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    Prize Listing (EU) by CHalfpenny

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 06/30/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            GT3 PAL PRIZE CAR LIST/GUIDE
    I have decided to compile this guide,which I have now decided will expand and
    become a whole PAL Version guide,because I have seen lots of Europeans have
    been left out in the cold with the number of North American Version based FAQ's
    and Car Guides.This is confusing many people,so I have decided to clarify
    things with this guide.
    Before I start,I must stress that I hate and detest the idea of plageurism,and
    that all the lists of Cars and information on this Guide have been gathered by
    me,from playing my copy of GT3.This is not just a rip-off of other Guides as I
    guess many of these sort of lists are.So in short,if it's on the list
    below,I've worked for and eventually Won it.
    Gran Turismo 3 is Developed by Polyphony Digital and Published by Sony Computer
    Entertainment Europe(SCEE).All Manufacturers,Cars,Names,Brands and Associated
    Imagery featured in the Game and in this Guide are property of their respective
    This guide is compiled by me,Craig Halfpenny and is the property of me.IF YOU
    Version History-
    Version 1.0-21/8/01(21st August)-First started the whole guide by typing out
    intro,PAL Version info etc.Started the Prize Car list by typing out all the
    Races and listing the Cars that I have won from them so far.Obviously that
    leaves a lot of blank spaces so I'd better get Playing and fill a few more in!
    Version 1.1-22/8/01-28/8/01(22nd-28th August)-The guide has come on a lot in
    the past week and expanded quite a lot,but I have been doing it bit by bit and
    not listing it down,so I will round up all the last Weeks work and call it Ver
    Version 1.2-28/8/01-31/8/01(28th-31st August)-Just updated the guide bit by bit
    over the last few Days,having won the All Night Enduro for the first time and
    the Roadster Enduro again,as well as The Beginner GT World Championship and
    Yaris Cup,Amateur GT All Stars,and MR Cup.
    Version 1.3-28/9/01(28th September)-Well,what a month....I will roll up all the
    past few Weeks work into Version 1.3.As a sidenote I reached 50%,won all Rally
    Races and progressed a bit through Arcade mode.
    Version 1.4-12/10/01(12th October)-Solved the mystery of the PAL F1 Cars(See
    below)and decided to rename the guide GT3 PAL Prize Car List/Guide
    Version 1.5-3/11/01(3rd November)-More gradual Prize Updates-including the
    Amateur Altezza Championship,Pro Race of NA Sports,and I-B License all
    Golds),and the addition of the Race/Championship Guide.
    Version 1.6-11/11/01(11th November)-Quite a bit of progress in the Game and
    with the guide,including winning the Beginner Altezza Championship,Pro Gran
    Turismo World Championship,Amateur FF Challenge,and Pro 4WD Challenge among
    Version 1.65-16/11/01(16th November)-Reopened the case on the F1 Cars.
    Version 1.7-19/11/01-21/11/01(19th-21st November)-Further Updated the PAL F1
    Cars saga and the Opel/Vauxhall issue.Also started Prize Car colour guide.
    Version 1.8-23/11/01(23rd November)-Bigger and better,added the 'Exclusive
    Colours' section to the Car Colour guide,added European and American
    Championship details to the Race/Champ guide,and expanded the Prize Car guide
    further after winning the Euro Championhip again as well as Amateur 80's Sports
    Car cup.
    Version 1.9-1/12/01(1st December)-More updates to the Prize Car list and Car
    Colour guide,after I re-won the American Championship and got hold of the Audi
    TT,then used that on the Beginner Tourist Trophy,which finished off Beginner
    mode for me,and took home another Audi TT and the Lancer Evo V GSR.I also
    finally won the Amateur Dream Car Championship with a Camaro Race Car,and won
    the Impreza LM.On Thursday I also picked up the Mine's Lancer Evo VI,and I've
    had several other victories robbed from me by tyre problems or just bad luck.
    Version 2.0-23/12/01(23rd December)-It's nearly Christmas!!!School's out and
    the guide will probably get lots more updates.The recent updates have been
    trickling in,with me winning the Pro Level MR Challenge,Race of Turbo
    Sports,Boxer Spirit and yesterday,the legendary Yaris Cup.On Thurday,I wrapped
    up the Mistral Monaco Enduro,that gave me a Zonda Race Car,which I subsequently
    used on the glamourous sounding 'Race of the Avant Garde'.Winning
    another,identical Zonda Race Car.
    Version 2.05-4/2/02(4th February)-Blame the brilliant GTA3 for my lack of
    updates...Along with Pro Evolution Soccer,I've hardly played anything else
    since Xmas,but last Wednesday,I finally competed in my GT3 first race since
    Christmas eve.So the few updates to the guide fall into one of two areas;those
    from before Christmas(winning the PL Dream Car Cup),and those in the last
    week(winning the AL Tourist Trophy and AL European Championship again).I
    started the AL Japanese GT Cup at the weekend,so hopefully that'll be in my
    next update.
    Ver 2.1-19/3/02(19th March)-The second half of this update,I also have a bit of
    an ulterior motive for posting this;my F1 Challenge Championship kicks off this
    week.Check out the website at www.hometown.aol.com/swervster for more info.
    Ver 2.2-20/4/02(20th April)-Some major progress in the game today,I finally
    beat the I-A license with all Golds,picking up a fantastic Aston Martin
    Vanquish,I passed 75%,winning another 787B,and beat the whole of Area E on
    Arcade mode.My completion level jumped from about 73.6% to 76.3%!Those Hard
    level Arcade races are worth 0.6% each if you haven't already done them on Easy
    or Normal...I've also been looking at more F1 books and although I was totally
    convinced that the 001 is a fake,a '95 Williams,'95 Tyrell and some very
    bizzare welding work by SCEE may have been what's just blown it wide open
    Made some more major progress before I could post this update,beating the AL
    Evolution Challenge,and more importantly,that meant I completed Amateur League
    and won a very tasty Viper GTS-R Team Oreca,as well as the final credits.I also
    added the 'One-Offs' section to the guide.
