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"A new twist to Final Fantasy!"

You might have played a previous Final Fantasy title. Well if you have, forget what you remembered and take a good glance at this new and great form of Final Fantasy.

The biggest change you'll notice is that its an MMORPG. (Stands for Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game in case you didn't know) This denotes you'll be spending your gameplay time always online and even with friends, old or new. There is loads of things to do in an MMORPG so don't worry about being bored.

Story 3/10
I'm very disappointed to report this, This is the first time I've had to report a story under 7/10 for a Final Fantasy game. Never the less the beauty of an MMORPG is that the flaws or imperfections in the story have no use! As a matter of the fact, people play MMORPG for the gameplay/interaction rather than story. There are five races to choose from and you live in a world called Vana'diel and are fighting against monsters trying to take over the cities.

Graphics&Sound 9/10

The graphics are as nice as another other Final Fantasy. I gave this a 9 because I took out a one because of some small flaws. Like the trees leaves are just bunched up green circles. But none the less Square has amazed us with jaw dropping FMV's.

Another nice detail is the character appearance. Simply changing armor will give your Elvann Monk a new look. Or giving your TaruTaru Black Mage a new staff will look even nicer. Graphics once again were not a disappointment. Great job Square.

As for the sound the brilliant musician behind most of the Final Fantasy songs Nobou Umatseu. Has composed even more great songs for the game. Overall the sounds are crisp and great. It never gets repetitive and the sounds of the different lands are a great addition. Like the river flow noise when you're fighting a fish in a river. The sound has never been nicer.
Gameplay 10/10

Gameplay is one of the two most important traits in an MMORPG. This means how you play the game, How the system works, etc. Dragoon class calls for a dragon to come and aid you in the fight. Overall this is an impressive improvement.

Gameplay has been even more improved in this game. For one the are loads of quests to do. Along with the massive monster list. There's lots of areas to explore and lots of massive cities to tour.

Another touch to the Gameplay was the new Battle System. You now can move around and you no longer engage enemies randomly. Which means you won't spend all day trying to track down a specific monster that you have a chance of encountering. The spells have never looked nicer and now another cool feature is the Pet/Wyrm/Summon.

The summoner who can Summon other monsters to aid him/her are added as a party member instead of a one time damage spell, The Beastmaster job class or BST as you may remember from FFT/FFTA now is able to use a Monster to aid/fight against other monster. I refer to this as a Pet.
The next and finally monster to aid you is the Wyrm. The Dragoon class calls for a Wyrm to come and aid you in the fight. Overall this is an impressive improvement.

Interaction 10/10

This is the next most important trait to an MMORPG. What would Massively Multiplayer Online mean without interaction? One reason why I loved this is because I was able to party with all of my friends. Yes that means PC Players as well! Also if you have a friend across the country he/she can join you. Each character is unique and the game actually urges you to party. You will party during your playtime and partying is done most of the time when it gets harder to fight by yourself. The interaction is just as good as it can get.

Overall 10/10

Simply put..This is well worth your money. An MMORPG can lead to lots of hours of fun gameplay. You experience a world that's so big it'll take you a while to even get a good look at the starting area! This game has never been more massive and it gets more players every day.

Enjoy your trip to Vana'diel!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/28/04

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