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"At last, the first great RPG for the PlayStation 2."

After 3 agonizing months of waiting, Final Fantasy 10 finally makes it’s way from the land of the rising sun onto American shores. Never before has a game of this caliber, of this graphical splendor been seen, and I hope we will be seeing a lot of the like in the future. Final Fantasy 10 proves worthy of being Squaresofts first RPG on a next-generation system, just as Final Fantasy 7 before it. Final Fantasy 10 combines a wealth of elements to bring you some great and innovative gameplay as well as an expansive environment to explore.

Graphics – 10
The graphics don’t exactly meet my expectations. They exceed them with quite a margin to spare. The in game graphics are as great and breathtaking as I would’ve hoped. And the FMVs are amazing; I’d say they even rival those of Final Fantasy: TSW (Squaresofts first movie). I love the graphical effects used in this game. Everything from the water used in the surrounding environment to the aeons (summons) in battle. This game sets the graphical standard for all RPGs to come.

Sound – 10
The sound effects and music in this game are as spectacular as its graphics. This game features the music of the man himself, Nobuo Uematsu. And this game features something that none of the other Final Fantasies seemed to accomplish, voice acting.

Storyline – 10
Well, at this point I’m only 11 hours into the game, but so far it has proven to captivate me. I can’t really compare it to any of the other Final Fantasies. Your main character (Tidus) gets sucked into a vortex looking thing known as Sin and wakes up 1000 years into the future. He joins up with a summoner named Yuna and her band of guardians. Together, you head out to defeat Sin. But it’s a lot more then simply that. I hear it’s got a great story and plenty of plot twists to keep you wanting more.

Characters – 10
There are 7 main characters in this game (Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, Lulu, Kalmari, Aaron and Rikku) plus main unique characters that you meet along the way through this game. Each character has their own personalities and they often show it in battle and on the field with their little comments. As I said before, there is voice acting in this game and each of your characters voices fit really well to their personalities.

Concept – 10
Every Final Fantasy has a different concept then the other. This one uses what’s called a sphere grid. OK, before I get into that, let my explain something to you to help clear up some confusion. You don’t gain experience to level up, you gain AP. And as you gain more AP after battles, your sphere level goes up. after battles, you also earn spheres to use in your sphere grid. Every sphere level allows you to move forward one sphere on this giant grid. And those sphere you collected after battle can activate the certain spots on this sphere grid. The sphere grid contains slots like HP +200, MP +20, +1 strength and so on. There is a really good FAQ to help you explain this if you’d like to find out more about it.

Blitzball – 7
Final Fantasy throughout recent history have meant two things. 1: a great RPG coinciding with a great story and 2: an interactive mini-game. FF7 had the Gold Saucer which I can only describe as an amusement park. FF8 & 9 had card games. Well, FF10 has Blitzball. Blitzball is thee sport around Spira. It’s like soccer only underwater (ya, they can hold their breath that long apparently) and you use your hands. It’s fun but at the starting of the game, your team is severely underpowered.

Controls – 10
Well, this is your basic configuration. It’s the same as all the old Final Fantasies for the PlayStation. Yep, keeping the same controller design really paid off.

Replay – 10
I’ve heard that this game can last a person up to 100 hours with sidequests to beat. But who would want to play the game that long if it’s complete crap? Well, judging from what I’ve seen so far, it seems to be one of Squares finest.

Overall – 10
This is a great game with superb graphics. Not to mention one of too few great RPGs available for the PlayStation 2. I’d say for the little fact alone it’s worth the $50.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/31/01, Updated 12/31/01

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