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    Beginner's Guide by SSTwinrova / Kimari Lonzo

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 08/04/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FFXI Beginner’s Guide/FAQ
    v 1.7
    GameFAQs SN – Email Address
    SSTwinrova – twinrova@swbell.net
    Kimari Lonzo – anakin224@hotmail.com
    Please only e-mail us if you have a question not covered in the FAQ or 
    have a change/correction to notify us about. Any questions for help 
    with playing the game, importing, etc. WILL BE IGNORED! 
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    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Copyright Information
    3. Revision History
    4. FAQs
        Q1:  What is FFXI? (Updated v1.7)
        Q2:  When is this game going to be released outside of Japan?
             (Updated v1.7)
        Q3:  Is there a single player mode included in the game?
        Q4:  Is there a monthly fee? (Updated v1.7)
        Q5:  What do I need to play? (Updated v1.7)
        Q6:  What are the playable races in the game?
        Q7:  What type of leveling/spell system (Materia, Sphere Grid) is in
        Q8:  What are the main locations/areas of FFXI? (Updated v1.7)
        Q9:  What is the penalty for dying? (Updated v1.7)
    5. Races
        5A. Hume
        5B. Elvaan
        5C. Tarutaru
        5D. Mithra
        5E. Galka
    6. Jobs
        6A. Standard Jobs
            6A-1. Warrior
            6A-2. Monk
            6A-3. Black Mage
            6A-4. White Mage
            6A-5. Red Mage
            6A-6. Thief
        6B. Advanced Jobs
            6B-1. Ranger
            6B-2. Bard
            6B-3. Beast Master
            6B-4. Dark Knight
            6B-5. Paladin
            6B-6. Summoner
        6C. Expansion Jobs
            6C-1. Ninja
            6C-2. Samurai
            6C-3. Dragoon
        6D. Support Jobs
        6E. Abilities and Traits
        6F. Stats
    7. Starting Kingdoms
        7A. Republic of Bastok
        7B. Kingdom of San d’Oria
        7C. Federation of Windurst
    8. Guilds
        8A. Guild Descriptions
        8B. Guild Locations/Hours
    9. Crystals
    10. Items
    11. Missions vs. Quests
    12. Levels vs. Ranks
    13. Basic Commands
    14. Useful Hints and Tips
    15. Beginner’s Walkthrough
    16. Credits
    1. Introduction
    Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide for Final Fantasy XI: Online. This 
    guide is designed for people that need help learning about the basics 
    of the game and how to play. Everything in here can be found elsewhere, 
    especially on FFXI sites, but this is an attempt to gather all of the 
    information into one place.
    2. Copyright Information
    This document © 2003 SSTwinrova (Jeff Guebert) and Kimari Lonzo. This 
    document, either in whole or in part, may not be reprinted, 
    redistributed, or reposted on any location except for the sites listed 
    below without one or both of our explicit written consent. Doing so is 
    a violation of this copyright and legal action will be taken. 
    Authorized Sites to post this FAQ:
    -GameFAQs.com (Will always have most recent version)
    Note: MultiplayerStrategies.com has permission to use this FAQ in a 
    modified form
    Note: OnlineGameTrader.net has permission to use this FAQ in a modified 
    3. Revision History
    v1.7 – 8/4/04 – Updates to Table of Contents, Copyright Information, 
    FAQs, Abilities and Traits (formerly Abilities and Qualities), Starting 
    Kingdoms (formerly Kingdoms), Guilds, Crystals, Basic Commands, Useful 
    Hints and Tips, Beginner’s Walkthrough
    v1.6 – 7/26/04 – Updates to Table of Contents, Jobs, Guilds, Basic 
    Commands; Removed Mission Database
    v1.5 – 10/29/03 - Updates to Copyright Information, Crystals; Added 
    Beginner’s Walkthrough
    v1.4 – 10/19/2003 - Updates to Copyright Information, FAQs, Races, 
    Missions/Quests, Basic Commands; Created Mission Database
    v1.3 – 8/11/2003 - Updates to Copyright Information, Races, Jobs, 
    Kingdoms, Levels/Ranks, Guilds, Crystals
    v1.2 – 7/14/2003 - Updates to Crystals, Items, Missions/Quests, 
    v1.1 – 7/8/2003 - Updates to Guilds, Crystals, Races; Small format 
    v1.0 – 7/5/2003 – First posting of guide
    4. FAQs
    Q1: What is FFXI? (Updated v1.7)
    A1: FFXI is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) 
    from Square-Enix, the 11th numbered installment in Square’s highly 
    acclaimed Final Fantasy series.
