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    Paladin Guide by shadow conspiracy

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 07/03/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Paladin Job Guide
    Game: Final Fantasy XI
    Platform: PC/PS2
    Version: 0.9
    Author: shadow conspiracy
    Email: bprime@gmail.com
    FFXI Name: Kinean
    Server: Lakshmi
     1 - Introduction
      1a - Intro
     2 - Paladin
      1b - Information
      2b - Unlocking Paladin
      3b - Job Combinations
       3ab - Race Controversy
      4b - Abilities and Spells
     3 - Tips for playing
      1c - How to be an effective Paladin
      2c - Armor/Weapon Strategy
       2ac - Weapons
       2bc - AF Armor & Quests
       2cc - JSE Armor
       2dc - Relic Armor
      3c - Path to becoming a Paladin
     4 - Ending Stuff
      1d - FAQ
      2d - Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
      3d - Credits
    1 - Introduction
     |1a - Introduction
     Hi, I'm shadow conspiracy on GameFAQs, and Kinean in FFXI. Since I
    love playing as a Paladin, I felt like I should write about being
    one. I currently reside in Lakshmi, part of the PhoenixReborn 
    linkshell; I'm a 64 PLD/ 32 WAR with a variety of different other
    jobs leveled. I've had this game since the release date, and I
    couldn't be loving it more. 
     You can reach me at bprime@google.com if you have any questions.
     If there's an error in here or something I didn't add or whatever,
    email me or contact me so I can change it. Thanks!
    2 - Paladin
     |1b - Information
     This is the number one thing, the golden rule, about Paladins. You
    are the tank. You save your teammates' lives. You have lowered
    strength compared to other melee classes, excell with the 1H Sword/
    Shield combination (1H Swords are NOT damage dealing weapons), and
    have various White Mage to heal yourself and most importantly of all,
     If you can't keep hate, then you're not an effective Paladin,
    because, to be truthful, that's the only thing they're good for. You
    wouldn't want to choose a Paladin over a Dark Knight, Samurai,
    Dragoon, etc. for their damage.
     Don't plan on being a Paladin if you want to deal damage. That's the
    least of what you'll be doing.
     |2b - Unlocking Paladin
     To unlock the Paladin job, you must be atleast level 30. Go to
    San D'Oria South and talk to Balasiel at F-7. This will start a
    series of three quests that you must complete to unlock Paladin.
    They are A Squire's Test, A Squire's Test II, and A Knight's Test.
     Talk to Balasiel to start A Squire's Test. He wants you to get him a
    Revival Tree Root. This item drops off of various undead enemies.
    Best place to go would be to go to King Ranperre's Tomb and fight
    Spooks until it drops. Or... You could just get one at the AH. They
    sell for around 200 gil, under the Materials -> Alchemy section. Go
    back to Balasiel, trade him the tree root, and you will have
    completed the first quest. He gives you a Spatha for your troubles.
     Talk to Balasiel again to start A Squire's Test II. This requires
    you to go get a Stalactite dew from Ordelle Caves in La Theine. Go
    to F-7 in La Theine to enter the Ordelle Caves. Enter the cave and
    keep right throughout the cave until you reach a large room with
    stalactites hanging down from the ceiling and a waterfall right at
    the entrance of the room. You can select a ??? in the water, and
    another ??? near the center of the room. You must click on the ???
    in the water, and then run over to the other ???. You should have
    gotten a stalactite dew if you did this correctly. If you didn't
    get it, do it over again. It's a timed event. Go back to Balasiel
    and trade him the dew. His gives you the Squire Certificate. 
    Congrats! Only 1 more quest left to do.
     Talk to Balasiel one last time to start A Knight's Test. He gives
    you a Book of Tasks. This passages means for you go to go the city
    guards on the second floor of the wall and get books from them.
    First go to Cahamure and get the Book of East. Then go to Baurise
    to get the Book of the West. Next you must go to Davoi to get the
    last item. To make this part TEN TIMES EASIER, get a WHM that's
    higher that level 25 to help you. He can cast Sneak and Invisible
    on you that will make getting through Davoi so much easier. Davoi
    hosts monsters that are 40 and over; no way that you could fight
    them unless you have some high level help.
     Enter Davoi and go to I-8 and drop into the river. Go south a
    little bit and then keep heading west until the river ends (D-8).
    At the end of the river, head south to (E-10) to find the well.
    There might be some slimes there that you have to fight, but you
    can handle them. Check the well, and you'll receive A Knight's Soul.
