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"Whoa...Trully Magnificent!"

Whoa...that's the first word [if it is even called a word] that sputtered out of my mouth, once I got my hands on FFX. The opening scene was just stunning...all of them circling a fire, Tidus walking up a hill and saying...''this is my story...'', while the opening credits tween into place and of course the opening CG sequence. Well, this game is stunningly magnificent...that should describe it best.

Graphics: 10
This game has the nicest, most amazing graphics for any console game I have ever played. I just couldn't stop smiling once I got see the in-game graphics, moreso when I saw the almost perfect replica of a real-life movie...CG sequences. The in-game graphics is excellent, you can sometimes mistaken it for an FMV from a PS game or even some next-gen console. Really, that's how good the in-game graphics are. I'm not using a hyperbole here, it's just that. The hyperbole would be that the CG sequences could be mistaken as the in-game graphics. Why? The CG sequences almost rival the FF movie, The Spirit's Within. Another was the transition between in-game to CG...flawless. That's how detailed, realistic and smooth it is. The character animation is also above average, though at some parts there are minor flaws in it [like when a character taps another character, the hands doesn't really touch that person^_^]. The characters' faces were really detailed. You could see small details like eye lashes when the camera is in close up mode. The most detailed character I could say is Auron, just look at him and you could mistaken him for a hollywood actor [heheh]. The environment is also in full - 3D and not prerendered backgrounds, and the camera angles are set pretty well. Of course there are some prerendered background but these are for the interior of the shops or village houses. The detail in the environment is so awesome. You can just stay still for a minute and look at the moving leaves, swaying trees and grasses. And back to facial expressions, the character really portays basic and other facial expressions humans do. Like sadness, remorse, and some expression I haven't have a name of. There are regions of improvements in this department like some blocky [only few] parts of the characters. But these minimal flaws can be much forgiven considering how beautiful the graphics this game has.

Sound: 10
Well, I haven't heard much of the soundtrack yet but as far as I can say, this ''game sounds good''. The background music fits the scene, and the change between different scenes are as almost flawless as the graphics. The sound in this game almost have a movie quality. The sound effects are also great, you could here the gushing of the wind, the sound of the sea, the tweeting of birds and a whole lot more. Another addition to the game's sound department is, whatelse, the voice-overs. Well, the voices were done pretty well too, really well. Well, many say that the voice acting of Tidus and Yuna were the worst, but I think the voices really fit their character. The voice-overs are not actually the problem, but the way a person hates a voice that they have. Well, you wouldn't expect a cool, sporty, funny, Zell type 17 yr. old guy like Tidus to have a serious voice. Same to the voice of Yuna, who is demure, innocent but courageous [though her voice is a bit airy]. To the other characters, their voices were really done well. For Wakka, a Jamaican accent fits his character, you would really think he is one. Auron, a serious, father type guy has a deep voice. With regards to Lulu, Rikku, Khimari [though he doesn't speak much] and the rest of the NPC voice-overs, they did it really well. Another is the AlBhed tribe where in they speak of a different language. As some said, you would really think that AlBhed language really exists. Well, if you are asking about how the lips syncronization was done...I could say that it is of below average...many times the dialogue does not go in sync w/ the mouth movements. But this minor flaw would be just a small speck of dust in comparison w/ the magnificence of the whole game. You don't have to worry about this problem because it is very minimal flaw and you would'nt mind it either...believe me.

