99999  |      83       |           99          |
     |   9999 |  Stotic |  99999  |       3       |            9          |
     |   4060 |  Stotic |  66600  |       4       |           12          |
     |   1200 |  Stotic |  99999  |      24       |           72          |
     |   1160 | Comrade |  33300  |       5       |           15          |
     |    360 | Comrade |  99999  |      55       |           99          |
     |   9999 | Comrade |  99999  |       2       |            6          |
     |   4060 | Comrade |  66600  |       3       |            9          |
     |   1200 | Comrade |  99999  |      16       |           42          |
     NOTE: When using Comrade, what matter is Ally's HP and what they recieved.
                             Kottos Trick and Level # Keys
     If you have the AP to use, but not the Power-Mana-Speed-Ability Sphere to use
     it, then read this small section. Before that, you can deal 99999 with your
     celestial correct? If yes, good.
     First, get Distillers of the kind of Spheres that you want. You can buy them
     from the Monster Arena's Owner.
     Go into the Monster Arena -> Area Creations -> Kottos
     Use the Distiller on them (the type that you want). After that, Overkill
     Kottos. If you have Auto-Phoenix on, that would save some time. After the
     battle ends, commonly it would give 40 (P/M/S/A) Spheres. Rarely it would
     give 2 instead of 40, if that was the case, those were meant to be Dark
     Matters. If you didn't overkill Kottos, you'll only get 20 or 1.
     Yet, if you don't have enough STR nodes filled on the sphere grid to deal
     99999 and that's the reason why you need Power Spheres, then you'll have to
     use other ways:
     1) Keep on slaughering the Dingo (Besaid - 1st), more than likely, you'll
        overkill them constantly. They'll drop 2 Power Spheres each time.
     2) I don't prefer this method, but I'll mention it. Remiem Temple. Belgemine's
        Ixion. Keep on killing him for 8 Power Spheres each time, after the first
     *Level # Keys*
     The other thing that you might run short are Level Keys, especially Level
     3 and 4 Keys. I'll now give the best ways to acquire each of these keys
     during late in the game.
     If you already didn't know, you can call up these fiends from the Monster
     Arena to fight them. The people doing the killing blow or stealing should
     have First Strike on, especially if they are weak and they can be KO'd from
     1 of the enemy's attacks. Also for the Rare Steals, you'll need Master Thief
     to make things go faster.
     First Strike: 1 Return Sphere
       - Overkill Chimerageist (MA - Calm Lands) for 2 Return Spheres (Best Way)
       - Dark Element - CotSF - Bribe with 36,000 for 4 Return Spheres
     Master Thief: 30 Pendulum
       - Overkill Neslug (MA - Unlock All Area Creations) for 2 Pendulums
       - Remiem Temple's Chocobo Race - Win with 4 Chests, No Poles (Best Way)
           - The Prize is 30 Pendulums
     -= Level 1 Keys =-
     Imp - CotSF/Sunken Cave - Bribe with 17,600 Gil for 4 Keys
     Master Coeurl - Omega Ruins - Overkill for 2 Keys
     -= Level 2 Keys =-
     Behemoth - Gagazet - Bribe with 460,000 Gil for 30 Keys
     Catastrophe - Monster Arena (Unlock 6 Area Creations - Rare Steal for 1 Key
     -= Level 3 Keys =-
     Demonolith - Inside Sin/Omega Ruins - Bribe with 900,000 Gil for 40 Keys
     Ultima Buster - Monster Arena (Capture 5 of each Fiend) - Rare Steal for 1 Key
     Machea - Omega Ruins - Constantly Overkill them for their Rare Drops of 2 Keys
     -= Level 4 Keys =-
     Chimera Brain - Calm Lands - Bribe with 196,000 for 2 Keys
     Nemesis - MA (Capture 10 of each fiend, defeat all MA creations)
             - Common Steal for 1 Key
                                Finishing the Capturing
     Now finish getting 10 of each fiend all the areas:
     Sunken Cave      Mt. Gagazet       Inside Sin       Omega Ruins
     With your Strength and Agility filed from the Sphere Grid's initial nodes, you
     should have more than enough power to deal 9999 constantly. The only enemies
     that seem that you can't get 9999 easily are probably the Black Element of
     and one of the Mimics, both from the Omega Ruins. To be on the safe side, it
     is advisable to have Auto-Phoenix armor.
     Another thing that you might some preparation for is for Great Malboro of
     Inside Sin/Omega Ruins. Go to Luca, go the counter, talk to the buy that
     sells the equipment. Buy 1/2 Lucid Armors for your capture party members.
     They cost 6,150, but you do need them. Equip them when you know that they can
     appear (Inside Sin, second half). Even with First Strike on, Great Malboro
     still proves as a threat, so that's where the Lucid armor comes in.
