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    No Sphere Grid/Summon/Item Challenge FAQ by Riverstone30gm

    Version: 1.41 | Updated: 02/18/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *                                                                             *
    *                                VERSION 1.41                                 *
    *                       BY STEAVER371 AKA ZANMATO BLADE                       *
    *                        NOW KNOWN AS: 424242424242424                        *
    *                    E-Mail Adress: sunriseh@maxnet.co.nz                     *
    *                                                                             *
    *                                 1) UPDATES                                  *
    Version 1.0
    First release of this guide. Contains up to Bikanel, plus theories for after
    Version 1.1
    Evrae strategy changed as original does not work. New Evrae strategy IS tested.
    Also, Bevelle battle strategy confirmed, and note about Auron needing Daredevil
    removed as he does not need it.
    Version 1.2
    Updates about Maze Larvae. Seymour Natus strategy confirmed, even though I have
    not yet succeeded.
    Version 1.2a
    A second, easier Seymour Natus strategy added. Extra note added about Evrae.
    Version 1.3
    Calm Lands blitz requirements reduced. Alternate Defender X strategy added.
    Seymour Flux strategy changed to not require Blitz Ace. Yunalesca strategy
    changed due to turn order being different than expected.
    Version 1.4
    Sin's Arms strategy revised. Overdrive Sin and Seymour Omnis strategies
    confirmed. BFA strategy revised. Optional boss sections deleted, as they were
    more complicated than nessecary - all the bosses really take is a Trio and an
    Version 1.41
    Nothing new added, just contact info updated.
    *                                2) LEGAL INFO                                *
    Umm... I'm not very worried. As long as you don't try to take credit for this,
    or sell it, or anything, I don't really care. You can use the information for
    your own FAQ as long as you give credit. You can even directly copy it if you
    want. Just make sure you give me credit for it.
    As for putting it on your website... go for it. I don't require you to ask for
    permission. I do, however, require that you notify me about what you are doing,
    and inform me of the site. If I ask you to remove it, please do, but I doubt
    that I'll ever ask that. You can HTML-ize the guide for your site if you want,
    and fix any spelling errors you find(not that you will find any), but don't
    modify it in any other way.
    If you want to modify it to make it more compatible with your printer, go for
    it. In fact, if you're going to print it off, I'd reccomend you only print the
    sections you need.
    Basically - I don't care much what you do to this guide. As long as you don't
    put modified versions on your site, and don't try and take credit for it, and
    don't try to make profit from it, and you notify me if you use it on your
    site, everything's fine. I'm not one of those really fussy people.
    *                                 3) CONTENTS                                 *
    1) Updates - This contains information about updates to each version
    2) Legal Info - This contains information about what you can and can't do with
                    this guide
    3) Contents - What you're reading right now
    4) Rules Of The Challenge - Self-explainatory
    5) Walkthrough - A guide to completing the challenge
    6) Credits - Who I would like to thank for this challenge
    7) Closing - Just some random things for the end of this guide
    *                          4) RULES OF THE CHALLENGE                          *
    There are five simple rules to this challenge:
    -You may not use the Sphere Grid at all
    -You may not Summon, except in four battles(more information below)
    -You may not use the Menu command "Item"
    -You may not use the battle command "Item"
    -You may not use the special ability "Use", except once(more information below)
    Due to what the game forces you to do, however, there are five exceptions to
    these rules:
    -You may use ONE Grenade againts Klikk
    -You may summon as much as you like against Grothia
    -You may summon as much as you like against Pteryi
    -You may summon as much as you like against Spathi
    The other exception is an interesting one. Most challenges involving the rule
    "No Summoning" state that you may use Valefor to defeat the first Garuda in
    Besaid. This is based solely off the fact that you are forced to summon here,
    and you cannot dismiss Valefor. However, for this challenge, the rules are
    how it should be. You may summon Valefor. However, you may not attack the
    Garuda in any way. By either Boosting until Valefor dies, or simply having
    Valefor kill herself, you will be able to fight the Garuda with characters.
    That way, you have the closest you can get to a real NSGNSNI fight.
    Also, for this challenge, I will allow the summoning of Aeons while against
    Belgemine's Aeons.
    Note that Mix and Customization both require items. However, this challenge
    would be near impossible without Mix.
    There are three customization abilities that are not allowed, as they cause
    automatic use of items. Those are Auto-Potion, Auto-Phoenix and Auto-Med. All
    other weapon and armour abilities are allowed - although Alchemy is pretty
    Also, be warned that I may mention spoilers without warning. Therefore, don't
    read on if you haven't already completed the game.
    *                              5) WALKTHROUGH                                 *
    i) Zanarkand
    Since you cannot yet use the Sphere Grid or Summon, these two rules will not
    matter. This leaves the No Items rule to make a difference. You shouldn't need
    to use items anyway. One thing though - when you get Tidus to full overdrive,
    do not use it. Although using it is perfectly within the rules, you don't need
    to do so, and you might need the overdrive later. You might also want to, when
    fighting Sinspawn Ammes, get Tidus the "Loner" overdrive mode, to make it easy
    to learn Slice & Dice later. You don't have to do it yet, however.
    ii) Submerged Ruins
    Compile the Al Bhed Primers onto your savegame. Although by playing Blitzball,
    you can beat this challenge without them, it is MUCH easier if you have them.
    The battle against the Sahagins and Geosgaeno shouldn't be a problem. I expect
    that you know what to do inside to light the fire. However, you now have your
    first battle where NSGNSNI might make a difference.
    Boss Battle: Klikk	| HP: 1500					    (1)
    Should be simple. Attack away, don't be tempted to heal. After you deal 750
    damage, Rikku will join. You will be forced to use a Grenade. This is the only
    time you can use an item in this challenge. Afterwards, attack away. If Tidus
    is about to die, use his Spiral Cut overdrive. Do not use his overdrive in any
    other case.
    Also, the number in the "Boss Battle" sections shows how many attempts I took
    to defeat the boss. Your results may vary.
    Battle complete!
    After this, you will be taken to an Al Bhed ship. On here, you will be taught
    about the Sphere Grid. Consider this a tutorial of what NOT to do(although you
    can check your stats and abilities if you want). Ignore Rikku's suggestion to
    use the Sphere Grid. Save your game, as Save Spheres are one of the few sources
    of healing available to you in this challenge. Go into the water. Charge up
    Rikku's overdrive, and Tidus's if you want. Once you are ready to fight Tros,
    you know where to go. Save your game at the Save Sphere just before the fights.
    By the way, the enemies can be killed easily by a couple of "Attack" commands.
    Fight the forced encounters, then get ready for Tros...
    Boss Battle: Tros	| HP: 2200					    (1)
    Again, pretty much just attack hard out. Use Stand By once it becomes available
    as it will heal your characters slightly. Once you get "Pincer Attack", use it.
