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"Squaresoft has done away with classic Final Fantasy gameplay and has taken a step towards a new era of the series."

Wow. Squaresoft has taken the Final Fantasy world in a boring new direction. In a series that has a reputation as THE game series, Squaresoft has never disapointed us, the gamers. Untill the 10th Installment. (Note : Final Fantasy 10 will hereby be known as FFX)
On with the reveiw.

Graphics - Stunning. Amazing. Almost perfect. The graphics are just about the best ever seen in a console game, and the main reason FFX will do so well with mainstreamers. Everything is very realistic, and the enviroments are all Rendered in real time!! The characters look almost human as in The Final Fantasy Movie. The characters even run realisticly. Just great.

10 out of 10

Story - To me one of the most important parts of a game, FFX does not disapoint. You take the role of Tidus, a very famous competitor in blitzball, a popular sport in the world of FFX. You start the game around a campfire , right before you start the final encounter with the games evil person( he is not really a person but a Shape-Shifter). Think Ultimecia's Castle, North Cave, those type of things reserved for the last disks in FF 7-9. Then it cuts to you, Tidus, sighing autographs before a big blitzball game. It gets into action, then Sin attacks. That is all for now. Very intiguing story throughout the game.

9 out of 10

Music - Final Fantasy games have always had great music, and the latest installment does not disapoint. Along with a few classic Final Fantasy tunes, it has plenty of new ones for winning battles and boss battles as well. It also comes with its own ''song'' like Melodies of life for FF9 and Eyes on me for FF8. It continues the tradition.

8 out of 10

Gameplay - The game does away with the great Active Time Battle system of Final Fantasy games since FF4 and starts a new and easy system. The timeline shown at the top of the screen shows who is next, which is calculated before battle by your speed and the enemys. You can also change characters in the middle of battle without using a turn, which does add a whole new dimension to fighting. The summons of yesteryear are also gone, and now you contol the summons. They have their own attacks and magic skills and even overdrive attacks ( More on those later). This is another nice feature. Also instead of Dyne attacks or limit breaks, this game has overdrives that do tons of damage, and take - VERY - long to learn might I add. And yes, Random battles are still here and as annoying as ever. The part that is sure to piss off Final Fantasy veterans is the Sphere board system. You earn Sphere points instead of experiance points like you do in all the FF's before it. You use these to move your character slowly but surely across this giant board. You can choose to gain differnt ability's like Speed and Strength, or increase HP and that sort of thing. Finishing the board is the equivalent of reaching level 99 in previous Final Fantasy's. The board is fun, but children are bound to be mad when thay have full HP and nothing else upped one bit and they are stuck. Needs improving, but pretty nice to have something fresh, even though it isn't as good as previous FF's.

8 out of 10

Replayabilty - The game really shines in this catagory. It is fun to move across the Sphere board differently, and there are alot of sidequests ( You can play Blitzball, and Chocobo Racing is back!). And their are people in the game that speak a different language then you, and you have to find different dictionarys so you can here what they are saying early on in the game. A strong point in FFX.

8 out of 10

Rent/Buy - Buy. With all the replayabilty, you will need atleast a month with this game to get the glory of it. If you know Japanese ( Like me hehheh), you should import it.Even with the hefty pricetag of $70.00.

Overall - FFX is a great game, and Squaresoft always does a great job with the series. It is easy enough to get into that it is good for newbies to the series, and Fresh enough that even veterans will be stumped sometimes. That is why I give Final Fantasy 10 a.......

9 out of 10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/27/01, Updated 07/27/01

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