Story: 10
Well, I haven't finished the game yet, and the real story is just beginning to unreveal. To start of, the whole story starts with Tidus the main character who lives in Zanarkand, signing blitzballs[a ball for a game like basketball] for his fans. Then after that, a narration begins by an older [not whiny] Tidus in the future perspective. Then a CG sequence shows the match for that night and while the game is being held, Sin, somekind of a monster, came into the scene and wreaks havoc into the whole of Zanarkand [a big technological city]. Tidus meets up with a man named Auron and fought this Sin. After that, Tidus along w/ Auron was drawn up by a big jelly thing and was brought to a different place, unknown to Tidus. He was now in Spira [S-peer-a], a world thousand years away from his world Zanarkand. He doesn't know what's happening and there's so many whys in the start of the story. You'll soon meet up with the other main characters in this world and you'll got to know what is Sin, your father Jecht [who was brought there 10 yrs ago] and other questions that is ringing on your mind. The story seems simple but it isn't just that, there's more to it and you'll surely wouldn't let go of this game, wanting to know what's gonna happen next. The main story is to defeat this Sin, along w/ Yuna [summoner who can only defeat this creature] and her guardians. That's the main plot and it's up to you to discover the twists and turns of the story. I tell you the story becomes more interesting as you progress through the game.

Gameplay: 9
The only reason I gave it a 9 is that it is sometimes too easy [that's a good one though]. First thing, the battle system. The battle system here is called CTB wherein you'll get to know who's gonna move next, for more strategical planning. This facet of the game made it really an easy one though. Unlike the ATB, wherein you'll never know if the ATB bar will reach its fullest before the enemy/boss attacks, this game's battle system shows you the complete turns of the characters on the upper right corner of the screen. This was shown by small boxes [w/c shows the character or enemy] that is placed in order of turns. Another was the interchangable character system. Here you could just switch a character into place when you want them into the game [by a party of 3]. Example you have a wounded Tidus and you got no healer in the party, you can switch Lulu for Yuna so that she can cure Tidus right away. The switch doesn't take the turn of the character, meaning you can switch and switch until you want w/o wasting the characters turn. Another is the changable weapons and armor. For the first time, you can change the character's armour/weapon while in a battle, though this one takes the turn of the character. Another is the level up and experience points. It is replaced by AP and spheres. In this game you got the sphere board, where the characters start at a single point. The AP [w/c you collect by fighting] is needed to move into the sphere board w/c has nodes on it. The nodes has certain labels like for ex. Cure Ability, HP + 200 or Strength + 2. You need this AP to move to those nodes so that you can aquire/learn it or the node adjacent to it by using spheres [you get from battles also]. Seems complicated but it's simple. Other regulars like items, magic, and ability are present in the game also. Another regular is the Overdrive [limitbreak]. You can perform a special, strong ablility of a character when the Overdrive gauge is full. It gets fuller everytime you get damage [though you can change how you want it to be filled later in the game]. Another regular is the Aeon [GF/Summon], but now it is introduced in a different way. Now you can control them to fight against enemies once summoned. They got HP also w/c can only be refilled in savepoints or inns. In this game also there are mini-missions [I call them] to perform, more like FF7 style, wherein you have to do this sometime in the game, and it is part of the story. You are called to perform combinations to perform something [you know]. Another is that the card game is replaced by a blitzball game. This looks tough at first but it's also simple. The game is fun to play and you'll be eager not to stop playing at all.

Replayability: 9
This will be the part w/ my shortest review ^_^. I haven't finished the game yet but from the looks of it, it really is a long one, though it is really easy at times. It is fun to play and the just seeing the graphics makes you want to play it again. There are surely many secrets in the game and other mini-games and you could always fight enemies and complete the whole sphere board if you want. But this is an RPG and there is no excitement left after you knew the whole story. But if you really liked the game I'd say it is a good replayable game if not for the fact that it is long ^_^.

I gave it an overall 10, what does this mean>>>> BUY the game!!!. This game is just...I'm beginning to be speechless. The characters are so lovely, after playing the game, you'll often think about them and even say the words they uttered wishing they were real people. The story is great!!! The graphics are just awesome, the sound is a great treat to the ears. This game has it all! It is the best RPG or moreso, the best game I have ever played in my life. It's up to you, if you're an FF fan, surely I don't need to tell yah to buy this game [I know you will], if you're an RPG fan, surely you're an FF fan too, don't have to remind you either. If you're not into RPGs go ahead and buy this game, you'll surely become an RPG addict. If you don't like games, give this a try and you may want to buy you're own console just for this game, and ummm...nevermind. One word left: BUY!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/11/03, Updated 01/11/03

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