    Ver 2.3-31/6/02(31st June)-I've spent quite some time trying to get my
    completion level up,and by beating nearly all the Arcade races and starting to
    hoover up the few races I hadn't won at Beginner,it's now up to 83.5%.Since the
    last update I beat the Euro Champ again to win an RX-7,was unlucky in the PL
    Japanese Grand Tourers Champ',conquered the PL Spider and Roadster to win the
    Shelby Cobra,and on Friday beat the Trial Mountain Enduro to win the Mine's
    If you have any ideas or points for the guide you would like to make,please
    email me at Swervster@aol.com
    The PAL Version
    The PAL Version is the Version of GT3 A-Spec sold in Europe,and as a result is
    has several localisations eg In the UK Version there is a Vauxhall dealer and
    Cars,as opposed to Opel in the rest of Europe versions.However,there are
    several Cars which appear in the other versions(Japanese and American)which do
    not appear in the PAL Version.To the best of my knowledge,these Cars are the
    Race Cars-
    Nomad Diablo GT(Japanese Version only)
    Formula One Cars-
    We do get some replacements,but unfortunately they are not only as numerous,but
    most would say not as Good either.Again to the best of my knowledge here our
    our replacements-
    Road Cars-
    Acura RSX
    Honda CR-X 1.6 Vti('Del Sol')(PAL Exclusive)
    Formula One Cars-
    Polyphony 001(PAL Exclusive)-F094/S Hybrid
    Polyphony 002(PAL Exclusive)-F688/S Hybrid
    Hopefully as I play through the game I may find more but it is unlikely.We will
    more probably just have juggled around Prize Cars as opposed to New ones.The
    omissions that most annoyed/saddened me were the 6 F1 Cars that appear in the
    Japanese and American Versions.They are based on Real-Life Late-80's and
    Early-90's F1 Cars and have coded names,eg F090/S-a
    V10(8-V8,0-V10)1990(90-1990)Senna driven Car(/S-Senna).They unfortunately don't
    run in real liveries due to licensing reasons.In the PAL Version,we get only 2
    Formula One Cars-The 001,and the 002-but at least we get a newer High-Nosed F1
    Car that the Americans and Japanese don't get(The 001),whereas the 002 is
    probably nearest to the F687/S in comparison terms(Although I think it is
    either an 87 or 88 McLaren-Tag or Honda).
    The Mystery is solved
    Right,as of yesterday(5th Oct)I now know that the 001 is an F094/S hybrid-it is
    exactly the same as the F094/S except that it has a high nose Front
    Wing,probably stolen from another '94 F1 Car.As for the 002,it is a F688/S
    McLaren hybrid-identical again,but this time with a thinner Rear Wing.
    So it's-
    Polyphony 001-Ayrton Senna's Williams-Renault FW16,1994(F094/S)Hybrid,with high
    nose front wing.
    Polyphony 002-Ayrton Senna's McLaren-Honda MP4/4,1988(F688/S)Hybrid-The most
    succesful F1 Car ever,winning 15/16 rounds of that year's World Championship.
    No,it's not....
    The case is open again after I checked out a PAL F1 Cars topic from earlier
    this year at GranTurismo.com.It seems to suggest several possibilities-
    -The 001 and 002 are hybrids of two or more(unknown)other real life Cars.
    -The Polyphony 001 is the Williams FW17 from 1995-This one looks promising,from
    the pics I've seen it's a good match-with possibly a few hybrid parts.
    -The 001 is an F094/S hybrid
    -The 001 is a totally made up F1 Car,based loosly on 94/95 season machines.
    As for the 002-
    -It's a hybrid of one or more of the NA/Jap version Turbo Era cars,most likely
    the F687/S or F688/S,or possibly even all three.
    -It's another F1 Car from that period,possibly a Lotus or McLaren
    -It's a totally made up Car,based loosly on Cars from that period.
    More reseach is needed,and is ongoing....
    UPDATE-Well,those Americans lucky enough to have a Sharkport have been thanking
    their lucky Stars and Stripes this week as the infamous Nomad Diablo GT,cut out
    of the US and PAL versions for licensing reasons,has become available on a
    Downloadable save on the Internet at IGN.com.Now,as much as I'd like the
    Diablo,2 things stop me from getting one-
    1)I don't have a Sharkport,and I don't think you can get them in the UK anyway.
    2)The downloadable game save is for the American version of the game anyway.
    However,this is a good sign because it means-a)people have started hacking 
    'secret' Cars for GT3 and b)the people who got hold of the Diablo on that
    gamesave at IGN must have used a Cheat Cartridge in the first place,opening the
    floodgates for more Cars to be hacked....Like the 6 F1 Cars for us PAL
    Gamers.It could be only a matter of time before there's a PAL code out there
    for those 6 beauties,and as soon as there is I'll be off after a PS2 Xploder(or
    something similar)quicker than you can say 'Why do we only get 2 F1 Cars?'.....
    UPDATE(3/4/02)-I pieced together some nice comparison pictures of the 002-88/S
    and 001-94/S and I'm still pretty convinced that the 001 is an F094/S
    hybrid.It's EXACTLY the same apart from the hybrid front wing.Either that or
    it's the '95 Williams FW17(of which I'm in need of a decent picture).
