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"I'm speechless..."

All I can say is that I'm speechless. Final Fantasy X is probably THE reason you got a PS2, and probably the best game this or next year(depends on if you rely on the silent or unsilent release). For the parts that I've played so far, they're wonderful. Now let's go on with the evaluation shall we?

Graphics: 10
Did you expect any less? Even though there are some jaggies, you can only really see them if your lookin for them. Unlike past Final Fantasies, the FMV and in game graphics flow smoothly. An early example is the boat ride. During the boat ride, the main ship is ingame graphics, while the chaos outside the ship is full FMV. It's really hard to notice. Another example would be when Yuna does her famose water dance. In a movie like transition, it goes from ingame to FMV. The ingame graphics are pretty good. The movement is excellent and the enviroments are realistic. In addition, the camera moves slowly and are usually in the right place. It's kinda works like the Devil May Cry camera, but because the game isn't as fast, you don't get any problems.

Sound: 9
Most of the voices are REALLY good. The only two complaints I have would Tidus and Yuna. Tidus takes like a few minutes to get used to, and Yuna takes a while longer to get used to. I had some doubts about Wakka and Lulu, but after hearing them in the game, my doubts have vanished because they both work for them. The music is excellent. I really like the jump from 8 bit to 16 bit(i think it's 16 bit). The music has much better quality as each piece is more complicated and sounds better. I find my self pausing the game just to listen to some of the catchy tunes. However, that same annoying battle music is still there. I'm not complaining though. The only big complaint I have in the sound department would be that not all the characters speak. It really hampers the feel and just seems out of place in this game.

Gameplay: 9
The new systems that have been placed onto the Final Fantasy series are a fresh breath of air. It's always good to try something new. First off, I'll talk about the new Bar system. Overall, it's good, other then the fact that you can't delay an attack for a later time. Depending on your actions, your next turn can come earlier, or later. It has a strategic feel as there are certain times when you should attack, and certain times when you shouldn't. Also, you can switch your armor and weapons and change characters when ever it's your turn without penalty. Next is the Sphere Board. The sphere board is a complicated board filled with twists and dead ends that teaches you abilities. The sphere board get's rid of the annoying leveling up system incorporated in past RPGs. You can basically customize to do what ever you want. Wakka, one of the best fighters in the game, can turn into a nuke by learning magic spells if you want him to. Also, the sphere board also has a strategic feel to it too. You gotta plan ahead where you want your character to progress to get the best out of your characters. Depending on what you wanna do, you gotta look ahead and check which path you wanna move to. The Sphere Board is also a relief to people who hate leveling up. Instead of EXP, you get AP. Why's that good? Because AP is not shared among characters. So if you kill somebody that gives you 70 ap, instead of seven characters getting 10 AP, the seven characters get 70 AP. Anther new feature to series would be trigger commands. During certain battles, there are trigger commands that do stuff to a battle that aid you. They are pretty interesting, and they just show how powerful the PS2 is, as in battle, allies or opponents move. In the exploration mode, there is no longer a world map. NOOOO!!!!!!!!!! That really really stinks, and is the only reason why Gameplay got a 9, not a 10. However, i can't say that it doesn't come without advantages. It truly makes you scream with wonder looking at the new enviroments and you never have to listen to the same world music ever again. :) In addition to that, the new map thing shows you where to go and important events so you'll almost never be unprepared. But the story is incredibly linear which goes along this new format. Which really sucks.

Well in the end, FFX is a must buy. It's a great christmas present, and an excellent game. Now, you may be wondering why I didn't mention any of the story, well, that's cus all u guyz out there probably already know the premise and if I was going to make a story section, it's most likely gonna contain spoilers, which i don't want. Well hope you found my Review useful, and Mery Christmas, Happy Channika, Happy Kwanza, or what ever you celebrate. Cya, and I hope you enjoy the Experience of Final Fantasy X.
James (12/19)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/20/01, Updated 12/20/01

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