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    Advertisers Guide by Wolf Feather

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    Wolf Feather/Jamie Stafford
    Initial Version Completed: July 2, 2002
    FINAL VERSION  Completed:  August 16, 2002
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    This guide came about due to a post on the GameFAQs message
    board for Gran Turismo 3 asking about the advertisers in the
    game.  Information here is listed in the order given in the
    Gran Turismo 3 game manual, pages 40-44.  Note that this
    guide does NOT cover music credits.
    Nothing in this game guide will help with game performance,
    but the information contained here may be interesting
    nonetheless.  Where possible, company information has been
    taken directly from the Web site (except the manufacturers,
    for which company information is not presented here).  Please
    feel free to contact me at FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM to add,
    update, or correct any information.
    Also, I made a similar effort to this for F1 2001, as part of
    the full game guide for that game.  Some of the information
    in this guide is taken from the F1 2001 Game Guide, with
    appropriate modifications.
    Perhaps of particular interest is the number of companies
    based in Belgium.
    Alfa Romeo
       Web Site - http://www.alfaromeo.com/
    American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
       Web Site - http://www.honda.com/
    Aston Martin
       Web Site - http://www.astonmartin.com/start.html
       Web Site - http://www.audi.com/
       Web Site - http://www.BMWUSA.com/
       Web Site - http://www.citroen.com/
       Web Site - http://www.daihatsu.com/
       Web Site - http://www.DaimlerChrysler.com/
       Web Site - http://www.fiat.com/
    Ford Motor Company
       Web Site - http://www.ford.com/
    General Motors
       Web Site - http://www.gm.com/
    Gillet Vertigo
       Web Site - http://www.gilletvertigo.com/
       Web Site - http://www.jaguar.com/global.html
       Web Site - http://www.lancia.de/ (German site)
       Web Site - http://www.listercars.co.uk/
       Web Site - http://www.lotuscars.com/
       Web Site - http://www.mazda.com/
       Web Site - http://www.mbusa.com/
    Mini Cooper
       Web Site - http://www.mini.com/
       Web Site - http://www.mitsubishi.com/
       Web Site - http://www.nissandriven.com/
       Web Site - http://www.modena-design.it/
    Panoz Motor Sports
       Web Site - http://www.panozmotorsports.com/
       Web Site - http://www.peugeot.com/
       Web Site - http://www.renault.com/
       Web Site - http://www.ruf-automobile.de/html/english.html
       Web Site - http://www.shelbyamerican.com/
       Web Site - http://www.subaru.com/
       Web Site - http://www.suzuki.co.jp/
       Web Site - http://www.tickford.com.au/
    Tommy Kaira
       Web Site - http://www.tommykaira.com/
       Web Site - http://www.tomsracing.co.jp/
       Web Site - http://www.toyota.com/
       Web Site - http://www.tvr-eng.co.uk/
       Web Site - http://www.vectra-sport.com/
       Web Site - http://www.volkswagen.de/
       Web Site - http://www.masterlift.com/
       Company Description - Kap Lift Truck was founded in 1971
          as strictly a forklift service company, yet in time,
          the company added sales and rentals, establishing
          itself as an industry leader and reliable full service
          forklift dealer.  In 1983, Master Lift Truck became the
          realized dream of a man with a "van and a pager".
          Persistence and an emphasis on customer service
          contributed to the success of and exceptional
          reputation that Master Lift Truck achieved.  Kap Lift
          Truck and Master Lift Truck Service were acquired in
          early 2000 and merged, creating MasterLift. Today, the
          tradition continues, with the core values of both
          companies being the foundation of MasterLift's business
       Web Site - http://www.mines-wave.com/
       Company Description - ???  (The site is entirely in
          Japanese... and I cannot read Japanese.)
       Web Site - http://www.kingmotorsports.com/mugen/
       Company Description - Since its establishment in 1973,
          Mugen has nourished intimate relations with Honda.
          Because it forms the nucleus of Honda's car racing
          efforts many motorsports fans think Mugen is a Honda
          affiliate.  Another factor in the confusion is that
          founder and President Hirotoshi Honda is the son of the
          late Soichiro Honda, founder of the Honda Motor
          Company.  But Mugen is an independent firm and does not
          depend fully on Honda.  There is currently no capital
          relationship between the two, and Mugen's racing
          engines and racing carts are sold under the Mugen
          brand.  The reason Mugen is only bases its vehicle
          development and racing activities on Honda cars in a
          category in which participants compete in remodeling
          such market products as touring cars and GTs is 'a
          result of a consideration of the best advantages in
          terms of business.'  Thus, the 'wet' factor - a
          relationship of mutual trust and an accumulation of
          technology cultivated through many years of cooperation
          - has acted heavily on the 'dry' judgment criteria -
          racing results.  We could say that Mugen is an engine
          constructor and a racing team that specializes in
       Web Site - http://www.nismo.co.jp/
       Company Description - ???  (The site is entirely in
          Japanese... and I cannot read Japanese.)
       Web Site - http://www.ralliart.com/
       Company Description - Racing team aligned with Mitsubishi.
       Web Site - http://www.sifo.jp/
       Company Description - ???  (The site is entirely in
          Japanese... and I cannot read Japanese.)
       Web Site - http://www.spoon.jp/eng/
       Company Description - Company history section listed as
          forthcoming on the Web site.
       Web Site - http://www.trdusa.com/ (American site)
       Company Description - From the racetrack to the street,
          Toyota Racing Development (TRD) U.S.A., Inc. plays a
          key role in providing Toyota with an enhanced
          performance image.  A subsidiary of Toyota Motor Sales
          (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., TRD designs and builds Toyota
          racing engines in addition to developing and marketing
          performance aftermarket parts for Toyota vehicles.
          Keeping pace with motorsports and the aftermarket
          industry in the U.S., TRD has grown from fewer than 50
          associates in early 1995 to more than 180 today.  TRD's
          CART Division is housed in a 47,000 square foot Costa
          Mesa, CA facility, complete with four engine
          dynamometers, a prototype machine shop, an engine
          design studio and several specialized workshops.
          Within this state-of-the-art facility, highly skilled
          TRD engineers and technicians design, manufacture and
          assemble Toyota's Champ Car racing engines.  TRD's
          Sales and Special Projects Division is housed
          separately, in a 45,000 square foot Tustin, CA
          facility.  Here TRD develops, markets and inventories a
          variety of high performance sport parts designed to
          enhance the driving experience for Toyota owners.  Also
          from the Tustin facility, TRD's Special Projects group
          develops and assembles Toyota racing engines for Off
          Road, Pikes Peak, Toyota Atlantic, and NASCAR Dash
          series competitions.
