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"Beautiful. Simply made to perfection!"


The World Lies On the
Brink of destruction.

Only a select few may be able to save it. ~ Final Fantasy X

After a few weeks of after obtaining the game... Guess what? I lost it! I didn't really bother me at first because I have already beaten it from inside out. But after a few weeks after, something inside of me tell me that I really need to get the game again. So right after the Greatest Hits version came out, I rushed to a local Best Buy and pick the game up. To my surprise it seems to be much more different then I use to think. So after a few hours of playing, I was completely hooked. Playing a roughly 8 hours that day, I find myself exhausted. After playing it again and again I finally manage to complete the masterpiece RPG once more. Finding it rather unique and entertaining, I decided to write this review for the ever so spectacular game, Final Fantasy X!

~ Introduction ~

Final Fantasy X totally blew me away. I have been playing RPG games for a while now (Chrono Trigger, FF1-9, LoD), so as you can see I'm very much of an RPG addict. But I still find this game breathtaking. Everything you can ever think of about an RPG is here. With great graphics, unique plot, interesting battle system, satisfying music and much more, this game is a gamer dream comes true. Throughout this review, you will find out my thoughts for the game. I will try to unravel all of the questions you might have in mind for it. As well as tell you what is going on in the game. So what are we waiting for? Grab a doughnut and a cup of coffee, and sit back and enjoy my review for the game!

~ Graphics ~ 10/10

Great graphics, spectacular graphics, breathtaking graphics, I'm sure you might have heard of those phrases for the game's graphics before. But I bet you are thinking, what make the game have great graphics? FMVs, FMVs, and FMVs, remember those full motion videos in the previous Final Fantasy titles? Well, if you think those graphics are good, wait till you see these. As some of you may have known by playing in the previous titles in the series. The FMVs are when the game graphics looks way better then the regular gameplay? Correct? Well in this game, the regular graphics are just like the FMVs you see in the previous games. Not to mention the FMVs looks incredible realistic also! Maxing out nearly all of the possibilities of the PS2 (Playstation 2), Square really out done themselves in the graphic department once again.

As you travel out through the land of Spira, everything will look incredibly colorful and realistic. Everything from the scenic background to the characters looks. Speaking of the background, did I forget to mention that it is actually a more realistic render moving background now? Compare to the previous games, the background does not stay still and flat, as you move around the camera angle actually does move with you. Aside from that, you might have already guessed the Square has improved on the background's graphics also. Every single thing you will see is now incredibly detailed. Take Zanarkand for example. It is an amazing city of light, everything from the lighting on the back to the smoothness of it are now spectacular! To add up to on the graphics, I forgot to mention that the characters are also uniquely detailed now. Take Auron for instance, his one piece robe a colored beautifully, everything from his glasses shadow to his little jug (wonder what's in it?) are now more realistic.

The weak point in the game's graphics is that the character's facial expression seems likely out of touch. Sometimes when a character suppose to look sad, he or she kind of look cheery for some odd reason. But that just might be me, you might find that it is pretty good also. Another thing I should point out is that the character's voices does not match up to the moving lip of the character. Sometime you might notice that a character's lip is moving a little to fast for what he/she was talking about. But that part doesn't really bother me a bit. Just hearing the character's finally have voices are good enough for me as well as other people also, I guess. That's it for the graphics. What can you expect for graphics for Final Fantasy X? You should've already known that Square-Enix (Squaresoft joined with Enix) will continue on improving the graphics as the graphics as the series go on. For more on the graphics, you should try to search around on the net for some movies or screenshots on the game. That will help you more about how this game looks. Some people even buy the game just because of the outstanding graphics!

~ Gameplay ~ 10/10

Final Fantasy X has dared all of Final Fantasy fans to think of its new battle system. Many like it and some don't. If you haven't already known, FFX (Final Fantasy X for short) has finally removed the old and lagging ATB system. If you haven't played the previous Final Fantasy titles then I will try to explain it to you. The ATB is a battle system based on a meter. Take Final Fantasy VIII for instance. In the game battle mode, you will see a little bar for each character in the bottom corner of the screen. In order to make a command the bar must fully filled up. The time of the bar filling time is pending on your speed. As you can see from the explanation above, the old ATB system has been around for nearly forever. Well FFX finally changed all of that. Now it uses the new and faster CTB battle mode. In a battle you will see a little box in the northeast part of the screen. That is for you to see which characters or enemies/boss gets to go next. The turns are based on the speed of your characters and the fiend/boss. This new CTB mode, will make things much easier and faster.

Aside from the new battle mode system, CTB, there many other changes in this game from the others. The old leveling up system from the old Final Fantasies are now also gone. Remember? The one where you fight a monster, you get experiences, with the right amount you finally get stronger, are now gone! WhooHoo! I was getting tired of that :P Final Fantasy leveling-up system is now based on the Sphere Grid. From the name, you might have probably guessed it's a huge grid. After you have defeated an enemy you will gain AP, with the right amount of AP, you will gain sphere level(s). Each sphere level allows you to move one spot on the sphere grid. As you move on the grid, you will see nodes that you may activate. To activate a node you will need the right kind of sphere for it. Take a strength node for example. To raise you strength by 3 points, you will need a Power Sphere. Spheres are often acquired after you have defeated an enemy. They can be use for other things instead of just activating nodes to let you know. Anyhow, sounds complicated? Well it is quite simple and easy to do once you get into the game.