    To get out, head back through the river up to (I-9) where you can
    head north or south. Go south to (J-10). Walk back through the
    eastern half of Davoi and then go back to Balasiel and trade him
    the Knight's Soul. Balasiel will knight you and you will be given a
    Kite Shield. Congrats! You can now play as a Paladin.
     |3b - Subjob Combinations
     Before I ramble on about each subjob for a Paladin, let me make this
    clear. You never, ever, sub anything other than Warrior in parties.
    Didn't get that? Here. ALWAYS SUB WARRIOR WHEN You'RE IN PARTIES, NO
    QUESTIONS ASKED. Warriors have the best abilities and stats for a PLD
    having Provoke, Defender, and Double Attack. Provoke is one of the
    most important elements of tanking. You won't beable to control hate
    effectively, or even at all, without Provoke.
     Warrior - 5/5
     Undoubtedly the best subjob for a Paladin. Provoke is essential to
    Paladins. They get an Attack Boost (which never hurts), Defender
    (but not until 50), and Double Attack (again, doesn't hurt).
     Monk - 0/5  
     Interesting combination. You'd have more HP and VIT with a MNK, but
    a Monk's abilities doesn't really help a Paladin out very much. The
    only really useful abilitiy is Dodge, but subbing Monk for it really
    isn't worth it.
     White Mage - 2/5
     Actually, WHM is a decent subjob. I mean, I'd rather have a
    PLD/WAR than a PLD/WHM, but PLD/WHMs are second best. More MP, but
    less HP and VIT, but a Divine Seal + Cure II/III/IV is mega-hate.
    Clear Mind and Auto Regen are certaintly helpful too. Plus, you
    can cure yourself of any of those nasty status ailments that WHMs
    might not get rid of in time.
     Black Mage - 0/5
     Paladins are not damage dealers. Subbing Black Mage doesn't change
    that. Plus, using a level ~30 spell on 70 beastmen doesn't work. Only
    reason you'd want to sub Black Mage is for Warp, but that wouldn't be
    used in party situations. Just for quests maybe, say you want to get
    back to someplace quicly.
     Red Mage - 0/5
     Extra MP, better HP and VIT than WHM sub, Fast Cast, and all their
    ehnancing spells, but still not a very good choice.
     Theif - 1/5
     Theif's don't make a good sub for a Paladin in parties. None of
    their abilities would help a Paladin out anyway. Only reason for
    subbing Thief is for Treasure Hunter/Gilfinder/Flee when you're
     Dark Knight - 0/5
     Paladins take damage. Dark Knights deal it. Putting these two jobs
    together doesn't make an uber character. It makes a terrible one. 
    Black magic helps a Paladin out in no way whatsoever, and neither
    do the Dark Knight skill, which will just decrease your defense.
     Beastmaster - 0/5
     You just don't sub beast, period.
     Bard - 0/5
     No instrument and you can only have one song. No helpful abilities
    at all.
     Ranger - 0/5
     Nothing really to contribute. No good skills for a Paladin, and only
    reason you would sub one is to pull (maybe??) but Paladins shouldn't
     Summoner - 0/5
     Um... I really don't know what to say about this. Besides that 
    summoner only makes a good sub to WHM, BLM, and RDM. Save yourself
    the trouble and don't.
     Samurai - 1/5
     Third Eye might come in handy once in a while, and Samurais don't
    have that bad of defense, but Samurais deal damage, opposite of 
    Paladins. No real useful abilities either, except Meditate at level
    60, but again, Paladins are there not to deal damage, but to take
     Ninja - 2/5
     Not bad. A Duel Wield Paladin isn't bad, and Utsusemi doesn't hurt.
    Decent sub for Paladin. Only useful for tanking HNMs.
     Dragoon - 0/5
     No wyvern. No defense at all. Just save yourself and don't.
     |3ab - Race Controversy
     Every race can be good at being a Paladin in their own way. I am a
    Hume, and in my own opinion, I think they are the best race for them
    (maybe I'm biased a little haha), but any race can play Paladin
    effectively as long as they know how to play as a Paladin.
     Galka - Highest HP and Highest VIT out of all the classes. But you
     get barely any MP which can hurt alot in the long run.
     Elvaan - Second highest HP, Second VIT, double a Galka's MP. Most
     people think that Elvaans make the best PLD and they can easily.
     Hume - Second lowest HP, Second highest MP, and right in the middle
     of every other stat. Humes can make a great Paladin as long as the
     player knows how to be one.
     Mithra - Same as Hume, but lower VIT and higher DEX and AGL.