    At last!I think I've finally cracked the Polyphony 001 mystery!After studying
    lots of cars at the excellent French site,F1-Legend.com,a walking encylopedia
    of almost every F1 Car,including detailed pics of every major team's every car
    from Alfa Romeo to Williams.Anyway,after looking through all the major cars of
    94-95,I can confirm that,although lots of cars had bits similar to the 001,no
    car ever existed exactly like it.However,I was looking again at the F094/S,and
    realised that the car is exactly the same from the nose cockpit opening
    backward,to the Williams FW16.But it has a straight,tall,high nose with close
    front pillars.So where did this come from?Well,Polyphony Digital are no
    aerodynamacists,so I'm pretty sure they didn't make it up themselves,but it
    seems that to avoid the licensing problems,they decided to find a high nose
    from another F1 car as similar as possible to the Williams from the next
    year.Bring on the mid-90's Tyrell,or more precisely the '97 Tyrell-Yamaha.A
    high tall nose,with the same underneath sweep and the same curvy front wing
    endplates,and the front wing at the very end of the car.It fits;so there you
    go.The Polyphony 001 appears to be a 1994 Williams-Renault FW16/1997
    Tyrell-Yamaha Hybrid.
    Vauxhall VX220/Opel Speedster Glitch
    I must also list that I have recently had pointed out to me,and noticed myself
    a Glitch that must have occured in the conversion between The PAL UK
    Version(that I have),and the PAL Rest of Europe Versions.It concerns the
    Small,Sleek,Cool-Looking Vauxhall VX220(as it is known in the UK),or the Opel
    Speedster as it is called in the other Euro Versions.Although the Opel version
    should only be on the Euro version,and the Vauxhall on the UK version,they both
    frequently appear together in the Beginner MR Cup,which means that although it
    is not Buyable/Winnable,the Speedster variation appears on the UK Conversion
    and vice versa.Although you cannot Drive it(Vauxhall in the Euro ver,and Opel
    in the UK Ver)it is there and can be Raced against.So although I think that
    makes them(depending on what Version you have)the only Cars on the game that
    you cannot Drive,I think it was a pretty cool mistake-After all it's one more
    Vehicle for all us Car-deprived PAL Players.....
    Another mystery is solved
    (Thanks to Greg Dennis for pointing this one out to me)Well,it would appear
    that we PAL gamers have inherited another 3 Cars,(well at least variants of
    Cars)because as was so kindly pointed out to me,the Opel Cars ARE available on
    the PAL UK version,bizzarely they become available through doing nothing more
    than changing the language to something other than English.So just take out the
    Memory Card that has your main(presumably English)save on and start the
    game.When the game loads and brings up the language screen,just pick any other
    language,French for example,and then when the game loads go into Simulation
    mode and head for the Car lot.Look under Germany,and there it is!!!Opel are
    strangely there,with the Speedster,Opel Astra Touring Car and Opel Calibra
    Touring Car,all there up for the driving.Other than their badges,and in the
    case of the Touring Cars,differing liveries,they're identical to their English
    counterparts,but nevertheless the Collectors value is enough for me.The
    Speedster is available to buy straight away,although you'll need to do some
    Races to afford it,but the Touring Cars will take considerably more
    work.Anyway,once you have them,as long as you have another Memory Card you can
    save them onto a Second Card and then trade them over to your original save.
    Choosing your Prize Cars
    Yes,for the first time in any GT,you can 'choose' your Prize Car,but only in
    Tournaments.Here's how I explained it in an email to an enquirer-
    Yes,in any tournament,for the first time in any GT,you can actually 'choose'
    your prize car.Basically,you need a lead of at least 11 points going in to the
    final round of the championship.Then,save it after the penultimate round,and
    start the final round then quit or race it if you want to.As you are already
    guaranteed the championship,it dosen't matter what result you get,even if you
    quit you'll still have a final lead of at least 1 point.Anyway,then go and
    collect your prize car.If it's what you wanted,great.If not,you have the choice
    of reloading,quitting the final race again and then seeing what Prize Car you
    get.You can repeat this as many times as you want.The only problem for me is a
    moral one;I'm the sort of person who feels guilty if I knock another computer
    driver off the road(!),so I almost always prefer winning my car randomly,it's
    so much more exciting when you do get what you wanted.Unless it's in a really
    hard championship which I'll probably only enter once;in that case,I may choose
    my car.I've only ever done it once though so far(to get the Gillet Vertigo from
    the Euro Champ).I was considering doing it with the long Pro Dream Car Cup,as I
    only competed 5 rounds and I had enough points already.I was going to see what
    I got randomly and then reload if it was something I already had,but not 'pick'
    which one I wanted.Anyway,as it happened I won an 001 first time anyway,so it
    didn't matter.Oh,and as a note,you can actually often win a championship with
    two or more races remaining,such as I did in the Dream Car Cup,as long as you
    know how the computer is going to dole out the final rounds of points.Now,the
    computer always gives out points in races you quit,in the order of how the Cars
    were on the Race screen before you qualified(they're generally scrambled).So if
    you know that a non-rival of yours is going to be collecting the final 20
    points when you quit,check what your biggest rivals are going to be awarded,and
    if they'll still end up with less than you,then you can go on and win.
    Prize Car List
    As I have already mentioned,I have gathered the info for this guide from
    playing my copy of GT3,and so that means that all the Cars below(the list of
    which will of Course expand as I unlock more Cars and play further through the
    game)are in my Garage right now.So basically,if it's not there yet(and just a
    blank space or a ?)I haven't Won it yet.Simple
    By the way,you 'complete' a difficulty level,for example Beginner,by winning
    all Single Races,and all Championships.You do not have to have all gold on all
    the races in the championships to complete the difficulty level,but you will
    need to win those Races to complete the game(each one is worth 0.2%).
