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    Quests FAQ by nemes1s

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          / /___ __ /  \ / /_____/ // /     ####              ####
         / ____// // .  ' // ___  // /#    ####               ####
        / /    / // / \  // /__/ // /###  ####                ####
       /_/    /_//_/   \//_____.//_____/#####                 ####
           ______ _____        __ ____######__ _____   _______####   __
          / ____//____ \ /\   / //____ \\  __//____ \ / _____// /#  / /
         / /___ _____/ //  \ / /_____/ // /  _____/ // /____ / /## / /
        / ____// ___  // .  ' // ___  // /##/ ___  //___   // /###/ /
       / /    / /__/ // / \  // /__/ // / #/ /__/ /_____/ // /###/ /
      /_/    /_____.//_/   \//_____.//_/  /_____.//______//_____  /
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     ---------- M I S S I O N S / Q U E S T S   G U I D E -------------
     version 0.8                                     han duong (hpsolo)
                                                 Midgardsormr: Sylphine
    Mission:  [1] The Horutoto Ruins Experiment
    Orders:   The Minister of the Orastery is conducting an experiment in the eastern
              magic tower of the Horutoto Ruins, located in East Sarutabaruta. Inquire
              at the Orastery first, then go assist him.
    Level:    party of 2 or more; level 6+ (can solo at level 8+)
    Solution: 1. Go to (E-7) in Port Windurst (Orastery) and speak to Hakkuru-Rinkuru.
                 (Also do the Glyph Hanger quest to get a map of the Horutoto Ruins if
                 you don't already have it -- you'll be glad to have it.)
              2. Head to E. Sarutabaruta and go inside the tower at (J-7). Then head to
                 the cracked wall at (H-9) once inside the tower. Examine the wall to
                 open it up and go inside.
              3. Go left and examine the magical gizmo on the wall; be wary of the
                 goblins in the area. You will get a scene and be told to find the
                 cracked mana orb.
              4. Return to the main area where you saw magical gizmos with steps that
                 lead to them. There are 6 -- examine any 5, and then upon examining
                 the 6th orb you will get the Cracked Mana Orb [Key Item].
              5. Return the Cracked Mana Orb to the Orastery.
    Reward:   Rank points
    Title:    (?)
    Mission:  [2] The Heart of the Matter
    Orders:   Assist the Manustery in the creation of Cardians. You must go to the
              southeastern magic tower of Horutoto Ruins in East Sarutabaruta, and
              energize the Mana Orbs hat serve as the hearts of the Cardians. Inquire
              at the Manustery first for details.
    Level:    party of 2 or more; level 8+
    Solution: 1. Go to (H-9) in the Manustery located in Windurst Woods and speak to
                 Apururu. He will give you six dark Mana Orbs [Key Item].
              2. Go to (J-11) in E. Sarutabaruta and find Pore-Ohre in the tower
                 located there. Talk to Pore-Ohre to obtain the Southeastern Star
                 Charm [Key Item].
              3. Now go down into the ruins and place each of the six orbs in each of
                 the 6 magical gizmo platforms. You simply need to examine the gizmos
                 and the orbs be be placed automatically. Two of them are in the side
                 rooms behind cracked walls and are guarded by Balloons (bomb type).
              4. Once all six orbs are placed, head to yet another cracked wall and 
                 examine the magical gizmo on the wall to trigger a cutscene.
              5. Now retrieve the 6 orbs and return to Apururu. You will lose them,
                 but don't worry. Just report back to Apururu at the Manustery.
    Reward:   Rank points
    Title:    (?)
    Mission:  [3] The Price of Peace
    Orders:   Receive two bags of food offerings from the Rhinostery, and deliver one
              bag to each of the Yagudo who stand by the altars of offerings in
              Giddeus. Don't forget to report back to the Rhinostery after completing
              the mission.
    Level:    party of 2 or more, level 8+
    Solution: 1. Head to (J-9) at the Rhinostery at Windurst Waters and speak to
                 Ohbiru-Dohbiru. Then head to the roof of the Rhinostery to speak to
                 Leppe Hoppe. He will give you Food Offering [Key Item] and Drink Offering
                 [Key Item].
              2. Buy a map of Giddues (600 gil) at Windurst Woods at one of the yellow
              3. Head to W. Sarutabaruta go to the northwest area. Enter Giddeus (it's
                 unmarked on the W. Sarutabaruta map) and go to (G-7) where you will
                 speak to a Yagudo named Ghoo Pakya.
              4. Then go to (H-7) and speak to Laa Mozi. 
              5. Return to the Rhinostery rooftop and watch a scene.
              6. Head over to any Windurst gate and speak to the guards who give you
    Reward:   Rank 2
              1000 gil
    Title:    (?)
    Currently a work in progress...
    Below are the quests I have pending and completed. Unfortunately, I am
    writing this guide based only from memory -- and it's been a long time
    since I've done some of the quests listed below. Feel free to send in
    corrections (be it item names, reward info, better solutions). Things
    in () or [] are names/rewards which I can't remember. So if you do
    these quests and remember the reward, please inform me :P
    I will eventually have each in-game summary of the quest as well. They
    can be pretty lenghty, so that will come later. The titles of each
    quest come from the Quests menu in the game and are NOT translations.
    Being from Windurst, I've posted the Windurst quests first :P
     - Titles you attain from finishing each quest
     - Identifying which quests are "hidden" -- i.e. do not appear on the
       Current Quest but do appear on the Completed Quest log.
     - Pre-reqs and possible conflicts for each quest (lvl, fame, other
     - Locations of the NPCs (the clients and those mentioned in the
       solutions; also, if you see a solution that doesn't list the
       specific NPCs you need to see, and you happen to find it while
       doing the quest yourself, please send in the info)
     - All quests are listed in the order they appear in the quest menu.
     - Quests which are in a series are listed one after the other.
     - Jonnyram's Windurst Quest FAQ
       (needed some tips for a few of the Windurst quests)
     - FFXIOnline.com
     - whoever maintains http://www58.tok2.com/home/lonelyff
     - BahamustLegion LS
     - PheonixDown LS (formerly BahamutsLegion)   
    Unfinished Quests:
     * A Feather In One's Cap
       Client: Baren-Moren
         (Hat Shop, Windurst Waters)
     * Wondering Minstrel
       Client: Jatan-Paratan
         (Timbre Timbers, Windurst Waters)
         Talk to the NPCs in Timbre Timbers and then talk to
         Jatan-Paratan. Then travel to Jeuno to find Rusian.
         He will then tell you to give Jatan-Paratan a piece
         of Rosewood Lumber (carpentry; turn Rosewood Log
         into Rosewood Lumber; lvl 50+ skill?). I haven't
         completed this and made the mistake of buying a 6k+
         piece of log which I don't think anyone can turn
         into lumber just yet :(
     * Blast From the Past
       Client: Koru-Moru
         (Manor, Windurst Walls)
         Enter Shakhrami from Tahrongi, and go to G-6, then
         on the next map to H-6 (to return to the first map).
         From H-6, go to K-7. From I-7 (second map), go east
         to F-8. Kill the scorpions and anything else in the
         F-8 room first. Then examine the fossil rock and
         kill Ichorous Ire for a Burnite Shell. I lost the
         lot to this item; so still on the to-do list.
     * Making Amens!
       Client: Koroido-Moido
         (Orastery, Port Windurst)
         Travel to Garliage and examine the Incenerator. This
         is all I know based on talking to the NPCs. I have
         not done this yet, but I'm sure Sneak and Invisible
         is enough to complete this task.
     * In a Stew
       Client: Kuoh Rhel
         (Chocobo Stables, Windurst Woods)
         Kill any type of mushrooms for Woozy Mushroom and 
         must not have A Crisis in the Making still pending
         (it's a repeatable quest so avoid re-accepting
         the quest). He will ask for three Woozy Mushrooms.
         I have onlly managed two so far (to lazy to solo them
         and we fight Exorays anyway).
     * Can Cardians Cry?
       Client: Apururu
         (Manustery, Windurst Woods)
         Find the Queen of Diamonds cardian... I have no idea
         where to even start :( My hunch is she's somewhere in
         Toraimai Canal...
    Completed Quests:
     * In a Pickle
       Client: Chamama
         (Rarab Tail Hostelry, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: Bone Hairpin (gil if repeated)
         Kill Crawlers and obtain a Smooth Stone. Trade it to
         Chamama. You may have to do this several times before
         she accepts the "right" stone.
     * A Pose by Any Other Name
       Client: Angelica
         (Hostelry Room, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: Ancient Blood (furniture)
         Wear the proper garments and pose for her. If you do
         not have the proper garment, and do not obtain one
         in time, just change zones and retry the quest. The
         required clothing depends on your current main job.
