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Reviewed: 05/02/04

Overall Game ( What I Thought )

This is my first review that I have written for gamefaqs so if its not quite up to your standards, I apologize. Final Fantasy X is one of the best games I have ever played, hands down. If you agree with my statement, then you know what a joy it is every time you reach for your controller. It has incredible detail and precision when it comes down to the story line and isn't so complex that you cannot understand it. When playing FFX, you encounter many different areas which you have to push your way through. We have all played games that are insanely difficult and you end up wasting 30 bucks when you have to replace your best friend...ER...your controller. FFX doesn't do that to you, it's mild, it has its spots that you wish you had a secret code so you could kill whatever's in your way, and it has its easy spots that make you wish you had a code to put something in your way. How many of us have played it once, twice, three times, twelve times or one hundred times? Sure, it gets boring, but then you realize how many stupid games there are and your fueled up to go again and shoot sin's arms off. I think I speak for everyone when I say that, that is the best moment in history when they pull out the big guns on the airship and shoot sin into oblivion. ( Almost )
I don't care what people say about this game cause i know I didn't play for 200 hours in the summer because it sucked. No way! It didn't take me 200 hours to beat it, I just played it that long. The real amount of time it should take a person to beat this game is anywhere from 20 hours to 60 hours. Any less then that, you didn't take your time and absorb all of the story into your brain, and any more, your either stuck or have the habit to search every single nook and cranny until you find what you want.
I rated it 9 out of 10 for the obvious reasons...its good...real good. I found that In the game, the characters had personalities you could actually feel. Tidus is whiny half the time. Yuna is shy and quiet. Lulu has somewhat the personality of a goth. Wakka is sports person who is ashamed of losing but doesn't show it. Auron is calm and collected, but is always thinking of something smart to say. Rikku is the fun one who makes witty remarks and gets laughed at. A.K.A. crawling in the thunderplains and kimarih? Well, you know...They have personalities that we can all recognize and that's why we enjoy their company on those lonely nights. Hahahaha...
Another part of the game that I really enjoy is that there are lots of places that you can go. I got really upset when I had to leave besaid and basically everywhere else I had to visit. By the end of the game, I wanted to go back and thank heavens I got my chance when that beautiful flying aircraft came and took me away. I could go back to anywhere I had been and even places I hadn't gone before. The omega ruins were pretty exciting except for the things called fiends that pop up every three steps. So, I was left with no choice but to get the no encounter weapon. I congratulate anybody who can patiently get through that level without screaming for a few seconds alone from the fiends. The map doesn't make it any easier either. You end up walking right to a dead end with treasure boxes, say ''score'' and have a fiend pop out of the freakin' box! Believe me, not fun unless you can explore it freely. I thought being able to go back to Baaj and getting the aeon Anima was thrilling because you were there before and you passed that same door before but if you had of had the chance, you could have got it...d'oh eh? Its not that you ever had the chance to get it bacuse of the big fishy thing, but just the thought. Having the chance to kill that thing was pretty cool too. If your still reading, your one of the few who will, cause it has to be 1750 words before I can stop...only a thousand left I suppose. It doesn't matter, there is so much to talk about that I could write a million words. The hymn of the fayth...How long do you think it took before they put that song together? I think it could have used a little more work then that but then again, if it had been to complex, the feeling of Tidus being in a different world probably wouldn't have made sense anymore. All of the music in FFX sounds like it had real work put into it. Going to the sphere thater is one of the many places I like to go when I need a brake from school work, my brother, idiots...and so on. I get a shivers when I watch the scene where the airship crashes the wedding, that is my favourite movie clip in the game. It reminded me somewhat of starwars the first time I watched it but that feelings gone. I remember those nights in the summer of grade 7 when my brother and i would get a bag of bold barbecue doritoes and pepsi twist and play until dawn. I stayed up for 24 whole hours that day and lemme tell you...I was exhausted! I slept for another whole 24 hours after that. That's how much I love playing final fantasy X...Most of my friends call me crazy and...well, its true, I am a little, but when It comes down to these games, I am more sane then ever. I got my Ps2 a year ago and FFX was the first game I had ever played for that system. That is probably why i like it so much. So, if you are starting out and on the Ps2 whether its now or later. FFX is a great way to start out. Then After your bored with that, pick up the sequel and continue your adventure. I guess now would be a good time to tell you why I took marks off. I took one half a mark off for the ending, when I didn't know FFX2 was coming out and .15 marks for being sad and .12 more for fun. Alright, that's not really why I took off the marks, I really took em' away because i thought it wasn't perfect. ( what is? )
If your still reading now, thanks for being patient. Next comes the part where i say what other people I know thought of it. One of my friends thought it was slow moving at first but kicked in near the middle. Another one thought it was thrilling. That's pretty much it. Only 2 of my close friends have it. The last question you should ask yourself before you go to sleep tonight is ''Did I like FFX? Your Answer should be yes UNLESS you hate RPG's, or 2 your crazy or 3...nope, that's all the reasons.
Now, the game wasn't perfect and you probably wanna know what's wrong with it so here you go:
Final Fantasy X has minor things that make it not so good, but i found the way to look past them.
A) In some parts of the game, the graphics look like they died on the spot in a horrible battle. I still remember when I was in Zanarkind and I saw the Sin in his ball of water. The first time where Auron goes ''we called it sin '' was great but the second time...I didn't know what I was rightfully seeing.
B)Some of the in game speech is a little fast at some spots. My example this time is, is when Dona and Crony are in Kilika temple and when she said ''Barthello were leaving'' I think I missed it the first 6 times.
C)I know I said that there were no confusing parts in the game but I did find it a little confusing when the fayth from Bevelle kept turning up In all of Tidus's dreams. That must have confused others too.
D)Lastly, the incredible easiness it has to be the game after you discover that Rikku can mix items to get quartet of 9 or trio of 9999. It kind of takes the purpose away from the game. BUT...if you have beaten the game and you are looking to get somewhere quick then it is a good method for speed.
Other then those 4 things ( there are probably more )I think that is all of the ones I thought to be the most disappointing. It does give you a little hope in a way though. If games in our time look this great. I cannot wait to play what comes out in the next ten or twenty years of my life. Finally, ( I bet you were waiting for that )lets sum up about what I have talked about. FFX is an incredible joy whether your young or old. Its great to start off with as your first, or still great if you have played a billion other games. If you do not have Final fantasy X I urge you to go out and buy it. Its real cheap now and its also a greatest hits game now. Pick it up for 20 bucks and see what I mean when I say its extremely fun to hack away at. I bought it and I am happy, I don't even care that it was 60 dollars. I would have bought it at any price they threw at me. As Wakka would say, you should really buy this game, ya? Your probably wishing this had of been over by now and it looks like I have nothing else to talk about this game. I know that I will be playing this game for many years to come, even if it is boring the 30th time around. And look at the bright side, after you beat this game you can always buy Final Fantasy X-2 and see how much of a hoot that was. So, If you excuse me, I am going to go play FFX and FFX2 because they make me happy and I know that they will make you happy to. Today, tomorrow and a lot of days after that. i just hope somebody reads it now!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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