    Q2: When is this game going to be released outside of Japan? (Updated 
    A2: Both the main game and the first expansion pack, Rise of the Zilart 
    have been released in the United States. The second expansion, Chains 
    of Promathia, is slated for release on September 21, 2004 on both PC 
    and PS2 in Japan and the US. This is also the date that the game will 
    launch in Europe (the main game and both expansions).
    Q3: Is there a single player mode included in the game?
    A3: No, FFXI on an online-only game.
    Q4: Is there a monthly fee? (Updated v1.7)
    A4: Yes, $12.95. This goes toward maintaining/updating the servers, 
    paying Square-Enix employees, and enhancing the overall gameplay. In 
    addition, for every extra character you choose to make, an additional 
    $1.00 will be added to the monthly fee.
    Q5: What do I need to play? (Updated v1.7)
    A5: Depending on the version that you want, the requirements differ 
    -Score of 1500+ on benchmark program
    -Internet connection (56k or greater)
    -PlayOnline Account (comes free with game)
    -FFXI PC Version
    -Network Adapter
    -Internet connection (56k or greater)
    -PlayOnline Account
    -FFXI PS2 Version/PS2 Hard Drive (currently only available in same 
    Q6: What are the playable races in the game?
    A6: See section 5 of this FAQ
    Q7: What type of leveling/spell system (Materia, Sphere Grid) is in 
    A7: FFXI utilizes the Job System. More information pertaining to the 
    individual jobs can be found in section 6 of this FAQ.
    Q8: What are the main locations/areas of FFXI? (Updated v1.7)
    A8: The world in FFXI is called Vana’diel, and consists of three main 
    starting kingdoms. Section 7 of this FAQ has more information on each 
    one of the specific kingdoms.
    Q9: What is the penalty for dying? (Updated v1.7)
    A9: You will lose 10% of the experience needed for the next level once 
    you have reached Level 5, which can possibly even make your character 
    lose a level (called deleveling).
    5. Races
    Five playable races exist in FFXI. They are: Hume, Elvaan, Tarutaru, 
    Mithra, and Galka. The Humes, Elvaans, and Tarutarus can be either male 
    or females, but the Mithras are only playable as female characters and 
    the Galkas are only playable as male characters.
    5A. Hume
    Making their home in Bastok, Humes have spread to the farthest reaches 
    of Vana'diel. Humes are characterized by equally-balanced abilities, 
    and are intelligent and highly skilled.
    This combination of traits has played no small role in Bastok’s growth 
    into a prosperous nation of technology and industry
    *Starting Stats*
    HP: 28
    MP: 18
    STR: 6
    DEX: 6
    VIT: 6
    AGI: 6
    INT: 6
    MND: 6
    CHA: 6
    5B. Elvaan
    A race of proud warriors, The Elvaan are the founders of two legendary 
    orders of knights in the nation of San d'Oria. Physically, they are 
    characterized by their tall, slender bodies and pointed ears. Their 
    unshakable pride and faith in their beliefs is visible in each of their 
    determined faces. Both males and females of the race excel in 
    swordsmanship. Most Elvaan seem to eschew the business world, 
    preferring an austere lifestyle as skilled swordfighters.