       Web Site - http://www.diplobel.org/default_en.htm
       Company Description - .be is a Belgian trademark used by
          the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and
          International Cooperation to help advertise Belgium.
          This official Web site (Diplobel) covers various
          diplomatic aspects of Belgium.  The initial page
          presented is in English, but the site is also
          available in Belgium's two national languages: French
          and Dutch.
       Web Site - http://www.alitalia.it/eng/entry.html
       Company Description - With over fifty years of hard-earned
          experience behind it, Alitalia is one of the leading
          airlines in Europe and in the world.  With a network
          spanning sixty countries, Alitalia transports over 25
          million passengers a year and, in 1999, the Group
          achieved an overall turnover of 10,400 billion lire
          (about 5,370 million euro).  Alitalia competes on the
          world market and the Group's levels of efficiency and
          development ensure that it provides standards of
          service that very few of its rivals can match.  Its
          main objective is, and always has been, to provide the
          best possible service for customers and their changing
          needs, by continuously reviewing every aspect of its
          operation and by taking immediate action when
          circumstances change, or when customers come up with
    Arai (Arai Helmet)
       Web Site - http://www.araihelmet.com/
       Company Description - This is a manufacturer of racing
          helmets which sells its products primarily in the
          Americas, in Japan, and in Europe.
       Web Site - http://www.arcor.de/home/index.php
       Company Description - ???  (The site is entirely in
          German... and I cannot read German.)
       Web Site - http://www.atelia.be/
       Company Description - This is a Belgian insurance broker
          company.  The initial page presented is in English, but
          the site is also  available in Belgium's two national
          languages: French and Dutch.
       Web Site - http://autobacs-seven.com/
       Company Description - The customer service staff of Super
          Autobacs provides automotive goods, parts and tools to
          meet customers' needs with appropriate advice and
          services.  Needless to say, we provide a rich menu of
          attentive pit services, including the installation of
          car-audio equipment and the replacement of tires.
          Autobacs Seven, the company that creates a new car life
          style by assimilating car culture, makes the age of the
          franchise chain of Super Autobacs, a store that evolves
          together with customers' hearts.
    BBS (BBS-Kraftfahrzeugtechnik)
       Web Site - http://www.bbs-ag.com/
       Company Description - This company manufactures custom
       Web Site -
       Company Description - Belcar is the Belgian national
          endurance racing series for amateur GT and Tour Cars
          drivers.  This site is only available in French and
          Dutch, the official languages of Belgium.
       Web Site - http://www.bosch.com/en/start/index.htm
       Company Description - Bosch is a worldwide name in a large
          number of areas. These include, for example, electrical
          and electronic automotive technology, power tools,
          household appliances, thermotechnology, as well a
          automation technology and packaging technology.  The
          small 'workshop for precision mechanics and electrical'
          which Robert Bosch founded in Stuttgart in 1886, and
          which soon specialized in ignition systems for motor
          vehicles and engines of all kinds, has now become the
          Bosch group, which is active worldwide and is one of
          the largest companies in the Federal Republic of
          Germany in terms of turnover, which amounted to 34
          billion Euros in 2001.
       Web Site - http://www.bp.com/
       Company Description - One enduring characteristic of the
          oil industry has been change.  As a company with a long
          history in oil and natural gas, petrochemicals and more
          recently in renewable and alternative energy
          technologies, BP has learned to be responsive to change
          and indeed to be at the forefront of the change
          process.  Today's organization is well suited to a
          modern, global, learning corporation. It enables us to
          remain responsive and flexible, to spread success
          across the company and to ensure our core values and
          objectives are embedded everywhere within the
       Web Site - http://www.brembo.com/
       Company Description - Brembo anticipates the future of
          brake system performance through technology, innovation
          and design - creating a total quality product.  From
          the initial design, engineering excellence, iron
          casting and assembly through rigorous bench, road and
          track testing, Brembo continues to push the envelop in
          brake systems.  Brembo integrates the processes and
          optimization of the whole production cycle.  Brembo
          brake systems and components have one of the industry's
          highest reliability records reaffirming the maximum
          level of safety and improved product performance, an
          enviable performance record that inspires confidence in
          the Brembo brand.  The push toward innovative braking
          solutions not only involves new technologies, new
          materials, new shapes and new markets: product
          performance must also be combined with the search for a
          unique style, in line with the design of the vehicle
          application.  Further more, this continuous search for
          excellence has been backed by care and attention to
          customer relationships, even more so after delivery of
          the product in order to ensure customer satisfaction-no
          matter if the customer is a neighborhood repair shop,
          Formula 1 racing team, or global auto manufacturer.
          Brembo also sees the future in terms of sustainable
          growth.  By increasing its application of eco-
          compatible technologies, the recycling of all materials
          used during the processing phases and the careful
          reduction of pollution, the company demonstrates its
          continuing commitment to the environment.  Brembo's
          focus on the future includes the development of its
          personnel.  With the goal of being one of the most
          efficient, industry leading companies.  Brembo
          recognizes that its personnel is its true asset and
          that the propulsive thrust, the engine that drives
          every innovation Brembo brings to market is the product
          of a single great team.
       Web Site - http://www.bridgestone.com/
       Company Description - Bridgestone Corporation, based in
          Tokyo, is the world's largest manufacturer of tires and
          other products. Bridgestone and its subsidiaries
          operate 46 tire plants and 52 plants for diversified
          products in 24 nations and market their products in
          more than 150 nations. The companies' diversified
          business includes automotive components, industrial
          products, construction and civil engineering materials,
          bicycles, sporting goods, and precision parts for
          electronic equipment.
    Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.
       Web Site - http://www.firestone.com/ (FireStone)
       Company Description - Bridgestone/Firestone Americas
          Holding, Inc is an international manufacturer with 38
          production facilities throughout the Americas.  The
          Nashville, Tennessee-based company was formed in 1990
          when Bridgestone U.S.A. merged with The Firestone Tire
          & Rubber Company.  We are a subsidiary of Bridgestone
    Calsonic (CalsonicKansei North America, Inc.)
       Web Site - http://www.calsonic.com/
       Company Description - CalsonicKansei Corporation, formed
          in 2000, was a merger between Calsonic and Kansei.