    PAL Version Prize Car List
    Beginner League-
    Sunday Cup(3 Rounds,Single)-Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex(AE86,Type I,J)
    Clubman Cup(3 Rounds,Single)-Toyota Yaris RS
    FF Challenge(3 Rounds,Single)-Honda CRX 1.6vti
    FR Challenge(3 Rounds,Single)-Mazda MX-5 1.8i
    MR Challenge(3 Rounds,Single)-Toyota MR2
    4WD Challenge(3 Rounds Single)-Suzuki Alto Works Suzuki Sports Limited
    Lightweight K Cup(3 Rounds,Single)-Mini Cooper 1.3
    Stars and Stripes Grand Championship(4 Rounds,Single)-Chevrolet Camaro SS
    Spider and Roadster(3 Rounds,Single)-Mazda MX-5(J)
    80's Sports Car Cup(3 Rounds,Single)-Silvia K's(S13,1800cc,J)
    Race of NA Sports(3 Rounds,Single)-Honda CRX 1.6vti
    Race of Turbo Sports(3 Rounds,Single)-Cuore TT-XX Avanzato R
    Tourist Trophy(Audi TT Race)(5 Rounds,Champ)-Audi TT 1.8T Quattro,Audi TT 1.8T
    Quattro,Audi TT 1.8T Quattro,Audi TT 1.8T Quattro
    Legend of the Silver Arrow(3 Rounds,Single)-SLK 230 Kompressor
    Altezza Championship Race(5 Rounds,Champ)-Toyota Celica(ST202,J)Toyota
    Yaris Race(5 Rounds,Champ)-Toyota Yaris RS
    Type R Meeting(5 Rounds,Champ)-Acura RS-X,???,???,???
    Evolution Meeting(5 Rounds,Champ)-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV GSR
    New Beetle Cup(5 Rounds,Champ)-New Beetle RSi,New Beetle RSi,New Beetle RSi,New
    Beetle RSi
    Gran Turismo World Championship(5 Rounds,Champ)-Mazda MX-5,???,???,???
    Complete Beginner League-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V GSR,Short Credits
    Amateur League-
    Japanese Car Cup(5 Rounds,Champ)-FTO GP Version R,Mazda RX-7 Type RZ,???,???,
    American Championship(5 Rounds,Champ)-Chevrolet Camaro Race Car,Audi TT 1.8T
    European Championship(5 Rounds,Champ)-Elise Sport 190,Gillet Vertigo Race
    Car,Skyline GT-R V-Spec II(R34,J),???
    Gran Turismo World Championship-Toyota GT-One Road Car,???,???,???
    Deutsche Tourenwagen Challenge(German Touring Car Race)(5 Rounds,Champ)-Astra
    Touring Car,New Beetle Cup Car,RUF 3400S,???
    FF Challenge(3 Rounds,Single)-TRD Celica Sports M
    FR Challenge(3 Rounds,Single)-Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex Shigeno Edition
    MR Challenge(3 Rounds,Single)-Honda NSX Type S Zero
    4WD Challenge(3 Rounds,Single)-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII GSR
    Stars and Stripes Grand Championship(4 Rounds,Single)-Spoon S2000 Race Car
    Boxer Spirit(3 Rounds,Single)-Legacy B4 Blitzen
    80's Sports Car Cup(3 Rounds,Single)-NISMO Skyline GT-R S-Tune(R32)
    Race of NA Sports(3 Rounds,Single)-Mazda RX-8
    Race of Turbo Sports(3 Rounds,Single)-Mine's Lancer Evolution VI
    Gran Turismo All Stars(10 Rounds,Champ)-GT40 Road Car,???,???,???
    All-Japan GT Championship(10 Rounds,Champ)-Calsonic Skyline JGTC,???,???,???
    Tourist Trophy(Audi TT Race)(5 Rounds,Champ)-Audi S4,???,???,???
    Race of the Red Emblem(3 Rounds,Single)-Nismo 400R
    Legend of the Silver Arrow(3 Rounds,Single)-CLK Touring Car
    Altezza Championship Race(5 Rounds,Champ)-Tom's Chaser X540,???,???,???	
    Type-R Meeting(3 Rounds,Single)-Honda NSX Type R,???,???,???
    Evolution Meeting(3 Rounds,Single)-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Rally Car
    Dream Car Championship(7 Rounds,Champ)-Subaru Impreza LM Edition,???,???,???
    Complete Amateur Level-Chysler Viper GTS-R Team Oreca,Longer Credits
    Professional League
    -Only Races won on this level so far-
    British GT Car Cup(3 Rounds,Single)-???
    Gran Turismo World Championship(10 Rounds,Champ)-Jaguar XJ220 Race Car,???
    FF Challenge(3 Rounds,Single)-Spoon Civic Type-R
    FR Challenge(3 Rounds,Single)-NISMO GT-R LM Road Car
    MR Challenge(3 Rounds,Single)-Tommy Kaira ZZ-II
    4WD Challenge(3 Rounds,Single)-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII Rally Car Prototype
    Race of NA Sports(3 Rounds,Single)-Zonda C12S
    Race of Turbo Sports(3 Rounds,Single)-RUF CTR2
    Spider and Roadster(3 Rounds,Single)-Shelby Cobra
    Boxer Spirit(3 Rounds,Single)-RUF RGT
    Race of the Avant Garde(2 Rounds,Single)-Zonda Race Car
    Race of the Red Emblem(3 Rounds,Single)-??????
    Yaris Race(5 Rounds,Champ)-Toyota Altezza LM,???,???,???
    TVR Tuscan Challenge(5 Rounds,Champ)-Griffith 500,???,???,???
    Clio Trophy(5 Rounds,Champ)-???,???,???,???
    Dream Car Cup(7 Rounds,Champ)-Polyphony 001,???,???,???
    Polyphony Digital Cup(10 Rounds,Champ)-???,???,???,???
    Like the Wind(1 Round,Single)-Mazda 787B
    Formula GT Championship(10 Rounds,Champ)-Polyphony 002,Polyphony 002,Polyphony
    001(Probable),Polyphony 001(Probable)
    Complete Professional Level-???