    *Starting Stats*
    HP: 30
    MP: 16
    STR: 7
    DEX: 6
    VIT: 7
    AGI: 5
    INT: 5
    MND: 7
    CHA: 6
    5C. Tarutaru
    The Tarutaru are a race of skilled magic users who call Windurst their 
    home. Although the Tarutaru physically resemble children, their size 
    does not reflect their age. Masters of the magical arts, the Tarutaru 
    have honed their abilities through dutiful study of the world around 
    Their dedication and hard work fueled the rapid reconstruction of 
    Windurst after its destruction in the Crystal War. The Tarutaru enjoy a 
    friendly relationship with the Mithra, who call Windurst their home as 
    *Starting Stats*
    HP: 24
    MP: 24
    STR: 5
    DEX: 6
    VIT: 6
    AGI: 7
    INT: 8
    MND: 6
    CHA: 6
    5D. Mithra
    The Mithra are a predominantly female race of hunters who live 
    alongside the Tarutaru in Windurst. They are easily identified by their 
    characteristic ears, which give them spectacular hearing ability, and 
    their long tails, which result in an unparalleled sense of balance. 
    They are known for their energy, curiosity, and their penchant for 
    causing playful mischief. The Mithra enjoy a friendly relationship with 
    the Tarutaru, and this attitude of mutual cooperation has made Windurst 
    a nation of peace and prosperity.
    *Starting Stats*
    HP: 28
    MP: 18
    STR: 6
    DEX: 8
    VIT: 6
    AGI: 7
    INT: 6
    MND: 6
    CHA: 5
    5E. Galka
    The Galka are a hulking race of powerful warriors. The Galka's capital 
    city, located in the Altepa desert of Zepwell Island in the southwest 
    corner of the Quon continent, fell to an attack from giant ant 
    creatures six hundred years ago. The surviving Galka spread throughout 
    Vana'diel, and a large number of them eventually settled in Bastok. The 
    sheer strength of their powerful physiques is second to none. They have 
    used their skills to contribute to the construction and development of 
    the numerous mines in Bastok. However, it seems that some Galka have 
    less than fond feelings for members of the Hume race.
    *Starting Stats*
    HP: 33
    MP: 12
    STR: 7
    DEX: 6
    VIT: 8
    AGI: 6
    INT: 6
    MND: 6
    CHA: 5
    (Race Descriptions obtained from Official FFXI Website; Stats obtained 
    from shadow-dragons.com)
    6. Jobs
    The job that your character is limits the available weapons, armor, and 
    spells that can be used. There are a number of possible jobs available 
    from the beginning of the game, but there are also others, known as 
    Advanced Jobs, that cannot be unlocked until later on and your 
    character has gained levels.
    6A. Standard Jobs: (Available from beginning of game)
    (6A-1. Warrior)
    Specializing in the arts of battle, the warrior acts as a shield, 
    keeping enemies away from his friends. 
    (6A-2. Monk)
    With the body as his weapon, the monk attacks enemies with explosive 
    (6A-3. Black Mage)
    The black mage brings tremendous firepower to bear on his enemies 
    through devastating black magic.
    (6A-4. White Mage)
    Using spells of recovery, the white mage ensures the party’s survival.
    (6A-5. Red Mage)
    A fighter-mage who can utilize both black and white magic, as well as 
    the arts of the sword.
    (6A-6. Thief)
    Specializing in obtaining items, the thief aims for the perfect 
    opportunity to attack from behind. 
    (Above descriptions taken from Official FFXI website)
    6B. Advanced Jobs: (Lv. 30+, Must complete quest)
    (6B-1. Ranger)
    An expert of hunting, who gets scent of enemies from distance with 
    excellent chasing capacity, and shoots them down with their projectile 
    weapons which they are good at handling.
    (6B-2. Bard)
    An expert of music, who heals partners with cheerful songs, invigorates 
    them with gallant performance, and sometimes trap monsters with 
    forbidden melodies.
    (6B-3. Beast Master)
    An expert of monster studies, who is savvy at various animals and 
    plants, and can control monsters as one wants.