     * Acting in Good Faith
       Client: Gantineux
         (Hostelry Room, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: Teleport-Mea scroll
         You may first need to talk to Epedur (San D'Oria
         Cathedral); high fame is also needed. Go to Eldieme
         and enter from Batallia (there are several entrances
         close to each other; it is not the one down by the
         island). Find a lit torchstand that also has ??? on
         it. Examine it and choose the option to use the
         incense. You will fail. Then return to Gantineux,
         and then visit Epedur (again) for the reward.
     * Say It with Flowers
       Client: Moari-Kaaori
         (House, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: (sword)
         Talk to everyone in the nearby houses, and then to
         Moari-Kaaori. Then go to the Rhinostery to get more
         info on the flower. REMEMBER WHAT HOW MOARI-KAAORI
         DESCRIBES THE FLOWER!!! You will need that info 
         when you talk to the people in the Rhinostery. Then
         Go to F-6 in Tahrongi and get the flower. Trade it
         to Moari-Kaaori.
     * Hat in Hand
       Client: Baren-Moren
         (Hat Shop, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: (gil)
         Talk to the following people in Windurst Waters:
         - Bondada at the hat shop
         - Machitata near the residence area
         - Honoi-Gomoi in a house in the residence area
         - Kenap-Keppa at the Rhinostery
         - Clais near the Rarab's Tail
         - Kyume-Romeh in the Rarab's Tail
         - Tosuka-Porika in the Optistery
         - Perchiru-Mashiru in the Aurastery
         QUEST. The more people you talk to, the more gil
         you receive. Don't talk to enough of them and you
         will be scolded (and get 0 gil).
     * Making Headlines
       Client: Naiko-Paneiko
         (Tarutaru Times, Windurst Waters)
         Find three newspaper reporters:
         - Rarib's Tail Hostelry in Windurst Waters
         - By the Airport in Port Windurst
         - Next to Shantotto's in Windurst Walls
         - By the Dhalmel farm in Windurst Woods
         Then go to the Cat Burglar's Hideout at G-8 in
         the northeast Horutoto Tower. (Enter and hug the
         wall to your right until you see a Cracked Wall;
         go through and continue hugging the wall to your
         right until you see a door at G-8; examine it).
         Return to Windurst waters and then report to
     * Scooped!
       Client: Naiko-Paneiko
         (Tarutaru Times, Windurst Waters)
         Take the boat between Mhaura and Selbina and
         fish using a strong fishing pole (S.H. Fishing
         Rod works well; use Lugworms or a lure that
         sinks to the bottom -- buy one on the boat).
         Catch an Ocean Crab and kill it to get a 
         Bronze Box. Trade it to Naiko-Paneiko. At level
         4-6 fishing, you will easily catch Ocean Crabs.
         They will only drop the Bronze Box if you do not
         currently have one in your possession.
     * Glyph Hanger
       Client: Hariga-Origa
         (Optistery, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: Key Item - Map of Horutoto
         Exit from Windurst Waters and visit the tower
         that is just outside. Just as you go inside
         (not inside the tower, but inside the entrance)
         look behind you at the entrance and talk to
         the person standing there. Then return to
     * Early Bird Catches the Bookworm
       Client: Tosuka-Porika
         (Optistery, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: (gil)
         Talk to Orn in the Rarab's Tail  Hostelry. Then go to
         Giddueus and drop down to the lower level. Go to G-6
         and trade a Silver Beastcoin for the lost book. These
         Silver Beastcoins are dropped by Yagodos (you can
         steal them from Persecutors, Mendicants, and Pipers
         as well).
     * Chasing Tales
       Client: Tosuka-Porika
         (Optistery, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: (gil)
         Go to the Auction Hall in Windurst Woods and speak to
         Hae Jakkya. She will deny borrowing the book (and she
         isn't lieing). Then go to San D'Oria to find Hea Jekhya.
         She is by the West Gate (on top of the walls). She is
         the true culprit. Get the book from her, and return to
     * A Smudge On One's Record
       Client: Hariga-Origa
         (Optistery, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: Key Item - Map of Fei'Yin and gil
         Kill Jellies in Shakhrami Maze to obtain Slime Oil.
         Buy a Frosted Turnip in Windurst Waters (Culinary Guild)
         and trade both items to Hariga-Origa.
     * Food for Thought
       Client: Kerutoto
         (Rhinostery, Windurst Waters)
         Grilled Hare Meat can be obtained by an easy quest in
         San D'Oria (or use cooking; may be sold at Auction
         Houses). Boiled eggs are obtained by cooking. Windurst
         Tea and Tortilla can both be bought in Windurst Water
         stores. Pamtam Kelp can be obtained by fishing using
         a normal fishing pole and insect paste as bait.
     * Overnight Delivery
       Client: Kenapa-Keppa
         (Rhinostery, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: Power Gi
         You have to talk to Kenapa-Keppa several times or at
         least until he starts repeating himself. Then go to
         Mhaura and wait by the ticket booth until nightfall.
         Find Kotan-Purutan and obtain luggage from her. You
         must be back in Windurst Waters before dawn. It is
         best to do this quest when you have Warp (lvl 17 BLM)
         or have a friend with Warp II. Just make sure you set
         your home point in Windurst Waters :P
     * Water way to go!
       Client: Ohbiru-Dohbiru
         (Rhinostery, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: (gil)
         Obtain the container from Ohbiru-Dohbiru. Then go to
         Gidddeus and trade it with the Giddeus Spring (there
         are two of them; one at E-12 and the other at K-12).
         Return the water you obtain from the trade and give
         it to Ohbiru-Dohbiru.
     * Teacher's Pet
       Client: Moreno-Teono
         (Aurastery, Windurst Waters)
         Kill Mandragora-type creatures to get a Two-Leaf
         Mandragora Bud and kill Carrion Crows to get a
         Bird Feather (can also buy from Weaver's Guild for a
         very cheap price). Trade them to Moreno-Teono.
     * Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
       Client: Paku-Nakku
         (Aurastery Roof, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: Hypno Staff
         Talk to his classmates and then to the people in
         the Orastery. You will learn that a Remedy does
         not work, and that Blazing Peppers are needed.
         Go to Pashlow and head to the northeastern green
         path on the map. There is a ??? there to which
         you can trade a Sickle for some peppers. Give
         these to Paku-Nakku. You will fail; but go talk
         to the people in the Aurastery and one of them
         gives you a hint. Talk to Paku-Nakku again, and
         respond with the hint. He will curse at you and
         your quest will be completed. Go back to the
         person who gave you the hint (inside the  Aurastery)
         to get a Hypno Staff.
     * Making the Grade
       Client: Fuepepe
         (Aurastery, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: Aspir scroll
         You need a red, black, and white mage to do this quest.
         Go to the northeastern Horutoto tower and hug the wall 
         to your right to find the Cracked Wall (G-8). Go inside
         and go through the east door in D-10. Solve the puzzle
         at H-9 and pass through the fake walls at H-8. Kill the
         Wendigos there to get the [Exam Answers]. Give the to
         Fuepepe, who sends you to Koru-Moru in Windurst Walls.
         Then return to Fuepepe.
     * A Crisis in the Making
       Client: Ranpi-Monpi
         (Culinarian's Guild, Windurst Waters)
       Reward: (gil)
         Go to Giddues and drop down to the lower level. Reach
         the altar room located in the northwest corner of the
         lower level. Examine the altar. Return to Ranpi-Monpi
         to finish your quest.
     * The Postman Always K.O's Twice
       Client: Ambrosius
         (Auction House, Windurst Walls)
       Reward: (gil)
         Give any mail items to Ambrosius to recive some gil.
         They are often found on rarabs (various types).
     * Curses, Foiled Again!
       Client: Shantotto
         (Manor, Windurst Walls)
         Kill Balloons in the Horutoto towers for Bomb Ash
         and the Magicked Bones (or any skeleton) for two
         Bone Chips. Trade these to Shantotto.
     * Curses, Foiled...Again!?
       Client: Shantotto
         (Manor, Windurst Walls)
       Reward: Misery Staff
         You will be given an option to turn yourself in, or
         refuse to give up. Choose the option to refuse.
         Get a Revival Tree Root from any undead, two Bomb
         Arms (bomb-type monsters or buy in Bastok Metalworks)
         and some hair from the person just outside of her
         house (he's actually one of the newspaper guys).
         Gives these to her for the staff.
     * Curses, Foiled A-Golem!?
