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"A work of art the best"

Square Enix has to be one of my favourite video game companies there is, every game i have purchased from them has been and excellent game. i have had alot of fun playing all of there games. They create all of the best RPG style games that there are. If you want a good time i suggest buying any game with a ''Final Fantasy'' in the title.

Gameplay: perfection

playing this game is great i have had alot of fun so far, you play against everyone else in the world who is playing, there could be up to thousands of people playing this game, the game keep the traditional turn based fighting and playing online is just sugar on the donut. Anyone who has played a past final fantasy game will be able to step right into this one. It is not that complicated.

Graphics: Excellent

There are some points in this game where i am just in aw of the graphics, i cannot believe someone would put that much effort into a game like this. Its like this company won't sell anything that isn't extremly realistic, the game has the fantasy feel and you know its not realistic but at the same time you think that this is real. I like the way the monsters seem like they are real even though there is no such thing as monsters.

Replayability: Great

This game has limitless replay value, you can level aup and learn techniques like in the past final fantasy games, and you can fight other people online, you would not believe how crazily strong some of these people are, sometimes i feel like i don't want to fight anyone over the internet cause everybody ele is mega strong, but thats what building up your characters is for, right?

Story: Phenominal

I don't want to give any of the story away at all because nobody told me, but the story is the best i have ever seen in a game. You get to be all of these fantasy creatures it is great.

Overall this game is one of the best purchases you can get for you playstation 2, somne people are turned away for the pay to play thingy, but it is definatly worth it if you have extra money. When this game comes out in the US i can guarantee that it will be an instant success, I hope this review will come in usefull to anyone who read it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/07/04

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