"Waste of Money and Time"

First let me declare that I am in fact a huge Final Fantasy fan. I have played every Final Fantasy game I can get my hands on. I was really excited when I found out this game was going to be released. I tracked its progress as it was developed and was there at EB the day it came out.

Now I'm not the poorest gamer on the block, and I am willing to spend a good chunk of change to get my VG fix. I dropped $151.98 with Tax CDN, and another $42.00 CDN for a keyboard.
Got the thing home, opened it up, installed it and paid another $16.97 a month for subscription for the online service (Free month offer not applicable to me). That brought the total to $210.95 CDN for the whole deal, which is more than I paid for my PS2 in the first place.

Psyched up and ready to play, I took the plunge.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics in this title blew me away. They are some of the best on the PS2 and are impressive in an online game to say the least. Textures look pretty good. The color pallet reminds me of previous titles in the series.

Sound 5/10

Really nice sounds in this game, but I found the music to be terrible, like in most Final Fantasy games. The fact that they haven't done anything about this in all the games they have made is beyond me.

Online Play 1/10

What a waste! While the service ran very smoothly for me, the one thing that totally ruined it (and the whole game) for me is the people online. Cursing and swearing and acting like total idiots. It ruined the game. You cant interact with anyone because they are all acting like little punks. It ruins the game completely. The few serious people I did find didn't interest me either. Games like this have a long way to come, players today aren't ready for them, and until there is a way to moderate their behavior at least a little, i'm not paying so much money.

Game Play 4/10

Pretty boring as well. The actual game drags and drags. It takes so much time to do anything, and getting anywhere is tough. It just didn't interest me as much as all the other titles did.

Pros :
- Very nice graphics

Cons :
- Terrible online play (see above)
- Boring
- Very Expensive
- Monthly Subscription
- Keyboard a must

Should I buy?

If you are interested in this game, do all you can to try and play it for at least 2 hours before you get it. Its very expensive, and I just didn't feel that it was worth it. For the same price you could get almost all of the final fantasy titles ever and have way more fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/31/04

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