       Client: Shantotto
         (Manor, Windurst Walls)
       Reward: Warp II scroll
         Sneak and Invisible are needed unless you have a party
         of lvl 45+. Starting at E-10 (where you exit from
         Ranguemont Pass), head to H-9. You will be traveling
         east and pass the first tower (as well as a pass that
         leads up and north). Find the ledge/passage leading
         northeast to I-8, where there is a pass leading down
         and east. Head north to I-7 to find a tower with three
         NPCs. Talk to Trino-Samarino and obtain a key item.
         From this tower, head due south to I-9 to find a pass
         leading down and east. Continue east to J-9 and then
         head north, northwest, then northeast until you reach
         J-5. Enter the ruins here (Fei'Yin).
         Once in Fei'Yin go to H-9. Do not take the path leading
         south. Instead continue east until you reach a circular
         room in H-9, and you will do a "U" turn and be heading
         west down some steps. Once you see a new map, head to
         F-6 and examine the first door north-western-most door.
         WARNING: Fei'Yin has lots of monsters which aggro
         magic, and just about everything aggros. Sneak is
         probably enough to get through here, but it doesn't
         hurt to play it safe with Sneak/Invis/Deo.
     * Mandragora-Mad
       Client: Yoran-Oran
         (Manor, Windurst Walls)
       Reward: (gil)
         Kill Mandragora-class monsters and trade the items
         they drop. I have traded Cornettes and Sulfur. If
         you know the other items which can be traded, please
         let me know.
     * Star Struck
       Client: Koru-Moru
        (Manor, Windurst Walls)
       Reward: Blaze Spikes scroll
         Go to W. Sarutabaruta and kill monsters from a drop
         called a Meteorite. Trade it to Koru-Moru for the
     * Something Fishy
       Client: Tokaka
         (Fishermen's Guild, Port Windurst)
       Reward: 70 gil
         Fish using a Bamboo rod and Lugworms near the guild
         and catch Bastore Sardines. Trade one to Tokaka for
         70 gil. You can rezone and repeat this quest.
     * To Catch a Falling Star
       Client: Sigismund
         (Orastery Roof, Port Windurst)
       Reward: Fish Scale Shield
         Talk to the man next to Sigismund for more info.
         Kill Pugil-type monsters (in E. Sarutabaruta) and use
         the Pugil Scales to trade with the tree at I-6 in
         W. Sarutabaruta after midnight. Bring the item back
         to Sigismund for the shield.
     * Truth, Justice, and the Onion Way!
       Client: Kohlo-Lakolo
         (Warehouses, Port Windurst)
         Obtain a Rarab Tail and trade this to Kohlo-Lakolo. The
         monsters in Sarutabaruta should drop these (bee-type
         creatues drop them most often). You can also grow these
         via gardening.
     * Know One's Onion
       Client: Kohlo-Lakolo
         (Warehouses, Port Windurst)
         Obtain four Wild Onions (dropped by Goblins in the
         Horutoto towers) and trade them to Kohlo-Lakolo.
     * Inspector's Gadget
       Client: Kohlo-Lakolo
         (Warehouses, Port Windurst)
       Reward: Heko Obi
         Kill Mandragora-type monsters (or steal) to obtain
         some Saruta Cotton. Trade 4 of these to Chamama in the
         Hostelry in Windurst Waters to obtain the key item
         Fake moustache. Then talk to Kohlo-Lakolo again.
     * Onion Rings
        Client: Kohlo-Lakolo
         (Warehouses, Port Windurst)
       Reward: Bouncer Club
         During Mission 7, you should have examined a spot in 
         the floor when you dropped through the trapped floor
         at J-8 (first map) in Oztroja. Talk to Kohlo-Lakolo
         and then examine the door at the Hero's House. After
         a cutscene, return to the warehouses and talk to
         Kohlo-Lakolo again.
     * Making Amends
       Client: Hakkuru-Rinkuru
         (Orastery, Port Windurst)
         Either synthesize Animal Glue or kill Goblins for the
         item and trade this to Hakkuru-Rinkuru.
     * Creepy Crawlers
       Client: Illu Bohjaa
         (Dhalmel Farm, Windurst Woods)
       Reward: 600 gil
         Kill Crawlers to obtain Crawler Calculus or Silk Thread.
         Trade three of each (one or the other, not both) to get
         600 gil. It's better to trade calculi (they only sell
         for 3 gil at the shops; silk sells at 203 gil a piece).
     * Paying Lip Service
       Client: Tapoh Lihzeh
         (Apothecary, Windurst Woods)
         Kill bees to and trade three Beehive Chips or two Remi
         Shells (kill crabs) and trade them to Tapoh Lihzeh. The
         location of this NPC is east of the Dhalmel Farm. 
     * The Amazin' Scorpio
       Client: Soni-Muni
         (Bomingo Round, Windurst Woods)
         Kill scorpions (any type; best found in Shakrami Maze) for
         a Scorpion Stinger.
     * Chocobilious
       Client: Kuoh Rhel
         (Chocobo Stables, Windurst Woods)
       Reward: 1500 gil
         Talk to Tapoh Lihzeh (See Paying Lip Service quest) for
         information on how to cure the sick chocobo. You will 
         need to kill Dhalmels for Papaka Grass. Trade it to
         Tapoh Lihzeh and then go see Kuoh Rhel.
     * Mihgo's Amigo
       Client: Nanaa Mihgo
         (Cat Burlar's lair, Windurst Woods)
         Talk to the other Mithra nearby to learn that she wants
         four Yagudo Necklaces. Trade them to Nanaa Mihgo.
     * Rock Racketeer.
       Client: Nanaa Mihgo
         (Cat Burlar's lair, Windurst Woods)
         Nanaa will give you a rock to have appraised by the
         people at the Goldsmiths' Guild (person just outside
         the door). I chose to sell the rock after having it
         appraised. Talk to Nanaa and tell her you sold it.
         Then go to Windurst Woods and talk to the hume near
         the home point and he will talk about a rock he
         lost. Travel to Palborough Mines and trade a Pickaxe
         to the Mithril Seam on the west wall of the room in
         I-9 (3rd floor). Get a Sharp Stone and bring it back
         to the hume in Windurst Woods.
     * The All-New C-2000
       Client: Kopuro-Popuro
         (Manustery, Windurst Woods)
         Kill rabbits for a Rabbit Hide, Mandrogoras for a Two-
         Leaf Mandragora Bud, and bees for an Insect Wing. Give
         These to Kopuro-Popuro.
     * A Greeting Cardian
       Client: Kopuro-Popuro
         (Manustery, Windurst Woods)
         Talk to all the cardians in the Manustery and respond
         to any dialogue boxes however you please. Then
         Speak to Kopuro-Popuro to initiate this quest. You
         will have to look for a cardian with an improper
         greeting. You can track down the cardian at the
         Buburimu outpost, and return to Kopuro-Popuro to
         finish your quest.
     * Legendary Plan B
       Client: Kopuro-Popuro
         (Manustery, Windurst Woods)
       Reward: Scentless Armlet
         Kill undead for a Revival Tree Root, wolf-type
         animals for a Wolf Hide, and the crypt ghoul
         in Ranperre's Tomb (by the headstone) for a piece
         of Luminicloth (I think any undead drop this; not
         sure though). Trade these to Kopuro-Popuro.
     * The Fanged One
       Client: Perih Vashai
         (Vashai's Residence, Windurst Woods)
       Reward: Ranger's Necklace and ability to become Ranger
         Go to I-10 in Sauromugue Champaign and check the ???
         to get a key item. Then return to Perih Vashai. Be
         careful as that spot is guarded by three tigers.
         Sneak and Invisible should be enough if you cannot
         handle the tigers.
     * Flower Child
       Client: Ojha Rhawash
         (Residential Area, Windurst Walls)
       Reward: extra exits from mog house
         Buy a Lilac in Upper Jeuno and give one to Ojha
     * I Can Hear a Rainbow
       Client: ???
         (House of the Hero, Widnurst Walls)
       Reward: Carbuncle summon and ability to become Summoner
         (Quest given only if current main job is level 30+)
         Kill leeches (best drop rates are Acrophies in Quifim)
         to get Carbuncle's Ruby. Then go to the Hero's House
         and get a cutscene. Now search out the seven weathers:
         - Heat         Meriph Mtns during noon, Castle Oztroja
         - Wind         Tahrongi, La Theine, Buburimu
         - Thunder      Junger, Saur. Chmpgn, Quifim
         - Rain         La Theine, Junger, Buburimu
         - Clear        (just about any location)
         - Ice          Beaucedine Glacier; sometimes Batallia
         - Sand         Tahrongi, Valkurm, Buburimu
         (If an area you are already in begins to have certain
         weather you need, just leave that zone and return to
         it to get the effect.) Go to G-6 in La Theine and trade
         the Carbuncle Ruby to the ??? spot near the circle of
         stones. (Yes, you can be on Chocobos and still get the
         weather effects)
    * BASTOK
     * Blade of Darkness
     * The Star of Ifrit
     * The Gustaberg Tour
     * The Siren's Tear
       Client: Wahid
         (South Auction House, Bastok Mines)
       Reward: 150 gil
         Talk to Wahid, then go the Port Bastok and find the
         bard in the restaurant for more info. Then head to
         J-8 and J-9 in N. Gustaberg with no weapon equipped
         to find the ???. Examine it and obtain a Siren's
         Tear. Return this to Wahid.