          Calsonic has long been a leader in thermal and exhaust
          systems, while Kansei is known for its advanced
          engineering capabilities in automotive electronics, and
          in interior and exterior components.  The companies
          shared a vision that systems integration is the future
          of automotive component manufacturing.  In 2001,
          CalsonicKansei merged Calsonic North America and Kantus
          Corporation to form CalsonicKansei North America.  The
          company is well poised to meet the challenges of our
          domestic and global customers.  Worldwide design and
          production facilities, as well as subsidiaries and
          joint ventures, can deliver common platform modules,
          with customization as needed.  Engineers listen to what
          you and consumers want-increased comfort and safety,
          advanced display and information technology, less
          noise, improved fuel economy, reduced emissions,
          durability, recyclability, and more-and can provide
          either an individual component or a complete integrated
          system or module to meet performance and design
       Web Site - http://www.castrol.com/
       Company Description - On 19 March 1899, Charles Cheers
          Wakefield set up an oil company.  Ten years later he
          produced a new lubricant that would revolutionize
          transport in the first half of the Twentieth century.
          He called the new oil Castrol.  The success of Castrol
          owes much to the original philosophy of Charles
          Wakefield.  Wakefield established the foundations of a
          specialist lubricants company committed to premium
          quality, high performance and leading edge technology.
          Through this company he played a key role in the
          developing transport industries and the pioneering days
          of record achievements. Wakefield drew on the help and
          encouragement of his customers in developing his new
          Castrol Oil because he had the foresight to see that
          progress for both parties would be best achieved in
          partnerships to Castrol today as it was then.  In those
          early days, when aircraft, the motorcycle and the motor
          car were emerging, Castrol worked hand in hand with the
          pioneers of the time.  It was natural that Castrol was
          the chosen oil for breaking world speed and endurance
          records, on land, sea and in the air.  The land speed
          record alone has been broken 21 times by cars using
          Castrol lubricants.  With a century of experience in
          satisfying our customers' needs, we remain as committed
          today to providing the most technically advanced
          lubricants and services as Charles Cheers Wakefield
          when he founded the company.
       Web Site - http://www.chevron.com/
       Company Description - Based in San Ramon, Calif., Chevron
          Products Co. is one of the largest refiners and
          marketers of petroleum products in the United States.
          With six refineries and 7,900 retail outlets, it serves
          customers in 29 states - - primarily in the West,
          Southwest and South.  It is also one of the top three
          asphalt sellers in the nation, a product supplied by
          two additional asphalt refineries in Willbridge, Ore.,
          and Perth Amboy, N.J.  Chevron Product's three largest
          refineries -- in Pascagoula, Miss. and the California
          cities of Richmond and El Segundo -- are complex and
          highly efficient facilities, each a strong competitor
          in its respective region.  The West Coast refineries
          are configured to reliably produce large volumes of
          high-value, cleaner-burning gasoline and diesel fuels,
          designed to meet the specific and stringent air quality
          needs of the California market.  The company's three
          smaller refineries --on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, in
          El Paso, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah -- are
          positioned to take advantage of growing niche markets.
          With one of the strongest brands in the fuels and
          convenience business, Chevron Product's retail network
          is among the market leaders in roughly 17 states.  The
          company's proprietary and patented gasoline additive,
          Techron, is widely recognized as providing unbeatable
          intake system performance, while also not contributing
          to harmful combustion chamber deposits in automobile
          engines.  Moreover, with self-serve pumps that use
          FastPay technology, computerized point-of-sale
          terminals and a satellite communication network,
          Chevron's facilities are designed for maximum consumer
          convenience.  On October 9, 2001 Chevron and Texaco
          merged to form ChevronTexaco Corp.
    D2 (D2/Mannesmann)
       Web Site - http://www.mannesmann.com/ (Mannesmann);
          http://www.vodafone.com/ (Vodafone)
       Company Description - Mannesmann has been taken over by
          Vodafone.  Vodafone is the largest mobile
          telecommunications network company in the world. It has
          interests in mobile networks in 28 countries across
          five continents.  Vodafone aims to be the world's
          leading wireless telecommunications and information
          provider, generating more customers, more services and
          more value than any of its competitors
       Web Site - http://www.denso.co.jp/index-e.html
       Company Description - When DENSO became independent of
          Toyota Motor Corporation, it was originally named
          Nippondenso, and its aim was to become the best
          component manufacturer in Japan (Nippon).  This spirit,
          far from waning, has become stronger over time.  With
          the determination of becoming a great component
          manufacturer worthy of the name "Nippon", DENSO has
          consistently taken bold steps in anticipation of
          change, not confining itself to Japan, DENSO expanded
          the geographical sphere of its activities in search of
          new markets and customers throughout the world.  At the
          same time, DENSO explored new business territories,
          expanding its range of activities.  Let's take a look
          at DENSO's transition.  We have since taken further
          bold steps: immediately after the end of the war, DENSO
          marketed an electric washing machine that achieved the
          highest unit sales in Japan, even higher than the
          figures achieved by manufacturers that had launched
          electric washing machines before us, and in 1953, we
          began a technical tie-up with Robert Bosch to acquire
          world-class technology, and in 1959 through M&A (merger
          and acquisition), we made a serious entry into the
          spark plug market.  Meanwhile, we have always taken
          unconventional actions ahead of the times: we were
          among the first manufacturers to succeed in
          commercializing such new products as heaters, air
          conditioners and fuel injection pumps, thereby setting
          trends in the automobile industry.  In 1968, we
          established our IC laboratory, becoming one of the
          world's few component manufacturers capable of in-house
          IC production, and we even established our production
          companies outside Japan, ahead of auto manufacturers.
          As a result, DENSO developed to an extent unimaginable
          at the time of its founding.  This is because we have
          been riding the crest of prosperity of the automobile
          industry, and particularly because we have made our key
          moves in anticipation of future trends.
