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"I drove my car into a wall at 90...still runs smoothly. This is real!"

Well at the risk of being the guy eating a hamburger in India...I'm gonna take a bite out of this sacred cow. As much as you want to believe this is the Gran Turismo that you've been waiting for, some weeks from now you will wake up and to your horror realize that you've been playing a much slower Ridge Racer with prettier cars. This is not the real, most real racing experience you'll ever have in a video game. Forget the promise this game hold. It's not the one step forward after GT2 that you expected. Why? Well today get in your car and slam it into another car at 30 mile an hour. Don't worry, it will be OK because in Gran Turismo 3 you can do this at much higher speeds and your car will perform just as smoothly. In fact you can gain a little more speed out of it and get where you want quicker. Contrary to what your logic might be telling you at this time..this in reality is a true racing technique.

OK, time for a primal scream...''Aaaaaarrrrrrrgh Aaaaaarrrrrrgh!'' What idiots idea was it to remove....''Aaaarghhhhh!'' DAMAGE! Yes, maybe 10 year old boys don't like it because they have to take their finger of the gas when going around a sharp corner...but I do. Damage, car damage, the car damage from GT2 kept things honest. It was the biggest step forward from GT1 to GT2. Naturally with the step between GT2 and GT3, I expected it to be forward. But in reality again I'm proven stupid in believing in the obvious. Visual indicators of damage would have been the obvious next step. Time spent in the pit stop equal to the amount of damage you have, would have been the obvious next step. But no...while they spent all that time on the cars graphics, or cartering to that stupid wheel control, someone thought we/I wouldn't notice that Pit Stops are only there for the occasional tire damage. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

The good news is that I havn't returned this game. Theres still many reasons to own it. Graphically it is pretty amazing. The cars are the big benefactors here. The environments are pretty solid. The only drawback is the crowds. Because of the very high standard set by the cars, anything short of those standards, stands out more than it would otherwise. The crowds are 2d and flat. A little movement in the crowd would have added volumes. Also theres some anti alising issues you'll seen on the replays. The cars handle realistically. This is a good thing and a bad thing depending on your expectations. Things don't seem as fast as they would in an archade racer. I have no problem with that because I wanted a more realistic experience out of GT3. So far I have'nt seen any course that weren't in the past GT's. But I hear they're there.

Some have been generous enough to call this GT2 with better graphic. It's really GT1 with better graphics in my opinion. GT1 was a great game for its time. But a lot of time has passed since. In GT1 it was too easy to bumper car your way to a cheap victory. I would not feel so betrayed by this game if it were GT2 with better graphics. GT2 was a much better game for how it handled damage. Damage makes racing games much more of a thinking mans game. I only wish the game designers of GT3 realized this.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/13/01, Updated 07/13/01

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