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"It's Tidus' story, and a great one at that! Final Fantasy X is a must have game for PS2 owners!"

Introduction: Final Fantasy X(FFX) is an awesome game, good in every aspect. The story is deep, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is good, but a little repetitive, and it will take anyone a good 40 hours to complete everything in the game.

Story(10/10): Tidus' story is one of the best that Square has made. Tidus, who is a star blitzball player of the Zanarkand Abes, is the perfect character for Square to place in the unknown world of Spira. The only real connection to Spira that Tidus has is blitzball and his father, who disappeared from Tidus' life some time before the start of the game and was famous for his part in the defeat of Sin 10 years prior to Tidus' story. When he meets Yuna, the game really begins as he heads out with her on her pilgrimage to defeat Sin. At first he technically one of her guardians, but after a little while he officially becomes one and protects her from many things that could mess up everything. Even though it's Yuna's journey, it's Tidus' story and he knows it. At first he meets Wakka, Lulu, and Kimahri, who also serve as Yuna's guardians, but later Auron, who Tidus meets at the very beginning, and Rikku join in. You visit at least 15 places throughout the game, more of the story unraveling at each place.

Graphics(10/10): The graphics are the best that the Playstation 2 has to offer, along with the sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. The normal gameplay graphics are decent, but the lip movements don't match the English words, but the character movements are nice and smooth. The cut-scene graphics are a little bit better, the lips match the words better and the characters are more lifelike. The best graphics of the game, and the system, are during the FMVs, full motion videos, that are at major points in the game, such as the opening movie and the ending movie. Many of these scenes are spectacular and blow you away, especially one where the team has to rescue Yuna. Those graphics surpass all other previous games and are better than any game's graphics for the next 5 years. The people are almost lifelike and the whole world looks like you could step off your coach or bed and into the TV to live along side Tidus.

Gameplay(10/10): The gameplay is good and isn't too easy for anybody. The puzzles in the Cloister of Trials are confusing, but not necessarily difficult, and you have to think through them to continue. The weapon system is good, since you get to customize them, late in the game, to improve them and add elemental attacks. The new level system is fun, with the Sphere Grid, which makes character customization almost limitless, as long as you have the right spheres. Running around the world and getting into random battles sometimes gets boring, but you have to do it, right, so it isn't that bad. The Overdrive attacks are awesome attacks that would obliterate anyone in real life. Summons are used in a unique way this time around. Instead of summoning them for one attack, they replace the party until the battle ends, they die, or you send them away. All the extra things that aren't part of the normal game are awesome and will definitely help you in your fight against Sin.

Play Time/Replay Value(10/10): The game is a very long game, taking well over 50 hours if you do everything. Even just going through the story takes 25 hours at the least, so the game will keep you preoccupied for a while. Last time I played, it took around 44 hours to get a few of the ultimate weapons and all the summons, and that was with the guide book. I recommend not using the guide book and try to figure it out on your own and looking on or getting the guide only if you get totally stuck. The replay value is okay, you can do everything in one playthrough and there isn't a option to play the game again after you beat it with all your items and skills and levels, as there is in Final Fantasy X-2. If you like Final Fantasy a lot, it definitely can be played multiple times because it is such a good game.

Final Recommendation: I absolutely recommend buying this game, looking for it if you need to because once you play through it once, you will want to play through it again, at least once a year. It could be the greatest PS2 game, and one of the best games ever, right up there with Final Fantasy VII and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The game is a must buy for all PS2 and PS3 owners. If you like this game, don't forget to continue the story with Final Fantasy X-2, Yuna's new journey to find someone who is dear to her heart.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/14/07

Game Release: Final Fantasy X (US, 12/17/01)

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