    (6B-4. Dark Knight)
    An outlaw knight, who is savvy to usage of various weapons like 
    warriors, and can learn Black Magic. 
    (6B-5. Paladin)
    A noble knight, who is excellent at close-range battle like warriors, 
    and can learn White Magic.
    (6B-6. Summoner)
    A powerful spellcaster with the ability to harness the power of the 
    (Above descriptions based on information from Bilingual FFXI Site)
    6C. Expansion Jobs: (Lv. 30+, must complete quest)
    (6C-1. Ninja)
    A seemingly mixture between a Ranger and a Thief. Their stealth skills, 
    dual wield abilities and ability to use throwing weapons makes them 
    deadly killers.
    (6C-2. Samurai)
    Masters of martial arts, and deadly wielders of katanas, the Samurai 
    can be considered a weapon-wielding Monk.
    (6C-3. Dragoon)
    Equipped with lances, and summoning dragons, these warriors can prove 
    to be either trustworthy allies or powerful foes.
    (Quest summaries obtained from finalfantasyxi.org)
    6D. Support Jobs
    Also, once you are at Lv. 18, you are given the option of doing a quest 
    that will allow you to have a support job. The level of a support job 
    can not be any higher than half the level (rounded down) of the main 
    job. Support jobs do not gain levels either.
    Ex.: At the start of the game, you choose Warrior as your job and start 
    at Lv. 1. You continue to use it until it is at Lv. 12, and then change 
    jobs to Red Mage. Since you have never used Red Mage before, you will 
    be back at Lv. 1. You level Red Mage up to Lv. 18 and complete the 
    support job quest, and then you set Warrior as your support job. Your 
    levels will be RDM 18/WAR 9 (since Warrior cannot be any higher than 
    half the level of Red Mage). If you flip these jobs to make Warrior 
    your main one, you would then be WAR 12/RDM 6. If Warrior was then 
    raised to 14, your Red Mage level would automatically increase to 7 
    since you have already learned up to Lv. 18. Levels for a support job 
    are never “lost”, but they are restricted based on the main job’s 
    6E. Abilities and Traits
    Jobs also gain Abilities and Qualities as their level increases. All 
    Abilities and Qualities are available from the main job that have been 
    unlocked (due to level), and all except the “Super Ability” from your 
    support job is available also. (The Super Abilities are the 2 hour Lv. 
    1 Abilities that each job has).
    Abilities: Battle commands that can be used to change a status or 
    perform an action. A certain amount of time must then pass before the 
    Ability can be used again.
    Traits: Permanent “always-on” effects
    6F. Stats
    Each job has a different set of stats that affect the HP, MP, etc. of 
    your character. If there is a support job, those stats are added to the 
    ones of the main job.
    HP (Hit Points): This should be self-explanatory – it’s the amount of 
    damage you can take before dying.
    MP (Mana Points): Again, this should be something most people know – 
    this number determines the amount of magic you can cast.
    STR (Strength): This value determines that amount of damage done from 
    physical (melee or ranged) combat.
    DEX (Dexterity): Similar to accuracy, this determines the chance you 
    have of hitting the enemy (melee attack). It also affects the chance of 
    you dealing a critical hit.
    VIT (Vitality): Vitality deals with your defense against physical 
    attacks from enemies.
    AGI (Agility): The chance of you dodging a physical attack and the 
    amount of damage done from a ranged weapon is controlled by Agility.
    INT (Intelligence): Very important if you are a Black Mage, this 
    affects the power of your spells.
    MND (Mind): The White Mage equivalent of INT, and also determines your 
    resistance against abnormal status and your magic defense.
    CHR (Charisma): Determines your success rate on skills related to 
    Fame: Although not an actual stat, it affects the prices in shops. The 
    only way to raise Fame is to complete quests.
