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"A great game by square once again"

For the first Final Fantasy on Playstation 2 I have got to say they did a good job. The story was great, the graphics too and well…the worst part about the game would have to be the music. There were two or three good songs but its was not really that great of music…the best part of this game was the characters, you could really get to know them because in this game they have voices and talk and stuff…so you could really get to know them by their expressions in their voices and faces.
For a final fantasy I found this game to be very easy and short, I beat it in about a week and I killed all the final bosses in about 2 hits (just regular hit). But just because its easy and short that doesn’t mean that its not still a great game…
Anyway now im going to split up my review into 5 different groups: story, graphics, sound effects/music, controls and replay.
Anyway here it is.

Story 10/10
Now usually when you play an RPG you play it for the story (well at least I do…). I would have to say that this game had one of the best storylines out of all the Final Fantasy (well other that Final Fantasy VII). The story goes something like this. Theres this guy named titus that just lives a normal life in a place called zanarkand. Then one day a monster thing call Sin comes and well like..i don’t know how to really put this..eats him or something…and when he wakes up he finds himself in this weird world. As the game goes on he get some friends and he tries to help them with their mission and they try to help him with his…theirs mission is to kill sin so that their world Spira (spira is the name of their world) can have peace…
Now this is the kind of story that is easy to understand throughout the gameplay, but when you beat it you could be thinking about it trying to understand it for days…even weeks…if you ask me that’s the best kind of ending…
Unlike most Final Fantasy’s you can really get into the story and the game with in like an hour, its not like most RPG’s where you don’t really know what the game is about until like 10 hours of playing it. That is one of the things that if have most. That’s probably a good thing for those of you with a short attention span.
Another thing about the story in this game (for some people this is good and for some its bad…). The story (and the game itself) was really short. Most RPG’s take like 2 weeks to beat and that’s if you play for like 5 hours every day. I beat this game in about a week and I only played every day for about 3-4 hours. But listen don’t think that just because the game is really short that the story isn’t good and neither is the game, because they both are great.

Graphics 7/10
Ok, now I know that for most people who have never played or even seen a preview of this game are thinking “well its for play station two, its got to have great graphics” well…that is not true. I mean yes, compared to all the other final fantasy’s its graphics are great, but if you look at the game closely you can see that sometimes some ones hand will go thru something or some ones hair will go thru their cloths and stuff like that. However the FVM’s are great, if I did not know it was a game I would have thought I was watching a movie. The only problem throughout the whole game is that when some one talks their lips don’t match up with what they say (because its dubbed…duh). But after a while you get used to it.
The in battle graphics are the best. When you cast a spell it looks so good. It is not like games for ps1 where around the lightning, ice, fire etc. you can see like sharp edged and out lines, it looks so real, there are you sharp edges or anything like that, it looks so smooth and clear.
Also another good part of the graphics are the details in the backround. You can really see a lot of different things if you look.
One thing that bothers me about the graphics are the way people look, I mean there is this one girl in the game, where if you look at her eyes you will notice that one eye is green and one is blue…and also the shape of some of the characters heads is kind of weird. They could have improved the details on the characters… also the details on the enemies aren’t that great. I mean the graphics are good but the details aren’t. the only part of the game where the details are good is the backround.
Hmm…so I guess you could say that the graphics are pretty good… I mean when you think about it this is only their first final fantasy for ps2 so when you consider that…I guess you could say its good… but my score (7/10) stays… I mean really cant they even make the same color eyes…
Anyway… the final score is 7/10, 3 points were taken off because of the glitches in the graphics and the low detailed characters…

Sound/music 7/10
Ok now this section will be split into two sections, Sound and Music… I’ll start off with sound.

Sound- the sound in this game is pretty good, I don’t think that you’ll hear the same sound effect for more that one spell, unlike other games where you’ll here the same sound effect for like 10 things…
Also another part of sound is the voices of the characters. Now for that I’m taking off like 2 points, other than two of the characters the rest sound like crap. I mean there is nothing wrongs with their voices, its just that the actors who did the voices sound like robots the way they talk. Sometimes you’ll hear the character making weird noises and you’ll be like “what the hell is that”… now I don’t know what some of you think but if you ask me the voices are a nice part of the game for those of you who are too lazy to read. Now me, I read and listen but its still nice to hear what they sound like…
Anyway now ill go in to details about the music.

Music- ok now for the first time in a final fantasy the music sucks…I mean its really annoying. There are only like 3 good songs thru out the whole game, and other than that there are some songs with lyrics, I found that very annoying.
Luckly they kept the traditional victory theme. However they totally changed everything else. If you listen to the chocobo music really closely you can almost make out a hint of the chocobo music from other final fantasy’s…
One of the reasons I may think that the music is so annoying maybe because of the part it plays the music at. What I mean is there are these annoying puzzle thing you need to go thru that can drag on for like 30 minutes to an hour, so maybe I sort of match up the music with the puzzle and categorize both of them as “annoying”…but that’s just me.

So after describing every good thing and bad thing about the music and sound effects my final score is 7/10.
If this were just for music I would give it 4/10 and if this were just sound effects I would give it a 10/10 so the average come out to 7/10…
But when it come to music you cant really go by what someone else thinks because everyone likes a different type of music…

Controls 8/10
Now this isn’t much of a surprise that it got 8/10 because all final fantasy’s have great control. But the reason it didn’t 10 is because you can run in every direction and most people like to use the d-pad and not the joy stick, so when you use the joy stick you can run in any direction you want, but when you use the d-pad its kind of annoying because you cant run anywhere you want…
Also another thing is that its always set to auto-run and you have to press a button to walk(now I found that kind of nice but some people may find that an annoying change…).
Another thing(I am not really sure if this belongs in the controls section but…oh well…) when you fly the airship its not like in most final fantasy’s where you actually control the plane, you just get to go to a menu and choose where you want to go. I found that to be kind of sucky, I mean that’s one of the best parts of final fantasy’s, getting to rid around in the airship…
Ok now here is one major problem with the controls, you cant change what each button does, now yeah for me it wasn’t so annoying because I just got used to them, but for a lot of people it could be very annoying to not get to choose what each button does.
Anyway over all the controls are pretty good as usual but as you read there were a few problems therefore I give it an 8.

Replay 10/10
Now obviously the first time you play a game it is gonna be much better than the second, third, forth etc. but I still think that this game will be great every time you play it. Its got such a great story and is so fun that you may even want to play it a second time right after you beet it.

Anyway that is what I thought of the game. Now if you are a big final fantasy fan then I think you will love this game, and even if you are not and this is the first final fantasy you have play I still think you will really enjoy it and if you have never even played an RPG then I think this would be a great start.
If you have played other RPG’s before this and like them then I recommend that you buy this game, and if you have never played an RPG and you are trying one for the first time then you may want to rent it cuz who knows, maybe RPG’s just are not your type…

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/24/03

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