     * Beauty and the Galka
       Client: Cornelia & Parraggoh
         (House, Batok Mines)
       Reward: Bronze Knife
         This quest actually starts in the Warehouse in Port
         Bastok. Kill worms to obtain Zinc Ore and trade one
         to the person who gives the quest in the Warehouse.
         Then find Cornelia in Bastok Mines for the reward.
     * Welcome to Bastok
       Client: Powhatan
         (Steaming Sheep Restaurant, Port Bastok)
         Talk to him again if you would like to get some
         hints. Kill Quadavs in Gustaberg to get a Shell
         Shield. Wear it (might need to change classes) and
         talk to the NPCs behind the counters at the travel
         agency. You will get a cutscene. Then go see
     * Guest of Hauteur
       Client: Powhatan
         (Steaming Sheep Restaurant, Port Bastok)
       Reward: Targe
         Kill Garnet Quadavs for a Maul and wear it (lvl 31
         White Mage only). Then go talk to the gaurd near
         the zone from Port Bastok to Bastok Markets. Get
         a cutscene and a letter to give to Powhatan.
     * The Quadav's Curse
       Client: Corann
         (House, Port Bastok)
         Kill Quadavs for a Quadav Backplate and trade it to
     * Out of One's Shell
       Client: Ronan
         (House, Port Bastok)
         Talk to Ronan, and then to the people in the
         nearby area to learn that Shell Bugs are what
         you need. Go to Beadeaux and kill Quadavs for
         Shell Bugs (three needed). Trade them to Ronan
         and then rezone for your reward.
     * Hearts of Mythril
       Client: Elki
         (Bat's Lair Inn, Bastok Mines)
         Head to J-7 in N. Gustaberg and examine the
         grave there to place flowers at the grave.
         You will also notice some faded words... Go
         back to Elki and talk to him for your reward.
     * The Eleventh's Hour
       Client: Elki
         (Bat's Lair Inn, Bastok Mines)
       Reward: Satibaki
         Head to Palborough Mines and examine the
         Tool Box at H-7 (3rd Floor). Return to Elki
         and he'll send you on a search for a Galka
         in Bastok Mines. Find this Galka in the
         houses to finish this quest.   
     * Shady Business
       Client: Talib
         (Tenshodo Warehouse, Port Bastok)
         Kill worms to obtain Zince Ore. You can also
         buy these in Mhaura or at the airport shops.
         Trade four of them.
     * A Foreman's Best Friend
       Client: Gudav
         (Construction Site, Port Bastok)
       Reward: Key Item - Map of Gusgen Mines
         First head to the houses near the gate in 
         Bastok Markets to find a young Galka who
         tells you more about the foreman. You
         will learn about the forman's dog. Kill
         the dogs in Gustaberg (at night) for a rare
         Dog Collar (or buy at the AH). Trade this
         to Gudav and obtain the Gusgen Mines map.
     * Breaking Stones
       Client: Horatius
         (Trader's House, Port Bastok)
       Reward: (gil)
         Go to Wadi and search for the ??? at J-5.
         Obtain a Dangruf Stone and give this to
     * The Cold Light of Day
       Client: Malene
         (House, Bastok Markets)
       Reward: 500 gil
         Malene can be found near the zone toward
         Port Bastok. Find the young Galka in the
         house near the gate in Bastok Markets to
         learn that you will need to trade a Quus
         (obtain from fishing) to the ??? near the
         lighthouse (M-10) in S. Gustaberg to lure
         out a monster. Kill the crab (it appears
         behind you) to get a Steam Clock. Trade
         this to Malene.
     * Gourmet
       Client: Salimah
         (Trader's Home, Bastok Markets)
       Reward: 200 gil / 200 gil / 350 gil
         Depending on the time of day, Salimah will
         want various items for cooking. Talk to
         her daughter to find out what she needs
         (Sleepshroom, Treant Bulb, Wild Onions)
         and give her the requested item for some
         gil. If you give her an item that she does
         not request, she will give you less gil.
     * The Elvaan Goldsmith
       Client: Michea
         (House, Bastok Markets)
       Reward: 180 gil
         Synthesize a Copper Ingot (or buy one from
         the AH) and give this to Michea. Four
         Copper Ores and a Fire Crystal are needed.
     * A Flash in the Pan
       Client: Aquillina
         (House, Bastok Markets)
         Kill worms to obtain Flint Stones. Give four
         to Aquillina.
     * Smoke on the Mountain
       Client: Hungry Wolf
         (Craftsmen's Eatery, Bastok Metalworks)
         Find and talk to Offa to learn how to make Galkan Sausage.
         Go to the top of the hill at K-9 in S. Gustaberg and
         find the Goblin camp at the top. You should see a ???
         at the center of the campfire. Kill the sheep nearby
         for some Giant Sheep Meat and trade this to the ???.
         You must wait an entire game-hour WITHOUT ever leaving
         S. Gustaberg for the meat to cook. Give the Sausage to
         Hungry Wolf once it meat is done cooking.
     * Stamp Hunt
       Client: Arawn
         (Gold Street, Bastok Markets)
       Reward: Leather Gorget
         Examine the stamp sheet in your key items menu to get
         hints on the location of the people who will offer you
         stamps. Once all guards have been found, talk to Arawn
         again. (Anyone remember the names/location of the NPCs?)
     * Forever to Hold
       Client: Qiji
         (Docks, Port Bastok)
         Talk to the old couple near the water. Qiji wants you
         to get him a Brass Hairpin (synthesis item or check
         AHs). Trade it to his wife, Romilda to get a silly
         cutscene and your reward.
     * Fallen Comrades
       Client: Pavvke
         (House, Bastok Mines)
         Kill Quadavs in the Palbourough Mines to get a Silver
         Name Tag. Trade this to Pavvke. You can also find lots
         of these in the armor section at the AH.
     * Mom, the Adventurer?
       Client: Nbu Latteh
         (Gold Street, Bastok Markets)
       Reward: 200 gil / 100 gil
         Make (or buy -- easier and cheap) a Copper Ring and
         find the young Mitrha in a house in Bastok Mines. Give
         her the ring and obtain a letter to Nbu Latteh. Talk
         to Nbu Latteh once you get the letter.
     * The Signpost Marks the Spot
       Client: Nbu Latteh
         (Gold Street, Bastok Markets)
         Head to G-4/G-5 in the Konschtat Highlands to find a
         Signpost which you can examine. Get a key item (some
         sort of painting) and give this to Nbu Latteh's daughter.
     * Past Perfect
       Client: Evi 
         (Harbor Way, Port Bastok)
         Head to G-8 in the Konschtat Highlands and examine
         the ??? to find the buried mission orders. Return
         and talk to Evi to finish up the quest.
     * Stardust
       Client: Baldric
         (Darksteel Forge, Bastok Metalworks)
         Head to Valkurm's beaches and look for a beat-up
         boat that has marooned on the shores (I forget
         which beach). During sandy weather, a ??? will
         appear. Examine it for some Sunsand. Give this to
     * Mean Machine
       Client: Unlucky Rat
         (Cermet Factory, Bastok Metalworks)
       Reward: Warp scroll
         Kill slime-type monstes (Jellies in the Shakhrami
         Maze, for example) to get Slime Oil. Trade this
         to Unlucky Rat for a scroll of Warp. (This is a
         magic-learning scroll, and not the one-time-use
         version obtained from conquest points)
     * Father Figure
       Client: Michea
         (House, Bastok Markets0
         Synthesize a Silver Ingot to give to Michea.
     * Drachenfall
       Client: Black Mud
         (Ore Street, Bastok Mines)
       Reward: (gil)
         Head to Wadi and go to J-3. Use the geyser to get
         up to the ledge and continue north (not visible on
         the map) and you will end up at C-8 in N. Gustaberg.
         Head to the waterfall to find a spot where you can
         trade the urn given to you by Black Mud and obtain
         some water. Give this back to Black Mud for some
     * The Curse Collector
       Client: Zon-Fobun
         (Near Sororo's, Bastok Markets)
       Reward: Poison Cesti
       Solution: Go to Beadeaux and examine the Afflictor
         and the Mute to be cursed and silenced. Then
         return to Zon-Fobun to get Poison Cesti claws.
