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"Damn good game - not the best but not the worst by far"

Final Fantasy games have a certain prestige, unless you've been living under a rock for the last million and a half years, you'll at least know what a Final Fantasy game is – even if you haven't played one. I'm a bit of an amateur when it comes to games, I've been playing them for years, ever since my Dad got me an old Sega, but I've never really put anything into completing them – until I started playing Final Fantasy. They have to be one of the most amazing series of games I've ever seen, there is a lot of imagination and thought that goes behind every single one of them, and although, there may be some aspects of other games that over lap – no two games are the same. Final Fantasy X is revolutionary in the series – a new system of levelling up, a new battle system. The graphics are 100x better than any other Final Fantasy. Well, here is what I think and don't be too harsh – I've never written a review before!!

The characters in this are you're pretty basic characters that you tend to find lingering in Final Fantasy games. Our main character, a young guy called Tidus, ends up being throw 1000 years into the future. No one ever asks him his name and he never tells anyone it. Personally I find him annoying but he is helpful in finding out the story behind Spira (the world in which this is set), its history and present. Yuna, our main female character, again I find her a tad annoying but all the same she plays a very important part in the game. She, like her father (Lord Braska) before her, is a summoner – people all over Spira put their faith in summoners to defeat Sin, a huge beast that is destroying parts of the world over and over again. It is said that Sin is a punishment for everyone else's faults and…well…sins. Summoners can conjure up things called Aeons – they come in all shapes and sizes but they some to her aid. Summoners also have guardians who I'll talk about a little now. Wakka and Lulu – Wakka is a blitzball player for the Besaid Aurochs, blitzball is an underwater sport. He is highly religious, believing strongly in Yevon – the religion of the majority of Spira. Lulu is the black mage, specialising in dark magic such as fire, water and thunder along with others. Lulu is again helpful with the story – filling in a lot of the gaps while having to deal with Tidus' constant questioning! Rikku, an Al Bhed, she can be pretty annoying but on the whole she is a good character. The Al Bhed are a race who speak there own language and the majority of Yevon hate them. Kimarhi is a Ronso – an ancient tribe who have an awful lot of pride. Kimarhi is basically Yuna's number 1 guardian – he has taken care of her since she was a child. Not much is known about Kimarhi at the beginning of the game – he doesn't even speak for a while. The last of our main characters is Auron. In my opinion, the best character in the whole game. He is also very mysterious, he is pretty cryptic when it comes to telling Tidus and anyone else things – although at times he can be very blunt. You find out a lot more about Auron as the story progresses and I don't want to spoil a moment of it, so I'll shut up about him! There are other characters but these are the 6 main ones. As villains go – there are a couple. Sin being the main one, it just kinda appears every now and then but apart from that it doesn't do much else. However when you do battle it it is not an easy battle.There is another villain but I don't want to name them, its not a huge spoiler but I don't really want to ruin it. They're not a bad villain; I rate he/she/it higher than Sin - again not an easy battle though.

Final Fantasy X has a pretty disappointing opening sequence. It's exactly the same as you see if you watch the credits at the very beginning. However – it is followed by one of the most amazing FMV's I have ever come across. As graphics go, this game is amazing. It's very realistic and the graphics are stunning, with beautiful surroundings and realistic characters. The FMV's in this are truly breathtaking – Sin attacking Spira, Anima (an aeon) killing dozens of feinds and Tidus and Yuna sharing a wee moment in the water (aww). The ending sequence is truly incredible, I won't give away any spoilers but it's superb, definatley someting to look forward too.

The soundtrack in this game is ok, not amazing, truly repetitive – but then most game music is in my opinion. I don't really have much to say about it – its ok as far as game soundtracks go – I'd much rather mute it and put on my favourite record however, there are only a couple of songs that I actually like. There is one massive thing about this FF that different – the characters actually have voices. So sound is important in this game! You can here them talk and now we can finally know the true way to pronounce the characters names!!!!!!

So I've talked a little about the story in the second paragraph but a basic overview – Tidus, a young blitzball player from Zanarkind, its lifted into Sin by a mysterious guy called Auron and ends up 1000 years in the future. He basically then ends up becoming a guardian for Yuna – a new summoner who is going on a pilgrimage to pray at all the temples and acquire all the aeons, plus the final aeon, so that she can defeat Sin and bring the Calm - a time when there is no Sin at all, just as her father, Lord Braska, did before her with is 2 guardians. The story is about the pilgrimage but there are a lot of twists and turns in this story – do not dismiss this story as boring, it is not.

The theme of religion is explored deeply in this game and it relates so much to religion that is going on around us - its not to be taken lightly. Definatley a plus point for me in this game and something to watch out for when you're playing.

Ok, the battle and levelling up system, we have the sphere grid in this game. When you battle you acquire level up's which you use on this sphere grid. So say you acquire a level up, you go to the sphere grid and use it there. You can activate nodes such as “HP +200” or “Strength +2” etc – this is how you get stronger; get more health, more MP etc… It's an ok system but a bit drawn out and can get frustrating running around and around trying to level up. The battle system is pretty new as well. You have turns in this, and you can see when you're next turn is – the old bar underneath the name has gone completely, the only bar left is the overdrive bar which can fill up in a variety of different ways. Stoic – basic damage taken = bar filling, Victory – it fills when you win a battle, Warrior – it fills when you inflict damage, Healer – it fills when you use magic to heal your comrades…etc… Also each character is almost assigned certain fiends to battle against. Wakka is good with flying fiends where as Tidus does well against small nimble creatures. Auron and Kimarhi work well against things with a hard shell or armour. Lulu can use opposing magic against elemental fiends. Rikku is good against machina as she can steal from them and almost take them apart. Yuna is the healer of the group, I rarely use her for attacking, if at all because of her low strength, but as a healer she is brilliant, learning magic like Curaga and Regen.

There are a few sidequests in this game - catching fiends being one then battling super strong enemies in the monster arena.
Also battling the dark aeons and various other "hidden" bosses. I haven't done that yet - I'm just going through a second play through and I'm going to try this time so I can't really comment much on the siequests but having seen other people do them they are not easy, especially the dark aeon sidequest - some of them have a massive ammount of life and can take a long time to defeat.

Ok, I think I've exhausted my brain on this one!! I do adore this game, it's not the best but it's still bloody good!! A good story, a good set of characters, amazing graphics and yeh – I really like it. Anyway – enjoy, I hope I did well!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/07/06

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