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    Drivetrain Guide by Wolf Feather

    Version: Final | Updated: 04/12/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather
    Initial Version Completed: January 25, 2003
    FINAL VERSION Completed:   April 12, 2003
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    Spacing and Length
    4WD Vehicles
    FF Vehicles
    FR Vehicles
    MR Vehicles
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    This guide is designed to assist those players searching for 
    or considering cars with specific drivetrains (FF, FR, 4WD, 
    and MR) in Gran Turismo 3.  This can be useful for those 
    beginning Gran Turismo 3 who are more comfortable with 
    certain drivetrains than others, and also for those looking 
    for potential cars to enter the drivetrain-specific events in 
    Beginners League, Amateur League, and Professional League.  
    After a brief description of the various drivetrains, each 
    drivetrain-specific section lists the vehicles by make and 
    model using the designations in the game.  
    1.) Some of this information comes from my General
        Racing/Driving Guide, available exclusively at GameFAQs
        (http://www.GameFAQs.com/) and FeatherGuides
    2.) Models with an '(x#') means that there are two or more
        models of the same car available (differing by more than
        just car color and/or paint scheme) in Gran Turismo 3.
    3.) Vehicles followed by an asterisk are those which can be
        purchased with the initial 18,000Cr a player has to begin 
        a Simulation/GT Mode game (this amount covers the North
        American version of Gran Turismo 3; the initial amount of
        money may be different in other versions of the game, to 
        which I do not have access).  
    4.) All accents have been removed from vehicle names, as
        standard English-based text-only files do not support
        accent marks.  
    5.) For some race cars, the official name does not begin with
        the name of the manufacturer used in the game, but are
        nonetheless listed as such to make it easier to locate
        these vehicles in the Car Dealer area of Gran Turismo 3.  
    There are four drivetrains used for the many vehicles in Gran 
    Turismo 3:
    4WD: All four wheels are drive wheels.  In many forms of
            auto racing, 4WD vehicles are banned due to the
            inherent advantage of using all four wheels as 
            drive wheels (due to the added traction advantage).  
    FF:  The engine AND the drive wheels are at the front of the
            car.  FF vehicles are fairly easy to drive, but do
            not generally handle high horsepower outputs very
            well.  This type of vehicle tends to understeer,
            meaning that they take a lot of effort to turn.  
    FR:  The engine is in the front of the vehicle, but the rear
            wheels are the drive wheels.  This type of car has a
            great tendency for oversteering, and throttle 
            management is VERY important when exiting corners to 
            try to prevent the oversteer condition.  NASCAR uses
            FR vehicles.  
    MR:  The engine is located between the axles (usually just 
            behind the driver), and the rear wheels are the drive
            wheels.  This type of car can be a bit tricky to
            drive.  Typical MR cars are those used in F1, CART,
            and IRL.  In open-wheel cars (such as those in the
            aforementioned racing series), there is extremely
            little material to absorb the shock of a front-end
            collision in an accident, thus providing fairly
            little protection for the driver (especially the 
            driver's legs); it is truly amazing that there are
            not more driver injuries in open-wheel cars with
            MR drivetrains due to this 'non-protection' issue.  