    Remember how in the Klikk battle, you were reccomended to use Tidus's overdrive
    if he was near death? Do the same here if you charged up his overdrive(or if
    you didn't use it against Klikk). If both characters are near death, but still
    alive, you should have Rikku mix two Potions. This will get both of them back
    to full health. If Tidus is dead, or near full health, a better idea is to mix
    two Spheres of any type. This will cause quite a lot of damage to Tros. This
    battle is not that hard if you charged your overdrives. Even without overdrives
    it can still be done.
    Battle complete!
    You should know how to complete the rest of the Submerged Ruins quest. Then
    it's on to...
    iii) Besaid
    You should know how to get to the village. For the random encounters, just run.
    However, just in case, you should charge up Tidus's overdrive, as I think this
    may be your last chance before the next boss(I'm not sure). Just in case you
    need it, get the Destruction Sphere treasure from the temple. On the way to the
    boat, you will have two tutorial battles. After this, there is a boss battle.
    Quite a familiar character, since you've played through the game before.
    Boss Battle: Kimahri	| HP: 750					    (1)
    This is pretty easy. Attack away. If you are at around 100 HP, you will most
    likely get game over. As you cannot recover, use Spiral Cut as a final resort.
    Battle complete!
    Next up are two Garudas. Against the first, you are forced to summon Valefor.
    Simply cast Black Magic on herself until she dies. Switch whoever goes first to
    Wakka, and if it wasn't Yuna, switch Yuna to whoever you just switched out. Use
    Wakka's Dark Attack, and then have Tidus and Wakka use "Attack", and Lulu use
    any Black Magic. You should defeat it before Darkness wears off. The second one
    is even simpler, as you can just use Dark Attack right away. Before continuing
    to the boat, although not nessecary, you should obtain Tidus's second overdrive
    as you may need it for Sinspawn Echuilles. The best way to do this is by Loner.
    Learn Loner if you haven't already. Then use Spiral Cut 10 times, including the
    times you've already used it. You should have used it at least once already(I
    hadn't though). You can learn Energy Rain and even Blitz Ace if you want, but
    I wouldn't bother if I was you. Make sure you get the Seeker's Ring at the dock
    as it contains HP+10% for Yuna, which you might need.
    iv) S. S. Liki
    You should know what to do here. Don't forget to lend some gil to O'aka. I'm
    not sure how much you need to lend to ensure he and Wantz show up later. As you
    know, there's a boss here...
    Boss Battle: Sin's Fin	| HP: 2000					    (1)
                 Sinscales	| HP: 200
    As soon as Tidus gets a turn, switch him out for Lulu. Now use magic and Lancet
    to win this battle. Use Yuna to heal anyone who's HP drops below 200. Since
    Tidus and Wakka won't even be used in this battle, they'll be in perfect
    condition for the next battle. Also, if Kimahri will get another turn before
    the next Sinscale, you only need to heal him if his HP drops below 140.
    Battle complete!
    Boss Battle: Sinspawn Echuilles	| HP: 2000				    (1)
                 Sinscales          | HP: 100
    Tidus will go first. Switch weapon. Now have Wakka use Element Reels. It does
    not matter what element you use, but you MUST line up three of the same! This
    way, you will kill all four Sinscales, as well as damage Echuilles. Two Scales
    will come back, but they won't get a turn as quickly. Tidus should now get two
    turns. Attack with both. Don't use overdrive. Wakka's turn is next. Attack one
    of the Sinscales that is about to get a turn. Once again, have Tidus attack
    Echuilles. Basically - if two Sinscales are about to get a turn, kill one(or
    both if possible). Also, Dark Attack Echuilles after the first Blender(you
    probably won't have time before). Basically - try to take as little damage as
    possible. If Tidus gets a turn with all four Sinscales alive, use Slice & Dice,
    or Energy Rain if you got it. Two hits of Slice & Dice will kill a Sinscale.
    However, Slice & Dice will also do damage to Echuilles. Don't forget to reuse
    Dark Attack once it wears off. This battle may take more than one attempt - I
    succeeded on my first, you might not be so lucky. It all depends on who the
    Sinscales target, and also who is targetted by the first two Drain Attacks. I
    barely succeeded - Wakka was dead and Tidus had about 140 HP left. This is the
    first truly challenging battle in NSGNSNI. Good luck.
    Battle complete!
    v) Kilika
    You should know what to do storyline-wise. You don't need to save the girl, as
    all you get is an Ether, which you can't use. You might want to buy HP+5% for
    everyone too(except Yuna, who already has HP+10%). I shouldn't need to tell you
    that since you can't heal, any HP bonus you can get, you should take, unless
    you already have a better one.
    When going through the forest, you should avoid Lord Ochu. I don't know if it's
    possible to kill him in this challenge prior to getting Rikku. There isn't any
    equipment you need to get here. There is an item however. You must get the Luck
    Sphere. You need it much later for Mixes. Also...
    Boss Battle: Sinspawn Geneaux	| HP: 3000				    (1)
                 Geneaux's Tentacles| HP: 450
    Start off by destroying the tentacles. Shouldn't be hard. Try to destroy them
    in as few attacks as possible. Once this is done, switch Tidus and Wakka for
    Yuna and Kimahri. Now you just use Yuna to heal, and Kimahri's Attack and
    Lulu's Fire. You shouldn't have too much trouble here. Don't bother with using
    overdrives in this battle, you don't need them. As long as you keep your HP
    topped up, Poison won't be a major problem. If you need to, you can always use
    Esuna to heal it.
    Battle complete!
    You should know what to do in the temple. Don't forget the Destruction Sphere
    treasure, you can sell it for heaps. Now return to Kilika, and go on the boat
    to Luca. You should know what to do here.
    vi) Luca
    Progress with the storyline as usual. When you get to O'aka, make sure you buy
    the Stunning Steel, the Thunder Spear, and the MP+5% armour for Yuna. With the
    Thunder Spear, and Lulu's Thunder spell, the Machina should be easy. If you are
    in need of Gil, you can sell the Hi-Potions they drop. You might need to so you
    can buy the Rulebreaker for Wakka. Go on, keep fighting the Machina, until you
    get to the Al Bhed boat.
    Update: You don't need the MP+5% for Yuna. Before you need this extra 4 MP, you
    can get MP+5% with HP+5% as well.
    Boss Battle: Oblitzerator	| HP: 6000				    (5)
                 Crane              | HP: 65,535
    The easy way is to simply cast Thunder on the Crane a few times then use it.