      Sunken Cave = Even though people claim that you can only find Tonberries in
      on the second half of the cave, that's not fully true. You can find them any
      where in the Sunken Cave. Most of mine was from the 1st teleport room.
      Nidhogg and Imp is also apart of Mt. Gagazet Trails. Epaaj is outside the
      Sunkens Caves (near Save Sphere)
     Mt. Gagazet = Divided into 2 parts, the land and the water. Some of of the
      enemies on the second half (caves) can be found in Zanarkand Ruins and
      Inside Sin as well.
     Inside Sin - The area is divided into 2 areas. The area before the fight
      with Omnis and the area after. Floating Death and Exoray for the 1st area,
      Barbatos, Wraith, everyone else for the 2nd area. There are types of
      Iron Giants in here, you'll need to capture 10 of each of them because they
      aren't the same entity.
     Omega Ruins = Get all your capturing done while being close to the Save
      Sphere. Encounter rates are equal from just about everywhere in that place.
      I think Great Malboro appears more frequently in this place, so it's better
      to equip the Lucid armors here.
                                    Pre-Maxing Stats
     Like I already told you, have 2 people go around the entire sphere grid to
     activate all nodes associated with STR and AGL. The next step is trying to
     organize it so that everyone else that's trying to gain better stats follow
     a similiar trend. So have the following characters, doesn't matter if they
     are the 2 people that you've already increased their STR and AGL or not, move
     to a corner of the sphere grid:
     Rikku     Auron     Wakka     Yuna     Tidus
     Personally, I picked the upperleft. Now decide on one direction. That
     direction will be how you're going to leave your trail of +4 Stats Nodes. If
     you're planning to use Clear Spheres, keep on talking to the Owner to have
     him constantly unlock all the creations, which will lead to unlocking Ultima
     Buster and then giving you the option of buying Clear Spheres from him.
     Hopefully you've obtained Level 2 AP Weapons for the following people listed
     above, so this won't be a problem.
     NOTE: Trail of +4 Nodes = Stat Increase Route
     Rikku's Celestial has already been obtained. If Auron was your second person
     to have traveled the sphere grid get his Celestial; if it was Yuna or Tidus,
     the same thing applies to them. You'll have to get Wakka's Celestial
     regardless. If you are playing the International/PAL version, Tidus'
     Celestial, the Calablog, is need, regardless. And when I say Celestial,
     I mean the real thing fully powered up.
     Hopefully, you have Rikku, Tidus, and Wakka learn the Overdrive Mode Victor
     already. Now you'll have to make Tidus learn Loner. If you got the Yellow
     Shield (which Nulls Lightning Base attacks), this will be easy. Go to
     the Thunder Plains. Get into a battle with a Gold Element. Kill off
     everything except for the Gold Element. Haste Tidus, Slow Gold Element (if
     you can, but it's not required), and then constantly use defend until Loner
     is learned. Larva works as well, same with Yellow Element.
     The last preparation needed is for you to get Wakka's Attack Reels Overdrive
     and Tidus' Slice and Dice. You did remember to get Anima right? If yes, good.
                                      Maxing Stats
     Now with most of every essential Monster Arena Creation unlocked, we can now
     begin the Stat Maxing phase. For speed/convience purposes, there is a certain
     way to finish this process. However, since there is the NA Way and the Dark
     Aeon Way, I'll seperate them.
     The NA Way:                         The Dark Aeon Way:
      1) Strength (Juggernaut)            1) Strength (Juggernaut)
      2) Defense (Tanket)                 2) Defense (Tanket)
      3) Magic Defense (One-Eye)          3) Magic Defense (One-Eye)
      4) Agility (Fenrir)                 4) Agility (Fenrir)
      5) Magic (Jumbo Flan)               5) Magic (Jumbo Flan)
      6) Accuracy (Hornet)                6) Luck (Greater Sphere)
      7) Evasion (Pteryx)                 7) Fortune Sphere (Earth Eater)
      Extras for both Ways:
      MP) Vidatu
      HP) Ironclad
      For both Ways, the part that starts to differ from step 6. So I will do the
      NA Way first, then continue with the Dark Aeon way start from step 6.
      For the weapon of choice use Celestials.
      For the armor, we take the 4-Slotted Armor that you brought from Wantz at
      Macalania and hopefully you've given it Auto-Phoenix already. You'll need to
      add  2 more abilities to it for the whole Monster Arena process, so the whole
      armor that you'll be using for the Stat Maxing Process would look like this:
      Auto-Phoenix       Auto-Haste       Auto-Protect      (Empty Slot)
      Auto-Haste: 480,000 Gil is how much is needed (estimated) to get it onto one
       armor. Bribe Machea of Omega Ruins for 360,000 Gil for 60. 80 is needed for
       the customization.
