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Reviewed: 07/10/01 | Updated: 07/10/01

Does this game live up to the hype?

The original Gran Turismo changed the way we thought about racing games. Beautiful graphics, excellent handling, and and wonderful car modifications. Sony later release Gran Turismo 2 with over 500 cars with more trophies and races to race in It looks like Gran Turismo 3 combined both into one it seems.

Graphics 10/10
Beautiful graphics and it can't get better than this. Rain effects are absolutely gorgeous especially in Route 5. Sony did and excellent job with the rally races since you could see the dust so clearly and sharp. Yet again another Gran Turismo with beautiful graphics.The lightning and thunder effects are beautiful and can show the real power of what the Playstation 2 can really do.

Sound 10/10
Sharp and clear sound. You could have your television and the lowest possible sound and it will sound loud. Sony used most of the music from Gran Turismo 2 but they are remixed. Excellent sound to support beautiful graphics.

Control 10/10
If you own a controller it's great handling. Your controls will respond especially because the game is pressure sensitive. If you press the brake hard it will stop and if you press the gas hard it will accelerate faster. REMEMBER: Pressure sensitive only works if you own a Dual Shock 2 controller which should come with a new PS2.If you own the steering wheel the handling is excellent. If its between using a controller or the steering wheel, go with the steering wheel.

Replayability 9/10
If you own a previous Gran Turismo you will know what I mean. Once you beat the game there is nothing much to do but tune up the cars you don't already own or play two player mode.The I-link is a great feature for many people to race. The game only has about 150 cars because each car contains 10 times as many polygons as well as the rain and lightning effects. Only 6 people to race instead of 8 like in the original Gran Turismo and Gran Turismo 2. This game should have been expanded into two DVD CDs instead of one.

Rent or Buy?
This game is a must buy. If you love racing game buy it not and if you don't like racing games buy it anyway. If you don't have enough money rent the game while you save up money. If you have any questions or comments regarding my review e-mail me at This is a must own for the Playstation 2.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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