    Elf (Elf/Total)
       Web Site - http://www.totalfinaelf.com/ho/en/index.htm
       Company Description - The first page of Elf Aquitaine's
          history was written on the 14th of July 1939.  On that
          day, a gas field was discovered in France, at Saint
          Marcet, in Aquitaine.  The discovery confirmed France's
          hopes.  A large scale programme for prospecting
          throughout the country had begun in 1930, aimed at
          providing reliable energy supplies.  After this first
          discovery, the Régie Autonome des Pétroles (Rap) was
          formed.  Encouraged by this first success, exploration
          continued in south-western France and, in 1941, the
          Société Nationale des Pétroles d'Aquitaine (SNPA) was
          formed, despite the lack of means and finance.  The
          founding of the Bureau de Recherches de Pétrole (BRP),
          in 1945, showed France's ambition to go beyond he
          borders and look for oil overseas.  Rap, SNPA, BRP: the
          ancestors of Elf Aquitaine were born.  ...  Through
          consolidating its positions in the petroleum industry,
          its many discoveries, the successful redeployment in
          chemicals and the development of Sanofi, Elf Aquitaine
          now has three strong sectors: hydrocarbons, chemicals
          and health.  It has continued its internationalization
          with the takeover of the British company RTZ Oil and
          Gas in 1988, and above all the American chemical
          company Pennsalt Corporation in 1989, with which
          Atochem has attained a world dimension.  In 1991, Elf
          Aquitaine was first quoted on the New York Stock
          Exchange.  In 1993, with the takeover of Yves Saint
          Laurent, Sanofi became a leader in world prestige
          perfumery.  1994 was another great year for the Group
          and for Sanofi which took over the Sterling Winthrop
          pharmaceutical company, thus consolidating its
          international scale in health.  The time of
          privatization has come for Elf, a new major stage in
          the Group's history.  The operation was a great
          success, and there were 96.9 million applications for
          38.6 million shares.  History has given way to the
          present and future of the number one French company.
    Ellegi Motori
       Web Site - http://www.ellegimotori.com/english.html
       Company Description - The Ellegi Motori srl was born in
          the 1989, after 18 years of exprerience and passion in
          the car world of Mr Gaetano Lionti.  Thanks to the
          years that he stayed by an important firm leader in the
          racing sector, in which his work was exclusively the
          preparation of engines from the F3 to the F1, he
          obtained enough experience that gave him the courage to
          try with his strength to enter in the racing world.  Mr
          Gaetano from the start of his activity has prepared
          various type of engines for many cars and
          championships, in particular Alfa and Fiat engines for
          the F3 championship and engines based on Alfa and BMW
          for long and sprint races in circuit and in mountains,
          historic engines as Ford, Cosworth, Mercedes, Rover V8,
          for team and drivers of different nationality.  From
          1996 the Ellegi Motori starts to work in an interesting
          and fascinating world of the ultralight aeroplane, our
          suggestion has been a reliable engine that satisfy the
          requests of a machine to fly, all this with a Fiat Fire
          1100 and 1240 engine.
       Web Site - http://www.enkei.com/
       Company Description - Enkei manufactures  custom rims.
    Exxon Mobil Corp.
       Web Site - http://www.exxonmobil.com/
       Company Description - Both Exxon and Mobil trace their
          roots to the late 19th century, when American industry
          was booming in numerous sectors - steel, railroads and
          banking, to name a few.  The nation's young petroleum
          industry picked up the pace, too, to meet the growth in
          demand for kerosene, lubricants and greases.  John D.
          Rockefeller acquired a diversity of petroleum interests
          during that period and, in 1882, organized them under
          the Standard Oil Trust.  That same year marked the
          incorporation of two refining and marketing
          organizations -- Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey and
          Standard Oil Co. of New York. 'Jersey Standard' and
          'Socony,' as they were commonly known, were the chief
          predecessor companies of Exxon and Mobil, respectively.
          For both companies, the remainder of the century was a
          time of expansion beyond America's shores. Large
          'kerosene clippers' enabled overseas shipments of
          products in bulk quantities. Affiliates and sales
          offices of the two companies spread across Europe and
          Asia. Standard Oil's MEI FOO kerosene lamps introduced
          illumination across China and opened a vast new market.
          In 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the dissolution
          of the Standard Oil Trust, resulting in the spin-off of
          34 companies, including Jersey Standard and Socony.  In
          the same year, the nation's kerosene output was
          eclipsed for the first time by a formerly discarded
          byproduct - gasoline.  The growing automotive market
          ultimately inspired the product trademark Mobiloil,
          registered by Socony in 1920.  ...  In 1998, Exxon and
          Mobil signed a definitive agreement to merge and form a
          new company called Exxon Mobil Corporation.  'This
          merger will enhance our ability to be an effective
          global competitor in a volatile world economy and in an
          industry that is more and more competitive,' said Lee
          Raymond and Lou Noto, chairmen and chief executive
          officers of Exxon and Mobil, respectively.  After
          shareholder and  regulatory approvals, the merger was
          completed November 30, 1999.
    Falken (Falken Tire Corporation)
       Web Site - http://www.falkentire.com/
       Company Description - Falken Tire Corporation, best known
          for our Ultra High Performance Radials, is a subsidiary
          of The Ohtsu Tire and Rubber Company Limited of Osaka,
          Japan.  We are dedicated to providing value in the
          Falken Ultra High Performance Tire brand through a
          sustained commitment to advanced technological
          achievements, innovative products, a heightened level
          of environmental consciousness and the belief that
          sound business practices lead to successful partners.
       Web Site - http://www.goodyear.com/
       Company Description - Looking back, the founding of The
          Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in 1898 seems especially
          remarkable, for the beginning was anything but
          auspicious.  The 38-year-old founder, Frank Seiberling,
          purchased the company's first plant with a $3,500 down
          payment - using money he borrowed from a brother-in
          law.  The rubber and cotton that were the lifeblood of
          the industry had to be transported from halfway around
          the world, to a landlocked town that had only limited
          rail transportation.  Even the man the company's name
          memorialized, Charles Goodyear, had died penniless 30
          years earlier despite his discovery of vulcanization
          after a long and courageous search.  Yet the timing
          couldn't have been better.  The bicycle craze of the
          1890s was booming.  The horseless carriage, some
          ventured to call it the automobile, was a wide-open
          challenge.  Even the depression of 1893 was beginning
          to fade.  So on August 29, 1898, Goodyear was
          incorporated with a capital stock of $100,000.  David
          Hill, who purchased $30,000 of stock, became the first
          president.  But it was the dynamic and visionary
          founder, hard-driving Frank Seiberling, who chose the
          name and determined the distinctive winged-foot
          trademark that remains an integral part of the Goodyear
          signature, a symbolic link with the company's historic
          past.  Something else about these legendary early years
          lingers on through Goodyear's history.  Something
          elusive and intangible, yet very real.  Something about
          the people.  People such as Frank Seiberling, actually
          trying to liquidate family-owned property in 1898 when
          he ended up taking that once-in-a-lifetime chance to
          buy - at a bargain - the seven-acre tract that became
          Goodyear.  People such as George Stadelman, a man who
          avoided crowds and never made a speech, yet had a gift
          of integrity and foresight that guided Goodyear's sales
          through a critical 20 years.  People such as Paul
          Litchfield, whose conviction and leadership helped
          inspire Goodyear's development for nearly six decades.