     * The Wisdom of Elders
       Client: Benita
         (House, Port Bastok)
         Talk to Benita and then find her step-mother just
         outside with Benita's daughter. Talk to the step-
         mother to learn that Bomb Ash is needed to
         clear out the clogged chimney. Get some for Benita
         from Bastok Metalworks.
     * Groceries
       Client: Tami
         (Near Residential Area, Bastok Mines)
       Reward: 50 gil / Rabbit Mantle
         This is actually two quests (one is "hidden"). Get
         a memo from Tami to give to her husband Zelman in
         the Zeruhn Mines (I-8). If you examine the memo
         before you talk to Zelmun, you will also be asked
         to buy some Meat Jerky for Tami (get some from the
         inn in Bastok Mines). Return to Tami and talk to
         her to get 50 gil. Then trade the jerky for another
     * The Bare Bones
       Client: Degenhard
         (Near Galkan Bridge, Bastok Markets)
       Reward: Key Item - Map of Wadi
         Kill skeletons and get a Bone Chip to give to
     * Minesweeper
       Client: Gerbaum
         (Work Area, Bastok Mines)
         Kill anything in Zeruhn Mines and get three
         Pinches of Zeruhn Soot.
     * Buckets of Gold
       Client: Foss
         (Firewater Circle, Bastok Markets)
       Reward: (gil)
         Fish either in towns or in small freshwater lakes
         and streams. Use Worms or Fly Lure and hope for
         Rusty Buckets. You need to trade five of them.
     * Brygid, the Stylist
       Client: Brygid
         (Gold Street, Bastok Markets)
       Reward: Gloves
         Dress up the way she suggests (a Robe and a
         Bronze Subligar).
     * Bite the Dust
       Client: Yazan
         (Harbor Way, Port Bastok)
       Reward: 350 gil
         Head to K-9, L-9 in Valkurm Dunes and kill the Sand
         Bats to obtain a Sand Bat Fang (different from the
         regular Bat Fang).
     * Altana's Sorrow
       Client: Virnage
         (Bat's Lair Inn, Bastok Mines)
       Reward: Teleport-Dem scroll
         Go to Garliage Citadel (enter from bottom left corner of
         H-10 square in Sauromugue Champaign). Find the ??? in 
         G-8 or H-8. Sneak and Invisible is needed to get by the
         beetles. The bats there do not aggro (but watch out for
         the undead). Also, avoid falling through the holes in
         the ground. The ??? is often found inside the square
         rooms near fallen rocks. Examine the ??? to obtain some
         paint and then talk to Virnage. He will send you to see
         Eperdur, who then gives you Teleport-Dem magic.
     * A Lady's Heart
       Client: Valah Molkot
         (Near Residential Area, Port Bastok)
       Reward: exits from mog house expanded
         Buy an Amirilis from Upper Jeuno and give this to
     * Ayame and Kaede
       Client: Ensetsu
         (House, Port Bastok)
       Reward: ability to become Ninja
         Refer to:
         On that one page, there are five maps. I will call them
         maps 1 through 5, where map 1 is the topmost map.
         You will enter the tunnel at N-6 of map 1. From N-6, head to
         the letter "A" at A-9/A-10 on map 1, which connects to N-7/N-8
         of map 2. Continue west (passing a couple of giants and what
         appears to be a mini-bridge located just above your head level)
         to about E-9/F-9. You will pass a set of steps; just behond the
         steps is a "secret" passage going south -- secret because it's
         shown on the in-game map. Take this secret passage and it
         eventually leads east. Go to the east border of the G-9 square
         (this is still in map 2, of course). You will eventually see a
         pass leading north. (This will take you onto the bridge you saw
         on your way to E-9/F-9) Head north until you are forced to go
         east (do not drop down). Make your way toward the "D" on map 2
         (again, don't fall off!). Point "D" on map 2 connects to point
         "D" on map 5. On map 5, continue to H-10 (a bridge; don't fall
         off), then to H-8 where you will turn to go east. Make your
         way to J-7, and then you will be forced to travel south. While
         heading south, hug the wall to your left and eventually you'll
         end up at K-8/L-8 where you will find the ???.
         When you examine the ???, THREE leeches will spawn and you must
         kill them all. Then re-examine the ???. (Note that if you are
         in a party, only one person needs to examine the ??? to spawn
         the leeches. After you all kill the leeches, everyone in the
         party can then examine the ??? and finish that part of the
         quest. I.e., you all don't each have to examine the ??? and
         each spawn the leeches.)
         Return to Bastok and talk to Ensetsu, and he will send you to
         Norg. Get to Norg by going through Yuhtunga Jungle, then
         the Sea Grotto  (s.w. corner of Yuhtunga Jungle) -- just hug
         the wall to your right inside the grotto and enter through a
         door. Once past the door, you can just run past any aggro to
         Norg. Once you enter Norg, find Ryoma by the water and talk
         to him. Then return to see Ensetsu in Bastok.
    * SAN D'ORIA
     * A Knight's Test
       Client: Balasiel
         (Watchdog Alley, Souther San d'Oria)
     * The Rivalry
       Client: Gallijaux
         (Wharf, Port San d'Oria)
         Catch a Moat Carp and give one to Gallijaux. (If you
         speak to his brother, Joulet first then his brother
         will ask for a Moat Carp instead. I have not verified
         this, however.)
         Ok I gave Gallijaux one, but apparently that's not
         enough. Perhaps you have to give him enough until he
         reaches a certain count.
     * A Sentry's Peril
       Client: Glenne
         (Pikemans' Way, Southern San d'Oria)
         Find Avelon in West Ronfaure. He can be seen running to and
         from the city. Give him the ointment, and he will give you
         an empty crate to give to the quest giver. 
     * Waters of the Cheval
       Client: Miageau
         (Cathedral, Northern San d'Oria)
       Reward: Wing Pendant
         Go to H-5 in East Ronfaure and trade the container you
         have been given to the ??? in the river and obtain the
         requested water. Return this to Miageau.
     * Rosel the Armorer
         (Rosel's Armour Shop, Southern San d'Oria)
       Reward: 200 gil
         Watch the cutscene, and you will then be asked to give
         one of the two princes a receipt. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW
         WHICH PRINCE IT IS!!! Then go to the castle and try to
         enter. A guard will stop you. Talk to both guards and
         respond with the correct prince (you will be asked to
         choose one of the two; I hope you remember). Then
         return and talk to Rosel.
     * The Pickpocket
       Client: Altiret
         (Airship Docks, Port San d'Oria)
         Talk to Miene to initiate the quest. Talk to her again
         to retrieve an item you will need later as proof. Make
         your way toward the West Ronfaure gate and talk to as
         man NPCs as you can to get more info. Once in West
         Ronfaure, find the theif in a tower at G-5. Show the
         item you got from Miene as proof to obtain the stolen
         item and return this to Altiret.
     * Father and Son
       Client: Ailbeche
         (Parade Grounds, Northern San d'Oria)
       Reward: Willow Fishing Rod
         Talk to the little boy and then head to Rosel's
         Armour shop to find his father. Talk to his father
         and then return to Ailbeche and talk to him for
         a cutscene. You will obtain a Yew Fishing Rod.
         DO NOT KEEP THIS! Instead, return it to the little
         boy. (If you plan to be a Paladin, I think this
         nice deed will affect you later on.)
     * The Seamstress
        Client: Hana Punaa
          (Tanner's Guild, Southern San d'Oria)
          Give her three Sheepskins. You can either kill the
          sheep in Konchstat Highlands or just buy the skins
          in the shop just behind her.
     * The Dismayed Customer
       Client: Gulemont
         (The Rusty Anchor, Port San d'Oria)
         To find the lost documents, go to West Ronfaure and
         examine the ??? at: G-9, G-10 (by the lake) or F-11.
         Then return the documents you find to Gulemont.
     * The Trader in the Forest
       Client: Abeaule
         (Phoenix Perch Inn, Northern San d'Oria)
         Find Phairet at the tower at I-11 in West Ronfaure.
         Obtain the Batagreens and return these to Abeaule.
     * The Sweetest Things
       Client: Raimbroy
         (Grocery, Souther San d'Oria)
       Reward: 400 gil
         Kill bees and collect five Jars of Honey to give to
     * The Vicasque's Sermon
       Client: Abioleget
         (Cathedral, Northern San d'Oria)
         Obtain some Blue Peas from the friar and head to J-11
         in East Ronfaure. Talk to the friar there and give
         him the peas. Then return to the Cathedral and speak
         to Abioleget.
     * A Squire's Test
       Client: Balasial
         (Watchdog Alley, Southern San d'Oria)
         Kill any undead to obtain a Revival Tree Root. King
         Ranperre's Tomb is probably the easiest place to
         kill skeletons (and lots of them). You may need to
         be level 30 or higher to get this quest.
