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"A great addition to the series"

First of all, although this review is very recent and the game has been preceded by the newest installment (in my opinion the shocking FFXII), I felt like doing a review anyway.

I'm not going to bother about the story itself, you can read that in any other review, but I'll make a few comments regarding the story/plot.

Gameplay: 9/10
I guess I'm an old-school RPG fan so a slow system works. It's building a strategy against enemies until you can slaughter then in one shot. The inclusion of the ATB system as well as changing your characters mid-battle (a must in all stock RPGs) makes the game more enjoyable on a strategic point of view. The game moves smoothly and even though you have the random battles (which in some points do get annoying but it's inevitable) it's still reasonable. For me, this is how I want my "standard" RPGs, but I know others who get sick of the stop/plan attack/do it, rather than the hack-n-slash approach. Top marks. The only thing that annoyed me was Blitzball. Sure there were times where I did love it and I do, but I felt that as the only major mini-game, it labored on too long and after about 5 games I had enough. The sphere grid, I believe, was one of the best features in the game. I've read lots of reviews and many people complained about how lame it was or difficult to follow or annoying of having to upgrade all the time. I thought it was a brilliant idea as you could focus on your particular characters e.g. Auron as the strong warrior, Lulu and black magic, Yuna and white magic, but with the ability to go where you wanted to. With great research you can unlock characters to have other 9999 HP and MP (last I checked my main characters had about 15000 HP) making your characters powerful especially for the Calm Lands monster arena. Aeons (otherwise known as "insert previous summoned monster name from FF) also play a part in the game. There are times where you can get through areas without using them, but against some bosses they are great to absorb the damage your party would get. Finding all the hidden aeons is a good adventure in itself!

Story: 7/10
Pretty interesting. I found certain aspects enjoyable and the story progressed well. The main aim of the game was established and you go and undertake that aim. Sure there are interesting twists and turns along the way, which work well because a story is not always straight forward. Things need to develop, ideas need to change and be rearranged as the world around changes.

Sound: 10/10
I found the sound effects and the music fantastic. As a musician myself, I often focus on the music when I play a game and look for things that become repetitive or just not appropriate to the scene. There is a great mixture of music, most are easy to listen to without having to turn it off or down. The music changes a lot too so boredom doesn't come into it as frequently as other games might.

Replay: 8/10
I think there is merit for playing this again (I have three times). All the aspects together make the game enjoyable from start to finish and enough to start the game again. There are always new things to go back and get like the ultimate weapons, breaking the 9999HP/MP mark, and so forth. The game is very big in that you can go through finish all the mini-games and secrets. Once you know how to do the basic sphere grid a few times, go and work on the "expert" mode. Worth the challenge just in that itself!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/13/07

Game Release: Final Fantasy X (AU, 05/17/02)

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