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    License/Circuit Guide by Wolf Feather

    Version: Final | Updated: 02/21/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Wolf Feather/Jamie Stafford
    Initial Version Completed: January 16, 2003
    FINAL VERSION Completed:   February 21, 2003
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    One of the nice things about the License Tests in Gran
    Turismo 3 is that - despite being much harder overall than
    the License Tests in the previous games in the series - most
    of the License Tests take place at the trickiest sections of
    the game's many circuits.  This means that players can
    essentially practice the same tricky sections over and over
    again without wasting the time required to do a full lap of a
    circuit and return to the tricky area once again.
    This guide is designed to 'connect' the License Tests with
    the circuits where those tests are held.  This could be of
    great benefit for newcomers to the Gran Turismo series to
    allow them to practice these tricky sections without worrying
    about traffic.  Note that the tests for the S (Super) License
    and the R-8 License Test (the final test for the Rally
    License) are all ONE FULL LAP at the indicated circuit.
    This section lists the License Tests in Gran Turismo 3 and
    states which circuit is used for each License Test.  There
    are, however, some License Tests which do not take place at a
    circuit used in actual racing action in either Arcade Mode or
    Simulation/GT Mode.
    License Test      Circuit
    ---------------   --------------------------------
    B-1               Test Course
    B-2               Test Course
    B-3               Deep Forest
    B-4               Deep Forest
    B-5               Grand Valley
    B-6               Grand Valley
    B-7               Deep Forest
    B-8               Trial Mountain
    A-1               Grand Valley
    A-2               Laguna Seca
    A-3               Midfield Raceway
    A-4               N/A
    A-5               N/A
    A-6               Midfield Raceway
    A-7               Seattle
    A-8               Midfield Raceway
    IB-1              N/A
    IB-2              N/A
    IB-3              Seattle
    IB-4              Seattle
    IB-5              Grand Valley
    IB-6              Complex String
    IB-7              Complex String
    IB-8              Apricot Hill
    IA-1              Tokyo R246
    IA-2              Trial Mountain
    IA-3              Deep Forest
    IA-4              Tokyo R246
    IA-5              Laguna Seca
    IA-6              Rome
    IA-7              Complex String
    IA-8              Complex String
    S-1               Apricot Hill
    S-2               Seattle
    S-3               Trial Mountain
    S-4               Midfield Raceway
    S-5               Special Stage Route 5
    S-6               Laguna Seca
    S-7               Special Stage Route 11
    S-8               Cote d'Azur/Monaco
    R-1               Tahiti Circuit
    R-2               Smoky Mountain
    R-3               Swiss Alps
    R-4               Tahiti Circuit
    R-5               Swiss Alps
    R-6               Tahiti Maze
    R-7               Tahiti Maze
    R-8               Tahiti Maze
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