     * Grave Concerns
       Client: Andecia
         (House on Squire Alley, Southern San d'Oria)
         Go to H-10, I-10 in King Ronperre's Tomb and trade
         the water with the headstone.
     * The Brugaire Consortium
       Client: Fontoumant
         (Cargo Room B, Port San d'Oria)
       Reward: Lauan Shield
         You will be asked to deliver several packages. The
         first goes to Regine at Regine's Magicmart. (Then
         there's one to someone at the Port San d'Oria AH,
         and I forget the third one... info needed as my
         memory has failed me here)
     * Lizard Skins
       Client: Hanaa Punaa
         (Tanner's Guild, Southern San d'Oria)
       Reward: Lizard Gloves
         Kill lizzards and obtain three Lizzard Skins to
         give to Hanaa Punaa.
     * Flier for Regine
       Client: Regine
         (Regine's Magicmart, Port San d'Oria)
       Reward: 440 gil
         There are 15 Magicmart Fliers to give out -- and you
         can (should) only give them to NPCs. There are five
         in each of the three areas of San d'Oria. Four are
         near each other, and the fifth is usually farthest
         away from the other four.
         Port San d'Oria:
         - G-5 (little boy in a corner)
         - H-8, I-8, H-9, I-9 are four more
           * warehouse
           * above warehouse
           * little girl (Miene)
           * man near residence area
         Southern San d'Oria:
         - boy on west side (Tanner's Guild?) up on the porches
         - astrologist on east side up on the gate walls
         - woman near the east gate (giver of the signpost
           cleaning quest)
         - someone in the armor shop
         - one of the two boys standing near the tree by the AH
         Northern San d'Oria:
         - Four near Laborman's Way
           * Elvaan woman in F-6
           * one of the two mean near the wood stacks
           * person above those two men
           * person upstairs in the inn
         - someone in the cathedral
     * Gates of Paradise
       Client: Olbergieut
         (Cathedral Manuscript Room, Northern San d'Oria)
         Find the friar near the Holla Crag in La Theine
         and give him the manuscript. Then return and speak to
     * A Squire's Test II
       Client: Balasiel
         (Watchdog Alley, Southern San d'Oria)
         You must be level 30 or higher in your current main job.
         If you wish, talk to the NPC you see during the cutscene.
         Head to Ordelle's Caves (enter from H-7 of La Theine).
         Travel to H-6 in the caves and continue until you see
         a new map in your map menu. Then head to the room in
         G-7 and first look for two ??? spots. One is in the 
         water and the other is near the center of this room by
         the funguars. Now examine the ??? in the water and then
         quickly examine the ??? in the center of the room to
         obtain some stalactite. Give these to Balasiel.
     * Tiger's Teeth
       Client: Taumila
         (Sundries Shop, Southern San d'Oria)
       Reward: 2100 gil
         Kill tigers (Junger and Batallia) for three Black Tiger
     * Undying Flames
       Client: Pagisalis
         (Cathedral Reliquary, Northern San d'Oria)
       Reward: Friar's Rope
         Make two Bees Waxes. You can make them with some Distilled
         Water, three Beehive Chips, and a Fire Crystal (this makes
         one wax).
     * A Purchase of Arms
       Client: Helbort
         (Helbort's Blades, Southern San d'Oria)
         Find Alexius in Jugner Forest near the lake. He is somewhere
         in I-6 (or I-5). Return to Helbort and speak to him.
     * The Medicine Woman
       Client: Abeaule
         (Inn, Northern San d'Oria)
         Find Amaura in a house in Southern San d'Oria and talk to
         her to get a recipe for medicine. You will need a Malboro
         Vine, an Insect Wing, and some Copper Ore (or was it Zinc;
         check your key items list to find out what you need). Take
         these to Amaura and trade them for some medicine. Then
         talk to Abeaule.
     * Black Tiger SKins
       Client: Hanaa Punaa
         (Tanner's Guild, Southern San d'Oria)
         Kill tigers and obtain three Black Tiger Hides to trade
         to Hanaa Punaa.
     * Growing Flowers
       Client: Kuu Mohzolhi
         (Pheonix Perch Inn, Northern San d'Oria)
       Reward: exit expansion for mog house
         Buy a Margeurite in Upper Jeuno and give one to her so
         she can make the Queen's garden beautiful.
     * The General's Secret
       Client: Curilla
         (Temple Knights' Quarters, Chateau d'Oraguille)
       Reward: Lynx Bahnacks
         Head to Fort Ghelsba and go all the way to the top. There
         are some huts, behind which is a tunnel leading into the
         mountains. (You can also get here from Yughott Grotto by
         hugging the wall to the left as soon as you enter Ghelsba)
         Once you enter the top of the mountains there are two
         exits -- one to the burning circle and the other to the
         springs. Obtain the water needed and return to Curilla.
     * The Rumor
       Client: Novalmauge
         (Bostaunieux Oubliette)
       Reward: Drain scroll
         Go inside the castle and down to the oubliette. Not too
         far inside is Novalmauge. He wants you to bring him some
         Beast's Blood (not Fiend's Blood). Head to Pashlow Marshes
         and near the green spots on the map are some leeches.
         Kill them for Beast's Blood.
     * Her Majesty's Garden
       Client: Chalvatot
         (Queen Leaute's Grave, Chateau d'Oraguille)
       Reward: Key Item - Map of the Northern Regions
         First examine the queen's grave. Then talk to Chalvatot to
         get the quest. In the Crawler's Nest are Doom Scorpions. Kill
         them for Derfland Humus.
     * Grimy Signposts
       Client: Maugie
         (Eastgate, Southern San d'Oria)
         Go to Jugner Forest and just stay on the road. There are four
         signposts as you head to Batallia. Examine them to clean each
         one. Then return to and speak to Maugie.
     * A Job for the Consortium
       Client: Portaure
         (Warehouse B, Port San d'Oria)
       Reward: 1000 gil
         Just take the flight from San d'Oria to Jeuno and talk to the
         people in the Tenshodo Headquarters. (You MUST fly there. An
         airpass is required, as is a Tenshodo membership)
     * The Merchant's Bidding
       Client: Parvipon
         (Tanner's Guild, Southern San d'Oria)
         Kill rabbits for three Rabbit Hides. Trade them to Parvipon.
     * Blackmail
       Client: Dauperiat
         (Victory Arch, Northern San d'Oria)
         Go to the castle and find Halver. Talk to him and then speak
         to Dauperiat again. Kill Orcish Seargents in Davoi for a copy
         of the Castle Floor Plans. Give these to Dauperiat.
     * Distant Loyatlies
       Client: Femitte
         (Victory Square, Southern San d'Oria)
       Reward: White Cape
         Head to Bastok Markots and find Michea in one of the houses
         near the gate. You may need to have done a few quests from
         Michea, first, in order to obtain this quest. At any rate,
         Michea wants a Mythril Ingot (synthesis item). Trade this
         to Michea and rezone. Talk to Michea again and then return
         to San d'Oria to speak to Femitte.
     * Starting a Flame
       Client: Legata
         (Lion Springs Taver, Southern San d'Oria)
       Reward: 100 gil (repeatable)
         Kill worms in King Ronperre's Tomb for Flint Stones. You
         need four of them.
     * Fear of the Dark
       Client: Secodiand
         (Laborman's Way, Northern San d'Oria)
       Reward: 200 gil (repeatable)
         Kill bats to obtain Bat Wings. Give two to Secodiand.
     * Warding Vampires
       Client: Maloquedil
         (Parade Grounds, Northern San d'Oria)
         Kill Orcish Cursemakers in Davoid for Shaman Garlic. Give
         Maloquedil two of these.
     * Sleepless Nights
       Client: Paouala
         (House on Watchdog Alley, Southern San d'Oria)
       Reward: 5000 gil
         Kill Stray Mary in Konstat Highlands (she can be found near
         the windmills. You may need to kill sheeps there to force
         her to spawn.) Stray mary may drop some Mary's Milk. Give
         this to Paouala.
     * Lufet's Lake Salt
       Client: Nogelle
         (Rusty Anchor Pub, Port San d'Oria)
         Go to Knightwell's Lake in West Ronfaure and kill the crabs
         there for Lufet Rocksalt. (This is a rare drop and not the
         same as regular Rocksalt.) You will need three of these to
         give to Nogelle.
