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"Delicately crafted, intricately designed, glorious work of art."

Absolutely fantastic! Did fans expect anyless? I am no longer suprised by this series, for i have come to expect the greatest stories, vibrant worlds, unforgetable characters, and intricate, innovative gameplay. Still, the newest installment to this, the grandest of all Video Game franchises, caught me a little off-guard, because the graphics were absolutely amazing. The step up to the Playstation 2 has done wonders for graphical qaulity. The Music is wonderful, though quite different from what you would expect, it retains the quality and atmosphere that is required . The Gameplay has been modified quite a bit, yet still holds its classic charm, and the story is quite different compared to other Final Fantasy Titles. And for all those FFVIII haters, that don't like change, i still urge you to take a look at this title.

Graphics 10/10- Absolutley awesome! Finally console games have given PC a good challenge! The graphics are about the quality of PSone cinemas, except a little more pixelation. And the cinemas...There is so much color and detail that it boggles the mind. Everyone displays emotions, out of cinemas too! And one thing i must mention is the smoothness of all motion. Everything can move fluidly without creating that wierd foogy look, whcih has honestly been plaguing even other PS2 titles.

Control 10/10- Whooo! The setup for leveling up is QUITE a change, even more so than Final Fantasy VIII. But don't start screaming yet, let me explian why its innovative and unique, and why its a great change. For leveling up, you no longer attain experience, just AP. Like experience, enough AP will take you up a lelel, a sphere level that is. In the menu each character has their place on a sphere grid, and each sphere level will allow them to step farther on this ''grid'', and the more thay proceed, the more statistics they are allowed to buy. Thats right, you earn items through battle that allow you to but stats, like HP+200, so there is no levels is the former sense at all. Also, when you sommon a aeon, you can then play it, as if it were another character on your team, and you can withdraw it from the battle when ever you want.

Sound 10/10- The music is really well done, more than any video game music i've heard before, it sets teh mood as if it were a movie, how it movces from peaceful or remorsful score, to an exciting, fast-paced, action sequence. It flows like water, and the voices are the most noticible change. While, it may take some time getting used to Yidus, it slowely grows on you, and with the use of voices the drama really comes out, again adding to that ''movie'' quality.

Gameplay 10/10- Wow! Changes have been made to the gameplay as well, so that battles flow quickly allowing the action to be more present. Its completely turned based, no more ATB (that little bar next to the character that slowely charges up so that character makes its turn.) Like FF9 Every character has thier specialy as far as what ablities they have, but like FF7, if one were so inclined one could make a thief like character go ahead and learn magic skills. A great change to the game, is the power to switch out characters for others in the middle of battle. This allows for everyone to get equal AP in battle, with little fuss.
And in case you didn't like the card games, FFX comes with THE BEST mini-game ever seen! Its called blitzball! An underwater sport kinda like soccor and rugby mixed. In this game, you level up and learn abilites too. Its like an RPG unto itself, and its SO DAMN ADDICTIVE, you will find that once you are able to play Blitzball, you will poor as much time into it as you will into the actual game!

Story 10/10- It follows a little different path than one would expect. It is a little more linear in the fact that you set out at the begining on a quest and that is teh entire game more or less. There are twists and such, but nothing major like FFVII or anything. You just play as a loud-mouth extrovert named Tidus, who is sheduled for a Blitzball gmae, but while all this is happening, a wierd force abruptly attacks his city and he crashlands in a wierd far off land, and doesn't know where he is. Along the way he finds trouble, action, and passion, as he looks for a wayt home, somehwere to belong, and a way to destroy the ultimate evil force, Sin. I know, im not a great story teller, but ite really is quite awe inspiring.

Replay 10/10- Of course there are secret weapons, huge optional dungeons, and ferocious optional bosses. What else would you expect. There are tons of things to do to waste your time on in this game. Especially blitzball, guarenteed to double your playing time at least.

Overall 10/10- Final Fantasy has since 1995 been my favorite gaming series ever. And i have always been happy, proud, and amazed with thier games. And this game is no excetion, if you are a fan of the series like I, you should pick up this title, seriously, its awesome. Overall, the game retains the passion and charisma that the other titles have too. This, a most pleasing title, has beaten MGS2 for game of the year.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/28/01, Updated 12/28/01

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