    Below is a stat table comparing each of the previous stats (except 
    fame) between each of the races:
    	Galka	 Elvaan  Hume  Mithra  Tarutaru
    HP	A      C       D     D       G
    MP	G      E       D     D       A
    STR	C      B       D     E       F
    DEX	D      E       D     A       D
    VIT	A      C       D     E       E
    AGI	E      F       D     B       C
    INT	E      F       D     D       A
    MND	D      B       D     E       E
    CHR	F      D       D     F       D
    A - Outstanding
    B - Proficient
    C – Above Average
    D - Basic
    E – Below Average
    F - Poor
    G – Unsatisfactory
    (Table and key taken from shadow-dragons.com)
    For actual numeric stats (without any job modifiers), see the 
    corresponding Race section (Section 5).
    7. Starting Kingdoms
    When creating your character, you must pick which of the kingdoms they 
    will start in. Although any character can start in any kingdom, each 
    one is recommended for one or two different races. By choosing the 
    starting location that favors your race, a ring is given to your 
    character. This is the only “bonus” to starting in your race’s home 
    location, but there are other benefits in terms of weapon availability, 
    7A. Republic of Bastok (Hume and Galka)
    A mainly industrial zone, Bastok is filled with technology, mines, and 
    everything in between. This home of the Humes and Galkas is suited for 
    all tastes.
    *Ring Bonus*
    HP  (+3)
    DEX (+1)
    VIT (+1)
    7B. Kingdom of San d’Oria (Elvaan)
    The castle home of the Elvaan, this well protected city is large, yet 
    close-knit. Everything is found is exactly where it should be, and 
    nothing to is too far away from the ever-present action.
    *Ring Bonus*
    Defense (+2)
    STR     (+1)
    MND     (+1)
    7C. Federation of Windurst (Tarutaru and Mithra)
    The home of the Tarutarus and Mithras is expansive and very spread out. 
    The whole kingdom seems like everything is a multitude of giant organic 
    structures. This area is recommended for Mages of all kinds, as it is 
    catered to their needs.
    *Ring Bonus*
    MP  (+3)
    AGI (+1)
    INT (+1)
    (Ring information obtained from shadow-dragons.com)
    8. Guilds
    Throughout Vana’diel, there are different guilds your character can 
    join to create items. By creating items, you can raise your skill in a 
    particular area, and then go to a guild to advance in rank. Higher 
    rankings allow more items to be synthesized and also a greater chance 
    of success (and producing HQ, or high quality, items). 
    8A. Guild Descriptions
    -Alchemist: Creates medicines and can refine metals. A good job for 
    anyone, but particularly useful if you are also a Blacksmith.
    -Blacksmith: Blacksmiths forge swords, armor, and tools from base 
    metals. The best swords are found in San d’Oria, although Bastok has 
    more advanced technology in general, perhaps even including firearms.
    -Boneworker: Exactly what it sounds like, workmen who craft items out 
    of bone.
    -Carpenter: Woodworkers run this guild, which is mainly devoted to 
    making furniture, musical instruments, types of shields, etc.
    -Culinary: This guild pursues the art of preparing delicate and tasty 
    -Fisherman: Another cheap profession. Probably a good secondary skill 
    for a culinary guild member. Can catch fish, items, or even monsters. 
    If you do catch a monster, you'll have to fight it! The better you get, 
    the rarer items and fish you'll catch.
    -Goldsmith (Jeweler): Dealing with metals and jewels in Bastok to make 
    new and powerful accessories such as rings, amulets and jeweled swords.
    -Tanner: They create medium equipment, various accessories, and even 
    paper out of animal skins and pelts.