     Tarutaru - Lowest HP, but highest MP. They can survive long chains
     or long battles thanks to their MP. But they need more VIT and HP
     if you plan on being a Tarutaru PLD. Be sure to bring along
     Boiled Crab.
     |4b - Abilities and Spells
     Job Abilities (Active)
     Name        | Lvl | Cooldown | Length | Description 
     Invincible  |   1 |  2 hours | 30 sec.| Invulnerable to physical 
     Holy Circle |   5 |   5 min. |  1 min.| Increased resistance against
     Shield Bash |  15 |   5 min. |      - | Deals small damage and stuns
     Sentinel    |  30 |   5 min. | 30 sec.| Temporarily increase defense
     Cover       |  35 |   5 min. | 30 sec.| Takes damage in place of an
                                             party member
     Rampart     |  62 |   5 min. | 30 sec.| Increase defense of all party
     Job Abilities (Passive)
     Name              | Lvl | Desciption
     Undead Killer     |   5 | Increased damage against undead
     Defense Bonus I   |  10 | Increased physical defense
     Resist Sleep I    |  20 | Increased resistance against sleep
     Defense Bonus II  |  30 | Increased physical defense 
     Resist Sleep II   |  40 | Increased sleep resistance
     Defense Bonus III |  50 | Increased physical defense
     Name        | Lvl | MP |  Skill  | Description
     Cure        |   5 |  8 | Healing | Restores a small amount of HP to
     Banish      |   7 | 18 |  Divine | Deals light elemental damage to
     Protect     |  10 |  9 | Enhance | Raises physical defense.
     Cure II     |  17 | 24 | Healing | Restores a medium amount of HP 
                                        to target
     Shell       |  20 | 18 | Enhance | Raises magical defense.
     Cure III    |  30 | 48 | Healing | Restores a large amount of HP to
     Protect II  |  30 | 28 | Enhance | Raises physical defense.
     Banish II   |  34 | 74 |  Divine | Deals light elemental damage to
     Flash       |  37 | 25 |  Divine | Temporarily blinds target.
     Shell II    |  40 | 37 | Enhance | Raises magical defense.
     Protect III |  50 | 46 | Enhance | Increases physical defense
     Cure IV     |  55 | 96 | Healing | Restores a very large amount of
                                        HP to target
     Holy        |  55 | 100|  Divine | Deals light elemental damage
     Shell III   |  60 | 56 | Enhance | Raises magical defense.
     Banish III  |  61 | 130|  Divine | Deals light elemental damage
     Protect IV  |  70 | 65 | Enhance | Raises physical defense
     Raise       |  75 | 150| Healing | Revives a dead player
    3 - Tips for playing
     |1c - How to be an effictive Paladin
     Lvls 1-16 - You'll be soloing most of this time, but once you do
     get into a party, here's what you should do. Start of the battle
     by Provoking the mob. Remember to Provoke every 30 seconds. Keep
     healing yourself with Cure. This should generate enough hate on you.
     Once you hit level 15, you can use Shield Bash to get the hate on
     you. Once the battle is over make sure to rest to get more MP. 
     Lvls 17-29 - Cure II is an excellent hate generator at this level.
     Start battle with Provoke - use it every 30 seconds. Do a Shield
     Bash either at the beginning or sometime during the battle. Then
     use Cure II to heal yourself and keep the hate on you. Keep using
     Cure II on yourself and the hate should be on you the whole time.
     Heal up after the battle to get MP.
     Lvls 30-36 - Start off each battle with Provoke -> Shield Bash/
     Sentinel -> Cure III. This will gain you good hate early on. Keep
     spamming Provoke every 30 seconds and keep using Cure III and you
     should be good.
     Lvls 37-49 - Now, you should get into a groove at the beginning of
     every battle. Provoke -> Flash -> Shield Bash/Sentinel, then
     Cure III for the puller if he took any damage. Provoke every 30
     seconds and Flash every 45 and you should keep hate easily this way
     along with any Cure IIIs needed along the way.
     Lvls 50-75 - Get used to this: Provoke -> Flash -> Shield Bash/
     Sentinel -> Defender -> Cure III. Keep spamming Provoke and Flash.
     Use Cure III plenty.
     |2c - Armor/Weapon Strategy
     -Note: These are just my reccomendations. This is how I've
      progressed through the levels. You might want to equip another
      piece of armor contrary to my opinion. It's your character. Play
      him/her as you like.
