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"What is this I see?"

Introduction- The best Final Fantasy game that I had ever seen. This is something I had really looked forward to see. This game has a very good battle system and other things too. This game is just so unbelievable. This game is just one more Final Fantasy game to collect. This game is for some people different. If you had played other Final Fantasy games before, here is the one you would want to get. This is the best Final Fantasy game for the PS2, I think. This game has many new things in it(i.e new monsters and new battle system). If you were looking for great Final Fantasy game, then you came looking at the right place. If you had been use to the old battle system, then you can try out the new one in this great game. This game can keep you busy for awhile. You will find some interesting things as you go along the way. You will see this game as a great game. This is something for every Final Fantasy fan.

Gameplay 10/10

When you have select the new game option, you will notice that you are in the middle of something. You will see who you will be. There will be some new characters as you go along the way. I wise there was some secret characters, but there is nothing to unlock sadly. The main character will start telling you his story, you will then learn about what he does.

Once you go a little bit more into the game, you will have some battles. The battles you fight in the beginning should be easy. You will learn about how the new battle system works. Some people might not like the new battle system, but I do. You will meet up with one more of your character and he will help you in the battles. You will learn that the characters have a bar beneath their hp, they are call "Overdrives". "Overdrives are very powerful moves, but once you used them, they will need to be recharge. There is not anything call "levels" in this game because they have a new system call the "Sphere Grid". The Sphere Grid is a good system to level up, but if you would like to think of it as a level up system, go ahead. You should learn how to use the sphere grid later on in the game. The Overdrives should be use when you are in need of it.

The sphere grid system, is not so good at times. If you were a big fan of leveling up in Final Fantasy games, then you might not really like this new system. You will get something call AP in this game. The AP are used for moving on the sphere grid. For each battle you win, you will most likely to get a sphere to put on the sphere grid. You can try to fill up the whole sphere grid if you would like to. The sphere in the sphere grid is what makes you stronger. If the sphere grid had no spheres, then your characters would be really weak. The sphere grid also teaches you the attack ability. The only thing you cannot learn through the sphere grid are the Overdrives. Other then overdrives the sphere grid can teach you anything else. I think the sphere grid is hard to understand, but once you have play the game long enough, you will get uses to it. The sphere grid is good at times.

In this game, you will fight a lot of bosses. The bosses are at times very hard. The hard bosses makes this game fun and enjoyable. It is hard to get through this game without losing once, but for some people it's possible. If you own the Pal or International version, you will meet up with the dark sides of your aeons. The dark aeons are very hard bosses, they take a long time to defeat. For some people the dark aeons is the best thing in this game. Before you even try to fight the dark aeons, you should always be ready for anything, that comes at you. If you like to fight other boss, besides the dark aeons, then are other optional bosses you might want to fight. If you use the sphere grid well enough, you should not have much of a problem. This bosses in this game are great bosses to fight and are very fun.

The mini-games in this game are hard! Some of them might make you want to throw your PS2 out of the window, but remember it's just a game. Some of them can be fun for some people. This is one of the things that will keep you busy in this game. You will need to play some of them in this game, even if you don't want to. I find some of the mini-games fun. There will be times, that you cannot beat a mini-game, but don't give up. If you keep trying, you will always have a chance to win. You will need to play most of the mini-games if you want the characters CW(their ultimate weapons). The mini-games will be hard win you are trying to win it for the CW. You don't have to get the CW if you don't want to.

Some people are wondering what new summons are call. Well, the new summons are call aeons(a interesting name). The aeons are to help you on your travels. The aeons can actually do battle! They stay on the battle field once you had summon them. This is one of the neat things in this game. There are some old summons, that you might had seen if you had played other Final Fantasy games. There will also be new summons to see. If you like to see all the summons, then you should go through the game to see them all. You can have some fun, when trying to get the secret aeons. There are some secret aeons, but I'm not going to spoil them for you. This is one of the things you should play the game to find out.

In this game, you will get a airship once you had gotten far enough through the game. On the airship you can chose the places you want to go to. All you have to do is talk to the captain of the ship and he will let you go there. You must use the airship to do some sidequests. This is one of the important things, that you will get in this game. Many Final Fantasy games in th past had airship, so this game has one too. I think that the airship in this game is the coolest to look at. The airship itself is very useful for getting from place to place and doing some sidequest. If you don't plan on doing sidequest, then I don't think you will be needing the airship very much.

Some people had been wondering what is the difference between PAL/International and the greatest hit versions. Some of the difference is the PAL/International has some very powerful optional bosses, they are the dark aeons. The voice appears on the screen when a character talks. Some new ability. There are some additional weapons and armours added in the PAL/International version. I think the PAL/International version is worth getting. For some people who wants to have a little more fun in the game, then you should get the PAL/International version. You have to have a Europe/Japanese PS2 in order to play the PAL/International versions. If you don't have them, then I suggest you don't go buying them.

Story 9/10

The story here starts out as the main character Tidus talking about his blitzball game coming up. He will soon meet up with a character name Auron, who seems to be a cool type of guy. Auron will help you fight the monsters that comes. You will soon meet up with another guy name Wakka. Wakka us one of the bliztball player. You will meet up with some very interesting people in this game. You will get all the characters in this game as you go through the storyline. As I said, before "there is no secret characters to unlock". This game is still good even without secret characters. This game storyline is interesting, so I suggest you listen to what they have to say.

Sound 10/10

The sound here is just great! The music is just so good because they don't repeat too much. There will also be songs in this game. Every songs that I hear in this game, I think is so awesome! Every characters have their own theme song, making the game very interesting. In this game there is a place where you can listen to all the musics, that you had heard before. The characters will have their own voice which makes this game even better. The voice acting is also very well done in this game. The peoples who made this has done a awesome job. I can tell they put a lot of work into this game. The game has songs where a real person, that actually sings in the song.

Graphics 10/10

The characters in this game is simply great! The characters are very detail. The backgrounds looks really real. The people most really put a lot of time in to this graphic thing. Everything, that you see in this game looks very real and are very detail. This is one of the great thing in this great game itself. For people who likes games with good graphics, you might want to check this game out. This game is very colorful and looks very great. This is a great graphics game to have in your collection.

Play Time 9/10

This game will take awhile to finish. Once you have beaten the game, you can go back and do sidequests. In this game there will be no New Game+ option. I was a little disappointed to see this game has no New Game+ option. If you had played some other Final Fantasy games before, then you might notice, that there is a New Game+ option once you beaten the game. This game is still great even without a New Game+ option. You can replay this game as much as you like. This game does not get boring so quickly. This is a really fun game to play over actually. You always try the no sphere grid challenge and many other interesting thing. You can just play it again for the fun of it or you can put it away for some years, then take it out to play it again. This game has so much things to do in it. You can always try to get all the possible things in this game(i.e. 99 of each item). This game will sure take awhile for players to beat. If you want more gameplay, just try to beat all the dark aeons. Try all the fun things in this game before you put it away.

Final Recommendation

I would say, "buy it". This is a very good game for Final Fantasy fan. This is also a great game for people who likes the taking turns battle system. This is a great game for many people. I will look forward for a game like this one. This is the best rpg, that I had ever played. I would like to see some more Final Fantasy games, that is this fun. You can also rent this game if you would like. If you don't like this game, you can always return it, so go ahead try it out. I'm sure this game is not a disappointment at all. I hope for all you rpg fans to check this great game out.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/16/05

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