    Rally Event
    (All 3 Rounds,Single)
    Tahiti Rally Challenge-Celica Rally Car
    Tahiti Maze-Escort Rally Car
    Smokey Mountain Rally-Corolla Rally Car
    Alpine Rally Race-Peugeot 206 Rally Car
    Tahiti Rally Challenge(Reverse)-Focus Rally Car
    Tahiti Maze(Reverse)-Impreza Rally Car
    Smokey Mountain(Reverse)-Lancer Rally Car Evo VI
    Alpine Rally(Reverse)-Lancer Evo VII Rally Car Prototype
    Super Special Route 5 Wet-Citroen Xsara Rally Car
    Super Special Route 5 Wet(Reverse)-Subaru Impreza Rally Car Prototype
    Win all Rally Level Races-Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version
    Endurance Races
    -Only Races won on this level so far-
    Seattle 100ml Endurance-Polyphony 002,???,???,???
    Laguna Seca 200ml Endurance-(3 Prize Cars)Polyphony 002,???,???
    Grand Valley 300km Endurance-???,???,???,???
    Passage to the Colosseo:Rome 2hr-???,???,???,???
    Deep Forest 2hr Endurance-Mine's Skyline GT-R N1 V-Spec(R34),???,???,???
    Special Stage Route 11 All Night-Camaro Race Car,???,???,???
    Roadster Apricot Hill Endurance Event-Mazda MX-5 1.8RS,Mazda MX-5,???,???
    Tokyo Route 246 3OOmls-???,???,???,???
    Mistral 78 Lap Endurance-Pagani Zonda Race Car,???,???,???
    Super Speedway 150ml Endurance-Tickford Falcon XR8 Race Car,Clio Sport Race
    Win all Endurance Races-???
    Gold Licence Goals
    All Golds on B-License-Mazda MX-5 1.8i
    All Golds on A-License-Mazda RX-8
    All Golds on I-B License-Nissan Z Concept
    All Golds on I-A License-Aston Martin Vanquish V12
    All Golds on Special License-
    All Golds on Rally License-
    50% Game Completion-Corvette C5R LM Race Car
    75% Game Completion-Mazda 787B LM
    100% Game Completion-
    Win all Beginner Level Races-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V GSR,Short Credits
    Win all Amateur Level Races-Chrysler Viper GTS-R Team Oreca,Long Credits
    Win all Professional Level Races-
    Win all Rally Races-Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version
    Win all Endurance Races-
    Win All Simulation Mode Races-
    Beat all Time Attack levels-Panoz Esperante GTR-1
    Arcade Prizes
    Area A-
    Win all Races on Easy mode-Unlock Area B
    Win all Races on Normal-Unlock Mazda MX-5
    Win all Races on Expert-Unlock C West Silvia Race Car(and Mazda MX-5)
    Area B-
    Win all Races on Easy mode-Unlock area C
    Win all Races on Normal-Unlock Audi TT
    Win all Races on Expert-Unlock Lancia Delta Integrale Rally Car(and Audi TT)
    Area C-
    Win all Races on Easy mode-Unlock Area D
    Win all Races on Normal-Mazda RX-8
    Win all Races on Expert-Gillet Vertigo Race Car(and Mazda RX-8)
    Area D-
    Win all Races on Easy mode-Unlock Area E
    Win all Races on Normal-
    Win all Races on Hard-
    Area E-
    Win all Races on Easy mode-Unlock Area F
    Win all Races on Normal-Unlock RUF RGT and Tuscan Speed Six
    Win all Races on Hard-Unlock Panoz Esperante GTR-1 and Nissan R390 GT1 LM (plus
    RGT and Speed Six)
    Area F-
    Win all Races on Easy mode-Unlock Ending Movie
    Win all Races on Normal-
    Win all Races on Hard-GT-One LM Race Car,Mazda 787B LM Racecar
    There are,as you can see in the above list,two types of post-race Car Prizes
    awarded in the game;Random,the Championship and Endurance Races where you have
    4 Cars silhouettes spinning with the black GT Logo under one,and Single,when
    you win a 1('Like the Wind' is the only 1 Round series),2('Race of the Avant
    Garde' is the only 2 Rounder),or 3 race tournament,and a single car
    appears.With the Championship/Endurance prizes you can go back and win as many
    times as you want,but as you can only win the single tournament prizes
    once,there are actually cars that you can only get once in the game.Now,I don't
    sell my cars,but for those who do,this is a section telling you which cars
    absolutely not to sell;they only appear once!
    So far-
    -Mercedes CLK DTM Touring Car(AL Legend of the Silver Arrow)
    -TRD Celica Sports M(AL FF Challenge)
    -Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex Shigeno Edition(AL FR Challenge)
    There are others I suspect are one time only cars(like the Nismo 400R,and the
    Celica Rally Car),but I'm still checking.
    Race/Championship Guide
    Some of us-like me-like to know what sort of Cars we should enter in Races and
    Championships for a competetive run,so that we don't end up racing a 600hp
    Tuned Skyline into a Race which is going to be full of 80hp Daihatsu's...So
    here's a rough guide of what sort of Cars you'll be Racing against in some of
    the trickier or less well defined Races/Tournaments,and what I recommend you
    Beginner Level-
    FF Challenge(Single)-You'll probably enter this at the start of the game,and at
    that point you'll probably only really have pretty poor FF Cars anyway-I
    personally used a slightly tuned PT Cruiser,but almost any FF Car will
    do-preferably a pretty low power one if you're looking for a decent Race,but
    you should win easily anyway.
    Lightweight K Cup(Single)-At first there are only two Cars eligable to Race,so
    you don't have much of a choice,but these lowest power Races in the game are
    suprisingly fun,but you'll need a little bit of tuning to wrap up all 3 Races
    and take home the 3rd eligible Car,the non-buyable Mini 1.3.
    Toyota Yaris Race(Champ)-Hmmm,this one is a lot harder than it looks-And the
    Cars you race against definetely aren't stock,but it's still hard to find a
    balance between smoking them,and being thrashed-So try maybe a Turbo Level
    One,and no more.
