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"Beautiful, Beautiful, Square you are geniuses. A MUST Have."

Let me start by just saying Square you guys rock! Never before have I been so mesmerized by a game. This game plays games with my mind, and makes me dream about it at night. Through the whole game I felt like I was reading a book, experiencing what the characters experience. I actually felt that I was Tidus, and that I was actually in his world. I felt transported into the game, which never has happened to me before with any game. The environments and characters are so extremely detailed. Each of the characters you begin to form a bond with, like they're actually real and with you on your journey. Some of the characters actually, believe it or not, resemble my friends in real life, such as Rikku. Each and every character plays a part, and contributes, which makes this game so well binded together. Now let me begin my overall evaluation of this beautiful game:

Graphics: 10/10

FFX is absolutely great when it comes to graphics. The environments were absolutely breathtaking and so well detailed. It reminded me of watching the sunset, absolutely beautiful. Now the characters are so beautifully designed. Each character is so well detailed. Facial expressions are great. When it comes to lips matching the words, you can never be perfect, but that dosen't come in to play here. Now the cutscenes are like WOW. It's almost like watching a MOVIE. The cutscenes are so well put together, the visual effects are stunning. FFX has some of the best graphics on the PS2 IMO Wait till you see the great effects when summoning a Aeon.

Storyline: 10/10

This is where most RPG's shine. FFX has a moving and emotional story. You play as a guy named Tidus, a blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes. What is blitzball you might say? Well blitzball is complicated. It consists of multiple sports: football, soccer, and parts of basketball as well. Now back to the main story. During a blitzball game a dark humungous object appears hovering over Zanarkand and destoys most of the city. This evil force named "Sin" starts attacking Tidus' homeland and destoys all of Zanarkand. You than run into a familiar face Auron. From here on your story starts. Almost like watching a movie. You than meet many new characters. Most of your journey you serve as a protector to a summoner named Yuna. Throughout your journey you will become attached to all of the characters. Oh and from personal experiences, I know a couple people that have cried at this game, especially the ending.

Replay Value: 10/10

After you beat the main story there are more things to do!!! There is blitzball. You manage your own team and you can sign people to play for you. Than there is finding all the volumes of a foreign language named the Al Bhed. Than there is maxing out your character, than getting every weapon. Also you can get more Aeons, and fight secret bosses. Lot of stuff happens after you beat the game. So the replay value is very high, making this one of the few RPG's with high replay value.

Gameplay: 10/10

This is a turn based battle system. This prevents all kinds of chaos in battles.
Some of you might be thinking, Oh great must be very slow paced. Not really, it can actually be pretty fast if you know what your doing. Even beginners will get the hang of this great turn based battle system. One of the great things about this system is when a character is hurt, you can switch him/her out with a fresh character, which is a big relief in ,many battles. Each character has an expertise so there is strategy involed not making this an extremely easy if some of you are thinking that. Battles are great, and controls are simple. You all will get the hang of it, and this won't be such a frustrating battle system for all of you.

Camera Angles: 10/10

No problem here. Camera Angles can get annoying, sometimes, but overall the camera angles are great and have no affect on your playing. The camera angles also show you the great detailed environments, and help you see things better. The view is from uptop so you can see where Tidus is going. So in other words this ain't from a first person view.

Sound Effects/Music: 10/10

BRILLIANCE! Man the music in this game is so emotionally moving. The opening song, "To Zanarakand" is so beautiful. Some songs might actually make you so sad, it might shed a tear in your eye. the music matches the environments beautifully. Final Fantasy has some of the best in game music ever. The music is so beautiful. Even the battle system backround music is great. Now the sound effects are just awesome. The sounds match the game so well. When you run the footsteps sound so real. Square did a brilliant job with all the sound effects. The music plays a great role in video games. Either you have great music or boring music. I don't want to be playing a game with such lousy sound effects, and music. I would mute my T.V. while playing, wouldn't you? All of the sound effects, and music is well oriented. Sometimes I actually burn some of the songs from FF games, that's how good they are. Best in game music if you ask me.

Does this live up to the FF Name?

Yes it does. When you begin to play this beautiful video game, you'll be taken away, swept off your feet. Now for all of you people that have played previous FF's such as FFVII and etc. some of you might be thinking, does this FF live up to the Final Fantasy name. You bet it does. The whole game is beautifully made. From beginning to end this game will amaze. It carries on one of the greatest RPG series ever made. It lives up to the series, and is probably one of the best FF's in the series. If you read the gamplay part of this review , some of you might say to yourself, man I need more gameplay, not more cinema. Well the cutscenes and the gameplay are about equal. It IS like watching a movie, but it helps you understand the game from a better perspective. Some RPG's dont even explain the whole story clearly. Tidus actually explains to us what is happening, and what he thinks. FFX has been selling so many copies since it's release, making this FF one of the greats. FFX is worth the money, and I hope all of you take a look into this game. I could actually relate to the game a bit. Some of the events, and some of the characters in FFX relate to my real life. No other game could I relate to such as this one.

Should I get the game?

Yes you should get the game are you nuts. This is a musthave not only for RPGers but everyone. When your playing this your friends and family will be amazed at this game. Your friends will stop and just watch you play for hours. This game is addicting, and you grow so close to the characters. Some people in real life actually dress up as characters from the FF series mostly FFX. That goes to show you how FFX has touched people and shows how moving FFX is. Now, girls and boys go out and get Final Fantasy X, you won't regret it. You'll fall in love with it. Some of you will hold the game in your hands at night, and might even DREAM of this game, scary I know. This game has captivated the hearts of many including mine. Now from my own personal experiences, Iv'e even seen people start to act as the characters in this game, strange I know. now to make this short and sweet, YES you should get the game.

Fun Factor:

Man oh man this game was really fun from start to end. This game has some funniness too. Tidus cracked me up in some parts. The game is so addicting too. You won't want to drop the controller down. For Halloween some of the trick or treaters actually asked to come inside just to watch me play. My cousin's friends all stopped and watched too. I had a whole crowd just watching me play. After I came back from a party, I went back to playing FFX, just to watch the ending again. I play this game over and over and over, beating boss after boss after boss.

I think I described FFX to the best of my ability. You'll have to go out and get the game and experience it for yourself. It's one of those video games that you have to experience. People of all ages should play a little or watch a little of FFX. Final Fantasy X is just a great game. Words can't describe how good this game is. So if all of you want to experience something great, go and get the game. You'll be taken into another world. Final Fantasy X- A game that will go on even years after. I'm not going to say it again but, GET THE GAME. You won't be dissapointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/08/04

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