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"The best racing game of the.....erm...Universe"


Me and my friend stayed up the first few hours getting the first 3 licenses, that was kinda HARD. We tried to get the 4th license for a little while, but gave up after we failed about 40 times on the FIRST TEST!

Then he passed out, and I decided to make a little money and buy a GOOD car. So....I won a few races, and bought a sweet new.......


That thing is one bad mofo, and of course I had to add the gold rims...

Here is my minireview:


I've never seen any game that has come close to the realism. I'm not talking about physics, I'm talking about the eye candy, what makes you go 'Ooooo, purdy!'. I can give this game no less than a 10/10 in this department.

Sound: The soundtrack so far has been surprisingly good, and if there are songs that unlock as you play through the game, it could be the greatest game soundtrack ever. There's a lot of rock(Lenny Kravitz, Methods of Mayhem). I particularly like the MoMayhem song because I had that CD stolen from my car in January :( ). I'll give it a 9/10 so far, just because there are only 15-20 songs available so far.

Gameplay: Personally, I think the controls are near perfect, as has been the case in all the GT games. I'm not too picky in this department, as long as I can control the car without running into walls all the time, I'm a happy camper. The token customization options are included, of course, so you can move buttons around at will. Besides the control, the various features of the game are pretty addictive. Since I couldn't imagine them improving the controls, I'll have to give it a 10/10

This is not a game you rent, this is a game you buy.

I can see right now that it will take me hundreds of hours(possibly) to unlock everything and get all the cars. I don't mind this, I like that sort of thing.

Getting the licenses required to even participate in most of the races takes a good deal of practice and time, and the races themselves are very challenging. Of course, if you get a souped up concept car, you'll probably win anyway. :)

Replay: See above. Many, many, many hours. You will play this game until you're an old man, more than likely.

So, everything about the game is awesome, I've given it a perfect score.

I hope this convinced someone reading to buy it, because I believe everyone would benefit from playing this badass super monkey death car game!

*falls asleep from exhaustion*

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/13/01, Updated 07/13/01

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