    Legend of the Silver Arrow(Single,Mercedes only)-Mainly full of SLK 230
    Kompressor Sports Cars-which is what I used-,I recommend you buy one and tune
    it mildly.As for the Amateur level Race-I again used my SLK-you'll need to tune
    your Kompressor a lot to win this one,or even be up there.Maybe even a Turbo
    Stage 2 or so.You could buy a bigger,more powerful Merc,but they are quite
    expensive and pretty heavy.Once you win that tournament though,you take home
    the fantastic CLK Tourer,arguably the best Prize Car given out by any single
    series in the game,so use the Beginner level race as a bit of practice for that
    Championship,as well as an oppurtunity to take home another SLK.
    Evolution Meeting(Single,Lancer Evos only)-I only did this recently and it's
    good fun in a stock VII GSR,which you can win at the Amateur Level 4WD
    Challenge.The Prize Car is a pretty cool Lancer Evo VI too.
    New Beetle Cup(Champ)-You'll really need a Beetle Cup Car to win this one,as
    the entire field is made up of the little beasts-For the record,you can pick
    one up from the Deutsche Tourenwagen Challenge.Once you have one however,no
    tuning is needed and it's great,fun Racing.
    Amateur Level-
    European Championship-I raced this again just today(23rd Nov),and this time I
    stayed I went with the gentlemens' rule and used a European Car,in this case a
    stock RUF 3400S.It was a great championship,and good fun dicing up against the
    Zonda C12 and Lotus Elise 190,and although I almost dominated the early part of
    the Championship-winning the first two Races-a couple of silly mistakes cost me
    the next two rounds to the Elise,and so as we headed for the title decider,I
    narrowly led the Championship by just 2 points from the Elise.And it was off to
    Monte Carlo,and what a place for the title decider,probably the most famous
    Race Track in the World,with a history rivalled only by Le Mans and
    Indianopolis.I stormed the qualifying session to take pole ahead of the C12,and
    held my nerve to take the flag,despite a few nervous lock-ups on the last
    Sorry,got a bit carried away there,but it was a great championship,and there
    was a real sense of achievement to be had in beating the Zonda in a stock
    3400S(one of my favourite Cars).A few other European Cars will work well
    too,such as a Zonda,any Elise,an Aston Martin DB7 if you want a bit of a
    challenge,and I guess a Clio Sport would put up a good fight with a bit of
    tuning.If you're not bothered about running a non-European Car,a GT40 Road Car
    will provide great racing against the C12,as I'm sure would many other
    Cars;it's a pretty open entry really.
    American Championship-You'll find that the Cars you'll come up against here
    will be suprisingly fast,and it could be rather a rude awakening if you're just
    moving up from Beginnner level.As you see in the preview,you will come up
    against in particular a Shelby Cobra(there's normally only one)which is very
    powerful,as well as a few Chevrolet Camaro's and Corvettes,and maybe a Ford
    Mustang.But if you don't want to have to buy a Shelby-you'll win one later in
    the game anyway-the excellent GT40 Road Car from Amateur Level GT All-Stars
    will do nicely.The computer uses very fast Cars like the Shelby,but they're not
    normally very advanced Driving-wise,so you can normally win pretty easily.I
    could've sworn I've seen a C5R Race Car turn up every once in a while though,so
    if that happens you can either quit out and start again,hoping for better
    luck,or fight fire with fire and use a C5R,but then you might end up racing
    that against Road Cars.Generally though,a GT40 Road Car will do you
    well,although of course that's assuming you want to stay with the spirit and
    use an American Car,if you don't there are loads of machines that will give you
    a good,hopefully competetive series,especially when you bare in mind that the
    American Cars are nearly always very heavy.
    Deutsche Tourenwagen Challenge-One of my favourite tournaments in the whole
    game,it's not about tuning,or absurdly long boring races,it's simply about 3
    types of Touring Cars,5 Rounds and some exciting action.No tuning is
    needed,first time I used a CLK Tourer and had some good close races,but you can
    also use a Calibra the first time round if you want to use another of the 3
    Cars you'll be racing and you already have one of these high revving
    machines.The whole series is utterly re-raceable,not only to get the other
    Prize Cars,but just for the fun.But the Prize Cars are a great draw,with the
    Astra Touring Car,RUF 3400S,Beetle Cup Car,and Lupo Cup Car only providing one
    of the best lucky bags in the game.
    All Japanese GT Championship-This championship may seem a difficult prospect
    if,like me,you go into it with no JGTC cars,but wanting a fair race-no 787B's
    or Zonda Race Cars.I however found a great balance in using-some of my
    favourite machines-a Touring Car.After all,they are almost just European
    versions of Japanese machines.Slightly less HP,slighly lighter,it's pretty much
    an even fight.That however dosen't mean you should have any difficulties
    navigating this tournament against the easy computer opposition.I think I've
    figured out one of the reasons the computer is almost always so slow(in general
    I mean);gear ratios.The CPU cars tend to change gear very early,thus accounting
    for those blistering starts they always get,and the way they never use their
    full speed potential.Anyway,you should have an almost unnasailable lead after 7
    or 8 rounds,enough to quit while you're ahead if you want to.The prize cars
    are,I presume,all JGTC machines,so this gave me my first chance to dip into the
    lucky bag and grab one.The Calsonic Skyline was what I came away
    with;delightful handling and great speed make it one worth racing for.