      Auto-Protect: You'll need to Overkill Fafnir of the Monster Arena under
       Species Creations twice. Each Overkill will give you 40 Light Curtains, and
       70 is needed for the Customization. 12 hits of 99999 is needed, so you'll
       need to have a minimum strength of 146. Having a high agility is
       recommended. Generally:
       = Have Auto-Phoenix and Auto-Haste, and keep on using Quick Attack
       NOTE: At one point in the game, Slaying Fafnir is easy since he won't be
         able to get a second turn.
      NOTE: For both Ways, it's normal to use the Stats Sphere once you've obtained
       it, but if you're trying to do the bare minimum, you'll have to count the
       number you have used and how many more you need.
                                       The NA Way
     1) Strength - Juggernaut
        With all the STR nodes filled on the sphere grid and by the fact that you
        are using celestials for every single Monster Arena Creation battles,
        you'll be dealing 99999 each time. 13 attacks of 99999 is what is needed
        to Overkill Juggernaut. However, you can the same effect with 146 Strength.
     2) Defense - Tanket
        With the same strength as before, it will take 10 hits to finish this guy
        off. It's advisable that you give the whole party the armors with all
        3-Autos from this point on.
     3) Magic Defense - One-Eye
        If you've already been trying to hunt for your Level 2 AP Weapon, this
        won't be an issue. It would take 2 hits to overkill this guy. If you've
        constantly slayed him before, go to the next part. If you haven't, then
        you'll have to be lucky. First Strike, Inititive, Luck, etc...
     4) Agility - Fenrir
        Without high accuracy, it's hard to hit Fenrir with regular physical
        attacks. However, that isn't the case when it comes to Overdrives.
        Overdrives can't miss ever. Have Wakka take the "Stat Increase Route"
        and he'll need at least 157 Strength. Set his Overdrive Mode to Victor.
        I assume that you have Attacks Reels and World Champion.
        1. Besaid -> Dingo - Kill it
        2. Besaid -> Dingo - Kill it
        3. Species Creation - Fenrir - Attacks Reels
           Note: You need to hit 2 - 2 - 2 for a perfect Attack Reels.
            However, if you can't do this quickly, get 2's on the first two reels,
            and then let time run out. The third Reel will automatically stop at
            2, thus creating the perfect Attack Reels.
        4. Repeat step 2 and 3 constantly, etc...
     5) Magic - Jumbo Flan
        This will be rather long to explain, but no biggie. You'll be having
        Anima take him down. However, you'll need to have her learn the following
        Haste: 10 Chocobo Feathers. If you have unlocked Fenrir, don't worry.
               Steal from Qactuar or Cactuar in other ways.
        Shell: 4 Lunar Curtains. If you have unlocked Abadon, don't worry.
               Steal from Larva or even Jumbo Flan himself for a quickie.
        Reflect: 3 Star Curtains. If you have unlocked Nega Elemental, don't worry.
                 Steal from Dark Flan (Gagazet) or Barbatos (Inside Sin).
        Slow: 4 Silver Hourglass. If you have unlocked Don Tonberry, don't worry.
              Bribe Vouivre (Mi'hien) for 5,100 Gil for 10 fast ones.
        Dispel: 3 Purifying Salt. If you have unlocked Fafnir, don't worry.
                Common Steal from Abaddon, Rare Steal from Fallen Monk (Z. Ruins)
        NOTE: Belgemine's Aeon could be another option to get most of this, but it
              strays off from the Monster Arena, which isn't convenient.
        On top of that, have her take the "Stat Increase Route." So that Anima
        herself will have better stats against Jumbo Flan. I suggest that Anima has
        a Magic Defense of at least 200 and at least 137 for Magic.
        Okay, now about the strategy. The firs thing that you do is summon Anima.
        If you can't do that off the bat, have someone else have First Strike on,
        and Yuna not in the starting party. Switch the First Striker for Yuna.
        After you've summon Anima, do the following in this order:
        1. Haste -> Anima
        2. Shell -> Anima
        3. Reflect -> Anima
        4. Slow -> Anima ; It will bounce off due to reflect and hit Jumbo Flan.
        After that, keep on having Anima use Pain on Jumbo Flan. Keep on using
        Pain. If by any chance Jumbo Flan gets Regen on himself, cast Dispel to
        destroy it. Hopefully you can kill Jumbo Flan before Anima runs out of
        HP. If that happens, you might need to teach Anima Cura/Curaga/Regen.
        In the long run, after each succesful battle, use the Magic Spheres and
        activate them on the sphere grid, with Yuna at least.
        NOTE: This has been proven as the fastest way to constantly defeat J. Flan.