    However, of course, why not do this the real way? Inflict Slow on it by using
    Tidus's Stunning Steel, and attack it with Lulu's Thunder and Kimahri's Thunder
    Spear. Victory or not really depends on how often Oblitzerator decides to use
    its counterattacks. If Lulu or Tidus gets a turn while disabled, simply change
    equipment, so you get another turn real fast. The status effect wears off after
    one turn. For Kimahri, simply use Lancet. Also, be aware that the only method
    of healing you have during this battle is Lancet. If other characters are about
    to die, you should simply use the last-resort overdrive technique. Thunder Fury
    or Slice & Dice. Also, if Lancet won't be enough to heal Kimahri, you have no
    choice but to use his overdrive too. Don't worry if you don't succeed on your
    first attempt, I didn't either. Also, when using Fury, you might hit the Crane,
    so hope that more hits go to Oblitzerator than do to the Crane. One last thing.
    Should Kimahri be the only one left alive, you should use nothing but Lancet,
    except when you get to the final-resort overdrive. If you have Dark Ward for
    Kimahri or Tidus, or Silence Ward for Lulu, you should use it - however, switch
    to it when the HP+5% bonus no longer matters as your current HP is below your
    max HP without the HP+5%. Also, once Tidus has inflicted Slow, switch to the
    Brotherhood, which has Strength+5% - but wait until you are under Darkness,
    then switch.
    New discovery: Spiral Cut will do more damage than Slice & Dice, and as it has
    the same delay as Attack, you can use it any time you want(after you inflict
    Slow of course).
    Another discovery: Since none of them except Fury have any delay, and the delay
    from Fury is minor, you should use Lulu's and Kimahri's overdrives as soon as
    possible, and Tidus's right after you inflict Slow.
    After finding these, I finally succeeded on my fifth attempt with only Kimahri
    alive, at about 20 HP. (My final attack was a Lancet, bringing him up to about
    100 HP, though).
    Battle complete!
    Next up, the Blitzball game. Make sure to win, you need that Strength Sphere.
    Boss Battle: Sahagin Cheifs	| HP: 170				    (1)
    At the start of the battle, switch to any Lightning-element equipment you may
    have. Since there's really nothing else you can do, just attack until you win.
    With Lightningstrike, Tidus will always kill in one hit, while Wakka will only
    sometimes do so(although he can do it without a critical hit). If a Sahagin
    Cheif is about to get a turn, attack that one, as even without Lightningstrike,
    you have a chance of one hit killing it(by a critical hit). Although Tidus will
    probably not be at, or get to, full overdrive, Wakka will probably get full
    overdrive during this battle. Use a Lightning Element Reels as a last resort.
    Battle complete!
    The next fight, a Vouivre, isn't even a boss really. One hit from Auron and the
    Vouivre is dead. After that, however...
    Boss Battle: Garuda	| HP: ????					    (1)
    As soon as the Garuda uses Sonic Boom - in my game, on his first turn - chances
    are only Auron will still be alive. Therefore, use Power Break, then just keep
    attacking. Pretty much the same as an Auron-Only Challenge, except without the
    advantage of healing.
    Battle complete!
    Now Seymour will summon Anima and finish off the fiends. Finally, your battles
    in Luca are finished - quite a relief, as two of the four battles are extremely
    hard(Oblitzerator and the Sahagin Cheifs... although if you used the Crane, the
    Sahagin Cheifs are the only hard battle). Before leaving, get the HP Sphere and
    Magic Sphere.
    vii) Mi'ihen Highroad
    Just go for it. Nothing you need to get really, except the Red Ring for Yuna at
    one point. It might help if you come up against enemies that use Fire, as it
    contains Fire Ward and HP+10% (an improvement over her current HP+10% alone).
    Make sure you learn Fire Breath and Self Destruct. Fire Breath is optional, but
    be sure to get Self Destruct, you will need it.
    Boss Battle: Chocobo Eater	| HP: 10000				    (2)
    This isn't too hard. Inflict Slow as soon as possible. Inflict Darkness too if
    you can. You can use Dark Attack twice, after that you must rely on Darktouch
    weapons if you have any. You don't need them though. Use Fire Breath and Fire
    Element Reels, as they inflict excellent damage. You can use Kimahri's Self
    Destruct if you have it. Keep pushing it back. You can just get pushed off if
    you want, but of course, you should go for the challenge. I did, just like I
    did Oblitzerator without the crane. Don't forget you can use Lancet to heal
    Kimahri. If you are going to use Self Destruct, save it until the end of the
    battle, of course. This was the second battle that took me multiple attempts to
    win - I succeeded on my second. Your results may differ.
    Battle complete!
    Now, you need to get as much gil as you can. Sell all equipment that you don't
    need. You can sell the Heat Lance for Kimahri, but don't sell the other weapons
    you find on Mi'ihen Highroad(both have Thunderstrike, and at least one of them
    is required for a later battle). You can sell them if you already have a weapon
    with Thunderstrike for that character(I had TWO other Thunderstrike weapons for
    Wakka at this point). Make the 1000 gil and the 10000 gil donations. You don't
    need the 100 gil donation.
    viii) Operation Mi'ihen / Mushroom Rock Road
    First thing. Get the Tough Bangle from the guy on the right. This increases
    Lulu's HP to 456, which should be enough for most battles where you'll need to
    use her. Buy the HP+5% and MP+5% ring for Yuna from O'aka. When you arrive at
    the command centre, buy the TKO if you can afford it. If not, you'll have to
    win a Stonetouch weapon from Basilisks later. Anyway. Equip all your best stuff
    and prepare for possibly the hardest battle in NSGNSNI. Make sure Yuna starts
    with HP+5% and MP+5%. Put Tidus, Kimahri and Wakka in the frontline.
    Boss Battle: Sinspawn Gui	| HP: 12,000				   (19)
                 Arms		| HP: 800
                 Head		| HP: 4000
    Switch Tidus to Auron right away, and use Power Break. On Auron's next turn,
    switch him to Lulu. Now use everything you can on the head. Switch in Yuna to
    heal whenever nessecary. Be conservative, as you can only heal 22 times. Once
    the head is dead, switch Wakka to Auron, and attack the arms, and aim Lancets
    and spells at the body. After Yuna heals the first time, you may want to change
    her armour to Moon Ring, or HP+10%. This battle will take a few attempts to win
    but it is possible. If Lulu gets a turn with both arms and the head dead, use
    a Fury. You can also use Tidus's Spiral Cut on the body, and Wakka's Element
    Reels to hit all enemies. This is really a matter of dealing as much damage as
    possible, while healing as little as possible. Don't heal more than you have to
    as you are, as I said before, limited to 22 healings. Don't forget that Lancet
    can heal Kimahri, and that all characters - especially Lulu - can evade Gui's
    physical attack, which will reduce how much healing you need. Also, you can use
    Defend to reduce damage as well. Yuna under Protect and Defend takes only about
    90 damage from Gui's Punch, as well as having a good chance of evading it. When
    Gui has about 2000 HP left, use Kimahri's Self-Destruct to finish it off. This
    is likely to be the hardest NSGNSNI battle you will have.
