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"It’s sure to be remembered as one of the Final Fantasy greats."

Ever since I played my very first Final Fantasy game back in 1998 I’ve been a huge fan of the series. I believe it was Final Fantasy VII and I thought at that time it was the most amazing game to ever come out, ever since I have played every sequel to date. With the Playstation 2 the whole concept of final fantasy has been brought to the next level of play and look. With graphics that are miraculously spell bounding, sound that is quirky at times but delivers a quite sensational atmosphere and game-play that will rock the very foundation of video game standard this is not only in my opinion the very best final fantasy but the best game for the Playstation 2 thus far. It didn’t take me long to discover what an enchanting and engrossing Final Fantasy this turns out to be. Constant plot twists, an array bestiary and lots of vast areas littered with items, magic, mystery and excitement. I don’t have to tell you twice how much this game will absorbed your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat ‘till the very last cast member rolls up the screen, well maybe not THAT long.

Final Fantasy X is one of those games that enemies will appear at random when you walk.
The characters in Final Fantasy X are a complete mix of totally odd people spanning from all over Spira (their world). Characters are the main focus point of this game and so I feel are a very important part of this game and will take up a large portion of this review in such a manner that it gives you an overlook of the game.
The main character who most of the story is focused on is a 17-year-old boy named Tidus. He’s a blitzball (blitzball is a mini-game in Final Fantasy X) player that gets mixed up with Sin (a gigantic and powerful enemy) and is now a member in the game to liberate Spira From Sin. Tidus is your average teenager except I don’t really think he’s that smart. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, a tanned complexion, he wears overalls that are covered by a yellow hoodie and short swords are his weapons of choice. He’s a swordsman? Tidus has a lust for adventure always getting himself into danger and subjecting his peers to it. Tidus’ past is conflicted with emotions from his fathers fame, Ject, being so notorious at the game of blitzball had hardly any time to play with Tidus and the fact that his father was a perfectionist at the game of blitzball and Tidus not being as great as him didn’t help Tidus’ sorrow. Ject is one of those dads that push their kids so hard that they actually push their kids away. Tidus now sets off on his journey as a guardian (A protector of summoners) in his newfound environment and hopes one day to return to his home Zanarkand (Tidus’ home but sin took him to Spira 1000 years future time--see “story” below for details).
Yuna is a summoner (raises Aeons--Great beasts who fight for Yuna in battle) and the daughter of the very prominent high-summoner (summoners that defeated Sin last and brought the calm most recent, the calm is a state when Sin is dormant and lasts 10 years. Sin is reincarnated 10 years after and a new summoner must kill Sin and Stop his Warpath again, that pattern of Sin dieing and being reincarnated has been going on for almost 1000 year but don’t say, “it isn’t worth it“, Yuna wouldn’t) Braska. Sommoners die after killing Sin and are remembered as high-summoners that’s why this pattern is on-going. Yuna feels it is her mission and privilege to walk in her father’s footsteps and rid Spira of Sin, which is vastly honoured to give you life to let Spira live in peace. This is her tagline in this adventure. Yuna is 16 she has long brown hair, a green and a blue eye, she’s Caucasian, wears a long dress and sceptres are her weapons of choice. She specializes in white magic. Yuna’s very optimistic and never misses a chance to show her gratitude towards something or help another person in need. She only wishes that people wouldn’t have to live in a world with sin and hopes she can stop Sin for good. She also has a little crush on someone in this game.
Wakka is the known as the Besaid Aurochs (a blitzball team from Besaid) blitzball team captain; he’s also not a bad Guardian. Wakka has brown eyes, red hair, has tanned skin, wears overalls with no shirt and prefers to whack people with blitzballs for his weapons. Wakka specializes in aerial assault. Wakka lost his parents and brother to past occurrences with Sin and truly resents Sin for that. He is a strong believer in Yevon (the prominent religion in Spira) and hopes that one day after killing Sin enough times and “atoning for our sins” Sin will be gone. The sins being letting technology get out of hand and being self reliant on machines or machina as they call them, and hence creating Sin or so the teachings say. That’s why machina are regarded as evil. He doesn’t care much for the Al-bhed (a group of people who don’t believe in Yevon and use machina) and believes they’re not helping ridding Spira of Sin, only feeding it. All these factors and you pretty much rap up Wakka’s character and the reality that he’s dead wrong about the Al-bhed but he wont believe it if you told it to him. He’s in this adventure because he’s a guardian to Yuna.
The next character is Lulu. She’s another guardian and a black mage. Lulu likes to hassle Yuna and give her lectures, which Yuna doesn’t really care for. She has black hair, purple eyes, white skin, and wears a black dress. Lulu carries voodoo dolls to help her summon magic spells and such. Lulu has helped unsuccessfully two other summoners in their pilgrimages (summoners travel all around Spira and visit every temple in Spira acquiring an Aeon in each, eventually making it to Zanarkand and defeating Sin). She doesn’t like looking to the past for help and often gets upset if you do. Her fiancé Chappu and her parents were also killed by Sin and again like Wakka she’s livid with Sin. Lulu has been around Yuna all her life and is regarded as Yuna’s big sister and this is why she’s a guardian of Yuna.
Kimahri Ronso is from the sacred mount Gagazet. He breaks his horn in a fight with a fellow Ronso (lion-like people with horns on their foreheads like a unicorn) Biran and is ostracized from the village. He takes care of Yuna and protects her ’cause her father Braska has made the ultimate sacrifice and became a high-summoner. Kimahri wears a blue loincloth and spears are his weapons of choice. He has blue fur, blue eyes and specializes in the fiend’s way of fighting. His soul purpose in this game is to protect Yuna and gets worried or upset if something happens to her.
Sir, Auron as he is formally called was a guardian to Braska when he made his pilgrimage. Ject was also Braska’s guardian. Now Aurons along side Yuna as her guardian. Auron wears a red robe, has white skin, blue eyes, grey hair and prefers long swords for his attacking pleasure. Auron is always giving advice and talking in riddles. He believes that the whole faith of Yevon is corrupt and the maesters (leaders of the people) will use their powers for malicious purposes. He’s the most wise and honored member of the group besides Yuna and he is looked up to and respected by almost all of Spira.
The last character is an Al-bhed thief named Rikku. She wears short green shorts with an orange top, has green spirally eyes, red hair, is white and uses knives to fight. She’s a little whiney and can’t stand being yelled at, the truth is she would probably cry if you did. She gets mixed up with Yuna and the gang because she is Yuna’s cousin. That means that Yuna’s Al-bhed too and well…what Wakka don’t know won’t hurt him, right. She doesn’t contribute much to the group and I think is a waste but she does help out especially in the desert.
The basis of this game will revolve around these characters. There will rarely be an event that doesn’t incorporate one of these characters.
These characters have such chemistry together, you wont want it to end because you will have gotten so attached to each character and this is probably the reason for Final Fantasy X-2.
All the areas you journey to are in linear order and range from deserts to snow covered mountains. Overall there are around 10 massively colossal areas to conker. Areas each have their own unique purpose and are given such the right atmosphere and music its just bliss. Every place has some plot immersed into it not leaving any moment when you wonder, “What was the point of that”.
Among this great game that is pretty exciting there is a newly designed fighting system. Final Fantasy X has made it possible to switch characters in battle, this is great when you get in the heat of battle, just switch in a new character and your good to go. Also there are overdrives (powerful attacks that can be delivered by any character when their overdrive meter is full) and the Sphere grid (grid containing all abilities, strength, defence, accuracy, and so on. Makes it possible for everyone to learn everything exp. everyone can learn black magic).
This game also carries a huge bestiary with all sorts of weird and wild creatures in it. Ranging from bees, lizards and plants to rocks, ghosts and octopuses. All creatures have a main form and just change colors to make them look different. This I guess is just a time savour because it would have taken a long time to create all new enemies for where they would have applied.

