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"Best RPG of a lifetime, totally epic."

As a huge Final Fantasy game, I didn't think anything could match FF7, it was pure emotion. Oh, but was I in for the ride of my life! Final Fantasy was always my favorite series, and I didn't think anything would surpass it, which is held to this day. But I had played every game in this thrilling series, to see if it would get any better, and time just made products outstanding. After I played this Final Fantasy, no other, that is even made now, will ever surpass the pure genius that is put into this game.


That 11, is certainly, NOT a type! The graphics alone, would of made the game. I couldn't BELIEVE that they had 3-D, color, and character to character talking. This was the only game of its time that was like this. The color and emotion that the creators put into it, really put you into character. It made the game only better. It was like you could feel the living and breathing of the characters, with all the clarity, and such. Graphics don't make the game usually, because when games have great graphics, they lack in everything else. But, for this game, everything was excellent, a pure masterpiece.


The maps were also very special. Instead of just traveling through towns, to get to the next check point, you really had to dive deep into it. The scenes that were held, made the maps even better. Like I said in the graphics section, the pure emotion, helps massively. Putting yourself into the game, feeling those feelings, it's just a feeling that you cannot take away. The maps also had very good monster layouts, the only thing that could of made them excel, is having more items along the way in the streets, dirt, etc.


The characters that were in this game, were almost all new to the series, which put a lot of new elements, and difference, into it. The main character, despite what anyone says, was the best to this date. Tidus, is the most heroic character, ever made. The voice he had, really gripped me the most, because it changed in every scene, and it made me really think to myself. I said to myself, "The creators, must of took a ton of time making this guy"! Which, I still believe. Along this graceful journey, you meet a beautiful summoner Yuna, who is also Tidus's love connection. Also, the quiet blue beast, Kimahri, who is Yuna's most faithful guardian. Wakka, who is the captain of the Besaid Aurochs, and Tidus's first friend in his new life. Then, Lulu, who is a very powerful black mage, and faithful guardian of Yuna. A huge connection in Tidus's journey, is Auron, who watched over him as a kid, and made a faithful promise to Tidus's cold father Jecht, to protect him forever. Finally, don't forget about the lovable Rikku, a cutesy Al Bhed girl, who is Yuna's cousin, and final guardian. These are the main characters, but they all play a role bigger than any obstacle, in the game, I believe they can really teach someone a lesson too!

The whole journey, and Sin.

The whole reason that Tidus got into the whole guardianship deal, is because of a malevolent creature of total hatred, and destruction, Sin. The whole reason Sin was born, is out of people's stupid ideas, and sins. In the game, a thousand years in the past, a great city, called Zanarkand, is where it all started. The whole town, was beautiful, and had great times, but they started relying on machines, or machina, to run the town, and do all the dirty work for them, so they could be in total convenience all of the time. Eventually, a great war broke out, and machina were used to battle, which was against the holy teachings, which is believed to have first summoned the terrible creature, called Sin. Tidus was sucked in by Sin's terrible force, and sent a thousand years into time, first landing on a small clearing, and eventually getting onto a foreign ship, then getting attacked by Sin again, and landing on a small town called Besaid, where he started his journey through Spira.

The storyline is a lot like the journey part. But, that is only the first out of the two journeys. In the second part of this adventure, Tidus meets the beautiful, and soft spoken Yuna, who is set on making Spira a world of happiness, with no revolt. Along the journey, the summoner, and her guardians, meet more summoners, deadly enemies, evil leaders, and friendly, helping people. The whole goal of the pilgrimage, or adventure to stop sin, is to, stop sin, and save the world. The summoner is set on defeating the deadly monster Sin, so that they can have a 10 year period, called the Calm, where life is supposed to be grand, with no hatred, that is the whole reason behind summoners, and the guardians who protect them through it.


The controls were very simple in terms of moving around. The only difficult part in the whole game, is a optional one too. This is called Blitzball, where you can basically play a underwater game where you control the whole aspect of moving, shooting, passing, etc. Besides that, you had a ton of time to choose what you wanted to do in boss battles, what choices you made in talking, and where you went and when. The whole essence of the game wasn't to have heart-wrenching controls anyways.


In reality, the game play alone, and eerie music were the main components in the nostalgia factor. The battles were like every other RPG, you choose a command, and attack, and then if you do not perish the enemy the first time, they attack back, and so forth. But the conversation and storyline of characters, which makes the game play and its supporting details, were even better than the other ones. The music was also beautifully orchestrated, which brought back numerous memories, of other Final Fantasy games, and the series. This was a good addition to it all.


Blitzball, or Blitz, is the most popular, and really the only, form of entertainment, in this wrecked society of Spira. The whole reason behind Blitz, is for fun. The game play is simple, if you get the hang of it, but for a run down of it, you have a team of 6 players, 5 in the "field" and a goalie to protect their goal, and you are supposed to get your team to the other side and punch, kick, or throw the ball into the other teams goal. It is a bit like underwater soccer. Yes, it is underwater. The players get into this GRANDLY HUGE sphere, that is then filled with water, and the players stay under the whole time, and play their hearts out, to win the pride of this fun game. This is one of the only real mini-games, and it is worth it, to blow off time, and win valuable prizes in tournaments, and leagues.