    Also, I shouldn't need to state this, but if Kimahri gets a turn and both arms
    are dead, he should Attack the body, not Lancet it, unless he needs the HP he
    gets from Lanceting. Also, although there seems to be no pattern when the head
    is alive, Gui seems to alternate between Punch and Demi when the head is dead.
    Use this to your advantage - only heal if Punch is coming up next(or you need
    to heal more than one character). Should Yuna die, you may still be able to
    win by Lanceting, so don't reset. Have the other characters you switch in use
    just Defend, and only Kimahri ever attacks. You might also want to Defend and
    not Lancet when Gui is about to use Punch. The second character can attack if
    Demi is next. Don't let them die until you have no other option. Also, don't
    bother killing the arms at this stage, just attack the body. If you get Gui to
    about 2000 HP before the second character dies, use Self-Destruct. Obviously do
    not use Self-Destruct if only Kimahri is alive. Note that should Kimahri be the
    only one standing, you must evade at least some of the time to have a chance of
    winning. If Gui's next attack will kill Kimahri even if you Defend, don't use
    Defend, instead use Lancet and hope that Kimahri evades. It does happen that he
    evades just when you need it - it happened for me. If you'll still get all the
    turns you need, and are at relatively high HP, feel free to use Seed Cannon.
    This was the third battle in which I did not win first attempt. Keep trying, it
    is hard but not impossible.
    New Discovery: If you have a second character at high HP out, and Gui is about
    to use Demi, switch in one that has low HP. Once all characters are at low HP,
    keep Lulu out the front. Also, she should be the low HP character you switch in
    once her HP is low. The reason for keeping her out, is not only can she deal
    more damage to Gui than anyone else, but also she has high evasion, so she can
    take more attacks even when at low HP. She will die eventually, but the time
    she stays alive should help you win the battle.
    What happened for me at one point was that Lulu and Yuna were at low HP, and
    Tidus and Auron were at high HP. Therefore, for Punch, I had Auron and Tidus
    out the front, and for Demi, I had Yuna and Lulu. The only times during my
    whole fifth battle that Kimahri wasn't out the front was when he was at low HP
    prior to the head being killed. Once Tidus's HP was too low for him to be used
    against Punch any more, I used Wakka in his place. I still lost that one in the
    end, but it was the best I did in an unsuccessful attempt.
    Don't be worried if you take many attempts to win. I myself took 19 attempts.
    Battle complete!
    Watch the short cutscenes. Then... oh no. Not again.
    Boss Battle: Sinspawn Gui	| HP: 6000				    (1)
                 Head		| HP: 1000
                 Arms		| HP: 800
    You have Seymour this time. Cast a spell on the head to kill it, then cast as
    many spells as is nessecary on the body. Let Auron and Yuna die. You can Power
    Break Gui if you like, but seeing as the damage it does is pathetic anyway, I
    wouldn't bother.
    Battle complete!
    You are now past possibly the hardest part of this challenge. Enjoy the scenes.
    ix) Djose / Moonflow
    Get the Soft Ring. Now, you need to fight Basilisks to get a Stonetouch weapon.
    Well, you don't really need to, but I'd reccomend it. If you bought the TKO for
    Wakka at Operation Mi'ihen, you can skip getting a Stonetouch weapon. There are
    three formations in which a Basilisk can appear. In the case of two Funguars as
    well as a Basilisk, I'd reccomend running. If you run into two Basilisks, have
    one character run, Kimahri Self-Destruct a Basilisk, and anyone use overdrives
    to finish it off. In the case of two Bite Bugs and a Basilisk, use a hit-all
    overdrive and then Self-Destruct. Should you decide, for whatever reason, to do
    it without Self-Destruct, you need to take advantage of an amazing coincidince.
    Yuna is the only one with Stoneproof. She is also the only one able to heal the
    Petrification that she is immune to. Nice. Use that to your advantage. Also use
    Power Break on the Basilisks, and Dark Attack if you want. Should the Basilisk
    be with two Bite Bugs, and Yuna gets poisoned, make sure to heal it before you
    do anything else. Kimahri and Auron are the best Basilisk attackers, but make
    sure you DON'T have Lightningstrike weapons equipped. Also, even if you don't
    need a Stonetouch weapon, still make sure to learn Stone Breath by Lanceting a
    You should know what to do at Djose. I don't believe there is anything you need
    to buy, but you do need to get the Destruction Sphere treasure. When you get to
    the Shoopuf, equip the Stunning Steel and a Lightningstrike weapon for Wakka.
    Any HP+??% armour should be equipped too. There's nothing here you need to buy.
    Boss Battle: Extractor	| HP: 4000					    (6)
    Inflict Slow by the Stunning Steel. After that, if you have a Lightningstrike
    weapon for Tidus, switch to it. Use Spiral Cut and Element Reels if you can,
    and apart from that, all you can do is Attack constantly. The battle is MUCH
    easier said than done. Remember to stop on Lightning if you use Element Reels.
    If Tidus doesn't have a Lightningstrike weapon, switch to a weapon with a
    Strength+??% bonus - most likely Brotherhood is your best. If he gets to use
    Depth Charges on you, consider it a guaranteed Game Over. If you have Attack
    Reels, and Wakka is at full overdrive, use it when Extractor is at about 1000
    HP. Otherwise, Tidus will probably die just before the 3rd time Extractor
    rises, at which point Wakka should be able to do two more attacks and then
    Extractor will rise. Hopefully you can finish it off with Element Reels at this
    point, that's how I did it. If either person dies while the other can still
    survive another Aqua Shooter, you'll probably lose.
    Battle complete!
    Next, in the tutorial battle, do NOT mix the two Bomb Cores. Mix some healing
    items or whatever. I had a Mega Potion and an Ether. You can steal Hi-Potions
    and Hypello Potions from the enemy. Both pretty useless. Go towards Guadosalam.
    You can open the treasure chests if you want, they don't have anything useful,
    but you can sell the items for a small bit of gil. The treasure chests that
    appear in battles, though, have good items which you might want later for Mix.
    x) Guadosalam
    You should know what to do here. It's all storyline. Buy the Fatal Cait Sith.
    Now it's time to do some stealing. Go back outside Guadosalam, and obtain at
    the very least:
    -3 Dragon Scales from treasure chests
    -1 Stamina Tablet from treasure chests
    -1 Remedy from Ochu
    This will allow you to get 3 SOS NulTide armours for Seymour, as well as one
    mix of Mega Vitality(essential for Seymour). You also should currently have
    the ingredients for 4 Chaos Grenades(although you need to get a Grenade each
    to mix with the Stat Spheres).
