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"A truly great game"

Final Fantasy X is the tenth game in the Final Fantasy series and is still going strong today even just by selling the old early games (1-9) at a rate which is amazing. Moving on to the actual review.

Story - 10.0

The story takes place around a main character by the name of Tidus or whatever else you decide to call him, he's a professional sports player (blitzball) and is fairly popular in the city of Zanarkand. Its the night of a big game and of course that's when things start to go wrong. A big monster (he really is BIG) by the name of Sin comes and takes him to another world. There's plenty of twists in the story and moments that will most likely make you gasp. Needless to say this game's story will most likely become a classic. It already has to me anyway.

Graphics - 9.5

For its day the graphics were awesome, today its pretty much the same. The characters look pretty much identical to what they look like in the cut-scenes which is great as it gives them a lot more depth. The sky is blue and crystal clear, the plants move when the wind blows, the water flows and so on and so forth. There's a great amount of detail given to the clothes of the main characters like Lulu's for example and hairstyles are also carefully detailed from Lulu's to Auron's. There has been complaints about the mouths moving to slowly when the characters speak or the characters features being stiff but lets face it it was all new back then and mistakes happen in the best of games.

Sound - 10.0

I love this games voice actors, music, and even some of the monsters sounds. The voice actors never once annoyed me as so many games voice actors do these days. Personally I think the voice overs couldn't have been better. People complain over Yuna's voice actor but on the whole it suits Yuna's personality perfectly. After all you couldn't have a strong voice sound hesitant it just wouldn't have gone well. The soundtrack is wonderful and I have at least 2 songs from the game on my mp3 player.

Game play 10.0

I love the game play its just that simple. The spells are fun to use, the Aeons more so. It's also always fun to see what Lulu's dolls look like and the other characters weapons almost always looks different when you buy a character a new sword or staff. The combat is turn-based and at times strategy is needed (almost always for the boss fights) and your going to use pretty much all your characters at one point or another.

Overall - 10.0

Overall this game is awesome. You have great characters, great game play, interesting monsters to fight, cool environments if somewhat cliched at the same time, very good voice actors, and a truly great story. There's a lot of replay value and you will find yourself drawn to play this game again and again and it doesn't get old or even that repetitive. A must buy game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/09/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy X (Greatest Hits) (US, 12/31/03)

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