    Audi S4
    Audi TT1.8T Quattro
    Daihatsu Storia X4*
    Ford Escort Rally Car
    Ford Focus Rally Car
    Lancia Delta HF Integrale Rally Car
    Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4
    Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 Turbo
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR Tommi Makkinen Edition
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI RS
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII Rally Car Prototype
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII RS
    Nissan Nismo Skyline GT-R S-Tune
    Nissan Skyline GT-R V Spec (x2)
    Nissan Skyline GT-R V Spec II (x2)
    Open Calibra Touring Car
    Peugeot 206 Rally Car
    RUF CTR2
    Subaru Impreza 228 STi Version
    Subaru Impreza Rally Car
    Subaru Impreza Rally Car Prototype
    Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi
    Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi Version VI
    Subaru Impreza Sports Wagon WRX
    Subaru Impreza Wagon WRX STi Version VI
    Subaru Legacy B4 
    Subaru Legacy B4 RSK
    Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B
    Suzuki Alto Works Suzuki Sports Limited*
    Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version
    Toyota Celica GT-Four
    Toyota Celica Rally Car
    Toyota Corolla Rally Car
    Toyota Tom's X540 Chaser
    Volkswagon New Beetle RSI
    Acura 3.2CL Type S
    Acura Integra Type R
    Acura RSX Type-S
    Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 24V
    Chrysler PT Cruiser*
    Citroen Xsara Rally Car
    Daihatsu Mira TR-X Avanzato R*
    Fiat Coupe Turbo Plus
    Honda Accord Euro R
    Honda Civic SiR-II
    Honda Civic Type R
    Honda CR-X Del Sol SiR
    Honda Integra Type R
    Mazda Demio GL-X*
    Mitsubishi FTO GP Type R
    Peugeot 206 S16
    Toyota Celica SS-II (x2)
    Toyota TRD Celica Sports M
    Toyota Vitz Euro Edition*
    Toyota Vitz RS 1.5*
    Volkswagon Lupo Cup Car
    Volkswagon New Beetle 2.0*
    Volkswagon New Beetle Cup Car
    Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Coupe
    Aston Martin V8 Vantage
    Aston Martin Vanquish
    BMW 328 ci
    Chevrolet Camaro SS
    Chevrolet Camaro Z28
    Chevrolet Corvette C5R
    Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
    Chevrolet Corvette Z06
    Dodge Viper GTS
    Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept
    Dodge Viper GTS-R Team ORECA
    Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R
    Gillet Vertigo Race Car
    Honda Mugen S2000
    Honda S2000
    Honda S2000 Type-V
    Jaguar XKR Coupe
    Lister Storm V12 Race Car
    Mazda Miata MX-5* (x2)
    Mazda Miata MX-5 1.? (the ? represents a kanji character)
    Mazda Miata MX-5 LS
    Mazda RX-7 Type RS
    Mazda RX-7 Type RZ
    Mazda RX-8
    Mazda Savanna RX-7 Infini III
    Mercedes-Benz CL 600
    Mercedes-Benz CLK 55
    Mercedes-Benz CLK Touring Car
    Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 Kompressur
    Nissan 240SX Fastback Type X
    Nissan 240SX K's Aero
    Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo 2by2
    Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo 2seater
    Nissan Nismo GT-R LM Road Car
    Nissan Penzoil Nismo GT-R
    Nissan Silvia K's 1800cc
    Nissan Silvia K's 2000cc
    Nissan Silvia Spec-R Aero
    Nissan Silvia Varietta
    Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type M
    Nissan Z Concept
    Opel Astra Touring Car
    Panoz Esperante GTR-1
    Shelby American Inc. Cobra
    Tickford Falcon XR8 Race Car
    Toyota Altezza RS200
    Toyota Castrol Tom's Supra
    Toyota Lexus IS
    Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex*
    Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex SS Version
    Toyota Supra RZ
    Toyota Supra SZ-R
    TVR Griffith 500
    TVR Tuscan Speed Six
    TVR Tuscan Speed 12
    Acura NSX (x2)
    F1 cars (all)
    Ford GT-40 Race Car
    Ford GT-40 Road Car
    Honda Castrol Mugen NSX
    Honda NSX Type R
    Honda NSX Type S Zero
    Jaguar XJ220 Road Car
    Lotus Elise 190
    Lotus Esprit Sport 30
    Lotus Esprit V8-SE
    Lotus Motor Sport Elise
    Mazda 787B
    Nissan R390 GT1 LM Race Car
    Opel Speedster
    Pagani Zonda C12
    Pagani Zonda S
    Renault Clio Sport V6 24V
    Renault Clip Sport Race Car
    RUF 3400 S
    Tommykaira ZZ-II
    Tommykaira ZZ-S
    Toyota GT-One Race Car
    Toyota MR2 G-Limited
    Toyota MR2 GT-S
    Toyota MR-S S Edition
    Thanks go to smokeyisafatcat for pointing out some 
    information I had inadvertently left out in the initial 
    version of this guide.  
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