Review by omray

"Positives and Negatives"

Please note that this brief review is based on the perspective of a lv 31blm/whm.

Graphics: 9 Very detailed, nice animation, nice artwork, different areas have distinct looks.

Music: 6 Most music is long, so not repetative. Pretty good quality synths. Variety is pretty average for the amnt of areas, and compared to any one iave, it has a lot in total. Few musics are very good, and few are very bad. Actually, it pretty much lacks *strong* outliers.

Battle system: 5 The positives are that it pretty much does what I want it to do. The complexity is average, having a lot of automated things, but also can get as complex as using multispell macros. Slow leveling (if you just look at job levels and ignore skill lvs).

Story: 5.1 Very neutral. It niether turns me on or off, overall, because it isn't in depth (thus far). The .1 is because there does seem to be an arc somewhere. If i play ffxi to mission completion, my rating may be much differnt @ that point.

Multiplayer: 9 Only thing missing is player vs player option. Should at least be implemented for those that have the feature toggled on.

Fun: 6 Great graphics, pretty good music, huge variety of optional quests to do, great multiplayer, play control does allow me to do what i need to do (look in various directions, use macros, multitask, etc.), lots of interesting spells to use, many diff. jobs before unlocking advanced jobs, then u get even more later, etc. So why not a 10? Until lv 20, travel is slow, while leveling is interesting w/the new abilities and spells and equipment, it needn't be as slow as it is, though this is common for MMORPGs as a genre, I'd like more RPE elements like powerful bosses w/awsome music as you progress, more story during the 1st 35 levels than just questing and a few missions, and w/o a guide or shouting a question, it gets tedious to find the people that need to be found in order to complete quests (more in-game info would be helpful).

Less important other information: Final Fantasy Eleven really did not live up to the other Final Fantasies in terms of story. They did make sure to make it more in the mold of Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games than the Final Fantasies in terms of story and music, or so I estimate even though this is truthfully my only Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game experience, so again this paragraph is less important.

More less important information: I also want to provide a key for those that are not familiar with my "RPE" terminology. It means Role Playing Experience. This difference is used to denote a difference from the original paper and pencil Role Playing Games. Also, this version is more multimedia, so more "experiencial", albeit in just certain ways. However, it is possible to do an RPE w/lots of the RPG elements. One can have a game master who describes what's going on in a greater detail than is shown on the screen. Some RPGs even have an official Game Master position, I think.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/01/05

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