    So before you head out, you should have at least:
    -1 Potion
    -1 Stamina Tablet
    -2 Bomb Cores
    -3 Lightning Marbles
    -3 Dragon Scales
    -4 Stat Spheres
    That will get you through the next four bosses. Before leaving, buy Tidus and
    Kimarhi two armours each, and buy Rikku three armours. You also need to obtain
    an armour each with one free slot for Rikku and Kimahri, as for some reason you
    cannot add SOS NulShock to armour that has Lightning Ward. You will also get a
    Lightningproof armour for Tidus with one free slot later. You are aiming to
    have these armours for these four:
    Armour 1 - Lightningproof, SOS NulFrost
    Armour 2 - Lightning Ward, SOS NulTide
    Armour 3 - Lightning Ward, SOS NulBlaze
    Armour 1 - SOS NulShock, [other abilities don't matter]
    Armour 2 - Lightning Ward, SOS NulFrost
    Armour 3 - Lightning Ward, SOS NulBlaze
    Armour 4 - Lightning Ward, SOS NulTide
    Armour 1 - SOS NulShock, [other abilities don't matter]
    Armour 2 - Lightning Ward, SOS NulFrost
    Armour 3 - Lightning Ward, SOS NulTide
    You can only get SOS NulBlaze for two characters(unless Extractor dropped it
    for Kimahri or Tidus - if so, try and add SOS NulTide and/or SOS NulFrost to it
    as well, and if it was for Tidus, give Kimahri SOS NulBlaze). You might have a
    character other than those three who has SOS NulBlaze. If so, you can switch
    Kimahri to them when you need SOS NulBlaze. I personally had Wakka with it, you
    might not have anyone, or may have a different character.
    Anyway. You cannot fully get this setup yet. You cannot obtain Tidus's armour
    with Lightningproof until Thunder Plains, and you cannot obtain SOS NulFrost
    until Macalania. You can get SOS NulBlaze, SOS NulShock and SOS NulTide by now
    though, although you might not yet have the armour to put the SOS NulShock on
    for Kimahri. You should have Rikku's one, as her initial armour has an empty
    New Discovery: You do not need to win an armour for Kimahri. If you don't have
    one with a free slot, you can buy one from O'aka in Lake Macalania. You still
    need to win one for Rikku if you don't have one, but you should have one for
    her(her initial armour is one free slot).
    xi) Thunder Plains
    It's all storyline and advancing here too. You do need to steal two items here.
    One of each, or two of one, either is fine. Either Light Curtains from Iron
    Giant, or Lunar Curtains from Larva. Either is fine. Buy 4 Grenades and 8 Maps.
    Also, now is a good time to learn Daredevil overdrive mode for Rikku. Get into
    a battle where all enemies are only capable of using Lightning attacks, cast
    one of Lulu's spells on Rikku to activate SOS NulShock, and change weapons
    until you learn Daredevil.
    xii) Macalania
    Just proceed as usual. Kimahri has SOS NulTide, so now is a good time to learn
    Daredevil for him. Buy the Sonic Steel from O'aka. It's been a while since the
    last time, but...
    Boss Battle: Spherimorph	| HP: 12,000				    (1)
    This is one of the easiest battles in NSGNSNI. Put Rikku in the frontline. Mix
    a Chaos Grenade(stat sphere + Grenade) straight away. Now Defend for the rest
    of the battle. If someone's HP is getting low, switch to someone else. Don't do
    anything offensive.
    Battle complete!
    Now, you need to do some stealing again. You need 3 Arctic Winds to customize
    SOS NulFrost for Tidus, Rikku and Kimahri. Once you've done that, recharge
    Rikku's overdrive, put her on Daredevil overdrive mode, and get ready to fight
    a hard boss.
    Boss Battle: Crawler	| HP: 16,000					    (8)
                 Negator	| HP: 1000
    There are five ways to beat this boss. Two require you to have won items from
    Blitzball - one of these is to mix Trio Of 9999 then use any two attacks you
    want, the other is to mix Sunburst which is an instant kill. A third way needs
    an SOS Haste armour. So those three ways aren't worth doing. That leaves two
    ways you can do it. The item requirements in the FAQ are for the less-item way,
    so that's the strategy I'll be putting here.
    Start with a frontline of Tidus, Kimahri, Auron. Tidus must have Sonic Steel
    equipped. Switch to Rikku, mix Super Mighty G(two Curtains of any type). Now go
    crazy with "Attack", except change weapons(don't Defend though) to try and get
    Rikku to have a turn after each of Crawler's turns. This lets her get overdrive
    a slight bit quicker. Once Regen wears off, you will need to switch her out
    before each of Crawler's turns, and switch her back in afterwards. You can
    switch to anyone really, but make sure to have that person Defend, as they
    don't have the advantage of Protect. Once Rikku is at full overdrive, mix a
    Chaos Grenade. Now, try to charge up Rikku's overdrive again. Switch Kimahri to
    Yuna, who keeps casting Cure on Auron. Thanks to Slow and Haste, Auron should
    be fully healed before Mana Beam. Switch Rikku out before Mana Beam. Auron will
    survive it, Yuna and whoever you switched Rikku to will die. Switch Auron to
    Rikku, finish charging overdrive, and finish Crawler off with Chaos Grenade. It
    is possible to get full overdrive again before Mana Beam, I'm not sure exactly
    if this always happens, or only sometimes happens. I got full overdrive just
    before Mana Beam.
    It is possible, but highly unlikely, that Gatling Gun will kill Rikku. It did
    happen to me on my 6th attempt. I believe that it takes at least three to kill
    Kimahri, and I don't think Auron can be killed by any number of them.
    The key to charging Rikku's overdrive is that, once she loses Regen, she should
    only ever switch weapons, apart from the times she has to switch characters or
    use a Chaos Grenade.
    Also, once Rikku's Regen wears off, you might also want to keep the others in
    Defend until you destroy Negator.
    One last tip. Yuna can heal herself with Cure if absolutely nessecary while in
    Gatling Gun phase. However, due to her high Evasion, it shouldn't be.
    Battle complete!
    Now proceed as usual. Before going into the temple, get full overdrive for
    Kimarhi, Rikku and Tidus. Rikku and Kimahri need to be on daredevil overdrive
    mode. They all need to be at 1 HP. Equip any Poisontouch weapons you have. You
    might want to customize some more - if you do, buy 99 Antidotes to customize
    one. Remove Rikku and Kimahri's armour, and give Tidus his Lightningproof
    armour and the Sonic Steel. If anyone other than those three has SOS NulBlaze,
    get that person to 1 HP as well.
    Boss Battle: Seymour		| HP: 6000				   (10)
                 Guado Guardian	| HP: 2000
                 Anima		| HP: 18,000
    Tidus gets the first turn. Switch to Rikku. Mix a Hi-Potion with an elemental
    item. This puts everyone in the frontline under NulAll. Now Seymour will attack
    and the Guado Guardians might as well. I have never seen the one on Seymour's
    right attack unless the one on the left does as well, but I've seen the other
    way around happen. Sometimes they won't even attack at all.