     Lvls 1-6 
     Weapon: Bronze Sword
     Shield: Lauan Shield
     Head: Bronze Cap
     Body: Bronze Harness
     Hands: Bronze Mittens
     Legs: Bronze Subligar
     Feet: Bronze Leggings
     Back: Rabbit Mantle (LVL 4)
     Lvls 7-9*
     Weapon: Xiphos Sword
     Shield: Lauan Shield -> Aspis Shield (LVL 9)
     Head: Leather Bandana 
     Body: Leather Vest
     Hands: Leather Gloves
     Legs: Leather Trousers
     Feet: Leather Highboots
     Neck: Justice Badge
     Waist: Leather Belt
     Back:  Rabbit Mantle
     Lvls 10-16
     Weapon: Xiphos Sword -> Bee Spatha (LVL 11)
     Shield: Aspis Shield
     Head: Faceguard
     Body: Scale Mail
     Hands: Scale Finger Gauntlets  
     Legs: Scale Cuisses
     Feet: Scale Greaves
     Neck: Justice Badge
     Waist: Leather Belt -> Warrior's Belt (LVL 15)
     Back: Rabbit Mantle
     Ring1: Amber Ring (LVL 14)
     Ring2: Amber Ring (LVL 14)
     Lvls 17-29
     Weapon: Bee Spatha -> Longsword (LVL 18)
     Shield: Aspis Shield -> Decurion's Shield (LVL 20) -> Kite Shield 
             (LVL 28)
     Head: Lizard Helm -> Iron Mask (LVL 24) or Brass Mask (LVL 27)
     Body: Lizard Jerkin -> Chainmail (LVL 24) or Brass Scale Mail 
           (LVL 27)
     Hands: Lizard Gloves -> Chain Mittens (LVL 24) or Brass Finger
            Gauntlets (LVL 27)
     Legs: Lizard Trousers -> Chain Hose (LVL 24) or Brass Cuisses
           (LVL 27)
     Feet: Lizard Ledelsens -> Greaves (LVL 24) or Brass Greaves (LVL 27)
     Neck: Justice Badge -> Holy Phial (LVL 26)
     Waist: Warrior's Belt
     Back: Rabbit Mantle -> Dhalmel Mantle (LVL 18) -> Wolf Mantle 
           (LVL 28)
     Earring1: Beetle Earring (LVL 21)
     Earring2: Beetle Earring (LVL 21)
     Ring1: Amber Ring
     Ring2: Amber Ring
     Lvls 30-39
     Weapon: Centurion's Sword OR Strider's Sword (LVL 32)
     Shield: Kite Shield
     Head: Centurion's Visor 
     Body: Centurion's Scale Mail
     Hands: Centurion's Finger Gauntlets 
     Legs: Centurion's Cuisses
     Feet: Centurion's Greaves 
     Neck: Holy Phial
     Waist: Warrior's Belt
     Back: Wolf Mantle -> Cavalier's Mantle (LVL 37)
     Earring1: Mercenary Earring or Drone Earring (LVL 35)
     Earring2: Beetle Earring or Drone Earring (LVL 35)
     Ring1: Amber Ring -> Sphere Ring (LVL 36)
     Ring2: Amber Ring -> Sphere Ring (LVL 36)
     - Note: Strider Sword is about half the price of Centurion's Sword
     at the AH, is only missing the extra ACC and ATK of the Centurion's
     Sword, but the AGL +3, coupled with the AGL bonuses of the
     Centurion's Armor, will evade many enemy attacks. Or, you could get
     Centurion's Sword, and then the Hunting Sword at level 34.
     Lvls 40-49
     Weapon: Honor Sword (LVL 42)
     Shield: Kite Shield -> Heater Shield (LVL 43)
     Head: Iron Musketeer's Armet 
     Body: Breastplate or Royal Squire's Chainmail -> Brigandine Armor
           (LVL 45)
     Hands: Gauntlets or Iron Musketeer's Gauntlets 
     Legs: Cuisses
     Feet: Plate Leggings or Iron Musketeer's Sabatons
     Neck: Holy Phial
     Waist: Warrior's Belt -> Life Belt (LVL 48)
     Back: Cavalier's Mantle
     Earring1: Mercenary Earring/Drone Earring
     Earring2: Drone Earring
     Ring1: Sphere Ring
     Ring2: Sphere Ring
     Lvls 50-59
     Weapon: Tactician Magician's Espadon -> Gluttony Sword (LVL 57)
     Shield: Royal Knight Army Shield -> Royal Guard's Shield (LVL 55)
     Head: Iron Musketeer's Armet -> Gallant Coronet (LVL 56)
     Body: Iron Musketeer's Curiass or Mythril Breastplate (LVL 49) ->
           Royal Knight's Chainmail (LVL 55)
     Hands: Iron Musketeer's Gauntlets or Mythril Gauntlets (LVL 49) ->
            Gallant Gauntlets (LVL 54)
     Legs: Iron Musketeer's Cuisses -> Gallant Breeches (LVL 58)
     Feet: Iron Musketeer's Sabatons or Mythril Leggings (LVL 49) ->
           Gallant Leggings (LVL 52)
     Neck: Iron Musketeer's Gorget (LVL 55) or Royal Guard's Collar
           (LVL 55)
     Waist: Life Belt
     Back: Cavalier's Mantle -> Republican Army Mantle (LVL 55) or Beak
           Mantle (LVL 58)
     Earring1: Mercenary Earring/Drone Earring
     Earring2: Drone Earring
     Ring1: Chrysoberyl Ring (LVL 54)
     Ring2: Chrysoberyl Ring (LVL 54)
     * - Depending if you party at level 7 through 10, you'll want the
     Leather Armor Set. If you solo to 10, skip the Leather Armor and go
     directly to Scale Armor.