    -Weaver: This guild is the art of making clothing. They devote this 
    time in making clothing, hats, and skirts in Windurst
    (Above descriptions based on information from FFExtreme.com)
    8B. Guild Locations/Hours
    Below is a listing of the guilds, what cities thry can be found in, and 
    their hours of operation.
    | Guild Name | Hours Open |   Cities   |
    | Alchemist  | 8:00-23:00 |   Bastok   |
    | Blacksmith | 8:00-23:00 |   Bastok   |
    | Blacksmith |            | San d’Oria |
    | Blacksmith |            |   Mhaura   |
    | Boneworker | 8:00-23:00 |  Windurst  |
    | Carpenter  | 6:00-21:00 | San d’Oria |
    | Culinary   | 5:00–20:00 |  Windurst  |
    | Fisherman  | 3:00-18:00 |  Windurst  |
    | Fisherman  |            |  Selbina   |
    | Fisherman  |            |    Boat    |
    | Goldsmith  | 8:00-23:00 |   Bastok   |
    | Goldsmith  |            |   Mhaura   |
    | Tanner     | 3:00-18:00 | San d’Oria |
    | Weaver     | 6:00-21:00 |  Windurst  |
    | Weaver     |            |  Selbina   |
    (Table data obtained from shadow-dragons.com)
    9. Crystals
    8 different types of crystals exist in the FFXI world:
    -Fire (Used to burn or heat objects)
    -Ice (Used to freeze items
    -Earth (Used to combine or connect items together)
    -Wind (Used to cut and divide objects)
    -Thunder (Used to finely cut an object to use with Earth crystal)
    -Water (Used to liquefy objects)
    -Darkness (Used to corrupt or decompose items)
    -Light (Used to enrich an item)
    (Crystal uses information obtained from ffextreme.com)
    The easiest way to obtain these is to receive a signet from a border 
    guard and then to go kill monsters in areas that your country currently 
    controls. Crystals are also used in item synthesis. For a listing of 
    synthesis recipes, check out TwistidSoul’s Guild Recipe List FAQ at 
    You can also purchase special crystals from NPCs in the guilds which 
    will allow you to add your own comments to the items you synthesize. If 
    you sell one of these items through the AH, however, it will lose it’s 
    10. Items
    This section is not trying to make a complete item database, but 
    instead will explain the different things that can be done to obtain 
    and sell items in the game. Aside from the normal ways that are in 
    almost every RPG (purchasing/selling at shops, monsters dropping items, 
    etc.), there are two special features in FFXI.
    Auction House: In the auction houses of FINAL FANTASY XI, sellers 
    designate an asking price when they put items up for bid. The first 
    bidder to offer a price higher than the asking price gets to purchase 
    the item. These places are a magnet for players, since it's possible to 
    get a better deal here than at the shops run by NPCs.
    Bazaar: Players can also hawk items themselves with the Bazaar system. 
    Just set a price on any item in your inventory -- any players targeting 
    you can easily check for items you have for sale and buy them 
    (Above descriptions taken from Official FFXI website)
    Items can even be created through a process called Item Synthesis (See 
    Section 9: Crystals).
    11. Missions vs. Quests
    There are two different things in the world of Vana’diel that drives 
    the game forward and provides more interesting ways of leveling up your 
    character than just mindless killing enemies. One of these things is 
    called missions, and the other is quests. There is, however, a 
    difference between the two.
    Missions: In a mission, your character is temporarily hired to solve a 
    problem that is troubling your nation, and you will be compensated 
    accordingly. The specific content of missions ranges from odd jobs to 
    top-secret operations.
    Quests: Quests are specific requests from individuals, shops, or 
    organizations, and you may accept or decline as you wish. The 
    conditions for most quests are fairly loose, and typically do not 
    require you to have a specific job level, ability, or allegiance. 
    Quests rarely result in worthwhile monetary gain, but the trust and 
    respect that your character will gain are priceless.
    After each 2 or 3 missions that you complete, you will increase in 
    rank. With a higher rank comes added benefits (see Section 12: Levels 
    vs. Ranks).