          With just 13 workers, Goodyear production began on Nov.
          21, 1898, with a product line of bicycle and carriage
          tires, horseshoe pads and - fitting the gamble
          Seiberling was making - poker chips.  The first
          recorded payroll amounted to $217.86 based on the
          prevailing wage of 13 to 25 cents an hour for a 10-hour
          day.  After the first full month of business, sales
          amounted to $8,246.  Since the first bicycle tire in
          1898, Goodyear pedaled its way toward becoming the
          world's largest tire company, a title it earned in 1916
          when it adopted the slogan 'More people ride on
          Goodyear tires than on any other kind,' becoming the
          world's largest rubber company in 1926.  Today,
          Goodyear measures sales in excess of $14 billion,
          although it took 53 years before the company reached
          the first billion-dollar-year milestone.  The company
          has about 96,000 associates worldwide.  And it all
          began in a converted strawboard factory on the banks of
          the Little Cuyahoga River in Akron, Ohio.  Spanning the
          years, through all of those yesterdays, a legion of
          firsts and facts and figures appears that reflects, in
          the highlights that follow, the making of a company.
    GT Association
       Web Site - http://www.jgtc.net/race/whats/whts_eng.htm
       Company Description - The JGTC Series began in 1994 with a
          total entry of 18 cars.  There was a multitude of
          people involved in preparation of the series before its
          historical launch. After the disappearance of the All
          Japan Sports Prototype Car Championship (JSPC), much in
          the same way that the various World Group C Series'
          disbanded, Japanese sponsors, teams, circuits, and
          automotive industry-related companies acted together to
          establish the GT Association (GT-A) in 1994.  It was
          agreed that the main consideration for racing is that
          fans and sponsors come first.'  The GT-A conducted an
          in-depth investigation as to why the number of JSPC
          Series participants decreased in the final days of its
          existence and made a thorough study of measures to
          introduce so as to avoid the same mistake. Carefully
          analyzing the information it had gathered, the GT-A set
          out to create an event that offers entertainment at its
          best.  An event capable of giving full satisfaction to
          fans, sponsors and spectators alike.  As the foundation
          to build such an event was the new concept of
          'introducing regulations that would increase the
          attraction of racing events by preventing one team,
          driver or model from winning continuously.'
    Gulf (International Lubricants)
       Web Site - http://www.gulflubes.com/
       Company Description - Gulf got started back in 1901 with
          the first major discovery of oil in Texas, at the
          Spindletop well.  Just ten years later, Gulf scored
          another breakthrough when it tapped the first overwater
          well at Ferry Lake in Louisiana.  Over the next few
          years, Gulf would be first to drill for oil in Mexico
          and first to open a drive-in service station.   The
          1920's saw the birth of the Gulfpride® brand, known as
          The World's Finest Motor Oil.  Within ten years, Gulf
          was sponsoring Will Rogers on the radio and advertising
          at sporting events.  In 1938, a Gulf station in Miami
          was voted 'World's Swankiest.'  It included a hotel,
          restaurant, bar, engraved stationery, and even a
          lighthouse.  When America went to war in 1941, over
          6,000 Gulf employees served in our armed forces.  Gulf
          continued to grow in the decades to come, becoming a
          global brand and operating service stations in 48
          U.S.states.  In 1969, Gulf sponsored NBC's coverage of
          the Moon landing, which had the largest audience in
          broadcast  history.  In 1985, Gulf was purchased by
          Chevron. Today, Gulf has been reborn as Gulf
          Lubricants, the easy way to buy lubricants at value
          prices.  Whether you shop by phone or on the web,
          you'll get lubes you need without a hassle.  It's the
          same spirit of friendly service and innovation that
          have been Gulf's trademarks for 100 years.
    Gulf (Sociedad Anonima Espanola de Lubricantes)
       Web Site - ???
       Company Description - ???
    Gulf Canada Resources Limited
       Web Site -
       Company Description - Gulf Canada Resources Limited is a
          publicly traded company that explores for, develops,
          produces and markets conventional and synthetic crude
          oil, natural gas liquids and natural gas.  Its head
          office is in Calgary, Alberta, and its executive office
          is located in Denver, Colorado.  Gulf Canada's roots
          and history are Canadian - Gulf is a Canadian success
          story that dates back to the founding of The British
          American Oil Company Limited in 1906.  The company,
          created by Albert LeRoy Ellsworth, received its charter
          in October of that year, and began distributing
          kerosene and lubricating oils in downtown Toronto.
          From those humble beginnings, B-A grew to become a
          major refiner and marketer of petroleum products.