     Amber/Stamina Ring - Both will work between levels 14 and 36. If you
     have the money, and the AH has the Stamina Rings in stock, then go
     ahead and get them. Otherwise Amber will work fine, and if you have
     the money/ability to change it then do so.
     |2ac - Weapons
     Besides the standard sword and shield, there are other weapons that
    a Paladin can use effectively. But let's get this straight...
     I hope I have made myself clear. Here's why:
     - You will always use a Shield in EXP parties, therefore, you can't
       wield a 2H weapon.
     - Paladins have an A+ rating in Swords, and that means with a capped
       skill you'll hit the enemy more often compared to other 1H weapons
     - Swords hit faster than an 1H Axe, and have just a slighly lower
       damage than axes.
     - Swords hit harder than clubs. Always.
     - At level 55, Spirits Within becomes your best friend in EXP
     Paladins have the following skill ratings:
     Dagger: C-
     Sword: A+
     Great Sword: B
     Spear: E
     Club: A-
     Staff: A-
     Never use a dagger or club. They're just not worth it. Before the TP
    nerf, Spear were idea for higher level farming (55+), but after, it's
    not worth it.
     This brings us to Great Swords and Staves. Great Swords could be
    used for farming, but their DOT eventually becomes equal to a
    Sword's. Great Swords: Fun to play around with, don't take them
     So that leads us to Staves. At level 51, there becomes available
    eight different elemental staves that have different stats on them.
    There are two that a PLD should carry around.
    Dark Staff - D30/366, All stats +1, Light+15, MP recovered while
     healing +10, Additional effect: Darkness damage 
    Earth Staff - D30/366, VIT+4, Lightning+15, 
     Physical damage taken -20%, Additional effect: Earth damage
    (+1 of these weapons are Pluto's and Terra's Staff respectively)
    Dark Staff helps alot in EXP parties to recover your MP faster. It
    also makes farming go faster with the MP recovery.
    Earth Staff shouldn't be used in regular EXP parties, but for big NMs
    and for tanking HNMs, you should definitely use this weapon. When the
    enemy is hitting you for 150, 200+ damage, 20% less is alot.
     Even though Paladins can fool around with other weapons, they should
    always come back to one... The Sword. 
     |2bc - AF Armor
     Body: Gallant Surcoat
      DEF:47 HP+20 VIT+4 
      Divine Magic Skill +5
      Lvl 60
     Legs: Gallant Breeches
      DEF:34 HP+15 AGL+3
      Enhancing Magic Skill +5
      Lvl 58
     Head: Gallant Coronet
      DEF:24 HP+12 MND+3
      Enhances "Cover" Effect
      Lvl 56
     Hands: Gallant Gauntlets
      DEF:16 HP+11 DEX+3
      Light+10 Enmity+2
      Lvl 54
     Feet: Gallant Leggings
      DEF:14 HP+15 CHR+5
      Shield Skill +10
      Enhances Holy Circle effect
      Lvl 52
     Weapon: Honor Sword
      DMG:28 Delay:240 VIT+2 MND+2
      Lvl 42
     Pre-requesites: Must complete "Father and Son" quest in Northern
     San d'Oria and give the boy the fishing rod back.
     AF 1 Quest: Sharpening the Sword
     AF Obtained: Honor Sword (Weapon) 
     Talk to Ailbeche (J-8) and he'll tell you that he needs a stone
    to sharpen a sword with. Head to Ordelle Caves, go to (H-10) and look
    for a stalagmite there. Once you select it, Polevik, and NM will 
    spawn. Kill him to get him drop the stone. Return to Ailbeche, trade
    him the stone, and congrats! You have your first piece of AF armor.