    Tourist Trophy(Audi TT's only)-This championship is a nice runout for one of
    the TT's you should by now have(you buy/win one,then win another from the
    beginner level Tourist Trophy).It's hard to know by just watching the preview
    whether or not the TT's are relatively stock,lightly tuned or maxed out to the
    full,so to be on the safe side I first added the Stage 1 turbo(adding 20hp),the
    Sports Muffler(10hp)and a Sports intercooler(another 10hp),giving a nice 273hp
    with an Oil Change.So,not knowing whether I was to return with any dignity
    intact,I entered the series.My judgement was right,and the upgrades brought me
    virtually level on power with the rest of the field as the 5 round tournament
    kicked off in Seattle.As I did,you should overcome the opposition quite
    easily,and I came home a couple of seconds ahead of my nearest challenger.The
    rest of the tournament should follow in the same pattern,but I forgot to change
    the oil before the tournament,and even the comparitively tiny HP drop as it
    degraded put me at a big disadvantage by the time we reached round four,Rome
    Reverse.I valiantly battled to second place,although I had been running fifth
    for the most part.With the three victories already obtained,this left me out of
    the reach of second place with only a round remaining.By the last round,my car
    had degraded to 3 seconds a lap off the pace;keeping level with the field is a
    delicate balance.My prize car,(and from what I gather,the only one)was a cool
    looking Audi S4;souped up big brother of the A4 sedan.Not the fastest car on
    the game,but it handles nicely and it's well worth the effort.
    Professional Level-
    MR Challenge-When I first tried this,in a GT40 road car,I was,quite
    frankly,destroyed by the Zonda C12S's.Then when I won my own C12S,I had a
    go,and had the dilemna of tyres.The C12S is a Car of extremes as,it handles
    terribly on Hard tyres,which last longer,and it handles well on the Medium and
    Soft tyres,which it tends to eat in a couple of laps.But I found a perfect
    solution in using Hard front tyres(where the braking,and therefore most wear
    takes place),and Medium rear tyres(the set where least damage happens but most
    grip is needed as they are the source of power,this being a rear-wheel
    drive).This worked well,and meant I could easily beat home the identical
    C12S's.The Prize Car is pretty impressive too;the ZZ-II is effectively a Race
    Car(actually it is:you can change all of it's settings including downforce),and
    should stand you in good stead for the stock only Polyphony Digital Cup.
    Spider and Roadster-There are
    Japanese GT Championship-Woah!A tournament that actually requires some real
    tactical nouse and skill on GT3?You'd better believe it;well,if you're using a
    Nissan Skyline GT-R Race Car,like I was anyway...This is effectively the GT3
    Japanese Grand Touring Car Championship,so naturally I wanted to use a JGTC
    Car.The only one I had-a fine one in itself though-was the Calsonic Skyline.I
    expected to have a good even field,but right from the word go I could tell that
    the Calsonic Skyline simply didn't have the power of the others.It's brilliant
    around any corner,but it gets blitzed by the Supras and NSXs on the
    straights,but don't give up however.A skilled driver can take the Calsonic's
    strong points and absolutely maximise them;it's a fantastic challenge.Basically
    you must win around the slow street circuits,and you must at least stay with
    the pack everywhere else.For me,the series started off with a bang,Grand Valley
    is a really great race because the GT-R is slow on the long straight,and
    relatively fast elsewhere,but it quickly drops behind the pack.The tactic to
    use for this,and the other fast races is hard tyres.You might not be able to
    beat the rest of the field on pace,but you can out strategise them.I didn't pit
    at all,and managed to lead all the way to the last lap,with the NSX chasing me
    down all the time,losing 2-3 seconds a lap.In the end it was incredibly
    close,but I was beaten on the line by an agonising 0.038s.It was to prove a
    crucial defeat...
    Apricot Hill is a relatively fast one,but it's a good track for the
    Skylines,the high speed corners mean that you should be able to build up a lead
    enough to hold out along the start-finish straight where you'll lose time.At
    Round 3,the Test Course it's not even worth bothering.Using the Calsonic or the
    Pennzoil you will come last.However,it's ironic that had I just toured around 3
    laps behind the field for half an hour and got a point for the trouble,the
    series would have finished very differently...Special Stage Route 11 is a vital
    race when using the Skylines,it's tight and twisty,and like Monaco it's a
    leveller;horsepower dosen't matter,acceleration and handling are the key,and
    the GT-R has plenty of downforce.You should be able to win a tight
    race,although it's tough to overtake,and as a double bonus your main
    competition should come from cars that are normally at the back of the pack(the
    other GT-R's)so your rivals will miss out on valuable points.
    Set up your car to the optimum for each race(you may want to make a note of the
    default settings),and try to stay consistent.But if you're a second behind
    first,second or third place with a lap to go,go for it,every point counts.I
    came a dissapointing fifth at Trial Mountain and came last at the fast R246,but
    I struck back with wins at Grand Valley Reverse and Cote D'Azur,the final
    round.The way the final race finished,one of the cars just scraped over the
    line ahead of my nearest rival,the Denso Sard Supra for 4th place,and I thought
    the title was in the bag.However,I finished level on points,but the title-in
    the standings at least-was awarded to me.However,when I was expecting the Prize
    Car Screen to come up,nothing happened!It wouldn't give me the title because I
    had tied...One more point would have done...
    Yaris Cup-It's get your Chequebook out time for this one...You'll need a fully
    maxed out Yaris,buy all the power upgrades,reduce weight down to level
    three,buy some medium or hard tyres and you might want to invest in a full
    racing transmission(I'll explain why in a minute).Don't even try with anything
    less;the computer will just destroy you by 2 secs a lap...The most amazing
    thing about this tournament for me was that despite the 'aura' that surrounds
    it('it's the hardest tournament in the game'people often mumble),I won it in
    only 3 of the 5 rounds!With the fully modded Car,the first two 10 lap
    rounds(Rome II and Laguna Seca)were easy wins.I lost a bit of ground at the
    start,but the computer is always faster off the line anyway,and within a lap
    you should be back in the lead.Drive some nice laps,stop around Lap 6 and
    cruise to the end.By the end of Laguna Seca you should have 20 points.