Hmmm... What else should I mention about the game's gameplay... Oh! The overdrive gauge! Similar to Final Fantasy VII if you had played the game before. As you get hurt by the enemies your overdrive gauge will fill up a bit. Once it reaches its maximum limit you are able to do an overdrive, major damage to fiend(s). Be noted, that you can change the overdrive requirement in the game. For instance if you pick the ''Warrior'' mode your character will charge their overdrive gauge when they attack. There are many other modes as you continue playing the game.

Another major thing I should've mentioned are the Aeons. Aeons are similar to Guardian Forces on FFVIII, Summons on FFVII and Eidolons on FFIX. They are simply fiends that you may able to summon to help you in a battle. The only person that can only do so, incase you haven't found out yet, is Yuna. Throughout the game you will receive new Aeons in temples. But there are also many other secret Aeons (3 to be exact) that are secrets Aeons that can only be acquired by doing sidequests. Now that you know what an Aeons is, I bet you probably want to know what happen when you summon them. Similar to the GFs on FFVIII, once you summon a Aeons you cannot use any of your other characters. You may use the Aeons only (you may dismiss them anytime you want to use your other characters if you want to). Aeons have there own stats, HP and MP and as well as there own magic and abilities. It's like you are using a super character!

But wait! What about the sidequests and mini-games? That is the question that most of you are probably thinking. Well if you think Final Fantasy IX have too many mini-games you are going to be amazed on how many Final Fantasy X have! I'm talking about Chocobo Racing, Monster Arena, Lightning Dodging, Butterfly Catching and many more like the wonderous sport caleld Blitzball. Kinda like football and water polo, Blitzball is a new mini-game on Final Fantasy X. Unlike Tetra Master, Triple Trade or the usual card games, this game has it's own sport! There are so many sidequests and mini-games to do, that I am to lazy to list them all :P

Well as you can see from the above, that Final Fantasy X have many changes from the previous titles. Some are good to people and some are bad to others. You decide!

~ Story/Plot ~ 10/10

Aside from the great graphics, interesting gameplay, one of my most favorite aspect of the game is the deep and unique plot. The storyline is deep and twisted to keep you hooked for hours. When I first played the game, the storyline got me hooked for hours! I will not try to spoil much about the storyline for the game. In this role-playing game, you play the role of the young blitzball player of the Zanarkand Abes, Tindus (pronounced tee-du). One day an evil called Sin suddenly shows up and destroy his home of Zanarkand. The it also sends Tindus 1000 into the future. In the future he find out that the so called ''Sin'' has been causing trouble for everyone. He soon meets up with a young summoner named Yuna. He finds that she is on a pilgrimage to defeat the evil fiend. He will then join her and become one of her guardians, with the other guardians. That is mostly all I can possibly tell you without spoiling the game. Final Fantasy X has one of the saddest plot, I've ever seen. You will be surprise once you have defeated the game. I, myself, find tears after
watching the ending...

~ Music/Sound Effects ~ 10/10

Another major thing that brings up the game is the amazingly detailed sound effects. Like the graphics, the sound effects are also unique and detailed. Everything that can possibly come to mind about the sound effects is here. It is so well in-depth! And I'll tell you why! For example, if you are walking on hard ground you will hear a hard knocking sound as you step or if you are walking on soft land, you will hear a more softer sound. That goes to show you how well detailed and in-depth the sounds goes. Even a little droplet of water can be heard!

Now as for the music in the game, there is no better game that has better vocals then this (well, in my opinion)! Hey! Why shouldn't the game have great music? Most of it was made by the great Nobuo Uematsu! For those of you who do not know who he is, he is the guy that is responsible for all that you hear in Final Fantasy 7,8 and 9. As well as many other hit titles also. His contribution to Final fantasy X is pure genius! A game would never be complete if it doesn't have good music, and Nobou did just that! I have been a big fan of some of his great work. Like Eyes On Me from FF8 or Aeris Theme on FF7, but he has created 2 other great song for FFX! The metal/rock song Otherworld and the romantic song sung by Rikki, Suteki Da ne (Isn't It Beautiful)! The music are the thing that I look forward to most in most game I've played. And I'm sure that others do also. If you want some great music and detailed sound affects this game if for you! And if you don't have the official soundtrack, you are missing out!

~ Closing/Ending ~

there you have it! My opinions for the biggest aspects of the game. The Graphics, Gameplay, Storyline/Plot, Sound Effects/Music! Hopefully my thought will help you to make you decision for the game. I highly recommend that you go and purchase this game right away! You are missing out on the best Playstation 2 game that is currently released. With the Greatest Hit version out for a low price of $20 (US) it is very easy to pick up a copy.

As you can tell from my ratings on the game, that I enjoyed the game very much. Infact, the game turned out to be my second favorite game ever! I have played many RPG titles and rare nothing even come close to this! I am looking forward to Final Fantasy X-2, the sequel of FFX! So you can expect my review for that game also :P Anyhow, here is where things must end. Thank you for reading my full review for the great game Final fantasy X. And hopefully you will know why this game is : Beautiful. Simply made to perfection!

Graphics - 10/10
Gameplay - 10/10
Story/Plot - 10/10
Sounds/Music - 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/22/03

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