          Following the 1947 discovery of oil at Leduc, which led
          to the creation of today's multi-billion-dollar oil and
          gas business in Western Canada, the company moved
          quickly to establish itself as a Canadian explorer and
          producer.  It entrenched itself as such in 1956 by
          acquiring Canadian Gulf Oil Company.  Canadian Gulf Oil
          had begun operations in Western Canada in 1941, and was
          a highly successful explorer with discoveries such as
          the Stettler oilfield to its credit.  The acquisition
          confirmed B-A's status as a major, fully integrated oil
          company.  By the 1960s, the company had become Canada's
          second largest oil company, exploring for and producing
          oil and gas in Western Canada, operating nine
          strategically located refineries, and selling a variety
          of petroleum products and accessories from 5,000
          service stations located coast-to-coast.  But as one of
          the company's advertising slogans made clear, 'At B-A,
          nothing stays the same any longer than it takes to
          improve it.'  So in January 1969, B-A amalgamated with
          The Royalite Oil Company, Limited, a smaller integrated
          oil company that traced its roots back to 1912 and the
          discovery of gas at Turner Valley, Alberta; and with
          Shawinigan Chemicals Limited.  The combined entity
          became Gulf Oil Canada Limited, later shortened to Gulf
          Canada Limited, the Canadian member of the
          international Gulf Oil family.  Gulf Canada continued
          to explore for oil and gas in Western Canada and
          extended its search into Canada's northern and East
          Coast frontier regions.  It also continued to refine
          and market products all across Canada, operating
          facilities in every province and employing at one time
          over 11,000 Canadians.  Then in 1984, Chevron
          Corporation acquired the parent Gulf Corporation and a
          year later sold its approximately 60 per cent interest
          in Gulf Canada to Olympia & York.  Gulf Canada became a
          Canadian-owned entity once again, and embarked on a
          period of diversification and change, including the
          sale of all of its refining and marketing assets.  In
          1987, the company reorganized, creating three separate
          publicly traded companies to give shareholders the
          opportunity of directly owning interests in the various
          businesses.  One of those companies was Gulf Canada
          Resources Limited, which was created to carry on the
          oil and gas business as one of Canada's largest
          upstream companies focussed on exploration and
          production.  Then in January 1995, a group of investors
          led by Torch Energy Investors Incorporated acquired a
          25 per cent interest in Gulf.  In recent years, Gulf's
          principal operating centres have been Western Canada
          and Indonesia, with additional exploration properties
          in Algeria and Australia, and a significant exploration
          land position in the United States.  The billion-dollar
          acquisition of Clyde Petroleum plc in the first quarter
          of 1997 added significant producing assets and
          exploration lands in the United Kingdom, The
          Netherlands, Indonesia and Australia, as well as
          exploration lands in Libya, Syria, Yemen, The Falkland
          Islands and Argentina.  Gulf is now poised for renewed
          growth by pursuing its many opportunities, both in
          Canada and abroad.
       Web Site - http://www.karcher.de/
       Company Description - ith headquarters located in Germany
          - a country known for its precision engineering -
          Kärcher has been pioneering innovative cleaning
          technologies since 1951.  As a result, the company has
          become a leader in producing cleaning equipment, as
          well as the world's largest manufacturer of pressure
          washers. In fact, the company is so large that a
          Kärcher product is sold approximately every seven
          seconds!  (In fact, Kärcher probably sold two products
          in the time it took you to read this far.)  With
          literally thousands of commercial and consumer cleaning
          products and hundreds of patents in cleaning
          technology, Kärcher is professionally dedicated to
          finding thorough and efficient solutions to every kind
          of cleaning problem.  And that's good news for owners
          of Kärcher products.
    Laguna Seca Raceway
       Web Site - http://www.laguna-seca.com/
       Company Description - Now officially named Mazda Raceway
          Laguna Seca, this racing venue in California, USA, is
          home to the world-famous Corkscrew.  Mazda Raceway
          Laguna Seca is one of the real-world circuits included
          in Gran Turismo 3.
    Lee Copper
       Web Site - http://www.leecooper.ch/
       Company Description - This is a clothing company
          specializing in jeans.  Much of the site is in German.
    Magneti Marelli
       Web Site - http://www.magnetimarelli.com/
       Company Description - The Fiat owned Magneti Marelli
          Companies are international leader in the design and
          production of high-tech components and systems for the
          automotive industry.  They supply the world's major car
          manufacturers such as Renault, Citroën, Peugeot, Fiat
          Group, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, BMW-Rover,
          DaimlerChrysler, GM-Opel, Volvo, Saab, Nissan, Toyota
          and Daewoo.
       Web Site - http://www.materne.be/
       Company Description - Materne-Confilux is one of the
          biggest European producers of jams and compotes. The
          company was founded in 1888 and has been housed in
          ultra-modern installations at Floreffe in the province
          of Namur in Belgium since 1980.  Given that Materne
          Confilux's activities depend on nature, this company
          has managed to perfectly blend into the rural setting
          of the Sambre valley and makes investments day after
          day, out of respect for its environment.
       Web Site - http://www.michelin.com/
       Company Description - Michelin is one of the world's major
          tire manufacturers.  For more than a century, Michelin
          has remained loyal to the dual aim of its founders:
          product quality and quality of service to the customer.
    Mitsubishi Oil
       See Nippon Mitsubishi Oil
       Web Site - http://www.momo.it/
       Company Description - This company manufactures custom
          parts for cars - normal and racing - and proudly shows
          Michael Schumacher (F1 World Champion driver for
          Ferrari) all over its site.
       Web Site - http://www.motul.com/
       Company Description - Motul is a specialist in industrial
          lubricants.  For many years MOTUL has been synonymous
          with performance and reliability.  MOTUL TECH shows
          that it meets the same requirements by providing the
          best solutions to the industries.
    Nippon Mitsubishi Oil
       Web Site - http://www.nmoc.co.jp/index_e.html
       Company Description - Ensuring the fulfillment of Japan's
          energy needs-past, present, and future-Nippon
          Mitsubishi Oil Corporation (NMOC) has undertaken
          diverse operations for more than a century to ensure
          Japan has stable energy supplies.  The Company operates
          Japan's largest oil importing, refining, distributing,
          and marketing network; imports and distributes coal and
          natural gas; and maintains an extensive and growing oil
          exploration and development program.  Aiming to further
          expand and diversify its profit base and become a
          comprehensive energy company, NMOC is strengthening its
          integrated oil operations and expanding its operations
          involving new energy sources.
    Nippon Oil
       See Nippon Mitsubishi Oil
       Web Site - http://www.omegalubricants.com/
       Company Description - Omega Lubricants are designed for
          all types of car and industrial uses.
       Web Site - http://www.orecaracing.com/
       Company Description - French-based racing team.
       Web Site - http://www.ozracing.com/
       Company Description - Technology, research, innovation,
          high-quality, passion and design have always
          represented the components of O.Z. Racing's success.
          The philosophy of this company, as shown by its
          products, is to combine advanced technology with a
          strong personality, both in races and in normal road
          use.  This philosophy allowed O.Z. Racing to face the
          challenges of the new Millennium.  Its aim now is to
          develop its international position more and more
          through an effective policy of globalization (O.Z.
          already exports 90% of its production).  The
          experiences in competitions, also transferred to mass
          production of road wheels, gave big satisfactions to
          O.Z. Racing, such us victories in F1 and Rally World
          championships, not to mention four successive victories
          in Indy 500 and three in 24 Hours of Le Mans.
    Penzoil Products Co.
