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"Racing perfection...almost"

While GT3 has a few flaws, such as the nearly useless gearing graph, it also has many merits, such as the ability to accurately model whatever setting/part changes you make. And the oil-change thing is kind of neat too - fast cars are a responsibility as well as a toy.

The most common complaint I've read is about the AI, Personally, I find it much improved over the previous games' AI, but the improvements are very subtle. However, it is hard to elaborate without getting into the philosophical debate of ''what is intelligence?'', so I'll just leave it for now. Besides, AI isn't easy to program, despite what some ''armchair programmers'' might think.

The cars, while fewer, are generally well chosen - they represent a wide cross-section of the automotive world. And they are modeled beautifully too, but you already knew that ;) And don't underestimate any of the cars. For instance, Daihatsu has an undeserved bad rep, but they sweep the K-cup and hold their own in the rally. And I have a modded Miata just waiting to embarrass some of the ''big boys''.

As for physics, the ''fine art'' of lawn mowing is now dead, as it should be. You go off the track, you slow down, and possibly spin, just like real-life. Racing slicks in the sand? Good for making dust clouds, but not much else, just like reality. And cars now nudge each other in a more realistic manner; it no longer feels like you're trying to actually derail the competition >:) Unfortunately, it seems wall-riding is still around, but you can't have everything.

Controls are tight, and the feedback is pretty decent. In fact, the way the controller shakes according to the track conditions is almost reminiscent of the ground-breaking controller tricks from Metal Gear Solid.

The license tests are educational, yet not too frustrating. Bronze is easy to earn, but gold requires at least as much skill as it did before, if not more. That is they way it should be. I think that making Rally a separate license was a wise move as well.

All in all, this game is far beyond what has ever been done on a home box before, but still not perfect. Then again, perfection is a journey, not a destination, and GT3 makes that journey fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/17/01, Updated 07/17/01

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