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"The Last "Must Have" Game of 2001."

Final Fantasy is back bigger and better than ever. We all loved Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9 and we were all hoping that Final Fantasy X would be better than the last and it is. With a new Battle system, character's and story Final Fantasy X is the last ''Must Have'' game of 2001.

Graphics: 9.8/10
Squaresoft has really impressed me with this game (not that they haven't impressed me with others) but each character is very well done with facial expression and everything. Bosses and monsters are also very well done (again just like before) same goes with the world and city's. Some battle suffer from slow down but it is nothing noticeable and doesn't effect your gameplay that much.

Sound: 9.8/10
THEY HAVE VOICES!!!! and they are very well done with good acting and most voices you will like and others you may want to just ignore. Even during battle they might help you or might say something before doing a move like the move Flee (I have it with Tidus) says ''I won't go so easy on you next time'' which I find funny. The only down fall is when they are talking and if you look at their mouths you might see their lips moving but no words coming out.

Music: 8.7/10
I don't look forward for Music in a game but I liked the music in this game especially right at the start that as been the best.

Control: 8.8/10
Moving around is great and doesn't effect your gameplay but sometimes in battles you can't really see who is attacking but luckily because the ATB is gone you will not get attack if you are choosing a move so your not rushing to use one but in stead you have time and can look over what is your best move however moving around the sphere board can get in your way. Sometimes the place you want to go is not were you actually go but sooner or later you get there

Story: 10/10
This has been the best story since FF7 and some of the best character's since FF6. The story takes place first were everyone is around a fire and is looking depressed and tired then Tidus gets up and looks at the destruction that is around them and he says ''This is my story''. The story is around Tidus and Yuna but Tidus comes in and tells us what he was thinking at the time which I think is amazing. Character are awesome and better than all the characters from 7, 8, and 9.....put together.

Gameplay: 9.3/10

''Getting Stronger'': 9.8/10
Experience has been replaced by getting AP and trading them in for ''Moves'' around a huge sphere board were you can decide does your character get more HP or more Magic Defense. This is a lot better because it adds more strategy
to it which the other Final Fantasy's were missing.

''Battle System'' 9.1/10
The ATB is gone and replacing it is turn based system but instead of guessing when will you fight is displayed in the upper right corner that gives the order of the players and monsters in which they fight which gives more strategy to it. Summons have also changed were only one person can summon someone (Yuna) and once she does that everyone else leaves the arena and only the summon can fight. Plus they have Overdrives, Magic, and special attack and another attack (just like the other players) and can be killed and you can call then back (if they die then you cannot use them for some period of time). Remember the good old times when you just level up three (or four) of your favorite character and just ignoring the other people as they only get half the experience? Well in this one it is much easier to just level up everyone else since they all have moves (that take a while for others to learn) and attributes that no one else has. Example is Wakka who kills flying enemies while most others do little or miss it.

''Moving Around'' 9.5/10
The world map is gone and is replaced by traveling through forest's, roads, and desserts. It does seem to take longer but it is all right I guess. I guess it was pretty unrealistic to have a guy's head sticking out of a forest

I would say buy but if you think that you may hate the all the new stuff then rent but it is hard to hate it.

Final Score 9.6/10.0

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/29/01, Updated 12/29/01

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