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"Best game I have ever played"

Since I began gaming 6 and a half years ago when I first got a game boy color, I have played hundreds of games. But I think the best one I have ever played has to be Final Fantasy X. In one second of this game, there is more romance, gameplay, narrative and graphical capability than most games have in their entirety.

Final Fantasy X follows the story of Tidus. He was a boy from Zanarkand, who was sent forward one thousand years into the future and ended up in Spira. It was here he met Yuna, and became her Guardian on her journey to defeat the ultimate evil, Sin.

The Characters in this game are the best in any game I have ever played before. They all have unique personalities and they all interact with each other extremely well. Well, Final Fantasy games are renowned for their Stories and characters, but I think that this is the best. The characters all have multiple layers to them, instead of just being plain stereotypes. The story takes you through multiple twists and turns and a huge adventure, ultimately culminating in the most emotional scene in video-gaming history.

People have said of RPG's these days, that the voice acting and lack of text doesn't allow for character development as much as the RPGS of old, in which players read about their characters personality. But in Final Fantasy X the graphics are so gloriously well made, and the voice acting is brilliant. Without this, the story would not be as good, because you need to hear what the characters are saying, see how they're reacting to each other for it to flow as well. This is an emotional rollercoaster game, the story makes you happy, and then it becomes extremely sad. This is because the cutscenes are the best constructed of any game in its time.

I will rate each section of the game out of ten, to give you more of an understanding of it.

Story and character.
Seeing as this is an RPG, this is a very important category, as the point is to have memorable heroes you come to love, and Villains you come to hate, and a story that leaves you on the edge of the seat. Final Fantasy X does that, with the relationships of Yuna and Tidus, as well as including characters such as Auron, often said to be the best character in the game(whereas I say it is Yuna). The story is completely amazing and totally mind blowing. This is helped by the graphics, but the ending is the best game ending I've ever seen (and I have seen plenty. 10/10

This is traditional turn-based RPG combat, no ATB to be found! This makes for the games greatest strength though, the strategy of the battle. Unlike previous installments, you are not under pressure to make your move, and you can formulate a strategy to take down the bosses (and believe me you'll need to). The mini-game blitzball is also a very excellent addition to the game, and one of the best mini-games I have played. In fact it is very possible to spend more time playing blitzball than it is the main quest, which is still a whopping 50 hours. There is also a new addition to how the characters are leveled up. None of the characters actually have levels anymore. When a character gets enough experience, they gain a sphere level, which can be used on the sphere grid. Each space on the sphere grid has nodes, and some contain abilities and augments. E.g. max Hp + 200. When a character lands on one of these he/she can use a sphere picked up from defeating monsters to learn that ability/augment. Each character has their own sphere grid, best suited to their starting attributes. But what happens when Yuna has learnt everything on her grid? She can then learn abilities on Auron's sphere grid. And you don't even have to learn her sphere grid first. It allows for you to decide what abilities your character learns and how they develop. 10/10

Graphics and animation
This is the first really definitive RPG on the playstation 2. The graphics on this game are what really make it. They actually make the characters look like real people, rather than the cartoon style we see in the earlier Final fantasy games. With the cutscenes up to half an hour long at a time, they are the best yet seen on a console, and they tie the story together. They also better allow for intimacy between characters, because they are so realistic. Oh and the monsters are lavishly created, even if the later monsters look a little like the earlier ones. 10/10, best yet seen

The soundtrack and sound effects to this game are absolutely epic. The in game battle music runs through your head and you don't forget it, but when a tune is that good you don't even care. The suteki-da-ne song also happens to be the only non metal song in the world I have on my mp3 player. The characters voiceovers are really good and go together really well with when the characters open and close their mouths. 10/10

This is a game that has so many side quests and optional things to do. While the main quest takes about fifty hours, you could equal that just by playing blitz ball alone, and then there is the monster hunting, and finally the training to get all your characters sphere grids to completion, and then the finding of the ultimate weapons. After that you can take on the toughest monsters in the game, like the Dark Aeons and the Monster Arena Creations. It is possible to spend over 200 hours on this game. 10/10.

Overall this game is the best I have ever played, for the reasons listed above. 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/21/07

Game Release: Final Fantasy X (EU, 05/24/02)

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