     Notes: Polevik is a level 45 earth elemental who loves to cast -ga
    spells. You need to be (or bring along) two people who are level 55
    or higher, preferably a melee and a white mage. As long as the WHM
    can keep Polevik silenced, you should survive.
     AF 2 Quest: A Boy's Dream
     AF Obtainted: Gallant Leggings (Feet)
     After completing the Sharpening the Sword quest, and once you're 50,
    you can get your AF 2 quest. Talk to Ailbeche (J-8) in Northern
    San d'Oria. After talking to him, talk to Ailbeche's father, Exorache
    who can be found in Rosel's Armour Shop (K-7/8). Then go back and
    talk to Ailbeche again. He wants you to get a Giant shell bug
    (fishing bait) for him. It can be found off a NM in Crawler's Nest
    called Dreadbug at (H-9) by selecting the ???. To kill the Dreadbug,
    a party of level 52s will be fine, but higher level help won't hurt.
     Once you kill the Dreadbug and get the Giant shell bug, go back to
    Ailbeche and trade him one of the Giant shell bugs. He'll tell you
    that you can catch the big one in Castle Oztroja.
     Go to (H-9) and they'll be a pond where Oozes spawn. Clear out the
    oozes first or else they'll aggro during battle. Equip the Giant
    shell bug as bait, and fish in the pond. You must be atleast level 5
    in fishing to catch the fish, Odontotyrannus. If you aren't a level 5
    fisher, you can trade the bug to someone else and have them fish. 
     Once you catch it, kill it and it'll drop an item, Odontotyrannus. 
    A well balanced party around level 52-54 should beable to take it 
    down, but again, high level help doesn't hurt. 
     Return to Ailbeche and trade the Odontotyrannus to him. He'll send
    you to Selbina to talk with the Master Fisher there. Trade the item 
    to Zaldon. You'll get A Knight's Boots, a key item. Now go to the
    Chateau d'Oraguille, and go to Prince Trion's room and talk to him.
    After the cutscene, you'll receive your AF2, Gallant Leggins. 
    Also, right after you finish your AF2, you can start your AF3 quest,
    Under Oath. But you can't complete it right now, due to the fact that
    you need a full alliance of level 60s to kill 2 Orc NMs. 
     AF 3 Quest: Under Oath
     AF Obtained: Gallant Surcoat (Body)
     AF 4-6 Quest: Borghertz's Stalwart Hands
     AFs Obtained: Gallant Gauntlets (Hands), Gallant Coronet (Head),
                   Gallant Breeches (Legs)
     Once you get your AF 4 quest, you can get get your coffer chest AFs.
    It doesn't matter what parts you get first, your gauntlets, coronet,
    or breeches. Once you have this quest you can get all of them at any
     To get your AF 4 quest, you must have received AF 2. Once you've
    done that, go to Upper Jeuno, and talk to Guslam in the Durable 
    Shields shop. He'll send you to the Eldieme Necropolis to get a
    coffer key and coffer. 
     To defeat the enemies that drop the coffer key, you'll need atleast
    a full party of level 54-56s. A WHM with Raise 2 is nice, and of
    course, high level help never hurts.
     Go to Batalla Downs, and go to the Eldieme Necropolis location at
    (I-10). The entrance will be under a hill. Once you're in Eldieme,
    you'll need to get to a good camp. To get to the best one, and safest
    also, you need to go to the middle of the first level of Eldieme,
    then drop down, and run east. To get to the middle of the first level
    you need someone to pull a switch located at (H-8). To get there,
    everyone will need Sneak. Start going into Eldieme, taking a left
    wherever possible. Once you reach (G-8), there will be a closed door.
    To open it, you need to pull the switch at (H-8). To reach the switch
    from the entrance, take a left at the first intersection, then go
    right at the second intersection. You'll be in a big room. Go to the
    west side of the room, where a small path will be. There's an Azer
    there who aggros to sight and magic, so be careful. Go farther until
    you see the switch. Once you hit it, the door at (G-8) will open. 
    Once you hit the switch, go back to (G-8). The door will be closed 
    again. But inside, there's a switch that can open the door too. Have
    somebody hit the switch, and you'll beable to get into the room.
     Make sure everyone has sneak on. Go to the center of the room, and
    walk onto the pebble surface. You'll fall down to the second level of
    Eldieme. Run east, until you get to a four way intersection with a
    pile of Hume bones in the middle. This will be your camp.