     * Healing the Land
       Client: Eperdur
         (Cathedral, Northern San d'Oria)
       Reward: Teleport-Holla scroll
         Go to Gusgen and head due north from the entrance to
         reach H-6, H-7. Examine the western-most lever and
         enter the door that lever opens. Once you enter the
         door, keep heading north/northwest and hug the wall
         to your left. You will eventually reach a spiraling
         ramp where Myconids hang out. Continue on this
         path until you reach a huge room with Gallynippers
         and bombs. There is a shed at the top-right corner
         of the G-8 square. Examine the ??? and return to
         Virnage. He will then send you to Epedur in San
         D'Oria where you will get Teleport-Holla magic.
     * Sorcery of the North
       Client: Eperdur
         (Cathedral, Northern San d'Oria)
       Reward: Teleport-Vazhl scroll
         Head to Fei'Yin and make your way to the circle rooms
         in J-8, J-9, and J-10. There are Shadows here which
         will drop a Northern Ruins Treasure Chest Key. Once
         you get the key, search Fei'Yin for a Treasure Chest
         and open it. If you have this quest, the chest will
         give you the Lost Magic Tome key item. Once you have
         this item, return to Eperdur for the Teleport-Vazhl
         magic scroll. I found a chest in J-9 (circular room).
         If you have other chest spawn locations, please let
         me know.
     * Messenger from Beyond (WHM AF1)
       Client: Narcheral
         (Cathedral, Northern San d'Oria)
       Reward: Blessed Hammer
         Level 40 white mage required. Go to Valkurm Dunes (head
         to the northwest corner and enter the beach area there;
         it is NOT shown on the map). Find the ??? somewhere near
         B-7 (not too far from the Song Monument) and examine it.
         Kill the Dark Stalker that appears to obtain a Tavnazia
         Pass. Give this pass to Narcheral for the Blessed Hammer.
         Either a full party of level 45+ or a full alliance (18)
         of level 30+ will work.
     * A Taste for Meat
       Client: Thierride
         (Rusty Anchor Pub, Port San d'Oria)
       Reward: 150 gil / Grilled Hare Meat
         First talk to the people at the tables. One of them
         will demand meat to be on the menu. Then speak to
         Theirride. Kill rabbits and obtain five slices of Hare
         Meat to give to Thierride. Don't forget to speak to
         the people at the tables again.
     * Exit the Gambler
       Client: Aurege and Guilberdrier
         (Carpenter's Guild, Northern San d'Oria)
       Reward: Key Item - King Ronperre's Tomb map
         Find Varchet near the Residential Area in Southern
         San d'Oria. He's right by the fountain. Gamble with
         him and win. Then return to Aurege and Guilberdrier
         and speak to them.
     * Thick Shells
       Client: Vounebariont
         (Auction House, Port San d'Oria)
       Reward: (gil)
         Kill any type of beetle and obtain five Beetle Shells.
         Give them to Vounebariont for some gil.
    * JEUNO
     * A Clock Most Delicate
     * A Candlelight Vigil
     * Cook's Pride
     * Candle-Making
     * Northward
     * Deal with Tenshodo
     * The Gobbibag Part II
     * Crest of Davoi
       Client: Baudin
         (House, Upper Jeuno)
       Reward: Key Item - Crest of Davoi
         You must be on Mission 10 in order to get this quest.
         You need a piece of Coeurl meat. Either kill the ones from
         Saur. Chmpgn or go to Meriph Mtns (northwest corner, near
         the crag-like structure) and kill Coeurls for the meat.
         Trade one to Baudin.
     * Chocobo's Wounds
       Client: Brutus
         (Chocobo Stables, Upper Jeuno)
       Reward: Key Item - Chocobo License
         Talk to Brutus and answer some questions. I forgot what
         I selected as my answer choice, but if you do not get
         the quest just rezone and try it again. Next, you need
         to go to Dangruf Wadi and head far north. Find Wadi Hares
         and kill them for Gaussebit Grass (you need four). Then
         talk to the chocobo in the corner near a young boy back
         in Upper Jeuno. The boy will tell you to give it some
         special grass to help nurse it back to health. Give the
         chocobo a grass and it will refuse. Try again on a
         different in-game day, and it will refuse again. Then
         on yet another different in-game day try to feed it
         once more. It will finally eat. Repeat three more times
         on different in-game days to finish this quest. Then
         talk to Brutus. (You do not have to give the grass
         on consecutive in-game days)
     * Save My Son
       Client: Dietmund
         (Merchant's House, Lower Jeuno)
         Go to Quifim and at F-8 is a ledge by the water that
         leads down to a cave where a Kraken lives. At night
         (I think around 2:00), the flowers there will glow.
         Examine them and a cutscene will occur. Return to
         Dietmund to finish the quest. Sneak and Invisible is
         needed, as well as level 30+ on your current main job
         in order to get this quest.
         See: Path of the Beastmaster
     * The Wonder Magic Set
       Client: Panta-Putta
         (Merchant House, Lower Jeuno)
         See: Child's Play
         Go to Port Jeuno and find the group of kids between
         the entrance to the Windurst and Bastok ports. One
         of them will give you a Wonder Magic Set if you
         give him a White Rock (buy from Goldsmith shops in
         either Bastok Markets or Mhaura). Then take the
         Wonder Magic Set and give it to Panta-Putta. I did
         not talk to anyone in Panta-Putta's house and am
         not sure if it affects the quest at all...
     * Your Crystal Ball
       Client: Kurou-Morou
         (Fortunetellers, Lower Jeuno)
       Reward: Divination Sphere
         Kill any eye-type creature (Ranguemont Pass,
         Beaucedine Glaciers, Xarcabard) they will eventually
         drop the needed Ahrimen's Lens (not the Tears).
         Give this to Korou-Morou, who then tells you to
         take the lens to Shakrami Maze (G-5). Trade the
         lens to the fountain there and wait one real-time
         day. Come back and retrieve the Divination Sphere
         and give this to Kurou-Morou to finish the quest.
     * Collect Tarut Cards
       Client: Chululu
         (Fortunetellers, Lower Jeuno)
         You will be given 5 Tarut cards of the same type.
         (It's random, but will be one of Death, Hermit,
         Fool, or ___). Find other players (not NPCs) who
         also have this quest and trade with them to get
         one of each. Give the four cards to Chululu to
         finish your quest.
     * The Old Monument
       Client: Lowenhart
         (Song Runes, Buburimu)
         See: A Minstrel in Dispair
         See Also: Path of the Bard
         First talk to all the people in the bar in Lower
         Jeuno. One of them will mention a song that may
         cheer up Mertaire, the depressed bard. Obtain a
         Parchment (synthesis) and head to F-9 in Buburimu
         to find a Song Monument. Examine the monument
         for a cutscene (you must have the Parchment in
         your inventory).
     * A Minstrel in Dispair
       Client: Mertaire
         (Merry Minstrel's Meadhouse, Lower Jeuno)
         See: The Old Monument
         See Also: Path of the Bard
         Talk to everyone in the bar and Mertaire in
         particular. Then do The Old Monument quest. Trade
         the Parchment to the Song Monument to obtain the
         lyrics which Mertaire needs.
     * Community Service
       Client: Zauko
         (Lower Jeuno)
       Reward: nothing
         Talk to Zauko and make sure you know what in-game time
         to start. Head toward the gate to start, and at the
         specified time, examine each lamp post and choose the
         option to light them. Light all of them and then talk
         to Zauko to finish the quest. (You will not get any
         reward -- just the satisfaction of doing it and some
     * Tenshodo Membership
       Client: Ghebi Damomohe
         (Neptune's Spire, Lower Jueno)
       Reward: Key Item - Tenshodo Membership and Tenshodo Invite
         Talk to one of the NPCs in the only room you can enter
         and he gives you a (cryptic) hint. Then talk to Ghebi
         and move the selection cursor down to the bottom until
         you have selected a blank option. Ghebi will then give
         you a Tenshodo Mebmership Application form. Go to the
         Warehouses in Port Bastok and speak to the NPCs there
         to finish the application form. Return to Jeuno and
         speak to Ghebi. You will get a membership card, and
         a Tenshodo Invite (to give away or sell). (I'm not sure
         but I think you must have accepted Mission 10 in order
         to get this quest)
     * Path of the Beastmaster
       Client: Brutus
         (Chocobo Stables, Lower Jeuno)
       Reward: ability to become Beastmaster and Beast Whistle
         You must first complete the Save My Son quest. Then
         talk to Brutus to get a cutscene. After the cutscene
         you will be given the aiblity to become a beastmaster.
     * Path of the Bard
       Client: Lewenhart
         (Song Runes, Valkurm Dunes)
       Reward: ability to become Bard
         See: The Old Monument
         See Also: A Minstrel in Dispair
         After you have given Mertaire the song lyrics, head
         to Valkurm Dunes; at B-7 is another Song Monument.
         Examine it for another cutscene, and you will
         then be able to become a Bard at your mog house.