       Web Site - http://www.pennzoil-quakerstate.com/
       Company Description - Pennzoil-Quaker State Company was
          formed in late 1998 through the spin-off of Pennzoil
          Company's marketing, manufacturing and fast oil change
          businesses (Pennzoil Products Group) and the
          simultaneous merger of all of Quaker State Corporation
          into Pennzoil Products Group.  Pennzoil-Quaker State is
          one of the leading automotive consumer products
          companies in the world.  Pennzoil-Quaker State Company
          has a substantial portfolio of leading automotive
          consumer products and provides a wide variety of
          services.  The consumer brands include the number-one
          and number-two selling motor oil brands, major
          maintenance and appearance chemicals and top automotive
          accessories.  In addition, the new company owns Jiffy
          Lube International, the number-one branded fast-oil
          change operation and holds a significant position with
          independent fast oil change providers and other
          channels of the installed motor oil market.
       Web Site - http://www.pirelli.com/
       Company Description - In all parts of the world, Tyres and
          Cables & Systems are essential to national economies in
          the areas of transportation of people and goods and
          transmission of energy and information.  Pirelli's
          business is centred on these key markets in which we
          are among the world leaders and innovators.  For more
          than a century we have grown as a truly multinational
          corporation, deeply rooted in local markets throughout
          the world and building upon our two core product
          sectors.  Our technological and research capacity in
          terms of professional skills and resources will
          continue to be a great source of our strength.  This,
          coupled with close involvement with customer
          requirements, enables us to manufacture and market good
          value, high quality products and to operate
          successfully from our bases around the world.  A high
          priority is extended to continuous improvement in the
          environmental impact of our processes and products.
          Our management objective is the achievement of an
          effective balance between personal accountability and
          team work, central guidance and local operating
          responsibility.  Over the last year, with the objective
          of creating ever greater value, we have chosen new
          technologies as the way ahead; our goal is to become a
          company with fully integrated on-line operations, from
          procurement to manufacturing, from distribution to
          sales: e-Pirelli.  This framework will enable us to
          finance our continued growth through adequate profits,
          in the interest of our shareholders, customers and
       Web Site - http://www.potenza.com/
       Company Description - Potenza tires for cars and trucks
          are made by Bridgestone, the Japanese company which now
          owns the storied American tire manufacturer Firestone.
    PPG Industries, Inc.
       Web Site - http://www.ppg.com/
       Company Description - PPG Industries was founded in 1883
          as the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.  The company's first
          plant, at Creighton, Pa., near Pittsburgh, was the
          first commercially successful plate glass factory in
          the United States.  PPG expanded flat glass production
          operations rapidly during the next decade and a half
          through new facilities and acquisitions.
          Diversification began at the end of the 19th century
          with construction of a plant in Ohio in 1899 to ensure
          a reliable supply of alkali for glassmaking - the first
          of PPG's chemicals businesses - and the 1900
          acquisition of a paint company that was the foundation
          of its coatings businesses.  In 1902, PPG became one of
          the first American manufacturing firms to establish
          European operations.  Glass and paint provided
          continued prosperity to the company in the 1920s as the
          auto industry and construction of skyscrapers
          transformed and modernized the American scene.  During
          this period, PPG also increased its commitment to
          development of technology for improved production
          efficiency and high product quality and versatility.
          One early achievement was, in 1924, the first straight
          line conveyor method of glass manufacture, which
          advanced the glass production process much as the
          assembly line transformed the auto industry.  In the
          decades since, PPG has continued to develop new glass
          and paint products to meet more demanding market needs,
          and to expand its array of chemical products.  In 1952,
          recognizing the potential of another type of glass
          product, the company established its fiber glass
          business.  One of the 'miracle' fibers created by
          laboratory researchers, fiber glass continues to
          achieve expanding use in a variety of products, and PPG
          has been in the forefront of product and process
          development.  As a result of its diversification,
          growth, rapidly developing global presence, and the
          passing of the old plate process for making glass, the
          company changed its name to PPG Industries in 1968.  In
          the ensuing decades, as many of its basic commodity
          product markets matured in North America and Europe,
          the company gave new emphasis to development of
          specialty, value-added products, process efficiency and
          accelerated global expansion.  Today PPG is a leader in
          its markets, streamlined and efficient, and on the
          leading edge of new technologies to provide a growth
          focused future worldwide.
       Web Site - http://www.promotic.com/
       Company Description - Our CALLING is to be the architect
          responsible for the installation of any solution in the
          face of the challenges set before us.  Our BUSINESS
          CULTURE is rigour, mutual respect and dialogue.  Our
          COMMITMENT is to ensure the relevance, coherence and
          effectiveness of all our communication actions in all
          disciplines by grouping them around the same GOAL: YOUR
    Radio Contact
       Web Site - http://www.radiocontact.com/
       Company Description - This is a new method of radio
          broadcasting in British Columbia, Canada.
    Rays (Mackin Industries, Inc.)
       Web Site - http://www.mackinindustries.com/rays.html
       Company Description - RAYS, established in 1973, is the
          premier Japanese manufacturer of high end wheels for
          both motorsports and street use.  By following their
          virtual goal of 'contributing to the promotion of motor
          sports culture,' RAYS continues to manufacture wheels
          with innovative design and the highest technology.
          RAYS strives to stay ahead of the competition by
          forging strong trusting relationship with top race and
          tuning teams around the world and continually
          researching new materials and technologies to make the
          future racing wheels a reality today.
    Razo (Car Mate Mfg. Co., Ltd.)
       Web Site - http://www.carmate.co.jp/
       Company Description - Car Mate Mfg. Co., Ltd.. The Group's
          principal activity is the manufacture and sale of
          automotive related goods including car accessories,
          mirrors, special security seats for children, roof
          racks, tire chains, fragrances, deodorants, engine
          starters, turbo timers. It is also engaged in the
          manufacture and sale of leisure, outdoor and sports
          goods such as snow-boards, camping gear and wears. Car
          related goods accounted for 94% of fiscal 2001
          revenues; outdoor, leisure and sports goods, 6%. The
          Group has five consolidated subsidiaries, three in
          Japan and one each in Hong Kong and China. M.T. Kosan
          is a major shareholder with 36.54% of issued stock.
          (This information from
    Red Line Synthetic Oil Corp.
