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Reviewed: 07/18/01 | Updated: 07/18/01

GT is back and better than ever

When Gran Turismo 1 was released it was a big hit. Proably becuase it had so much to do. You had lots of races to win and lots of cars to get. Not only could you buy parts for the cars like tires, suspension, turbos, etc but you could cuztomize anything. You could adjust the gear ratios and much more. When GT2 was released it had everything a sequel needed. It had more cars (over 500) and they didn't take anything away. When GT3 was realsed I was one of the first to jump on it because I was a big fan of the first 2. When I started playing, not only was I surprised by how real it looked, I was surprised by how much detail when into the cars, tracks, and car settings. They made this one as realistic as possioble.

The game is really fun! The ability to buy a car drive it around and go nuts with it is just fun. And it's there is really realistic handeling. You swear you just got in the car and started driving it out of the real car factory. The game may seem hard but it's not frustrating. It's more of a challenge then ''hard.'' I've had the game since it came out and I've never been angry or anything because it is hard. I know that it's not impossioble so I know I can beat it.

There isn't much of a story to GT3. But if you want something here it is. You are a driver. You start out with 18,000 credits (money) and you buy an inexpensive car for your first car. You race it and get some money. You also need to get licenses in order to race in certain races. As you win more races you can buy new cars and also buy things for the cars you already have.

The graphics are amazing. Even when you are playing the game it looks so real. The smoke and the sparks look so real you feel you have to cover your eyes so you don't get a cloud of smoke in your face. The replays are so outstanding you swear you are watching a race on TV. The sound is very cool too. The cars sound very real and the music is really good. They set up a good soundtrack.

Once you've beaten the game...what the it again. There is a lot to do and lots of cars to get. Once I beat the game I'll still be playing it.

Buy or Rent
If you rent this game....that isn't even enough to get 2 cars that are good. I really suggest buying the game. Maybe rent it if you are on a waiting list or something.

Final Word
I've never seen a better racing game than this.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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