     The enemies that you need to kill for the coffer key are Tomb Mages
    and Tomb Warriors. Also Spriggans drop the key, but unless you have
    high level help (level 60+), you won't beable to take them. Tomb
    Mages and Warriors are located along the path from (N-10) to (N-8).
    To beable to pull the Tomb enemies, you have to clear a room
    containing a Lich and 2 Fallen Knights, but they shouldn't pose any
    problems. Along the path at (N-10), they'll be 3 Tomb enemies. With
    the spawn rate of the Liches and Fallen Knights, that's just about
    how many Tomb enemies you can kill before the Liches and Fallen
    Knights spawn again.
     Keep killing Tomb Warriors and Mages until you get an Eldieme Coffer
    Key. This drop is extrememly rare, it really is luck. I've spent
    around 15 hours in Eldieme so far, and we've only had 3 key drops.
        Barfo (ktrout51@yahoo.com) sent me a suggestion for another,
        possibly better camp for Eldieme keys:
    What you do is go on the first floor to the
    big South room and drop through the center dirt hole,
    to get to teh map that goes to the secret island, etc.
     Rather than going towards the island, though you take
    a north at (H-8) and camp in the corner at (H-7) witht
    he fight happening a little bit up the stairs around
    the corner.  In the small little rooms at (I-7) there
    are one tomg warrior and one tomb mage each (4 key
    mobs total).  Theres about 2 lichs and two fallens
    that spawn in that whole corridor but often times they
    are past the little rooms (closer to the corner past
    the rooms) and you can easily pull while only haveing
    to fight 1-2 of these guys mostly.  Im not sure if
    they actually drop a lot more there or if i got really
    lucky, but my LS camped this spot for about 5 hours
    spread over two days with a 6-party of level 54-55 and
    got 4 coffer keys.
     Once you get your coffer key, you'll need to find the coffer chest.
    The coffer chest spawns at these locations. On the first level:
    (E-8), (F-8), (G-6), (G-7). On the second level: (M-10), (M-11),
    (L-9), (L-12), and (E-6). The (E-6) coffer spawn is only accessible
    from the Beaucedine Glacier entrance to Batallia Downs, so hope it
    doesn't spawn there. To get to the (L-9) and (L-12) coffer spawns, 
    you need to drop down from the rooms on the first level at (G-6) and
    (G-9) respectively. While searching for the coffer chest, it's almost
    required that you have a friend standing at the switch that can pull
    it to open all the doors you need to cross. If you don't have a mage
    sub that can cast Sneak, or a mage friend that's searching with you,
    you need to buy atleast a stack of Silent Oils.
     Once you get your coffer and the item from it, go back to Guslam in
    Upper Jeuno and talk to him. He'll send you to Port Jeuno, and talk
    to the ??? near the Duty-Free Shop. You'll see a short cutscene. Now
    only one more thing to do. Kill Dark Spark.
     Dark Spark is a level 55 bomb NM in Castle Zvhal Bailey. To get to
    his location, you'll need to Sneak and Invisible your way through. If
    you don't have that many mages in your party, it's a great idea to
    bring along Prism Powders and Silent Oils. It'll make the short, but
    possibly very long trip, easier. Go along the path until you reach an
    intersection at (G-8). Keep going west until you hit a gate. Don't
    worry, the ahrimans behind the gate won't aggro you. It's a good idea
    to clear the immediate area of demons so you won't get aggro while
    fighting Dark Spark. Once you're ready to fight him, have one person
    touch one of the torches there. Remember which torch he touches. Once
    Dark Spark is killed, touch the same torch that the person touched to
    spawn Dark Spark. You'll get a key item. Now go back to Port Jeuno,
    talk to the ??? again, and you'll receive your Gallant Gauntlets. Wow
    wasn't that fun?
     AF 5: Garlaige Citadel Coffer
     AF Obtained: Gallant Coronet (Head)
     Remember, to beable to get your AF out of the coffer chest, you must
    have your AF 4 quest activated (just activated, not completed).
     To get your Gallant Coronet, you must travel to Garlaige Citadel and
    get a Garlaige Citadel coffer key and find the coffer chest and open
    it. The enemies that you have to fight for the coffer key are Fallen
    Officer, Fallen Mage, and Fallen Major. A full level 54 party can
    handle them with no easy. Weapons also drop the key, but they require
    high level help, so skeletons are your best chance.
     To get to the best camp spot, enter the Citadel, and run until you
    get to the first intersection. Take a right here, then keep going. At
    the next intersection, take a right and fall down the hole there.