       Web Site - http://www.redlineoil.com/
       Company Description - In the world of motor sports, the
          Red Line Oil logo is everywhere.  It's on Winston Cup
          stock cars, drag racing Pro Stocks, SCCA Trans-Am cars
          and CART Champ Cars.  The Red Line sticker is on desert
          race trucks, unlimited air racers, motocross bikes,
          competition snowmobiles and off-shore race boats.  Why
          are those stickers on everything that's fast?  Because
          all those racers want you to know one reason they win
          is they're using the absolute best in lubrication.  You
          also see 'Red Line Oil' displayed on non-racing
          vehicles of every imaginable shape, size and type.
          Their discriminating owners know that the superior
          lubrication from Red Line products make whatever it is
          they drive, ride, sail or fly perform better and last
          longer.  Because the Red Line name is synonymous with
          high-performance and victory, many people put the
          stickers on vehicles that don't use the product.  Kids
          today even use the famous Red Line logo for bragging
          rights on non-automotive items such as snowboards,
          school notebooks and clothing.
       Web Site - ???
       Company Description - ???
       Web Site - http://www.seiko.com/
       Company Description - Seiko Instruments, one of three
          principle companies that comprise the Seiko Group, was
          founded in 1937 to manufacture watches, an extension of
          a family watch assembly and repair operation started in
          1881.  During the past half century the company has
          evolved into an engineering and manufacturing giant
          that has brought precision time-keeping into the
          electronic age.  Today, watch making continues to be an
          important part of the company's culture.  But it
          represents only about 30 percent of the business.  The
          majority of the company's business comes from the
          commercialization of proprietary technologies the
          company originally pioneered for watch manufacturing.
          The diversification plan began in the late 1960's.
          Core competency in electronics was quickly added to
          those of miniaturization and precision engineering and
          manufacturing.  And the company began to apply its
          expertise to the development of products in four core
          areas: Electronic components, consumer/business
          products, color graphic computer peripherals and
          factory automation systems.
    Shell Oil Co. (Shell/Helix)
       Web Site - http://www.shell.com/
       Company Description - This company's core business include
          oil exploration and production, chemicals, gas and
          power, and oil products.
       Web Site - ???
       Company Description - The only Sloggi I am finding online
          is a lingerie manufacturing company... which has
          absolutely nothing to do with Gran Turismo 3!!!
       Web Site - http://www.sonax.dk/
       Company Description - This site is entirely in Danish, and
          I do not speak Danish.
       Web Site - http://www.speedlinetechnologies.com/
       Company Description - Formed in 1998, Speedline
          Technologies has built a reputation as an industry
          innovator dedicated to the development and manufacture
          of product solutions for the electronics assembly and
          semiconductor packaging industries.  Comprised of five
          best-in-class brands - ACCEL microelectronics cleaning
          and reflow systems, CAMALOT dispensing and conformal
          coating systems, ELECTROVERT wave soldering, reflow
          soldering and cleaning equipment, MPM stencil and wafer
          bump printing systems, SCS conformal coatings and
          services, and global service and training leader
          Speedline Global Services - Speedline Technologies is
          part of Cookson Electronics, the world's leading
          supplier of circuit board manufacturing and assembly
          solutions.  Cookson Electronics is a division of
          Cookson Group plc, a global leader in electronic
          materials and ceramics.  Today, Speedline Technologies
          is building on its strong industry heritage by
          leveraging its process knowledge expertise across its
          equipment and service offerings to help customers
          throughout the world solve complex manufacturing
          challenges, optimize production and speed their
          products to market.
       Web Site - http://www.telefonica.com/
       Company Description - Telefonica is the leading
          telecommunications operator in the Spanish- and
          Portuguese-speaking world and the second largest
          European operator by market capitalization.
          Telefonica is a major player in seventeen countries,
          although it is present in fifty countries.
    Texaco, Inc.
       See Chevron-Gulf
       See Elf
    Trampio  (Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.)
       Web Site - http://www.toyojapan.com/tires/p_1.html
       Company Description - Since its founding in 1945, Toyo
          Tire and Rubber Co., Ltd. has been providing not only
          high-quality rubber and polyurethane products but also
          superior services, by optimizing its top-of-the-class
          technology.  Thanks to its expertise, Toyo is
          recognized as one of the leading rubber and
          polyurethane product manufacturers in the world.
          Toyo's business include tires, automotive parts, and
          chemical and industrial products.
    Valvoline Co., The
       Web Site - http://www.valvoline.com/
       Company Description - The Valvoline Company, a division of
          Ashland Inc., serves more than 140 countries worldwide
          and is a leading marketer, distributor and producer of
          quality branded automotive and industrial products and
          services.  Products include automotive lubricants,
          transmission fluids, gear oils, hydraulic lubricants,
          automotive chemicals, specialty products, greases and
          cooling system products.  Valvoline also offers Eagle
          One car care products for automotive cleaning and
          maintenance and operates Valvoline Instant Oil Change,
          the second largest quick-lube chain in the U.S.
    Xanavi (Xanavi Informatics Corporation)
       Web Site - http://www.xanavi.co.jp/e/
       Company Description - As cars have already become an
          indispensable part of people's lives all over the
          world, higher levels of safety, comfort and
          environmental concerns are now more in demand.  Since
          its establishment, Xanavi Informatics Corporation has
          continuously been providing in-vehicle information
          systems under the slogan 'Create highly reliable
          products by providing customers satisfaction.'  Our
          business is focused on car navigation systems created
          by a combination of world class electronic technology
          and application technology for vehicles.  Now that we
          are entering the age of actual ITS (Intelligent
          Transport Systems), we are challenged to meet the need
          for more creative products through marketing and full
          usage of fast-changing electronic technology.
    Yokohama (Advan)
       Web Site - http://www.advancorp.com/
       Company Description - By utilizing the highest quality
          materials and the most advanced technology available,
          and by building creative, long-term partnerships with
          its customers, ADVAN International Corporation's
          mission is to be an innovative leader within the
          computer peripheral industry.  ADVAN International
          Corporation was established as a privately held company
          in 1982 by Kenzo Sudo for the purpose of marketing
          Memory Products and Semiconductors.  In 1997, ADVAN
          expanded its line into computer peripherals, and TFT
          LCD Active-Matrix Flat Panel Monitors.  Among ADVAN's
          leading products is its high-end, 18.1 inch TFT-LCD
          Monitors with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1024. Our
          products are manufactured by numerous strategic
          partners in the Pacific Rim.  The TFT-LCD Monitors are
          marketed in the United States under the ADVAN's label
          to Federal, State, City Government, Hospitals, Medical
          Communities, Industrial customers, and Financial
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