"Protect a summoner, that is the job of a guardian"

The first Final Fantasy game for PS2 is finally here. Squaresoft created another Final Fantasy and this time it is for the PS2. Squaresoft proudly presents Final Fantasy X. The game was released last 12/19/01. Here is my review for Final Fantasy X...


If you want an RPG with a great gameplay, FFX is the game you're looking for. Like any other Final Fantasy's games, you level up your characters while traveling. Finding better weapons and armors (each character has their own type of weapon and armor), knowing your enemy's (enemy is a.k.a. fiend) weakness, and knowing your characters' attacks on each enemy is an essential way to survive and win battles.

A new feature was added in FFX, the Sphere Grid. Instead of leveling up when your characters win battles, you receive a sphere level, which allows you to move in the sphere grid. You also need to collect a certain kind of sphere to raise a character's attributes: Strength, Defense, Agility, Magic, etc. Moving around the sphere grid also allows your characters to learn skills, special attacks, black magic, and white magic.

Another new feature was added while you're in battles. When you encounter fiends, only 3 characters are on the screen, but 7 characters can participate in battle. Confused? If you played the previous FFIX, 4 characters can only fight when it enters in combat mode. In FFX, 3 characters start the fight when they enter combat mode but you can switch characters DURING BATTLES!!!!! If one of your characters is low on health, switch characters or bring out the healer in your party. This makes the battle easier.

On each Final Fantasy series, they have popular mini-game where you collect or train something. In FFVII, you train chocobos. On FFVIII and FFVIX, you collect cards. In FFX, you train………PLAYERS!!! That's right, players. In FFX, the popular mini-game is Blitzball. I'll let you find out what is blitzball. Remember, mini-games are optional. You don't need this to complete the story unless you want to get one of the character' legendary weapon.

The summoner in FFX can summon Aeons. When a summoner summons an aeon, all the characters, except the summoner, leaves the screen and the aeon takes over. The aeon can attack, use its unique attack, cast magic, and perform overdrives.


The graphics are simply stunning. Each weapon has different styles. If the weapon has a certain kind of element on it, you could see the element surrounding the weapon. For example, if the weapon is a fire element, you could see tiny flames around the weapon. If it is an ice element, you would see mist around the weapon, lightning bolts if it is a thunder element and tiny bubbles if it is a water element.

As for the background, it is great. You could see the lightning bolts in a certain place, dust on your path when you walk. As for the battles, when you make a fiend sleep, some fiends will put their head down and just…sleep.

All fiends come in different appearances. Some are big and some are small. Some are so big that it takes up the whole screen. With all of their different appearances, you will not find any fiends that look alike.

As for the cut-scenes, you could see the character's mouth move when they talk. You could even see their expressions on a certain emotion.


You could hear the backgrounds of FFX: thunder in the sky, waves of the ocean, footsteps when you character is moving, etc. In FFX, you could now hear voices of each character and other people.


I'll let you score this one. Story so far is you travel to different places as one of the guardians of a summoner and protect her at any cost.

Replay Value--(10)

At certain events, FFX gives you a chance to make opinions. These opinions will affect the game. Try to pick different options to see different scenes.


The controls are easy to understand. Some characters need a chain of buttons to be pressed when doing their overdrive (limit break) moves. If you know your PS2 controller very well, you don't have a problem.

Fun Factor--(10)

With the graphics, actions, cut-scenes and events, you won't get bored. If you were a Final Fantasy die-hard gamer, you would enjoy the game.


Another great Final Fantasy game made by Squaresoft. With all the graphics and actions, this game is another great PS2 game.

Buy or Rent

BUY!!!!! Buy if you're a Final Fantasy die-hard gamer and if you like RPG games. If you don't like RPG games, rent it first.

Squaresoft created another great Final Fantasy for the Final Fantasy series. If you want a great RPG game, get Final Fantasy X.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/29/01, Updated 12/29/01

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