    Switch Yuna to Tidus. Switch his weapon to Stunning Steel. Now, change armours
    as appropriate - where no armour change is required, just change to what you've
    already got, unless you need to change weapons. Switch Tidus to Stunning Steel.
    Once you get the chance, try and inflict Slow on Seymour - it makes things MUCH
    easier, although it is not essential. Switch armours as required(but don't put
    an SOS Nul on if you still have the same one from Mega NulAll). Once Rikku gets
    back to full overdrive, mix Mega Vitality(Hi-Potion + Stamina Tablet) as soon
    as it is safe to do so. Recharge her overdrive again. Once it is recharged, try
    and inflict Poison on Seymour. Don't forget to use Talk before Seymour summons.
    Remember that if Kimahri loses his NulBlaze status, and Seymour's next attack
    is Fira, you should switch him to someone who has NulBlaze - in my case, Wakka.
    If you don't have someone, you simply have to hope like hell that Fira doesn't
    hit Kimahri. You can switch Auron in if you want, as he can survive one spell.
    Wakka can also survive one if he has Fire Ward.
    Once Poison is inflicted on Seymour, keep going as usual until he calls Anima.
    Now, right away, switch Kimahri's armour to an HP+??%(if you have one for him),
    and Rikku and Tidus's to the appropriate armour for whatever Seymour will use
    next. Now use Slice & Dice, Chaos Grenade, and Self-Destruct. That will kill
    Now, you arrive in second form. When I did, Seymour got two turns before Rikku
    and one before Tidus. Since they had the appropriate armour, they survived the
    first turn of Seymour's, but Rikku died on the second(Tidus survived, as he had
    a chance to switch to the armour for the next attack). Now, as before, try and
    slow Seymour. Even if you fail every time, the damage you inflict while trying
    will eventually kill Seymour. Slowing him just makes it quicker, as you have a
    chance to attack after every armour change.
    The only reason this battle took me 10 attempts is because I did not have the
    right strategy until the 8th attempt. On the 9th, I didn't think to change to
    the right armour while fighting Anima(although I did change Kimahri to an HP+5%
    armour). It will probably only take you two or three attempts.
    Battle complete!
    Complete the Cloister Of Trials as always. Run from the guado. When you get to
    the save sphere just before Wendigo, charge everyone's overdrive(except Yuna).
    If you didn't win a Sleepstrike weapon from Sinspawn Gui, you may want to steal
    Sleeping Powders from Snow Wolves and customize Sleeptouch on some weapons.
    Boss Battle: Wendigo	| HP: 18,000					    (7)
    There is no real strategy to this battle. Simply throw everything you've got at
    it. Be sure to take out the Guado Guardians as soon as possible, and try and
    keep Wendigo under Sleep. If you have a Sleepstrike weapon from Sinspawn Gui,
    be sure to use it. If not, I would reccomend having at least one Sleeptouch
    weapon, and two is better.
    Battle complete!
    Advance through the cutscenes as usual.
    xiii) Bikanel
    Proceed as normal. Make sure you pick up the Teleport Spheres. Customize for
    Rikku a weapon with Evade & Counter. You don't have to do it now, you can wait
    until you need it. You also need one for Auron. To beat the Sandragoras, use
    Auron's Shooting Star or Kimahri's Stone Breath.
    In the Al Bhed Home, for the bombs, use Shooting Star on the Guado Guardian,
    and have anyone with SOS NulBlaze or Fireproof attack the bombs until they all
    Self-Destruct. For the Dual Horns, use a Stone Breath from Kimahri. Save at the
    save sphere and recharge Kimahri's overdrive. Take the Chimeras out with Stone
    Breath. Make sure you get the Level 4 Key Sphere.
    xiv) Airship / Bevelle
    You know what to do for storyline. At this point, you must get Evade & Counter
    for Rikku and Auron, and SOS NulBlaze for Auron(Rikku should already have it).
    Recharge Kimahri's, Auron's, Rikku's, Lulu's and Tidus's overdrives. Take Sonic
    Steel off as you don't need it. Set the frontline to Auron and Rikku(with Evade
    & Counter weapons) and either Tidus or Lulu.
    Boss Battle: Evrae	| HP: 32,000					    (7)
    Evrae goes first. If he goes for either Rikku or Auron, he will miss. If not,
    the character he targets MIGHT evade but usually will be killed. Rikku will go
    next, switch to either Tidus or Lulu(whichever one isn't in the frontline) and
    switch weapon. Switch Auron to Rikku, and mix Quartet Of 9(Level 2 Key Sphere
    and Underdog's Secret). If it's on Rikku, reset. If it's on Tidus, use Slice &
    Dice. If it's on Lulu, use Fury. You need at least 4 hits on Fury.
    Edit: You can use Underdog's Secret + Level 4 Key Sphere if you plan on using
    the easier Seymour Natus strategy. This mix works better than Quartet Of 9.
    Battle complete!
    Next up is the Bevelle scene. Fortunately, there is no chance of losing if you
    play correctly, so you don't need to worry about having to do Evrae again. The
    preparations are written in the strategy.
    Boss Battles: Warrior Monk(Flamethrower)	| HP: 1400                  (1)
                  Warrior Monk(Rifle)		| HP: 1400
                  YKT-63				| HP: 4200
                  YAT-99				| HP: 2700
    This is where you need Auron's and Kimahri's overdrives you charged up before
    the Evrae battle. Before the first battle, set Rikku on Daredevil overdrive
    mode. Put Rikku and Auron in the frontline, with SOS NulBlaze and Evade&Counter
    First battle is against two Rifle monks and one Flamethrower Monk. With Evade &
    Counter and Fireproof/SOS NulBlaze, they cannot kill Rikku or Auron. Simply use
    Attack to kill them. Do not finish off the Flamethrower Monk until Rikku is at
    full overdrive.
    Before the second battle, put Tidus in the frontline and take Rikku out. In the
    battle, switch Tidus to Rikku and mix Sunburst(two Underdogs Secrets). Easy as.
    The third battle is the same as the first. Again, make sure to charge Rikku's
    For the fourth battle, although the enemies are the same as the second, you
    can't finish it the same way, as you need the Sunburst for the fifth. So, take
    Kimahri and Auron out of the frontline if they're in it, and put Tidus in. You
    can put Rikku in if you want, it doesn't really matter.
    Start by switching Tidus to Auron and using Shooting Star on the YKT-63. Now
    you can kill the Flamethrower Monks any way you like, but wouldn't you rather
    do it the quickest way possible? Thought so. Switch anyone to Kimahri and
    finish them off with Stone Breath(you can use Stone Breath in the first
    battle as well, but it means an extra overdrive to recharge in the third if you
    don't want to fight out this fourth battle without it).
    Finally. The fifth battle. Take Rikku out of the frontline and put Tidus in.
    Switch Rikku in and use Sunburst.
    Battles complete!