         The other method is done by having 3 characters learn Copycat, and 1 of
         them learn Flare/Ultima with Doublecast. Use a Doublecasted Flare/Ultima,
         and then have everyone constantly use Copycat. The reason I didn't pick
         this is because of the amount of time needed to get this for everyone and
         that it's slower when trying to kill Jumbo Flan. If you don't like my
         method, feel free to use this one.
     6) Accuracy - Hornet
        You could use the method used on defeating Fenrir, but that may be a waste
        of time. So it's best that you just keep on using regular attacks to finish
        it off quickly. You do have a high enough Agility now.
     7) Evasion - Pteryx
        The same thing can said while against Pteryx as well. If you have used all
        the Accuracy Spheres that you've obtained from Hornet, this guy will be
        fairly easy as well.
     NOTE: Another way to do this, is by a different order:
      Strength, Defense, Magic Defense, Accuracy, Agility, Magic, Evasion.
      The only thing different as of terms of strategy is that you won't need
      Wakka's Attack Reels against Fenrir, just regular attack will do.
                                   The Dark Aeon Way
     Starting off from NA Way's step 6. The only reason that you don't want
     Accuracy and Evasion is that it be replaced with Luck.
     255 Luck = 255 Accuracy + 255 Evasion
     Having 255 Luck + 255 Accuracy isn't needed because you can basically hit
      anything with 255 Luck alone and it will do critical.
     Having 255 Luck + 255 Evasion isn't needed because the higher level bosses can
      hit you regardless of these stats. Yet, it's advisable to keep at least 30
      Evasion so that you can Evade all of Dark Ixion's physical attacks.
     6) Luck - Greater Sphere
        I will have to assume that you have Tidus and Wakka having 180 Strength
        with at least 110 Agility. Tidus knows Slice and Dice and Wakka has Attack
        Reels, and both using their Celestial Weapons fully powered up. Set both of
        them with the Overdrive Mode Victor. The third member doesn't matter.
        1. Besaid -> Dingo - Kill it
        2. Besaid -> Dingo - Kill it
        3. Original - Greater Sphere
           1. Slice & Dice (or Attack Reels), GS counters with Hydraulic Press
           2. Slice & Dice (or Attack Reels), GS is defeated.
        4. Repeat step 2 and 3 constantly.
        Note: Slice and Dice must be successful. Successful = 6 Hits
              Attack Reels must be perfect. Perfect = 12 hits. Refer to the method
                used against Fenrir in the NA Way section.
     7) Fortune Sphere - Earth Eater
        Against this guy, I want your Tidus to have 255 Strength and 255 Magic
        Defense. I'd assume that he has Slice and Dice. Set his Overdrive Mode to
        Loner. There is a thing I like to call the Earth Eater armor, but it's not
        totally required:
        Auto-Haste     Auto-Protect     Auto-Shell     Magic Defense +%
        1. Except for Tidus, have everyone else Escape the battle. In the meantime
           have Tidus constantly use defend until he's the only one left.
        2. After each turn, if Tidus is by himself, his OD bar will charge. Once
           you get a full OD bar, use a *Successful* Slice and Dice. Earth Eater
           will now full on his back.
        3. Defend two times and you'll get another OD bar filled, use Slice and
           Dice again. Earth Eater will counter with Flare.
        4. Repeat Step 3 until Earth Eater is defeated.
        5. Talk to the Save Sphere to get healed.
        6. Repeat Steps 1 through Step 6.
                                  Extras for Both Ways
     8) MP - Vidatu
        Nothing special. With the same strength for Juggernaut, it takes 1 hit to
        kill this guy.
     9) HP - Ironclad
        Rikku with two others that have Celestials and the needed strength to deal
        99999. All party members must have the Monster Arena armor. Set Rikku's
        Overdrive Mode to Victor. Move Power Spheres to the top of your Item List.
        1. Besaid -> Dingo - Kill it
        2. Besaid -> Dingo - Kill it
        3. Rikku, Mix 2 Power Spheres to get Frag Grenade
        4. Constantly have everyone use Quick Attack until Ironclad is defeated.
        5. Repeat steps 2 to step 4 constantly.
        NOTE: This is proven to be the fastest method. Faster than using
          Overdrives alone. Yet if you were to constantly use quick and perfect
          Attack Reels with Entrust on the side, that will be faster, but it
          won't be efficient.
     Names of the people that helped me create this FAQ, in one way or another:
      (In no specific order)
     Split Infinity        Terence
     Jobber                Pbirdman
     GangstaL              SoulSpark
     Sensorie              Can Eater
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     Zzanmato              Mace
     BlitzAce              TheaN
     Sensorie for: http://ximpulse.net/scripts/ffx/
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