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When I played this game, I was so amazed that I was speechless. I was also amazed at some of the bad reviews it was getting. I'll tell you all why this is the greatest racer ever.

Gameplay: 10/10

Wow! When I saw all the available cars and the races and cups and whatnot, I almost soiled my pants! This game is almost ENDLESS!! So many cars, so many different tweaks, so many RACES!!! It's almost too much to take in! This is also where I see people's critisizing take place. They complain of how the cars bounce off each other, kind of like ''bumper cars.'' I agree, it kind of takes the realism factor out of it. But the thing is, if Sony included this feature and made it realistic, one little skid, one bump, one crash would totally ruin your car. It would smash up your car, ruin a race and will reduce you to nothing. How fun would that be? To have a piece of smashed metal sitting in your garage with no money left? What do you do then? If realistic damage was turned on, this game would be 1000 times harder than it has to be, and would be no fun. It would be nice for it to be an option though, for advanced players. Having it mandatory would totally ruin newbies, so that is why everyone should be happy about how it is now. Plus, don't you find it fun to just bounce off of other cars and push them to the side while you break off for the finish line?

Control: 10/10

The control is fantastic in this game. It is the same as the past games, so veterans will find it very easy to get used to. This is another aspect that I find people dissing alot. What some don't understand, is that this isn't a game that you can whiz through in a few days. Most cars you buy ''stock'' will NOT control the way you want them to. As the tracks progress you MUST tweak your car. You can't just pick a car, drive and expect to win it all just because you have 500 HP. You need to learn how to control your car, how to tweak it and you NEED to learn all the control tricks in the game. If you don't you'll have a hard, hard time with controling any car. This will turn off non hardcore racers. GT3 is a very difficult game, and you need to invest hours in just learning how to control your car well if you wish to win you some dough.

Audio: 9/10

Very nice sounds, especially if you have some nice, expensive home theater sound. With surround sound speakers, you know which way an opponent is coming from, by listening to each speaker. The soundtrack is also great, with good hits from the Japanese release and some US artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Papa Roach and the ''Voodoo child'' himself, Jimi Hendrix. The only reason I deduct a point is that after you play this for a while, the soundtrack may get a bit dull. But you can pick which songs you want to hear, which is a plus.

Graphics: 10/10

Spectacular! Most amazing graphics I've seen in a game! Each car is detailed right down to the company logos and license plates. The tracks are extremely detailed, with the sun blaring down at your in some tracks while your shadow looms over the opponents, and the rain smashing down upon the road, making it wet and slippery while your wheels spin and spray the water in all directions. No game has ever had graphics this good. It is just amazing how much detail has gone into the creation of this game.

Replayability: 9/10

You honestly can't get bored of this game very quick, unless it gets to the point that it is SO difficult that you don't want to play. This is why I gave it a 9. Some players will find this game too hard to play in simulation mode, which is where all the fun is. But practice will fix all of that. Sim mode is amazing, with various tests, tracks, cups and championships. This combined with the 200 or so cars that you can buy or win, makes this game an extremely long but difficult game. Again, practice is the only way you'll get good at this game and trust me, once you start winning some big championships, you'll have a great time burning your friends and CPU cars with your super beefed up cars!

Overall: 10/10

This is, without question, the best racing game of all time. The only game that will be able to equal it is GT Online or a GT4. This game is tweaker's paradise with so much you can do to just one car. This game is HARD as I stated about 30 times, but (Again!) playing this game over and over and practicing on your friends will make you a champion, and you'll be able to enjoy the game to its fullest.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/14/01, Updated 07/14/01

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