     * Child's Play
       Client: Karl
         (Port Jeuno)
       Reward: Key Item - Wonder Magic Set
         See: The Wonder Magic Set
         Buy a White Rock from any of the Goldsmith guilds
         (Mhaura or Bastok Markets). Give one to Karl and you
         will get the Wonder Magic Set in return.
     * The Antique Collector
       Client: Imasuke
         (Gate to Quifim, Port Jeuno)
       Reward: Key Item - Map of Delkfutt's Tower
         Kill the Weapons in Quifim for a Kaiser Blade. Give
         one to Imasuke.
     * The Gobbiebag Part I
       Client: Bluffnix
         (Muckvix's Junk Shop, Lower Jeuno)
       Reward: 5 more slots in your inventory
         Give Bluffnix one of each of the following:
         - Steel Ingot (buy in Mhaura)
         - Linen (weaving synthesis)
         - Peridot (high quality goldsmith synthesis)
         - Dhalmel Leather (tanning synthesis, or kill Goblin
           Furriers for this rare drop)
     * Mysteries of Beadeaux Part I
       Client: Sattal-Mansal
         (Tenshodo, Lower Jeuno)
       Reward: Key Item - Coruscant Rosary
         Go to Beadeaux and head to H-7 where you go down 
         a ramp. Head east to F-8 and you will then surface
         again. Find a ramp to go up (G-10 area?) and then
         go to I-10 to find a Quadav headhunter. Kill him
         for Quadav Charms (he drops 2-4 per fight; respawn
         is about 10 minutes). This quest is part of the
         tenth mission.
     * Mysteries of Beadeaux Part II
       Client: Sattal-Mansal
         (Tenshodo, Lower Jeuno)
       Reward: Key Item - Black Matinee Necklace
         Head to Beadeaux and take the same path but instead
         of reaching I-10, you will want to be somewhere
         near G-6 (on the upper level). There is a Quadav
         NM here which drops the Divination Shell. You can
         optionally skip going up to the upper level and
         try to lure (with ranged attacks or magic) from
         the ground level. This quest is part of the tenth
     * The Goblin Tailor
       Client: Guttrix
         (Goblins' Goblet, Lower Jeuno)
       Reward: Race Specific Equipment
         Open up treasure chests in Shakrami Maze, Ordelle's
         Caves, or Gusgen Mines during the week of your
         race and gender to obtain magical patterns. Then
         speak to Guttrix and he will make some nice armor
         for you. There are four pieces total, and they
         vary depending on your race and gender.
     * Pretty Little Things 
       Client: Zona Shodhun
         (Residential Gate, Port Jeuno)
       Reward: exit expansion for mog house
         Go to Bastok Markets' Goldsmith guild and buy a
         Yellow Stone (Mhaura may possibly have them as well).
         Give this stone to Zona Shodhun.
     * (Khazham Airpass; this quest does not appear on the quest log)
       Client: Guddal
         (Khazham arrival/departure, Port Jeuno)
       Reward: Khzaham Airpass
         You'll need three Treasure Chest keys: one from Giddeus, one
         from Palborough Mines, and one from the Ghelsba Outpost (or
         Yughott Grotto). Trade them to Guddal and he'll give you a
         pass for Khazham.
         Giddues - go to H-7 and drop down through the grass and head
         south toward H-14. At H-14 (and in the areas leading there)
         are Yagudo Priests, Votaries, and Theologiests who drop the
         Pal. Mines - third floor G-9/H-9 and I-9/J-9 rooms. Kill the
         Brass and Old Quadavs for keys.
         Yughott Grotto/Ghelsba - go to the top of the fort and enter
         the mountains (the grotto) via the tunnel leading from one
         of the tents. Kill Orcish Fighters and Cursemakers for the
     * Orlando's Antiques
     * The Sand Charm
     * Under the Sea
     * Cargo
     * The Rescue
     * Rycharde the Chef
       Client: Rycharde
         (Sailor's Stay, Mhaura)
       Reward: 1500 gil
         This quest will only appear if you talk to the secretary
         in the mayor's house. Ask her about work and she will
         send you to Take (find her in the Sailor's Stay). Then
         go speak to Rycharde to get this quest. You will need to
         kill Dhalmels in Tahrongi (easiest there) and give two
         Dhalmel Meats to Rycharde.
     * Way of the Cook
       Client: Rycharde
         (Sailor's Stay, Mhaura)
       Reward: 1500 gil
         Same as Rycharde the Chef quest, but this time you need
         one Dhalmel Meat and one Beehive Chip (from bees).
     * Unending Chase
        Client: Rycharde
         (Sailor's Stay, Mhaura)
       Reward: (gil)
         This time you need to obtain a Puffball. These can be
         obtained by killing the Walking Trees in Jugner Forest.
     * His Name is Valgeir
       Client: Rycharde
         (Sailor's Stay, Mhaura)
       Reward: Key Item - Map of Toraimai Canal
         Deliver some pizza to Valgeir in Selbina (Fisherman's
         Guild) and get his opinion on the pizza. Respond
         accordingly when you speak to Rycharde and he will
         give you the map.
     * Only the Best
       Client: Melyon
         (Weaver's Guild Salesroom, Selbina)
         Trade any of the following:
         - 5 La Theine Cabbages (buy from Windurst Culinary guild
           or kill the hares in Valkurm)
         - 3 Millioncorn (gardening)
         - 1 Boyahda Moss (kill Gobbues in Pashlow Marshes and
           in Rolanberry)
     * Elder Memories
       Client: Isacio
         (Waterfront, Selbina)
       Reward: ability to equip subjob
         Kill Snippers in Valkurm for a Crab Apron. Kill Ghouls
         (in Valkurm, Shakrami Maze, or Gusgen Mines) for a
         Magicked Skull. And kill Damselfies for the worm. Give
         these to Isacio (he will ask for them in a certain
         order). You must be level 18+ in order to get this
     * Test My Mettle
       Client: Devean
         (Behind Shepheard's Muster, Selbina)
       Reward: varies (gil)
         Talk to Devean to learn how to do this quest. I find
         it easiest for a white mage with a black mage sub
         (for Teleport-Holla and Warp) works the best. You
         can easily make 3000 gil in 10-15 minutes. Anyway,
         first go to Davoi and scope out the area for a Jar.
         It can be anywhere -- but you usually find it near
         some sort of camp (of any size; sometimes only two
         orcs are at a small camp; sometimes twenty at the
         larger camps). After you find the Jar, THEN go do
         the quest and bet 1000 gil with a 24 in-game hour
         limit. Find the Jar and get the Power Sandals.
         Trade them to Devean for 3000 gil (if you bet 1000
         gil and chose the least amount of time). This is
         repeatable :P
         You can also bet the least amount of gil if you want
         to keep the sandals. Then just wait for your time
         to run out and change zones if needed to repeat the
         quest. In fact, you may be better off selling these
         at the AH (5000 gil or more, even).
     * Missionary Man
       Client: Rauteinot
         (near the village gate, Khazham)
       Reward: ??? Teleport ???
         Kill the Ivory Lizzards in the Yuhtunga Jungle for a slab
         of Elshimo marble and give this to Rauteinot.
     * Black Market
       Client: Muzaffar
         (storage area, Norg)
       Reward: gil
         Bring sets of either four Northern Furs (dropped by giants),
         four pieces of Eastern Pottery, or four Southern Mummies.
     * Forge Your Destiny
       Client: Jaucribaix
         (near the Captain's Quarters, Norg)
       Reward: ability to become Samurai
         (Quest given only if current main job is level 30 or higher)
         One party member should buy an axe (or several, to be safe).
         You will need Bomb Steel and a Sacred Branch. Talk to Aeka
         and Ranemaud in Norg and they will each give you an item.
         They will give you Oriental Steel and a Sacred Sprig. Take
         the Oriental Steel and head to a cave at D-7 in Konchstat.
         Trade the steel with the ??? and fight the bomb NM (Forger?)
         and then examine the ??? after you defeat him. You should
         receive the Bomb Steel. Now head to Li'Telor and enter  
         the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah and find the ??? on a large tree
         at L-10. There is a small root under the ??? on which you
         can walk and then be within reach of the ???; trade the axe
         to it (only one person needs to do this) and an NM pops.
         Kill the tree NM that spawns and then trade the Sacred Sprig
         with the ??? after the fight to obtain a Sacred Branch. If
         you are with a party, the entire party can trade after the
         fight (i.e. you don't each need to kill the NM evil tree).
         Take these two items (Bomb Steel and Sacred Branch) to
         Jaucribaix and he will ask you to wait (1 real time hour).
         Talk to Jaucribaix again and he'll enable your Samurai job.

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