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"A excellent entry into the series."

Final Fantasy X on PS2 owned. It was a extremely good game and I was absolutely blown away by the game. To this day I can still pick up Final Fantasy X and get the same amazing feeling I received when I first played it.

Graphics:10/10:Even with several more PS2 games coming out after this FFX still has some of the best Graphics on the system. Area designs are fantastic. Same, with the character designs which are done nearly perfectly. Enemies look great as well and there is a decent variety of enemies. Bosses are perfectly done too and always feel epic when you fight them. Overall the Graphics are just amazing.

Gameplay:10/10:Yeah, FFX has amazing Gameplay. It's mostly like your standard turn based RPG. Go from town to dungeon. Battles and exploration is done with a three man party, but you can switch your party at any time you wish. Battles are randomly initiated as usual. As you explore dungeons it's nice. Dungeons are quite linear and you'll have a map showing you what direction to go along. So, let's get onto the battle system.

FFX is turn based, but it's possible to get multiple turns if you raise your Agility high enough. You can see in what order turns occur. So, you can strategically fight out battles. Yes, FFX is actually one of the only hard games in the series. If you don't use strategy for a few random battles and most of the boss fights you'll get destroyed. You'll need to use buffs, debuffs and heal accordingly in order to get by mostly boss fights and rarely random battles. After battles you sort of gain EXP, but leveling isn't done exactly how you think it is.

Rather, you do what's called the Sphere Grid for leveling. You move your character along a grid and using items boost stats and learn abilities. Don't worry, the items are easy to gain and commonly dropped from battles. The great thing about the Sphere Grid is you'll eventually gain items that allow you to move onto someone else's Sphere on the Sphere Grid. Which means you can gain their stats and abilities. This allows for tons of customization. You can also get there by just moving along the sphere grid, but that will take a decent amount of time. Overall FFX is a very fun game and it's challenging. The Sphere Grid allows for a good amount of customization and proceeding along dungeons is linear which is nice.

Storyline:10/10:Final Fantasy X takes place in the shoes of Tidus. A old teenager who is living a normal life in Zanarkand. One day misfortune rains upon his city and the evil monstrosity known as Sin attacks. Forced to flee with a old comrade of his father's Tidus is warped into the future. From there, he must meet up with other allies to stop Sin once and for all. Now, the Storyline in FFX is great. The game is told from Tidus's point of view mostly. I personally thought the way the Storyline is portrayed from Tidus's point of view was done very well. Most of the characters in the game get decent to good development and Tidus gets a extreme amount of development throughout the game. The cast is generic, but as said earlier the characters are developed well enough to the point where you'll be able to look past that. As you go along, you'll find out several plot twists to keep you hooked onto the Storyline. The dialogue is written pretty well, but not perfectly. I did think there was one scene in the game which had very awkward dialogue that just didn't fit the scene though. Overall the Storyline in Final Fantasy X is fantastic. Great dialogue, and scene direction.

Music:10/10:Once again, another excellent soundtrack from the series. The battle/boss songs are fantastic, town songs are good and the dungeon songs are great as well. I can't think of anything really bad about the soundtrack. Sound effects are amazing as well and when you hear like a sword slashing it will sound perfectly realistic. Overall, amazing Soundtrack one of the best soundtracks in the series.

Overall:10/10:Final Fantasy X is a fantastic entry into the series. I can positively say it's one of the better RPG's I've played out there. The Gameplay is excellent and the game is well balanced. Plus, it's most importantly fun. The Sphere Grid also allows for some customization which is nice. Storyline is written very well due to the great dialogue and how the scenes were directed. Plus, characters got good development throughout the Storyline. Graphics to this day are some of the best on the PS2 and simply put just amazing. The Soundtrack is nothing short of amazing and is one of the best game soundtracks I have ever had the honor to hear. So, overall Final Fantasy X gets a 10/10. I honestly, can say only very little about the game ever bugged me. It well deserves it's 10/10 and it's just about a perfect game, but not my favorite.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/25/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy X (US, 12/17/01)

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