    (Mission/Quest Descriptions taken from Official FFXI Website)
    12. Levels vs. Ranks
    Your character’s level is based on your job and control what spells and 
    skills your character can use. Ranks have no effect on the availability 
    of these, but instead determine your advancement in the story by 
    allowing you to complete certain missions. By collecting crystals and 
    trading them to the signet guards, you can build up your rank meter. In 
    order to increase in rank though, you must have completed a certain 
    The following are some of the benefits you will gain at certain rank 
    Rank 3 – Ability to get Ballista license
    Rank 5 – Ability to ride airship between 4 major cities (does not 
    include Kazham)
    13. Basic Commands
    The /? command will give you a list of all commands in FFXI, but the 
    list quite lengthy to display in the chat window, and will take a quite 
    to write down. Here are some basic commands that could prove to be 
    useful to you during your first times playing, as well as throughout 
    your FFXI experience:
    <pos> This command will tell you your position on the current map.
    <me>  This line can be inserted into various commands to stand for 
    yourself, or target yourself.
    <t> This works the same as <me>, except it’s for your current target.
    <st> This command allows you to select another target, without 
    disengaging fighting.
    <p1>-<p6> Each of these will target a different member of your party, 
    depending on where they are on your list. (The keys F1-F6 on your 
    keyboard do the same thing.)
    /fish – Starts fishing.
    /playtime – Tells you how long have you been playing.
    /clock – Tells you the current time, and the Vana’diel time
    /attack – Starts attacking current target
    /assist – Starts attacking the enemy your current target has engaged
    /ma – The start of a spell, requires the spell name after it (multiple 
    word spells require quotes around the name)
    /ja – Same as /ma, but for Job Abilities
    /shoot – Initiates long range attack, can be used quickly by using 
    /em – The emote command. Allows you to display an action in the chat 
    window that is not part of the presets emotions. (eg. If your name was 
    Player, “/em dances around wildly” would show up as ‘Player dances 
    around wildly’)
    *Search Commands* (Note: Replace anything inside < > with the correct 
    /sea all - Searches through all of the players and tells you the number 
    of people on
    /sea <name> - Searches for a person in your area
    /sea all <name> - Searches all of Vana’diel for that person
    /sea #-# - Searches a range of levels
    /sea <class> - Searches for a certain class 
    /sea <race> - Searches for a certain race
    /sea <country> - Searches for people from certain countries
    /sea linkshell – Searches for everyone in your LS
    /sea friends - Searches through your friends list.
    14. Useful Hints and Tips
    Here are some key things to remember once you start playing the game:
    -Use auto-stack regularly; it will help save inventory space
    -“Check” enemies before you fight them to see if you are able to beat 
    -When under the effects of certain status effects (Poison, etc.), you 
    will be unable to rest (Ctrl-H)
    15. Beginner’s Walkthrough
    This section will (hopefully) take some of the above info and being it 
    all together for a basic “to do” list for any new character. This WILL 
    NOT walk you though the setup process of the software, hardware, or 
    your account – I’m hoping people are smart enough to figure out how to 
    do that on your own. And don’t e-mail us if you aren’t...
    *All Characters*
    - Do the quest of trading in the Adventurer’s Coupon
    - Talk to NPCs around town to gain quests and learn information (don’t 
    feel like you have to do the quests right now, but it’s handy to have 
    them in your log)
    - Go into all the guilds and talk with the guild master (the one that 
    will give you the option of joining). Then, talk with all the other 
    members and write down any formulas that they give you (optional, but 
    the game does not store them)
    - Get Signet cast on you by a gate guard to join the Conquest system 
    (these people are at the exits of the city with either R.K., I.M., or 
    W.W. after their name) and proceed out into one of the surrounding 
    areas of your town to fight some low level monsters to start to level 
    up/gain crystals (use the “Check” function to see if you even have a 
    chance at killing a monster. Also, as long as you do not have a status 
    ailment on you, pressing Ctrl-H will let you rest and slowly regain 
    health (and magic)).
    - After gaining a few levels, check to see if you have new spells 
    available to you (magic users) and attempt a few of the quests if the 
    drops are from monsters that you can easily kill.
    16. Credits
    Information from the following sites was used to gather the information 
    for this FAQ:
    http://playonline.com/ff11us/index.shtml (Official FFXI website)
    http://www.davidbowie.jp/eriwilde/ffxi/index.html (Bilingual FFXI Site)

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