This game basically, is a puzzle in every way possible. To go through the pilgrimage, and go through perilous boss battles, and enemies. To play exciting mini-games, and to collect powerful friends to be summoned. Everything in this game, can be a puzzle, if you look close enough, and really think about it. Puzzles are designed to challenge you, and to be solved. This game is a challenge, and learning different ways, and things along the way, make it a real puzzle. Honestly, more like a Grand-Jigsaw puzzle, because it is the best of its time.

A Summoner, and their Aeons

A summoner is a grand master of hope, and light. The whole purpose of a summoner, is to help save the world called Spira, and bring the Calm, or calm period. But, a summoner, and their guardians alone, cannot beat the final test of leadership, Sin. The thing they do along their pilgrimage, is go to every temple in every town that has one, and summon forth the Aeon, or beast of hope, to help them along the pilgrimage. The teachings say that Sin cannot be defeated, unless the final Aeon is called upon, which also kills the summoner, so it is a very, very hard journey. If summoners, were not brave enough, to do this, then Spira would be in grave danger, and they would basically, all get killed in the end, because they cannot atone for their dangerous sins, that have been committed in the past.


In this game, the travel is exactly like every other one in the series. The main way of transportation, is by foot, which is fine, because you have the choice of walking, or running. Also, in some points, and stages of this masterpiece, you can use Chocobos, which are huge yellow birds, that you can ride upon, they actually have a ton of purpose, that can be figured out in the later stages of game play. The other way, which is rarely used, is the Shoopuf, a giant elephant-like creature that leads you across large rivers, or lakes. The final way, which is obtained in the last stages of game play, is by the Airship, which can help you travel to any spot in Spira.


The music is very eerie, and can be creepy. But what makes it unbelievably great, is that it goes along with every scene with great comparison, and speeds up and slows down at the exactly precise time. The orchestra that composed it, should be astounded! The music in the game made the scenes even more meaningful, and pure. Not a lot else can be said about the music, because the connection between person, and game, says it all.


The items in this game, were flawless, but as usual, it was the weapons and shields. But the new feature of the game, was that you can now customize the weapons and shields, using items! You can make your character extremely strong, and have great abilities to help you in any situation, which comes in handy when fighting tough enemies and bosses. The curing items, come in handy in those tough situations when a character dies in battle, or just needs a little more hp or mp to cast spells and use skills to beat those bad guys up!


The bosses, were extremely hard, but not impossible if you're prepared right, which is what it all comes down to in the end. I thought the last boss was impossible, but if you prepared the aeons, and characters right, everything is a snap. The great thing about the game, is that it is up to you how you do everything. Which makes it even more flawless, because it's saying that the creators have more faith in every aspect they created.

Sphere Grid

The sphere grid, is a new creation in the series. In this, you can use spheres, to help open up spaces in a huge grid, to help you obtain new abilities, powers, and other things. You can even get more hp/mp. The cool thing about the sphere grid, is you can even go into other characters starting spots, and obtain the skills they started with, to help yourself. This comes in handy when needing to quickly use skills only other players would usually possess.

Big decisions

The big decision, is to buy the game, or to rent it. The chances are, you won't be able to beat it if you just rent it, so you should obviously buy it, but that is not the only reason. The reason you should buy it, is because, it is the kind of game, that you could pull out in a few weeks, or months, and play again and relive all the great journey you had through it. If you don't choose to buy it, which won't be the greatest idea, then you might end up buying it down the road at some point in time. Also, chances are, that if you're playing this game, you probably own the others in the series, so another one is only adding to the collection.


You can't rank how good this game is overall, because honestly, it only gets better. You will never find a game as true as this one, and that is why it is a huge hit, all over the world. To be able to have so much of life, and all of its lessons, in a small disc, is phenomenal to say at the least. To achieve such a great game, and beat it, then go back just for the fun of it, tells you that this is the only game of its kind, so it truly is one of-a-kind.


If you do not play this game, then you are basically jeopardizing the chances of ever finding anything that is even CLOSE to up to par with it. This is the type of game that you'd like to tell other people about, and even family about, because it is so great. I think this game has help shaped my opinion on things in a very positive way, and I like that a lot.

Ending Statements

I would like to give a large thank-you to the creators and all the people in the process of the Final Fantasy series, and this game alone. If this game was not ever created, I think a ton of people would not be as impacted by all the lessons that can be taught along the way. This is a outstanding piece of work, and the creators should be blown out of their minds by how popular it is, because nothing else can be expected out of this amazing work. Thank you so much for making this game, and series. I give it two thumbs way up! Thank you for your time.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/14/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy X (US, 12/17/01)

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