    Whew. Cloister Of Trials. Don't need to get the treasure. In the Via Purifico,
    get Kimahri. If anyone has a Silencestrike weapon from Seymour, get them too.
    For Maze Larvae, if you keep it under Silence, it can't do anything. Just in
    case, have Kimahri with SOS NulTide - he will have it, as he needs it for the
    Seymour fight. Self-Destruct can also be useful, as can Auron's Shooting Star.
    Don't try Stone Breath, Maze Larvae is immune.
    For Isaaru's Aeons, check the NSG FAQ. The strategy is the same. You may summon
    against them.
    Next comes the underwater Via Purifico. I'm sure you remember how easy the boss
    is in a regular game or any other NSG challenge. Well, he's not quite so easy
    this time around. If Rikku has First Strike somehow, equip it and victory is
    guaranteed. Either way, charge up her overdrive before the battle.
    Boss Battle: Evrae Altana	| HP: 16,384				    (1)
    If Rikku has First Strike, mix a Sunburst and you've won. If not, you need a
    bit of luck. Evrae Altana gets one attack, this must not hit Rikku. If it's
    Photon Wings, I think a few hits on Rikku is okay, but too many and she'll die.
    If she dies, reset. If she survives, mix a Sunburst and you've won. I also
    think Evade & Counter helps against Evrae Altana's Claw Swipe.
    Battle complete!
    Next up, Seymour Natus. Equip Rikku with her SOS NulFrost armour, in critical
    HP. Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel. Equip Lulu with an SOS NulShock armour - you
    can use the Lightning Marbles(which you should still have 5 left over) to make
    one if you don't already have one. Get her into critical HP as well. Finally,
    make sure Lulu and Rikku both have full overdrive.
    Note: You can use Wakka instead of Lulu if you have Attack Reels. Also, if you
    have Blitz Ace somehow, I highly reccomend using Tidus instead of either of the
    others. Also, if you cannot score at least 7 on Fury, it may be a good idea to
    use Tidus instead, even if you don't have Blitz Ace.
    Boss Battle: Seymour Natus	| HP: 36,000				   (18)
                 Mortibody		| HP: 4000/3000/2000/1000
    Start off by switching Tidus to Rikku. Use an Attack(doesn't matter whether
    Seymour or Morti is the target). If Kimahri and Yuna are both hit, reset. If
    only one of them is, switch armour to SOS NulShock, and switch the surviving
    character to Lulu(or Wakka, or Tidus, depending on who you're using). Have them
    change weapon. After taking Morti's attack, which will do nothing thanks to the
    armours, mix Trio Of 9999(Level 4 Key Sphere + Underdog's Secret), then use an
    overdrive - Fury, Attack Reels, Slice & Dice, or Blitz Ace. If you have Blitz
    Ace, don't use Slice & Dice instead - Slice & Dice is less than a 50% chance of
    victory, while Blitz Ace is guaranteed. Also, you may need to slightly change
    the timing with the character switching. I have not won with this strategy, but
    I have got up to the stage where the overdrive is used, so it definately works
    I have also discovered an easier strategy. The only equipment you need is Tidus
    with Sonic Steel, a Double Overdrive weapon for Rikku(customize with Underdog's
    Secrets), and reccomended but not essential, Stoneproof for Yuna. You should've
    got one way back at Djose. If you are using this strategy, make sure everyone
    is at full HP before the battle. Start by switching Tidus to Rikku and using
    Sunburst(Underdog's Secret + Underdog's Secret). Morti will use Shattering Claw
    and damage but not kill someone. Seymour will now use Break. Hope for it to hit
    Yuna or Rikku (if you don't have Stoneproof for Yuna, just hope for Rikku to be
    hit). Now, the next few turns depends on who was hit. If Rikku was, then Yuna
    casts Esuna on Rikku, and Kimahri attacks Seymour Natus. If Yuna was, then Yuna
    attacks Seymour Natus and Kimahri Defends. Either way, Morti will use Cura, and
    Seymour will cast Flare. Hope that this doesn't hit Rikku. Regardless of who it
    hits, it will recharge Rikku's overdrive, so use another Sunburst and you win!
    If Kimahri gets hit by Break, then Yuna attacks Seymour, and then next depends
    on who Flare hits. If Rikku is hit, reset. If Yuna is hit, Sunburst. If Kimahri
    is hit, Rikku changes weapons until her overdrive is charged(in which case you
    Sunburst) or she dies(in which case you reset), and Yuna casts Esuna on Kimahri
    as soon as she gets the chance.
    Battle complete!
    Proceed with the storyline as usual.
    xv) Calm Lands
    First thing. Find the Chocobo Lady and go to Remiem. Do the Chocobo Race there.
    Do it again and get three chests. Now this should be enough Trios for the rest
    of the game. If not, see the optional boss section for how to do Ultima Weapon
    and steal items for more Trios in the process. Return to the Calm Lands.
    Now you need to play some Blitzball. You need to get Attack Reels if you don't
    already have it, and you also need First Strike for Rikku, Yuna and Auron. I
    originally thought it was needed for Wakka, but now it seems it isn't. You may
    want to learn Blitz Ace. Although you do not need it yet, you will need it for
    the final boss. You can learn it later if you like.
    Boss Battle: Defender X	| HP: 64,000					    (1)
    Start off with Tidus, Auron, Yuna. Have Tidus change weapon, and Yuna switch to
    Rikku and mix Trio Of 9999. Have Auron attack, and then Tidus use Slice & Dice.
    It's over before Defender X even gets a turn.
    Battle complete!
    xvi) Mt Gagazet / Zanarkand
    Storyline stuff. Equip Kimahri with any HP+??%s you have. You probably didn't
    get him a First Strike weapon, but if you did for some reason, equip it. Either
    way, for the next battle, just use Lancet until they go down. You can use a few
    overdrives as well if you want. No need to even write out a boss layout. Use
    one of the Return Spheres you get to make a First Strike weapon for Wakka. Save
    the last one to make a better First Strike weapon for Tidus later. Buy the
    Haste Targe from Wantz!
    Anyway. Proceed as usual. At the save sphere, charge up Rikku's, Wakka's and
    Tidus's overdrives. If you have Blitz Ace, you only need to charge Tidus's.
    Boss Battle: Seymour Flux	| HP: 70,000				    (1)
                 Mortichortis	| HP: 4000/3000/2000/1000
    Mix Trio, use Slice & Dice, use Attack Reels. If Seymour is still alive, use
    Attack until he goes down.
    Battle complete!
    Now you have a boring cutscene. Enter the cave. You know what to do here. Just
    do the trials of Gagazet, recharge everyone's overdrive before the next battle,
    you also need to recharge Rikku's afterwards(I won't mention it again after the
    battle). I'm not even gonna write out the boss layout for the next two battles.
    Trio and either Attack Reels, Slice & Dice or Blitz Ace will get you through
    them. What does need a bit of strategy though(and recharge your overdrives
    before you start the battle, and activate Rikku's SOS Haste) is...