There are three different kinds of graphics in Final Fantasy X: high quality, low quality and really low quality. The high quality graphics are terrific. Square really pulled out all the stops for this game utilizing the whole gaming performance of the Playstation 2. Come on, my friends say that all games will look better on X-box, that’s bull*&%$. When you first look at this games high quality graphics it will almost look like your watching a movie in some parts. The low quality graphics are all right, these are the graphics that most of the game is in and will give you the best example of what the characters and world looks like. The really low quality graphics only appear now and then. Giving characters poor faces, hands with no digits, shaky or fuzzy appearance and characters will look totally different in really low graphics then in low graphics. When you move from high to low to really low your characters can’t seen to look the same in the face, it’s weird. Overall theses graphics are nothing like you’ve seen before in a Final Fantasy.

The sound is expressional of every place they put it. Most of it is classical and techno no rock. This is not only my favorite video game types of music but also my favorite types of music. Sound effects are all right, they’re nothing special. Sword slicing sounds like a sword and so on, but I would like to have heard bones crush and such. Voice acting is sublime. This is how you do voice acting. Can’t really explain much except they’re not cheesy at all.

In the roaring machina city of Zanarkand a blitzballer named Tidus gets ready for him game. He rushes past the roaring crowd and gets to the arena. Upon his arrival he is greeted once again by another group of people. He pushes past them and begins his game. Mid-way through the game Sin attacks the city sending buildings toppling, people in a frenzy of panic and the city under siege. Sin takes him to Spira 1000 years into the future. He finds the rest of the Hero's and sets off as a guardian in Yuna’s pilgrimage. All sorts of side quests and mini-games are for you to explore on your quest. The biggest non-main character is maester Seymour who is the antagonist in the game and causes trouble for you on you journey. The reason sin brought you there…I can’t say, you’ll have to play the game. The game contains way more story but I don’t want to ruin the game for you, that’s why it got a 9.6 because of the story that’s left in the game.

Overall 10/10
Final Fantasy X is so far my favorite PS2 game and I highly recommend you purchase it, now, what are you waiting for? Three simple words GET-THIS-GAME. This game has amazing graphics, sound and unforgettable characters. It’s sure to be remembered as one of the Final Fantasy greats.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/11/04

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