     Next round,Test Course.Oh dear.Not only is it an incredibly long and boring
    circuit-3 mins a lap!-this was where my lack of a Racing Transmission almost
    had me unstuck.In stock form,the Yaris' little engine is not built to handle
    270hp,so whenever it hits it's top speed(constantly round here of course)of
    210kmh,it cuts out and falls back to 202.Not incredibly important you might not
    think,but unless you can combat it,every time you get close to the leaders
    you'll drop back behind again.So all the way through the painstakingly boring
    30 minute race,I had to keep just easing off the power as I hit 209kmh.I still
    haven't regained any feeling in my thumb.
     Anyway,I quit the next Race,intending to compete in the final one(I'm trying
    to win in the minimal amount of Races in these tedious Professional level
    tournaments),and as results dictated,my lead held out to give me an advantage
    of 11 points going into the last round.I needed no reminding that that meant I
    could quit now and take the tournament.However,there was still the moral
    dilemna of whether to take the attractive option of choosing my Prize Car.I
    decided I would only do that if I was awarded another Yaris.As it happened I
    got the excellent Altezza LM Race Car.Very nice...
    Dream Car Cup-All the same opponents as the Amateur level tournament-S2000
    LM,FTO LM,Impreza LM,Altezza LM,ZZ-II,etc-only longer Races.15 laps each to be
    exact.Get yourself a decent LM car-my Altezza is great fun to drive,with
    beautiful handling-and buy some Hard tyres.One pitstop a Race should do with
    the Hard tyres,just after half way,and all the big hitters(FTO LM,ZZII
    etc)should rule themselves out on their 2 or 3 stop strategies.The only real
    problem through the tournament was that my Oil started running down and taking
    with it those vital extra HP.My Altezza for instance slowly dropped from 630
    down to 596hp.That meant that after easily winning the first 3 rounds,I
    narrowly lost round 4 to the impressive S2000 LM(who also only Pits once,so
    he's generally your only competition),which dropped my lead from 15 to 11
    points with only three rounds to go.I knew that if I won the next round at the
    reasonably short,and much more fun Midfield Reverse,I could quit the next two
    rounds,and the computer would always award the victory to the ZZII,giving me
    the title.I did so quite easily,and once again I was left with the this time
    more difficult dilemna of whether to choose my Prize Car.I knew there was an F1
    Car,probably an 001 up for grabs,but I wasn't particularly mad about getting
    one,and I'd be happy with either the GT-One Race Car which I've heard is in the
    pot or the FTO LM,but not the Panoz which I already have.So I let fate take
    it's course and as it turned out,I picked up a very nice Bumble Bee coloured
     Oh,and also while doing this tournament,I confirmed another neat little detail
    in the game:the LM Cars nearly all have different numbers to go with their
    different liveries.A nice little touch I thought.
    Prize Car Colour Guide-
    In this section I will post the various Colours of Prize Cars that I have or
    have seen,and are therefore available,so you'll know whether it's worth Racing
    a series again to get hold of the Car in another colour.I'll also try to post
    exclusive colours that you can only get buy winning the Car,which sometimes can
    be won only once.The numbers in brackets are the Car numbers of those Race Cars
    that have variable numbers.
    So far,I know of-
    Polyphony 001-Black,Light Blue/White,Green/Yellow,Black/Yellow,Black/White,
    Polyphony 002-Blue/White,Red/White,White/Purple,Silver-Grey/Purple,Bright
    Chevrolet Camaro Race Car-Blue/White,Red/White,Green/White
    Subaru Impreza LM Racecar-Grey,Yellow,White
    Mazda RX-7 LM-Green,Black,Silver(33),Blue(7)
    Toyota Altezza LM Race Car-Silver/Black(25),Silver/Blue,Silver/Red,Silver/
    FTO LM Race Car-Green,White/Red
    S2000 LM Race Car-Black/Orange,Black/Blue
    Ford GT40 Road Car-Red,Yellow,Blue
    TRD Celica Sports M-Super Red V,Black,Silver Metallic
    Exclusive Colours-Cars which can be bought,but have special,non-buyable colours
    you can only pick up when you win them as Prize Cars.Those Rare colours are
    listed here-
    Audi TT 1.8 Quattro-Green Metallic,Blue
    Honda NSX Type S Zero-Very deep Bluey-Purple(Obviously this Colour has no
    name,but it is exclusive)
    Honda NSX Type R-Flint Black Metallic
    Lotus Elise 190-Lightening Blue
    Mazda MX-5-J Limited/Sunburst Yellow,Supreme Blue Mica,Sparkle Greeen Metallic
    Mazda MX-5 1.5RS-Sparkle Green Metallic
    Mazda MX-5 1.8i-Mariner Blue,Sunburst Yellow
    Mazda RX-7 Type RZ-Sparkle Green Metallic
    Mitsubishi FTO GP Version R-Dandelion Yellow
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV GSR-Dandelion Yellow
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V GSR-Nayez Blue Pearl
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII GSR-Champagne Gold
    Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II(R34,J)-Aurora Effect
    RUF 3400S-Champagne Gold Metallic
    Subaru Legacy B4 Blitzen-Cashmere Yellow
    Suzuki Alto Works Suzuki Sports Ltd-Gold
    Toyota Vitz RS 1.5-Pink,Yellow
    TVR Griffith 500-Silver Metallic
    Obviously not every car,particularly Race Cars,have more than one colour,so
    only the ones that do will appear here.
    Special Thanks to-
    Greg Dennis-Solved the Opel/Vauxhall thing for many of us
    Raymond Toussaint
    James McKendry
    Master Seprinoth
    Magin Arias
    Matthew Proctor
    Djomp S
    Mustang Man
    The Slickist
    Andrew Osborne
    Graeme Lawson
    Simon Saenen
    I R Biohazard
    (All of whom contacted me at various points to either sumbit things-although I
    only post my own achievements-or ask for advice)
    GameFAQs.com for posting it first
    All the racers of my F1 Challenge Championship(www.hometown.aol.com/swervster)
    All you poor F1 Car deprived PAL racers out there for reading it
    -More coming soon

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