    Boss Battle: Yunalesca	| HP: 24,000, 48,000, 60,000			    (1)
    Mix a Trio right away. Have Tidus and Wakka use an attack each. Now, once you
    get the chance, Attack again. When Yunalesca goes to second form, Slice&Dice,
    then Attack Reels the third form. Depending on what she uses and when, and when
    the third Attack connects, you may win or lose. I was lucky and won first time.
    Battle complete!
    xvii) Airship
    First, go talk to Master Mika. Blah blah blah. You know what to do here. Go to
    anywhere you want and recharge everyone's overdrive. The next battle requires
    a bit of strategy. Set your frontline to Auron, Rikku, Lulu. Equip everyone's
    First Strike weapon, except Rikku - she needs a Double Overdrive weapon. If you
    don't have one, customize it with 30 Underdog's Secrets, or win one from Ultima
    Weapon(see optional bosses section). Equip Rikku's SOS Haste armour.
    Boss Battles: Sin's Left Arm	| HP: 65,000				    (2)
                  Sin's Right Arm	| HP: 65,000
                  Sinspawn Genais	| HP: 20,000
                  Sin's Core	| HP: 32,000
    Mix Trio. Switch Lulu out to Wakka. Have Auron constantly defend. Once Sin's
    Arm hits you(refilling Rikku's overdrive and killing Rikku and Wakka), switch
    Auron to Lulu, and use Fury. You need at least 7 hits. If you get less, don't
    reset, as you may be able to finish it off with regular black magic. If Sin
    doesn't seem to attack, use Wakka's ball - this may provoke it into attacking.
    Now, the second battle starts. Mix Trio as soon as you can. You need to get
    Wakka and Lulu under Trio. After that, bring in Auron and Yuna and heal Auron
    to full HP. Then switch Yuna back to Lulu. Use up to six black magic spells.
    Once Sin attacks, switch Auron to Wakka, and Attack to finish it off. Make sure
    that Lulu changes weapons throughout this battle, don't have her defend.
    Now for the third battle. Your frontline should be Rikku, Wakka and Lulu, all
    at overdrive. Trio, Attack Reels. Genais is dead. Fury, Core is dead.
    Battles complete!
    Go recharge Rikku's, and two of Tidus's, Lulu's and Wakka's overdrives. Put the
    three you're using in the frontline. Now fight...
    Boss Battle: Overdrive Sin	| HP: 140,000				    (1)
    The most HP of any single-form enemy you would fight in NSGNSNI if you're sane.
    Anyway, mix Trio, and use any combination that adds up to 15 hits. Victory.
    Battle complete!
    Next up is Seymour Omnis. Deal with him the same way you dealt with Flux and
    the two keepers.
    Now, obviously Braska's Final Aeon is all that's left. However, you need to
    make some preparations before you can fight him. You need the following pieces
    of equipment:
    -Weapon: First Strike
    -Armour: SOS Haste
    -Weapon: Anything is fine
    -Armour: SOS Haste
    -Weapon: Anything is fine
    -Armour: SOS Haste
    -Weapon: First Strike
    -Armour: Anything is fine
    -Weapon: First Strike
    -Armour: Anything is fine
    You also need items for one last Trio Of 9999. If somehow you don't have them,
    you need Attack Reels, and Slice & Dice. Head towards BFA, don't forget to get
    Tidus, Wakka and Rikku down to critical HP on the way. This strategy worked the
    second time I tried it, the other attempts were with different strategies.
    Boss Battle: Braska's Final Aeon	| HP: 60,000/120,000		   (25)
                 Yu Pagodas			| HP: 5000 initially
    Start off by having Tidus use Talk. Switch Yuna to Wakka, and change weapon, it
    doesn't matter what to. Switch Auron to Rikku, and mix Trio Of 9999. Have Wakka
    attack one of the Yu Pagodas, it doesn't matter which one. BFA will now get a
    turn, but do nothing due to Talk. Next up is Tidus. Use Talk again. The active
    Yu Pagoda now gets a turn. This is the one part of the battle that requires
    luck. It must use Osmose. If it uses Curse, reset. Assuming it used Osmose, the
    next turn is Wakka's. Attack the remaining Yu Pagoda. Rikku's turn next. Attack
    BFA. BFA will now do nothing, due to talk. Tidus's turn, use Slice & Dice. This
    knocks BFA into second form. Have Wakka use Attack Reels. Rikku can now finish
    BFA off with a nice "attack" command. So, to be exact:
    1) Tidus uses Talk
    2) Yuna switches to Wakka
    3) Wakka switches weapon
    4) Auron switches to Rikku
    5) Rikku mixes Trio Of 9999
    6) Wakka attacks a Yu Pagoda
    7) BFA does nothing
    8) Tidus uses Talk
    9) Yu Pagoda uses Osmose on anyone (if it uses Curse, reset)
    10) Wakka attacks the other Yu Pagoda
    11) Rikku attacks BFA
    12) BFA does nothing
    13) Tidus uses Slice & Dice
    14) Wakka uses Attack Reels
    15) Rikku uses Attack
    Battle complete!
    As for the rest of the battles... use Mixes to deal with them easily. As for Yu
    Yevon, use Kimahri's Doom overdrive, or if for some reason you don't have it,
    wait until Gravija does less than 9999 damage to him, then Sunburst him. Or you
    could just use Trio Of 9999 if you have any left.
    Anyway, as I said, congratulations on completing NSGNSNI. Now go try NSGNSNCNI
    if you want something else to do(same as NSGNSNI, plus No Customizing). Last
    time I heard, BFA has reached but not beaten in NSGNSNCNO.
    *                                6) CREDITS                                   *
    Squaresoft - For making this game.
    Split Infinity - I referred to his FAQ for some info, such as Ultima Weapon's
                     attack pattern.
    Anyone Who Tries This Challenge - For trying my idea, of course.
    Me - For writing this FAQ, of course.
    Unknown Person - Whoever started the idea of NSNCNI challenge on GameFAQs FFX
                     Message Board. This challenge gave me the idea for NSGNSNI.
    Zzanmato - For many strategy tips, such as Full Break + Poison for Spherimorph,
               getting Slice & Dice for Echuilles, and a Sinspawn Gui strategy that
               although I did not use, I based mine on.
    CB! - For her Mix List FAQ, which I referred to countless times while coming up
          with strategies for the four final pre-Bikanel bosses.
    *                                7) CLOSING                                   *
    Well... that's about it. Congratulations to anyone who actually manages to beat
    this challenge. If you want to contact me:
    E-Mail: sunriseh@maxnet.co.nz
    MSN: sunriseh@maxnet.co.nz
    AIM: Starlights59
    If you haven't tried this challenge, but are planning to, good luck! That's
    really all I have to say here...

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