    This will bring you down to the bottom level. Here, because of bats
    and beetles because they will aggro you on sound and sight 
    respectively. But if you get aggro, taking them out shouldn't be a
    probelm. Go to (H-8) where there's a little pathway. This is your
    camp spot.
     Beyond this pathway, is a room full of Fallen Majors, Fallen Mages,
    Wraths, and Hellmines. Fallen Majors, Mages, and Wraths drop the key,
    but Wraths will be too strong for you, unless you have high level
    help. All weapons and Magic Urns also drop the coffer key. Hellmines 
    don't drop the coffer, but the chest key. You need the coffer.
     All the coffer spawns are located behind Banishing Gate 2 and 3.
    The locations behind Banishing Gate 2 are at (E-8), (G-8), (H-8), and
    (I-7). The locations behind Banishing Gate 3 are at (G-6), (I-5), and
    (I-7). Once you have your key, and find the coffer, you'll get your
    Gallant Coronet!
     AF 6: Beadeaux Coffer
     AF Obtained: Gallant Breeches (Legs).
       Jacob Lefeu has a suggestion for Beadeaux Coffer camp site
    Beadeaus coffer key you'll need a party of lvl 58-60.  Maybe lvl 60
    more so.  You go to k-6 to a lower area, and then to m-7, at that area
    between 4 quadav areas.  This key has a very low drop rate, so it can
    take some time.
     |2cc - JSE Armor
     JSE Armor stands for Job Specific Armor. This armor is obtained from
    crafting a high level armor. Obviously, you need to have a high level
    craft skill to do so. Like RSE, JSE can also be bought and sold at
    the AH. Right now, the only PLD JSE available right now is the body
    piece, Lord's Curiass. The stats are: DEF:49 VIT+5 CHR+1 Light+10
    Dark+10 Converts 25 MP to HP.
     |2dc - Relic Armor
     Relic Armor is bascially an upgraded version of AF armor. The only
    way it can be obtained is through mobs dropping the AF piece in
    different Dynamis areas. Not only does Relic armor have better stats,
    but it also have a graphical enhancement (read: looks awesome).
     Head: Valor Coronet
      DEF:28 HP+18 Enmity+3
      Healing Magic+10
      Enhances Rampart effect 
     Body: Valor Surcoat
      DEF:55 HP+23 DEX+3
      Enhances Cover effect
     Hands: Valor Gauntlets
      DEF:22 HP+16 VIT+5
      Enhances Shield Bash effect
     Legs: Valor Breeches
      DEF:43 HP+20 STR+4
      Spell interruption rate down 10%
     Feet: Valor Leggins
      DEF:19 HP+18 MND+3
      Enhances Sentinel effect
     |3c - Path to becoming a Paladin
     The best job to start out with is Warrior. PLD/WAR is the most
    effective job combination. Level up warrior to 18. Once you hit 18
    and get a subjob, level up whichever job you would like to 15. MNK or
    WHM would be the most effective subjob. THF wouldn't hurt. BLM and 
    RDM won't really help you, so I can't reccomend you to sub either or.
     Depending on where you start, you'll level to around 12 there. At
    12, you should to go Valkurm Dunes until you hit 19. At 19, head over
    to Qufim and stay there until you're 25 or 26. Do the Kazham Key
    Quest to level from 25/26 to 30+ (trust me, you don't want to stop at
    30, get a few more levels). Once you're past 30 (I reccomend 35), do
    the Paladin Flag Quest.
    4 - Ending Stuff
     |1 - FAQ
     Nothing yet. Any questions or anything, email me at:
     |2 - Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
     This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
     These websites have permission to post this guide on their site:
       GameFAQs - www.gamefaqs.com
       XUnleashed - www.xunleashed.com
     |3 - Credits
     Square-Enix - Another great game guys, keep them coming!
     GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) - Yeah.
     Occupants of Lakshmi Server - You guys know who you are.
     FFO Warcry (ffo.warcry.com) - General FFXI Info
     Allakhazam (ffxi.allakhazam.com)- General FFXI Info
     FFXI MysteryTour (mysterytour.web.infoseek.co.jp/ffxi/us/) - General
      FFXI Info
     One Winged Angels (free.hostdepartment.com/o/owaffxi/) - General
      FFXI Info
     Skil-Cap Chart 
     Various Music Bands - For keeping me sane during this and all my   
      FFXI play time
     Barfo - AF4 and AF5 correction.
     Jacob Lefeu - Reminding me about Rampart, equipment suggesions, AF6

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